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Poor Quality of Furniture.
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BERNE, INDIANA -- I purchased a living room suite in November of 2008 and it was delivered in December of 2008. Recently, I noticed that the stitching was coming apart on the seams of the ottoman. I do not know how long it has been going on since I cover it with a towel to keep it clean.
The furniture was Smith Brothers, which was highly recommended by Tyner Furniture of Ann Arbor, Michigan. I spent close to $7,000.00, for this suite and have been greatly disappointed with the quality. Not only is the stitching coming apart at the seams, but my back cushions look lumpy and the pillows lost their shape within months.
I constantly turn the cushions and fluff the pillows, so I am able to keep them looking tolerable. The ottoman was the one piece of furniture that gets little wear and tear. I have adult children that do not live at home and no grandchildren. This is used only to put our feet on. We never sit on it. The wear on it was minimal.
I am angry that a product made in the USA and touted to be of such high quality, is nothing close to what I have been told. I find it interesting that they only cover the material for one year, but other areas have a much better warranty. It seems that they know that within a year their fabrics and workmanship will fall apart.
I called Tyner Furniture in regard to the problem and of course the warranty will not cover it. I also would have to bring it in for repairs and would be charged for it.
It is a shame that you try to promote and purchase items made in the USA, but then you find out that the quality is poor and that you have virtually no recourse to correct the problem.
I know in the future I will be more cautious as to the products I purchase and their warranties. I will definitely not recommend Smith Brothers furniture to anyone.
I waited many years to buy my living room outfit and thought I had made a good choice. It is such a bitter disappointment to have wasted my money on their poor workmanship.
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Linda on 07/11/2013:
Perhaps you should have picked another fabric besides the one you have. I too, bought a few pieces of living room upholstered furniture and had fraying on the bottom of the loveseat. I realize now the fabric was not appropriate for these pieces. It looked nice in the store but hasn't performed well.
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Furniture Overpriced For Quality
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FISHERS, INDIANA -- We purchased a couch and two chairs at a furniture store about 6 years ago. The brand of furniture was Smith Bros. from Berne Indiana. We had heard that they had wonderful construction and felt it would be worth the extra money to have sturdy furniture. Here's the problem...the fabric and the cushions have gone bad and did so within a couple of years. No longer under warranty, we are not able to get anything done about it. The fabric thinned and tore which then caused the foam to come out of one chair. The fabric on the couch balls up constantly and I have to use a fabric shaver on it. On all the furniture, the cushions became very smashed down and oddly shaped...I puffed them like they told me too but they still did this. On the second chair, the frame has fallen so you sink when you sit in it. Smith Bros. has a lifetime warranty on the frame but when I called, I have to pay a fee for the store to come look at the chair! I hate that I am stuck with furniture that doesn't look good in such a short time for the money I paid. It upsets me to no end that the couch and chair are still very sturdy pieces but I'd have to have them reupholstered and have new foam pieces to even make them look nice....what's the point of a wonderful frame if the other stuff doesn't hold up?!!!

If you buy this furniture, I suggest buying a very cleanable fabric and don't sit on the furniture too much!!!
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Deb on 09/27/2013:
We have had our Smith Brothers livingroom suite since the mid 90's. The couch and loveseat are still in good condition even as old as they are. Right now I'm looking into getting a new set only because I want a new look, I think I've had this one long enough.
benzs on 11/23/2013:
I purchased a recliner and ottoman in March 2012 from Janosik in DE.
It sat in a seldom used room and was used maybe 10 hours total.
In August 2013 (16 months later we noticed a missed stitch on the ottoman as we were moving it to another room.
We called Janosik Furniture and emailed pictures to them and suddenly after finding it was more than a year they tersely replied over the phone that basically our problem.
Anyone looking at the pictures could see it was a manufacturing mistake, a simple missed loop.
I then thought I could reach out to Smith Brothers. No luck there, no phone number,
no customer support, no anything .
A large price and no support for a damaged product.
So much for quality workmanship and follow up support.
Both companies project a pompous arrogance

there was no recourse
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Smith Brothers Problem Solved!
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Thomas, the manager at Smith Brothers Appliance Repair (714.379.8748)called to discuss the problem and subsequently advised that considering the facts of the situation would be more than happy to refund the $75 service fee.

We received a check from Smith's Brothers on Monday November 10, 2008. It hasn't cleared the bank yet, but it is deposited.

