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Avoid Slumberland Furniture!
Posted by Sickened on 08/06/2007
ROCHESTER, MINNESOTA -- My wife and I went to Slumberland to buy a loveseat and sofa. Everything seemed fairly simple and the salesman was nice. Thus far no problems... Then we paid cash for the furniture and paid for delivery. The date was set and missed. According to the salesman, we would be called prior to the delivery, but they missed the call and the delivery date that was scheduled. Big problem? Not really. We talked to them and they set another date out a couple more weeks. Annoyed thus far, but not too concerned. The day comes and they bring us the furniture. Two younger kids who seemed ok. They bring in the sofa first and I notice a leg problem. (Large chip out of the wood) I asked one of the kids about it and he said that I need to bring it up to my salesman? Okay... They bring in the love seat and the opposite side from where I'm standing has a huge hole in it! (Softball size)The employee from Slumberland was on that side and certainly saw it, but never said a word. I ran out to the truck and pulled them both in to look at it. He laughed and said, "Yeah, it looks like it is messed up, call the salesman." He couldn't take it back on the truck because there was other furniture on there for delivery. I called the store and the salesman was busy and they gave me the General Manager. I told him about the large hole and the chip in the leg and he laughed... saying that his delivery people cannot be held responsible for it. "They wouldn't know it was bad..."

My wife then talked to him and tried to work out some sort of remedy and he acted like he didn't care. She finally just asked him to take them back and he said it was not company policy to do so... but ok, in a week they would come get them back. (Which they did) Ultimately, we ended up losing about $100 in fees (delivery.. some restocking fee... for broken furniture) because they will not refund those period. Slumberland ripped us off and I highly recommend NO ONE buy furniture there.

When we brought the issue up to the corporate offices, they kept repeating, nothing can be done or someone at the store will call us. It never happened. These guys really suck.
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Posted by poppapia on 2007-08-07:
My wife and I have bought several pieces of furniture from our local Slumberland, and the service and product have been exceptional. I'm sorry to hear of your experience, and I often think it's due to store management. We will continue to use them for furniture purchases, based on prior experience, but don't blame you for your frustration.
Posted by abobo on 2007-08-07:
You should not have signed for the delivery.
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Bad quality product for a high price!
Posted by Suk on 03/08/2006
BLOOMINGTON, MINNESOTA -- We bought a dining table and 4 chairs from Slumberland. First of all it was not available and we had to wait for more than a month for it to arrive.

Then when it came,it took us 3 hours to try and put together 3 chairs. The quality of the wooden joints was so bad, most didn't fit in without hammering at it for a long time, the legs of chairs were scratched and to top it all the cushions would not fit the frames of chairs!We have bought and out together so much furniture from other stores, nothing was as bad as this. What really is annoying is that one pays a lot of money in this store and then they get away by giving us poor quality stuff!

We had to take the furniture back and return it. Slumberland and of course we don't plan to go there ever again!
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Posted by Anonymous on 2006-03-08:
I would suggest buying furniture that is already put together. "We have bought and out together...?" Good luck. These various problems obviously must run in the family. *lol*
Posted by furniture gal on 2006-09-27:
Dining room sets that retail around 399.99-499.99 are not going to be assembled, and will not be the best quality..my advice is to open your wallet a little wider and get something that will last. Every furniture has low to high quality, and you settled for low.
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Awful Quality/bait and switch
Posted by Jenfer on 08/30/2007
I bought what was on the showroom floor a lovely Italian leather sofa. The leather at the store was smooth and buttery, and the furniture seemed carefully constructed. What I got was a completely different leather -- really cheap looking. Rough in spots, with wrinkles, and the construction is awful.

The sofa I bought and the sofa I received are two different objects.

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Posted by Anonymous on 2007-08-30:
You refused it, didn't you?
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Mislead at Purchase and Poor Customer Service
Posted by Maxama3 on 09/10/2013
LITTLE CANADA, MINNESOTA -- Don't be trusting. I purchased a sofa and two chairs from Slumberland Furniture on 4/18/13. I also purchased the Furniture care plan. The salesman said it was a good thing to do especially since the sofa had reclining motors. They will come to your home and fix the product. You however are not given the Furniture contract to read before you purchase.

