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Poor Customer Service
Posted by Duffer on 04/19/2008
PANAMA CITY BEACH, FLORIDA -- I purchased a SONY Bravia LCD TV and within 4 months of use it went black. We phoned SONY and they attempted to contact the repair service provider in our area. They were unable to make contact so they gave me his name and number and told me I could attempt contact. I did this he arrived the next day. After a short inspection he said the problem was the power module. He ordered this and replaced it, with my assistance, as he was all alone. This repair didn't work so he said he had to replace everything else. At this point I told him I wanted a new TV, he said that was between me and SONY. Needless to say SONY wasn't the least bit cooperative. They thought it was nothing to have a $2000.00+ TV stop working within a few months of purchase. After a month they still refused to replace it so I had to agree to have it repaired. Note here: when SONY repairs your TV the parts are guaranteed for either 30 days or the end of your TV warranty. If they are only guaranteeing these parts for 30 days I assume they are reconditioned. So now I have a $2000.00+ TV with rebuilt parts. I have encountered customer service people who just don't care but none more than those at SONY. When we got the TV back our cable company actually sent a tech out to reprogram it as the SONY tech didn't even return it high def capable.

In any case I have advised anyone who will listen about SONY and have actually received phone calls from people looking for a new TV and heard about my experience. In this way I have affected a few sales. I believe SONY is living on reputation only and find their products to be of low quality. When looking for a digital camera for my parents in an electronics store I was actually warned off the SONY camera.

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Posted by SCRooster on 2008-10-02:
I purchased another Sony Product recently, a KDL32 Bravia. Within 30 days, a line of pixels went-out about 2/3rds of the way up the screen - and within 48 hrs everything below that line had a distored white cloud over the picture.

I called Sony, did the whole "power reboot" thing as instructed, but to no avail. So they immediately offered my choice of either an onsite service/repair or a new replacement.

Three days later I received the "new" replacement - but it was not new. It was refurbished and it was/is a mess. A huge hunk has been knocked-out of the case/frame of the tv on the lower left part of the speaker, (and had been previously circled by someone to note the damage in silver paint of some sort). In addition, their are wear marks on the buttons, scratches on the screen and it hums like a trolling motor when it is powered-on. (Imagine a loud hummmmmmm whining while trying to watch your $800.00 TV ... and it never stops.)

I immediately called Sony about the used TV they sent to replace my brand new $800+ TV that I had owned for less than 30 days.

They told me tough luck. Basically told me to stick it where the sun doesn't shine and that since I didn't actually file the claim with the fax until the 32nd day after purchase, that they were not obligated to replace my TV with a new TV ... only a "refurbished" used model. And as far as appearance goes, or anything else goes, she asked me, "Does the TV we sent you work? Does it turn-on and have a picture?"

I answered, well, yes, but there is a scratch on the screen, it hums like a trolling motor and the case looks like it is ten years old and has been grinded with a sanding disc ..."

She cut me off and replied, "Then that is all we are obligated to do. I am sorry. You may write ..." and she gave me an Executive Review Committee address in Florida.

The bad thing is that this caused me to look at the reviews on the Internet and I was shocked to find all the complaints against what used to be the finest electronics manufacturer in the world in Sony. But I have discovered that these are now made in China, and things are no longer well with Sony quality - nor their customer service.

Unfortunately, I dropped over 5k cash with Best Buy on all Sony products on the same day including a 42" bravia, two DVDs, a Home Theater System, a Playstation for my son and the 32" bravia that promted all of this.

I will never ever purchase another Sony product again - and I was a lifelong customer having bought my first Japanese made Sony while stationed in Italy with the 509th Airborne Infantry Regiment in 1979.

I am very very disappointed. Sony is not what they used to be and they basically just took-me for a ride as far as I am concerned.

