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Sony - Poor Product Quality
Posted by on
For the past 10 years I have purchased only Sony products for my home (TVs, VCRs, DVD, Sound Systems, etc.) because of what I thought was the high quality of the products and the fact that Sony would stand behind their products. Imagine my total frustration and surprise at finding that the first time that I encounter an issue with Sony products and Sony would not take responsibility and assist with what is clearly a design defect or a manufacturing defect of their products. I purchased two high end WEGA Sony TVs in 2003 (KV-36XBR800 and KV-32HS510) only to have both die within one month of each other (09/09 -10/09) with a power supply failure. The cost to repair the defective power supplies in both is $404.52....this is on top of the over $2000 that I spent to purchase what I thought was the top of the line, reliable TVs on the market. And I have spent over 2.5 hours of hold time calling Sony's Customer Relations number having them send me out for estimates only to tell me that they could not assist because the units were no longer under warranty….why waste my time if you were not going to assist. I took both units to the authorized repair location as instructed by the Customer Relations agent John (who stated they would assist after obtaining repair estimates) and then was simply dismissed by Carlos (second agent) when I called back with the estimates - with his statement that - I cannot assist you because the units are clearly out of warranty (after being an hour on hold, while he called the authorized repair shop to confirm the estimates). Clearly you must agree that for both units to fail with the same issue within 30 days of each other than the problem must be design flaw or poor manufacturing of the power supply (I would hate to think that it was planned obsolesce). I have a 20 year old Samsung TV that is fully functional, and a 10 year old Panasonic, but in 2003 I put my entire faith in Sony because I felt I was buying the best products available….imagine my disappointment with the Customer Relations area (they are clearly not SONY employees because they do not care about Sony's reputation).
I always expected Sony to stand behind their products and as a consumer I feel that I have been abandoned by Sony which is why I have turned to you for assistance. I would greatly appreciate your assistance on getting these units repaired …. Prior to my giving up on Sony products forever…..
Resolution Update 10/29/2009:
Resolved...Sony representative called yesterday to inform me that they will assist with repairs to both TVs.
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Beware Of The Sony Book Reader
Posted by on
I was given a Sony book reader 700 series for xmas from my kids. being a avid reader it was a great product. all was well till April when the readers battery started to not hold a charge. so I called Sony customer service and was told they would ship me out a new reader for a $29 dollar labor charge. Being that the reader was still under the one year warranty I refused to pay the charge and after some discussion they chose to waive the fee. I received the new Refurbished reader and all was well till September when Sony upgraded there ebook software to a new 3.0 operating system and I couldn't get any of my purchased books to transfer to my reader. again a call to Sony technical and after a two hour call it was decided to send me a new reader again the song and dance about the $29 fee. which I again refused to pay. The new book reader arrives and instead of being the 700 I receive the 600 series. By now I'm pretty upset because we originally paid $400 dollars for the 700 and the 600 is only $299.Also the 700 has a built in light that the 600 doesn't. nowhere in the warranty does it state they can substitute a more expensive model for the cheaper one and I certainly was never told they would be doing this. So back to Sony customer service and I am told they don't have any 700's to send and instead will send me a book cover with a light attached.

