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Impossible to deal with and they stole my rebate check
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MADISON, WISCONSIN -- I have to deal with the Madison Wisconsin branch of SSA Office. I have contacted them multiple times, writing them, going in person, calling them, and complying with many different requests that they had of me, and I never got my rebate check. They stole my money and kept giving me the run around, and I never got my money an explanation or anything else. I am so disgusted with this situation, because I was promised the money and instead they stole it from me.
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ok4now on 07/08/2012:
How do you know that they stole your money? Were you somehow ineligible for the rebate check that you thought they stole from you? There has to be a record of this showing who and where the rebate check was cashed. File a formal complaint and demand from management the exact status of the check.
trmn8r on 07/08/2012:
As ok4now suggests, there should be a formal complaint procedure. Good luck.
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Filing for and getting SSI
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PENNSYLVANIA -- November 21, 2006 I was declared "significantly disabled" by my doctor and no longer able to work. I compiled all of my medical records and completed the online Social Security disability application for benefits within about one week. About 3 days after completing the application I received a letter from the Social Security Administration office and had an appointment. I met with the gentleman who would be processing my SSI claim and he completed the process for me that day. He informed me it would take up to 6 months to complete the review process. The Social Security Department of Disability Services in PA received my application on December 7th. One December 22nd they gave my application to an adjuster and next Wednesday, December 27th, I am to call them about the status of my claim and the possibility of "presumptive disability" and receiving an expedited processing of my claim. My experience with the Social Security Administration up to this point has been impressive. Their responsiveness to my application and my questions have been nothing short of amazing. I will let you all know how I make out next week after I speak with the adjuster.

A couple of points about successfully filing for Social Security Benefits:

(1). Have a legitimate claim

(2). File your claim properly and completely on line on the Internet.

(3). Have all of your medical reports and records for them when you go to your first meeting.

(3). Get the name of the person who is handling your claim and their direct phone number.

(4). Follow up with your states DDS Office within 2-3 weeks after your claim has been processed and then follow up with them on a regular basis. Provide the adjustor with any and all new medical information you receive-from new doctors and hospitals only.

(5) Write or fax thank you notes for good service should you receive it.

(6). Be patient and don't quit! And-appeal if you are denied your claim. Not all claims are automatically denied. Most claims are denied due to mistakes on filing for the claim or not properly providing medical information needed by the agency.
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Anonymous on 12/23/2006:
Harold, On March 16, 2003 I was declared "significantly disabled" by my doctor and no longer able to work. I checked into SS benefits and when I got tired of it I decided to keep working. I know I shouldn’t but you only live once and I don’t want to lie around a die. But thank you for the information and I wish you the best. Marry Christmas
HaroldSays on 12/23/2006:
Lidman, I do understand your getting tired of the process. Sorry to hear about what you went through however I hope it is a good thing you are back to work. It can be very frustrating and overwhelming trying to get SSI. Unfortunately I can not return to work as I can not drive and with my memory lapses and sometimes confused states of mind I pose a danger to myself and others on the road or working. Thanks for sharing your story with me however.
CrazyRedHead on 12/23/2006:
My son get disability from SSI due to ADHD w. a impulsivity disorder. I had lots of info for them. He was failing school cause he couldn't sit still and listen or concentrate on what the teacher was saying. The teachers were about to pull out there and my sons hair. The medication that he is on is like the difference between night and day. He is now almost on the principles and honor roll. He is now a much happier and calmer boy. Along with medical documentations, I had letters from his teachers and bus driver and even police reports (yes he got in trouble with the law). He even went to one of there doctors and he was never denied. So, I understand what you are saying and hope that you will get your benefits. My mother tells me that sometimes you will be denied but if you appeal there decision you have a very good chance of getting it the second time around.
tander on 12/23/2006:
I've always heard it takes months to get your claim through then to only have it denied and you end up hiring an attorney and having to fight it.
HaroldSays on 12/23/2006:
Crazy Red Head. Sounds like you had your hands full with all of the issues you had to deal with. Sorry to hear of what you went through. Glad to see you did not have a problem getting the SSI. The process is much more simple if you know what you are doing and follow the procedures properly. Good for you that you were able to get it for your son.
HaroldSays on 12/23/2006:
Tander-That is what so many people believe and it is not true. Of course the legal professionals want you to think that the process is an automatic denial and then a long drawn out appeal process-with them getting 1/3 or more of your money for doing what any person with some ability and knowledge could do. The key to success if correctly filing, having your documentation, and then follow up. I will let you know how I make out. Thanks for your comments!
beanbagbritches on 12/24/2006:
My husband received his SSI disability status this past year after just a few months of filing. You're right, keep up with ALL of your paperwork and have everything ready if you're to be taken seriously. Also, be patient. That's all you can be while waiting for this judgment.
HaroldSays on 12/24/2006:
Beanbagbritches-Thanks for sharing your comments. You wrote about being patient-that is very important-AND, when you talk to any of the agents be very respectful and polite. People like to help people who are likeable.
Starlord on 10/05/2007:
MAybe the lawyers want you to go to them, but they sometimes are as big a jerk as the people at SSA. I fought by myself because a big shot SSDI lawyer who claims to be a former Social Security judge told me I was denied because I wasn't disabled and hung up on me. and all I had said was that I had beeen denied. I went ahead on my own and got my benefits, it took me a total of three years, and endless dealing with SSA idiots. I know all about illegal aliens, I think they all work for the SSA.
Anonymous on 08/20/2011:
I have a friend that gets SSI and he was told he cannot get disability because he has been disabled to long. That to me is messed up. He worked 40 years and put into Social security and Medicare and cannot get disability sounds to me like it is time to start protesting. It is difficult to live off of 625.00 per month and if he gets a roommate to try to survive SSI threatens to make his check even less. Maybe the people that make the decisions at social security should try living on that little income for a while and then they will know what it is like. Sorry Social Security this will never be over until you do right by the americans who put money into the social security and not give our money away to the illegal aliens
Skye on 08/20/2011:
Rosie, We also know someone, who worked over 35 years, has now been diagnosed with so many health issue, and on top of poor health, now is losing their eyesight.

