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I'll have the #1 with a side of attitude...
Posted by on
FARMINGTON, NEW MEXICO -- My daughter and I just finished coming from a movie, and since she skipped dinner and went swimming earlier, she had quite the appetite. The first place we came across was a Sonic. I was driving my 2002 Chevy Silverado (foreshadowing), and drove past the dine-in area where you can park and eat, and onto the drive-through area. The intercom (order box) is on the backside in the middle of a U-turn. There are yellow pylon-like barriers on the outer edge (passenger side). The barriers leave very little room for any vehicle other than a compact or mid-size. Being in the Silverado, I pulled around the outside of them, as though I was just going to drive through the parking lot. I then checked to make sure no one else was in line or coming anytime soon, and then began to back up to the intercom from the front side.

As soon as I had my truck positioned, a young man (presumably 16+/-) then came over the intercom and asked me to pull all the way around the building, past the pick-up window and all the way around from where I just came from. ???? I asked him what the problem was. I thought for a split second that may be I hadn't tripped their sensor, but then immediately realized that I had to have, or else how was he talking to me, without visual eye contact.

The next response uttered from his mouth nearly floored me. He said because I had backed in, and they don't like people doing that. ???? I said, "Okay, well my truck didn't fit through the U-turn, yada-yada-yada, but I'm here now." Can you still take my order. If his first statement wasn't shocking enough, the next sentence flabbergasted me. He said I STILL needed to pull around because "he saw me back-in". It was as though he was attempting to play a power trip. He physically wanted to see me pull around or else he wasn't going to take my order. ???? I told him that I am sitting at the intercom, regardless of how I arrived there, so would he please take my order.

That's when things got interesting. He snaps, "FINE...WHAT CAN I GET YOU THEN"! I said I would like a #1 (Sonic Burger w/ fries & a medium Dr. Pepper). He began asking mayo, mustard, or ketchup...fries or tots, etc...and cutting me off each time before I could complete my answer. My daughter said, "What's his problem"? I told her I'm not sure, but I've had enough of this conversation and condescending attitude for one night. I asked to speak to his manager. A few seconds later, a very polite woman asked me to pull forward to the window. She was very apologetic and sincere, and asked me to repeat my order. I did and she rang up the transaction very professionally. End of story, right?...WRONG!

This is where things really take off and escalate. A different young woman, about the same age as the young man I dealt with earlier on the intercom, comes to hand us our bag of food (no drink). She slides the window open and literally STARED at my daughter and I for what seemed like an eternity, with the cheesiest smirk I have ever seen in my life. No exaggeration! The look on her face spoke with a sarcastic tone saying, "Go ahead...enjoy the spit." My daughter looked at me and said, "What was that all about?" I said, "Okay, then you saw her expression too. It wasn't just my imagination." I then yelled through the window (not because I was mad, but because they closed it and couldn't hear me), "Excuse me!" The manager slid the window open and asked what else I needed. I said that they hadn't given me my drink. And I also questioned her as to the attitude of the lady that handed the food to us. She asked what I was talking about. My daughter and I both explained the sneer and smirk she had given us. Again, the manager apologized. She was very professional. As she was talking and apologizing to us, another crew member (thuggish looking) was peering through the window over the manager's shoulder. I asked her what his problem was, and that I didn't need an audience and didn't appreciate the intimidating feeling my daughter was beginning to have. I could tell by her body language that she was getting extremely uncomfortable. The manager then asked me to calm down. I politely told her I was very calm, that it was in fact the rest of her crew that needed to calm down.

I asked for the store #, along with the General Manager's phone number. Being that it was pretty late, I'll have no choice but to visit in the morning. It comes as no great surprise to any of the regular members on this site just how much I eat out at fast food restaurants. Let me tell you...I WILL NEVER EAT AT THIS LOCATION AGAIN. Somethings I can let slide, while others I cannot. This is falling under the latter of the two. I will contact the General Manager tomorrow, and if I don't feel an acceptable resolution and apology has been made to my daughter and I, I will take it a step further and go to corporate. I will keep you updated for those that are reading this review.

P.S.-The manager on-shift that night (sorry I didn't catch her name) was EXTREMELY professional in dealing with me as a customer. It was the other three employees that have no business whatsoever in the customer service industry.

FYI...I drove down the street, ordered McDonald's and threw the bag of Sonic in the trash. We both looked at each other and were FULLY convinced they spit in it or something worse.
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Alain on 2011-07-31:
I'd talk to the general manager and/or franchise manager and I'd also tell corporate about it, as well. That's bordering on criminal behaviour, particularly the one who implied that they'd spit in the drink. Let me know what sort of response you get from the GM. I'm hoping they fire the crew members involved in this. Oh, good and interesting review, too.
jktshff1 on 2011-07-31:
Good review,,,did ya have to pay at the Sonic?
Venice09 on 2011-07-31:
I was thinking the same thing, jkt. If I suspected foul play, I would not have paid or taken the food.
madconsumer on 2011-07-31:
great review.

very helpful!

one more reason to avoid sonic.
Anonymous on 2011-07-31:
I would have left at the first sign of attitude at the intercom because no matter what happened after that the food would have left a bad taste in my mouth.
trmn8r on 2011-07-31:
The moral of the story is don't take a large truck through the Sonic drive-through. That's where this meal went sour.

That's the only things that makes sense, unless this Sonic is in situated in the Twilight Zone, or only hires thugs and D-movie actors with cheesy smiles.
Churro on 2011-07-31:
You and Drive-through's J4A. Like oil and water. I'll pass this along to the ex at Sonic Corp. I'll be interested to see if they remember you at this Sonic.

