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Don't send your Sony electronics to Laredo Texas!!!!!
By -

LAREDO, TEXAS -- DON'T SEND YOUR SONY EQIPMENT TO THE SONY CUSTOMER SATISFACTION CENTER IN LAREDO TEXAS! In January of 2010 I contacted Sony customer service in regards to my surround sound system. The system that I have is Model DAV-LF1 and we purchased this system on Aug 13, 2005 from The Good Guys for $1,599.99 along with a five year extended service warranty $188.99. My reason for contacting Sony was because the system had begun to malfunction in regards to volume control. When you would adjust the volume any higher than a faint whisper the system would shut its self off.

I was instructed that I should take my system, all 100-plus pounds of it, to one of their authorized repair center in Rancho Cucamonga, CA (25 miles from my home). I did as instructed and paid forty dollars, all to be told by the repair center that my system needed a new master board; However, Sony wouldn't provide them with this part. The repair center offered to dispose e of my system, but I refused and returned to collect my equipment. I then did my own research and discovered that California law requires that parts for electronics be manufactured for at least seven years.

I then contacted Sony Customer Service once again and requested that they fix my system (as they are required to do by law). After several arguments with several E.S.L. Customer service professionals I was told that they would call me back. Well, surprise surprise... that didn't happen. After several more contact attempts and arguments I was told that I needed to send my entire system to Laredo, Texas, for repair. I requested that the part be sent to the repair center near my home so that it could be repaired locally, by technicians who were already familiar with my system, but my request was refused.

I then requested that Sony at least pay for my systems shipping labels, once again arguments in sued. Finally, several days later, they agreed. I received the shipping labels via email the following day. However the label that I received was only for forty pounds, so Once again I called Sony customer service. All to be told that I should just send my main unit and not all of the speakers and amplifier. I thought that this sounded odd, but I did as I was told.

Two weeks later I was called by a technician from Laredo Texas and told that they needed the rest of my system to be sent to them, and once again I was forced to argue for more shipping labels. Finally they agreed but then they only sent one forty pound label and one twenty pound label. The amplifier alone is forty pounds and then I still had four large speakers and one center speaker. Again I contacted Sony and Complained about the hassles they were subjecting me to. I was then told to only send the wireless speakers and the amplifier and that any weight overage would be charged to them and not to me.

So in total I had sent my main unit, two large speakers, one center speaker and one amplifier to Texas. After that I didn't hear a word from Sony. The flat rate repair fee was deducted from my account for $132.00, without my approval, and then I got an email notification from UPS informing me that a package was being shipped from Laredo, Texas, to me... expected delivery Friday April 23, 2010. The system arrived ahead of schedule on Thursday April 22, 2010 in a very large box that was in good condition; however not so much can be said for the condition of my sixteen hundred dollar surround sound system.

The main unit (with a glass face) was broken and the display was dislodged, the two large speakers were scraped and banged up and I didn't even get back the center speaker (which produces most the sound). I immediately called Sony customer Service to complain all to be told that I have to talk to Texas. I called Texas, as directed, and was told to email pictures of the damage. I then sent an email with the pictures of my mangled system and expressed my dissatisfaction and requested that they replace my system with one of comparable value.

Within hours I received an email back saying that they received my system in that condition and that my request would not be honored. I waited a week to calm down, completed a satisfaction survey that I received by email and then called Texas once again to at least try to get my center speaker back. I was told by a representative that she would find my speaker and call me back within the day. Now, days later, I am still waiting. So trust me, if you value your Sony electronics don't send them to the Sony Customer Satisfaction Center in Laredo, Texas. I personally will never purchase another Sony product in my lifetime!

Refusal to honor warranty
By -

KENTUCKY -- In Feb. 2005 I purchased a P100 camera from my local Sears store. This was the third Sony camera I have had. I have had good luck with the camera in general, and meets my needs as a carpenter, using it to document my work, and for family photos, etc. Around Thanksgiving, I noticed some of the screws were missing from the case. The camera continued to function normally, and I elected to continue to use the camera, thinking I would send it back for replacement of the screws under warranty after the holidays were over.

By January, all but one of the screws were gone, and this allowed the metal case to come apart slightly. This apparently allowed dust, pocket lint, or some other foreign material to enter the camera. The camera began having problems with the zoom, and auto focus, and the lens would get stuck partly in or out, causing an error message that required the camera to be turned off, then back on. It was obvious to me that some debris had gotten inside the mechanism that moved the lens, and was causing the problems.

