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Sleek Med Spa Sales Tactics
Posted by on
Rating: 1/51
NEW YORK, NEW YORK -- On 9/27/2011, I met with a Sales Rep, Voula, at the Sleek offices on 5th Ave in NYC as I was shopping around for cosmetic surgeons to do a facelift. I met with a Sleek doctor and I asked if I could do surgery in my present medical condition, a deep anemia caused by daily menstrual bleeding non-stop for one year. I said I was in treatment with my OBGYN doctor to stop the bleeding but in a year, it wouldn't stop and I may have surgery to stop it. He didn't do any tests and scheduled the surgery for 2012. Voula asked me to leave a deposit for $2000 and start making monthly payments to pay off the procedure before the scheduled surgery. I agreed and left the deposit. The total cost of the facelift would be close to $14,000 after Voula convinced me that she had gone beyond her means to give me all sorts of discounts. I explained this was a big expense which could take me months to pay off and I might have to borrow from my small savings on the 401K to complete the transaction. As the menstrual bleeding did not stop and I had an emergency surgery in December, plus my son's college tuition to pay for, I requested Sleek for a refund in December 2011. After weekly attempts to contact someone in Accounting or a Manager at their office, I never got a response. The phone number I dial is answered by a Receptionist who passes on the messages to a Manager named Cory who’s never at the office (or so I’m told). Last Wednesday, I complained to the Receptionist that I’ve been calling for a month now and she said Cory will call me that day, but he didn't. After 2 months, I submitted a complaint to NY Better Business Bureau, whose officers contacted Cory but they were unsuccessful and getting him to agree to a refund. Cory stopped contact with them and they closed my case. I then went to NY State Department of Consumer Affairs where an officer, Kimberly Salas, contacted Cory and he agreed to refund me $1500 because aparently, I had signed papers (the fine print kind) where $500 are taken out as a cancellation fee. I agreed to this deal between me, Cory and Kimberly Salas. Cory said that it takes 4 weeks to send me a refund. It's been 2 months and nothing has been refunded. I contacted Kimberly Salas today and she suggested I go to NYC Court, she's now in the process of sending me these contacts as Cory has not returned my messages I've left for last month; or Kimberly messages.

The bottom line about these business practices is that they are not transparent at all. From the beginning when Voula gives you the sales pitch promising the moon and the stars, then she makes you sign fine print papers without explaining them verBally to you; and the doctor's negligence in giving me a surgery date in my medical condition. I went to Sleek just to ask information and have a free consultation to prepare for my post-OBGYN surgery when I'd get better; instead, I left their offices with a surgery date and minus a $2000 deposit.

I am now sending this same letter to their CEO in Florida, with copy to Cory and NYS Consumer Affairs, plus a review in Yelp, hoping to get my hard earned money back.
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Ally on 04/27/2012:
Always read the fine print even if it takes longer, never wait for them to explain verbally instead. Even if they are willing to do that you don't have any assurance that they are actually telling you what the paperwork says in fine print if you have not read it yourself. Read before signing or have someone you trust read it for you, not the person trying to sell you something.
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Sleek Med Spa's Are Rip Off's
Posted by on
250 GRANITE ST BRAINTREE MA, MASSACHUSETTS -- After being told I would need at least 4 or maybe 5 treatments to remove a brown spot from my face, I agreed to purchase 6 treatments because I really wanted it removed. The first two treatments showed nothing, no redness, not even a hint that it even was doing anything at all and never got darker like they promised By the third visit I started complaining and got a treatment that started working. She was great. I told everyone at the desk how fantastic it was to get a technician who knew what she was doing so, I booked my next appointment with her. However, when I arrived she was no longer working there and gave e no reasons for her sudden departure. My next visits were like the first two--nothing really happened or even showed it was working. I was now becoming suspicious that the laser was set really low in order to keep bringing me back for more treatments.

By the time I got to the last visit I asked the Technician to go over the spot again that I came to them for in the first place. She did and I finally saw my first improvement. Bu, t it was my last visit and the mark was still there. When I called to see if I coud get another treatment since only two worked out of the six, they refused and told me I would have to pay the full price of 495.00. I sincerely believe that Med spa Treatments centers are designed and set up to keep you coming back and to make sure that their procedures do not work right away.

