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Faulty Product and TERRIBLE customer service
By -

I recently had a very unfortunate experience with the 52 inch Sony Bravia LCD TV (Model # KDL-52W4100) I purchased 18 months ago on October 5, 2008. This experience was followed by other bad experiences while speaking with Sony's customer service and customer relations teams (4 different people).

After I turned on the TV on Saturday, April 10, 2010, I was shocked to see a number of vertical red lines stretching across the screen. After speaking with local repair shops, I am told the LCD panel needs to be replaced. The repair shop as well as a parts distributor told me the LCD panel is not an available part because the cost of this part would be approximately twice the cost of the TV.

While I realize the product is 6 months outside of warranty, I am extremely disappointed because I expected a Sony product to last far longer than the warranty period. This is precisely the reason I chose to pay a premium to purchase a Sony product as opposed to a less expensive brand such as Vizio. I put a lot of trust and money I had saved for this purchase into the Sony brand because I wanted to be confident I chose the right product.

Even after hearing the bad news, I was confident Sony would stand behind its product by assisting with either a repair or a discount on another TV. I did not expect full replacement. Before swearing off the Sony name for any future purchases for myself or my family, I decided to call the customer service number on April 14, 2010 to see if Sony would stand by its product. I spoke with two agents, both with the customer support line. They were very kind and professional, but they indicated they would need to escalate my concern to the customer relations group who handles these issues.

I then spoke with another agent on the customer relations team, thinking she would be able to offer some sort of solution. This was a quicker conversation than those I had with the other two agents. This agent simply stated the obvious fact that the product was outside of the warranty and that Sony could not offer any assistance whatsoever toward purchasing a new Sony TV. She said nobody in the company could make an exception to this since the product was outside of the warranty period.

When I asked to speak with the manager, she indicated that her manager is not taking calls. I asked her why my call was escalated to her if there are no exceptions. Why didn't customer service tell me this and save a half hour of my time? No reply.

I then found the name of someone who I wanted to write at Sony, so I called the customer service line again. After spending 15 minutes speaking with the agent and re-hashing the story, she sent me on to the customer relations team again. The customer relations agent put me on hold several times before telling me he could not tell me where the person was located. I then asked where the PR group was located, and he couldn't tell me this. When I asked to speak with his supervisor, he said supervisors did not take phone calls. When I asked to speak with the next level above the supervisor, he again refused.

I realize the product quality might not be this poor across the board, so I wanted to give Sony a chance to keep me as a customer by helping with the purchase of a new Sony TV. They failed miserably. I will continue to send several letters in hopes my letters make it to the proper management contact. I can't imagine this is how management intends to do business.

46" LCD TV failure
By -

I just got off the phone with your customer support department, and they gave me this email address to comment on my frustrations with your customer support. First, let me walk you through the events that have taken place that have led me to this point. I purchased a Sony Bravia KDL46v4100 in Sept. of 2008, for $1550 at Circuit City. This past January (1/2010) I started getting picture distortion when I first turned it on, and this problem got progressively worse as time went on, so I called a Sony authorized repair shop, Pinnacle Serv. Solutions, in Warwick, RI., to come check it out.

The technician found that the LCD was bad and estimate a repair cost of $1770. Obviously this is not cost effective to have it repaired, so I called Sony Customer support to see if anything could be done. For a week and a half they attempted to contact Pinnacle Serv. Solutions to get a copy of the service report. After I had not heard back from Sony I called Pinnacle myself and had them fax a copy of the report to Sony customer support at fax #239-768-7816.

After reviewing the estimate, Sony customer support called me back and informed they could not cover the repair cost but would offer me a replacement TV (kdl46ve5) for $720, which I accepted, and I was told to remove the serial # sticker from the back of the TV, and tape it to an 8½ x 11 sheet of paper, and to write the ref. #, model #, and also the ser. # on the paper and send it registered mail to : Sony Electronics ATT: NSP 12451 Gateway blvd Fort Meyers, FL 33913, and it would take 2weeks to process everything and deliver the TV.

I did this and sent it certified mail, USPS, on March 4th, 2010. I received my certified mail receipt and this stated on March 6h, 2010 it was received by **. After waiting 2weeks+, on March 24th, 2010, I called Sony customer support and was informed they had not received my letter/serial#. I went home last night found the receipt of delivery and called Sony customer support this morning.

