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Fantastic Customer Service
Posted by Sharilyn46 on 07/17/2013
I had to cancel some tickets due to an accident and the people that helped me were absolutely fantastic

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Buyer Beware
Posted by Enpowermassage on 07/16/2013
SAN DIEGO, CALIFORNIA -- I normally love Southwest, however, when I can't use a flight that I already paid money for because I have been in an accelerated nursing school for the past year I get a little disgruntled. I understand that they held the flight for a year but taking $100 away from me because I have been in school really annoys me. I feel like I am being punished for studying to provide health care

I hope no one needs medical attention next time I take a flight. Maybe the flight attendent can ask that person how much their life is worth.
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Posted by clutzycook on 2013-07-16:
So it would be ok if you were studying something like French Literature?
Posted by Susan on 2013-07-16:
They didn't take $100 away from you because you've been in school - they took it because it is the policy you agreed to when you made the original purchase.
Posted by trmn8r on 2013-07-16:
I don't understand the issue. Was this a travel voucher, a ticket? Did an eligibility period expire?

Your contract of carriage dictates the terms. If you couldn't use your ticket whether you were in school or in prison, the fact that a year passed appears to be crux of the matter. I lost the use of a ticket once on an airline because I didn't use it in a certain amount of time. Those were the rules.
Posted by Ben There on 2013-07-16:
I take it you did not use your ticket in the first year, and Sputhwest offered to reinstate your credit for $100 so you can use it for like 6 more months?

Just note most airlines charge you a $200 fee just to change a purchases ticket within the first year, and they won't extend it of you can't use it within a year. Southwest still has free changes within a year.
Posted by CU on 2013-07-17:
So when you graduate are you going to join the Peace Corps or something like it, and share your education with the world at no personal gain, or are you going to work as a nurse and earn a 6 figure salary? Unless it is the former, I don't think it much matters why you didn't use your ticket in the required timeframe.
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Seating Policies
Posted by John.cianti on 07/05/2013
LONG ISLAND, NEW YORK -- The few times I have flown Southwest Airlines were frustrating and annoying and far more expensive than other carriers at least from my location. I still do not understand what benefit their seating policy offers to anyone. I can't understand the logic when you have to be stressed out to get a decent seat. Especially on vacation...I really don't want to be pressured into getting on line to get an "A" or even "B" cattle call for seats. Why not just let people choose a seat like other airlines?

Someone please explain the benefit of this frustrating seating system where rude passengers cut ahead of you, get confrontational, come up with fake injuries to board early, and any number of other stressful issues that arrive when trying to get a decent seat. It seems like Southwest goes out of their way to bring out the worst in people. Why would anyone want to fly this airline? They add stress and hassle to the already lousy ordeal that is flying.

I have not flown Soutwest in quite a few years and don't intend to ever again.
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Posted by Weedwhacked on 2013-07-05:
It's because everyone in the needs an aisle seat closest to the front. Southwest's way is fair, first come first serve.
Posted by john.cianti on 2013-07-05:
That doesn't answer the question. How is first come first served better than just choosing a seat when you book your flight? First come first served is exactly what causes all the arguments and stress on the waiting lines.
Posted by FoDaddy19 on 2013-07-05:
Southwest's policy gets people on and off the plane faster, you don't get 200 people dilly-dallying around looking for their seat. Instead you simply take any seat you can.

I've flow SW before and other airlines that have assigned seating as well, and while I don't care for SW (no real food, no in flight entertainment unless you count the crew's often creative safety equipment lecture), but getting on and off the plane is a breeze with SW.
Posted by Ben There on 2013-07-05:
Southwest tested assigned seating and decided not to go that route as it slowed down boarding. The longer a plane is at the gate, the more money it is losing.

Southwest does have the option to be automatically checked - I think the fee is around $10, which is about what most airlines charge for the better seat assignments (like on AA, Delta and United).
Posted by jonthethird on 2013-07-06:
First, for FoDaddy, SW is partnering with Dish Network to offer free programming for your wifi device.
I fly SW often, and pay the extra $10 for an A boarding pass. SW appeals to a group of people, like myself, who fly often and just want to get where we are going as cheaply and on time as possible. SW is great for me, but if you want more service, fly United
Posted by john.cianti on 2013-07-19:
FoDaddy, I don't see the dilly-dallying looking for seats as the issue with slow boarding. On any airline, including Southwest, it's dilly dallying with luggage that eats up time--the people that decide to get stuff out of their luggage when they get on the plane instead of doing it during the time they are waiting outside--people who don't know how to fly. Also, you have to put your luggage away anyway, whether or not you have an assigned seat and that's what takes up the time. I fly often and find Southwest not only annoying due to their seating policy, but more expensive for the routes I need. I still don't see this benefitting anyone. Thanks everyone for confirming my opinion. JMHO
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Cancelled Flight Due to Weather but All Other Carriers Were Departing
Posted by Pissed4821 on 06/28/2013
I don't think Southwest paid their airport fee and are treated less than all the other reputable carriers. Others departed as we sat and watched them pass us up on the Tarmac. Never again to save a few dollars. Those few dollars are gone now that I have to pay for a hotel and rental car because Suckwest can blame it on the weather. Why did the weather not effect the other carriers' flights?