I will be looking into a class action suit if I can find enough of their customers who have experienced being ripped off by Sleek Med Spa.
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Alain on 03/10/2011:
You might want to contact the Massachusetts Consumer Protection Division at 617-727-8400 for some free advice before you attempt a class action suit.
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Laser Hair Removal Complaint
Posted on
BURLINGTON, MASSACHUSETTS -- Went to Sleek, Inc., Burlington, MA location for hair removal consult (lip, chin, neck) over a year ago. Sales person insisted the (very expensive package) for 6 treatments would work. At each treatment they asked if I saw any improvement - I said no. I spoke with other clients in the waiting room and they all had similar stories - not happy with results or service.

After 6th treatment, still no results, they told me that I would have to buy another package! Never was "buying another package" ever implied at initial visit or during the 6 treatments. I told them I would not pay another dime for treatments and expected to see NO HAIR for the money I already spent. They agreed to let me have 6 more treatments at no cost. After these treatments I still have no results.

The next step is a small claims lawsuit. I asked for my records which they had no problem accessing in the past year...suddenly they claim to have lost the records. This will not stop me.. .has anyone else had similar experience with Sleek Medspa?

It's important that we all speak up and hold them accountable for taking our hard-earned money ($millions in profit) and not delivering what they promise.
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madconsumer on 07/02/2008:
laser hair removal is not for everyone. specially persons with red, gray, or white hair. if you had dark hair, then you would be somewhat happier with the results. but as the hairs become finer and lighter, the treatments would no longer work.

laser hair removal is not new, so going to small claims court would get nothing. even though they promissed it would work, there simply is not evidence that it works 100%. maybe at best 20% of clients see satifactory results.
Anonymous on 07/02/2008:
The bottom line is, if we spend a lot of money and are promised results, and get "nothing" from a business (such as Sleek Medspa in Burlinton, MA) we need to speak up and complain, take them to court, contact BBB, etc. No one would spend the money if the Sleek staff were honest. Would you buy a new car that only had a 20% chance of running? Of course not.

Taking Sleek Medspa to court will send a message that we do not condone being lied to and having our money taken so that they can make millions of dollars in profit.
MyDogsMom on 07/02/2008:
Taking Medspa to court would actually prove you didn't do enough research because as madconsumer pointed out, it's not an exact science and results are NOT guaranteed.

Anonymous on 07/02/2008:
If it's not an exact science as you suggest, then why do the staff at Sleek Medspa have the right to "lie" to consumers and tell them it works? Are you suggesting this is ligitimate business practices in the United States?
LIE, GET LOTS OF MONEY, AND SCREW THE CONSUMER? This is why we have websites such as "my3cents" and the court system.
Are you suggesting that everyone that gets lied to and screwed should just lay down and take it? That's the lazy way out. If more people speak up and fight back then businesses have less chance of screwing more consumers.
MyDogsMom on 07/03/2008:
I'm suggesting exactly what I said. Results are not guaranteed and a consumer should research a procedure before paying good money for something they may not end up being happy with. You can yell and scream at me all you want but you're still hairy. Sorry.

T.L.123 on 07/08/2008:
I too have been sucked in to the sales pitch of the Sleek MedSpa staff. I signed up in 2004 under their "warranty" program. I paid about $4K for laser hair removal of my legs and bikini. The "warranty" program allowed me 5 visits which they assured me that my hair would be gone by then, but I was also able to continue treatments for up to one year of the date of my 5th treatment. They were confident that I was a perfect candidate due to my skin tone and the color of my hair. They told me that I would not need the year warranty, but that was all part of the package. During the first 5 treatments I expressed my dissatisfaction and lack of results each time. I continued to go as scheduled. I did upgrade to the "Brazillian" bikini after my first visit not realizing that I was just wasting my money. After 1.5 years I still have hair without any reduction. They gave me used the strongest laser that they had and each time they assured me that I would see a better result because they had "new & improved" technology. After my term was up, I went back for another consultation and explained how upset that I was. They actually tried to talk me into buying another package. The consultant told me that I was really a "perfect" candidate and that it would abosultely work for me. I told her that I had her the same story $4500 ago and that I wouldn't buy into this time. I told them that I should receive credit because I was so dissatisfied. She tried to give me the same 50% "limited time" discount that they've been offering to everyone since 2004!!! So, I am now still upset and searching for others that have had the same experience. What to do from here???
Sleek Medspa on 08/15/2008:
Dear Kay11ky7,