After telling them I had the receipt of delivery I was placed on hold, then told I would be called back. I received the phone call back saying they found my letter, but that they needed the larger black sticker form the back of the TV, that had the serial # and model #. At this point my patience waned, as I was not told originally that I needed this sticker, and also asked why I wasn't notified about this 2 weeks ago when my letter was first received.

I spoke with ** and expressed my frustration, and he gave me this email address. So, now I must remove the other sticker, spend another $5 and send it certified mail again, and then wait 2 weeks for the replacement TV to arrive, also the original TV I was offered is no longer available. Now I know Sony makes quality products and understand there are failures in every companies product (n/million), but the support is a surprise to me, on why I had to constantly chase down answers and seems to be no accountability for the failings of the customer support team at Sony.

So there is my rant, and since $1550 is a lot of money, and another $680 a year and a half later, I'm hoping I won'€™t need to deal with the customer support again at Sony, thanks for listening.

Sony India Customer Service and USA customer service
By -

TUCSON, ARIZONA -- This is a copy with the private information removed that I sent on the crummy service on one of the most ridiculous runarounds I have ever heard about. I sent this to Sony recently. It needs posting here too for others to see the horrific service I got. In the end they fixed it, I pushed it all the way. I am now letting EVERYONE know what kind of service they have.

I waited almost 6 months to send this letter for good reason, I wanted to make sure the repair actually worked, after all, 2 months after I bought it the main screen on my LCD TV went out. So, I was being cautious, but I must bring matters from the last year to your attention none the less, I wrote this very long letter in September and October of 2007 as it progressed and then I went back and edited the wording to be appropriate in tense to make it grammatically correct.

The facts are all there, and they are correct as I wrote this down after each phone call. I request this be sent to Customer Service upper management as well as this involves them too. Also, you may be upset by this letter, but this kind of service is pair for the Sony course I hear from many people on the internet. In all of this I am not asking for any monetary damages, I trying to help you FIX your bad customer service, namely in India, stop outsourcing American jobs with televisions sold in America.:

Hello, my name is "**". I am very concerned with the way my Television case (**) was handled at Sony from the beginning right up to your judgment to just repair and not replace my Television when an LCD panel was bad and needed to be replaced. I think there were obvious things missing from your information, and little or no effort was made to ascertain all the facts in my case.

There were customer service issues that ran very deep into this matter. I want to show you what you never saw when you made this questionable judgment. I also have not received a copy (and complete explanation as to why I was denied) of this judgment yet, and wish a copy if you have not already sent one.

I know you get requests from people to have their television replaced all the time when something goes wrong. There are many reasons why I understand you may not want to replace the television I own (The warranty gives you that very decision in fact). I am a VERY understanding person, or else I would not have followed all my recourses as I have. I will compliment those who helped me at Sony and just as quickly I will condemn those who made horrible mistakes.

Let'€™s first look at the TV issue itself. It crashed only 2 months after I bought it, and Best Buy washed their hands of it after 14 days. That brings in the 1-year warranty by Sony for in house service since it was a screen over 30 inches and was LCD. That warranty has been honored effectively (as of this letter the TV has been repaired), and I thank you for your service in that respect. Here is the real center piece of the issue, but not the only mitigating factor. The replacement screen and Sears'€™s service costs 2428.00 total (2190.00 for the LCD panel and 238.00 for the service). A new TV this exact model at Best Buy costs 1595.00.

In this I still have many of the old parts on my TV and it has already been taken apart twice, which means three times minimum to repair it. This means every single piece inside has to be removed and set aside then a new screen put in and then put back together. This happened twice (since the wrong part was not discovered until they actually tried to fit it into the television frame and it did not fit) and this complete deconstruction happened 3 times in the end. The first time they took it apart to diagnose the problem. It makes no sense to me why Sony is spending 833.00 more to repair a TV that has already taken quite long to repair (It took a little over 1 month).

Sony did extend my warranty, and I can thank ** in Ft Myers for taking care of that for me, but I was told this had already happened, when in fact it had not. I was told my warranty was extended in my last customer service call to your Sony customer service center (800-469-4663). I was told many things that were not true in fact from the call center we all know is in India. This is where all the problems really started, and will be the bulk of the rest of this letter. Your customer service center in India has major issues, and in my opinion should be dismantled and brought back to the USA for American customers as it failed to help me in any way.