Keep in mind that the camera continued to take pictures, although the zoom function was useless, causing the camera to "lock up". The auto focus would usually function after a few tries. I went back to Sears, and they told me that the camera was still under the 1 year warranty, and they would have it fixed, no problem. I took the camera to the local Sears service center, and they in turn sent it to the Sony Repair Center in Texas. A few days later, I received a call from the repair center for an estimate for repair of the camera which was $181. The camera cost $329 new.

I called the repair center, and spoke to several technicians. This is where it gets interesting. The first tech told me it was abuse and physical damage that caused the damage to the camera and that would not be covered under warranty. The camera did have significant wear, but this was only cosmetic, and absolutely did not impair the function of the camera. I told him it was my belief that the screws falling out of the camera body had caused the camera to literally fall apart, and that in my mind that was a manufacturing defect.

After debating with several technicians, such factors as corrosion (none was present in my camera, and the tech later agreed to this), physical damage (only cosmetic, and I have photos from the camera to support its functionality) abuse (suggesting the camera had been dropped and that caused the screws to fall out), I finally was connected with the customer service supervisor. She listened to my complaint, and told me she would go and examine camera herself, and get a second opinion from some other technicians.

I explained that I was taking time off work to deal with this and would appreciate an expedient reply. She assured me that she would do this as quickly as possible and call me back immediately. I did not receive a call back or a message from her. I called her back the next morning, and she told me that the other techs had agreed, the camera had physical damage, and that had caused the screws to come out. I pressed her for details on what kind of evidence the techs had found to support this contention.

The best answer she could come up with was that the techs had examined the threaded holes in the camera body, and could determine that the screws had not come out on their own. I expressed that the camera had been in my possession from the time it was new, it had never been dropped or abused, and that to suggest that the screws had not fallen out on their own was tantamount to calling me a liar. I was also very curious how someone could look at a threaded plastic hole, and make a definitive determination on what forces caused the screw to come out. When I pressed this issue, it was suggested that the screw holes had split open.

I asked specifically which holes had done that, since she had the camera in her hands at that moment, it seemed to me to be a straightforward question, easily answered by looking at the camera. All I got was more obfuscation, and excuses. I continued to press her and the tech department for some tangible facts, and got none.

I suggested that it was a ridiculous notion to suggest that anyone could look at a screw hole and make a forensic determination as to how or why the screws came out. I recorded the 2 conversations with the Repair center, and told the customer service manager I intended for them to repair the camera under warranty, with no further delay, and if the problem was not resolved to my complete satisfaction, I would investigate alternative remedies, to include litigation, and posting my experience on camera enthusiast web sites, and consumer advocate web sites.

I asked her if Sony had ever had any problems with loose screws in the past, and she replied that they had never seen the first loose screw, and furthermore, that it was impossible for the screws to come loose on their own, since the camera was assembled by robots. I offered that Sony keep my camera to use for R+D, and quality control purposes, and simply send me a new one. That did not seem like an option.

After a few minutes of investigation on other digital camera web sites, it seems that Sony does in fact have a chronic problem with loose screws, even in the high end cameras costing $1000 or more. Also, there were a plethora of warranty performance issues, with similar complaints of Sony refusing to honor their warranty on any number of technicalities such as lack of sales receipt, lack of UPC code, lack of visible serial number on the product, etc.

At some point in the conversation, the issue of the legibility of the serial number on my camera was suggested as a reason not to honor the warranty. The serial number is on a decal on the bottom of the camera. Fortunately, I wrote the serial number on the camera manual when it was new, so I was able to recite it back to her. In short, it seems that Sony is unwilling to honor the warranty on their products, oftentimes citing technicalities as reasons not to honor the warranty. In my case, they have offered several excuses why they won't honor the warranty on my camera.

When pressed for FACTS, and specific examples of the "damage" they simply cannot offer satisfactory explanations. The suggestion that a tech can make a visual inspection of a screw hole and make a determination on how the fastener came out is totally ludicrous. I reiterated this to the customer service supervisor, and suggested that if this was their position, they may want to consider how plausible a judge, jury or mediator would find that notion. When I suggested seeking a legal remedy to my problem, I got a different tune, with the customer service rep saying something like, well since you have said that I am going to take this to another level.

