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Smart Shopper's horrible service and product
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LOUISVILLE, KENTUCKY -- I ordered a 3/4 gallon of paint and a 1 quart converter (material for the paint) from Smart Shoppers inc. When I received the box I immediately opened it and saw that the 3/4 gallon paint can has very big dent in it in which broke the seal and caused the paint to become hard. I also saw a smaller dent, and liquid material coming out of the top of the one quart converter. The custom Smartshoppers box (the box was made with the Smartshoppers name and web site on it in black) that UPS delivered was in perfect mint condition and was stuffed with styrofoam pieces. When I called Smartshoppers, ****, one of the mail order bosses, said in a mad and annoyed way, they wouldn't ship damaged cans and said he had to watch a video and would call me back. After I asked how long he thought it would take he said around 30 minutes. After a day and a half, I finally called him back, and he said the video shows a perfect can and blamed UPS: "I wouldn't put it past UPS to just repackage it." he said. I asked, "Does UPS have your Smartshoppers boxes just lying around that they can used to repackage it?" He said, "No, I will make a claim though, and they won't dispute it. I called UPS after he said he made a claim, and UPS said no claim had been made so I made the claim but since the box was nat damaged they wouldn't pay for it. I then called Smartshoppers back and another boss (I think his name was **** but he could have been lying) got mad because after he said his box was just about bullet proof and would reshape, I said the box would have been ripped to pieces to have made that big of a dent in the can.

He got even madder and said to "stop being a cry baby" and that when they "don't like customers, we send them our damaged cans and blame UPS, and even if we did get the money [from UPS], we aren't going to refund you and there's not a dam* thing you can do about it" and hung up. I then told a UPS supervisor that, and he was very thankful to know what Smart Shoppers was doing. I had to go through the BBB and Visa to finally get Smartshoppers to refund me. SHAME! This is by far the worst company I've ever used.
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Alain on 07/26/2010:
They were wrong. There was something you could do about it and you did. Glad you got your money back!
SaMoore on 07/26/2010:
Wow. I won't ever use this company. Good review OP.
Wille G on 02/21/2013:
I have tried dealing with them as well but they are very rude and won't take care of any problems, they told me to returm it to the manufacture, but I bought it for them so I wanted to return it to them, NEVER AGAIN!!
Custom Sport Paints on 04/30/2013:
This place has the best prices around for the experienced painter and even the beginner with half a BRAIN!!! I know I order supplies from all around and yes cans get dented and hard parts such as fenders, hoods etc. Get little dings and such but that's just par for the coarse.It doesn't always make the product useless and paint doesn't dry hard like that during a couple days shipping, that's why GOD created STRAINERS.Any how if YOU want to save a TON of MONEY on names like House of Kolor, Devilbis Spray Guns,Kirker Custom Finishes then call these guys.Oh and by the way they saved a small fortune on my custom car stereo......I always check with them 1st because I am a SMART SHOPPER.........Trying to save a BUCK
Bobcrman on 06/09/2013:
I have used Smart Shoppers since the early eighties. One of he best mail order autobody supply companies out there.

I have had hundreds of orders. Yes UPS can damage contents and if you correctly file claims, they will pay.. Been there..
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