I called no less than 28 times to India alone not to mention the other 20 calls I made on this issue with other companies (Yes, that'€™s 45+ phone calls) and in the end, they did very little if anything to help me. I spent countless hours wasted chasing after wild geese because of them. Let me give you every single example since, this really needs to be seen to be believed. It is really a very sad issue, and should raise anyone'€™s eyebrows who know anything about customer service.

I hope Sony actually cares about the customer, because something must be done about this office in India. I took detailed hand written notes as I made these calls, so their actual authenticity at least from my point of view is crystal clear.

Call #1. I placed the call asking for service on a warranty television and opened the first customer files on my TV. They took all my information and entered it into the system or at least I thought they were doing that. I gave them my name, address, phone number, television model, problem explanation, and asked for service in my area for in home service. I asked for a complete list of service companies and they said there were only 2 in my area. (It should be mentioned we did do some basic troubleshooting, which I had already done, like reset to factory.) I found that really bad, but figured I would try none the less.

I asked them if they were sure there were not any others. I also asked for my number since I knew there must be a customer number given in these situations. I was right, and they gave me the number that started this series of phone calls. They gave me Telestar and Ross TV repair. I placed many calls to Telestar over a 3 day period, and not once did they even answer their phone, and there was no machine to take a message. I gave up on them.

I did get a hold of Ross TV repair, but they did not do Sony warranty work in home or of any kind. They said they got calls all the time from people just like me, but Sony should not have given me their number. The Ross TV repair man told me they have complained to Sony about this, and nonetheless they keep getting calls for warranty work, which they simply don't do. I was then stuck. I had to find a way to get this TV repaired. So, I called Sony Customer Service again asking for help.

Call #2. I gave them up front my E number, since I knew that should have my previous call information in it. How wrong I was about that. They proceeded to start all over, and ask me all the same questions. Not to verify either, but to actually enter it, and open a new E number. I stopped them when I realized what he was doing. I said to him, "I have an E number, I am ** in Tucson Arizona. This is about the 40 inch LCD TV I bought 2 months ago. We got nowhere."

He wanted every last bit of information from me nonetheless. Then he started to give me a NEW E number! I explained again and again that I already had called. Finally I think he figured that out, and actually took my E number from me. Then he said,"€œOh, you already have an E number."€ I said, "€œI know, I have been trying to tell you this for 5 minutes now!"€ This is when I explained that no one in Tucson was able to help me.

He said Qualxserv did in home repairs, and I could call them for assistance. I said, just call them? Do I need something from Sony to do this? He said, no, just call them. (This was not true, they need a tech support number from Sony and a repair order number from Sony). I got their number and called them. (In the end later I found out Qualxserv does not service Tucson, Arizona.) I did not get to that point because Qualxserv said they needed a tech support number and a repair order number. Of course I had neither. I called India Customer Service back.

Call #3.€“ I gave them my E number, and once again the person wanted to ask me every single little question about myself to verify, and that took 5 minutes at least. It is possible with an E number and a name to believe you are talking to the right person about the right problem with just 2 or 3 questions. My name, E number and this is about a 40 inch LCD TV would have been more than enough for anyone. Not Sony Customer Service though.They wanted my address, phone number, city, state, zip, description of the problem, and all of that again. (This becomes a repeat thing on every single call!)

I got through all of that and explained that Qualxserv needs a repair order number. They would enter that into a computer and Qualxserv would get it in 30 minutes or so. I was to call Qualxserv in about an hour to verify they had Sony's permission through a repair order. I waited and then called Qualxserv. I was informed right up front they had nothing from Sony, and in fact they do not service Tucson, AZ at all. I was chasing a wild goose. I called Sony Customer Service.

Call #4.€“ (20 questions about my name, address, E number, problem etc), and then I informed them that Qualxserv does not service Arizona. Who could they get to help me? They said Telestar and Ross TV Repair. I said, "€œNo, they don'€™t work." because€€ I asked for another, and even though I just told him Qualxserv does not service Tucson, AZ, he gave me their name. I said, "No, they don'€™t do Arizona at all." He said, "€œYou must have a Sony Tech Support number to get them to help you that is why they did not help you."€

I said, "€œYou don'™t understand, they don'€™t even service Tucson, Arizona, that is why I need another company, and in fact please give me your complete list so that I don'€™t have to keep calling back." He said, that is all they have, and that I simply did not understand that I need a Sony Tech Support repair order number and that was the real problem, and that I did not understand that.€ I hung up, as this went back and forth and got nowhere.€ I called back later to Sony Customer Service.

