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Mattress Not Warranted
Posted by Jalyle12242 on 03/07/2011
Bought this mattress from local business. Stated it was warrantied for 20 years and paid good money for it. After about 2 years, became warped and sinks in spots. Spoke with business where bought and was told they have had problems with this company and gave me # where to file claim. Claim filed and no response from company. Finally spoke with someone and they tell me warranty is not good if there is even one little itsy bitsy stain. This is ludicrus. It is inevitable that a mattress will suffer some kind of stain.

Companies should not even be allowed to be granted with such a warranty. Is every mattress company like this? If so, we the consumers should refuse to buy them and damand that the goverment do something about it!!!!!!!!!
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Posted by Alain on 2011-03-08:
I suspect they have a clause written in their warranty in very fine print that mentions stains and anything else they can use to invalidate the warranty.
Posted by Whiteduck on 2011-03-08:
And, yes, every mattress company is like that. Quite a few products (especially ones that can never be resold again) have interesting little codicils in their contracts that usually exempt them from ever having to pay anything. Sweet deal if you can get it...
Posted by Ash on 2012-07-23:
yeah ... i agree with the person who posted the stuff against sleepinc ... this company is a real crap !! beleive me ... i have heard several ppl who compiant the same thing that they do offer warranty but after that they made excuses when it is the time to exchange the matress if anything goes rong ...
i myself complaint them for sagging mattress and my speing box was kind of noisy first they made excuse for the stain which was real minor then they said they wont exchange spring box as well ... i can say that They r doing a real cheating so please dont get anystuff from this company in future .. otherwise u would be ripped off like so many ppl i know were ...
onemore thing ... my friend filed a case against them and she got her money back !! so thats another way to stop them from ripping ppl !!
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