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This TV is awesome
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HOUSTON, TEXAS -- I finally sprung for a good TV. The most I've ever spend before this was like $400. This one cost $1500 but it was worth it. It's a Sony, Flat screen, wide screen, High definition CRT television. I was putting it in a corner so I didn't need the LCD flat screens, and I didn't want to pay so much for a Plasma, so I settled for the CRT. I believe this one is 37", so its big enough, but not huge. The quality of the picture in HD is just fantastic. Watching the NBA playoffs for example in HD widescreen is just about like being there. I was going to buy a slightly cheaper one like JVC or other brandd, but decided to spring for the Sony, just comparing the picture quality in the store I could see a difference.

Now I'm just waiting for all broadcasts to be in HD widescreen, which will supposedly happen within a year.

I love this TV!
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wmsales_assoc on 10/22/2005:
I agree. If you're willing or able to spend the extra money, Sony has by far the highest quality electronics of any brand out there. It's right up there with Toshiba and Panasonic as the top brands.
Sparticus on 10/31/2005:
We have a Samsung HDTV from about 3 years ago. Still works perfectly and has a great picture. Never once did it need to get "aligned" since it has built in re-alignment. Great tv. Would recommend it to anyone.
rojerdojer on 02/05/2008:
I really like the picture on my Sony 40 inch LCD 1080P, but let's be clear, the LCD panel burned out 2 months after I bought it, and I had all kinds of problems getting it repaired under warranty. I did manage my review...still this is Bravia is the best HDTV on the market! It has been working for 6 months now, no issues...cross my fingers...heck Sony was good enough to extend my warranty 2 months I did get something for all my 48 phone calls....yes 48....argh! Click on my name and find the link to my review...It is a LONG post, and tells my horrific Sony Customer Service tale. Still, they make a pretty awesome product. It's their service that is the real issue.
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MENTOR, OHIO -- My 42 inch TV is just two years old and needs the light box replaced to the tune of $1,100.00. Although it has the infamous blue haze/blob, Sony says it will not fix it.

After paying almost $2,300.00 for this TV I will never buy another Sony. I can go to any wholesale club and purchase a TV for almost the same as the cost to repair this one.

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lobo65 on 07/17/2007:
Don't buy rear projection HDTV's in the future. This is a well known problem with that format.
Anonymous on 07/17/2007:
Rear Projection Televisions are not like other televisions that can run maintenance-free for 20 years or more. They need to have their lamps changed on occasion, and most have air filters that need to be cleaned every month or two. Lamps typically last about 8,000 hours on most models high end models, some of the cheaper models last only 1,000-2,000 hours. Keep in mind however that some lamps won't make it all the way to their estimated life spans.

Get a LCD flat panel. Had one for 2 years, works/looks great.
ACO1979 on 07/17/2007:
Since this morning, I spoke with Sony again and they have agreed to pay for repairs. It seems my model, among some others, have been added to their list of units that they have extended the warranty until 2008. You can go to their website to see the list. Thank you for your input HappyJoyBear, I will get more info on the filters and make sure to clean them.
Reiser0002 on 08/12/2007:
I have a 42 inch rear projector Sony that is five years old and need the circuit board with the major power circuitry. If I cannot find someone who will give me theirs, you can have the light part that you need from it. I am in DC. Name is Mike
ACO1979 on 08/13/2007:
Thanks Mike, that was extremely nice of you to offer your light box and I'm sorry about your TV problems.
The good news is, the TV is fixed and back home. It must have been going bad long before the haze appeared, because the picture is now awesome!
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