Call #5.€“ (20 questions about my name, address, E number, problem etc), and then I informed them as to why I was calling about not being able to get service on my TV. They gave me the same 3 companies again, and I rejected them again as before, and there was silence for some time. I then was told that I needed to take this TV in for repair if no in home place was available. I was actually fine with this from the beginning, but no one offered that as an option.

They said I could take it to Telestar or Ross TV repair. Oh boy, this simply did not work as I have already explained. (I later drove by Telestar a very small mom and pop place with a tiny run down building and their doors were closed and locked during the middle of the day on a weekday.) I think they are out of business now, but who knows. Either way, I asked for someone in Phoenix, and so I called the Phoenix numbers they gave me, which were only 2 places, interesting, Ray'€™s TV repair, and Qualxserv. Ray's does not do warranty work and Qualxserv has no office, they do only in home repairs, but not Tucson, and NOT Phoenix. I was getting nowhere, and I had to call back after learning all of this to Sony Customer Service.

Call #6 - (20 questions about my name, address, E number, problem etc), and then we are off to the problem of finding a repair company in Tucson, Arizona, or in fact would or could I send this TV someplace for repair? No, Sony had no place for me to send the television, they told me that up front. I was stuck, and nothing I could do about it. I expressed my concern that Sony had an obligation to meet the warranty by law. They said they would try to help, and so a long silence ensued. Then I got a cheery person on the line who said all I needed to do was call Best Buy and they would take care of it all since I bought the extended warranty.

I informed them I had not bought that warranty since the TV already had a 1 year warranty on it. Best Buy would not help, I had already explained this in the first phone call to customer service. Another long silence. 20 minutes of this, and finally I get a new person. I have to explain the whole thing all over again from the very beginning, and then what do I hear? Call Ross TV Repair and Telestar! I rejected that, and asked again, and again, and then got nowhere, and frustrated to tears I hung up. Later I called Sony Customer service.

Call #7.€“ (20 questions about my name, address, E number, problem etc), I finally explained my very frustrated situation and all of that, and begged, pleaded for another number, and I got Telestar and Qualxserv this time. I explained that did not work, and that we had been down this road over and over again. I said, "There is a time when you have to help a person. This is that time. Now, you get me a supervisor, and get me some help on this problem."

I got a supervisor. They told me that I needed to look at another company in another town that they would approve. They suggested someone in Phoenix this time, and that was fine, even if it was 120 miles away, I was willing to do anything to get this TV repaired. They gave me Ray's TV repair. OMG!!! I hung up, frustrated again.

Call #8 - (20 questions about my name, address, E number, problem etc), I was able to finally get through and get someone; I had been on hold for a while. I repeated everything in detail and ruled out up front Telestar, Ross TV repair, Ray's TV repair, and Qualxserv. I said, "Now, give me someone in any Southwestern city that I can take this TV to and get it repaired. I will take it there and repair it." I got one in Dallas Texas. Qualxserv!! I said, "No, that simply won'€™t work at all." They insisted I could take it to Dallas for repair.

I even called Qualxserv and asked them if I could send it in or bring it in person. I was told no, not without a Sony repair order number, of course I never had such a thing, and besides, they only did in home repairs. So I called back Sony Customer Service.

Call #9. (20 questions about my name, address, E number, problem etc), I really needed some help and it was now the 3rd day since I had started all of this. It was not going well, and would someone please help me. I was told that someone needed to take my case and work with me in more detail, I was put on hold and then a new person came on the line. I asked for help in great detail. I asked for any place, and they said, maybe I should try calling repair centers in my area, and ask around.

I said, "I had actually called over 15 repair centers on my own, (This is HORRIBLE customer service, asking someone to call around on their own!), and none of them did Sony warranty service. I had many more to call, but couldn'€™t Sony find a way to repair my television?" I asked if maybe I could have a company service the TV and send the bill to Sony and Sony would reimburse me, but that was shot down right away as being not covered under the warranty.

I understand this, but what was Sony going to do to help me? We are on call number 9 and nothing has been done to help me at all. I have gotten nowhere at all on this problem. They said they would call me back in 5-10 minutes and let me know. They needed time to research it. I said "Fine, I will await your call." I made sure they had my number and all of that. They never called back. I called Sony Customer Service about 1 hour later.