I am waiting to speak with them again on Monday to see what their remedy might be. In my mind all that needed to happen to fix my camera was to take it apart, and blow the debris out with some compressed air. Sony seems to think they should sell me a year old camera for $181, which I could probably find at a retailer like Sams club, or elsewhere even cheaper. Naturally, I am very disappointed with Sony especially in light of the other similar warranty performance issues. This seems to be a chronic problem not only with the camera's but PSP's, computers, Playstations, etc.

It seems if you must have a Sony product, it is a wise investment to get some kind of extended warranty from a reputable retailer. Many internet retailers are not even recognized by Sony as authorized dealers, giving Sony an instant reason not to honor the warranty. I intend to pursue this until I am satisfied by Sony, and I can assure you that the administrative costs of this issue will cost Sony many times the $181 they want to fix my camera.

Worst Customer Service Ever!!!
By -

I purchased a Sony digital recorder online. Fed ex tried to deliver, left a door tag with an X on the box that says, "A signature is required to leave package. Leave this signed form on your door, and we'll leave your package. I signed it, hanged it on my door knob, taped it too so it doesn't get lost. I've been expecting a package but I never got it. Called Fed ex later on and said they tried to deliver the package but since I'm not home I didn't get it. Told them I left a signature how come they never left it at my door?

Fed Ex said they don't leave packages outside the door in apartment complexes. So why leave a message that says leave a signature on the form and we'll leave your package by the door??? So I said how can I get my package now? Fed ex said, “We shipped it back to Sony,” because SONY asked them to ship it back even if they have a policy of keeping the package for additional business days after 3 failed attempts. Called Sony, said I need to order again but have to pay for shipping. I was talking to a customer service representative with an Indian accent. I told him I didn't wana pay for shipping because it was never my fault that I didn't get the package.

I asked to be transferred to a supervisor since this Indian guy doesn't understand what I'm telling him. Anyway the supervisor that I spoke too was professional and did everything she can to help me, didn't ask me to pay for shipping again. However after ordering another recorder (first one was cancelled), I received an email from them saying they're out of stock. I tried to order another model but Sony doesn't have it anymore. I called just to make sure I get a full refund. But they're only giving me $5 less of what I paid for because of the shipping.

I spoke with an Indian guy again in customer service. This guy was rude, arrogant. Told me that's why they have tracking number so I should have waited for the package at home. I told him are you serious? You want me to stay home all day not exactly knowing when the package will arrive and not work??? He talks while I'm still talking, He's not apologetic, doesn't sound professional, won't transfer my call to a supervisor when I told him I want to speak to a supervisor.

So they kept on telling me if after 3 failed attempts of delivery, they would ask for the package back, give you the refund for the package but not the shipping. I kept on telling him it wasn't my fault that I didn't get it. For sure they have customers who order online and they work daytime so they are never home during the day to get the package, so in this case after 3 failed attempts they will just ask for the product back and they won't give you your money back for the shipping. So you never get the product and you lose $5!! Why can't they just follow Fed Ex protocol, wait 7 additional business days before Fed Ex ships it back to sender???

The Indian Guy told me that's how they do it so I should have read their shipping policies before buying anything. Later I read their shipping policies. It was never mentioned! I called again after 20 minutes and asked to speak to a supervisor. This time I spoke with a guy with Spanish accent, a guy named **. Told me that Fed Ex attempted 5x to delivered the package. Later I thought, wait a minute, I called fed ex on the 4th business day after the 1st attempt and they said they attempted 3x and now (it should have been the 4th attempt, 4th business day) the package was shipped back to Sony and they don't have it anymore.

So how can ** say that fed ex tried to deliver 5x? Is he bluffing? I called Fed ex and asked them if they ever deliver 5x. They said no, only 3x and then they will keep the package for 7 business days. Is he fabricating a story just to make it look that everything was done to deliver the package and it's just my fault that I didn't get it??

I know it's only $5 but It is just not right. Plus the Indian guy should have never spoken to me like that. I have never been so angry on the phone. The supervisor ** said that a decision will be made regarding this matter in 24 hours. It's been 2 days but I never heard from them. Worst Customer Service I've ever had!!! SONY is the worst!!! Buy at your own risk!!!

How Petty Can Sony Be?
By -

UK -- There I was sitting amongst my thousands of pounds worth of Sony gear, all purchased over the years using my Sony Credit Card. I accrued over 39,000 points and decided to spend them on a birthday present for my son. I ordered the new Sony DVP FX810 portable DVD player. It arrived after two months and missed my son's birthday. Never mind, he was thrilled to bits with it. That was until it broke down on the 7th day of usage. I called Sony credit card points' helpline. I explained that, during the first 7 days since purchase, it no longer works off the mains, nor will it charge up the battery.

