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Jumper Cables
By -

WICHITA, KANSAS -- While I do understand that Sonic Drive-In restaurants are not garages they do deal with people in cars, cars sometimes don't start and they should have someone there who can help and not just ignore or be rude to a stranded motorist. Especially a CUSTOMER! Keeping a pair of jumper cables and hiring at least one adult isn't too much to ask, is it?

Customer Service
By -

NEW BRAUNFELS, TEXAS -- I went to the Sonic on Seguin St. in New Braunfels Texas to order a junior burger. They served me an ICE CREAM CONE!! When I called to the manager he apologized but did NOTHING to rectify the situation, only saying that he heard about the error.

Overcharging And No Resolution A Month Later!!!
By -

HOUSTON, TEXAS -- I ordered and PAID with a gift card (not Sonic's) but when my order was brought I was told they just needed to see my card and no additional charges would be made (dumb I know). When I checked my card the next day I saw two charges from Sonic... my original and another LARGER price. I called corporate and filed a report and told someone would follow up with me. That was LAST MONTH!!! I called back after about a week and my contact info was confirmed and I was told they were sorry and someone would get back with me - didn't happen.

I called back the FOLLOWING week again! Same thing... confirm my contact info and said sorry someone would get back with me. I told them I would be filing with the BBB and would contact the local one myself to see if it would help expedite things. The manager wanted to know if I had the copies of the two original receipts. I told him no I didn't keep my first receipt and if I had received a second receipt I would have resolved it then. I told him I could provide a copy of my statement showing the two DIFFERENT charges on the same day and location, etc.

I took time out of my day and drove over there to turn it in and was told he would match my statement to the customer receipts from that day and would get back with me. Again didn't happen. Contacted the local Sonic drive in where the overcharging took place today and spoke to the manager again. He stated they had no RECORD of the two charges being made on that date. I interpreted that to mean I was being called a LIAR. He said he called Treasury and that he would let me know what they found out.

I then proceeded to call corporate again and tell them I wanted this resolved by this Wednesday seeing as it had been a MONTH already and nothing has been resolved!!! If it a $1 or 2 I wouldn't make a big deal about it. But it wasn't!!!! Plus the treatment I have received since then have just made me more upset over this whole issue which is why I want it resolved along with an APOLOGY at this point. Thanks!

They Messed It Up Yet Again
By -

LAFAYEETE, LOUISIANA -- What happened to me today is only the straw that broke the camel's back. I used to go to the Sonic on Johnston St. in Maurice (city right next to Lafayette), LA at least 2 times a week. Lately, I haven't been going because they can never get my order right. If I ask for mustard, they put mayo instead. If I ask for mayo, they put mustard instead. If I ask for jalapeƱos, they double my pickles. If I ask for no mayo and no tomatoes, they put mayo and tomatoes. I'm sure you get my point, but it is very aggravating.

Previously when I would go, there was a span of time where they messed up my order on 6 consecutive visits to their store (I actually kept a count after the 3rd time to see how much they could screw up). Now, after going back there (after about 4 months of boycotting this store), I ordered an order of mozzarella sticks, and they gave me no sauce. This was done after I said "Please make sure I have marinara sauce." What is so difficult about this?

I guess I'm partially to blame because I didn't check my order before I drove off, but if my boss had to second-guess everything I did like the "I-don't-care-what-you-ordered" employees of Sonic expect me to do, I would be out of a job. Then, to top it all off, I go to the Sonic website and there is no place to put a complaint. It doesn't even look like Sonic's upper-management cares that their employees are incompetent. They're simply here to make a buck. I can promise you that this is the last time I will ever go to Sonic, and this is a shame because Sonic used to be one of my favorite places to eat.

There is actually a McDonald's right across the street. I'm not a big fan of McDonald's, but at least they have enough intelligence to prepare the food the way it was ordered. Sincerely, Mr. Sick-Of-Sonic-Incompetence.

Sonic's Confrontational Manager/Bad Customer Service and Wrong Order Not Wanting to Give Money Back!
By -

BURLINGTON, NORTH CAROLINA -- I will not be eating at the Burlington NC Sonic on hwy 70 ever again! The male manager was childish in not wanting to give our money back, and proceeded to be confrontational with a female customer to the point that a ale customer had to step in. When we told him we would complain about his bad attitude and service, and not wanting to give money back to us after getting the order wrong three times. He also proceeded to be confrontational to the point we had to call cops on him just to get our money back! All he had to do was give our money back. He did not want to, so he tried to fight the female and come into her face.

