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Credit Card Co Refusing to Pay Skype (Skype Will Not Help)
By -

I have two credit cards (one through Chase and the other through Citibank) I have called both when my payments to Skype were denied. They have told me they refuse to make payments to Skype (because of rampant fraud). I have two Skype accounts (one personal and one business) PayPal will only allow me to pay one Skype account. Thus the other has to be paid "with something else".

After sending this information and asking for help - I only received "canned" emails prompting me to check the information I put in and/or my credit card balances. Customer service denied it was a "widespread issue" and suggested I get a prepaid card. So I did and it worked!

After no less than 3 hours spent on this issue. I paid a $20 fee to activate the prepaid card - a $5 service fee and $2 convenience fee and FINALLY!!! got a $10 payment through to Skype, so I am out $37.00 for $10 in Skype credit. I feel cheated and wish Skype would let other customers know this is happening… that credit card companies will refuse to pay Skype. (NO, my info wasn't wrong and YES, I had plenty of money available to pay Skype.) Come on Skype, treat us better than this. And what is up with NO PHONE number to call. Signed… Totally Skyped OFF.

Ridiculous Excuse
By -

I purchased the phone service so I could make calls from via my internet connection. I had not used the service for about a week and when I tried to log in I noticed that I had about $2 left of the $8 from my last session. When I checked my account activity it had calls originating from Yemen and Indonesia - I was located with the military in Mideast. I called and tried to get an explanation and my money or credits back. After SEVERAL ATTEMPTS IT TOOK THEM 4 WEEKS TO RESPOND WITH "Unfortunately we cannot reimburse you for the credits you lost." The free service is OK. The pay service SUCKS. I'm telling everyone go ooVoo or Magic Jack.

Completely Fraudulent, Dishonest Company
By -

For the past month, I have been embroiled in a day-by-day battle with Skype. After subscribing to an unlimited plan for more than a year, the supposedly "detected fraudulent" use on my corporate credit card and blocked its use. Subsequently, I used my Citibank debit card to pay for a 3 month subscription. They "hit" my bank a total of 4 times ($35.90 each "hit") and then said they had received no payment. They urged me to use PayPal and so (foolishly, I must admit), I did. Wham! Another "hit" of >$39.

The "net net"? I have no service. There is no human being to speak with. I went so far as to attempt to reach their CEO via LinkedIn and (surprise, surprise) he doesn't have the common courtesy to reach out of a corporate client with support. So, in sheer desperation and having logged about 9MB of proof to my computer's hard drive that they have received payment in excess of $150 for which they have failed to deliver a dime of services, I have now asked Citibank to take over. No doubt, this will cost me an incremental fortune in time... but I consider this "service" (I use the term loosely at best) fraudulent and the company dishonest. I will refuse to use the service moving forward.

Horrible Service As No Service At All!!!
By -

I have a big problem with Skype. I have bought a credit from them for £10 which I only wanted to buy £5, but it automatically takes you to buy £10. I bought this and now I when I call people they can't even hear me! There is nothing wrong with my mic as I can call some people. It doesn't work with most tho! So I requested a refund as they say on their system "if you want to request a refund you can do so if you spend less than 1 euro" which I have spent less than 1 euro!

So I go to their help topic and they bring me this support request form. You send it and they email you back saying "please contact Skype! Or click here for more support" which when you click there it takes you back to same support form! I send 3 support forms like this and no help. One of them today came back with numbers to ring and I ring them, but they are all incorrect numbers!

I need help. I also bought unlimited world ticket from them and cost me £11. And unfortunately, where I want to call in the world (Turkey) is not included in this service!! So I cancel subscription and it says your subscription will be ended at the end of your subscription in January! So they don't refund you anything! I only had the subscription for an hour as after I realized you can't call Turkey with "unlimited world" ticket I have cancelled it straight away. And now I'm out of £20 and very frustrated as getting no help and don't know what to do anymore!

Worst Customer Service Ever!
By -

ILLINOIS -- I decided to buy Skype minutes for international calls and SMS messages 2 months ago - what a mistake! First of all I made sure that my Skype SMS messages to the UK could be received by the carrier - no problem. After using this SMS service for 1 month I kept being told by people that my messages were not being received so I checked my Skype account and found that only 50% of my messages were actually sent and 50% were sitting in "pending" for weeks.

I contacted Skype who said they would "check it out". 6 weeks later they have still not given me a resolution or any refund and now they are ignoring me - my last 3 emails have gone totally unanswered even though I demanded that they pass my case to a manager. NO RESPONSE. I refuse to use Skype now. I suggest people buy Skype minutes with extreme caution!

Skype Gift Certificates
By -

I recently purchased 30 Euros of Skype Gift Certificates for a friend of mine and they didn't receive any credit. Three (3) days later I purchase another 15 Euros of Skype Gift Certificates and they received instant credit. I sent in at least 8 requests to their technical support and have not received any response back from them and they don't have a phone number posted so that I can call them. I have had problems in the past and have sent in request for help from their technical support and never heard back from them. Users of Skype beware of the poor service.

Skype Keeps Your Money and Refuses to Refund It
By -

After 180 days Skype disables your credits and they are no longer available to you, EVEN if you use their utility to restore the credits. If you try to get your money out, they use the fine print in the policy to inform you that you gave them permission to keep it. In my country, this is called theft. My policy is to rag on Skype whenever and wherever I get a chance. I wonder how they like me now...

Skype Doesn't Give Credit After Payment
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Rating: 2/51

NETHERLANDS -- After paying Skype, I have not received the credit. There is basically no customers service (unless you are premium member). Unreliable, better only use the free service, they are unreliable.

Skype Sucks
StarStarStarStarEmpty StarBy -
Rating: 4/51

SAN ANTONIO, TEXAS -- I bought Skype credit trying to use it to make cheaper calls, but it never worked, the line was always busy. There is no one to talk to and the blogs don't help much on this issue. I don't like when they make things so complicated and there is no response. The worst part is they are ripping people off. Me included.

NO Customer Service, Charges You More,You Can't Get Your Money Back
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Rating: 1/51

CHICAGO, ILLINOIS -- Very bad is not enough. No customer support, it is all a lie, a forum trying to keep people busy. I recommend to use the free service only, although privacy is an issue, as your calls may be monitored or recorded.

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