Call #10 - (20 questions about my name, address, E number, problem etc), I told them they were supposed to call me back, but they said they don't do callbacks. What? I was lied to and that became obvious. Later, I learned indeed they do callbacks, but only from US reps, and only under very unusual circumstances. I did get a USA callback later from **, the only person who may have actually helped me at Sony. That is NOT related to this callback. Read on. So, Sony suggested I try someone else. I said who???????? They gave me a number they had yet to give me.

I cannot believe it but they gave me Sears's service at this point! You can only guess they gave me the wrong number and I got nothing but a dead end recording system without any way to leave a message. There is a real Sears repair service number, and in fact later I learned what it was on my own with no help from Sony Customer service and called them on my own after looking the number up on the internet. I did not get to that point right away, and was forced to call Sony Customer Service again.

Call #11 - (20 questions about my name, address, E number, problem etc), and yes I actually had to tell them I did not need to open another E number, and that I was there to seek help. I explained I had called 10 times already, and I meant actually 10 times. They needed to help me, as Sears service was just a recording. They apologized and were nice as always, but nothing came out of any of this. The new number they gave me was the same number as before, and I knew this and they said that is the only number they have for Sears.

I dropped the idea of calling Sears at that point. (Something I took up on my own later and made work!) Then I was taken down the path of service I had been on all along, and even though I just told them to ignore all those companies from Telestar to Ross TV repair, we had to battle that all over again. I once again hit a brick wall, and got no help. I asked for a supervisor, and I got one, and then nothing. I mean nothing. I got silence, dead air. This person would not answer any question I asked. If they did they always said how sorry they were, but nothing else.

I said, "What are you going to do?" I got silence, and how they must apologize about this and that, and still not a thing. How many times does a person have to ask the same question over and over but get no answer and hear how sorry the other person is for them? I could take no more, and took the time to hang up and call back later. So I called Sony Customer Service again.

Call #12 - (20 questions about my name, address, E number, problem etc), I then asked if the representative on this call could help me locate someone to repair my TV no matter what it might cost me, I just wanted it repaired. It was now 4 days into this mess. I was told 5 Star Electronic Service could help me. I called them, and they do NOT do Sony warranty work and they would not replace a bad LCD screen if that was the problem since a new one costs more than the TV itself. I was forced to call Sony Customer Service again.

Call #13 - (20 questions about my name, address, E number, problem etc), I had no intention of paying for a new TV at this point, and I wanted some satisfaction. Why is it now 13 calls and nothing has happened but me getting run all over the place, and I asked them these questions. I asked if I could talk to an American. They point blank said they were the ones I HAD to talk to no matter what. I hung up. Later, forced to solve this problem, I call Sony Customer Service€.

Calls #14 through #25 -I kept trying to come up with some angle that would get the TV serviced under warranty, and nothing and I mean nothing worked, this time I had a new strategy. (Why was I forced to come up with any strategy? This is the most horrible customer service I had ever seen or heard€. and it got much worse. Read on.) I thought maybe I could send this or take it myself to California someplace for repairs, so I decided to see what was up in California, since California is only 5-6 hours away from Tucson.

I found out about repair places in cities like Riverside. That served no purpose though, as the ones recommended by Sony there were Qualxserv only. Give me a break!!!! Is Sony just playing with me now? Am I a game to these people in India? They must know me by now and are just playing with me€. OMG I was ticked, and I had to hang up!!! Later I called Sony Customer Service. It just gets worse.

There were so many calls during this time about service I ran by new angles over and over, so let me skip ahead the one and only time in this long letter. It all came down to Sony running me back to Telestar, and then to some other company here or there that offered nothing for me.

Call #26 - (20 questions about my name, address, E number, problem etc), By now the whole thing had gotten me down, and I was beaten, but not out. I decided to pursue the repair issue with Sears again. I was on track, but still did not know it, and believe me Sony Customer Service in India did nothing to help at all, and once again when I asked about Sears they gave me that same number. It all worked for not in the end, but I decided when I hung up I would call another number I found on the internet. I hung up and called Sony Customer Service later. 5 days after the TV crashed.

Call #27. (20 questions about my name, address, E number, problem etc), I called customer service to ask what I could tell Sears since they do indeed handle warranty work, and Sony should have recommended them in the first place. I was asking only for them to call Sears and verify my warranty for them. Sony Customer Service said they could not do that. What? How do I get this repaired? Nothing. No answer, I mean nothing too! I hung up since they would not talk to me now.