Therefore, the cops were called because he was looking a fight, so as to not have to give the money back. (For those who do not understand, cops were called because the manager was looking to fight customers rather than giving their money back so they could leave. Manager was getting out of hand and looking to fight.) Had to call the cops for him and everything, just to get him to not look a fight with us, and also to get our money back.

We told the officer he could have been doing something else, rather than coming to deal with this immature male manager; where all he had to do was give money back and not come into a customer's face as if he was going to fight them, especially a female. If the manager had just given the money back from the beginning without the cops having to tell him to, there would have been no need for the officer call. Manager just did not want to give our money back for a wrong order and bad service and proceeded to be confrontational. "That is why the cops were called." for the potential fight.

No manager should look a fight with any customer. All he had to do was give the money back. He was childish and immature, especially for wanting to confront a female customer to fight. The cop was called to put the manager in his place and stop him from causing an unnecessary brawl. We got our money back though! He still needs to be written up for being confrontational with customers. Very unprofessional.

We are not going back to the Sonic in Burlington, NC off of hwy 70 again off of exit 140. They do not care about the customers and hire children to work that have no customer service skills whatsoever. Manager has a nasty attitude, bad customer service skills, and made us a wrong order three times. It was a simple order. Not going back to that location, or any Sonic for this matter.

Sonic Does Not Care About Their Customers
By -

CLOVIS, NEW MEXICO -- The Sonic on Prince Street in Clovis, NM has a drive-through, in addition to the drive-in slots. They also have the worst possible customer service I have ever experienced. For example, they often run out of the very things they advertise on radio and TV. This morning at 9 AM, they ran out of coffee. Nobody in the building knew how to make more. Worse, nobody in the building cared enough to inform me what was going on, though I could clearly see the drama unfolding through the window.

I, the customer, had to knock on the window. I explained that I was out of time to wait, and asked if I could come back. That was met with hesitation and resistance, and a question about whether or not I wanted hot sauce for my burrito. I said yes, then explained that I no longer had time to wait for the coffee. I did not ask for a refund, because in the past, that has only led to another ten-minute long ordeal involving some manager and the cash register. I was out of time. I drove off coffee-less, and with a handful of ketchup, not the hot sauce that was offered. That happens nearly all the time.

I will not be back to this Sonic for a long, long time. Too bad, because the food is actually really good. All fast food restaurants need to do better at seeing things from the customer's point of view. That little sign when you pull up that says: "We are glad to provide condiments upon request" needs to come down. Why put the onus on customers? If you order fries, the employee needs to ask if you want ketchup. If you order cheddar peppers, the restaurant needs to ask if you want ranch dressing or ketchup.

Better yet, they need to just provide these items that so obviously go along with these type of orders. And if ranch dressing is requested, don't blindly, unthinkingly, throw ketchup in the bag instead. Maybe Sonic needs to get out of the drive-through business altogether, and just stick to being a drive-in. In any case, please, pay attention to your customers!

Vulgar Management
By -

PLANO, TEXAS -- Until about 2 weeks ago my minor child was employed at a location in Plano Texas. This location is owned by **. There is an employee at this location in management "she is a crew leader" she believes it is OK as she sees this behavior from her manager to yell, scream, and cuss at the associates under her. When my son informed me of this behavior I approached the asst. manager and asked him to please inform the crew leader in question this behavior was not acceptable. The result: the behavior grew worse.

Since the store manager was on vacation we contacted the district manager. We had a meeting with the district manager who informed us the crew leader admitted her behavior and was told that behavior was not to continue. The next day my son was written up twice for things that 2 weeks before by the very crew leader he complained about. When the manager returned he was fired. I have tried on numerous occasions to speak with someone higher up the chain but ** refuses to return my call. But wait it gets better. I went to pick up my son's check.

When the manager handed me the check asked her to please let her crew leader know that coming to my job and telling lies about me to management would not do her any good and to please ask her to stop (she was there in Sonic uniform). The manager, "I have no control over her". I informed her I would be filing complaints against her, the crew leader and Sonic corp with the EEOC and the labor board. As I walked to my car (by the way I have this recorded) she turned to an elderly couple and said "I fired her son he had 3 write ups when I got back what was I supposed to do?" She had no right to tell anyone about that.

And by the way the crew leader who yells screams and cusses and admits her behavior to the district manager still has a job. So beware people this is how Sonic drive in treats its employees. I want to speak to the owner of this location.

