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Happy with the service
Posted by Hubbsj on 05/07/2010
After procrastinating for several months I finally got around to sending my my Reader for the free system upgrade Sony was offering me. Several days after I shipped it out I realized that I had not included the signed repair agreement with the Reader as required. I call customer support and spoke with a very helpful gentleman that was able to track down my Reader, ascertain that it was already upgraded and ready to ship out. They already had my information based on the serial number. I was told not to worry about the repair agreement. I was very pleased with how it was handled. The only hard part was understanding the representative as he spoke heavily accented English, almost sounded like the Swedish Chef on the Muppet's Show.
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Horrible customer service
Posted by PFsGATORS on 05/03/2010
I, like many others, had the LCD board go out in my LCD flatscreen. After 2 weeks and trying to go up the line with customer service, I give up. They could give a damn if I ever purchased another Sony product, and I won't. As a matter of fact, I purchased two new LG's yesterday (with extended warranties).
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Sony Sticker stuck it to us
Posted by JeremyHays on 04/07/2010
Sony offered a replacement TV to my Dad because his Wega TV had an optical blocker go out ($500 replacement part). They told him they would send him a coupon for Sony Style to help with a replacement. They never sent the coupon. When he asked about his coupon--"OH! your coupon is not valid anymore. However, we can upsell if you have some more money on these TVs," they said. The replacement offer was because he was a "valued customer." However, no one at Sony ever instructed him to keep the small sticker on the TV that has some stupid number, so his offer that stood, fell. He spoke to everyone in Sony Management that was willing to speak and continuelly was told that because he didn't keep the sticker, there was nothing that could be done. NO ONE SAID KEEP A STICKER!! This is a Sony scam. They tell you that you are a great customer, tell you they have a great deal, and then tell you they actually don't value you because you didn't assume to keep a sticker when they said they could replace it for some great offer. Some great customer. Stickers...stick it where the sun isn't Sony.

All bullcrap from Sony below: don't waste your time reading

Thank you for contacting the Sony Exchange Dept.,
As discussed, we provided you an offer to replace your television.
KDL46EX700 $400.00 + local sales tax
If you decide to accept the offer, please contact Sony at 888-993-7669 within 1 week.
Upon your acceptance of the offer, you will need to confirm your ship to address by phone and provide a credit card number. Please review your address as this will be the delivery location.
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KDL52XBR9 failed LCD screen
Posted by Mavery1962 on 03/06/2010
My kdl52XBR9 Serial No. 8113672 has been plugged in at my home since 05 Feb 2010, on 04 March 2010 the TV deleloped verticle lines of Green, Blue and Red covering the right Half of the screen. Sony gave me a contact number for a local TV repair, how ever the repair service stated a new LCD screen is the only fix, NO screens are available so my screen can't be fixxed until a new screen can be delivered.. This is supposed to be a "NEW" TV a failure of the LCD screen after 30 days use is a poor reflection Quality Control with in SONY products. I hope someone there in SONY is able to read and understand that I am without the Quality and not receiving the service I have come to expect from the Brand Name SONY.
UPDATE - SONY has agreed to an in Home replacement of my TV with a New TV of the same MODEL. Thanks SONY now I have to wait 2 weeks and then the timer starts again, How long will this one last???
I will update in 2 weeks after receipt of the new one.
Again 30 days after that and finally if I reach 365 days and no problems I will call this complaint resolved.
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FD TRINITRON VEGA model# KD-30XS955 3yr. old lemon
Posted by Puglet on 02/08/2010
FORT MYERS, FLORIDA -- My husband and I purchased this FD Trinitron Vega Model# KD-30XS955 in June of 2006. We contacted Sony via E-Mail and also via telephone. The representatives we spoke to told us there wasn't anything they could do since the warranty is up. We asked if there was anyway we could be accommodated and all they did was repeat themselves and apologize.

We asked them if they could at least send us a gift card to accommodate us to purchase another Sony TV. Mind you we only asked for a minute amount and for it to state it would only be used towards another Sony TV.

