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Impossible to Deal With and They Stole My Rebate Check
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MADISON, WISCONSIN -- I have to deal with the Madison Wisconsin branch of SSA Office. I have contacted them multiple times, writing them, going in person, calling them, and complying with many different requests that they had of me, and I never got my rebate check. They stole my money and kept giving me the runaround, and I never got my money and explanation or anything else. I am so disgusted with this situation because I was promised the money and instead, they stole it from me.

Filing for and getting SSI
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PENNSYLVANIA -- November 21, 2006 I was declared "significantly disabled" by my doctor and no longer able to work. I compiled all of my medical records and completed the online Social Security disability application for benefits within about one week. About 3 days after completing the application I received a letter from the Social Security Administration office and had an appointment. I met with the gentleman who would be processing my SSI claim and he completed the process for me that day. He informed me it would take up to 6 months to complete the review process.

The Social Security Department of Disability Services in PA received my application on December 7th. One December 22nd they gave my application to an adjuster and next Wednesday, December 27th, I am to call them about the status of my claim and the possibility of "presumptive disability" and receiving an expedited processing of my claim. My experience with the Social Security Administration up to this point has been impressive. Their responsiveness to my application and my questions have been nothing short of amazing. I will let you all know how I make out next week after I speak with the adjuster.

A couple of points about successfully filing for Social Security Benefits: (1). Have a legitimate claim (2). File your claim properly and completely online on the Internet. (3). Have all of your medical reports and records for them when you go to your first meeting. (3). Get the name of the person who is handling your claim and their direct phone number. (4). Follow up with your states DDS Office within 2-3 weeks after your claim has been processed and then follow up with them on a regular basis. Provide the adjustor with any and all new medical information you receive-from new doctors and hospitals only.

(5) Write or fax thank you notes for good service should you receive it. (6). Be patient and don't quit! And-appeal if you are denied your claim. Not all claims are automatically denied. Most claims are denied due to mistakes on filing for the claim or not properly providing medical information needed by the agency.

The excellent service I received from Social Security Administration
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WILKES BARRE, PENNSYLVANIA -- In November 2006 I filed a claim for SSI. I was told it would take at least 6 months to review and make a decision regarding my claim. I followed up with my claims adjustor at our local Disability determination office and worked with her through the process. It took me just 4 months to get my claim reviewed and accepted. I sent a letter to the commission of the SSA and to the Director at the office thanking them for their prompt, professional, and courteous service.

I had one other contact with them regarding a friends claim and they told him it would take up to 14 months to reach a decision concerning his claim. After my call, it took just one day to get his claim issue resolved and he received his first payment within one month. Good people doing a great job at the SSA and I am happy with my results.

Getting Social Security Disability
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SCRANTON, PENNSYLVANIA -- A couple of years ago I had to help a young man I take care of who is mentally ill file for Social Security Disability Payments. We received the paperwork in the mail and very carefully completed the paperwork and sent it back to the Social Security Administration office. In about a month he saw the Social Security Administration's doctor to determine if he was eligible for payments. The doctor signed off on the paperwork writing that his claim was valid.

In about a week I received a letter that he had been approved for his disability payments AND I got a call from someone at the local office in Scranton PA on the following Saturday morning-that's right-Saturday morning informing me that his check was mailed and that he should have it within a week or so. He received his check. Over the past 2 years I have had to work with the Social Security Administration office to resolve various issues with his payments and every single time it has been a wonderfully positive experience.

I am extremely pleased at how this agency works with me. (The key to being successful in getting your claim approved is that the paperwork MUST be completed properly, your claim must be valid and confirmed by their doctor, and you must be patient with the process. An attorney is not always needed if the person completing the paperwork does their homework and completes the paperwork properly! And there is no such a thing as an "automatic denial" of your initial claim. If you believe that, then you have bought into the propaganda that members of a certain profession want us to believe!)

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