Interesting review.
DebtorBasher on 2011-07-31:
These big shots in their big cars wanting special attention all the time !!! Where's the Justice 4 ALL????

Just kiddin'....
I'd have to say, I would have done the same, but I would have refused the order at that time and asked for my money back...yeah, there was some extras on that sammie intended for you!
MRM on 2011-07-31:
Wheres the ending to this saga? You were convinced that they spit in your food that you should have asked for a refund for spitting in your food and for unsatisfactory customer service.
GenuineNerd on 2011-07-31:
Once I went to a Sonic with a full size van, in the dine-in area, and it was a tight squeeze-I nearly scraped the passenger side of the van when I pulled in to order. Sonic could make their parking and drive-through areas a tad wider, to accommodate those with larger or wider vehicles, such as large SUV's, as well as full-sized pickup trucks and vans.
Anonymous on 2011-07-31:
Just another reason why I don't go to Sonic. The food's not that great anyway
Slimster on 2011-07-31:
Ran into the same kind of thing at a drive through with my old Dakota. Seems some punks just don't like us geezers in our old beater trucks.
Anonymous on 2011-07-31:
The situation could've been handled differently from both parties involved. In my eyes, the instigation was the power trip of the youngster asking a customer to pull around again, even though I was already in place (regardless of how I arrived at that position), for no other reason than to humiliate me.
Anonymous on 2011-07-31:
Since my daughter is 15 and nearing an age where she will someday soon be experiencing these situations on her own, I asked her how she would've handled it. She echoed Ript's sentiment by saying as soon as the employee on the intercom gave her the slightest hint of an attitude, she would have drove off and taken her business elsewhere. *Good head on her shoulders*
Anonymous on 2011-07-31:
Resolution: I called the manager this afternoon, and relayed the details of my visit. She apologized and placed my original order in their system so that it will be ready and paid for whenever I decide to visit again, since mg daughter wasn't currently hungry for it. She also offered to review last night's schedule to ensure the necessary disciplinary actions will be taken. I didn't ask for free food or any other type of compensation, vouchers, etc...I only asked to be treated politely as a paying customer.
MRM on 2011-07-31:
Hip Hip Hooray!
MRM on 2011-07-31:
If you come back to that location again, I'm sure rumors will begin going around at that Sonic and they'll spit in your food again. I wouldn't come back.
Anonymous on 2011-07-31:
MRM> That was my initial thought as well, but the manager said she was putting it in the system as though I was an everyday customer who just received a mixed up order, in order to keep from raising a flag.
Anonymous on 2011-07-31:
I've received the same treatment at fast food joints and generally speaking its a late evening/night crew. During the day there usually isn't an issue. I don't know if its a coincidence or not... Good review!
Alain on 2011-08-01:
Good to hear the manager worked with you, J4A! I still hope they fire those involved.
MRM on 2011-08-01:
Hey Hey, somebody voted my comment helpful! Much love to you, too!
MRM on 2011-08-01:
Its got to be Alain that voted my comment helpful! Thank you! Thank you!
Anonymous on 2011-08-01:
Who puts an intercom box on a U-Turn?? Sounds like Sonic is discriminating against anyone that dares to drive anything bigger than a Smart Car. If I was the OP, I'd have done what I was told and circled back around, and then when my 2002 Silverado got scratched/dented I would have proceeded to file suit against Sonic for the mental anguish and the damage to my truck.
Churro on 2011-08-01:
OR the OP could have merely pulled into one of the many spacious stalls and chilled to the sweet sounds of sonic radio while waiting for a cute carhop to deliver the goods. That's the best way to enjoy Sonic, America's Drive-in.
Anonymous on 2011-08-01:
Why should the OP have to pull into one of the many spacious stalls? It's not like the OP was trying to drive a big rig through it. Sonic needs to think about these things before they make such stupidly designed drive thrus.
Churro on 2011-08-01:
JC, I challenge you to check out this sonic on in the bird's eye view. Then come back and tell me that this drive-through is designed for smart cars. No offense to the OP but that's one luxurious drive-through I'll tell ya what.
Anonymous on 2011-08-01:
Hmmmm....based on that picture, I am really puzzled now. I mean this really makes it look like the Sonic employee had a valid point...I mean that drive through looks like you could drive a big rig through it!
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Sonic Not-so-Special $5.95
Posted by on
BUFORD/FLOWERY BRANCH/BRASELTON, GEORGIA -- Sonic Not-so-Special 5 for $5.95

Funny thing how advertising works for this company. Most days I pass through Sonic (which avgs 3 times a week) they have signs posted on their marquee and around the Drive-through and the Drive up window with their “5 for $5.95 Tuesday special”. Of course, today is Tuesday so I head over to get their advertised special. Upon arrival, I look for the signage to confirm I’ve come on the correct day. Not a single sign in sight anywhere on the premise.

With the employee coming over the intercom asking for my order I stated “ Is today the 5 for $5.95 special ??” the reply was “What would you like on your burgers?”. Again I asked, “is this the day for the 5 for $5.95 special”. The reply this time was ”yes, would you like cheese on your burgers?”. My reply followed as ”I’d like whatever comes on them with the $5.95 special”. Their reply was “you can get them any way you want”. I replied “OK, however them come. I’d also like .. (Drinks and tots)”. They told me the total cost and said to pull to the window.