Again, the representative apologized. We have already sent at least four e-mails and spoke to several representatives. What did we get? You got it an apology stating this was all they could do. Sony Policy. VERY DISSATISFIED WITH THE SONY CORPORATION, A BILLION DOLLAR COMPANY AND THEY REFUSED TO MAKE GOOD FOR THEIR LEMON TRINITRON VEGA!!!!!!!!!!!!!
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Posted by Starlord on 2010-02-08:
Three years for a TV is not a lemon. The warranty expired, what is so difficult to understand? Why do you think that Sony has any obligation to 'accomodate' you? What makes you so special? You were accomodated by having a warranty. If the set had gone bad during the warranty period, it would ahve been taken care of. Do you think that Sony or any other manufacturer should take care of an item of any age that breaks down? I had a 1953 Desoto that the engine seized on me one day. Do you think I could get Chrysler Corp, to give me a new motor for it? Using your logic, they should accomodate me by giving me a new engine. Get real!
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Sony MDRNC7: Laredo Repair
Posted by Krisrk on 12/08/2009
LAREDO, TEXAS -- I purchased a pair of noise cancellation headphones; model number MDRNC7 from Best Buy. The date of purchase was 08/29/2009

WIthin two months of having the product, the part/piece that holds the earbud had fallen off and was missing. The earbud no longer stays attached and the headphones are useless.

I contacted Sony, they gave me a work order number (WC1NS357) and told me to mail the product to the Laredo Repair Center. I provided my name, contact telephone number, home address, and a description of the problem. Additionally I made a copy of the original receipt. I then mailed the product, they received the unit and notified me via e-mail.

After 16 days I received the product back "un-repaired" because the estimate was refused due to their inability to contact me for approval to repair the product.

I called and e-mailed support. On the telephone they told me they tried reaching me, and I told them I never received anything other than the e-mail notifying me the product was received. I argued on the telephone that the product was under warranty, and the reason I sent the product for repair was because I approved of the repairs being done. Then the representative informed me that they didn't have the replacement part available, so I asked why didn't they just replace the product with a refurbished product or exact model of headphone. I was informed they had none of these in stock and would offer me a refund if I send the product back a second time.

Shipping the first time was 10 dollars, and a second time would mean another 10 dollars... costing me 20 dollars to get my money back on a 50 dollar set of headphones. I was frustrated and tried contacting the main number for Sony and after 30 minutes of sitting on hold I got transferred to the same number I called in the first place.

This is the worst customer service I have ever received. I will avoid at all cost any other Sony product just due to the level of customer service and rudeness of the representatives.
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Posted by hoferjo on 2011-08-03:
Sent in a Sony boom box for repair. Instead they said would sent replacement. I called 2 wks. ago & had been sent. Not recieved. Called today & said credt card did not go thru. Use that card 25 yrs. Got a call a few min. & said everything ok was sending replacement today. Quite a delay.
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My MP4 players is not working properly
Posted by San80 on 11/19/2009
FIITJEE Limited,
29-A, Kalu Sarai
Vashisth House Basement
Hauz Khas
New Delhi -110016

The officer Incharge,
Sony India Pvt. Ltd.

SUBJECT: Weak battery backup of MP4 player (NWZ-E436F/BME)

Dear Sir / Mam

I would like to bring to your kind notice that:

1. I am Sanjay Kumar, S/O Shri Devdutt Sharma, had purchased a Sony MP4 player (NWZ-E436F/BME) from Unique Enterprises, Malviya Nagar on 23/08/09.
2. Finding some Battery Backup problem, I have given the set to the Sony service Centre located at K-15, Lajpat Nagar – II New Delhi – 110024
3. The problem has been explained to the concerned person over there several times and have visited the same place a couple of times, despite my utmost hectic schedule.
4. It is a matter of severe regret that the people at Sony India Pvt. Ltd., K-15, Lajpat Nagar – II New Delhi – 110024 are procrastinating the issue and are not helping me by stating that my gadget is absolutely alright.

Kindly look into the matter and take proactive steps.

Hoping for an affirmative response.

Faithfully Yours

Mobile No: 9818484102
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Posted by i_am_canadian on 2009-11-19:
No names or personal information please.
Posted by Slimjim on 2009-11-19:
Canadian, you can post your own name and info here at your own risk/discretion. It's the posting of others info that is not permitted.
Posted by PepperElf on 2009-11-19:
True but....
you never know what crazy will get the information.

I'm busy right now (quick break after working on the test server) but when I get home I'll probably look him up on google

with all of that information, i am sure google will even give us a map to the guys house.