For anyone Googling Sony or the Bravia TVs, I highly recommend that you look elsewhere. Do not invest your hard earned money with a Sony product - you may regret it sooner than later based upon my experience and the experience of others which you will find doing a simple Google search.
Posted by Anonymous on 2008-10-02:
Sony Bravia TV's have turned out to be a real piece of junk for Sony. They have two re-calls going on them right now that we know of. Check out the Sony Bravia recalls, you may have a case for replacement or repair. Smart consumers seem to be staying clear of them right now until Sony gets it's house back in order.
Posted by 23with2 on 2010-07-12:
I am in total agreement with you. I purchased a 32" Bravia LCD and was pleased with it, however, after 13 months of owning it, I started getting rainbow type splotches on the screen. I called Sony customer support, which was unfriendly and not helpful at all. Finally, I got the name of a local Sony Service Tech and called them out. I was told my LCD panel had failed, and it was defect Sony knew existed in their Bravia's. Sony refused to do anything about it, told me it was unfortunate and there was nothing they could do, as I was outside of my 12 month warranty period by 2 weeks!! The cost to repair the TV, after parts and labor and quoted by 3 different techs was going to cost approx 775.00. The TV didn't even cost that much! I was furious. After one more year of dealing with the splotches, which over that year spread into thick black lines across the middle of my screen, I gave in and purchased a new TV. I have a Samsung at this point, and I LOVE it! I did my research this time, great customer and tech reviews. I'm not finished with Sony, my next step at this point is to contact the BBB on this issue.
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Faulty Product and TERRIBLE customer service
Posted by Mq100000 on 04/19/2010
I recently had a very unfortunate experience with the 52 inch Sony Bravia LCD TV (Model # KDL-52W4100) I purchased 18 months ago on October 5, 2008. This experience was followed by other bad experiences while speaking with Sony's customer service and customer relations teams (4 different people).

After I turned on the TV on Saturday, April 10, 2010, I was shocked to see a number of vertical red lines stretching across the screen. After speaking with local repair shops, I am told the LCD panel needs to be replaced. The repair shop as well as a parts distributor told me the LCD panel is not an available part because the cost of this part would be approximately twice the cost of the TV.

While I realize the product is 6 months outside of warranty, I am extremely disappointed because I expected a Sony product to last far longer than the warranty period. This is precisely the reason I chose to pay a premium to purchase a Sony product as opposed to a less expensive brand such as Vizio. I put a lot of trust and money I had saved for this purchase into the Sony brand because I wanted to be confident I chose the right product.

Even after hearing the bad news, I was confident Sony would stand behind its product by assisting with either a repair or a discount on another TV. I did not expect full replacement. Before swearing off the Sony name for any future purchases for myself or my family, I decided to call the customer service number on April 14, 2010 to see if Sony would stand by its product. I spoke with two agents, both with the customer support line. They were very kind and professional, but they indicated they would need to escalate my concern to the customer relations group who handles these issues.

I then spoke with another agent on the customer relations team, thinking she would be able to offer some sort of solution. This was a quicker conversation than those I had with the other two agents. This agent simply stated the obvious fact that the product was outside of the warranty and that Sony could not offer any assistance whatsoever toward purchasing a new Sony TV. She said nobody in the company could make an exception to this since the product was outside of the warranty period. When I asked to speak with the manager, she indicated that her manager is not taking calls. I asked her why my call was escalated to her if there are no exceptions. Why didn’t customer service tell me this and save a half hour of my time? No reply.

I then found the name of someone who I wanted to write at Sony, so I called the customer service line again. After spending 15 minutes speaking with the agent and re-hashing the story, she sent me on to the customer relations team again. The customer relations agent put me on hold several times before telling me he could not tell me where the person was located. I then asked where the PR group was located, and he couldn't tell me this. When I asked to speak with his supervisor, he said supervisors did not take phone calls. When I asked to speak with the next level above the supervisor, he again refused.