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Posted by clutzycook on 2013-06-28:
Do you know where the other planes were headed? Maybe their trip was not affected by the weather.
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Late Flight Again!
Posted by Patrick.bernardi on 06/27/2013
PHOENIX, ARIZONA -- Once a month my wife will fly Southwest from Phoenix to Albuquerque and three days later she will fly back. For the last five trips there have been delays on the return trip anywhere from one hour to five, always the same excuse, mechanical problems.

Today she had a flight scheduled for 2:30 New Mexico time, at 8:00 AM she checks her flight status and it says two hour delay. When she calls to find out why they say "mechanical problems".

While we appreciate the advanced notice we can't understand why they would continue to have poorly maintained planes that constantly brake down and with this much advanced notice the could not replace the plane with another.

We will never fly Southwest again, They make it very clear there planes are not safe.
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Posted by nazrider on 2013-06-27:
actually I was thinking the reverse. At least they are keeping an eye on the planes and making sure they are in good air worthy condition so its safe to fly. I'd rather be delayed to fix a problem than in the air when there is an issue. nothing like landing with fire trucks to make you think 'why did they not check this plane!'
Posted by Old Timer on 2013-06-27:
I agree that delays are a pain, most are real, some are fabricated by the airline to cover something up. I would still rather be late than take off in a plane with known "mechanical problems". Fix the "mechanical problems" ASAP and get me on my way.

There is always the second choice of flying on an airline that ignores "mechanical problems" (Aeroflot comes to mind) and will fly a plane till it just breaks down. Hopefully the problems are found while on the ground.
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Broken Plane and No Mechanic Available
Posted by Donnybhart on 06/09/2013
GREENVILLE, SOUTH CAROLINA -- Due to take off at 6:45 am on June 9th, 2013. The pilot announced a light came on and we could not take off.

It is now 10:30 and a mechanic ha not even shown up to look at the plane.

They are attempting to reroute passengers but still no mechanic?
How can an airline operate without a mechanic in the area? This is ridiculous. They have ruined our day. It will take 12 hours to get back to Denver.

Southwest has lost it's quality!
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Posted by FoDaddy19 on 2013-06-09:
In fairness these things can happen to any airline. And it's a Sunday, so chances are they are short staffed as far as mechanics go.
Posted by Ben There on 2013-06-09:
Unfortunately it would cost prohibitive any airline to have a mechanic on duty at all times at smaller airports, so most airline's simply don't have them.

In big airports like Denver, Dallas or Chicago, there are plenty of mechanics as there are tens if not hundreds of planes from the same airline on the ground at any given moment. However, in smaller stations like Greenville that might have 15 flights all day, it is simply more efficient to fly in a mechanic - or send one over from another larger airport in the area - if issues can't be fixed locally.
Posted by BigAl on 2013-06-09:
There are way too many components on an airplane to have "a mechanic" available at all times. Different mechanics specialize in different areas of the aircraft.
Posted by Weedwhacked on 2013-06-09:
What you described happens to all airlines. So they have all lost their "quality."
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Damaged Luggage
Posted by Rmgnc on 04/16/2013
AKRON, OHIO -- We flew Southwest from Akron, OH to Denver to Phoenix on Saturday, April 7th and checked in 2 pieces of luggage. When we picked up our luggage in Phoenix our large American Tourister piece was all marked up and a corner was ripped when we opened it. On the top of that, the inside of the top was blown out on the side. This could only be caused by mishandling of the luggage.

When we were getting on the plane in Denver a group of our passengers commented how rough the baggage was being handled as it was being loaded on our flight to Phoenix. Almost every piece was being thrown upside down to land on the soft top and that is probably why mine was blown out on the inside.

Our return flight was from Las Vegas to Denver to Akron on Monday April 15th. When we picked up our luggage our large piece had a 2" rip on the back of it with some other added scuff marks. To put it bluntly, Southwest boasts free baggage service, but don't expect it to be handled as you would hope. You may be replacing it after your trip. Other then the luggage fiasco, the flights and crew were great!
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Posted by Obsfucation on 2013-04-16:
Did you bring this to the attention of the folks at baggage claim? If you did, you may get something back from them.
Posted by Ben There on 2013-04-16:
Most airlines will not cover small rips and tears or broken wheels or handles as that falls under "normal wear and tear".

Luggage gets slung around quickly on the ground as it goes from check in to screening to cart to plane. Then gets hundreds of pounds of other bags stacked on top of it in the belly of the aircraft, only to be shaken at 600 miles an hour in often -50 degree cold.

