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Sony Products are Poor Quality; Customer Service Even Worse
Posted by Wmuboy on 12/02/2010
My friend, who is a senior citizen, bought an expensive Sony TV for $1,500. It's already broken. Sony refuses to do anything! Don't buy Sony products. They're crap.

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Posted by bcd on 2010-12-03:
Did Sony refuse to fix the TV?
Posted by Ron on 2011-12-06:
Unbelieveable poor quality. They no longer care about the consumer. Everything I have been stupid enough to buy is crap.
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Worst Customer Service/Accessories Sale
Posted by AndyB2 on 11/15/2010
I recently ordered a replacement remote control for a Sony Home Theater system. It lasted a few months past warranty, but sometimes things happen. Fortunately my credit card doubles my warranty, so I could replace the remote and they would reimburse. All I needed was a copy of the replacement's invoice.

The Sony Accessories website kept rejecting my credit card, so I called the order in on Oct 20th. After 20 minutes on hold, I placed the order with no trouble, was told I would have the product in 5-7 days, and the invoice would definitely be in the package.

7-days later, the website still was not showing my order, so I called again, was told that their warehouse was upgrading software and was running behind, but it would "definitely" be shipped the next-day.

Another 7-days later, website still didn't show an order so I called again. Apologies but still hasn't shipped, would ship "very soon"

I received the remote 21-days after the order, and there was no invoice in the box, only a packing slip. Called Sony again (15 minutes on hold) to request an invoice. They promised to request one be emailed to me, and I would receive it in 2-3 days.

After 4-days, I called again to inquire, was again told that the warehouse was having software difficulties and the invoice would be sent as soon as possible (no-idea when). I requested a supervisor and they disconnected my call. By then I was really steamed, so I called back, waited through 25 minutes on hold and was lucky enough to get the same person "Pat". This time, instead of getting me a supervisor, she gave me the "your voice is breaking up, I can't hear you" even though I could hear her fine. She finally hung up on me, even though I kept asking for a supervisor. I called back AGAIN, got a person named "Neil" who was nice enough to explain to me that the warehouse was unable to send emails due to the system problems, but he offered to escalate the call to next level of support and stay on the phone to be sure I wasn't disconnected (finally someone who provided "customer service". The person who I talked to promised to call me back tomorrow to let me know what they can do.

No call back, of course. However, after I called in again I reached the same escalation person, "Shane". Over the next few days, she kept after the warehouse and I finally received an email containing the invoice.

This has been the absolutely worst experience I've ever had ordering something from any company via phone/email/mail. The delay in shipment, telephone hold times, unhelpful/misinformed staff, and inability to provide a basic document of commerce (an invoice)are incomprehensible in a company of the size and reputation of Sony Electronics.

I will be VERY reluctant to purchase another Sony product and will very vocally warn off anyone considering such a purchase.
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Sony customer service sucks
Posted by TJC1973 on 11/03/2010
I purchased a Sony home theater system a month ago brand new in the box from a electronics store. Upon getting it home I realized that it was mising a wireless speaker card. Called Sony the next day (not a 1-800 #) told them of my problem and was told they would ship me the part in 7-10 business days. Two weeks and no part later I contacted Sony again & was told that the order was messed up & I would get the part in 7-10 business days. A week later Sony calls me & tells me that they need a receipt for my purchase or they cannot ship me the part. Upon faxing the receipt to them I asked if they could speed up the shipping since the customer service so far was terrible. I was told they couldn't because they had to order the part. Since my 30 days is up I cannot take this home theater system back to the store. I have many Sony made electronics in my house ranging from home theater systems (2) to the PS3 & PS2 & the PSP. After dealing with Sony this time I will move on to another electronics maker. Sony will never get another dollar from me again
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Poor Customer Service
Posted by Heatflux on 11/02/2010
I want to bring to your notice the horrible customer service provided by your company. I sent a Sony Receiver for repairs on October 6, 2010. It has been almost a month but no body is able to tell me that when I will get it back. The customer service wait time is more than a hour some times and the number they have provided for the Laredo customer service center is ( 956-725-4877) does not even exist. The toll free number has a wait for more than an hour. How will you feel when you are made to wait for an hour on the phone. I am not even worried about the cost of the receiver. I am going to buy a new one any way but the whole incident has brought the real face of Sony in the open. I am not asking you to replace the receiver or expedite the repair. I just want to bring it to your notice the mismanagement in your organization. It is a pity that I cannot even get the postal address of Sony customer service at any website of Sony. I asked several of the customer service agents but they do not have the postal address.