I paid the amount told to me $17.56 Took my food and headed home. Once home, I decided to look over the receipt to confirm the $5.95 special. The receipt reads as follows:
5 ALL CB $14.95 (burgers)
1 LG TT 1.99
1 XL SLUSH 1.99
1 XL SLUSH 1.99
1 XL SLUSH 1.99
5 5 FOR 5.95 -6.50
ST 16.41
TX 1.15
TOTAL 17.56

So.. Doing a little math $14.95 – 6.50 = $8.45 funny, that’s NOT $5.95

Next step… called the store asked for the manager. The gentleman on the phone says “speaking”… I asked “Is this the manager?” The reply “Yes”. I asked “what is your name?” His reply “Scotty”.
I proceeded to explain: “I just went through the Drive-through, and asked for the $5.95 special. The receipt says they charged $14.95 then gave a credit of $6.50… that means they charged me $8.95 for my $5.95 special.” His reply “It’s extra for the cheese”. My response “I asked for the $5.95 special, they asked if I wanted cheese, I said I’ll take whatever comes on them for the $5.95 special. I never did say I wanted cheese”. His response “Well, we make the burgers individually to whatever you want”. I responded “ I told the order taker 3 times, whatever comes on the $5.95 special”.

He finally said “I’m sorry for YOUR confusion. The cheese is 40 cents extra per burger. I can put your name in our book for a credit for the cheese on your next visit. If you give me your name, I’ll credit you with a $2 coupon”. I accepted his offer at face value and gave my name…. conversation ended.

But then after hanging up.. it hit me.. $8.45 - $2.00 = $6.45 Still NOT $5.95… I’m still screwed.

So, I call back the store. Scotty answers. I stated “I just called a minute ago about the $5.95 special issue… are you the location manager or shift manager?” His reply “I’m the assistant manager” I then asked for the store location number (5756 Spout Springs Road) and the general managers name (Mia Parks). Told him I’d be contacting the general manager, the district manager, corporate headquarters… and that I’d be posting this anywhere & everywhere I can on the internet.

One other thing I’ve been pondering… is their special for slush Drinks. Seems they have afternoon half price specials. I’ve noticed they seem to charge a “surcharge” of 20 cents for the flavor on these Drinks. If I get this right, with the price and surcharge, that comes to more than half price.

Does anyone besides me see deceptive advertising and practices here ??? Any legal eagles want to file a class action suit to get their attention ??

Maybe the greed for profits has skewed the focus of management, but considering a similar issue has occurred in my past with this company, it seems to be a business plan in place to accomplish this deception.

Advertising, discounts and specials…. Used to bring in new customers, used to give a value to existing loyal customers, used to bring in revenue and interest in otherwise slow time periods for the business. So much for good rapport with your customer base Sonic !!

So, if you’re tired of being taken Advantage of… or if you’ve had the same discourteous schemes played out against you, feel free to write me with your stories, and I’ll gladly post them on every board I come across that I can post on.

Buford, GA
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User Replies:
Anonymous on 2009-06-30:
So they have bad food AND bad math.
Mario The Great on 2009-06-30:
Needs to be changed from a COMPLIMENT to a COMPLAINT - and I think their food is decent. Although.....there is a $0.10 charge for a STRAW on the 1/2 off drinks....Those $%^&$#%^!
skelly39 on 2009-07-01:
Do you realize how much time you wasted for 50 cents? So you got an idiot for an employee who didn't know what he or she was talking about. The manager tried to make it right but you didn't like it, so you called him back and then wrote a two page post on here.
Just don't go back there. Takes less time than going through all this for some change.
i_am_canadian on 2009-07-18:
You sound obnoxious and arrogant, the type of person every customer service employee dreads dealing with. I'm sure they won't miss you.
toby1917 on 2011-10-04:
I created an account on this site solely for the purpose to tell you that you most certainly have consumed saliva in many dinners.
Merddyn on 2011-12-27:
Um... That 50 cents you raised such a fuss about is the sales tax. For example, the sales tax in Texas is 8.25%. In other words, for every dollar, add 8.25 cents to that. Let's say it's $6 even, just for the sake of simplicity. 8 * 6 = 48, .25 * 6 is 1.5
Janice on 2013-05-14:
I just ordered this at our local Sonic and they tried to charge me nearly 20% sales tax. When I questioned this, my order took about 25 minutes to get to me, upon which, they charged me the correct price. Some people may not care about 50 cents, but we already live in a world where we are nickel and dimed. Give me a break!
Hmmm... on 2013-09-05:
I understand, my kids and husband love Sonic, I could easily live w/o it. We have 6 Sonics here in our town and I've only found 1 that's decent for my liking. I've experienced poor/rude service, people just not trained properly, and many that just don't give a crap (including managers). Let's face it, a lot of our youth these days have lost what businesses used to pride themselves in. My great-grandpa used to own a grocery store and customer service was #1. He would have gone out of business if he acted like that, not to mention looking like a jackass.
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.99 Sundae rip off at Sonic
Posted by on
BRISTOL, VA -- Ordering the. 99 Sundae... the nerve .. I go with my family order 4. 99 Sundaes after asking to confirm they are. 99. The Sundaes are brought to me and am told the charge is $6.00 I asked how that is if 4 X. 99 = $3.96 the reply was well thy are normally $2.19 you still arte getting a deal -- then I asked for a manager who came out and argued with me in front of my family so the ticket reads subtotal = $5.36 and the Tax = $.64 is a Bristol, VA Sonic off Exit #7.. I paid and called the Corp # and was told that they were sorry this happened and for my experience but no attempt to make it right... Don't go here is my suggestion... go get the sundaes else where
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User Replies:
BEJ on 2010-07-08:
Did you have to make an additional purchase to get the 99 cent price such as a sandwich and drink. Just wondering at the discrepancy.
Anonymous on 2010-07-08:
"go get the sundaes else where"

yeah like a real ice cream spot....
Venice09 on 2010-07-08:
From the website:

From Memorial Day through Labor Day, Sonic Drive In will be offering 99 cent Sundaes from 8pm to closing!