No mention of a refund of the $100.00 difference, for that I have to call the Sony style store I bought the original reader from. Now again this reader doesn't work, I can't transfer any books and the technical brains at Sony, after another hour on the phone with them, can't figure what's wrong with it. So I'm out $400.00,not to mention all the books I purchased over the past 10 months, and I have a piece of electronic junk that I'll probally use as a doorstop. I should have asked for a Kindle!
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Total disregard to customer
Posted by on
I am furious with the customer service provided by Sony. My Sony Cybershot DSC-T200 was purchased for over $452 in December of 2007 and given to me for Christmas. I purchased and additional $60 worth of accessories. In January of 2009 as I was about to take pictures, the camera showed a black screen with multicolored lines on the screen. I went to the Sony help site to see what could be done to fix the problem. Nothing there was a help. I then spent some weeks trying to find a camera shop to see what could be done. No one could help and I was told that only a Sony repair facility could repair the camera. By this time it was April. I don't have the time to spend hours and days at a time to deal with a camera repair. I finally got information from the Sony site and filled out all the forms following the instructions to pay for insurance and shipping to a facility in Texas. In addition I sent a check for $141. How could I throw away a camera that cost more than $500? I had to pay the $141 and the cost of shipping and insuring the camera. The person behind the desk said they do about 12-15 ships to Sony a week! Outrageous! My camera now is soaring in cost to the $700 mark. I surely do not have a camera worth $700. We do not have that kind of money, by choice, to spend on a camera! The Cyber-Shot is not a $700.00 camera. I contacted
Mr. Mike Ehlers
Vice President for Service Operations
Sony Electronics
San Diego, Ca 92128
An assistant named Barry phoned me to say he appreciated my feedback, but too bad it took me too long to figure out what to do about the camera repair, so thanks for writing to Sony and he disconnected from me while I was talking to him. So much for customer service from Sony. It seems clear that Mike Ehlers' objective is profit for Sony at the expense of the customer.
No fair treatment for a Sony customer.
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User Replies:
Anonymous on 06/23/2009:
I have heard of other Sony Cubershots doing the same thing. Same complaints too, Sony looked for reasons to get out of repairing it even when under warranty. If you replace it take a look at the Canon's, they seem to hold up better.
MRM on 06/23/2009:
I agree Superbowl, Canon cameras are da shiznit! I own a Canon SD780 model, and that is the best camera I ever own! I will get a second same model when the price comes down further!
Anonymous on 06/23/2009:
MRM, were still using the five series but can't justify moving up to the higher pixel models because the dang thing works so great. Never had a problem with it and it still takes great digital pic's.
MRM on 06/23/2009:
I still have the A590 and that is awesome, but it is bulky for portability.
Nefa on 06/24/2009:
I tried to contact Mr. Mike Ehlers
Vice President for Service Operations
Sony Electronics
San Diego, Ca 92128
He must be so insulated from the customer, he never gets the snail mail sent to him. You can google him and find where he has presented at electronics seminars on customer service. His sole goal is profit for Sony and not customer service. The Sony market plan presents a solid front to prevent the customer from getting any favorable response from anyone at Sony if the customer has a complaint. Any response to customer is a rote response that that starts with a thank you to the customer for feedback to Sony and then a flat refusal to do anything about the complaint.
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Manufacturer's Defect - No Satisfaction
Posted by on

You could VERY EASILY break the LCD screen if you ever have to reset the unit - SONY will not acknowledge this ENGINEERING DEFECT and actually tries to make money from it by charging YOU to replace the screen, AS IF IT WERE YOUR FAULT!!! If you do pay to replace it, it will probably break again the next time you have to reset it!

After talking to a customer service representative via telephone I was instructed to send my Sony PRS500 Reader to the repair facility in California. The unit is under warranty until October. Here is the issue: My Reader was working fine one afternoon and then it froze and I had to remove it from its case, reset it, and put it back into the case. When I tried to use the Reader after that all I got was white and black splotches on the screen.

At the time I did not know that the screen problem was caused simply by putting the unit back into its case …. I had no idea what happened but knew for sure I didn’t drop, bang or otherwise cause the problem…. but after reading on the internet about several people who had the same problem (and the same customer service result), I realized that simply by pushing the unit into the clips on the case which is located in the center of the LCD screen, the screen CAN and DOES break.

Removing the unit from it’s case and putting it back into its case should not be a hazardous undertaking. This is obviously an engineering defect and should be covered under the warranty.