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Sony as usual the worst service, don't care about there customers
Posted by Grouper on 09/13/2010
I have 2 kds60's 1 kds42 both Sony bravia wide screen 1080p HD TVs and a bdp-s1 somy blue ray, all are nothing but a problem, TVs blowing $250 lamps every 6 months, and the brp Sony sent me an upgrade disc and it screwed my player up and there wonderful service department says they'll replace it with a cheap refurbished 100 player if I give them $138 great deal my butt, my brp cost me $800,what a greart service, i say never by sony
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Posted by Helpful on 2010-09-13:
With all due respect, you need to speak a little more reasonably when posting a negative review, otherwise the post loses a great deal of its credibility.

To begin with, no one is paying $250 for Sony lamps. They're usually available locally for not much more than $100, and this is for the Sony name brand. That, further, brings into question the statement of replacing them every six months. Unless you're running the TV 24/7, lamps will usually last two to three years on a TV even being highly used. Finally is the suggestion that your Blu-Ray player is somehow still worth $800. This is the worst exaggeration of them all. In fact, if your Blu-Ray player is that old, you're going to see a great deal of upgrades with the new models. The reality is that if it's not under warranty, the cost is, and should be the customer's.

Just a note, with absolutely all respect, "there, their or they're", always use the spelling t-h-e-i-r when referring to one's possession. As in "their customers or their service". Also, "by, buy or bye", always use b-u-y when referring to a purchase. As in "buy their product". These could just as easily be typos, so I just pass it on FYI.

I had a problem with a Sony product within the last month and they were absolutely terrific about covering it. I recommend them highly.

Thanks for the post and best of luck.
Posted by Fufu487 on 2010-09-13:
+10 Helpful! Good Answer
Posted by Helpful on 2010-09-13:
Thanks Fufu.
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Sony did not repair my computer's defective display
Posted by Daodeltaforce on 08/02/2010
SAN DIEGO, CALIFORNIA -- I want to share a consumer complaint I have against Sony Electronics that Sony refuses to repair despite the defect.

I purchased a Sony notebook PC on May 4, 2010 on Amazon.com and received the computer on May 12, 2010. The product came with a 1-year express warranty. Less than three months into my purchase and on Saturday I noticed that the display panel had developed a dead pixel that is quite noticeable to me.

I called Sony Customer Relations and they referred the matter to a "Sony Product Specialist" who stated that less than 3 dead pixels is considered "normal operations" and Sony will not repair the display panel at this time. I was also placed in conference call with the San Diego repair center which was willing to send a box to me and ship the unit for "evaluation only" and no promise to repair the unit. The warranty comes with in-home repair. The express warranty does not discuss these additional warranty terms and conditions - I believe this is a violation of Cal. Commercial Code Article 2.

I spoke to two independent computer repair centers in San Jose and both of them were shocked that Sony would not repair the display panel, that clearly a dead pixel is a product defect entitled to in-warranty repair.

What really bothered me was the customer relations representative actually tried to say that this repair was at the option of Sony. I responded that this provision in the express warranty is in reference to whether the customer is entitled to an entire replacement unit, or in those specific instances where it is determined that the unit was damaged due to customer abuse or mishandling.

I have obtained from the representative the address to the legal department in San Diego, and their fax number. He would not provide a phone number.

As a side note, this computer also experienced a touch pad hardware failure just a little more than one month into my purchase, and Sony sent out a PC repair person and the unit was fixed on-site at my home. Sony also announced problems with this product series in June 2010 overheating and the plastic chassis melting. They posted a BIOS update to fix the issue, which I installed.