The receipt says 9:37 p.m. Other than the time, there are no restrictions. If you asked for the ninety-nine cent sundaes, that's what you should have received and paid for.

Venice09 on 2010-07-08:
I take it back. That info is not from Sonic's website, but it is listed on many other sites. Maybe that's the problem.
momsey on 2010-07-08:
It doesn't make sense since the receipt says "sundae .99" right on it, yet you didn't get them for 99 cents.
yoke on 2010-07-08:
What a rip off. I wonder how many other people they ripped off doing this. It is sad that they would not do the right thing.
Venice09 on 2010-07-08:
That whole receipt doesn't make any sense. It really is a rip-off.
Anonymous on 2010-07-08:
Sonic seems to do this type of thing a lot. I found their food to be bad so I just don't go there.
bitten once on 2010-07-08:
I bought 2 order's from them about 6 months ago.I was supposed to have got a free tater-tot with each order.when I got home 22 miles away only 1 tater-tot.I have not been back.I did call and was told they would give me a replacement tater-tot if I came back to get it. yea! right 44 miles there and back for a $1.00 item.they can keep their food,I'LL buy elsewhere.
grandma005 on 2010-07-08:
He received ,99 cents off of each sundae. Was that the deal? Four sundaes at $8.76 minus $3.40 equals $5.36.
Helpful on 2010-07-08:
I agree with the others. The scan of the receipt is what makes it so clad. Sonic should make it right even though it's such a small amount.
biomajor on 2010-07-08:
That Cherry Lime-Ade looks good!! You should call corporate. Sounds (and Looks) like their computers are wrong and they should fix them.
Anonymous on 2010-07-08:
It IS good!
biomajor on 2010-07-08:
It's 12:30 PM here, it's almost time for Happy Hour LOL I think I need one :)
Anonymous on 2010-07-08:
In this particular case, they are not selling sundaes at $.99-ea, but instead selling them at regular price and discounting each at $.99, which is NOT the correct way to ring the order up. VALID COMPLAINT!
biomajor on 2010-07-08:
They aren't even discounting it 99 cents...That would be $3.96. I also don't want to live there. That tax rate is HIGH!!!! It's like 12% That is outrageous!
goduke on 2010-07-08:
That's just wrong. Maybe Virginia uses a different math system thant he rest of us.
FlShopper on 2010-07-08:
Was the manager able to explain the figures on the receipt? I've read it several time and I still don't understand what they did.
Slimjim on 2010-07-08:
This creative math may be unique to this location. I think if I had the time and desire in your shoes, I may just send a complaint to the FTC and/or Virginia Attorney General along with this receipt.
Anonymous on 2010-07-08:
wow. that's messed up.
My wife and I have been to our local Sonic 3 times for the $.99 sundae after 8 and each time it's been $.99 plus tax for each one.
Personally, I would have just not taken the food and left.
oldisgood on 2010-07-09:
On the receipt it states 4 @ 99 is -$3.40. According to my math that is only 85 cents each off the price. Also the promo says 99cents each NOT 99 cents off. Nothing on the bill makes sense. I would have refused to pay and if I didn't get the sundaes for the correct price of $3.96 plus tax, I would have left. I wonder how many people don't even notice charges like this. I watch the bills all the time but my husband just pays what anyone says and doesn't even think about it. I guess the public is to blame for being complacent.
JanWhitebear on 2010-07-13:
My grandson has been twice to the Sonic for this "night time" Sunday. Both times, they tell him they do not serve ice cream at night! WTF!???

Also, according to my calculations here, they are REALLY short changing you! I'm going to have my grandson go elsewhere from now on. Screw SONIC!!!
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Poor Customer Service
Posted by on
HOUSTON, TEXAS -- I have been to this particular Sonic drive in several times and each time I am met with poor customer's services ranging from delay of orders, others lanes served first even though they came later, to refusing to have manager speak to customer for specific complaints at time of service. This Sonic located on Hillcroft street, in Houston, Texas 77036 by the 59 Freeway. The most recent incident occurred on May 25, 2008 about 3 pm. I placed 4 drink orders ( tea and sonic blast ). Waited and waited, then I saw the next lane gotten his order even though he came later. I pushed the Red order button and waited, finally a lady ask what is my order after I make her aware of my concern. She then asked what is my order?? Duh, shouldn't that be on there screen, my car hasn't moved from the stall. More waiting time for another 5 minutes, car hop brought the drink orders, no telling which container for what flavor, unlabeled. I told her I waited a long time for the order and asked to speak to the manager. This unseasoned teenager dropped all my sugar packets on the ground and asked that I pay for the order and slapped the change on my hand. She told me the delay was because my order involved ice-cream and it take a long time. I asked her does that mean they have to milk the cow first!!!

What a bogus bucket full of ????. I told her I need to speak with the manager and she told me she is busy and walked off. I pushed the Red button and another person came on and told her I will need to speak with the manager, I was told I need to wait because WE are BUSY. I waited and waited with no response and I pushed the Red button again , the person told WE are BUSY and tell me "GOOD-BYE". I am furious at this point with such poor attitude from the car hop to the so call manager through the intercom. I drove around the drive through lane and parked, walk up to the front door and asked to have manager to speak to me. I waited another 10 minutes while their car hops go in and out of their door.

