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Deceptive Words
Posted by on
POTTSTOWN, PENNSYLVANIA -- I purchased a laptop at a Sony store. Soon after the printing function did not work. I took it back to the Sony store. They directed me to king of prussia or New York. I waited till I was in New York and took it to their large office there. There I was told that they had no facilities and gave ne a number to call.

The number worked and the sent me a box to return it. I did talk to a technician who called. It was difficult to communicate as he had a heavy accent and his speech was heavy. At any rate the computer was returned to me but soon the same problem and others appeared.
I noted that they advertised no hassle return. That just is not the case. They refused to talk to me. They have an office of the president which handles these matters. They told me no even though the laptop did not work-keys were popping off and computer was very slow. John at the presidents office told me he did not care. There was no one else to talk to. You tell me.
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warddw1526 on 11/24/2011:
The machine running slow, may be some software that is slowing it down. Have you tried a system recovery?
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White/Blue/Pink Line Down Side Of Screen
Posted by on
2 years ago our then 3 year old plasma screen started to get a line down the left side. It was about 1/4 inch wide and extended 8 inches. We called Sony and they sent a repairman; however there was major freeway closure and so he called and discussed our problem. He told us he would see how much it would cost to repair and called us back with an estimate for $8000 to fix. We opted not to have it done, but it seems a $10,000 TV should last more than 3 years without needing such extensive repair. Are we the only ones with this problem? Sony had a class-action suit for their projection sets. Does anyone have any suggestions to help us? The line is 1" thick now and getting worse.

When troubleshooting on the Sony site there were others with similar problems but no one seemed to get resolution through Sony.
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At Your Service on 09/28/2011:
Rear projection and plasma are two entirely different technologies. Sony's offering to the plasma market, unfortunately, was a lot earlier than you stated you purchased the unit. This model was produced in 2003. At that time, plasma was still in its early stages and it was well known that plasma technology had only a 5 year expectancy, at most. Surprising people paid the prices they were. If you paid anywhere near the $10,000 price, even five years ago, to be very honest, you got ripped. Within the last five years, plasma evolved considerably, especially via Pioneer. Panasonic owns a considerable amount of this technology now.

So the bad news is that you sound as if you way overpaid on an out-of-date technology five years ago. The good news, you can get a much improved plasma for about $700 new, at this time. I'd recommend looking at the Panasonic line, although Samsung and LG both have reasonable offerings out there as well. CONSIDER extended warranty coverage too. If you can get a good backing from a reliable dealer, you'll end up with a better television and be warrantied for at least the next five years.

Best of luck and keep in touch.
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Blu-ray 3D movie racketeering
Posted by on
It should be illegal to do what Sony is doing. They are "forcing" us to buy additional formats of a movie if we desire to buy a Blu-ray 3D movie.
For example:
If you want to buy the 3D movie version of Thor, you HAVE TO BUY the bundle that includes the 2D Blu-ray, the regular DVD and the digital copy versions. It would be OK to offer such a bundle if the 3D version was also offered by itself, but it's not.
What will those marketing idiot's think of next, bundle the VHS movie version also?

And try buying Avatar in 3D. It's only available with 2 sets of Panasonic 3D glasses.

They are SO GREEDY. Can't the just sell a $19 3D Blu-ray DVD by itself? Do they have to force us to buy those other formats, just to make a few extra bucks?
Do we have to continue to pass laws to control corporate avarice?
Don't the people who work in these corporation have any decency or scruples?
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At Your Service on 08/10/2011:
I actually don't see what is wrong with bundling the product. Packaged discs have been coming out since the DVD and VCD days. Even back with VHS tapes, you would sometimes have to purchase a package to get the one.

I also don't blame Panasonic (having nothing to do with Sony) for offering the 3D Avatar package with their glasses. This is a special promotion that Panasonic had to pay the movie studio for as an added enticement to purchase their brand of television. Nothing wrong with smart marketing.