I realize the product quality might not be this poor across the board, so I wanted to give Sony a chance to keep me as a customer by helping with the purchase of a new Sony TV. They failed miserably. I will continue to send several letters in hopes my letters make it to the proper management contact. I can't imagine this is how management intends to do business.
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Posted by andbran on 2010-04-19:
nowadays when the warranty goes out no company will do anything for you. i do hope you get some resolution. i would like to hear someone get some sort of break. good luck
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HDMI On & Off
Posted by Eddieg on 07/18/2011
I kept losing HDMI on my Sony, phone calls to Sony helped with the usual unplugging of unit and waiting 2 min plugging back it worked again, day later went off again.

Called Sony they sent out a up grade for HDMI, worked for a while went out again, another up grade was sent out, it works however it clicks off the HDMI at any given moment.

Long story short, I hooked up back to components all works well. Sony has a major problem with TV HDMI. But will never admit to it !!
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Posted by Alain on 2011-07-19:
What are the components hooked up to the TV through the HDMI?
Posted by Whiteduck on 2011-07-19:
I have also noticed some issue as regards Sony's HDMI ports. My 3 year old Sony works great. My 1 year old Sony sometimes can't interface with the sound thru the HDMI port and I have to reset the TV to get the sound back. And then the sound will pop loudly enough to make me think it's damaging the speakers.

I agree that there's something going on with Sony's implementation of HDMI.
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Warranty Service
Posted by Lsl on 12/03/2010
Bought two brand new NX800's in June and one went bad in November, OK that happens but when the service people came out and took the set they called ans said the mother board went bad and they would replace it and return the set. no problem so far. when they returned the set they plugged it in and got a no signal message so they just said you set it up not our problem. I have no idea if they in fact fixed the set, if it's working or not. when I called to complain all Sony did was keep me on hold for over an hour and then tell me that they where sure the set was fixed and that it was my job to get a picture on it, warranty does not cover anything like setting it up. what a joke you pay over $2,000 for a set and the first problem they run the other way. this will be my last Sony product and I am in the production business and will do everything I can to make sure no one I knows buys Sony.

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Shame on Sony
Posted by Mudrearth on 11/18/2010
We bought a 32" Sony Bravia. This was quite a big spending item for us, because we are like the majority of people who live paycheck to paycheck. Had gone with Sony due to their name. I will never buy Sony again. We have had the TV for maybe 2 yrs and now the picture is messed up. The picture is doubled and discolored. I am now trying to save for another TV and I promise you all that it will not be a Sony.

Shame on you for making such a horrible product. These need to be recalled and reimburse the people that had depended on you for good products.
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Posted by kenkenny on 2011-01-29:
most complaints seem to be US based. I am in Ireland and recently have had my 40" sony bravia screen fail.The TV is just 3 yrs old.However i am taking Sony to a small claims court which is my legal right in this country.The expected lifespan of an electrical item of this value is accepted to be an ABSOLUTE MINIMUM of 5 years and 7 years on average. I fully expect to win my case and get at least 50% of my purchase price(1500euro) refunded.you should check you legal rights in tour country,there must be a similiar law.i have 2xsonyps3's, the 40" and a sound system.I will NEVER EVER buy Sony again.their customer service is appalling.
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Sony, the worst service ever
Posted by Sillyjoy on 08/27/2010
My TV (Sony Bravia) is less than one year and a half old and it already doesn't work. It has no image, no sound. I've called Sony to share my frustration and they told me "We take note of your complaint but we do not offer any feedback". They refused to give me any fax number or email that I could use to document my complaint...
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Posted by Helpful on 2010-08-27:
Sony's entire product line is called Bravia. Based upon that information, alone, it is impossible to pinpoint the unit you have.

I love Sony, and especially their television line. A family member just had their Sony TV serviced after owning such for several years. The problem was electively covered by Sony.

I've always stated that even the very best products can experience problems. Did you have an extended warranty on the television, either through Sony or the retailer? If you're not sure, contact the retailer you purchased the TV through. They keep records, in many occasions, just for such purchases.

