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Sony - Poor Product Quality
By -

For the past 10 years I have purchased only Sony products for my home (TVs, VCRs, DVD, Sound Systems, etc.) because of what I thought was the high quality of the products and the fact that Sony would stand behind their products. Imagine my total frustration and surprise at finding that the first time that I encounter an issue with Sony products and Sony would not take responsibility and assist with what is clearly a design defect or a manufacturing defect of their products. I purchased two high end WEGA Sony TVs in 2003 (KV-36XBR800 and KV-32HS510) only to have both die within one month of each other (09/09 -10/09) with a power supply failure.

The cost to repair the defective power supplies in both is $404.52... this is on top of the over $2000 that I spent to purchase what I thought was the top of the line, reliable TVs on the market. And I have spent over 2.5 hours of hold time calling Sony's Customer Relations number having them send me out for estimates only to tell me that they could not assist because the units were no longer under warranty. Why waste my time if you were not going to assist?

I took both units to the authorized repair location as instructed by the Customer Relations agent ** (who stated they would assist after obtaining repair estimates) and then was simply dismissed by ** (second agent) when I called back with the estimates - with his statement that - I cannot assist you because the units are clearly out of warranty (after being an hour on hold, while he called the authorized repair shop to confirm the estimates).

Clearly you must agree that for both units to fail with the same issue within 30 days of each other than the problem must be design flaw or poor manufacturing of the power supply (I would hate to think that it was planned obsolesce). I have a 20 year old Samsung TV that is fully functional, and a 10 year old Panasonic, but in 2003 I put my entire faith in Sony because I felt I was buying the best products available. Imagine my disappointment with the Customer Relations area (they are clearly not SONY employees because they do not care about Sony's reputation).

I always expected Sony to stand behind their products and as a consumer I feel that I have been abandoned by Sony which is why I have turned to you for assistance. I would greatly appreciate your assistance on getting these units repaired. Prior to my giving up on Sony products forever...

Resolution Update 10/29/2009:

Resolved...Sony representative called yesterday to inform me that they will assist with repairs to both TVs.

Beware Of The Sony Book Reader
By -

I was given a Sony book reader 700 series for xmas from my kids. Being an avid reader it was a great product. All was well till April when the reader's battery started to not hold a charge. So I called Sony customer service and was told they would ship me out a new reader for a $29 dollar labor charge. Being that the reader was still under the one year warranty I refused to pay the charge and after some discussion they chose to waive the fee. I received the new Refurbished reader and all was well till September when Sony upgraded there ebook software to a new 3.0 operating system and I couldn't get any of my purchased books to transfer to my reader.

Again a call to Sony technical and after a two hour call it was decided to send me a new reader again the song and dance about the $29 fee. Which I again refused to pay. The new book reader arrives and instead of being the 700 I receive the 600 series. By now I'm pretty upset because we originally paid $400 dollars for the 700 and the 600 is only $299. Also the 700 has a built in light that the 600 doesn't. Nowhere in the warranty does it state they can substitute a more expensive model for the cheaper one and I certainly was never told they would be doing this.

So back to Sony customer service and I am told they don't have any 700's to send and instead will send me a book cover with a light attached. No mention of a refund of the $100.00 difference, for that I have to call the Sony style store I bought the original reader from. Now again this reader doesn't work, I can't transfer any books and the technical brains at Sony, after another hour on the phone with them, can't figure what's wrong with it. So I'm out $400.00, not to mention all the books I purchased over the past 10 months, and I have a piece of electronic junk that I'll probably use as a doorstop. I should have asked for a Kindle!

Total disregard to customer
By -

I am furious with the customer service provided by Sony. My Sony Cybershot DSC-T200 was purchased for over $452 in December of 2007 and given to me for Christmas. I purchased an additional $60 worth of accessories. In January of 2009 as I was about to take pictures, the camera showed a black screen with multicolored lines on the screen. I went to the Sony help site to see what could be done to fix the problem. Nothing there was a help. I then spent some weeks trying to find a camera shop to see what could be done. No one could help and I was told that only a Sony repair facility could repair the camera.

By this time it was April. I don't have the time to spend hours and days at a time to deal with a camera repair. I finally got information from the Sony site and filled out all the forms following the instructions to pay for insurance and shipping to a facility in Texas. In addition, I sent a check for $141. How could I throw away a camera that cost more than $500? I had to pay the $141 and the cost of shipping and insuring the camera. The person behind the desk said they do about 12-15 ships to Sony a week! Outrageous! My camera now is soaring in cost to the $700 mark.

