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Blu-ray 3D movie racketeering
By -

It should be illegal to do what Sony is doing. They are "forcing" us to buy additional formats of a movie if we desire to buy a Blu-ray 3D movie. For example: if you want to buy the 3D movie version of Thor, you HAVE TO BUY the bundle that includes the 2D Blu-ray, the regular DVD, and the digital copy versions. It would be OK to offer such a bundle if the 3D version was also offered by itself, but it's not
. What will those marketing idiot's think of next, bundle the VHS movie version also? And try buying Avatar in 3D. It's only available with 2 sets of Panasonic 3D glasses. They are SO GREEDY. Can't they just sell a $19 3D Blu-ray DVD by itself? Do they have to force us to buy those other formats just to make a few extra bucks? Do we have to continue to pass laws to control corporate avarice? Don't the people who work in this corporation have any decency or scruples?

Dissatisfied With My Sony Laptop
By -

I bought a Sony VAIO Laptop one year ago on Thanksgiving weekend. The cost of the Sony far exceeded that of competitor's offerings. I was fooled to think that the cost was a justified trade-off for better quality. One year later the "D" on my keyboard sticks. I only use my laptop for e-mails and online shopping and I never eat or drink while in use. I am the only user on this laptop and I'm only on the computer for less than 2 hours per week.

I called Sony customer service in hopes that they would cover the cost of repair, since it was just past the warranty. I was bluntly told by the customer service representative that Sony doesn't make exceptions. They will not pay for any part of the repair costs. Bottom line is the name Sony doesn't mean quality. Don't be fooled by the name. I will NEVER buy another Sony product.

Refurbished Nightmare
By -

LAREDO, TEXAS -- Buy refurbished items from Sony Style at your peril. Bought a mini-HiFi last month, and it had a mechanical error on the CD player right out of the box. The local authorized repair center down the road said they couldn't give me warranty service because I didn't have an invoice. I brought in the email receipt for my online purchase, but that wasn't acceptable to them, even though Sony said it would be.

Next step was following Sony's advice to send it to their repair center in Laredo, TX. I had to contact them myself, and it gets bad right away. Everybody speaks with Spanish accent, and when you are on hold it's Spanish music. I have to put up a stink about shipping, so they agree to email me a UPS label.

A week after UPS tracking says it was received, Juan ** calls and tells me that the radio was damaged in transit. I contact UPS to file a claim and they say that the Sony Repair center paid for shipping, so I can't file a claim. I contact Sony Customer relations and they quote me the manufacturer's limited warranty line. I have been a loyal Sony customer, but now I wonder. I will think long and hard about buying something online again to save $50 because now I am out $80 with nothing to show for it.

Sony Has a Total Lack of Respect for Customers.
By -

I ordered a computer from Sony October 21st. First, I thought that since I paid to be shipped in two days (I paid $89 for this), I would get it the 23rd. Then it turned out that you were building my computer and it would take 7 to 10 days plus the 2 days of shipping, which I thought was very excessive. I called about 4 times to inquire about the status of my order (I was in urgent need of this computer) and they said it was being built. They said the ship date was October 29th.

Then when it didn't ship, I called again and they said that's only an estimated ship date and that it would ship November 2nd. I requested to talk to a manager to get some guarantee that it would actually ship Nov. 2nd, but amazingly, they said Sony doesn't have managers on-call. On Nov. 2nd, I got a message that my product is out of stock. How can you be out of stock on something that you custom built??? And why did Sony wait all this time to tell me this??!?! I don't have an answer because I can't even talk to a manager.

What a SHAME.
By -

SOUTH COAST PLAZA, CALIFORNIA -- Sony Style disappoints me greatly. The manager there is unprofessional and rude. I purchased a white laptop, but I found a better deal online so I went back the next day to return it. They accused me of opening the box and would not refund my purchase at a full price. I was shocked and angry. It turned out that the Sony guy sold me an opened box at a full price. He lied to me! Since he did not go to work that day (some other worker told me that he got into a car accident, that is what I call "KARMA"), the manager called him and ask if he sold me an opened box. He said no and the manager believed him over me!

I stood at the store arguing with him for a good 30-40 minutes and he finally made the refund. However, he had a very ** attitude and made the refunding process difficult for me when he told me "I need thirty minute to write the check and you will not get the money back until six to eight weeks." I told him that I don't mind the waiting. However, he asked me the same question again. I wonder if this guy has a hearing problem, he probably does. Oh, and for the credit card issue. It is funny how I purchased the item with my credit using my school ID but when I return it, he told me it is not acceptable.