Thanks for posting and please let us know what you find out from the retailer.
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Do Not Buy Sony!!
Posted by Kallun on 08/17/2010
Purchased a Sony television because we trusted the brand name. Mistake. Television lasted for 14 months-- just long enough to be out of warranty. We have just now had enough money to get estimate on repairs, which turn out to not be possible. Television is junk. Any product that requires the extended warranty is not worth buying, and this was not just a problem, but a serious lemon. DO NOT BUY SONY!

P.S. Just TRY to find someone at Sony to listen to you..
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Posted by Anonymous on 2010-08-17:
About 90% of the postings on this site are opinions whether it be from OPs or commentators. If people kept their cotton-pickn' opinions to themselves this would be one boring place that's for sure. Heck I'm nothing but a fountain of baseless opinions I spew from my hind end.

Now about Sony I tend to agree somewhat with the OP. I used to be a big Sony fan back in the day when Sony meant superior quality but those days have passed. I find for the most part Sony is no better and many times not as good as the competition but still bares the premium price. Not a winning combination if you ask me.
Posted by Venice09 on 2010-08-17:
"Any product that requires the extended warranty is not worth buying"

Exactly!.. it's nice to see people finally starting to understand this.

I agree with Starlord and Stew. The main purpose of this site is to post experiences and opinions. It's up to the reader to decide the merit of the complaints. Sometimes it's clear cut but not always, and the comments can help provide a bigger picture. Either way, as Starlord said, people should post honest reviews and opinions but refrain from calling for boycotts or ordering people around. I'm willing to listen to opinions and take them into consideration but would rather make up my own mind instead of being told what to do.
Posted by Helpful on 2010-08-18:
I agree with Starlord in that everyone has some product that's went out before the expected. "They're terrible. Don't buy from them. yada yada." This is a good example in that Sony is an absolutely great manufacturer. They make very good products and really aren't any more expensive than other OEMs. Their product line now covers everything from entry level pieces to high end.

Even the very best names in the business can and will have defective issues. That's what extended warranties are for. Forgoing this option is taking, what the industry has come to call, the assume and fume direction. Read my blog for "Buying Right". Hopefully it will help the OP from running into this same problem again.
Posted by Kallun on 2010-08-18:
"Do not buy anything Sony!" is a warning from a disgruntled consumer. No political action is mentioned or intended. I stand by my opinion.
Posted by Anonymous on 2010-08-18:
Kallum, I stand by your opinion as well.

And for the record extended warranties are a sucker's bet. First of all extended warranties is a misnomer because its not really a warranty but rather an overpriced insurance policy where the cost far exceeds the benefit. The only winners in the 'extended warranty' racket are those selling them.
Posted by Venice09 on 2010-08-18:
Kallun, your opinion is not the problem, but I still agree with Starlord that people shouldn't try to force their opinions on others. I personally don't listen to anyone who tells me to never do this or that. I make up my own mind after hearing MANY opinions.

Stew, extended warranties CAN pay off on major appliances IF they are honored and without a hassle. The problem is that today's appliances are so poorly made that companies are having a hard time handling all the problems. They are no longer coming out ahead with these warranties like they used to. For me, it was worth having 'insurance' on items like my refrigerator and washing machine because those are things I can't do without. But now I take my chances. Extended warranties are too expensive and risky as we see from all the complaints. It's a much better idea to put the money aside to be used toward repairs when necessary.

I think Kallun's statement says a lot:

"Any product that requires the extended warranty is not worth buying"
Posted by PepperElf on 2010-08-18:
"extended warranties CAN pay off on major appliances" - like on my old used ford taurus. that extended warranty paid for itself in the long run.

though as for sony electronics... if we boycotted every brand that someone had trouble with, i'm not sure there'd be any brands left to buy.
Posted by Anonymous on 2010-08-18:
"extended warranties CAN pay off" ~~ So can slot machines.
Posted by Venice09 on 2010-08-18:
"if we boycotted every brand that someone had trouble with, i'm not sure there'd be any brands left to buy."