I have found that the cheapest bags - like you get at Wal Mart or Ross - only make it a year with me. The next step up - like American Tourister and Samsonite last a little longer - but they are not as good as they used to be. I have invested several hundred in really nice bags with teflon sides - these have lasted me so much longer but even they start looking a little sad.
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Who Can You Trust?
Posted by Trishfreyer on 04/01/2013
BALTIMORE, MARYLAND -- It took 4 porters to wheel me from the plane to the baggage claim. There is something going on with those workers. I gave each a tip and one of the crooks stole my $200 money order. What gets me is the fact that no one is being monitored. I believe that TSA, baggage handlers, porters and other employees need to have someone watching there activities more closely. There pillaging and plundering passengers when ever they feel like it. The next time I fly I will be recording everything.

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Posted by Alain on 2013-04-01:
For security problems at Baltimore-Washington Airport, you may want to try giving these numbers a call: [410] 859-7737, [410] 859-7041 or [866] 289-9673.
Posted by Obsfucation on 2013-04-01:
One wonders, how did they get access to a money order? Was it blank? Where did you buy it? Do you have the receipt for it? Has it been negotiated? If not, did you put a stop on it?
Posted by jonthethird on 2013-04-01:
I doubt the porters were Southwest employees: they are usually provided by the Airport
Posted by trmn8r on 2013-04-01:
Can you explain in what manner someone obtained your money order? Do you know which of these many people was responsible? Your complaint is against Southwest, but there are other employers of the group you identified.
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Rude ticket agent at Albany airport
Posted by Mehmer on 01/15/2013
NEW YORK -- Normally, ticket agents are very friendly working for Southwest. However, today an extremely rude agent was working this morning in Albany. My Daughter was flying back to Ft. Lauderdale on a 8:45 am flight with a baby and a small child. Normally the agent issues me (Grandma) a pass so that I can help my Daughter through security with the two small children. This particular agent named Ashlee would not only issue me a pass but told me it was the policy of the airport not to do that. I spoke with the information booth personal who told me that was not the case. I went back to tell Ashlee she misunderstood the airport policy, and she told me in quite a few sentences that she was right. Please have her learn some manners!!!
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Posted by BigAl on 2013-01-15:
Just because you do not agree with the ticket agent does not make the agent rude. If the ticket agent has the responsibility to issue a pass the agent would be the person most knowledgeable of the rules.
Posted by trmn8r on 2013-01-15:
It sounds like Ashlee needs to be brought up to speed.

If I were in grandma's shoes, I would call the airport and address this with someone in management. You have the airline and employee name - they should be able to attend to this.

It would be to your advantage to do this, as you may run into Ashlee again one day. SW is a pretty good outfit - they would probably respond appropriately when this is brought to their attention. Good luck.
Posted by yoke on 2013-01-15:
Ashlee may be going by what SWA is telling her to do. If the person at the information desk gave different info then I would have asked that person to please tell Ashlee or have the person at the information desk find someone else who could have gotten the pass.
Posted by mehmer on 2013-01-15:
I did contact airport personel and he told me it was up to the airlines-----NOT the airport as Ashlee had told me.He was WILLING to issue me a pass, but my Daughter had already gone through security. Gramma
Posted by mehmer on 2013-01-15:
I did contact airport personel and he told me it was up to the airlines-----NOT the airport as Ashlee had told me.He was WILLING to issue me a pass, but my Daughter had already gone through security. Gramma
Posted by Dryer Lint on 2013-01-15:
Info desk person can't issue you a gate pass, no more than the guy working at the Starbucks can. Its airline discretion and these weren't unaccompanied minors.
The bigger question is how did parents for years manage two children without help?
Posted by mehmer on 2013-01-16:
Must be Dryer Lint hasn't traveled with small children. Going through security, having to open up your baggage while closing up a stroller, taking off shoes, and carring an infant and having to hang onto another is not easy. People in the past did not have all the security rules. And, yes, the airlines CAN issue passes. I have gotten them in the past.
Posted by Patrick on 2013-10-02:
I have also had rudeness issues with "Ashlee" in albany. She was rude to my wife when we were travelling back earlier this summer, my wife with a broken ankle and in a wheelchair
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Great customer service
Posted by Lovexoxpink on 09/18/2012
I just wanted to compliment Southwest for their great customer service care. I have flown Southwest my entire life and have loved flying with them. Never encountered a delay and when I slight delay happened they quickly made up time and got us there on time. However this past weekend I had almost a 2 hour delay due to multiple reasons. Upon emailing them I got an email back the very next day with a $100 travel voucher. I am very satisfied with their quick response and the level of care they have for keeping their customers happy. I will without a doubt continue flying with Southwest and enjoy spending my money on travel with them.
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Posted by trmn8r on 2012-09-19:
I've read a lot of good things about SW. Nice compliment.
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