Know what SSDI told them? Find work as a security guard. They paid into a system that gladly took their money, and now they need help, and are told NOPE.

It's disgusting.
heyjude65 on 10/10/2011:
Hi, Iv`e been looking for a site to ask my fellow tax payer`s or anyone who does thing`s the rite way in life & by doing so is alway`s waiting for the next bat to the head.I work in a salon in N.J & my husband was an iron worker for 12yrs before he was working on a platform above the train tracks in newark when him & his partner were thrown 28ft on the track`s the platform was not secure.They were both very lucky to be alive but many year`s of fisical pain & debt would be almost to much to handel. By now you must be thinking OK someone has to pay for the platform that was not boltted down right? Even so his company didn't put the platform up when we went to trial the jury found him 30% at fault how I don't no they don't have to tell anyone how they or why they did whatever to come to that but what I did find out is juror # 8 called his brother inlaw the night before deliberation`s to ask him if iron worker`s got there benefits no matter what.Instead of following the judge`s instruction`s he called his brother who was not on the jury to ask him a question. Omg if this trial was to determan if someone was going to jail or not this would have been a tragety. because the fact his brother inlaw was Wrong!! in telling him iron worker`s get paid there benefits no matter what they must work 600 hr consectivly to have any health ben,or any thing so because of juror #8 the 7 other jurors didn't see anything wrong & played follow the leader as I see often & took away 60% of the final awarded money. As for all that don't no this when your on workmans comp,if there is any money awarded workman`s comp, gets 25% of medical they put out even if you have you own health insurance you cannot use it. After the juror`s came back with the money award which was way under a million B.T.W my husband if deaf in one ear broke bones in his head from fall shattered 12 ribs causing splinters that cause him to scream when he moves in his sleep ruptured spleen a lot of head trama etc. After lawyer took 3rd + expert fee`s many thaousand`s wasn't included in there 3rd AIG the insurance took 25% & whoever else was in line, we went to the drive threw MC,D`S . Any way it dosent end there that was the first bat the final blow was SSDI you no that big amount they take from your pay incase your unable to work its kind of like a insurance policy rite? think again after year`s & many appeal`s my husband finally got a letter from the judge who ruled & he got a partial ruling which mean`s after 4 yrs of really not much income he is permently disabled but NO RETROACTIVE MONEY!! That means the judge is saying he has only become disabled as of his ruling & he was not disabled the 4 years he was out of work so he will not get any back money that was owed to him, the guy he fell with got the back money they had different judges I gather that's why.All I can think of is how many are working the system & never put a dime into it I no many people who collect ssdi & out right have whispered to me how there milking it for all they can yes there are also many who very well need to be on it.This is an example of how broken our system.And the lawyers say this is one of those cases that we as lawyers will look back on & say what went wrong but that dosent help us. Here you have a jury that was not capable of following directions & a new judge that just took the bench for ruling such as my husband and there you had the perfect storm. Thanks to all who took the time to read this you cannot even imagine how I only hope this dosen`t happen to another family.Its a big nut to chew!!
heyjude65 on 10/10/2011:
This is heyjude65 I just left the post above & didn't check my spelling or anything just want to excuse myself.
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The excellent service I received from Social Security Administration
Posted by on
WILKES BARRE, PENNSYLVANIA -- In November 2006 I filed a claim for SSI. I was told it would take at least 6 months to review and make a decision regarding my claim. I followed up with my claims adjustor at our local Disability determination office and worked with her through the process. It took me just 4 months to get my claim reviewed and accepted. I sent a letter to the commission of the SSA and to the Director at the office thanking them for their prompt, professional, and courteous service. I had one other contact with them regarding a friends claim and they told him it would take up to 14 months to reach a decision concerning his claim. After my call, it took just one day to get his claim issue resolved and he received his first payment within one month. Good people doing a great job at the SSA and I am happy with my results.