The furniture was delivered and placed in the proper place by the delivery men. They looked it over and said everything was good. What they don't tell you is that if there is anything that is damaged it must be found right away. Two months later I installed new drapes and moved out the sofa to do this. I noticed a small scratch. In the rear leather on the top of the sofa. Which appeared to be from a packing staple. I was not worried as I had this great Furniture Care package. The company was difficult to deal with and informed me they do not repair scratches. Slumberland customer service said I had to find the scratch with in so many hours. I got two different quotes on the amount of time from different employees.

I am advising everyone who does business with Slumberland to not allow the furniture to be placed by the delivery workers until you have went over the piece with a fine tooth comb for problems. I also would advise against the purchase of the furniture care package. My opinion is buyer beware with this company and certainly don't rely on oral information. Read everything. I will not do business with them again.
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Defective Product
Posted by Bill864 on 03/04/2013
LINCOLN, NEBRASKA -- I ordered this chair through Slumberland Online in November. It was delivered to my mother in Nebraska City, Nebraska in early December. She is 82 years old, suffers from spinal stenosis and osteoarthritis and fibromyalgia and is home-bound. From the time the chair was delivered she has had problems with it. The cushioning in the chair back has collapsed at the bottom, and the cushioning at the top of the chair back is assymetrical and obviously defective.

I visited her in January, and after seeing first hand the issues with the chair, I made a trip to the Slumberland store in Lincoln, Nebraska, the closest to her home. I was told by the manager that it was beyond thirty days so no return or refund or exchange was possible, but that I could contact Slumberland about warranty service. I did that, and in early February a technician visited my mother's home and told her that he could not fix the chair because he was out of the material necessary to make the repair because he had recently done several similar repairs to the same brand and model chair.

A week or so later my mother received a call from Slumberland customer service informing her that the technician had fixed the problem and her warranty claim was being closed (claim # SL690804 at Slumberland). My mother told the customer service representative that in fact no work had been performed because the technician told her he did not have the necessary material. My mother then received a second call a few days later disputing her account and asserting that the claim was being closed.

Needless to say, we are not satisfied with the quality of the merchandise or the serivce provided by the merchant. We are sharing this information with the Better Business Bureau of Nebraska and the office of the attorney general of Nebraska.
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Posted by Jeff on 2013-03-04:
Seems to me the technitian scammed you. Saying he "fixed" it and then probably took the money and ran.
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Posted by Schullerpa on 02/18/2013
BLOOMINGTON, MINNESOTA -- Unfortunately I signed up for credit with your company and ended up paying hundreds of dollar in interest charges at over 26 percent for not paying it off in 6 months. Talk about banksters making all this money for nothing. I think that you could at lest alert your customers ahead of time and warn them of this financial cost to them. I think it should at least be interest free for the first 6 months. I paid it off in about 7 months and this was a financial disaster for me. Because of this Its the last time I will shop at your store or recommend it to anybody, the same for Wells Fargo bank.
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Posted by trmn8r on 2013-02-19:
What you describe sounds like an interest-free promotion, that accrues interest at a high rate.

You don't actually pay the interest if you pay it off as agreed. HOWEVER, if you do not, you get whacked. This is a VERY common offer - right now I was foolish enough to sign up for Bill Me Later to save $10 on an Ebay purchase. They can't afford to do that for everyone, unless a certain % don't pay it off. They know that % when they come up with it. Hopefully after 5 months, I won't be a victim of 20%+ interest, because I remember to pay it off.