Don't Buy This Computer...Even for $1.
By -

LOUISIANA -- Don't buy this computer, even with your ex-mother-in-law's money. It is a piece of garbage and Sony's help is worse. I bought it brand new 3 yrs ago. Thankfully, I also bought Worst Buy's 3-yr service plan, and I've used it. Am now on the 3rd hard drive, 2nd battery, 3rd charging cord, 2nd wireless LAN card, 2nd left side hinge and get blue screened at least 4 or 5 times a week. Luckily the hard drive restarts, unlike the previous 2 times when it didn't.

Obviously, if I hadn't purchased the plan, the computer would have been quite costly to own. I wouldn't go near another Sony laptop for all the tea in China. I also own another Toshiba which I keep when the Sony fails again. Good Luck.

Customer Service Is Dead at Sony Style
By -

Sony salespeople are less than proactive and are near the useless point. I ordered the new 52XBR9 from Luke, he took my info, said it would ship in 2 weeks. I received no emails, so I called Sony Style CS, after over an hour on the phone and many transfers; I was told the order did not exist. My bank did not allow that much on the card, sure my fault, but you would think the sales guy would have called me to let me know, it was a $4000 sale after all. So I tried it again with Brandon, he could not honor the prices that I received from Luke, but after talking to his Mgr., he said he would refund the extra after I received the TV. It would ship the next Monday.

I checked the order status on Tuesday, they said it was scheduled to ship in 2 weeks, WHAT? This is from Sony, not some deadbeat website with one star. I was very upset. So I thought I would wait. I am a very impatient man, so on that Thursday, I was emailed by a reputable online site that the TV was in stock and at over $400 less that Sony Style wanted. I jumped on that and canceled the Sony Style order.

People we as consumers do not have to put up with slow, incompetent, poor speaking customer service. DEMAND GOOD CUSTOMER SERVICE or take you business elsewhere. No more will I try to buy from Sony Style.

The Ultimate Nightmare Is My New Sony Desktop VGC-LT29U
By -

CALIFORNIA -- My new expensive Vista Ultimate desktop and pair of hybrid ATI TV "WONDER" Digital cable tuners are a Ultimate nightmare! The Sony system has failed to get a HDTV signal for most of 7 weeks on a new expensive system, straight out of the box. I think consumers deserve to be warned, the desktop cannot even detect the tuners and all are "certified for Vista".

Sony customer support cannot fix my desktop. Basically they put you on hold and then cut off the call. I went to customer support for ATI, two other customers have the same problem, one has been asking for help for 4 months! If you want to waste tons of money, time and still not have a working computer or TV, Sony is perfect.

To Reship Or Not To Reship
By -

I purchased a customized Sony Vaio laptop in the first week of March via credit card and also purchased a warranty for the computer which is a separate order. The computer was shipped out a week later with my correct address and correct zip code, however, it never made it to its destination so it headed back to Sony. As I found out, I quickly contacted Sony and the deliverer about the package. I wrote emails explaining the circumstances, and Sony responded with them resending the package as soon as possible. They just needed authorization. But lo and behold, Sony does not resend undelivered/undeliverable packages.

The consumer needs to make a new order. I called customer service and asked about my computer that was supposed to be delivered. They responded and said that we don't deliver items returned. And that they refunded the expense back, 7-10 business days, it took 12, the warranty apparently takes even longer, and it was purchased the same day, same time.

I talked to some customer service agents (low end of the totem pole) and explained what had happened and tried to get an explanation for why they wouldn't send back the computer. The first agent told me that it was in a warehouse but didn't know where (liar). His supervisor told me that I would receive a delivery coupon and that was it. This wouldn't be so bad if I didn't have a child, depend on a personal computer to get school work done and if they would have told me about the no resend policy before now.

All the supervisor said was "I apologize and that I (he) understands, but that is all I (he) can do, authorized to do." So I asked to speak to another person higher up. He said that he was the last person that could be reached verbally, but if I wanted to write a letter, considering that I live in Hawaii, would be the only way. So it would take even longer for me to get a response via mail then it is worth it.

So I called back the next day, keep in mind every conversation was longer that one hour, and basically all that was said was "I apologize and I understand." It is like they do not really need to know or say much to be a supervisor. So I called back and I talked to a man with a thick Texas accent. He was polite and told me everything that I had already heard, sort of like a broken record. Told him the same as I told everybody else. Single parent, ordered computer 3 weeks ago, sent back, talked to Sony customer service, response was promising, money was refunded, package unsendable.