The Cure! I called Sears at this point for the 2nd time, and indeed, Sears said they understood my situation and had a cure for me. They said I would not have to deal with Sony Customer Service in India anymore. They were not right (I did have to call Sony Customer Service in India later for more help), but they got the ball rolling at least for the first time, and sent a tech out to look at the TV, YES! Action! (Sears did it all in 2 phone calls! Yah for Sears!!!!) (Let me repeat, this phone number came from the internet NOT Sony Customer service. I solved this riddle myself, not by Sony Customer service)

I had a repairman in less than a week, it was now Sept 13th and a full week later, and I had not talked to Sony for 2 days. The repairman identified the problem as a bad LCD screen and ordered the replacement part and it took 2 weeks to arrive. I waited 2 weeks, and the part arrived, and Sears called me to verify I would be there to take the service, and sure enough, 2 repairmen arrived, and took my TV apart, and brought in the new LCD panel.

WOW!!! I was in heaven! (Again, let me be clear, nothing Sony did made this happen, this was all Sears and my doing.) The joy was short-lived though. The part did not fit, they had the wrong LCD screen ordered. I was forced to call Sony Customer Service to see if I could get a replacement TV. So, I called Sony Customer Service.

Call #28. (20 questions about my name, address, E number, problem etc), You can only imagine the trouble I had this time, but let's not imagine, let'€™s experience it first hand. Sony said they could not authorize anything. They were not going to get me another panel, another TV, nor an extension on my warranty. They asked to talk to the repairman, and they did for a long time, and it was clear Sony or Sears messed up but Sony was not going to do anything to help in any way. I was told this over and over, and then once again I was asked to hand the phone to the repairman who explained that this whole affair was really bad for me, and that they needed to do something.

So, she finally tells me she can extend my warranty 60 days. I was thankful (I should not have been, because she just told me she couldn'€™t do this, and yet here she was doing it. Later I learned she didn'€™t do anything at all, and it was just a pack of lies!) So, I asked what about getting a new TV? I deserved a new TV! I said I would wait for a call from a local Sony rep about this matter. The decision was made without even talking to me, something I was supposed to be able to do. I never got to express any of the contents of this letter, and nothing was left for me but to write this horrible letter.

For the horrible terrible crummy service, lies, and stupidity I deserved something, don'€™t you think so? What about all those phone calls? Can you believe I had to make all those calls? I know you don'€™t, and that is sad, because this all really truly happened. I am a 43 year old professional at IBM, and I don't tell lies like your India people seem to be able to do all the time. I don'€™t write an 8 page letter just for sport.

This is not funny at all, and I want something for my trouble now! I deserve it! I have bought Sony products all my life, why now do I have this problem? Could it be India Customer Service? Not entirely, you cut me off on this decision right here in America. Anyway, I will now post my closing statement:

In the end, the service at Sony has been beyond horrible, and only Sears has come through, and without them I would be totally left in the dark. I would be forced to file a class action lawsuit to recover from a lost TV. All Sony had to do was have me contact Sears in the first place, not a hard thing to do, but impossible for these people in India for whatever reason. I have been grossly wronged by Sony, but in the end I did get my TV repaired. There was a glimmer of hope from **, but why didn'€™t I get a chance to express my opinion before a judgment was made?

I was told by India Customer Service I would get a chance to speak before that happened. Oh, I was told by India, that was a lie, I should have guessed it. Either way, you should have waited to decide until you heard all of what was in this letter. You didn't care about me, that is now obvious. I will remember this on the web in the future.I know how to web log (Blog)..I am an expert. Remember, I am a System Engineer with plenty of knowledge and determination. Sony is will figure VERY prominently in future web logs by me. I know about consumer advocate groups, and I use the internet all the time. I will wait and see if this thing ever gets fixed.

Why do I not have a new TV? Why? What is the logic in spending 833.00 more than the cost of a new TV? Are you just trying to punish me now for some reason? If I ever got mad in this, and believe me anyone would, then so what, I hung up always before I blew my stack. I called back later, and in the end I got nothing. I hope you sleep well knowing you mess with people'€™s lives like this. I don'€™t make a 6 figure income; I work hard for a living, and have spent over 20 years in the computer field earning every battle scar. I really don'€™t appreciate any of this at all.