Thomas took care of the problem as he promised.

As a side note there doesn't actually seem to be any owner that is actually named "Smith" involved with this company.

They do not have their State license number printed on their receipts and Thomas declined to give it to me when I inquired over the phone. However, I discovered by checking on the internet that their corporate license number is C2639425.

They are a corporation developed a few years ago at "" and the owner shows as Dimitriy Kolchin, but no Smith. The "Smith" name appears to be totally FICTITIOUS.

ADVICE: This trade (APPLIANCE REPAIR) industry unlike other trades,i.e. electricians and carpenters, etc. who will provide a quote for you FOR FREE requires a FEE for giving you a quote to repair your appliance. Yep, that's the rude truth.

They may state that the QUOTE IS FREE in their advertisement or even while speaking with you. Well,it is free if YOU USE THEIR SERVICES but if you don't, well, guess what? There will be a fee,anywhere from $50 to $75.

So, chose your repair company well, check their license number with the BBB in your area. Ask about FEEs so you are not caught off guard and end up being in an uncomfortable situation. Some of these companies accept credit cards and some don't. So ASK!

Don't rely on how good the Yellow Book advertisement looks. The advertisement rarely reflects what you actually get and that is a rule you can apply to almost any advertisement that you hear or see, anywhere, anytime, ever!

This will be my last update on this situation.


Al B.
November 14, 2008

October 29, 2008

Re: Smith Brothers of Orange, California HUSTLE!

On October 28th Jerry from Smith Brothers arrives at our home to diagnose a heating problem with dual KitchenAid ovens.

Jerry does nothing, no checking, uses no electronic or electrical equipment and makes the decision that the "control board" is the problem by doing nothing more than staring at the ovens and conjures up an estimate of repair for $725.00 and if Jerry does the job he wants $350.00 in advanced.

I say no, the whole experience is suspicious and Jerry seems way less than credible. He charges me $75.00 for his MISINFORMATION and BOGUS analysis of the oven problem and leaves.

A few hours later American Appliance Repair shows up. Their State license #A-45041 is, their phone number is 714.482.5581. Alexander the technician goes right to work. He pulls the dual ovens. He then unscrews a multitude amount of screws to remove the oven panels. He then uses his electronic and electrical equipment to test various components of the ovens. He has also first checked the electrical breaker box to see if the fuse was a problem.

After he does all of his analysis he then advises he is ready to give me a quotation. He writes it up. The amount is $258.59 for parts and labor. I then asked when he could fix the problem. He states that he could fix the ovens at that moment.

He makes the repairs, the ovens work fine and we were not ripped off by American Appliance Repair! Kudos and thanks to Alexander!

Also Smith Brother's State License number is NOT PRINTED on their work order!

My advice is stay away from this company. They are a quick hit hustle company that attempts to stick you with the highest repair price possible whether the actual repair work warrants it or not.

Look for my complaint on "" and contact me if you wish.

I spoke with Thomas at Smith Brothers about the problem. He has been around the block and is very efficient at trying to explain to you how they did a great job and you are at fault. The reason why he answers problems calls is because they get a lot of complaints and he has no conscience about stiffing the consumer.

Stay away and good luck,

Al B.
Anaheim, California
cc: MSWord
Resolution Update 05/23/2009:
Company has made restitution
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Slimjim on 10/29/2008:
Good post and thanks for sharing. Either the tech was incompetent or clearly racking a huge bill. Good move bringing in a second opinion to solve your problem and supply the egg for Tom Smith's face.
Ponie on 10/29/2008:
Think it best if you remove your telephone number and email address from your post.

Tell me though--do they make good cough drops? :)

old school on 02/08/2010:
There is no Tom Smith, it's some bogus person Demitry. Tom Smith is about as real as the Smith Brothers on the cough drops, this whole business is a rip-off.