I surely do not have a camera worth $700. We do not have that kind of money, by choice, to spend on a camera! The Cyber-Shot is not a $700.00 camera. I contacted. Mr. **, Vice President for Service Operations, Sony Electronics, San Diego, Ca 92128. An assistant named ** phoned me to say he appreciated my feedback, but too bad it took me too long to figure out what to do about the camera repair, so thanks for writing to Sony and he disconnected from me while I was talking to him. So much for customer service from Sony. It seems clear that **'s objective is profit for Sony at the expense of the customer. No fair treatment for a Sony customer.

Horrible customer service
By -

I bought the first generation Blueray player (BDP-S1)when it hit the market for a hefty price of $1000. For the most part I was happy but I heard that Sony customer's service was bad but I had no idea until...
A few days ago I was sent a firmware update for my BDP-S1 from Sony. I installed it and it literally made my BDP-S1 totally worthless. I called Sony and they told me to send it to them for repair. They wanted me to pay for the shipping to have my faulty BDP-S1 that is still under full warranty. They sent me the firmware that caused my system to crash and now I have to spend approximately $50 to ship it back to them after they caused the problem with the faulty firmware/BDP-S1. This is unheard of, in my opinion, that I should have to spend my money to have an item under full warranty repaired especially after Sony is the direct cause of the problem!!

I argued with Sony on the phone for over twenty minutes about the shipping fee and finally they agreed to send me a shipping label via an e-mail. 48 hours pass and I called back to check on the status of the shipping label and, again, I have to fight with them on the phone. They were adamant "We don't pay for shipping." I give them the case number which supposedly was related to the authorization for the shipping label--it fell on deaf ears. Now another 48 hours has gone by an no label. It has been over five days and two phone calls to Sony and no response. I will call again but I suspect it will be a non-viable phone call.

I have Samsung monitors, Dell and Toshiba computers which have at one time or another required service. Samsung came to my house and picked up my 42" plasma and exchanged it for a brand new one at no cost. Toshiba sent my shipping labels to have my Qosmio laptop computer picked up for warranty and Dell came to my house to fix my computer. Sony? Horrible follow through and the worst customer service. I love electronic gadgets and Sony is one of the biggest makers of electronic gizmos but I will never ever buy another Sony simply because they have the absolute worst customer service and warranty work. I never thought I would ever be writing such a review or for that matter any type of review but here I am. Don't buy anything Sony because when you walk out the door from the store you are simply and horribly on your own--don't expect Sony to stand behind their products for they simply don't unless you want to spend more money. I am on a mission for I am going to find every site I can and post my review because I got burned by Sony after I spent a $1000 on blue ray player that Sony won't back!!!

Sony repair center NIGHTMARE
By -

SAN DIEGO -- I liked my Sony Cyber Shot DSC-W1 camera very much, the design and features were outstanding. What made me decide to never buy another Sony product ever again was the SHAMEFUL Sony Service Center. My camera started shutting itself off about 6 months after we purchased it. Sony instructed us to send it in to the service center for repairs. We did, and that's when the nightmares begin. First, they claimed to have never received it (even though we had a tracking number showing it was signed for by the service center weeks before). After 3 weeks of back-and-fourth, they finally found it. Hooray!

3 more weeks go by with no contact from Sony. So we wade through the 20 minutes of automated phone crap till we finally get in touch with a human being. They told us gleefully that our camera was fixed and that it was shipped back to us the day before. Unfortunately, they decided to ship my camera to someone who wasn't me. In another state. Heck, it wasn't even a person, it was a camera store. This was revealed by the tracking information from UPS. So, back to the automated phone crap.

Now, when I call Sony, they think I am the camera store that they sent my camera to. I have to explain to each DOLT I speak to that I am NOT calling from a camera store in Colorado, that I am in fact just an individual consumer in San Diego. Once we get past that, they tell me it's going to be weeks before they can try to find out what happened to my camera (and the 512MB memory card inside it). They also inform me that IF they can't find it, they will gladly replace my camera with a new one... but that the process of getting it to me also takes several weeks.

