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Warranty Not Honored as Promised
By -

TENNESSEE -- I now have the 2nd replacement that Sony has sent me that is not "refurbished" by their own definition. I have reported this to Sony and to the Better Business Bureau. It appears that the PSP has had many complaints and the customer service department has treated others rudely just as they did me. Sony needs to stop making the PSP if you can not produce a product that lives up to its warranty description. Sony is offering a replacement product that is supposed to function as a new product but instead is scamming people into paying them an additional $89.00 for an already overpriced hand held is unacceptable that does not work.

Sony is promising, on page 138 of the PSP Instruction Manual in the warranty that they will replace within a year with a new or refurbished PSP. Sony defines "refurbished" as has been restored to it's original specifications. Well, I am sure I was not the only unlucky consumer to be shipped 2 "refurbished" PSP's that were not restored to the original specifications.I am highly angry that Sony will not refund my $89.00 or replace this 2nd "refurbished" PSP with a new one. They requested that I pay to ship this back to them for an additional charge for me. This is crazy.

It is insane that I would have to put more money into Sony's worthless product and they are accepting NO responsibility for the lack of offering a product that is not of the standards they describe in their manual and their warranty agreement. I too have talked with a Supervisor. It took two phone calls to get one that would talk to me. The first one did not feel that I should tie up their time. The second one, simply had the same attitude Sony must promote. They did not care. Sony does not seem to mind if you are not pleased with the product they offer you.

They are selling plenty of defective products and since they get the money on the front end, the consumer is just out of luck. I have $390.00 invested in just this little hand held apparatus not including the games and IT DOES NOT WORK!!! I am interested in a class action lawsuit. If anyone else has been treated unjustly by Sony or feels that Sony has provided this same service to them, let me know.

No warranty without a receipt
By -

ILLINOIS -- My daughter received a Sony PSP as a gift in April 2005. The on/off button broke in January 2006. Since she does not have the receipt, Sony will not honor their warranty. She will have to pay $125.00 for a refurbished PSP. Sony Customer No Service said that since this was a gift, she was not the original owner, therefore No Warranty. Customer of No Service even laughed at my daughter (who is 25) on the phone. Of course you have to make sure you have plenty of time to wait on hold to speak to someone.

Please make sure if you purchase a Sony gift for someone, give them the receipt or No Warranty. I have called several Retailers in my area asking what Sony's warranty is on the PSP. None of them told me I had to keep my original receipt, in fact when I told them of the policy, they were surprised, even telling me that the Sony Reps that come into their stores have never said anything about this. I will never purchase another Sony product again. By the way when I told the Supervisor of the No Service Department this, he didn't care at all.

By -

ALTAMONTRE SPRINGS, FLORIDA -- I purchased a PSP on 12/23/05 and here it is 1/14/06 not even a month yet and the LCDS screen has faded. I called their customer no service about this and the first thing he said was that it was out of warranty (in only 3 weeks) and that I would have to pay $125 not including shipping and handling charges to get it repaired. I refuse - I will fight this tooth and nail. Even taking them to small claims court if I have too.

I am tired of corporation taking advantage of consumer after they spend their hard earned money on there products. I am going to start a major anti-Sony campaign if this is not corrected and taken cared. And as for you all out there. DO NOT LET THEM WALK OVER YOU - fight them back. They're sitting on 8 billion dollars profit last year and they cannot fix LCD screens that bull____. I'll keep you guys posted.

By -

FLORIDA -- I bought a PSP Aug. 2006 for my son. Within 1 week had to return it to the store due to the system stopped working altogether. I was given a new one and was told by an employee of the store that Sony was having problems with their units. Now, this second unit also stopped working. It would not read any of the game discs. I had to send it out and received a used unit that was fixed. Once again this unit is not working, call Sony and guess what! I was told Sorry your units coverage is just about up and it would be $90.00 to have it fixed, which you know is a bunch of bologna.

They send someone else's problem unit to you. I feel it is a rip off of this company. Why should I have to pay when the same problem has happened to 3 units within 1 year and 1 month?! I WILL NEVER BUY ANOTHER SONY PRODUCT. I will go out and buy the Nintendo DS, they seem to stand behind their product.

Cheaply made products
By -

I am so upset about the quality of the Sony PSP, I purchased two of them for my children at Christmas, and I have had to send them both in to be repaired at my own expense might I add. The first time I sent in the PSP it was because it would not read the game disk (UMD). Then it was the sound that went out. Now I have one with a cracked internal screen, and a very upset child. The warranty doesn't cover this cracked screen. At two hundred dollars each I expected them to be made better than this.

More PSP games
By -

NEW YORK -- I love my silver Play station portable - its excellent. I just hate that there more games for the Nintendo DS than the PSP. You should try to request or make the same games for PSP like DS. You should make Pokemon games for PSP and the new baby game called Baby Pals. Please take in count my request. It will give you more money and give us customers enjoyment. Please and thank you.

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