One thing, this TV is still a great TV, and Sony continues to lead the market with some of the best TVs, they have only 1 real threat which is Toshiba. Other brands like LG, Sharp, and Samsung are not as well made and it shows. They have customer service issues too, why can'€™t Sony clean it up?

Still, A VERY unhappy customer

Poor Customer Service
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PANAMA CITY BEACH, FLORIDA -- I purchased a SONY Bravia LCD TV and within 4 months of use it went black. We phoned SONY and they attempted to contact the repair service provider in our area. They were unable to make contact so they gave me his name and number and told me I could attempt contact. I did this. He arrived the next day. After a short inspection he said the problem was the power module. He ordered this and replaced it, with my assistance, as he was all alone. This repair didn't work so he said he had to replace everything else. At this point I told him I wanted a new TV. He said that was between me and SONY. Needless to say SONY wasn't the least bit cooperative.

They thought it was nothing to have a $2000.00+ TV stop working within a few months of purchase. After a month they still refused to replace it so I had to agree to have it repaired. Note here: when SONY repairs your TV the parts are guaranteed for either 30 days or the end of your TV warranty. If they are only guaranteeing these parts for 30 days I assume they are reconditioned. So now I have a $2000.00+ TV with rebuilt parts. I have encountered customer service people who just don't care but none more than those at SONY. When we got the TV back our cable company actually sent a tech out to reprogram it as the SONY tech didn't even return it high def capable.

In any case I have advised anyone who will listen about SONY and have actually received phone calls from people looking for a new TV and heard about my experience. In this way I have affected a few sales. I believe SONY is living on reputation only and find their products to be of low quality. When looking for a digital camera for my parents in an electronics store I was actually warned off the SONY camera.

NO Customer Service
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My parents (who are senior citizens) bought the above television as a gift to themselves in 12/08. On 6/13/09 it stopped working and they contacted Sony Customer Service. On 6/17 a serviceman came to their home (complaining of the lengthy drive and was rude to my mother who had to take time off from work to meet him) to replace the said-needed part. It did not work. He took their TV back to his repair facility. On 6/19 my mother was told the additional part needed was on backorder until 7/10. On 6/24 my mother spoke with Sony and was given a reference number and her case would be reviewed by Tech Review and she would get an answer within 72 hours.

On 6/29 she still had heard nothing and called back and was put on hold for 40 minutes. She hung up, spoke with another representative and was told she would receive a call back on her cell phone (as was instructed was the best way to reach her). When she got home, there was a message on her home number (NOT her cell as they were asked to do). The message said they needed another day to get an update for her. On 6/30 she called Tech Review again and was put on hold for over 20 minutes. She hung up and called Customer Service and was told there was still no answer on file and promised someone would call back that day. No one did.

On 7/1 she called again and spoke with someone who told her that Sony would be sending her a refurbished unit or pay a "few hundred dollars more" for a new TV. Her TV was barely six months old! She asked to speak with a manager and was refused several times, he said "like it or not". She was told if she took the refurbished unit, it would take 10 to 14 days on top of the lengthy time she's already been without her original TV. Plus she has had to take time off from work several times to have her TV delivered and serviced.

Why should she have to pay more money to get a new replacement?? If she wanted a refurbished TV, she would have paid less money up front for one. My mother is 63 years old and is a kind, patient person. This situation has upset her so much, it has affected her physically. She paid good money for this TV, plus a 4 year extended warranty and all she has gotten is a runaround and the TV is only 6 months old! She should be receiving a NEW replacement television. Sony? Never buy anything of theirs again. Never.

Shattered Sony Bravia 46" FlatScreen
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LOMPOC, CALIFORNIA -- As stated in my previous posting, my 46" Sony Bravia LCD was discovered shattered. The TV was purchased in April 2008 and had been working for three months. On this particular day that it was discovered shattered we had been out unloading a trailer of household items from Georgia. We came home and was having lunch and wanted to watch TV when we noticed the grey lines across the screen. When turned on it was a beautiful kaleidoscope of colors. The LCD was shattered. When the repairman came out he wrote it up as being broken in shipment and wrote that it was abuse that broke the LCD.