I just didn't and still don't understand why it is so difficult for a customized computer to be sent back. That supervisor was still going in circles with the same crap, "I understand and I apologize, but it is our policy, we don't send back reshipped packages." I asked him to call me the next day if he talked to his boss and could do better besides the free coupon. He called back and left a message, he said he would call back later that day, nadda.

I called the next day and the same was expressed, nothing changed. All they told me was to make another order. I told them that I couldn't because I was using my credit card and that the transaction has yet to be put back on my card, so I still couldn't order a new computer from Sony nor any other company, so not only did they not send me my computer but I couldn't even order a new one.

They apologized and understood my predicament, but still insisted on giving me a free delivery coupon. Then I asked if I would have had it engraved (an option that is free) would it have been redelivered to me. They said yes. I was still trying to figure out what the difference was between engraved and not engraved, but I guess if it engraved you will get the article no problem, but cannot sell it back later down the road. Don't get it engraved, you might not receive it, but if you do receive it you can sell it back.

I was telling them because all the "supervisors" were trying to tell me just to make an order and they will ship it out, no hurried assembly, just free shipping. So I was stuck between waiting another ~2 weeks for a package that I already been waiting for for 2 weeks, plus the week it took to assemble, but it is already made, but to save money they are going to make another similar computer, doesn't make any sense. So now I am going on to other paths to talk to higher individuals. No letters, I don't know that last time I actually wrote and mailed a letter off. Not fast enough.

School is almost over, a month and a half left, still a father and still no computer, and still no time to spend after hours at school. It is impossible and still am between a rock and a hard spot, because the retransaction electronically is taking longer than 7-10 business days for both warranty and computer.

So no matter how many times Sony customer service tell me that they can reorder it, I don't have the funds and time is very valuable. But Sony doesn't care. They are a multi-billion dollar industry that thrives on consumers, but pays no attention to their needs, no matter how simple they are. Sony will just apologize and say that they understand. Perhaps they apologize for being useless and they understand that they are useless.

The Worst Service Ever from Sonystyle!!
By -

I ordered a PSP Daxter edition through on 12/4. This item was intended to be a Christmas present for my 6 year old son. At the time of my order, the item was back ordered but estimated to ship on 12/13. Due to the tight timeframe, I contacted customer service to inquire about the validity to that ship date. Although no promises were made, I was told that Sony is usually very accurate with dates. With Sony's great reputation as an electronics manufacturer, I expected great service and felt confident to continue with the order.

From 12/13 onward, I continued to check my account on-line to be sure I would not be left without this item at Christmas. There was no shipping information on my account, nor had I received any communication about shipping delays from Sony. I contacted Sonystyle customer service and was told that the item was still back ordered and no shipping promises could be made.

So, I found the same item at a Best Buy 20 miles from my house and drove out of my way to be sure I would not disappoint my son. After making the purchase at Best Buy, I contacted Sonystyle to cancel my existing order that still presented no shipping information. When I spoke with the rep in San Antonio, she said that although there was no shipping information on my account, the item was in the Carson warehouse and was "picked" for shipping and therefore could not be cancelled.

I asked when the item would arrive and initially could not receive confirmation that it would arrive by 12/24. After expressing my extreme dissatisfaction to this rep, I asked to speak with a supervisor. I was told that "the supervisor will not tell me anything different" and was repeatedly refused the opportunity to express my frustration about Sony's poor service to a manager.

I have never experienced such disregard to customer feedback! After continued dialogue with this rep (who continued to not allow me to speak to a manager), she changed her story about the shipping and told me that shipping would be expedited to be in time for Christmas and that I could not cancel or return the item which I no longer needed. Given no other option from this rep, the only choice I had was to return the item upon its arrival. After that very disappointing experience with customer service, I then noticed that I was charged 2 times for this PSP and the extended 3-year service that I had purchased.

So...I contacted customer service AGAIN to find out why I was charged twice for this item that I still had not received and no longer even wanted. The rep in this dialogue was much better, but could not provide any resolution to my problem either. She confirmed that the item shipped from their warehouse on 12/20 and that it was in FedEx's possession. So, any delays at that point were due to problems with FedEx. She placed a tracer on the package with FedEx and the item finally arrived on 12/27 - after Christmas!! AND...I received two PSPs even though I only purchased one!!!

Hence, the double charge on my credit card!! And now I am calling Sonystyle's 800 number and have been on hold for over 30 minutes. This has been a terrible experience. I expected much better service from Sony and can assure you that I will NEVER purchase a Sony product again.

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