Instead of the response I expected, I received an email including a $267.49 repair estimate. I sent an email back stating it should be a warranty repair and the next thing I knew I received an email that the unit was being sent back to me unrepaired. I called and was told that this was because the screen was broken and that it had already been shipped back to me. In reality, since this defect is still part of all Sony Readers, the identical thing could happen again at any time, and a refund, not a replacement should be in order for everyone who is unfortunate enough to own one -


This will be the LAST Sony product I will ever buy!
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User Replies:
DigitalCommando on 09/15/2007:
The quality of your reader, and it's design, are symbolic of Sony's decline in the audio/video marketplace. Once a great manufacturer, especially with its "trinitron" tv that WAS the worlds best tv, Sony has now transitioned into a mediocre manufacturer who's focus is more about digital rights management, and installing hidden "rootkits" on our computers than with providing a quality product. (google "Sony rootkit"). Your decision to "dump" Sony is well founded and I have done the same after being a Sony die-hard for most of my life.
phimerica on 01/15/2008:
Anonymous on 01/15/2008:
DigitalCommando even though this is an older thread has the "Best Answer". He knows his stuff.
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How Petty Can Sony Be?
Posted by on
UK -- There I was sitting amongst my thousands of pounds worth of Sony gear, all purchased over the years using my Sony Credit Card.

I accrued over 39,000 points and decided to spend them on a birthday present for my son.

I ordered the new Sony DVP FX810 portable DVD player.

It arrived after two months and missed my son’s birthday.

Never mind, he was thrilled to bits with it. That was until it broke down on the 7th day of usage.

I called Sony credit card point’s helpline.
I explained that, during the first 7 days since purchase, it no longer works off the mains, nor will it charge up the battery.

The assistant informed me that it would have to go for a repair at a Sony Service Centre.

I explained in a friendly manner that under the 7 day distance selling rule, they HAD to change it for a brand new one and not let me wait for a repair.

The assistant said she would check with their sales manageress and call me back.

Two minutes later, indeed, I was called back. No, you can’t send it back, it HAS to go for repair, sorry.

I called back again after thinking about it. I gave my name and what it was about but the assistant hung up on me before saying anymore.

I called straight back.

I explained that I wasn’t happy with this as I was within my rights to ask for a replacement as I was within the 7 days rule.

No, I was told, once again. The female assistant was sounding a little angry by this time for some reason. ‘I will call you back after I speak to our sales manageress again’ she exclaimed. No call has happened as yet.

So, to clarify the situation, I called the Sony information line.

I spoke to a nice, knowledgeable man named Warren. Warren told me that they HAD to replace my unit as Sony operate a ‘7 Day Satisfaction’ guarantee.

I explained that they bluntly refused to honor this and told me that they could not replace it.
Warren replied, they’ve told you a blatant lie, they MUST replace the unit. He gave me a reference number to quote.

I called back Sony Credit Card Point’s line.
Kerry was my assistant this time. She snapped ‘It was me you spoke to last time and I TOLD you that I’d call you back once I got more information from my manageress’. Well, I’ve got some for you, I said. I tried to give her the reference number but she wouldn’t listen. ‘Who did you speak to?’, she snapped. ‘Warren’, I replied.

‘Warren is only on customer services, not head office, and has NO jurisdiction over me and can not authorise anything to do with SonyCard Points’, she went on, ‘You’ll have to wait until I get back to you, like I’ve already said’.

Can you give me your manageress’ name, please, I asked. But Kerry said that it was for internal use only and customers weren’t allowed to have it.
No head office address deals with customers at all, apparently.

I asked why she was being so awkward about all this and she replied that, although the goods DID go faulty within the ‘7 days exchange or money back guarantee’ that Sony offers, I didn’t actually call the helpline until the 8th day. I couldn’t because of the weekend, I explained. Nobody is there at weekends, so I called first thing Monday.

That didn’t matter, it was too late, according to SonyCard Points helpline.

Can anybody advise me on what I should do about this or am I wasting my time?

Meanwhile, still no return 'phone call, so I still don't know if they've changed their minds.
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User Replies:
Anonymous on 06/25/2007:
Tell Warren to send a new one, but send the old one back first or it may look like you are just trying to get a second one for free. Also stop calling Kelly all the time call somoene else. Don't call every two minutes or it will just frustrate you more.
Starlord on 06/25/2007:
I would look around and see if I had a lawyer friend or a friend who knows a lawyer, and have them send a letter for me to Sony. This usually works.
Anonymous on 06/25/2007:
She should do that, because Kelly is purposely trying to make it longer so that is is past the days to get it free. The mother/father called a within the time and it is not fair that they are purposely not answering the question on time. Kelly is hoping that when she finally does "find" the answer, that it will be well past the day to send a new one.
Kinger on 06/29/2007:
OK, just got a call back from Kerry. Sony head office have agreed to collect the unit and will replace it once they receive it.
They must have got to see my Sony CC expediture.
Now I'll have to superglue my card back together.
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Shame on you, Sony!
Posted by on
We have had a good experience with Sony products in the past. For some reason my husband took the leap between excellence in televisions, and other electronic devices, to excellence in ALL things electronic/Sony.