Finally, a lady came out and told me they are busy and not much they can do at this point. I told her I have a simple order of 2 drinks ( tea ) and 2 sonic icream blast ( which she admit only take less than 5 minutes to make ), yet, I waited more than 15 minutes for the order while others gotten theres. Again, she brushed me off simply because "WE are BUSY". I wanted to know her name and asked her several times and she walked back into the store seems unconcerned. I would like to know from the franchise owner a full explanation, and how does he want to have customer return to his business.
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User Replies:
jktshff1 on 2008-05-26:
Good explanation of your problems. So, why do you keep going back?
Anonymous on 2008-05-26:

DebtorBasher on 2008-05-26:
You OK, Steve??? LOL!
Anonymous on 2008-05-26:
I think so.I think I'm dreaming because its Memorial Day,and I'm at work.The weather sucks,as it has all weekend.And I hate Sonic food
DebtorBasher on 2008-05-26:
We had a nice little thrundershower early this morning...but now it's all sunny and 65 degrees!
Anonymous on 2008-05-26:
I'm wearing pants!!!!!! I never wear pants in May!! lol
DebtorBasher on 2008-05-26:
We had a nice little thrundershower early this morning...but now it's all sunny and 65 degrees!
DebtorBasher on 2008-05-26:
What's the temp there, Steve?
DebtorBasher on 2008-05-26:
And don't you DARE say it's DOWN in the 70's...because if you do, I'll have to smack your behind!
Anonymous on 2008-05-26:
53 degrees,cloudy,a little windy.Its supposed to be in the 70's later according to
DebtorBasher on 2008-05-26:
53 is perfect...that's what we had last week.
You need to toughen up ... you wuss!
DebtorBasher on 2008-05-26:
Steve, did you check out that video I IM'd to you?
DigitalCommando on 2008-05-26:
DB, don't forget that steves work computer is powered by ephedrine soaked chipmunks that has 1 meg of ram and a green monitor!
DebtorBasher on 2008-05-26:
Oh..I thought that was MRM's computer!
Anonymous on 2008-05-26:
the shark tow-surfing one? Yeah I liked it.

DC,My work computer is powered by sticky California green buds,and
DebtorBasher on 2008-05-26:
YUmmmmmmmmmmm Funyons!
DebtorBasher on 2008-05-26:
YUmmmmmmmmmmm Funyons!
DigitalCommando on 2008-05-26:
Now who would want to drink a budweiser that was sticky and green? **wink**
Anonymous on 2008-05-26:
what's with all of the double posting around here lately?

DebtorBasher on 2008-05-26:
You're just seeing double again, more beer for you!
Anonymous on 2008-05-26:
I haven't had a beer in weeks......OK days
Ponie on 2008-05-26:
Why do we have so many of these complaints whereby the poster has been to a certain location 'in many times.' receives 'poor customer's services,' but they keep returning?

raywong, during all the time you wasted demanding to speak to a manager about how long it took to get your order, you could have been home plopped in front of the TV to watch the rest of the Indy 500 and enjoying your drinks. They were obviously busy--couldn't you get the hint?
SakruaZen on 2008-10-11:
While I agree with you that the Carhop treated you poorly, what you were told about ice cream is correct. I'm going to go ahead and assume that you showed up during "Happy Hour" to get your drinks, while they were obviously busy. If you order ice cream, the blasts in particular, you're going to have to expect a wait. Sorry, they may be called "Sonic" but there are humans working in there. Sonic's are outfitted with 2 blenders in a very small work station. At most one person can fit in there to make -all- of the ice cream. As is the nature of ice cream, it melts, it can only be made to order. The blasts are complicated and messy to make, so have a little patience. Of course the guy with a coke and a couple slushes is going to get his order first.
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Gift Cards from Sonic are a gift to Sonic
Posted by on
SAN ANTONIO, TEXAS -- OMG! I wish I had read this site before purchasing two gift cards on 12/15. They were stocking stuffers and I ended up only giving out one. However, I thought I would just use the left over one on 12/31. It had never been out of my purse, yet $0.00 balance. I don't have a receipt because of some issue inside. I had waited a long time for the food and the gift cards. The girl brought out the food and I didn't wait for them to figure out what was going on. Well, not a good move on my part. However, I read other complaints that said it didn't matter. Receipt or no, there was nothing Sonic would do. So, I sent an email. I tried to call. All I can do now is let everyone know what happened. I am in a car pool that stops at Sonic every day. I'm so going to stop that. I am done with them. It is all I can do at this point.

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User Replies:
At Your Service on 2012-01-01:
This is where a receipt is important. Without it, they cards could have been had without any payment or balance on them.
Anna Molly on 2012-01-01:
Was the gift card you gave out able to be used?
At Your Service on 2012-01-01:
Good point Anna Molly. Is it possible that the full amount was placed on only one card?
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You Would Have Thought I Was Asking For The Moon!!!!
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I stop in one of three Sonic drive inns per day. I always get a large route 44 drink. Usually sweet tea to drink. Once a car hop told me I was allowed a refill if I wanted. So I said okay. Today 2-26-11 I went to another Sonic and when half way through, I asked for a refill. They were like...'We don't give refills.....We can sell you another drink". So I said, "No, that's okay...I will go to the other Sonic where I have gotten one before".

People, I usually tip $3.00 on a $5.00 it is not like I am asking for too much..I go there daily for Pete's sake.!!!