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Smith Brothers Appliance Repair in Orange, CA. STAY AWAY from them!
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ORANGE, CALIFORNIA -- If only I'd read the other guy's review first, I would have known to stay away from this company! I spoke with someone from this company, let him know what the problem was with my oven (wouldn't hold a temperature) and he said that the appointment charge is $20 just to come diagnose the problem, and then parts/labor are added on. Okay! Sounds fine. Let's schedule! He says that the man who will be doing the job will call. I wait and get the call. The repairman, named "Jerry" says the appointment charge will be $60 just to come diagnose the problem.....WAIT a second! I told him that his company had quoted $20. He then says "well, how about $40?" FINE...sheesh. It's amazing what you'll agree to when you have a broken appliance 2 weeks before Thanksgiving. So Jerry shows up, 30 minutes earlier than he had scheduled. Not good, I say, as I need to pick up a child from school. He says he cannot wait. (I should have sent him home!) So, someone had to be at the house for this guy while I was gone. Upon coming home, Jerry charges me $45 for the inspection....YES, $45. The price got higher! He also gave me a quote for how much the job would be, around $520. HOWEVER that is IF he can get the parts. So I agree to have him acquire the parts and he says to call and schedule with his company. I called the next day and left 2 messages. Then I called the following day to hear from some woman that the repairman had called in sick, but "yes, he got your message and he'll call you!" Then I called the next day. And the next. (did I mention that they are a bit on the rude side? Gee whiz, I just want to know if I can make an appointment!) I kept getting the runaround. HERE IS THE GOOD PART! After a week, my friend suggested another company. Boy am I glad! The man from THAT company not only called me back, but had my oven fixed within 3 days for $350 and I had Thanksgiving dinner with a working oven. Oh, and by the way, Thanksgiving was last week, and JERRY from Smith Brothers still hasn't gotten back to me......
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Smith Brothers Appliance Repair - DO NOT USE
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ORANGE, CALIFORNIA -- Someone named Tony came out to my house to look at an outside BBQ refrigerator and a Beverage Air Ket-orator. On the phone they quoted me $60 to come out and give me an estimate however they charged me $80 just for the estimate. Tony proceeded to tell me that the compressor on my Keg-orator was out and that it would cost $1385.00 to fix and my little fridge had a freon leak and it would cost $399.00 just to find the leak - and that does not include the repair.

Now - a brand new Beverage Air Keg Refrigerator costs $1600. Why in the world would I pay $1385 to fix something that I could buy brand new for just a little over $200 more. Also I found out that the cost price for this particular compressor is only $165. Boy did they mark that part up by like 1000%. On top of that, I had two other companies come out and give me an estimate for repair because this $1385 quote just didn't seem right. Both companies quoted about $950 for the reapair of the keg-orator. Smith Bros. totally tried to pull a fast one on me and then when I called to complain, they just said they would talk to the technician and see if they can get them to repair it for the same as the other prices quoted to me. Quite frankly, I don't trust them and I think they are trying to take advantage of customers thinking that they don't know any better. Take my advice (it cost me $80) DON'T USE THEM - THEY ARE CROOKS!
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Helpful on 07/16/2010:
It does sound as if there is a lot more to fixing the appliance than the part alone. All quotes involved are considerably more than the $165 you claim the part costs.

I would also suggest the $80 wasn't for nothing. It gave you the information as to what was wrong with the appliance.

Best of luck.
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Smith Brothers Appliance Repair-- bad experience
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They just left us hanging.

I am very disappointed with the level of service received by Smith Brothers. Our refrigerator failed over a week ago, a repairman came over on 3-5-2010, replaced the capacitor and the relay switch which cost us $240.72. Five hours later, the refrigerator failed again. I called Smith Bros. to let them know what happened and asked to speak to the repair man to discuss what can be done. On both occasions I was told that a call-out was made and that we should be receiving a call back and that there was nothing more that could be done. Nobody ever contacted us. We were forced to purchase a new refrigerator to keep all our food from spoiling (and to prevent the $45 a day cost for dry ice) and are out the $240.72 paid to Smith Bros. in addition to the cost of a new refrigerator.
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Anonymous on 03/13/2010:
I look at appliance repair like going to the doctor. He may not be sure what is causing your symptoms. It could be this or it could be that, so let's try this and if that doesn't work we will try something else.