My name is Andrew Rudnick, and I am the CEO of Sleek Medspa. I am writing to you to send my sincere apologies in regards to your experience with Sleek Medspa in Burlington, MA. I understand your thoughts and views on your experience with Sleek, and I personally would like to invite you in, free of charge, to come in and experience the new technology we have to offer for laser hair removal. We are committed at Sleek to making everyone happy with their desired achievements. I would love to speak with you about your experience personally, and give you a $500 gift certificate, as it is the least I can do with the experience you have encountered at Sleek. Please feel free to call me anytime at 561-988-4098 ext. 233. Once again, I am truly sorry for your unsatisfactory experience that you had with us at Sleek Medspa.

Andrew Rudnick
CEO, Sleek Medspa
Pialtes Girl on 11/07/2008:
I purchased a photofacial package three months ago. The treatment made a HIGE improvemnet to my skin. My spots and sun damage are gone. I have smooth skin. Would recommend highly! I am asking Santa for lazer hair removal!
trini218 on 07/18/2010:
re sleek surgical & med your initial meeting with voula, she promises "we can definitely help you..". She promises the moon and then no results from the laser. You know something is wrong when the technician does not want to laser you. And they still don't give your money back even when their own staff does not want to do perform the treatment. They promise you the moon, take you money, you sign a paper saying you agree to no refund based on your CONVERSATION AND VERBAL PROMISES, and then they refuse to give your money back when the lies become obvious. Secondly, beware getting any plastic surgery. I learned the hard way that just because there are no formal complaints files or lawsuits filed against a surgeon does not mean he does good work. I ended up with a face that looks like I had a stroke when my eye and the muscles around it seize up. I was told I would be able to go to work, resume normal activity after two weeks of getting fatty undereye bags removed. I COULD NOT LEAVE THE HOUSE FOR ALMOST 3 MONTHS IT LOOKED SO BAD AND SO FRIGHTENING!. Then on follow-up visits, I always asked when I could go back to work and never got an answer till visit 3 when on his way out the door, Dr. Haramis told me "it would take a long time to heal". How long is "long"? No idea. So botched surgery and laser treatments that do not work also they said they PROMISED me they could help me.

Long story short, NEVER SIGN THAT AGREEMENT THAT YOU CANNOT GET YOUR MONEY BACK. THAT IS SURE SIGN THIS PLACE IS A RIP-OFF. THEY CANNOT MAKE MONEY OTHERWISE. Lasers they use do not work. They are not the newest like the videos on their website. The products they sell do not work. Surgery is not worth it when you risk having your life ruined. Even the microderm and peals are done so fast, in your clothes, no cooling mask after. NOT LIKE FACIAL TREATMENTS AT OTHER SPAS. So you know you are in the wrong place. If a place is reputable, they will not promise you the moon, they will allow you refund if you are not satisfied.
kmel on 03/15/2011:
I have been going to them for 3 years. Actually had success. HOWEVER, I was given a lifetime guarantee. I could not make an appointment when I hurt my back and called to cancelled. The next available appointment was in 8 weeks. When I went to my appointment I was told I voided my lifetime guarantee when I missed that appointment. I called and called, got one woman on the phone who told me they are cancelling all the lifetime guarantees because they cannot make any money on them. Talk with Wayne Williams at their corporate office, who told me Sleek Medspa does not care why you missed an appointment, if you miss one you void out your lifetime guarantee. He said they do not care if you hurt your back, are sick, or even have a car accident on the way over. you voided. I am reporting them to the MA Attorney General's office and the BBB. And, I suggest everyone else do the same.
Jules on 06/24/2011:
I was recently victimized by Sleek a.k.a- Slick - b/c they are slick talking thieves who led you into believing everything is possible until you start talking about getting your hard-earned deposit and/or credit back.

I have a draft email that I plan to a reporter in Boston who investigates crimes like the ones these slickers commit. But I'm waiting to see what Mr. Wayne Williams produces. I even have a voice mail from a staff member who already said I would be getting my refund in 2-8 weeks- HA! Let's see if that's true.. but just in case, it's the only proof I have that they have agreed to refund what is rightfully MINE!