By the way, I get my refills at Sonic Nolensville, Tn. And Smyrna, Tn. No refills at Almaville rd. Sonic in Smyrna.
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Ytropious on 2011-02-27:
Does it say free refills? The one who gave you it for free was probably doing so to get a tip. She will probably be fired if the company finds out. I used to work at Chuck E Cheese and it was common place for certain hostesses to give their parties free stuff in hopes of getting a larger tip. Once management found out they were all promptly fired. If it is not company policy to give free refills then you can't honestly blame the store for not giving it to you. If one franchise does it, that's their business.
Anonymous on 2011-02-27:
Cmon, if Sonic wants to compete with other fast food restaurants, they need to offer free refills. I thought free refills at fast food joints was standard.
Ytropious on 2011-02-27:
It depends, a lot of places charge a discounted rate for refills, some have free refills, some have no refills.
The_Jeecheroo on 2011-02-27:
Seeing that Sonic is typically a "to go" fast food joint, I can see why they probably aren't too keen about serving free refills. They're trying to serve multiple drive-ins and it disrupts the workers when people keep going up to the window to ask for refills, for one.
trmn8r on 2011-02-27:
It is not legitimate for them to give you refills, if the policy is "no refills", because you give them a good tip. The tip is immaterial. You need to find out the policy at each location - it is possible that they are different, or it is possible someone is giving you something you aren't supposed to be getting.
Anonymous on 2011-02-27:
Am I reading this right? That drink costs $5.00 and no refills? That is a rip off.
Ben There on 2011-02-27:
Were you actually dining at the restaurant, or did you go back to the drive through for your drink refill?
ticia232 on 2011-02-27:
You expected a free refill from another location??? Just because one store does it for you, does not mean a DIFFERENT one will. If you went to Sonic in another state would expect a free refill because your favorite Sonic does?
Skye on 2011-02-27:
I've never been to one that does offer free refills, but I've heard some do, depending on the location.
Anonymous on 2011-02-27:
Although not advertised it is Sonic's (America's Drive-In) policy to offer free refils for those who purchased the drink on the current visit. At least that's Sonic's (America's Drive-In) Corp position.

I'm going to pass along this review to the proper sonic (America's Drive-In) 'authorities' so the store in question can better educate their employees.

Good review.
mrnmrsweibel on 2011-02-28:
I am confused here. Did you get the first drink at the same time and just wanted more? Or did you get the drink the day before and think you were going to get a refill the next day? As far as I know free refills only apply to the same day/same order transaction. You shouldn't really expect to buy a drink in the morning and go in later in the day and refill it for free either.
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Tip if you eat out...
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DALLAS, TEXAS -- Mimi C. Says: Your comment is awaiting moderation.
May 19th, 2009 at 8:51 am
Greed abounds. The federal government says that “tipped” employees (even if it isn’t done by many of you very often) do not have to be paid minimum wage. Here in Texas, most Sonics pay 3.13 to carhops. And most of you think that Sonic employees don’t deserve to be tipped? You wonder why you get bad service? Try tipping. You see, McDonald’s, Hardee’s, etc. don’t have a tradition of tipping, and consequently, they DO receive the hardly adequate minimum wage. The employer takes advantage of the law, and though they know that Sonic canceled credit card tips on their new machines, they take advantage of the car hop and lower the wage, knowing many days they don’t make this minimum wage. We believe that Sonic canceled the credit card option to prevent theft, which does occur EVERYWHERE….but the solution is not to cancel the credit card tip option. You prosecute the thief. People steal everywhere. What if a clothing store shut down because they wanted to control theft. Stupid, huh? Sonic needs to bring back credit card tips, which would improve service, believe me. What kind of employees are going to stay working at Sonic for 3.13 an hour (that’s all most servers in restaurants get also). It is hot outside, and with everyone running their vehicles incessantly (why?) you can’t believe the heat. Sonic is quite a bit more difficult than you would think, that is if you do it right. Ever tried skating serving food? The other aspect to good service is a good manager. Carhops don’t have control over a poorly run store, where the manager under-hires to put more money in his pocket. You love Sonic? I do too, and was one of their top employees, but won’t go back unless they change the credit card status. I’m one of the best (been tipped 100. dollar bills, believe it or not) but now am only worth 3.13? Customers, stop taking advantage of this credit card situation, and TIP, in cash or don’t eat there. Call the company to re-engage the credit card situation to get back all of us good employees (years of experience). Your phone calls will work, eventually, and then, you will get great service at many Sonics again. Until then, stay away. Nobody wants to do their best if they are only getting this little amount. Remember, you don’t have to tip if the service is not adequate. Running in and outside is very different from working in air conditioning. Sometimes, it is almost unbearable.
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Anonymous on 2009-05-19:
"Mimi C. Says: Your comment is awaiting moderation."

ummmm did we C&P this from another website? Who is Mimi C?
Anonymous on 2009-05-19:
Interesting review. Based on what you wrote, it seems you need to direct your concerns solely to Sonic itself. If they took the tip option away from cc/debit purchases to control fraud, my question would be who was committing the fraud? Employees?

Sounds like Sonic needs to find a better solution, continuing to pay less than min wage, but removing the tip option from cc/debit transactions may get them in some hot water if employees were to pursue this further. You get screwed on tips and they can continue to pay you crap wages.
Anonymous on 2009-05-19:
It's Sonic policy that carhops are to be paid at least the prevailing state/federal minimum wage. If you know of a Sonic that is not adhering to this policy report them to corporate.

Sonic, America Drive In!
goduke on 2009-05-19:
When I lived down in Tejas, tipping at Sonic was one of those weird things. How much to you actually tip the person who brings you a bag a of food? They don't take the order...the person through the speaker does. They don't clean up, they've given you a bag of food and you either take it home in the car, or you get out of your car and throw it away yourself. Basically, it's saying I should also tip the person at the fast food counter who puts the food on a tray.

