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Nissan - A Prime Example of Poor Customer Support
By -

COLORADO SPRINGS, CO, COLORADO -- Nissan does not stand behind their products. We purchased a NEW 2005 Nissan Xterra SE in May 2006 for my wife. Upon taking delivery and driving home the low tire pressure warning light came on. I returned the vehicle that evening to the dealership and was told by the service manager that the tire pressure was low because of the altitude in Colorado Springs. They aired the tire and the following morning the tire was flat. Guess that was a lot of altitude.

Called the dealership and they stated they did not have any tires in stock, and that it would be 5-7 business days before they got one and that I should put my spare on. I found a tire at a tire store 3 blocks from the dealership and told them they needed to do better than 5-7 days.

Approximately 6 months after the purchase, my wife started to complain about a strong sulfur smell when the car was at idle. We took it back to the dealership and they told her that it was the result of the agents in the fuel in Colorado, and that she should try another gas station. My wife is not a brand loyalist, and had been purchasing her fuel at whatever station was convenient. To appease the dealership, she began purchasing her fuel at a local Shell, but the issue persisted. Again the dealership stated it was the fuel and there was nothing they could do about it.

Several months later, the lower tire pressure warning began to go off again. She took it to the dealership, and they told her that there was a nail in the tread and the hole could not be repaired, but they could order us a new tire, at our expense, and have it the next day. Took the vehicle to the same tire store I mentioned previously and surprisingly, they were able to repair the damage. Tire lasted another 15000 miles.

The latest adventure with the Nissan dealership was in May of 2010, during a scheduled maintenance visit. While there I asked them to look at a paint peeling issue on the roof. Initially the service manager stated that it looked like a paint defect, but later recanted his position and stated it was a result of rock chips. I inquired as to how rock chips ended up on the roof rain gutters and he became agitated.

The vehicle had been in our possession for four years almost to the day, and I was told that paint is only covered for one year and that repair costs would be my responsibility. After the service managers insistence that it was not Nissan's responsibility, I contacted the Nissan Consumer Affairs division to attempt to get the issue resolved. Three weeks of playing phone tag with the representative, and I was again told that the damage was the result of rock chips, and that Nissan would do nothing to correct the issue.

My wife and I are now on a personal crusade to dissuade anyone from buying a Nissan product, and the roof of our 4-year old vehicle is beginning to rust. I can only hope it rusts through before the lapse of the 5-year warranty. Buyers beware!

We Were Duped!!!
By -

COLORADO SPRINGS, COLORADO -- After all prices and everything were solidified, on the way to the finance office, he informed her that the SUV comes with a "€œClear Coat Package"€ and it cost an additional one thousand dollars. She did not want it because she lived in Denver, and we were planning on moving out of the state soon, so it would do her no good. He then informed her that he cannot sell her the Xterra without the "€œClear Coat Package".€ She wanted it bad enough that she said she would purchase the vehicle anyway, even though it came with a package that she would not use.

I believed that the vehicle did not require the package and after doing further research with with corporate Nissan and found out that in fact, the "Clear Coat Package"€ was not required to purchase by anyone, anywhere. I then realized that we were forced to purchase something that we could not use, did not want or need, and was not required. Our salesman blatantly lied to us about a package that was worthless.

Then, during her trade-in appraisal, our salesman asked us about any issues or past accidents, and ** truthfully disclosed all information that she had. One thing that she mentioned was that she had a bent axle replaced. The salesman then told us that was frame damage, which sounded very suspicious to me. He then appraised her vehicle as having frame damage. This deducted over $2,000 from the total trade-in value. I then decided to do some research regarding the so-called frame damage.

Fortunately, a good friend of mine in my home town owns a frame and unibody repair shop. I called the owner, and explained the situation. He told me that I was scammed on this too. He also explained that the axle is a removable, replaceable part and that for all purposes including insurance and appraisal purposes. He explained that under no circumstances is a damaged axle considered part of a damage frame. He then went on to explain that the salesman most likely gave her the trade-in value of a damaged vehicle, but sold it as a functional vehicle.

This makes sense because the axle that ** had damaged was replaced prior to trading the vehicle in, so, at the time of trade-in, her car was in fully-functional, excellent condition, and there was never any frame damage either.

Now, here's the third and final action that was taken towards us. When we purchased the vehicle, it had eighteen-thousand miles on it. I personally checked the condition of the tires myself and they looked almost brand-new. ** and I were living in different cities at the time and I did not see the vehicle too much yet.

The next day after the purchase of the vehicle, she noticed that the tires were bald. She said that she didn'€™t look at them before and just noticed it. She called and told me and I told her she had to be wrong, I checked them myself. So I looked at them when she visited the next time and I couldn'€™t believe it. The tires were worn completely flat in places and had less than 3 mm of tread left in others. When she visited, it was a Sunday and your dealership was closed, so there was nothing I could do.

