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Fraudulent business practices
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NORTH ATTLEBORO, MASSACHUSETTS -- South Attleboro Marine had charged me for a new oil cap to replace one that was cracked. When on the open waters I discovered oil leaking. Upon examining the cap back at the marina, it was discovered to be the original cap that had been glued and not replaced. When cap was brought back to the dealer they asked to examine the cap to which I mistakenly agreed. At that point, the owner walked to the register, put cash on the counter and siad "this is my cap now, take your refund and leave my store. I said I didn't want the refund I wanted my cap back to which he refused and again told me to leave his store. I had no coice but to take the refund and my only recourse is to file as many complaints everywhere I can about South Attleboro Marine and their attempt to commit fraud against their unsuspecting customers.
Company Response 07/15/2010:
Repaing the 03 Sea Fox there was no fraud on our part. We charged $30.00 for a used part. New is $55.00 We understood very clearly he wanted his boat for the weekend. He did not want to loose any time on the water. He did not use the boat for two years.Service check over and prep for the water ran well. Found oil cap to be leaking. We did not have a new oil cap for the reservoir. I explained it was not a new part. Only trying to help. We gave a full refund on the cap and still not happy. We at SAM have a 98.12 CSI #1 in the country.
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Ryan84 on 06/17/2010:
Well, you cannot do any more damage then BP has already done. You should have called the police right there on the spot. I am originally from Attleboro and I have heard this place is suspect.
fast327 on 06/17/2010:
I learned something from this review. Do not take the cash. Leave it on the counter and call the police. It's the same as taking your property. It you don't pay the ransom it is still your oil cap!
bsignoriel on 07/15/2010:
Lies, Lies and more Lies. Never told going to use a worn part from another boat. Part was the original that was glued. I would have gladly spent the money and wait for a new part. Didn't use the boat for at least 2 weeks after I picked it up. This company can not be trusted and I would think twice if you use their services especially if you are like myself and spend miles offshore. I would never put my boat or the people on my boat at risk by not wanting to wait for parts or to put used parts on my boat. DO NOT TRUST THIS COMPANY!!!!!
Slimjim on 07/15/2010:
I tend to believe the poster here. Why was it glued if it was a perfectly good (yet used) cap from another vessel? Who charges $30 for a used, once-broken part put back together with glue?? Why is the customer so adamant he/she was not told this was a used part?
South Attleboro Marine is the "#1" customer service rating in the country?? Says who specifically?
PepperElf on 07/15/2010:
wait, they sold you a "used" cap - that was actually your broken cap glued back together?

that doesn't even sound legal.

I would recommend, if you ever go in to get parts replaced again, if you know what parts are bad ... mark them with something (maybe nail polish even) and then take a photo.

that way if the "new" part has the same markings as your old part you know they didn't do diddly squat,

and yes, don't let them have the part back if you can avoid it.
Chad on 05/11/2013:
I have spent 10s of thousands here in the past. New ski boat, new outboard and trailer for fish boat and many accessories. Nothing but terrible attitude and service. Had a problem with a wakeboard binding and they did not help until O'Brien intervened and forced this business to honor my simple request. I go out of my way to shop elsewhere. Owners are horrible. Don't shop here!
Denise on 06/16/2013:
two words, STAY AWAY!!!!!! awful service and rude. Got my boat back from service worse than when I brought it in !!!!
JC on 08/28/2013:
The worst, unreliable customer service around. They are rude, they won't apologize for a mistake they make. They always tell you to go else where if you don't like it. It's a family business and the obnoxious son is running it into the ground. Beware, shop somewhere else!!!!!
Tommy on 04/13/2014:
I'll be honest, I've been looking at the sea fox for some time, I was seriously thinking about going there for a boat. I can tell you that 90% the post are right, nobody wants to spend the time bashing a company for no reason. Thanks!!! I'll stay away!!!!
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