(Insert your favorite string of curse words here - while I do the same.)

Sony, stand behind your products. When the quality is poor, admit it and fix the problem.

Jossey-Bass referred to the book "In The Nordstrom Way", where "the authors isolate practical lessons that teach how to better respond to customers' needs so they'll keep coming back to you, including:

* Valuing the nobility of good service
* Finding and bonding with customers
* Serving and keeping those customers
* Giving frontline people the freedom to make decisions

Packed with examples of excellent customer service, The Nordstrom Way offers a fresh behind-the-scenes look that provides lessons on how to find and focus on customer needs, follow-up, and customer satisfaction."

Sony, honor your customer service responsibilities. Tell your people to stop transferring the customers around - when it is their department that is responsible for handling that specific problem. Educate your customer service people.

Admit when your people make an error and fix their mistake(s). When a customer places an order for a specific item - and receives the next lower-priced item instead - allow them to pay the difference and upgrade them to the originally requested item.

Hire technical support people at the initial support level - at all levels for that matter - who know your products and know what they are talking about.

Your poor configuration of the memory, between the two hard-drives on our computer, caused untold hours of conversations with your customer support people - in an attempt to move the partition between the two hard-drives. I finally found your ONE shining example of what a real customer support person should be - and made him walk me through it. There was no way that I was going to take one step without your people advising me. As it was, they had just as hard of a time understanding and resolving the problems as a layperson would have.

My monitor died after 12 months. Pixels appear to be the problem. How can you make a television that works exceptionally well for 7 years - even making my husband's beloved RAMS look good - and be unable to manufacture a monitor that lasts beyond 12 months? Fortunately, the monitor is still under warranty.

I doubt that Sony's Founder, Akio Morita, would have been proud of his company's current attitude toward its products - as shamefully demonstrated to me over the past 14 months.

I will never again purchase another Sony product.

I will never again recommend another Sony product.

According to the news reports, "Electronics make up 70 percent of Sony's income."

I know that Sony saves a great deal of money in customer support salaries, by hiring less skilled workers. I seem to have talked to every one of them over the past four months.

Sony, where do you spend your money; in providing golden parachutes for your outgoing corporate officers? I suggest that you rethink that strategy.

Sony recently had a changing of the guards and Nobuyuki Idei stepped down from his position as Chairman. The new Chairman, Sir Howard Stringer, 63, is a Welsh-born US citizen.

Sir Howard, your people are "welshing" on their promises. Shake things up and make things right, please.

I spent 10 years working for Japanese companies; honor was highly valued.

One of the companies that I worked for was building a manufacturing plant, in Japan, and one of the local utility companies was not going to supply what was needed at the time that had initially been agreed upon.

Word quickly spread up the chain of command, because this delay was going to cost the company a considerable amount of money.

One of the top three men at my company flew to that city, the next morning, having ascertained that the head of the utility company would be in his office. (He did not make an advance appointment.)

Our person sat and shared a cup of tea, asked how the man's parents were doing, because he had worked with the father of the man sitting before him in the past, and just chatted about inconsequential things - like the weather. Then, after a 10-minute visit, he pleasantly wished the utility head a good day and left the office to fly back to Tokyo.

The head of the utility company called his people and asked what type of project the utility company and (my company) might be involved in. He asked what the status of the project was.

When he was told that they were not honoring their promised time commitment, he demanded that they immediately do so. Not because of any threat, either real or implied, but because it was the right thing to do.

The utility in question was up and operating on the originally promised day.