Service at the Sonic in Bridgeville, DE
By -

BRIDGEVILLE, DELAWARE -- I was so excited when the Sonic opened in Bridgeville, DE. I had visited the one in Wytheville, VA and was super impressed with the value, quality and service. My first three visits to the one in Bridgeville were as expected and I looked forward to having a great place to get a good fast food meal. Unfortunately, my last 3 visits have not been good. On the fourth visit, I was told they could not accommodate the drive in window because the computers were down. Well, this happens and I went next door to McDonald's.

On August 20th, I had just returned home from a 5 hour driving trip and was looking forward to a delicious Sonic burger. It was 8:30 PM on Sunday and I pulled in, used the restroom and sat at a table (which wasn't the cleanest) and proceeded to use the phone to order. I picked up the phone and then waited for 20 minutes and listened to dead silence. Needless to say, I walked out and went next door where in the space of less than 5 minutes I had a burger and soda and was walking back to my truck and utility trailer and on my way home.

On September 8, I stopped for lunch and ordered a Sonic cheeseburger and a cherry cream slushie. Very shortly the food arrived and I paid AND TIPPED the employee. Shouldn't have tipped him. I got a sandwich of egg, sausage and cheese on toast. I called back and was told my food was on its way. This time I got what I ordered but it looked unappetizing. The bread was as if someone had sat on the sandwich with pieces of the roll missing, the burger and bread was ice cold as if it had sat in the refrigerator for a while. The burger looked dried out as did the cheese.

I called back and asked to speak to a manager and was told he would be right out. In the interim, the button on the intercom apparently got stuck and I listened some interesting conversation among the employees inside. The manager came out and said he would replace the sandwich, which he did and it was much better and much fresher. Needless to say, 3 strikes and you are out... I doubt that I will go out of my way to visit Sonic here in Bridgeville again. Also, when I went to contact them to send them this feedback, I could find no email address to write to. So I posted here.

What Customer Service?
By -

TEHACHAPI, CALIFORNIA -- At 07:25 this morning (20 Apr 06) I drove up to the "box" to order. I was the only person in line and there were no other customers at any positions around the store. Two minutes later I was told to hold on and my order would be taken. Four minutes later I was not called again so I drove up to the window. I looked and saw that there was no one in the store and after another four minutes I saw one female employee. She came to the window and took my order and my payment. I asked if they had just opened and she stated that they opened at 07:00. I sat there, with my engine running for another 7 minutes.

During that time two other persons drove up to the drive-up to place orders and another person pulled up to the remote order positions to place an order. I finally saw the same female employee whisk by and take an order to the car at the remote location, the same car that had pulled up after had placed my order. I tapped on the glass to get the employee's attention but was ignored. I would have driven away but I did pay and wanted my money back. Finally I got the employee to come to the window. I asked for my money back and stated that I had now waited for 19 minutes. She returned my money and I asked for the manager. She stated that she was the manager.

I asked if she was the only employee working at that time. She said yes. I asked for the owner to call me by noon that day and gave her my phone number. I saw that two more drive-through customers had lined up for service. I then left and went to McDonald's where I got my order in 1 minute and 36 seconds from the time I ordered at the drive through. This Sonic seems to feel that they can run a complete restaurant, drive-through, "counter", cook and order taker with one employee. This is virtually impossible.

Sonic Just Don't Care About the Customer
By -

FORT WORTH, TEXAS -- Now I know why Sonic does not have a complaint hotline or anything on their website to complain. They just don't care. I would be embarrassed to be represented by the managers and district manager in the Fort Worth Sonic stores. Not only did they get my order wrong. But also was uncooperative in correcting it. I only want to be given the food that I order and pay for. The manager there rolled his eyes at me and said the food was given to me. By that I guess he was saying I was lying. So I ask to talk to his supervisor and was told he could not give me his phone number, but would have him call me.

An hour later I get this call from this guy who said he was the supervisor for that area. I let him know that I was only given half my order. I asked for three # 1 meals, but was given only one drink, one order of fries and two burgers. Half the order that was on the receipt. I was calm and did not get angry until the manager started to yell and roll his eyes at me, and that's when I ask to talk to a supervisor. Now the supervisor tells me the manager never yell at anyone. And that he did not have time to waste on someone just looking for a free hand out. I said I refuse to pay and be abused! By Sonic the supervisor said "** you" and hung up on me.

I was really upset and was telling my friend at church about what happened, and that this was the worst service I have ever received at any restaurant. My friend gave me this email to Sonic main office. I sent this same email to them in that one I had the names of the manager and district manager. 3 days later I get and email not saying they was sorry but that he just wanted to meet me somewhere. I told him just to send me a complaint form and I would be happy. You guess it I never heard from Sonic again...

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