I have never dealt with such a terrible company that only cares about ways for it to save money and leave the customer unhappy with a defective product that should be repaired pursuant to the express warranty terms, and not rejected due to its hidden surprise terms.
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Posted by Helpful on 2010-08-02:
I have serviced computers professionally and I can tell you that a single, dead pixel is not considered bad or warrantable for any manufacturer I'm aware of. They all have an allowable limit, most are three to five.
Posted by Ytropious on 2010-08-02:
I agree. I have a single dead pixel on my 42 inch Samsung TV and it's almost invisible, even close up. A single dead pixel is honestly a negligible defect. It's like a pin hole prick in a large sweater.
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Buyer Beware!
Posted by Jack&Grant on 07/29/2010
If you are in the market for a new DVD player, avoid the frustration and do not buy a Sony. Our DVD player was purchased in 2007 and has been lightly used by adults only. Recently, it stopped playing discs altogether with "unable to play this disc" appearing on screen. Contacted Sony customer service which had me try the few things I had already attempted to do to fix it. Overall, they were unhelpful and seemingly unsympathetic to my plight, stating, "your player is in need of repair", knowing full well that it costs more to repair it than to just replace it. Upon further online research, I found that I am not alone!! Many Sony DVD models have had the exact problem as ours so apparently, Sony is not doing anything to alleviate these issues, but rather continuing to sell defective merchandise. Maybe they consider it planned obsolesence.....I consider it dishonest!
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Posted by Anonymous on 2010-07-29:
Eh, it IS over 3 years old. Though, you should have gotten more life out of it, you can pick up DVD players pretty cheap now. Just stay away from Sony. thats what I would do.
Posted by Helpful on 2010-07-30:
You might find one of my blogs entitled "Buying Right" interesting. It focuses on this very situation. All disc players can go out within even short amounts of time and there isn't a name brand immune from it. Anyone thinking Sony, alone, has these problems is sadly off the mark. The problem is generally the laser has become misalign or weak. You are right that the price of the units are so inexpensive now, it's just cheaper to replace than service.
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Don't Send Anything To Laredo, TX!
Posted by Crystal46614 on 07/07/2010
LAREDA, TEXAS -- I sent two cameras for repair in one box. I had a work order for the newer, more expensive camera, a hand written note on the original work order for the lesser one.

Guess which one came back? The cheap one ($91 to repair). The new one, the one on the original work order? Sony Laredo, Tx says they never received it. Really? How did you know to connect the lesser camera with me? There was no work order. I have spent HOURS with customer service and with Laredo, TX and even sent a letter to their CEO and VP or Services. Guess what? Not squat. They are a horrible, horrible company to do business with.

Never again, Sony. Never again.

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Posted by BEJ on 2010-07-07:
Did you insure the package you sent to Sony and or send it registered? If not, I am not sure there is much you can do. It is a shame this would happen.
Posted by Helpful on 2010-07-07:
To me, I can see where the OP tried to save some money on shipping, combining two packages into one. The problem is that their service center is handling a large number of incoming items every day and rely on a process to handle these items correctly and effectively. With two RA (Return Authorization) numbers, they should have been packaged and tagged separately.
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Green sony
Posted by Skyking77 on 06/22/2010
I purchase a 60 inch Sony TV in just over one year the lamp went out then the picture turned green with the light engine going out, I have purchased thousands of dollars worth of Sony products over the last few years, If they will not repair this TV economically I will use it for target practice and never buy a Sony product again.
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A Lemon of Sony LCD 52inch Model:KDL52XBR5
Posted by Kassket on 05/19/2010
We have a Sony LCD 52inch TV cost new from Best Buy $4,600.00.
that is just over 2 years old. It just started having double lines, double picture, and dark section on the left side. Had a professional TV repair guy come out, (recommended by Sony) to check the problem. Looks at screen and said, you need a new LCD panel. Cost Labor shipping and installation $2,800.00 and of coarse its out of Sony's so called Warantee, which was extended for 18 months. according to the complaint dept. So they know about the problem, never did a recall, let alone dare say anything to the public about this problem. So I'm stuck with a Lemon of a TV. All they said they can do for me is forward my complaint.. Right, In the Round File. I used to be a loyal Sony Product buyer. Not anymore.
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Posted by MDSasquatch on 2010-05-20:
Go to COSTCO, you can get a Panasonic 52" Plasma for under $1000 with a two year warranty from COSTCO. I have one and love it!
Posted by samsung1 on 2010-05-21:
to me sony is a good product i have had 3 or 4 tv but never spent more than a10000 dollars on one your should of got 2 or 5 year year warranty you spent way to much for tv
Posted by samsung1 on 2010-05-21:
panasonic is a piece of junk remotes look bad picture look bad compared to sony 1080p panasonic is 720p a piece of junk why you think panasonic so cheap
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