I love Sony televisions, but it may be worth it for you to consider an LG 5600 series television. Although you may have already felt like you made a major investment in Sony, the 5600 can convert ANY 2D to 3D quite well. They use a polarized for of glass and doesn't require any special features on either the Blu-Ray or traditional DVD player.
Anonymous on 08/10/2011:
I think both options should be available. I would buy the bundled option so I can watch a movie on my iPad when I am traveling but that doesn't suit everyone's needs.
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Fraud By Sony Ericsson Service Center
Posted by on
Dear Sir

I am an unfortunate and a poor user of Sony Ericsson Mobile phone who is being harassed by your service center in New Delhi, India.

I will request you to please help me.

"I have purchased one SOny Ericsson P1i on 5th May 2009 from Cariano Telecom for a huge 19500/-(rs nineteen thousand five hundred only).

all my friends were insisting that I should go for a NOKIA if I am spending that much but still I trusted Sony and invested in that. But after the painful experience, I think they were right. Even they have the right to tease me and they do.

My handset started giving few problems like losing network very often and display also used to go blank.

I deposited the handset in your service center RT Outsourcing Ltd. situated at District Center, Janak Puri, New delhi on 13/March/2010 vide workorder no SE310RJK11547 and after 20 days I received it back on03/April/2010.

It was still with same problems with an added problem that memory card was also not working now.

I deposited the handset back again on 24/April/2010 vide workorder no

When on last Friday I went to service center, I was shocked by the rudeness of service center in telling me that the handset will not be covered under warranty since LCD was broken.

I was in a fix since after 1 month of depositing the handset your expert
engineers came to know that LCD was broken of a WORKING HANDSET which was handed over to your service center in perfectly working condition.

I am left with no option and choice except to speak to higher authorities like you and update you regarding the FRAUDULENT PRACTICES being followed by your service centers.

I will request you to immediately look into the matter and I will like you to help me on 2 things:

1. I want an apology from Service Center for the fraud and harassment
done to me
2. I will now not take this handset model (P1i) since your
service center has told me that the model is OBSOLETE and that no parts
are available for repairing.

Waiting for reply

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Sony TV's No Customer Service
Posted by on
I purchased a 32 inch flat screen Sony TV approximately 2 years ago for $900.00. The picture on the TV suddenly went red and slowed. The sound is fine. I took the TV to a repair shop (not Sony authorized) and was advised that the TV was not repairable. I had to pay this shop, of course, to look at the TV and offer their opinion. When I telephoned Sony Customer Service I was placed on hold and then went through a chain of 3 people who all asked me for the same information even though they had transferred me and given me a reference number after they had added my information into their computer. The connection was poor and I had a difficult time understanding the representative on the other end of the surprise turns out that I was talking to someone in the Philippines....that's where Sony customer service is located. The only advice offered to me was that I needed to go to a Sony Authorized Repair first and if they determined that the set was not repairable I would have to contact Customer Service again and they would then advise me (based on the problem with the set) if they would do anything in the way of aiding with repair costs and or replacing the set or they would do nothing since the set was out of warranty. They advised me that the warranty was only a year ( during the year that the warranty is still in place if they have to replace your set it is at a discounted rate...not a free replacement). I telephoned an authorized Sony repair shop and the cost to look at the TV is $99.00.

Nice gimmick.....for $900.00 I expected the set to last longer than 2 years. By the way, the set was in a bedroom and not used on a constant basis. I purchased a Sony thinking that they were a reliable company with a good product...never brand here I come...maybe their customer service will be more local, speak English and offer some assistance other than for me to spend more of my money on their product with their authorized service dealers without any commitment from Sony.

I wonder how much money Sony gets paid every time a consumer uses the services of their authorized repair shop?
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waterbury01 on 01/18/2010:
Sony products are usually pretty good. I've had Sony products for years. So I'm sorry you may have gotten a lemon. Now, why didn't you call Sony customer care first. Even if your set was under warranty, if they found you went to an unauthorized repair center it would've been voided. Sorry you have to pay twice (if you decide to take it to the Authorized repair) and of course Sony is going to money from the repair shop, they paid for the right to be an authorized repair shop.
Anonymous on 01/18/2010:
I agree with waterbury01,have always had decent luck with Sony.We once had a wise member that swore by Sony...
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Sony NAV-U 94T suction cup
Posted by on
RICHMOND HILL -- Aug 24th 2009 - Sony NAV-U94T

In October 2008 we purchased 3 Sony NAV-U94T navigation systems from the Sony store at the Markville Mall, in Markham,Canada I use mine the most since travel to the US often.