My story is like everyone else's I was lured in by a "special offer," booked what I thought would be a "free consulation", met with the "general manager" who said I had great skin and eslasticity for Vasar. Lipo.

Excited by the news, I was also advised that I would 1st need meet with the "doctor" before booking my procedure BUT in order for me to meet this allege doctor I would 1st need to give a deposit as well as determine how I plan to pay for the procedure.

Wow- so now I'm really happy and in good faith I dropped my ATM CASH a pretty hefty deposit for a procedure I was told I would be a "perfect" candidate- and was also approved for Chase credit in the EVENT we booked the procedure.

Well, I finally met the doctor- who told me that my BMI was 2 points above the recommended standard and that in order for me to achieve the results, I would need to lose 30 pounds, quit smoking, or I should instead get a Tummy Tuck- HELLO- I was lured in under the Vasar Lipo- had I wanted a tummy tuck I would have pursued that route sooner.

Anyhow, blah blah blah- I quickly learned that the general manager along with everyone else at Sleek (aka Slick Spa) only care about getting you in, stealing your money and leaving you with unwanted hair, fat and/or wrinkle lines!

I feel sorry for the CEO- his karma must suck! I just want my money back so I can deal with real professionals.

I plan to nag these people until I get my money, I'm not going away and if I have to stand outside their doors in protest- I will! SO Mr. CEO and Mr. Williams- I strongly urge you to do the right thing.

At this point, I have nothing else to lose.
amcd on 01/23/2012:
I had the accent treatment with no results and they have not returned my calls.
deceit on 10/18/2012:
If a company falsely advertises and is deliberately deceitful in marketing claims they ARE absolutely 100% accountable for those type of misleading claims. Companies are sued for these type of things all the time and they lose. It's called consumer protection otherwise companies would "guarantee" and promise all kinds of things.
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Sleek Is A Scam For Sales Not Only That They Harass You
Posted by on
BURLINGTON, MASSACHUSETTS -- I recently went for consult at Sleek they charge without consent. They only have one day they can book for particular procedures. They are uneducated sales consultants who are [snip] and will keep calling you with harassing phone calls. However, they have no clue what treatment is best for you they are simply going by sales and superficially examining you. They are not a doctor and don't have clue.

Watch out they will even charge your credit card without consent. Make sure you keep your phone shut off they will call you 10 times a day. The poor dying to make a sale pathetic sales staff....
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User Replies:
Anonymous on 08/14/2008:
How did they get your credit card number? Did you sign anything?
Sleek Medspa on 08/15/2008:
Dear Alwayzascam,

My name is Andrew Rudnick, and I am the CEO of Sleek Medspa. I am writing to you to send my sincere apologies in regards to your experience with Sleek Medspa. I understand why you are upset in regards to our employee calling you numerous times. At this time, we have taken care of the matter and the staff has been terminated from our company. I understand your thoughts and views on your experience with Sleek, and I personally would like to invite you in, free of charge, to enjoy a new experience with Sleek. We are committed at Sleek to making everyone happy with their desired achievements. I would love to speak with you about your experience personally, and give you a $500 gift certificate, as it is the least I can do with the experience you have encountered at Sleek. Please feel free to call me anytime at 561-988-4098 ext. 233. Once again, I am truly sorry for your unsatisfactory experience that you had with us at Sleek Medspa.

Andrew Rudnick
CEO, Sleek Medspa
old fart on 08/15/2008:
I don't think I've ever seen an on-line apology like this..
phineas on 12/16/2009:
Rudnick is astroturfing. He writes quasi-negative reviews and then issues syrup apologies to make himself look good.
Slimjim on 12/16/2009:
Wow, how do you know that phineas? I would have made this complaint read slightly different if I threw it up on purpose to give a glowing rebuttal. Besides, it looks like you only registered here to post that so you must know something or have another issue. Also strange, Andrew has a South Florida area code yet customer has issues with a Massachusetts location.
Anonymous on 12/16/2009:
You have to ask yourself how he knows who the person was who called repeatedly. The response is a bit suspicious.
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