Sorry that Sonic uses the tip thing to pay low wages. Here's an someplace else.

Still...I do miss sonic burgers and frito chili pie. And cherry limeades.
Slimjim on 2009-05-19:
I have to agree with JBC. It sounds like Sonic is aware and somewhat responsible in the fact that their carhops aren't tipped well, yet continue to avoid raising their earnings to balance the situation. From an outsider, my reaction is if the job isn't paying enough, quit it. If the carhops did this across the board, then the consideration would have to be looked at by management. If on the other hand, no one seems to leave those positions when the day is done, I would guess the hourly/tip combination isn't really as bad as you are making it out.
Anonymous on 2009-05-19:
I tried to roller skate in a buffalo herd once.
Roger Miller was right. You can't.
DebtorBasher on 2009-05-19:
Did you ever try to change film with a kid on your back?
Anonymous on 2009-05-19:
I stand corrected. Sonic recently changed their policy. Good grief Cliff are you that hard up for a few extra bucks. What a slime bag.
Anonymous on 2009-05-19:
No. But I did take a shower in a parakeet cage.
DebtorBasher on 2009-05-19:
I bet it kept falling off the little stumpy perch.
Anonymous on 2009-05-19:
I do not understand. :)
Ponie on 2009-05-19:
I really don't see the problem here. People are going to tip, or not tip, no matter the method provided. Look on the bright side. If the tips are in cash, no way the IRS can trace it.
Anonymous on 2009-05-19:
I got a brand new pair of got a brand new key......
DebtorBasher on 2009-05-19:
I think that we should get together and try them out and see.
Anonymous on 2009-05-19:
*cheers basher* I didn't think anyone would get it, since I was showing my age!
DebtorBasher on 2009-05-19:
I only know that song from listening to my Much Older Brother's favorite radio station....LOL!

Oh...and that's 'Basher' with a capital "B"...LOL!
Anonymous on 2009-05-19:
*apologizes to BBBBBBasher* LOL
DebtorBasher on 2009-05-19:
There ya go! :)
Starlord on 2009-05-19:
That song always sounded to me like the singer had been huffing helium.
DebtorBasher on 2009-05-19:
My Brother still complains whenever that song comes on.
Anonymous on 2009-05-19:
LOL. yeah think she was a one-hit wonder, Melanie or something like that. Song stuck with me for days every time it was played, still does now. cheesy, but cathcy.
cspringer on 2011-10-18:
OK first of all... I have no clue what government you're under but tipped employees do have to make minimum should receive a periodic check that pays you the difference if you are not making minimum...if you aren't receiving that check then I suggest you get proactive and either talk to someone about it higher up,like way higher up, or get a new job, because putting a complaint on here isn't going to get you minimum wage.
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It would kill them to get an order right.
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COLUMBIA, SOUTH CAROLINA -- Tonight's the second time a Sonic restaurant has gotten my order horrendously wrong. The first time was when I ordered a #5, tots and root beer at the one near my workplace. Now, I walked there, and I'm sitting in the little table area. Apparently, they must have given my order off to someone else. I waited for 10 minutes and got rather impatient, so I asked one of the people there to check on my order for me.

I told him exactly what I ordered, a #5 with -large- tots and a -large- root beer. Instead, I got a #5 with small fries and a root beer with no ice. The receipt stated that whoever ordered this didn't even get root beer, no, they got a sprite, and I never said "no ice" either. I was already running a little late getting back from lunch so I didn't want to wait God knows how long just to get my order straightened out. I have to think, how the hell does someone who ordered fries and a sprite with no ice walk off with root beer WITH ice and tots?

Second time (tonight), I ordered a #5 and a peanut butter shake, pretty simple right? Well, apparently not, again the only thing right with the order was the burger. The shake tasted like either caramel or butterscotch, two flavors I absolutely cannot stand in, on, or around ice cream, or even by themselves for that matter. I didn't check the shake until I got home, so at that point I didn't feel like wasting more money in gas driving back to get it corrected (assuming they even would) so I just chucked the shake in the garbage can.

How do you screw up a milkshake? I mean seriously, you should be able to tell the difference between peanut butter and caramel, or whatever the hell was put in my shake. Here's some food for thought, what if I was allergic to peanuts and ordered a caramel shake? Then I'd be too busy rushing to the hospital to get a refund.