Apparently those fine folks at Sony have never heard of Christmas. Or birthdays. Or the fact that I sent the damn camera to them in October and it's now the middle of December. Should I have to wait another month for them to do some stupid internal paper-shuffle? I don't think so. Let's not overlook the fact that every time I speak to one of those clowns over there, they all promise me a call back that same day with definitive information on when I can get my camera... calls which of course were never returned.

This is an ongoing saga. I had a similar ride on the merry-go-round with these morons a couple years ago when my Sony DVD player decided to blow up and catch on fire. Please, good people, take my advice: DO NOT PURCHASE PRODUCTS FROM THIS OUT-OF-TOUCH COMPANY. Clearly, they do not stand behind the products they make and sell. All they want is your money. You'd think they would be aware of the fact that it's harder to get new customers than it is to keep the ones they have. This one is gone for good.

Sony customer service sucks
By -

I purchased a Sony home theater system a month ago brand new in the box from an electronics store. Upon getting it home I realized that it was missing a wireless speaker card. Called Sony the next day (not a 1-800 #) told them of my problem and was told they would ship me the part in 7-10 business days. Two weeks and no part later I contacted Sony again & was told that the order was messed up & I would get the part in 7-10 business days. A week later Sony calls me & tells me that they need a receipt for my purchase or they cannot ship me the part.

Upon faxing the receipt to them I asked if they could speed up the shipping since the customer service so far was terrible. I was told they couldn't because they had to order the part. Since my 30 days is up I cannot take this home theater system back to the store. I have many Sony made electronics in my house ranging from home theater systems (2) to the PS3 & PS2 & the PSP. After dealing with Sony this time I will move on to another electronics maker. Sony will never get another dollar from me again.

Poor Customer Service
By -

I want to bring to your notice the horrible customer service provided by your company. I sent a Sony Receiver for repairs on October 6, 2010. It has been almost a month but nobody is able to tell me that when I will get it back. The customer service wait time is more than an hour sometimes and the number they have provided for the Laredo customer service center is (956-725-4877) does not even exist. The toll free number has a wait for more than an hour.

How will you feel when you are made to wait for an hour on the phone? I am not even worried about the cost of the receiver. I am going to buy a new one any way but the whole incident has brought the real face of Sony in the open. I am not asking you to replace the receiver or expedite the repair. I just want to bring it to your notice the mismanagement in your organization. It is a pity that I cannot even get the postal address of Sony customer service at any website of Sony. I asked several of the customer service agents but they do not have the postal address.

Buyer Beware!
By -

If you are in the market for a new DVD player, avoid the frustration and do not buy a Sony. Our DVD player was purchased in 2007 and has been lightly used by adults only. Recently, it stopped playing discs altogether with "unable to play this disc" appearing on screen. Contacted Sony customer service which had me try the few things I had already attempted to do to fix it. Overall, they were unhelpful and seemingly unsympathetic to my plight, stating, "your player is in need of repair", knowing full well that it costs more to repair it than to just replace it.

Upon further online research, I found that I am not alone!! Many Sony DVD models have had the exact problem as ours so apparently, Sony is not doing anything to alleviate these issues, but rather continuing to sell defective merchandise. Maybe they consider it planned obsolescence... I consider it dishonest!

Don't Send Anything To Laredo, TX!
By -

LAREDA, TEXAS -- I sent two cameras for repair in one box. I had a work order for the newer, more expensive camera, a hand written note on the original work order for the lesser one. Guess which one came back? The cheap one ($91 to repair). The new one, the one on the original work order? Sony Laredo, Tx says they never received it. Really? How did you know to connect the lesser camera with me? There was no work order. I have spent HOURS with customer service and with Laredo, TX and even sent a letter to their CEO and VP or Services. Guess what? Not squat. They are a horrible, horrible company to do business with. Never again, Sony. Never again.

A Lemon of Sony LCD 52inch Model:KDL52XBR5
By -

We have a Sony LCD 52-inch TV cost new from Best Buy $4,600.00. That is just over 2 years old. It just started having double lines, double picture, and dark section on the left side. Had a professional TV repair guy come out, (recommended by Sony) to check the problem. Looks at screen and said, “You need a new LCD panel.” Cost Labor shipping and installation $2,800.00 and of course it's out of Sony's so called Warranty, which was extended for 18 months.

According to the complaint dept. So they know about the problem, never did a recall, let alone dare say anything to the public about this problem. So I'm stuck with a Lemon of a TV. All they said they can do for me is forward my complaint... Right, In the Round File. I used to be a loyal Sony Product buyer. Not anymore.

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