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Southwest Airlines
By -

NEW MEXICO -- WARNING!!! SOUTHWEST AIRLINES IS, WITHOUT A DOUBT, THE WORST AIRLINE ON PLANET EARTH! I was booked on SWA ** from LAX to ABQ (non-stop, mind you) leaving LAX at 8:10 PM on Sunday 7/22/07, arriving at 10:40 PM on Sunday 7/22/07. I checked two bags at 4:15 PM after standing in line approximately one hour. Then, I stood in the TSA line for another 20 minutes to have my checked bags inspected and passed off to Southwest's baggage handlers.

When I arrived at ABQ and went to the appointed carousel to pick up my luggage, I was delighted to see my large bag already in the holding area outside of SWA's baggage office. I picked it up without anyone confirming whether it was my bag or not. No SWA personnel were there. I later determined that SWA forwarded the larger bag on an earlier flight. It appears the Dakota bag (referred to below) may have also been forwarded on an earlier flight. Then, I noted the second bag (a very expensive Dakota duffel bag) was not in the holding area. I naturally expected it to be coming out with Flight ** baggage. It did not arrive.

And, after five days of “searching”, Southwest now says they have suspended searching. The Dakota bag cost me $325. Its contents included many personal documents with information that, in the wrong hands, could be used to steal the identities of a number of persons. The Dakota bag also contained an 80 DVD zipper case, nearly full of high end late movies– something anyone would steal if not watched. I estimate the cost of the DVDs to be not less that $900. Yes, I must admit, I was an idiot for packing such items in a bag that had to be checked due to its size! But, give me a break– a non-stop from LAX to ABQ- how could such a bag possibly get lost?

IT WAS NOT LOST! IT APPEARS A SOUTHWEST AIRLINES BAGGAGE HANDLER STOLE IT JUST FOR THE DVDs. I am now advised by Southwest that they have “suspended the search for my bag.” Note– SWA does not scan in baggage and therefore has no way to track baggage. They simply lie to the public about this. Having made claim for the lost luggage, I am offered $30 for my trouble.

I offer these words of warning: Never fly SOUTHWEST AIRLINES. SOUTHWEST AIRLINES hires thieves and drug addicts as baggage handlers. SOUTHWEST AIRLINES trains its agents to lie rather than aid in the resolution of customer complaints. SOUTHWEST AIRLINES is the filthiest airline in the world. SOUTHWEST AIRLINES has absolutely no commitment to customer satisfaction. SOUTHWEST has the very wrong idea customers want a cute song by 18 year old flight attendant rather than competent service. SWA's flight attendants could not recognize a fire if their own hair were ablaze!

I simply wanted to be safely transported from Los Angeles to Albuquerque, without having the airline employees steal my baggage and its contents which were worth in excess of five times the cost of the ticket. By the way, be sure to shower after flying– to get rid of the Texas ticks that plague the plane.

By -

I am a frequent flyer and have been traveling for over 15 years. I fly about every three weeks, so I am seasoned traveler. In my opinion Southwest Airlines is the worst airlines in the industry. On my trip last night Baltimore, MD to West Palm Beach on flight 366, we experienced weather delays because of storms. This is understandable. Our flight was to leave at 5:15 PM and arrive at 7:40 PM. Our flight was late arriving and it was raining hard at Baltimore. We finally left Baltimore at 8:08 PM and arrived at West Palm Beach at 10:05 PM. We boarded the plane at 6:00 PM and waited on the plane for 2 hours before we took off.

Now I was a little aggravated as they kept saying "we will be leaving shortly" and after 1 1/2 hrs. on the plane they decided to give us some water. Just as they started to serve the water, they were told to clean-up to prepare for departure.

The worst part was that after all this when I get my suitcase it was "SOAKED". Paperwork and my clothes were all wet. They left our baggage outside in the HEAVY RAIN on uncovered baggage carts, that's what Southwest uses because they are cheaper to buy. When I went to customer service, I was told "WE ARE NOT RESPONSIBLE!" "There is no damage, your can put your clothes in a dryer and there is nothing we can do about your paperwork!"

When I asked for a supervisor, they claimed there are no supervisors on-duty and that her word was final. I have been flying Southwest for 5 years and they are getting worse. You have to fight with them all the time and when you're proving your right, they pass you off to someone else to start all over again until they wear you out. This is not the first time this has happened to me, but it is the last time. This airlines motto is "WE ARE NOT RESPONSIBLE FOR ANYTHING".

They have lost my bags and did not reimburse me even though everyone on all airlines are covered by $2,000.00 of insurance. Damaged my brand new baggage and refused to repair or replace it, claiming it was old and worn out, until I finally got the station manager to look at my account to find that Southwest just replaced the back from my last trip.

Been denied boarding, even though I had a confirmed reservation, because of delays of getting through security even though I was checked-In at the front counter but they cannot communicate that to the gate. Because of cancelled flights from the night before, they decided to board early and leave early as the flight was overbooked.

I was at the gate 10 minutes before departure per their company policy, but still denied and they knew about the crowds at security. I was told to wait and they would get me on the flight as the flight did not leave yet, then All the agents disappeared from the gate. The flight left, then a supervisor showed up, and said that I was not there in time for the flight per their policy when I was.

Southwest company policy is return your full fare for denying you boarding on a confirmed reservation, and fly you for free to your destination, you can see why they argue with you and will always tell you that they are not responsible or delay your ability to complain until it is too late.