The assistant informed me that it would have to go for a repair at a Sony Service Centre. I explained in a friendly manner that under the 7 day distance selling rule, they HAD to change it for a brand new one and not let me wait for a repair. The assistant said she would check with their sales manageress and call me back. Two minutes later, indeed, I was called back. No, you can't send it back, it HAS to go for repair, sorry. I called back again after thinking about it. I gave my name and what it was about but the assistant hung up on me before saying anymore. I called straight back.

I explained that I wasn't happy with this as I was within my rights to ask for a replacement as I was within the 7 days rule. No, I was told, once again. The female assistant was sounding a little angry by this time for some reason. "I will call you back after I speak to our sales manageress again" she exclaimed. No call has happened as yet. So, to clarify the situation, I called the Sony information line.

I spoke to a nice, knowledgeable man named **. ** told me that they HAD to replace my unit as Sony operate a “7 Day Satisfaction” guarantee. I explained that they bluntly refused to honor this and told me that they could not replace it. ** replied, they've told you a blatant lie, they MUST replace the unit. He gave me a reference number to quote.

I called back Sony Credit Card Points' line. ** was my assistant this time. She snapped “It was me you spoke to last time and I TOLD you that I'd call you back once I got more information from my manageress.” “Well, I've got some for you,” I said. I tried to give her the reference number but she wouldn't listen. “Who did you speak to?”, she snapped. “**,” I replied. “** is only on customer services, not head office, and has NO jurisdiction over me and cannot authorize anything to do with Sony Card Points,” she went on, “You'll have to wait until I get back to you, like I've already said.”

“Can you give me your manageress' name, please?” I asked. But ** said that it was for internal use only and customers weren't allowed to have it. No head office address deals with customers at all, apparently. I asked why she was being so awkward about all this and she replied that, although the goods DID go faulty within the “7 days exchange or money back guarantee” that Sony offers, I didn't actually call the helpline until the 8th day. I couldn't because of the weekend, I explained. Nobody is there at weekends, so I called first thing Monday.

That didn't matter, it was too late, according to Sony Card Points helpline. Can anybody advise me on what I should do about this or am I wasting my time? Meanwhile, still no return 'phone call, so I still don't know if they've changed their minds.

Sony MDRNC7: Laredo Repair
By -

LAREDO, TEXAS -- I purchased a pair of noise cancellation headphones; model number MDRNC7 from Best Buy. The date of purchase was 08/29/2009. Within two months of having the product, the part/piece that holds the earbud had fallen off and was missing. The earbud no longer stays attached and the headphones are useless. I contacted Sony, they gave me a work order number (**) and told me to mail the product to the Laredo Repair Center. I provided my name, contact telephone number, home address, and a description of the problem. Additionally I made a copy of the original receipt. I then mailed the product, they received the unit and notified me via e-mail.

After 16 days I received the product back "unrepaired" because the estimate was refused due to their inability to contact me for approval to repair the product. I called and e-mailed support. On the telephone they told me they tried reaching me, and I told them I never received anything other than the e-mail notifying me the product was received. I argued on the telephone that the product was under warranty, and the reason I sent the product for repair was because I approved of the repairs being done.

Then the representative informed me that they didn't have the replacement part available, so I asked why didn't they just replace the product with a refurbished product or exact model of headphone. I was informed they had none of these in stock and would offer me a refund if I send the product back a second time. Shipping the first time was 10 dollars, and a second time would mean another 10 dollars... costing me 20 dollars to get my money back on a 50 dollar set of headphones. I was frustrated and tried contacting the main number for Sony and after 30 minutes of sitting on hold I got transferred to the same number I called in the first place.

This is the worst customer service I have ever received. I will avoid at all cost any other Sony product just due to the level of customer service and rudeness of the representatives.

Manufacturer's Defect - No Satisfaction
By -

PALM HARBOR, FLORIDA -- DON'T EVEN THINK ABOUT BUYING THIS PIECE OF JUNK - You could VERY EASILY break the LCD screen if you ever have to reset the unit - SONY will not acknowledge this ENGINEERING DEFECT and actually tries to make money from it by charging YOU to replace the screen, AS IF IT WERE YOUR FAULT!!! If you do pay to replace it, it will probably break again the next time you have to reset it!

