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L-2449 Luxembourg, Luxembourg
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No Satisfaction for Erroneous Loss of Service
By -

Because of an unspecified "technical glitch" my 12 month renewal fee was not applied properly to my online number and my phone service was cut off on September 21 in the middle of the busiest time for my seasonal ghost tour business. I was not notified in any way (except, of course that I continue to be billed, and to pay, for voicemail and call forwarding for the deactivated number) and I lost thousands of dollars worth of business when my customers couldn't reach me for a month.

Once I was told about the problem (by a friend who was trying to make reservations and called my cell number), I got the number reactivated and the erroneous applied funds refunded, but got no satisfaction on my losses or explanation of why I wasn't notified. I am furious and will continue to post negative comments in every possible venue until something is done.

Skype Keeps Your Money and Refuses to Refund It
By -

After 180 days Skype disables your credits and they are no longer available to you, EVEN if you use their utility to restore the credits. If you try to get your money out, they use the fine print in the policy to inform you that you gave them permission to keep it. In my country, this is called theft. My policy is to rag on Skype whenever and wherever I get a chance. I wonder how they like me now...

Worst Customer Service or Any Company
By -

Ugh. Skype's customer service is the worst of any company I've ever done business with. And if someone is about to chirp "free service," just hold on one second. I pay between $300 and $500 a month to run business telephony through Skype Manager. Maybe the product should work?

Don't even bother with their live chat. It's just poorly trained Filipinos selecting canned responses from a list. Most of the time they aren't even listening to you. Can I speak to a manager? Nope. After you waste an hour or two (because their response time is so slow and they are so stupid) on the chat they want to shuffle you over to their email "support."

Email support is the same crummy waste of time extended over days or weeks. I almost forgot that a save button is grayed out and not functioning until I get an email response from Skype a week later instructing that does nothing to solve the problem. I could go on forever about the problems with Skype Manager. If the company had any sense they'd take opinions of heavy Skype users into account or at least offer semi-intelligent customer support. Hopefully Google or someone else will develop a platform not so riddled with bugs, and I'll be able to get away from Skype forever.

Credit Card Co Refusing to Pay Skype (Skype Will Not Help)
By -

I have two credit cards (one through Chase and the other through Citibank) I have called both when my payments to Skype were denied. They have told me they refuse to make payments to Skype (because of rampant fraud). I have two Skype accounts (one personal and one business) PayPal will only allow me to pay one Skype account. Thus the other has to be paid "with something else".

After sending this information and asking for help - I only received "canned" emails prompting me to check the information I put in and/or my credit card balances. Customer service denied it was a "widespread issue" and suggested I get a prepaid card. So I did and it worked!

After no less than 3 hours spent on this issue. I paid a $20 fee to activate the prepaid card - a $5 service fee and $2 convenience fee and FINALLY!!! got a $10 payment through to Skype, so I am out $37.00 for $10 in Skype credit. I feel cheated and wish Skype would let other customers know this is happening… that credit card companies will refuse to pay Skype. (NO, my info wasn't wrong and YES, I had plenty of money available to pay Skype.) Come on Skype, treat us better than this. And what is up with NO PHONE number to call. Signed… Totally Skyped OFF.

Ridiculous Excuse
By -

I purchased the phone service so I could make calls from via my internet connection. I had not used the service for about a week and when I tried to log in I noticed that I had about $2 left of the $8 from my last session. When I checked my account activity it had calls originating from Yemen and Indonesia - I was located with the military in Mideast. I called and tried to get an explanation and my money or credits back. After SEVERAL ATTEMPTS IT TOOK THEM 4 WEEKS TO RESPOND WITH "Unfortunately we cannot reimburse you for the credits you lost." The free service is OK. The pay service SUCKS. I'm telling everyone go ooVoo or Magic Jack.

Completely Fraudulent, Dishonest Company
By -

For the past month, I have been embroiled in a day-by-day battle with Skype. After subscribing to an unlimited plan for more than a year, the supposedly "detected fraudulent" use on my corporate credit card and blocked its use. Subsequently, I used my Citibank debit card to pay for a 3 month subscription. They "hit" my bank a total of 4 times ($35.90 each "hit") and then said they had received no payment. They urged me to use PayPal and so (foolishly, I must admit), I did. Wham! Another "hit" of >$39.

