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Fraud---Have never received the item I paid for
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BROOKLYN, NEW JERSEY -- I paid them $37.50 for an Alice Military Pack. 12 Days later I still have not received it and they don't return emails or answer there phone. There mailbox is full, so you cannot leave a message on their pathetic phone system. Crooks. Stay away. Gus
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FloridaLizardQueen on 03/01/2007:
Did you pay by credit card, check, cash or what? I don't have enough details to really give a comment, but I wish you luck in getting your money back if you so desire! Keep me posted
GIJo on 03/09/2007:
Dispute the charge with your bank or credit card company and report them to the Better Business Bureau and Federal Trade Coommission.
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Great customer service
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BROOKLYN, NEW YORK -- I cannot believe some companies still know how to treat customers right. I bought a tent from WWW.SNAPPYSUPPLY.COM and received it right away with no problems. I was even able to call them up and their tech support sate on the phone with me as I set it up to help... THANKS my scout troop had a great night out with the tent... I definitely recommend
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Anonymous on 04/13/2006:
Scout leaders rule! Glad you got a good tent and good service, you deserve it!
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