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OVERLAND PARK, KANSAS -- So you pay send this company an email asking them if they can build a website that looks similar to the examples you send them. Naturally they say yes. So you pay them, and you get numerous emails asking for specifics like color, logos, etc... Again, that's normal. Then you finally get their "design concept" and it looks NOTHING EVEN CLOSE to what you asked for !!! To make it worse, the quality is so horrible, you stop and wonder if this is a joke. You stop and wish that you'd just hired a real designer or grabbed a free website from Google or go-daddy. So you send them another email asking them to tweak or fix it by adjusting x, y, and z. Several days go by and you get another email saying that they don't understand why you don't like their design, be more specific. At this point, you're ready to pull your hair out. Long story short... AVOID SKYWAX LIKE THE PLAGUE. BTW they say they are in Kansas City, but they are actually in Overland Park. Just another little white lie.
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trmn8r on 07/25/2011:
Here's an article on them:

It isn't clear to me how they can make $ setting up websites for $100, but the article makes it sound like they have had a lot of customers.

As far as the location, this two year old article says they are in Overland Park - it's hard to know why you found a KC address. Are you suggesting they are hiding their location on purpose?

Anonymous on 07/26/2011:
If you see a website who's design catches your eye and is very good, find out what company designed it. Ask them for names of other sites they've designed to check for consistent quality, email the owners of those sites to get their feedback on working with the company.
BigBiz11 on 07/26/2011:
They have hundreds of satisfied customers...
also Overland Park, is a suburb of Kansas City.
Ms. Jones on 04/05/2014:
I have 2 websites with Skywax...they were very professional and prompt. Both websites are nice and professional, no complaints from my consumers. Love Skyway!!! :)
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