On my 1st trip to the USA I installed the suction cup on to the windscreen and then attached the GPS. After a few hours drive the sun was strong and I saw the GPS system coming off the windscreen as the rubber on the suction cup could not handle the heat.

I installed it on the dash board and it stayed put. After each trip I would remove it the unit completely and store it away.

After 5 trips now the suction cups does not stick on to the dash board, when installed it stay for about 15 seconds and the whole system falls apart.

I went to the Sony store and complained, the guy tells me you have to take the suction cup to the head office at Victoria Park,Ont, Canada. Prior to going I called the office to confirm what info they want me to bring along. I spoke to a guy called Nathan on 8/24 around noon and to my surprise he tells me there is nothing that could me done about it, we don’t manufacture navigation systems anymore your options are to buy another holder at a dealership or use a 3rd party suction cup which will server your purpose.

I could not believe what I heard I said to him you manufacture and sell product of inferior quality and discontinue it when your sales are down and the customer who purchased them are stuck with it. He says there is nothing that I can do sir.

As customer we always end with the wrong end of the stick. I hope someone at Sony will read this and to those who purchased Sony navigation systems you have 3 more customers to add to your ship.

It will be nice to see Sony taking responsibility for the product they sell and replace the defective suction cups.

I'm really lucky cos I found the receipt and it is under warranty. Now if Sony doesn't replace the part they know what's coming next, the guy in a white shirt and tie & black suit :)
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Amateurish, Possibly Criminal Customer Service
Posted by on
Sony used to be such a great company, what happened? How do I even begin to tell this CS nightmare story?

1. Parts of the Web site take 30 seconds to load. Not a very good first impression for a technology company.
2. The estimated ship date for my laptop was shown as the 20th while ordering, but shown as the 13th on my sales confirmation.
3. Two days after ordering, I received an e-mail stating my order had been cancelled because "Product not as expected." Huh?
4. The office hours for customer service on my cancellation notice were 5 am to 9 pm PST: I called at 7 pm but it said they were closed.
5. Later on while I was out, a CS representative left me a voice message with his name, number, and extension. Nice right? But when I called the number he gave, the automated system didn't give me an option to enter an extension, so I got a random person who told me to call a different number.
6. Called the different number and waited for another representative (Total time spent on hold so far, 40 minutes.) I asked why my order was cancelled, and she said: "Your credit card was rejected, uh, no wait it was something else....(pause)....Oh, it says that 'product was not as expected.' "What does that mean?" I dared to ask. "I don't know" was the helpful response.
7. The sales representative reentered my order for me. OK, at least we're making progress. Then she offered me a "special:" If I ordered an extra accessory, I could get the 3-year extended service warranty for free. I needed an extra mouse anyway, so I accepted. BUT, when my confirmation e-mail arrived a few minutes later, it included a $180 charge for the warranty that was promised to me for free!

I called CS again (waited on hold 30 minutes) and asked a new representative what was going on. He said HE HAD NEVER HEARD OF ANY EXTENDED WARRANTY SPECIAL. So am I to conclude that the first sales representative deliberately tried to rip me off??

I just hope I actually get my laptop, the VAIO is supposed to be a good one...

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Phone Update Killed My W900i
Posted by on
When Sony Ericsson first released the W900i walkman phone, I got one and was pleased with my purchase. User-friendly, solid-feel and intuitive, I was so pleased that I got two other SEs for my children. However, it had difficulties running with its PC communication software, specifically the one that allows one to use a PC to send SMS through the W900i. Using the phone's software update service, it consistently told me my phone software is up-to-date. After over a year of use, I found the update service in Sony Ericsson's website. I installed and downloaded the software, did everything as instructed to update my phone, and the update went smoothly. Immediately after that, my W900i cannot be used to make calls unless the wired handsfree kit is used. I did the update several times more, using 4 different PCs, did resets of the phone multiple times, lost my phone contacts in the process, all to no avail.