Thanks a lot, Sonic. I'm never eating at Sonics again. These two incidents happened at two different locations, the only two Sonic restaurants in my town, so I don't have a "third option" anyway. Try hiring some people that can get the order right, seriously.
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User Replies:
madconsumer on 2008-09-01:
I have not had this happen when I have gone. my orders were taken promptly and accurately.
tnchuck100 on 2008-09-01:
madconsumer, the fact you have not had a problem is not relevant to the posters experience. *roll eyes*
MRM on 2008-09-01:
Chuck, its every man for himself, unfortunately.
Anonymous on 2008-09-01:
I hope there is another Sonic nearby, so the OP can continue to enjoy their food and get the right order. Excellent point about the peanut allergy and concerns about messed up orders.
DigitalCommando on 2008-09-01:
What is with these people who feel the need to sit down and write a letter about wrong food orders. While I realize that these life altering abominations are worthy of a face to face with the store manager, what value are they to the mass consumer market? Armed with this newfound knowledge, do we March down to Sonic and place our order and say "Don't you DARE treat me like mastakev86 because I won't tolerate it like he did!" thus warding off Satan's order confusing demons? Get a life.
Anonymous on 2008-09-01:
It might have something to do with spending around $10 on burgers, tots, and a shake and not getting what you ordered...twice. I dunno, DC, I ain't wealthy enough to burn $20 on food I didn't want. ;-)
DigitalCommando on 2008-09-01:
Doc, people with peanut alergies can't eat at any restaurant which serves a peanut based product at all. I guess they could take a chance, but a customer of mine has it and she won't go anywhere and eat where she knows up front that peaanut products are used due to cross contamination possibilities, it's just too dangerous of a risk and I'm pretty sure that most peanut allergy sufferers do the same. Any m3c members have it?
Anonymous on 2008-09-01:
Quite true DC!! As I read the OP, I found myself wondering how Sonic makes it's peanut butter shakes...same machine? Some people have such severe reactions to peanuts, that the odor of an open sack of in-flight peanuts triggered an allergic reaction. Even a few cc's of peanut flavoring in a chocolate shake could be lethal to an allergic person. Scarey!
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Overcharging And No Resolution A Month Later!!!
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HOUSTON, TEXAS -- I ordered and PAID with a gift card (not Sonics) but when my order was brought I was told they just needed to see my card and no additional charges would be made (dumb I know). When I checked my card the next day I saw two charges from Sonics ... my original and another LARGER price. I called corporate and filed a report and told someone would follow up with me. That was LAST MONTH!!!

I called back after about a week and my contact info was confirmed and I was told they were sorry and someone would get back with me. Didn't happen.

I called back the FOLLOWING week again! Same thing... confirm my contact info and said sorry someone would get back with me. I told them I would be filing with the BBB and would contact the local one myself to see if it would help expedite things. The manager wanted to know if I had the copies of the two original receipts. I told him no I didn't keep my first receipt and if I had received a second receipt I would have resolved it then. I told him I could provide a copy of my statement showing the two DIFFERENT charges on the same day and location, etc. I took time out of my day and drove over there to turn it in and was told he would match my statement to the customer receipts from that day and would get back with me. Again didn't happen.

Contacted the local Sonic drive in where the overcharging took place today and spoke to the manager again. He stated they had no RECORD of the two charges being made on that date. I interpreted that to mean I was being called a LIAR. He said he called Treasury and that he would let me know what they found out. I then proceeded to call Corporate again and tell them I wanted this resolved by this Wednesday seeing as it had been a MONTH already and nothing has been resolved!!!

If it a $1 or 2 I wouldn't make a big deal about it. But it wasn’t!!!! Plus the treatment I have received since then have just made me more upset over this whole issue which is why I want it resolved along with an APOLOGY at this point.

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They messed it up yet again
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LAFAYEETE, LOUISIANA -- What happened to me today is only the straw that broke the camel's back. I used to go to the Sonic on Johnston St. in Maurice (city right next to Lafayette), LA at lest 2 times a week. Lately, I haven't been going because they can never get my order right. If I ask for mustard, they put mayo instead. If I ask for mayo, they put mustard instead. If I ask for jalapeños, they double my pickles. If I ask for no mayo and no tomatoes, they put mayo and tomatoes. I'm sure you get my point, but it is very aggravating. Previously when I would go, there was a span of time where they messed up my order on 6 consecutive visits to their store (I actually kept a count after the 3rd time to see how much they could screw up). Now, after going back there (after about 4 months of boycotting this store), I ordered an order of mozzarella sticks, and they gave me no sauce. This was done after I said "Please make sure I have marinara sauce."

What is so difficult about this? I guess I'm partially to blame because I didn't check my order before I drove off, but if my boss had to second-guess everything I did like the "I-don't-care-what-you-ordered" employees of Sonic expect me to do, I would be out of a job. Then, to top it all off, I go to the Sonic website and there is no place to put a complaint. It doesn't even look like Sonic's upper-management cares that their employees are incompetent. They're simply here to make a buck. I can promise you that this is the last time I will ever go to Sonic, and this is a shame because Sonic used to be one of my favorite places to eat. There is actually a McDonald's right across the street. I'm not a big fan of McDonald's, but at least they have enough intelligence to prepare the food the way it was ordered.

Mr. Sick-Of-Sonic-Incompetence
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heaven17 on 2008-05-01:
"I'm not a big fan of McDonald's, but at least they have enough intelligence to prepare the food the way it was ordered."

You might want to peruse the McDonald's complaints around here before you go saying that...
Mrs. V on 2008-05-01:

Contact Us

If you would like to talk to someone about your experience at a SONIC® Drive-In, please call this toll-free number, 1-866-OK-SONIC (1-866-657-6642). Operators are available seven days each week from 8:00 a.m. to midnight, EST. This toll-free number is provided exclusively by SONIC Franchisees as owners and operators of SONIC Drive-Ins.

Anonymous on 2008-05-01:
Once upon a time Sonic was about quality food and service but today its all about the numbers and just the numbers. The boys in Lafayette are doing a bang up job ~~ in store sells are up with awesome penetration and coverage. So long as the numbers look good nobody at the big table is going to care one iota how the customers are being treated or how bad the food is getting (and it is). It breaks my heart.
Anonymous on 2008-05-01:
IWant, if you go to Micky D's try a #9 Value Meal and if what usually happens when you bite into your FOF (fish sandwich) you'll really have something to chirp about!
Starlord on 2008-05-01:
The one time we had a problem with our order not being right, the manager jumped through hoops and gave us our drinks free to be sure we were satisfied. And your comment about McDeath burgers getting the orders right all the time. You should visit the one in Coolidge before making such a blanket statement. Our Sonics in central Pinal County, AZ are great!
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