After talking to a customer service representative via telephone I was instructed to send my Sony PRS500 Reader to the repair facility in California. The unit is under warranty until October. Here is the issue: My Reader was working fine one afternoon and then it froze and I had to remove it from its case, reset it, and put it back into the case. When I tried to use the Reader after that all I got was white and black splotches on the screen. At the time I did not know that the screen problem was caused simply by putting the unit back into its case. I had no idea what happened but knew for sure I didn't drop, bang or otherwise cause the problem.

But after reading on the internet about several people who had the same problem (and the same customer service result), I realized that simply by pushing the unit into the clips on the case which is located in the center of the LCD screen, the screen CAN and DOES break. Removing the unit from its case and putting it back into its case should not be a hazardous undertaking. This is obviously an engineering defect and should be covered under the warranty.

Instead of the response I expected, I received an email including a $267.49 repair estimate. I sent an email back stating it should be a warranty repair and the next thing I knew I received an email that the unit was being sent back to me unrepaired. I called and was told that this was because the screen was broken and that it had already been shipped back to me. In reality, since this defect is still part of all Sony Readers, the identical thing could happen again at any time, and a refund, not a replacement should be in order for everyone who is unfortunate enough to own one.


Repair it or Replace it.
By -

550 MADISON AVENUE -- This is to answer Sony Corporation of America response: I do NOT agree with their response. Early May 2011, I was able to contact ** and a 2nd representative at Customer Relations to inform that the laptop in reference started to have software and hardware problems while the 5-year extended warranty was active. I also explained to them that the AON Insurance 5-year extended warranty that SonyStyle at Menlo Park, Edison, NJ had sold to me had expired in March 2011.

** and the 2nd Sony Customer Relations representative promised that Sony and AON will honor the repair of the laptop or change it if they are not able to repair it even though the 5-year extended warranty had expired in March 2011 as the laptop started to show software and hardware problems while the 5-year extended warranty was active. Then a couple of days later Sony changed its position and they refused to transfer several calls I made to contact **.

Now, Sony is saying that the issue is between me and AON Insurance. It is important to indicate that I bought this laptop at the SonyStyle store located in Menlo Park, Edison, NJ 08837. It was SonyStyle that sold me the AON 5-year extended warranty agreement. An AON Insurance representative indicated that they will not repair the laptop unless Sony ask them to repair it. Sony cannot say now that they are not responsible as they were the ones that sold me the 5-year extended warranty. Sony and AON are showing lack of ethics in conducting business by not following the agreement.

My Spouse listened all conversations I had with Sony and AON Insurance representatives and she certifies with her signature below that Sony first agreed to repair the laptop or change it in the event it could not be repaired, under the 5-year extended warranty, as the laptop started to show technical and hardware problems while the 5-year extended warranty was active.

Sony Consumer Electronics has the WORST customer service
By -

LAREDO, TEXAS -- I am compelled to express how highly disappointed and frustrated I am with Sony and their nonexistent support. Sony is supposedly a world-class company, but one would never know that given the hassle I am enduring in trying to obtain a simple refund from its Laredo, Texas "Customer Satisfaction" center, a misnomer if ever there were one!

The case was simple. My ereader unit did not function when I attempted to use. I contacted Sony and they offered to send a refurbished model. (I'm not happy that they didn't send a new model, but that's a different complaint). When the refurbished model arrived I discovered that it too wouldn't function properly. In both cases, the units failed to charge properly, even though the USB port to my computer is in good working order as is the electrical outlet in my home.

I contacted Sony's customer service and explained that I had little faith in the product since two units were malfunctioning and that I wanted to receive reimbursement on the refurbished model and the original model. I was told that a representative would return my call within one business day. The call did not come, so I contacted the department again several days later. The representative I spoke with that day said she would send me a label to return the units and that I would receive my refund.

More than two weeks elapsed and I still hadn't received the label, so I called again and got the proverbial runaround from two different representatives in Laredo. In exasperation I asked to speak to manager. I was told the manager would return my call within an hour but, not surprisingly, that call was not forthcoming.

I called Sony corporate headquarters in New Jersey and got bounced around until I was put in touch with a representative located in Central America!!!!!!! Thank goodness for the first time I was lucky to speak to a Sony representative who seemed truly interested in helping me resolve the matter.

So to sum it up, I had to make three phone calls, all of which lasted between 30 and 45 minutes each, and nothing came of it. I also had to speak to about five different reps. Sony supposedly had all the required information that I provided on each occasion, such as my case number (E48446565), serial numbers and such, and yet each representative treated me as if I were calling for the first time since each one was largely oblivious to the facts of the matter.