Therefore, when you add the one thousand dollars that she lost on the clear coat package with the additional two thousand+ dollars from the fake frame damage, plus an additional eight hundred dollars for four new tires, Erica was scammed out of approximately four thousand dollars by a single sales representative.

Love My 2016 Nissan Rogue
StarStarStarStarStarBy -
Rating: 5/51

COLORADO SPRINGS, COLORADO -- Recently purchased my 2016 Nissan Rogue from the guys at SCS Nissan. They made it such a quick and easy experience without missing any steps. I truly appreciate everything that they had did for us. We will definitely be back and would always recommend anyone to them.

3 Cars and Counting!
StarStarStarStarStarBy -
Rating: 5/51

COLORADO SPRINGS, COLORADO -- Family went in and made a 3 car deal with the folks at SCS Nissan. Great experience dealing with them! We will definitely be back! Very easy process, and great people! Thanks SCS Nissan!

Love My New Titan XD
StarStarStarStarStarBy -
Rating: 5/51

COLORADO SPRINGS, COLORADO -- We had a great shopping and buying experience at SCS Nissan. From the moment we walked in the door we were made to feel comfortable. Our sales guy, Jon, was great, and is still calling to check in and make sure everything is going smooth with the new truck! Cannot say enough about these guys!!!

By -

COLORADO SPRINGS, COLORADO -- I went to SCS Nissan looking to trade in my vehicle. I was assured that they could help me, and the sales staff were very friendly and helpful. I then decided on the vehicle I wished to purchase, and after running my information through their lender (Nissan Financial), I was told that I was approved for a loan, given the payments, and the amount that I would have to put down. This was in accordance to every other vehicle I have ever purchase (having previously owned 30 vehicles, I have done this a few times).

After being rushed through finance, I was assured that everything was good to go, and that the dealership would FedEx the paperwork to my co-signer for signatures and the deal was done. I then left with the car, at that time a happy customer.

Two weeks went by and my co-signer hadn't received the paperwork to sign, and after several days of trying to get a response from the finance department as to where the paperwork was, we were informed that despite the assurances I received, the loan had never been approved at the terms I was given. And that if we wanted to keep the car, we would need to pay an additional $3000 down and pay an extra $60 per month.

After speaking with representatives from both banks and other dealerships, all were astonished that we would be so blatantly lied to, and most were absolutely amazed that a dealership would not only lie about a loan approval, but allow a customer to leave with a car they didn't have a loan on.

I called and spoke with the general manager, who was very rude and confrontational, and the only useful statement he made was that this is their "standard business practice." Needless to say, I revoked all of my recommendations for business to this dealership, and anyone considering this dealership should heed the advice of their own general manager. Their standard business practice is to lie and mislead customers to make a sale.

Do Not Trust The Sales People At All!
By -

COLORADO SPRINGS, COLORADO -- I bought a 2007 Nissan Sentra at South Colorado Springs Nissan from one of the sales people there. He stated the MASS AIR FLOW sensor was out in the car I was looking to buy. He said he would take one from another Sentra and when the new part came in, he would then give me the new part and replace it. Mind you I have this all in writing on my contract. Well I called several times and the sales person kept stating that it is still on a national back order.

Finally I called the parts dept and they stated they had not one but 2 of the mass air flow sensors and that it was never on national back order. I called my salesman again and asked if the part was in and he quickly stated..."NO." I said, "well your parts dept states different." Well needless to say he told me to set up and apt and he would have the part switched out. He sent an email stating to find him so he could pull the car into service. I came in found him and told him I would need a receipt. He stated, "I will write something up for you" I told him nope that will not be good enough. I need something from service that states they worked on my car. With that I left.

Not 10 mins off the lot, he calls and leaves a VM stating, "come and get your car." I tried calling back and he was of course unavaliable. He then called me back 20 mins later stating, "it was never the mass air flow sensor, it was the intelligent key sensor." So upset I head back to the dealership. Not only did they lie to me from the word go, they were going to pretend they fixed the part.

I have a written contract stating I am entitled to the part and they will not give me the part. I went to the GM of the dealership and got nothing but attitude. When I asked for his manager he says, "I'm on top in here I'm the boss." Well I will NEVER EVER buy another Nissan nor ever take my car to South Colorado Springs Nissan for service. This problem is not resolved and I will not give until I get my part.

Smooth-Talking Con Man
By -

COLORADO SPRINGS, COLORADO -- Had I rated this company a year ago, I would have rated it perfect. After buying two vehicles in two years, I once again returned to buy another. Everything was fine until I entered the finance office. The fast-talking, smooth-operating finance manager told me due to our multiple purchases, we would receive free maintenance and service contracts. After reviewing our records from home, we noticed we had been charged over four thousand dollars for those "free" maintenance contracts.

After contacting the dealer via certified mail, there has been no response. They had a loyal customer for life, but decided to throw that away for a lousy couple of thousand dollars. I would recommend Phil Long Ford, and as a Ford motor credit employee, I would be happy to offer anyone thinking of buying anything from Academy Nissan my employee X Plan discount for a new Ford purchase e-mail me at **.

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