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MENTOR, OHIO -- My 42 inch TV is just two years old and needs the light box replaced to the tune of $1,100.00. Although it has the infamous blue haze/blob, Sony says it will not fix it.

After paying almost $2,300.00 for this TV I will never buy another Sony. I can go to any wholesale club and purchase a TV for almost the same as the cost to repair this one.

This TV is awesome
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HOUSTON, TEXAS -- I finally sprung for a good TV. The most I've ever spend before this was like $400. This one cost $1500 but it was worth it. It's a Sony, Flat screen, wide screen, High definition CRT television. I was putting it in a corner so I didn't need the LCD flat screens, and I didn't want to pay so much for a Plasma, so I settled for the CRT. I believe this one is 37", so its big enough, but not huge. The quality of the picture in HD is just fantastic. Watching the NBA playoffs for example in HD widescreen is just about like being there. I was going to buy a slightly cheaper one like JVC or other brandd, but decided to spring for the Sony, just comparing the picture quality in the store I could see a difference.

Now I'm just waiting for all broadcasts to be in HD widescreen, which will supposedly happen within a year.

I love this TV!
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