I'm still waiting to have this resolved, but in any case I must warn you that Sony's customer service is a downright mickey mouse operation. I will not purchase a Sony product in the future.

Worst Customer Service/Accessories Sale
By -

I recently ordered a replacement remote control for a Sony Home Theater system. It lasted a few months past warranty, but sometimes things happen. Fortunately my credit card doubles my warranty, so I could replace the remote and they would reimburse. All I needed was a copy of the replacement's invoice. The Sony Accessories website kept rejecting my credit card, so I called the order in on Oct 20th. After 20 minutes on hold, I placed the order with no trouble, was told I would have the product in 5-7 days, and the invoice would definitely be in the package.

7-days later, the website still was not showing my order, so I called again, was told that their warehouse was upgrading software and was running behind, but it would "definitely" be shipped the next-day. Another 7-days later, website still didn't show an order so I called again. Apologies but still hasn't shipped, would ship "very soon" I received the remote 21-days after the order, and there was no invoice in the box, only a packing slip. Called Sony again (15 minutes on hold) to request an invoice. They promised to request one be emailed to me, and I would receive it in 2-3 days.

After 4-days, I called again to inquire, was again told that the warehouse was having software difficulties and the invoice would be sent as soon as possible (no-idea when). I requested a supervisor and they disconnected my call. By then I was really steamed, so I called back, waited through 25 minutes on hold and was lucky enough to get the same person "**". This time, instead of getting me a supervisor, she gave me the "your voice is breaking up, I can't hear you" even though I could hear her fine. She finally hung up on me, even though I kept asking for a supervisor.

I called back AGAIN, got a person named "**" who was nice enough to explain to me that the warehouse was unable to send emails due to the system problems, but he offered to escalate the call to next level of support and stay on the phone to be sure I wasn't disconnected (finally someone who provided "customer service".) The person who I talked to promised to call me back tomorrow to let me know what they can do. No call back, of course. However, after I called in again I reached the same escalation person, "**". Over the next few days, she kept after the warehouse and I finally received an email containing the invoice.

This has been the absolutely worst experience I've ever had ordering something from any company via phone/email/mail. The delay in shipment, telephone hold times, unhelpful/misinformed staff, and inability to provide a basic document of commerce (an invoice) are incomprehensible in a company of the size and reputation of Sony Electronics. I will be VERY reluctant to purchase another Sony product and will very vocally warn off anyone considering such a purchase.

Sony did not repair my computer's defective display
By -

SAN DIEGO, CALIFORNIA -- I want to share a consumer complaint I have against Sony Electronics that Sony refuses to repair despite the defect. I purchased a Sony notebook PC on May 4, 2010 on and received the computer on May 12, 2010. The product came with a 1-year express warranty. Less than three months into my purchase and on Saturday I noticed that the display panel had developed a dead pixel that is quite noticeable to me.

I called Sony Customer Relations and they referred the matter to a "Sony Product Specialist" who stated that less than 3 dead pixels is considered "normal operations" and Sony will not repair the display panel at this time. I was also placed in conference call with the San Diego repair center which was willing to send a box to me and ship the unit for "evaluation only" and no promise to repair the unit. The warranty comes with in-home repair. The express warranty does not discuss these additional warranty terms and conditions - I believe this is a violation of Cal. Commercial Code Article 2.

I spoke to two independent computer repair centers in San Jose and both of them were shocked that Sony would not repair the display panel, that clearly a dead pixel is a product defect entitled to in-warranty repair. What really bothered me was the customer relations representative actually tried to say that this repair was at the option of Sony. I responded that this provision in the express warranty is in reference to whether the customer is entitled to an entire replacement unit, or in those specific instances where it is determined that the unit was damaged due to customer abuse or mishandling.

I have obtained from the representative the address to the legal department in San Diego, and their fax number. He would not provide a phone number. As a side note, this computer also experienced a touch pad hardware failure just a little more than one month into my purchase, and Sony sent out a PC repair person and the unit was fixed on-site at my home. Sony also announced problems with this product series in June 2010 overheating and the plastic chassis melting. They posted a BIOS update to fix the issue, which I installed.

I have never dealt with such a terrible company that only cares about ways for it to save money and leave the customer unhappy with a defective product that should be repaired pursuant to the express warranty terms, and not rejected due to its hidden surprise terms.

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