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Unaccetable service
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GAINESVILLE, FLORIDA -- I contracted with Sound Ideas to install the home entertainment wiring in my new house. They proceeded to install wiring that was not requested, requiring the builder to repair holes cut in the ceiling by Sound Ideas. They then repeatedly stalled in building seaker enclosures for two walls. After six months of cycling through reminder calls, slow response, and substandard work, I gave up and contacted a furniture maker who did a beautiful job of building the enclosures in a week. Fast forward three years. The stereo speaker auxiliary hookup that Sound Ideas installed on my lanai failed. I called Sound Ideas to request service and was told that the service technicians were out on calls and that I would receive a call as soon as one was free. I called a week later after not hearing from them and was told that the manager decided not to service what they had installed because I had complained previously. Conclusion: Stay away from Sound Ideas. Its component inventory is not unique, it do not deliver adequate service, and it seems to be a generally unprofessional organization.
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Elwoodrow on 07/12/2007:
Well, this sounds like an unreasonable customer to me. I have known Larry, and Paul at Sound Ideas for over 10 years. These guys might have some faults, but dishonesty and poor service isn't something I would associate with them. If anything, Paul is honest to a fault. They are always willing to work out any problems they have with a difficult customer. Please ignore the above complaint and give these guys your business over Circuit or Best Buy. These guys know their stuff and are easy to deal with. Their prices are competitive and they have 20 years of experience!
Dan6053 on 08/06/2008:
DO NOT PURCHASE ANYTHING FROM THESE CROOKS. I purchased a RX 505 Nakamichi tape deck from them on Audiogon thinking these people were reputable. I bought the tape deck on 6/14/08. Before the tape deck arrived I had water damage to my basement so I had to wait until my basement was finished to reinstall my stereo. The tape deck arrived in good condition so I assumed everything was okay. Of course, it did bother me that they insisted on purchasing insurance. Well....the light doesn't come on and the record heads are bad. It will also not play back any tapes I have recorded from my other Nakamichi decks. Oh, just so you know. I have had my RX202 tape decks since high school and are still in immaculate condition. How can you knowingly sale something that does not work in this day and age just amazes me.
SoundIdeasStereo on 06/02/2009:
Sound Ideas has been in business for over 31 years and has thousands and thousands of satisfied customers. Customer service is a priority for our Company, as proven by our retail/online sales and service reputation. We have a staff of 15 dedicated associates whose goal is to offer the best advice before and after the sale. As of June 1, 2009, Sound Ideas has over 1600 positive feedbacks on Ebay with 100% customer satisfaction. Please verify this statement by clicking on the following Ebay Feedback Profile Report:
It is impossible to maintain 100% customer satisfaction rating on Ebay without being very accommodating to our customers.

On July 14, 2008 Sound Ideas sold Daniel Ming a pre-owned consignment Nakamichi RX-505 tape deck. According to Mr. Ming, this item had a problem, but we were never able to verify this as Mr. Ming refused to send the tape deck back for inspection and/or repair. We spoke with Mr. Ming many times over several-week period and repeatedly offered him a FULL REFUND on his purchase if he was not satified. Items like the Nakamichi tape deck are sold with a limited 90-day warranty; Mr. Ming never took advantage of this policy. The offer of a FULL REFUND still stands, if Mr. Ming returns the product in the same condition as purchased.

For items of value, Sound Ideas recommends shipping insurance, whether the shipper is UPS, FED EX, the US Postal Service, or another company. Without insurance, there is no recourse from the shipping company if an item is lost or damaged in transit.

Thank you, Rob A, Internet Sales Manager, Sound Ideas
jdm1516 on 02/07/2012:
We recently had Sound Ideas install the wiring on our new home. We had speakers put inside and outside. The two technicians that came out were very good and polite. They answered all my questions and then explained how to work all the speakers. Everything sounds as good as I had hoped it would. I was impressed with the technicians work. Having had many workers in and out during the building of the house who would spend time on non-professional cell calls. The Sound Ideas techs came in did their job in a timely and professional manner. So far I have not had any problems
mdh on 06/07/2013:
I contacted the warranty company for service of my 3 month old Samsung Television.
Apparently Sound Ideas is the sub-contractor for the company for this area. The warranty company rep. scheduled my appointment for the following Friday.
The rep. gave me the company name and phone number in case I needed to speak with them (Sound Ideas) before the appointment. On the day of the appointment, around noon, I contacted the repair department at Sound Ideas to ask what time I could expect the technician. He promptly told me that he had no service calls for the day. I explained about the call to the warranty company and ask for him to check his records for my service call information. He did some shuffling of papers and said that they had not received the paperwork, after several excuses he mentioned that they may have faxed it. I ask him to check the fax machine and I would hold..he really didn't want to but I was persistent. He told me he had "a thousand things going and didn't have time". He returned to the phone and said the service request was on the fax machine. He said it must have just came in that day..I ask what the date was on the bottom on the fax. He told me the date which was 2 days prior. He was aggravated with me at this I was him. He told me that he would not service the call today so I ask for an appointment. He told me he would call me back. I ask again for him to check his calendar for an appointment. He again said he was too busy. I'm wondering how long could it possible take to check a calendar and schedule an appointment that he messed up???? After getting no answers or help I contacted the warranty company again and explained what happened. They assigned a different company to handle the call.
This was my first time dealing with Sound Ideas..but I can say it will be my last. If I had to go out of my way to buy stereo equipment of have something repaired I will. The owner of the company really needs train his/her staff in customer service.
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