The "net net"? I have no service. There is no human being to speak with. I went so far as to attempt to reach their CEO via LinkedIn and (surprise, surprise) he doesn't have the common courtesy to reach out of a corporate client with support. So, in sheer desperation and having logged about 9MB of proof to my computer's hard drive that they have received payment in excess of $150 for which they have failed to deliver a dime of services, I have now asked Citibank to take over. No doubt, this will cost me an incremental fortune in time... but I consider this "service" (I use the term loosely at best) fraudulent and the company dishonest. I will refuse to use the service moving forward.

Another Complaint About Horrible Customer Support!!!
By -

SKYPE CUSTOMER SUPPORT IS LACKING -- APPARENTLY ON MULTIPLE ISSUES FROM THE LOOKS OF THINGS!! Skype provides wonderful products and services, in general; however, they advertise that they provide vouchers for additional products and services (when one signs up for Skype Pro) but they do NOT deliver.

In my experience, and apparently in the experiences of many others, Skype sends an email that indicates that it contains information which will allow one to redeem these vouchers using a unique code. I have seen enough to know that I was far from alone in concluding that the code cannot be found in the email, nor in all the myriad places that customer support sends one to find them.

Now, perhaps this is just seen as good sport by the friendly folks at Skype -- perhaps their version of what we in the southern US call a snipe hunt. For me, however, it created an enormous waste of time. The customer support I got was from emails or forum postings or whatever exchanged between a various support persons and various users. When I tried to send a customer support request via their customer support email system, I was provided a "Continue" button to click on and got a list of help suggestions.

As a result, I'm doubting that the two emails I wrote went anywhere. Now, I will grant that the invoice I received when I made the purchase of Skype Pro service indicated that the cost of the vouchers was $0; however, if the folks in Luxembourg are thinking that should be an indication they are worthless they need to educate themselves a bit about business transactions in other cultures.

In my experience, a listing of a voucher on an invoice that is indicated as costing $0 simply means the voucher is being given free of charge. If they mean something different, they should simply explain it as such and not waste people's time sending them on a snipe hunt. I had not paid much attention to the email with the voucher information when I first received it. It was only after I had gotten pretty excited about the service and had purchased some additional products from Skype and was thinking of ways I might use it with my business -- that I noticed my account kept showing I had earned vouchers.

As a result I started looking for these vouchers and how to redeem them. I just do not know, now. I know I am small potatoes, but this has left a bad taste in my mouth! I am not liking these folks quite as much as I used to.

Skype Price Jacking - Scam, Beware
By -

SKYPE -- SKYPE IS TOTAL SCAM BEWARE: PRICE HIJACKING, ILLEGALLY CHARGING AMOUNTS, WRONG BILLING... BEWARE OF SKYPE SCAM. I have been using Skype often for making pc to landline calls. I was very happy with quality of service. I used to charge 10 $ every time. Never cared to check account thinking every thing would be okay. But off late when I saw even for 5 minutes local north American call over 0.25 $ or more is deducted, or 2 minutes were charged as 0.11$ without any mathematical basis.

I got suspicious and started tracing last one month account, I found total random charges with wrong amount, hijacked price with no mathematical basis (time multiplied by rate/minute). In many instances per minute charges were 0.10 $ or even higher to the fancy of Skype management (FYI published price is 0.021$ per minute).

I immediately tried to contact them , but there was no phone or emails. Only solution was to send them mail by online form. Fortunate enough to get reply after 4 days which was not an answer to my complaint, rather they just send me a link to check FAQ (Misleading practice).

I was irritated with their response. Again I sent them email specifying issue of price jacking and over charging. Till today in last 2 weeks there is no second response from them. Now I feel (confirm) Skype cheat customers with random charges, with jacked prices/minute.They never respond to complaint or resolve anything. Price we eventually pay is much higher than local reliable services or phone cards.

Skype too slow to credit your account!
By -

I am in India on business. I'm trying to use Skype to call my family at home. Signed up for a Skype account, added credit by Paypal (which it states is the preferred and fastest way), and here it 36 hours later and I still can't use the service! Their website says some orders may take 24 hours! They make it very hard to find support.

I can't say that I wouldn't recommend it at this point, but they're not off to a good start.

Skype credit
By -

99 UNKNOWN, ILLINOIS -- I have paid my $25.00 in pesos here in Mexico more than a month ago by wire transfer. I even scanner my receipt to them. They have not responded nor replied to me. This has happened every time since E-bay bought Skype. They will not even accept my debit card as before. I am at wits end and do not know what to do. I must have sent 12 notices to them with my scanned receipt and still no answer.

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