Stew, I don't want to gamble when purchasing expensive appliances.
Posted by goduke on 2010-08-18:
I sure hope so, Stew. I'm going to Vegas in a few weeks and my 401k can use some help!
Posted by PepperElf on 2010-08-18:
hell the penny arcades on base in japan were nice. i didn't play much but when i did, i usually walked away with $20 to $30 in winnings. (and yes that's after taking out what i spent in pennies)
Posted by Anonymous on 2010-08-18:
Venice, When you buy an extended warranty you're gambling and the house edge on that bet is about 40% or more. Like Homer Simpson says, 'Extended warranty!!! How can I lose?'.
Posted by Venice09 on 2010-08-18:
But it used to be that I was guaranteed a payoff because something is always going to break and usually at the worst possible time. It was nice to know that the fix was only a phone call away without any unexpected expense. That's not the case anymore. Now it is a gamble, which is why I no longer play.
Posted by Helpful on 2010-08-18:
Truthfully, Stew, extended warranties aren't a "sucker's bet". I've had they pay off for me to the extent that I'm money ahead of what I've paid out on extended warranty costs. Family members and many people I know are in the same position. Extended warranties are not necessarily a profit center for a retailer. If the retailer you purchase from handles their warranty programs as such, I'd suggest finding a different retailer. A good reseller handles their extended warranties as a customer service issue and, as a result, truthfully pays out to take care of warrantied problems and keeps their prices lower to serve the public better. Their return is generally more market share because people want to buy from this type of retailer more.

The frustration I have is people complaining about some product, in this case Sony, when the manufacturer's agreement has already run its course. When the Kallun purchased the television, the manufacturer told him, basically, they knew it would run for at least a year. If it didn't, they would cover the costs. Kallun AGREED to this the moment he purchased the product. Whereas he didn't concern himself with an extended warranty, he admitted he was willing to accept any risk after that year. THAT'S IT - SIMPLE. Except that there are a percentage of any product or any name brand that will experience problems. That's reality. His Sony, for whatever reason, was one of those. Now he's trying to convince the rest of the public that Sony must produce their products poorly because his one unit went out. Guess what?! Sony produces some really great products. They're one of the leaders within the electronics industry by any consumer magazine rating system. And sure, we're going to see complaints about Sony on this website, because that's what this website is based around. But there's complaints about every other electronics brand out there and, while we're at it, every appliance brand, every car brand, every satellite or cable franchise.

Look, the point is, I don't believe anyone is going to read this or any other review and say, "Wow. I better stay away from that brand." If they did, they'd stay away from every brand listed on this site, which would mean no one would buy anything. Really, read my blog entitled "Buying Right". It covers this same topic. It's become, what I consider, a winning attitude within a market full of complaints.
Posted by anniea24 on 2011-07-06:
I used to buy Sony also. My son has a 14 year old Triniton that I gave him when we moved that still works.

We bought a Vizeo at Costco, wouldn't turn on 2 days later. We took it back and got the Sony. Has anyone bought a recent 32 inch model?
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Bravia 52" LCD Panel failure
Posted by Pot2pn on 07/14/2010
I purchased a KDL 52 inch Sony Bravia 17 months ago. After 14-15 months I noticed digital lines on the screen. Called customer service and was told to try a software fix. That did not help and they had me pay for a Sony authorized tech to check it out at a cost of $135 dollars. The Tech took one look and said he knew what the problem was and has seen it in other Sony TV's. It needs a new LCD panel at a cost of over $2500. I only paid $2000 for the TV 17 months ago. I contacted Sony customer support again and because it was out of warranty they could not help with the repair. They did offer to sell me another TV at ~25% discount from what I could purchase it on-line. They wanted me to pay another $1500 on top of the $2000 and I would get to keep the old TV. My other choice would be to pay for the repair since it was out of warranty.