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User Replies:
Anonymous on 06/30/2007:
Excellent, Harold!
Anonymous on 06/30/2007:
Harold-Chief of Helping People, this is good to know and I too may need your help when I file. Thanks and good review
Harold-Chief of Helping People on 06/30/2007:
Be happy to help if I can. The process seems daunting and frustrating, however, it is actually more simple than people realize. One just has to know the requirements and follow the procedures. Thank you for your responses!
Slimjim on 06/30/2007:
Hi Harold, long time. Obviously you are our friend haroldsays. Why the new handle, and how come your sites aren't working anymore?
Lynn44 on 06/30/2007:
Harold-Chief of Helping People, I am very happy for you that you have received fast results from the SSA. My story, however is very different. I had a heart attack in Sept. 2004. I have had health complications ever since and have not been able to work. I didn't file a disability claim until July 2005 because I kept hoping I would get better and return to work. But that just didn't happen. The SSA lost my claim for 6 months and finally found it in Jan 2006. They sent me a denial letter in March 2006. I enlisted the help of a well known organization that is an advocate to people filing for benefits in August 2006. It took them from Aug 2006 until April 2007 to file my reconsideration. When they last checked with the SSA last week, the SSA said it would be at least another 2-4 months for them to review my case. Now here I sit almost 2 yrs after I filed and I am still waiting. I have no money left, my credit cards are maxed out and I am stressed beyond belief about my financial situation. I had worked hard at the same job for over twenty-one years and lost that job three months before I had a heart attack. I am only 44 yrs old.
Starlord on 06/30/2007:
My opinion of SSA is much lower, but then, no one asked me. I had to fight for three years to get my SSDI benefits, and one of the SSA numskulls even had the gall to suggest that I could go back to being a deputy. I told that idiot broad that while I could not run a mile and a half in 13 minutes now, I could probably do her job.
Nohandle on 06/30/2007:
Hi Harold, nice to have you back and it's great you had such good results not only with your claim but your friend as well. An attorney friend shared with me another local attorney was representing a client filing for benefits with SSA. The judge actually stated "If you can thump an English pea off the kitchen table you aren't disabled". Well, hello and thank you so much.

The few stories I've heard, the individual has actually had to go to a "Disability Specialist" attorney to get results on his claim. In those cases it took a lot of months for the benefits to kick in and of course the attorney was paid with a percentage of the retroactive payments.
Anonymous on 06/30/2007:
Harold, welcome back friend.
Starlord on 06/30/2007:
I had to go through the entire process and fight for three years. It ended up with the Administrative Law Judge hearing in Tucson, AZ. The judge seemed amazed that I was there without an attorney. I told him everything was in the file (about 4 inches thick) and all it would take was someone who spoke basic English to read it. He took it under advisement, and two weeks later, he ordered the SSA to give me my benefits, based on my age, my training, the problems I had, and the fact that my chances of obtaining any ind of employment were virtually nil. Sometime later, I got my first check from the SSA, and have gotten them regularly since.
zonibrat on 07/05/2007:
Harold, as stated by others, you have had exceptional luck with time frame - SSDI isn't a cake walk. And the reasoning leaves one to wonder how they arrive at the decisions!
I haven't worked since 2005 due to extreme low vision, no vision & I truly believe the only reason my case was determined in 5 months was due to LTD supplying an attorney on my behalf so the insurance company could decrease,greatly, the monthly payment to me. Then, although my 'lack' of sight is my disability, SSA decided entitlement due to Depression because I had lost functional sight!
God Bless for helping anyone who must apply for the benefits paid into for life. That is a difficult road to go down & the system makes it a nightmare at the worst time possible! I too have always tried to help anyone if at all possible. Cudo's & hat's off to you!!
starlord...obviously, you are a contender but it is sad that you had to fight so long & hard, while I have personal knowledge of SSA just paying out for a claimed dependent long after I reported them for fraud....
Harold-Chief of Helping People on 07/10/2007:
Hello everyone,

