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Their method of deferring payment
Posted by Zynophria on 05/28/2011
MADISON, WISCONSIN -- DO NOT buy from this company.

From the beginning (Nov 2010) we had problems. They had our address wrong, our phone wrong - tho they did NOT call when they were supposed to come and deliver. They eventually delivered damaged merchandise - they took it back - but that meant that we did NOT receive what we purchased in a timely manner.

They deal with WELLS FARGO as a creditor - STAY AWAY!!!! We NEVER received an initial bill from Wells Fargo. They continually put a late fee on our statement and give very little - if any - help over the phone. I did receive a delivery charge refund from the Madison West store - they were kind - but honestly - this was way too much fuss to buy a room full of furniture -
I will spend the $$ next time and go to Ethan Allan -
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Posted by Alain on 2011-05-29:
You can write Slumberland, Inc. at 3060 Centerville Road, Little Canada, MN 55117 or call 651-482-7500 about this. Kenneth R. Larson is listed as the owner.
Posted by Ethan on 2012-09-23:
I have the same problems with Wells Fargo Financial. I have Wells Fargo so I initially thought I would receive the same service caliber, nope.

I don't get a statement in the mail, no way to set up online bill pay. They send you a statement after your due date, with a late fee.

Deceitful, fraudulant, shady business practices. And the same as above, you call to discuss the late fees and statements and they pretty much tell you too bad.
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Left important return info out
Posted by Sharped on 02/11/2011
We thought we had 30 days to return a table, however it's only 24 hours and in store credit. Please keep this in mind when purchasing items from the Slumberland Clearance store because now we are stuck with an in store credit for a store I would rather not give my money to.
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Posted by Skye on 2011-02-11:
Why did you think you had 30 days? Was that on your receipt?

Details would help.
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American made couches
Posted by Deaconsabbey on 04/11/2010
EAU CLAIRE, WISCONSIN -- We needed couches for our basement and had no idea what we wanted. The staff at the Slumberland was very patient and very helpful. We went back multiple times to get exactly what we wanted. When the salesperson we were working with couldn't be there, he arranged for one of his associates to help us.
The couches are beautiful and comfortable. We've had them for four months now and they are holding up well. We had them custom made from a local manufacturer. It's nice to know you can get reasonably priced good quality furniture made in the US.
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Bad Products, Worse Customer Service
Posted by Bluecrow on 01/06/2009
MADISON, WISCONSIN -- When our $3000 sofa arrived, it didn't have a consistent set of legs or all the hardware required to mount the legs had they been the right ones. A call to the store was completely unsatisfactory with the manager chad raduechel, showing no interest in anything but hanging onto the correct set of legs that easily could have been removed from the floor model. Instead he made their crappy quality control our problem by suggesting we call the "service department" in the morning without promising any actual resolution of the problem. Buyer beware or better yet, buy your furniture and bedding somewhere else.
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Customer Service?
Posted by Fullboar on 07/02/2008
HAYWARD, WISCONSIN -- In February of 2008 we had gone to Slumberland to purchase a leather sectionsl and coffee table. Upon delivery our coffee table had a gouge in the corner and our leather sectional was terribly scuffed by the delivery BOYS! We had told the BOYS this and pointed it out to them and they said there was nothing they could do and we would have to call the store. We did call the store and they had sent a repairman who came out. This repairman was very polite and honest in telling us that this is something he should be fixing at the store! But they had told him it could be fixed in our home. He did what he could, bless his soul, but two days later, the staples were showing and the leather tacks were popping out and our beautiful leather was sagging!!!!!

We had taken pictures and taken them to the store. We had agreed that they would order us a new coffee table, which came in with the same gouge in the exact smae spot!! We denied that one as well. The delivery manager then offered us a whole new table if we saw one that we had liked. We picked one out and they then said that they would have to put in an order for it. We then told them that to save them we would wait to have the furniture fixed until the table could be delivered as well. O.k., remember?

This is the end of February 2008. It is now July 2, 2008. We called yesterday and low and behold...our new table had been delivered earlier that day.(no one called us to let us know) We then set up that delivery would be for this a.m. at 9. The delivery man was here at 9, on time, but alone!!!!!! He could not lift our recliners to take them back to the store to fix! So, it is 2:30 p.m. and he is back with a helper.

Now, they told us that they would pick up the recliners this morning and we would have them back this afternoon. On taking the recliners out of the house they again gouged our leather on the door frame. Will it take another 5 months to get this fixed? In closing I would like to let you know that our saleswoman was very nice as well as our first repairman!! They are a true assett to the company!! Oh, just one more thing....BUYER BEWARE!!!
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Customer Service
Posted by Bordergal on 04/03/2008
THIEF RIVER FALLS, MINNESOTA -- The worst customer service experience I can ever recall. While choosing a new mattress to replace a warranty problem they tried to downgrade the quality of replacement while trying to encourage me to spend money to receive the exact mattress which I ended up getting for even exchange.(instead of a $1200 mattress they tried to give me a $500 one)

The associate was rude, condescending, and argumentative. Simmons was paying for the replacement not them BUT you sure would have thought they were.
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Posted by MSCANTBEWRONG on 2008-04-03:
Glad things worked out in your favor!
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No product
Posted by Ccber5 on 04/17/2007
MINNETONKA, MINNESOTA -- We purchased a new 3-piece entertainment console from the Minnetonka store. We were promised that we could have it on April 15. On April 14 I called to confirm we could come pick it up - it was not yet there. We could get it on April 18. On April 17 I again called to find out if we could pick it up. No, it will be available on April 21.

I then called the store to speak to the sales person who sold me the console. He was on vacation so I spoke with an assistant manager. He told me it might not be available to us for another 6-8 weeks! He said that their delivery/pick-up dates are only approximate and my vary up to 10 weeks.

I am very disappointed in this. I feel that we have been lied to - promised on one day then pushed back twice. Now there is no firm date when it will be available to us.

I purchased a new couch from HOM Furniture and had it two days before promised date. They have much better customer service and a better handle on their inventory.
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