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This Company Provides VERY Poor Quality Water While Taking Advantage of People
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SOUTHWEST WATER COMPANY 12535 REED ROAD, SUGAR LAN, TEXAS -- I am a single person living in a camper. A camper. My water bill from this company is always around $135-$160 each month, with no explanation of why it is that large. I can only afford to pay this bill at the end of the month. Because of that delay they charge a ridiculous late charge that even Reliant Energy would be ashamed to charge.

Unethical - Poor Customer Service: Southwest Water Company
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HOUSTON, TEXAS -- I also had a problem with this same company. When I lost my job I also had to decide whether to pay my water bill or buy food so a lot of times I made it just before being disconnected. This company makes up random rules to charge you the reconnection fee. I made the payment due and called at 9:00 AM to advise them of this on the day that I was scheduled to be disconnected. They then informed me that I had to pay the reconnection fee so that they could call dispatch and cancel the disconnection. I asked to speak to a supervisor and gave my number to them. They promised to call me back and never did.

I was disconnected @ 4:00 PM that day (even though I posted a copy of my payment where the service man could see it). The technician said that all they had to do was pick up the phone and call him. Also, until 12:00 PM they are working the orders from the day before so Ec-Resources could have called him easily to cancel the disconnect, thereby negating any reconnect fee. He would never have driven out to disconnect my service.

Also, no one ever called me as I was promised. $50.00 to make a phone call is outrageous and I should not have had to pay this fee. I know that I am living month-to-month and should try to pay this bill on time. However, this is an unethical charge and Eco-Resources (now Southwest Water Company) just doesn't care. They tell other people that if you call before 12 that day you won't be disconnected. But it seems to be just random rules depending on whom you talk to. I can't seem to find out who decides rules and regulations since they aren't governed the way that normal water companies (in cities) are in which policies and procedures are straight forward.

Unreliable Billing Information
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CALIFORNIA -- One Wilshire Building, 624 S. Grand Ave., Ste. 290. I just recently moved to the US and have my water service from SWWC. I paid the bill every month far away before due date. On April and May, my bill is very low and is written due to the credit balance. No idea what is that, I paid it as it is. Suddenly on June, received a bill which include past due balance from April and May plus a late fee. I paid it anyway. However 1 day later, I received a warning letter saying my payment has not been received and as such an additional 10USD should be paid for delinquent fee. My payment must have crossed path with the warning letter.

I paid that 10 USD anyway, because I want to avoid complication of service being terminated and extra fee, etc. However with the 10USD payment, I sent a complaint letter and also call the customer service to complain. Their answer was not very nice. It took me 30 min before I got a response to the call and when someone answer, their question was "What is your problem, Ma'am... Your payment is already received anyway and now all should be OK."

That is not the kind of answer that I want. So I explained to her that I'm angry because there is no notification on the past due balance from April and May before it was too late to pay. If they can send me a warning letter, why they never able send me notification prior to June billing that I have a past due balance so that I don't need to pay late fee and also another 10 USD of warning letter fee.

I sent a complaint to their customer service website via email after that and I received no response. If I am not thinking about possibility to lose the deposit I gave to them in the beginning of the service and extra installation cost to move to another water company, I would already change water provider. I don't know where is their address, in the website is in California. However, I paid my bill every month to Brazoria County Mud#29 in Humble Texas.

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