I called the Sony Ericsson hotline for help and the first thing I was asked was whether I have read the disclaimer. I went to the Sony Ericsson service centre and they wanted to charge over $40 just to determine if it was a software issue. I called the Sony Ericsson hotline again and asked to speak to a manager. They promised to have the manager call me over the next few days. After waiting for over two weeks, I checked again and was told again that a manager will call me soon. After over a month of waiting, during which time I resorted to using my old trusty Nokia, I decided that no one in Sony Ericsson is interested in my case.

I upgraded to a Nokia 95 8G and my problem is solved! I hope this serves as a warning to folks who trusted Sony Ericsson and want to use their software update service.
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The Worst Service Ever from Sonystyle!!
Posted by on
I ordered a PSP Daxter edition through on 12/4. This item was intended to be a Christmas present for my 6 year old son. At the time of my order, the item was backordered but estimated to ship on 12/13. Due to the tight timeframe, I contacted customer service to inquire about the validity to that ship date. Although no promises were made, I was told that Sony is usually very accurate with dates. With Sony's great reputation as an electronics manufacturer, I expected great service and felt confident to continue with the order. From 12/13 onward, I continued to check my account on-line to be sure I would not be left without this item at Christmas. There was no shipping information on my account, nor had I received any communication about shipping delays from Sony. I contacted Sonystyle customer service and was told that the item was still backordered and no shipping promises could be made.

So, I found the same item at a Best Buy 20 miles from my house and drove out of my way to be sure I would not disappoint my son. After making the purchase at Best Buy, I contacted Sonystyle to cancel my existing order that still presented no shipping information. When I spoke with the rep in San Antonio, she said that although there was no shipping information on my account, the item was in the Carson warehouse and was "picked" for shipping and therefore could not be cancelled. I asked when the item would arrive and initially could not receive confirmation that it would arrive by 12/24. After expressing my extreme dissatisfaction to this rep, I asked to speak with a supervisor. I was told that "the supervisor will not tell me anything different" and was repeatedly refused the opportunity to express my frustration about Sony's poor service to a manager.

I have never experienced such disregard to customer feedback! After continued dialogue with this rep (who continued to not allow me to speak to a manager), she changed her story about the shipping and told me that shipping would be expedited to be in time for Christmas and that I could not cancel or return the item which I no longer needed. Given no other option from this rep, the only choice I had was to return the item upon its arrival. After that very disappointing experience with customer service, I then noticed that I was charged 2 times for this PSP and the extended 3-year service that I had purchased.

So....I contacted customer service AGAIN to find out why I was charged twice for this item that I still had not received and no longer even wanted. The rep in this dialogue was much better, but could not provide any resolution to my problem either. She confirmed that the item shipped from their warehouse on 12/20 and that it was in FedEx's possession. So, any delays at that point were due to problems with FedEx. She placed a tracer on the package with FedEx and the item finally arrived on 12/27 - after Christmas!! AND....I received two PSPs even though I only purchased one!!! Hence, the double charge on my credit card!! And now I am calling Sonystyle's 800 number and have been on hold for over 30 minutes. This has been a terrible experience. I expected much better service from Sony and can assure you that I will NEVER purchase a Sony product again.
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sucks2beyou on 10/17/2008:
OK... first of all, you should know that when it says "Estimated" ship date.. it means "Estimated" not guaranteed. second of all.. if you take a look at the terms and conditions, which is smart to do so something like this won't happen again, it does say "All orders of Products placed by you with Sony are non-cancelable..". now the second part of that story is pretty messed up.. yeah I would be pretty mad if I only ordered one thing and got two.. jeeze.
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Redeem Codes
Posted by on
Rating: 3/51
I got this message from my friend and it included a redeem code which is not working.
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