I am not an expert at all, but it seems the capacitor turned out not to be the problem. You still have to pay for the work done. As for buying a new unit...well...that was your decision.
Soaring Consumer on 03/13/2010:
If you get someone to inspect the fridge and determine that the repair was not done properly you can sue Smith Brothers in small claims court for a refund.
Anonymous on 03/13/2010:
Soaring, that is something I didn't think of. Good advice.
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Don't Use Smith Brothers Appliance Repair
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ORANGE, CALIFORNIA -- I was put in touch with a company by a search engine who was supposed to be "factory authorized" to repair Whirlpool appliances. I was referred to Smith Brothers in Orange. They charged me $250.00 for a $40.00 part and $150.00 for 15 minutes of labor. After they refused to take a check, had no license number on their receipt, I had a BAD feeling about them. I checked with the Better Business Bureau and I only wish I had known who was coming before they arrived so I could have handed them copies of the complaints and given them the boot when they showed up.
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Anonymous on 02/09/2010:
shady repair company indeed.Will let all my peeps in the OC know not to use this poor excuse of a company
Starlord on 02/09/2010:
I don't know how they are at fixing appliances, but they make pretty good cough drops. :-)
Consumer Advocate2 on 03/09/2010:
I am very disappointed with the level of service received by Smith Brothers. Our refrigerator failed last week, a repairman came over on 3-5-2010, replaced the capacitor and the relay switch which cost us $240.72. Five hours later, the refrigerator failed again. I called Smith Bros. on two more occasions asking to speak with the repairman and discuss a resolution. I was told that a call-out was made and that we should be receiving a call back and that there was nothing more than could be done. Nobody ever contacted us. We were forced to purchase a new refrigerator to keep all our food from spoiling (and to prevent the $45 a day cost for dry ice) and are out the $240.72 paid to Smith Bros. in addition to the cost of a new refrigerator.
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Rip off
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ORANGE, CALIFORNIA -- My Wife called and asked if they were an authorized repair contractor for Sub Zero. She was told yes. A technication came and replaced the Freezer coil for $300 for parts and $180 for labor.
Five days later, the service light went on in the refrigerator. I called them back. I was told that there was a leak in the coolant line and he wanted another $ 300. for a freon charge. I balked because I was told that they checked out the entire unit and cleaned the coils for $79.95 on the first visit.
I called Sub Zero and was told they were not an authorized service company. Had I called one, the part may have been covered bt their warranty.
I got ripped off. I'm currently drafting a letter to the Better Business Bearue
Please be sure to use authorized repair centers for your appliances
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Anonymous on 09/11/2009:
They may have damaged the coolant line themselves.
mtmorales on 10/26/2009:
I feel your pain with this company. They were totally incompetent. They strike me as foreign, slick, and untrusting. I will be spreading the word. Thanks for your describing your experience with this company...
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Don't Use Smith Brothers Appliance Repairs
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ORANGE, CALIFORNIA -- Don't ever, UNDER any circumstances, use these guys. They were the WORST provider I have EVER tried to use. The repairman who came to fix my dryer did NOT know what he was doing. The first time he came, he couldn't figure out what was wrong at all. The second time (I only went back because they already had my diagnostic money), he said it was a problem with my timer, but it would work on one setting while he ordered a new timer that would cost over $200. While waiting, it didn't work on that setting either. I called the company and requested another repairman, and was told I could not have one because I had already given this one the diagnostic $$$, which is irrelevant since the check was made out to Smith Brothers. They requested one more chance, to which I agreed. Of course this time (just like the first two, he did not show up on time and I had to call the company to figure out where he was). The third time was strike three. I told the company not to send him at all, that he was no longer welcome. I subsequently had the dryer fixed by another provider who was fine, where the issue turned out to be related to coils - it had nothing to do with the timer. I called back Smith Brothers and requested a refund of my initial diagnostic, which is reasonable since the guy was terrible and never on time, misdiagnosed my problem, and I was refused another repairman. Of course they refused. I have left messages for the owner, Jim Smith, and of course he won't call back.

In short, these guys are terrible. Do not EVER use them unless you want to be ripped off.

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MSCANTBEWRONG on 08/27/2009:
Can you get the second repair shop to give you a written statement indicating the original diagnosis was wrong? If so, you may be able to take it to small claims court.
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Improper repair at an excessive cost
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LOS ANGELES -- Smith Brothers was contacted May 2008,a tech named Jim responded and replaced the compressor start relay at a cost of near $500. In Sept. 2009 a safety recall was issued and the tech sent to us replaced the start relay and stated that the part was not correct and that a wire was cut; the tech had to order a special repair kit. It was installed Sept. 2009 at a valued repair of near $160, including the repair kit.
SUMMARY: excessive cost, improper (and perhaps unsafe) repair performed by Smith Brothers.
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