Sony you should be ashamed of yourself for trying to squeeze your customers into buying another TV. Did I mention that I have one week to make a decision or the offer is rescinded. The LCD was advertised to last for 60,000 hours, that is 2,500 days or almost 7 years running. I'm sure in the 17 months I had the TV I put less than 2,000 hours on it. Sounds like fraud to me and Sony should be held accountable for selling faulty LCD panels. Sounds like a class action lawsuit just waiting to be filed. One more former Sony customer that can't wait to tell people never ever buy another Sony product.

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Posted by Helpful on 2010-07-14:
I know you wouldn't begin to agree with it, but many of Sony's models are considered the best in the industry. Have you contacted the retailer about the problem? In some cases they may have included or offered an extended warranty with the purchase. If so, they will stand the cost of replacement. Contact them and see what they can do for you and let us know what happens. I really would be interested to know.

Best of luck.
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Another sad Sony Bravia tale
Posted by Ticked at Sony on 06/29/2010
I was thrilled to receive this TV as a 40th Birthday present in November of 2007. I got to pick it out, so I know it cost $860 and was purchased at Circuit City. Had no problems, until 2 years almost to the day. Suddenly the picture was distorted and orange. I ended up taking TV to a Sony repair shop where I was originally told the repair would cost $300. I wasn't happy, but agreed to the repair. I was called 4 weeks later and told that Sony doesn't offer the part on its own (the part needed is a T-con board??) and that I would have to purchase an entire new LCD screen at $800. When I picked up the TV from the repair shop (it's now sitting in the garage collecting dust as I stew about what to do with it!) the repair man told me this was the fourth time he has seen this model come into his shop with the same problem.

I have contacted Sony customer service and spoken with people all the way to the national headquarters and they refuse to stand by this product. They will only honor a 1-year warranty. The only reason I spent that kind of money was because I have always been a loyal Sony consumer-- especially for TV's. I felt OK about the purchase because of my experience with previous TV's. I am really disappointed in this company and will not buy anything Sony in the near future. I can't believe they refuse to stand by their products, especially in this kind of an economy.

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Posted by Helpful on 2010-06-30:
I know you're frustrated, however I don't necessarily agree with the statement of not standing behind their product. Even you state within the complaint that the product was the television along with a one year warranty. If you wanted the manufacturer to "stand behind the product" further, you should have inquired about purchasing additional warranty coverage through them.

I will tell you that Sony still produces one of the best LCD/LED televisions today, incorporating their proprietary but well reviewed Bravia microprocessor. If you were to consider anything above a 46 inch screen, I'd also look at the new Sharp Quad-Pixel technology. You'll pay a little more for it, but you'll find they make a nice product.

Be careful about the retailer you're buying from. Locate one that you can trust and hopefully handles their own extended warranty programs. Then do some price comparisons. This is not the time to be cheap. What you're trying to do is find good value, which has a lot to do with the retailer you're purchasing through.

Let us know what you decide. I'd love to know. And best of luck.
Posted by Venice09 on 2010-06-30:
I'd be Ticked at Sony, too. They absolutely did not stand behind their defective product. Designing a product to last only a short amount of time, thereby forcing the consumer to either purchase an extended warranty, pay for repairs out of their own pockets or discard the product prematurely is indeed shameful.
Posted by mudrearth on 2010-11-18:
i feel ur pain...they have lost a customer here as well...my sony bravia went out on me after 2 yrs as well!!!
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52 " bravia black line
Posted by Artguy on 06/22/2010
Within a year of owning the Sony bravia a vertical black line developed on the right side of the screen. It fades as the TV warms up, but never disappears. I was not sure what it was and due to personal situations I did not call on it until after the warranty period was over. I own so many Sony products that have performed well, yet the biggest Sony purchase I have ever made is the one that has failed. I have some Sony electronics for over twenty years without a problem! I am so disappointed in this TV. I have even considered covering the side of the screen up to the black line so I won't be annoyed by the distraction. I did not buy the extended warranty because I believed that a product with a reputation like Sony should not need insurance. Foolish me!
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