It's all about making profit, as it has to be. That is how a bank stays in business. It's just unfortunate that those who miss the deadlines end up feeling targeted or taken advantage of.
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Extremely Poor Customer Service! Buyer Beware!
Posted by Ksteins46 on 10/09/2012
SPRINGFIELD, ILLINOIS -- I purchased a Merlot colored Micro-Suede Sectional April 2012. It began fading onto my clothing and my little Maltese has red feet. When I called the store manager, Ed [snip], he literally blew me off and said color transfer was not covered under warranty. Told me to call the company who we purchased the extended warranty from. I told him that shouldn't be their responsibility since it had only been a couple months since purchasing. Manager was not helpful in any way and said to go ahead and call the Better Business Bureau. After contacting the manufacturer, Slumberland Corporate and the BBB Mr Ed agreed to replacing the sectional in a different color. He said he would only order another when we returned the faulty sectional. Guess he wants us to sit on the floor for 4 to 6 weeks while the other is ordered. I agreed anyway and when I emailed him telling him I would return the sectional and matching ottoman to end the situation, he called me and was extremely rude. Told me he would NOT replace the matching ottoman. Throughout the conversation he was would just say "yea right" sarcastically and then HUNG UP ON ME!!!!!

What type of customer service do you call that????? I am now forced to contact Slumberland Corporate again. They obviously don't care who they have represent their company. The warranty is as good as purchasing the items from Goodwill.... two tail light warranty! Drive it off the lot and it is your problem.

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Do Not Buy a Mattress from Slumberland
Posted by Mcknoff on 10/01/2012
ST PAUL, MINNESOTA -- In July 2012, I went to purchase my first mattress in over 20 years at a Slumberland Furniture store in St Paul MN. I explained to the salesman that I wanted a "firm" mattress and he took me to a section of the store and pointed to several that he stated were "firm". He was actually very impolite and we got into a bit of a disagreement and I should have left the store right then and there. However, I was so excited to get my new mattress and there was a big sale going on and I was determined. Eventually, I selected one of the "firm" mattresses he had shown me and purchased it. I immediately knew that something was wrong as soon as my husband tried out the mattress at home. He sunk into the center and, of course, I rolled in there too. I subsequently began having back trouble which I have never had in my entire life. When I called customer service, I was in formed that I had actually purchased "one of the softest mattresses" they carry. I called the store and they said they couldn't do anything because I hadn't purchased the "Mattress Protection Plan" for $290. Do I really need to spend an additional $300 to cover the ineptitude of the Slumberland employees? Anyway, I appealed to the president of the company, Mr. Ken [snip], and asked to exchange my mattress for a firm one, offering to pay any price difference. When Mr [snip] denied my request, he suggested that they couldn't take the mattress back because it might be infested with dust mites and bed bugs. I will no longer purchase anything from Slumberland.
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Posted by MissMary1978 on 2012-10-01:
From Slumberland's website:

Mattress and Pillow Purchases
Our satisfaction guarantee is 120 nights for mattresses and pillows provided a Protect-All protector is purchased for each item. Because it can take time to adjust to the feel of a new mattress or pillow, you should sleep on them for a minimum of 30 nights. After that time, if you are not comfortable, we will be happy to assist you with a one-time reselection. If your reselection is of lesser value than your original purchase, the difference will be applied to a store credit. Should it be necessary to return your purchase, store credit (less delivery charges) will be given; there are no refunds on mattress purchases, pillows or Protect-All mattress protectors. Guarantee does not apply to adjustable power bases, special order sizes (twin XL, full XL and California King), AS IS, Outlet or Clearance merchandise. Applicable delivery fees on exchanges or returns will be charged to you. A valid receipt is required on refunds and exchanges.

I think if you had just paid for the mattress protector you would have been fine, however their policy does state that without it, no refunds or exchanges would be permissable.
Posted by CUontheFlipSide on 2012-10-01:
You could try Small Claims Court. It only costs twenty bucks (around here) to file, and sometimes they will just settle with you so they don't have to appear in court.
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Slumberland- Just So So
Posted by Katpete_66 on 08/18/2012
BEAVER DAM, WISCONSIN -- I'm going to start with this story: I went to visit a friend who lives in Rochester, MN. I slept on her couch during my visit. The couch was Heaven. I slept almost as well as I do in my own bed, an it was beautiful and high quality to boot. I asked my friend where she got it and she told me Slumberland.

Fast forward 1.5 months.