"WE DID NOT SHIP" the TV. It was already in our home. He quoted $2895 plus labor to fix the TV. By him writing up abuse Sony voided the warranty and subsequently the extended warranty. That visit cost me $89.95 for the technician to tell me that the screen was shattered. Now 8 months later another repairman for Sony came out and quoted $2495.00 plus $295.00 labor. I also asked the Sony help desk (somewhere in the middle east) and asked what I could do with the TV since it was collecting dust in my living room.

I was told to take it to an electronic disposal place and go and buy another one. I guess I am down to my last option; send it to Sony USA CEO in New York City (have his address) and donate it to his kids. I will buy a Vizio flat screen next time. They seen to go pretty fast at COSTCO. I will not buy another Sony product and as soon as I can sell my Sony music systems (amps, cd players, BlueRay) I will find another vendor.

Sony sells TVs like they are just another throw away object and when it breaks you just throw it away and go buy another one. They sell TVs cheap and then double the cost of the items to repair it. My last comment. If I broke the TV then I wouldn't be so upset.

Shame on Sony
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We bought a 32" Sony Bravia. This was quite a big spending item for us, because we are like the majority of people who live paycheck to paycheck. Had gone with Sony due to their name. I will never buy Sony again. We have had the TV for maybe 2 yrs and now the picture is messed up. The picture is doubled and discolored. I am now trying to save for another TV and I promise you all that it will not be a Sony. Shame on you for making such a horrible product. These need to be recalled and reimburse the people that had depended on you for good products.

Warranty Service
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Bought two brand new NX800s in June and one went bad in November. OK that happens but when the service people came out and took the set they called and said the mother board went bad and they would replace it and return the set. No problem so far. When they returned the set they plugged it in and got a no signal message so they just said, "You set it up not our problem." I have no idea if they in fact fixed the set, if it's working or not.

When I called to complain all Sony did was keep me on hold for over an hour and then tell me that they were sure the set was fixed and that it was my job to get a picture on it. Warranty does not cover anything like setting it up. What a joke you pay over $2,000 for a set and the first problem they run the other way. This will be my last Sony product and I am in the production business and will do everything I can to make sure no one I knows buys Sony.

Bravia 52" LCD Panel failure
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I purchased a KDL 52 inch Sony Bravia 17 months ago. After 14-15 months I noticed digital lines on the screen. Called customer service and was told to try a software fix. That did not help and they had me pay for a Sony authorized tech to check it out at a cost of $135 dollars. The Tech took one look and said he knew what the problem was and has seen it in other Sony TVs. It needs a new LCD panel at a cost of over $2500. I only paid $2000 for the TV 17 months ago.

I contacted Sony customer support again and because it was out of warranty they could not help with the repair. They did offer to sell me another TV at ~25% discount from what I could purchase it online. They wanted me to pay another $1500 on top of the $2000 and I would get to keep the old TV. My other choice would be to pay for the repair since it was out of warranty.

Sony you should be ashamed of yourself for trying to squeeze your customers into buying another TV. Did I mention that I have one week to make a decision or the offer is rescinded? The LCD was advertised to last for 60,000 hours, that is 2,500 days or almost 7 years running. I'm sure in the 17 months I had the TV I put less than 2,000 hours on it. Sounds like fraud to me and Sony should be held accountable for selling faulty LCD panels. Sounds like a class action lawsuit just waiting to be filed. One more former Sony customer that can't wait to tell people never ever buy another Sony product.

Another sad Sony Bravia tale
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I was thrilled to receive this TV as a 40th Birthday present in November of 2007. I got to pick it out, so I know it cost $860 and was purchased at Circuit City. Had no problems, until 2 years almost to the day. Suddenly the picture was distorted and orange. I ended up taking TV to a Sony repair shop where I was originally told the repair would cost $300. I wasn't happy, but agreed to the repair.

I was called 4 weeks later and told that Sony doesn't offer the part on its own (the part needed is a T-con board??) and that I would have to purchase an entire new LCD screen at $800. When I picked up the TV from the repair shop (it's now sitting in the garage collecting dust as I stew about what to do with it!) the repairman told me this was the fourth time he has seen this model come into his shop with the same problem.

I have contacted Sony customer service and spoken with people all the way to the national headquarters and they refuse to stand by this product. They will only honor a 1-year warranty. The only reason I spent that kind of money was because I have always been a loyal Sony consumer-- especially for TVs. I felt OK about the purchase because of my experience with previous TVs. I am really disappointed in this company and will not buy anything Sony in the near future. I can't believe they refuse to stand by their products, especially in this kind of an economy.

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