Sir Howard, I will fly over and have tea with your mother if it will encourage you to do the right thing.
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Sorriest racing game I've ever played
Posted by on
I waited for this game for four years since it was announced and finally was able to buy it but once I played it I was in for a rude awakening. The game was terrible it looked like it was thrown together at the last second. I have played Gran turismo since the second one came out and can compare this atrocity to Barney the Dinosaur. Sony get it together make better games not crap like this one.
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User Replies:
ChuhBaca on 02/11/2011:
Thanks for the heads up! I love driving games and I have recently been enjoying Need for Speed: Undercover.
clutzycook on 02/11/2011:
My husband hated the game too. Wish he had figured it out before dropping $60 on it.
Whiteduck on 02/11/2011:
Thanks! I play a lot of racing games as well (about all the Need for Speed ones) so this is good info.

I'm surprised though, as the last GT I had was pretty good even if it didn't have a lot of bells and whistles.
Augustus2099 on 02/12/2011:
Thanks for the messages we need to send a direct message to Sony to stop making sorry games that no one can't figure out how to play.
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Sony customer service sucks
Posted by on
I purchased a Sony home theater system a month ago brand new in the box from a electronics store. Upon getting it home I realized that it was mising a wireless speaker card. Called Sony the next day (not a 1-800 #) told them of my problem and was told they would ship me the part in 7-10 business days. Two weeks and no part later I contacted Sony again & was told that the order was messed up & I would get the part in 7-10 business days. A week later Sony calls me & tells me that they need a receipt for my purchase or they cannot ship me the part. Upon faxing the receipt to them I asked if they could speed up the shipping since the customer service so far was terrible. I was told they couldn't because they had to order the part. Since my 30 days is up I cannot take this home theater system back to the store. I have many Sony made electronics in my house ranging from home theater systems (2) to the PS3 & PS2 & the PSP. After dealing with Sony this time I will move on to another electronics maker. Sony will never get another dollar from me again
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Poor Customer Service
Posted by on
I want to bring to your notice the horrible customer service provided by your company. I sent a Sony Receiver for repairs on October 6, 2010. It has been almost a month but no body is able to tell me that when I will get it back. The customer service wait time is more than a hour some times and the number they have provided for the Laredo customer service center is ( 956-725-4877) does not even exist. The toll free number has a wait for more than an hour. How will you feel when you are made to wait for an hour on the phone. I am not even worried about the cost of the receiver. I am going to buy a new one any way but the whole incident has brought the real face of Sony in the open. I am not asking you to replace the receiver or expedite the repair. I just want to bring it to your notice the mismanagement in your organization. It is a pity that I cannot even get the postal address of Sony customer service at any website of Sony. I asked several of the customer service agents but they do not have the postal address.

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Buyer Beware!
Posted by on
If you are in the market for a new DVD player, avoid the frustration and do not buy a Sony. Our DVD player was purchased in 2007 and has been lightly used by adults only. Recently, it stopped playing discs altogether with "unable to play this disc" appearing on screen. Contacted Sony customer service which had me try the few things I had already attempted to do to fix it. Overall, they were unhelpful and seemingly unsympathetic to my plight, stating, "your player is in need of repair", knowing full well that it costs more to repair it than to just replace it. Upon further online research, I found that I am not alone!! Many Sony DVD models have had the exact problem as ours so apparently, Sony is not doing anything to alleviate these issues, but rather continuing to sell defective merchandise. Maybe they consider it planned obsolesence.....I consider it dishonest!
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User Replies:
Anonymous on 07/29/2010:
Eh, it IS over 3 years old. Though, you should have gotten more life out of it, you can pick up DVD players pretty cheap now. Just stay away from Sony. that's what I would do.
Helpful on 07/30/2010:
You might find one of my blogs entitled "Buying Right" interesting. It focuses on this very situation. All disc players can go out within even short amounts of time and there isn't a name brand immune from it. Anyone thinking Sony, alone, has these problems is sadly off the mark. The problem is generally the laser has become misalign or weak. You are right that the price of the units are so inexpensive now, it's just cheaper to replace than service.
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