There is a lot of truth to what some of you have shared. Remember, when you are dealing with the SSA you are dealing with people who are at different levels of competence and intelligence...some of the workers I fear are on the low end of both scales. One thing I do know is that the average citizen is woefully uprepared to work through the SSA maze and without advocacy and help, some of the types of situations some of you have experienced, occur. Thank you all for sharing your stories with me.
Starlord on 07/12/2007:
When people ask me, I advise them that, in most cases, the SSA denies everyone out of hand. This is to weed out the people who are slavishly conditioned to believe that government people know what they are doing. I tell people to appeal the decision and keep appealing until either they get their benefits or they are denied by the Admin Law Judge, which is the last step. Harold, I wish you the best. It is my experience here in the southwest (including California) that many of the SSA people have trouble with basic English.
Harold-Chief of Helping People on 07/15/2007:
Well over 75% of initial claims are denied the first time someone applies, however there are a couple of things a person can due to reduce the chance of an automatic denial.

(1). Complete the online application or the paper application for benefits completely and correctly. When they send you paperwork to be commpleted, fill the paperwork out properly and return it in a timely fashion.

(2). You secure copies of all of your medical records including your doctor's determination of disability and when you have your face to face intake meeting at the local SSA office have them with you. Give them to the individual you are meeting with to make copies of to be submitted with your paperwork to the Department of Determination Services for the Social Security Administration Office in your region.

(3). Once your application and paperwork has been submitted, follow up by phone with your claims adjustor at the DDS office. Communicate with them personally asking for their help. Remember they are a person like you so share with them your pain and need and ask for their help. If they respond properly and help you let their supervisor know. I can help you with that if you need.

(4). Be sure to keep any appointments that they make for you as far as for consultative evaluations or exams. You must keep these appointments. Failure to do so will affect your claim.

I hope this information helps you.

Thank You.

Harold Cameron
Starlord on 10/05/2007:
Harold, I think you are looking at the SSA through rose-colored glasses. I jumped through all of their hoops, made all the appointments, put up with their bull spit, and still it took three years and an uphill battle to prevail when I was right all along. You seem to think that spending a lot of money on copies and arguing with doctors who feel your records are THEIR property is going to help. HArold, old chum, they have the file, which has every scrap of paper ever generated in your case in one neat file. Why add to the paperwork with more duplicates. I called a Social Security attorney who advertises on television in Arizona. It was a father and son business, where the father claims to be a former SS judge. He was the one who answered the phone, and I said I had filed for benefits and was denied. Before I could say anything else, he stated, then you don't need SSDI and hung up! I ought to call back now that he has retired, and leave a message for his son that I beat the system by myself and his father was a jerk. Mabe he didn't need the business then, but when someone turns to your for help, being rude to them is not good business.
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Getting Social Security Disability
Posted by on
SCRANTON, PENNSYLVANIA -- A couple of years ago I had to help a young man I take care of who is mentally ill file for Social Security Disability Payments. We received the paperwork in the mail and very carefully completed the paperwork and sent it back to the Social Security Administration office. In about a month he saw the Social Security Administration's doctor to determine if he was eligible for payments. The doctor signed off on the paperwork writing that his claim was valid. In about a week I received a letter that he had been approved for his disability payments AND I got a call from someone at the local office in Scranton PA on the following Saturday morning-that's right-Saturday morning informing me that his check was mailed and that he should have it within a week or so. He received his check. Over the past 2 years I have had to work with the Social Security Administration office to resolve various issues with his payments and every single time it has been a wonderfully positive experience. I am extremely pleased at how this agency works with me. (The key to being successful in getting your claim approved is that the paperwork MUST be completed properly, your claim must be valid and confirmed by their doctor, and you must be patient with the process. An attorney is not always needed if the person completing the paperwork does their homework and completes the paperwork properly! And there is no such a thing as an "automatic denial" of your initial claim. If you believe that, then you have bought into the propaganda that members of a certain profession want us to believe!)
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