I desperately need new furniture. My living room furniture consists of a futon from my college days and an old, ugly hand me down sofa that I bought from my cousin. However, as a single teacher, my budget is pretty small. I went on to Slumberland's website and saw a perfect sectional that would be perfect in my apartment- on sale for $716, originally $1800. To make things even better, there was a label on the page that said "Quick Ship."

I clicked the Quick Ship link and it said that this sofa is in stock in all stores and should be able to ship immediately. Well, based on my friend's experience, the great price, and the quick ship option, I went ahead and placed my order. I immediately received a confirmation email that said my order was placed and I should expect a call within 72 hours (3 days) to set up delivery.

Fast forward 3 days.

72 hours passed, no call, no email, nothing. I log in to my account on Slumberland.com, and the status is listed as: Confirmed-Shipped. WTF? It most definitely has NOT shipped! I then logged in to my credit card account and for sure- they charged my credit card.

So, I decide to call the customer service number listed on the website. I call, and I get the "all operators are busy," but I decide to stay on the line and wait. After a minute or so, I'm automatically sent to a voicemail system. I'd also like to add that the voicemail message is the "we're closed" message. It lists the hours for today as 8 AM to 6 PM. The corporate headquarters are in MN, I'm in WI, thus in the same time zone. I called at 3 PM. 3 hours before closing time. I called probably 5 more times, and get the same "we're closed" message. So, I decide to leave a voicemail and I provide my order number and my phone number. We'll see if they actually call me back.

Getting no response from corporate, I decide to call the store closest to me- the Beaver Dam, WI store, to see if THEY know anything. I call and explain my situation, and the person who answers the phone says "Oh let me check that out for you!" She tells me that corporate JUST sent them the order and yes, they would be delivering my sectional. She was extremely helpful and set up my delivery for me and saved me a HUGE headache.

So, after my experience, and after reading other reviews on here, Slumberland Corporate seems pretty disorganized and not very helpful. However, the Beaver Dam, WI store was very helpful and seem to have their stuff together!
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Posted by melissa253 on 2012-08-18:
Stop back and let us know if the sofa was all you expected it to be. Thanks
Posted by trmn8r on 2012-08-18:
I would also be interested in what your satisfaction level is once it is received.
Posted by katpete_66 on 2012-08-22:
Update: I haven't gotten the furniture yet (it will be delivered on August 30th and I'll keep you posted on how it is), but I just wanted to add that 4 days later, corporate never called me back...Not that it matters, since I got everything squared away at the store, but it's definitely bad business to just ignore your customers...
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Bedroom Furniture
Posted by Brenda19 on 03/29/2012
SOUTH COUNTY, MISSOURI -- In February 2012 I purchased bedroom furniture from Slumberland. At the time of the purchase they were running a special for a free night stand with the purchase of headboard/bed and dresser. I was not in the market for a headboard/bed only looking for a dresser and chest of drawers. I was offered the free nightstand, a almost 300.00 item, because I was purchasing two pieces. I was told at the time of purchase that I would get the dresser and chest and then the nightstand would be in a few weeks later. Checkout took no more than 10 minutes, no hard pressure to buy other items/services (my kind of process). I was called by the store when the items had arrived, I choose pickup instead of delivery. The guy at the dock was VERY helpful with loading the VERY heavy pieces. When the nightstand arrived a few weeks later again the store called to tell me it was in. Again the dock worker was helpful. Each time I picked the items up the boxes were opened so I could view the items and be sure there was no damage. They were then resealed so I didn't have to worry about damaging while in transit. I would purchase from Slumberland again. I would recommend Slumberland to friends and family. The salesman, Kyle [snip], who sold me these items knew my name when I went back in to pick up the nightstand 2 weeks after the sale (and he didn't know I was coming in, so he didn't look this up). Great Service, great furniture (Westwind dresser, chest of drawers and nightstand).
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Posted by Anonymous on 2012-03-29:
Please refrain from mentioning individuals full names in your review. Terms Of Service (TOS) kind of frowns upon this. Both in negative and positive reviews. Thanks!

Great review by the way!
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