Not that i ever use it for anything but.... well ... someone else might.
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Sony's Customer Service Call Center if anyone spoke English as a 1st language there my be less misunderstanding!
Posted by AllieCat on 11/06/2009
I had sent my Sony Reader in for repairs. I knew my problem did not fall under any warranty. After all I dropped the unit. But I want to know the cost to repair. The could not tell me this over the phone. They insisted I give them a credit card to even look at the unit. I gave them one but said I may not want to put the payment on this card plus if the repair was over $50 I may just want the unit returned to me. I've been looking at the Kindle, Nook and there are rumors of Apple coming out with their own electronic reading device.
After weeks of calling the service center my reader was returned tome an my card was charged $90. When I called to complain they said I had authorized the transaction. I'm asking for a recording of the conversation. I doubt there is one. But I can't stand being accused of lying. I never authorized this and I know I explained that I wanted to place the order on a differnet credit card. I just gave my debit because it was the only # available by memory.

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Posted by redmx3racer on 2009-11-06:
If you did not sign anything-and did not give out your CC's security code (the 3 digit # at the end of the CC # on the back of the card) which is sometimes used as an electronic signature/verification for a purchase you might be able to dispute the charge with your bank/CC company.
Did they at least fix your reader?
And-I almost did not read this review because of the title. We should all be used to the fact by now that call centers are mostly overseas and it may be a struggle to deal with certain companies. Do I like it? Nope. But sadly, it's a fact of life.
Posted by tnchuck100 on 2009-11-06:
NEVER give your debit card number to ANY company. They then have total access to any amount they want from your checking account. Not only now but any time in the future.
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Sony A-900
Posted by Haber45 on 11/03/2009
After months of research, I elected to purchase the Sony A-900 DSLR. Price was certainly an important consideration but equally important was Sony's stated intention to become known as more than just an electronics manufacturer. They apparently really want to become a player in the photography business.

Therefore I was quite surprised to find that the camera uses an unconventional and utterly proprietary hot-shoe arrangement that makes studio and flash photography a difficult chore. I cannot recommend this camera (their flagship model) because of this error on their design. How foolish to complain about authenticity in the photographic realm when clearly they are not photographers and do not design for photographers. They are an electronics firm. Nikon and Canon (both from Japan as well) are actually camera companies. They know how to design a camera. Sony does a nice job with consumer electronics but they should avoid making high-end cameras.
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Sony - Poor Product Quality
Posted by Jeosteen on 10/27/2009
For the past 10 years I have purchased only Sony products for my home (TVs, VCRs, DVD, Sound Systems, etc.) because of what I thought was the high quality of the products and the fact that Sony would stand behind their products. Imagine my total frustration and surprise at finding that the first time that I encounter an issue with Sony products and Sony would not take responsibility and assist with what is clearly a design defect or a manufacturing defect of their products. I purchased two high end WEGA Sony TVs in 2003 (KV-36XBR800 and KV-32HS510) only to have both die within one month of each other (09/09 -10/09) with a power supply failure. The cost to repair the defective power supplies in both is $404.52....this is on top of the over $2000 that I spent to purchase what I thought was the top of the line, reliable TVs on the market. And I have spent over 2.5 hours of hold time calling Sony's Customer Relations number having them send me out for estimates only to tell me that they could not assist because the units were no longer under warranty….why waste my time if you were not going to assist. I took both units to the authorized repair location as instructed by the Customer Relations agent John (who stated they would assist after obtaining repair estimates) and then was simply dismissed by Carlos (second agent) when I called back with the estimates - with his statement that - I cannot assist you because the units are clearly out of warranty (after being an hour on hold, while he called the authorized repair shop to confirm the estimates). Clearly you must agree that for both units to fail with the same issue within 30 days of each other then the problem must be design flaw or poor manufacturing of the power supply (I would hate to think that is was planned obsolesce). I have a 20 year old Samsung TV that is fully functional, and a 10 year old Panasonic, but in 2003 I put my entire faith in Sony because I felt I was buying the best products available….imagine my disappointment with the Customer Relations area (they are clearly not SONY employees because they do not care about Sony's reputation).
I always expected Sony to stand behind their products and as a consumer I feel that I have been abandoned by Sony which is why I have turned to you for assistance. I would greatly appreciate your assistance on getting these units repaired …. Prior to my giving up on Sony products forever…..
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