People like this airline because of the possibility of getting low fare which are now harder to get. They only find out what Southwest is really all about when there is a problem. That is when the TRUE Southwest Airlines comes out. People are denied their rights because they are not aware of what their rights are or southwest wears you out. That is why they are one of the few airlines making money. "CATTLE CAR AIR" will not get my money anymore!

Southwest is the BEST - stranded in Nashville
By -

NASHVILLE, TENNESSEE -- On 1-13-07 my husband and I were at the Philadelphia airport waiting for our flight home to Kansas City (via Nashville). While standing in line about to board the plane we were paged by a Southwest employee. I approached the counter and the young man there told me that our connecting flight from Nashville to Kansas City had been cancelled due to an ice storm in Kansas City. He wanted us to know our options prior to boarding. He gave me a phone number so that I could call and get a distressed passenger rate at either a local hotel in Philadelphia or in Nashville since we wouldn't be able to get home that same day.

I quickly called the number and found that there were no hotels available in Philadelphia but that there were hotels available in Nashville. My husband and I decided to go ahead and fly to Nashville for the night since they had hotels available. We boarded the plane and the flight crew started with their funny antics before the plane even took off. They actually started taking drink orders before take off because it was a relatively short flight and some turbulence was expected. We took off and we got the turbulence. The flight crew had to stay seated for most of the flight but continued to entertain us the entire flight.

Their witty comments and banter back and forth between the flight attendants at the front of the plane and the one at the back were enough to keep everyone in stitches and make everyone forget about the turbulence. Kudo's to everyone on this flight. When we arrived in Nashville we were told where to go to get our distressed passenger document. Again, the employees were very helpful and sympathetic to the fact that we couldn't get home. We were re-booked the following morning on another flight. Went back to the airport on 1-14 in the morning to find that our flight had been delayed.

Eventually it was cancelled and the employee at the ticket counter re-booked us on the afternoon flight. We hung out at the airport and watched part of a football game. A couple of hours before our flight was scheduled to depart, once again, it was cancelled. We were told that we could re-book on the evening flight which may or may not be cancelled. At this point it was late afternoon and my husband and I were tired of the wonderful sights of the Nashville airport and decided to call it a day, go back to the hotel and try again the next morning. The ticket agent re-booked us for the following morning.

We spent another wonderful evening in Nashville and returned to the airport the next morning. Again, the staff at the counter was wonderful and very helpful. Our flight did not get cancelled and finally, after two days in Nashville, we were on our way home. Once again, due to the weather in the Midwest and the turbulence, the flight crew had to stay seated for the duration of the flight. I must say, if you ever get stranded in a city from home, do it in Nashville, the people are wonderful, the city is beautiful and the employees at Southwest in Nashville are awesome!

Initially I was a bit frustrated that my trip was delayed but after spending two great days in Nashville I am glad that it happened. I appreciate the fact that Southwest is an airline that puts safety first and chooses not to fly when the other airlines continue to do so. I must also add that in Nashville as we were in line waiting to go through security my husband realized that he had forgotten to put his pocket knife (a small knife that was a tribute to 9-11) in our checked luggage. He ran out to curbside check in and gave it to the agent who had checked our bags. The agent told my husband that our bags had already been sent "downstairs" to be loaded on the plane.

My husband explained that he forgot to check his knife and that he (the curbside agent) could have it. The agent told him that he would run downstairs and put his knife in our checked luggage. Again my husband told him that he could keep it. Well, guess what? When we arrived home in Kansas City and started unpacking, there was my husband's knife, safely tucked away in his luggage. Many thanks to the wonderful people of Nashville and Southwest Airlines. Just when you start to think that there is no such thing as great customer service anymore, Southwest Airlines comes along and proves you wrong!

Psycho stalker flight attendant- Ladies she will stalk you & your man!
By -

DALLAS, TEXAS -- This happened to my poor cousin, who almost had a nervous breakdown over it. She had a miscarriage due to the stress this brought on. She has filed police reports. She filed numerous complaints with southwest and sent copies of police reports, but they have not responded at all.

In August of last year my cousin's fiance "Chad"€ flew southwest to Chicago on business. One of the flight attendants, Julieanne, had been working a flight he flew the month before and remembered him, as she had apparently slipped him her phone number on said prior flight. She spent most of this flight hitting on him, asking why he had never called her etc. When the plane landed, he was in such a hurry to get away from her that he left his cell phone o the plane (Or else she lifted it, we still are not 100% sure).

When he got to his hotel and realized his phone was gone, he frantically called airlines to be told that no one had turned phone in. In a last ditch attempt he called the cell phone, and guess what? The flight attendant answered, purring that she had found his phone on floor of plane, and would be glad to meet him and return it to him.

He met her about an hour later, picked up his phone and left. During the hour that passed between the phone call and meeting her to pick up the phone, I and several of my family members received calls from Chad's phone, and when we answered a female asked "€œwho is this?"€ to which I responded, "This is Terry, who is this and why are you on Chad's phone?" Her response "This is Julieanne and Chad left his phone in my bed." I am trying to track down what hotel he is staying in so I can return it"€ (Nice huh?).

When I told her that I found her "bed"€ story hard to believe as Chad was engaged to my cousin Sherry and they had been together for 2 years, she hung up. To be honest, I figured maybe Chad was playing around on my cousin, and decided not to mention the phone call to her.

That very evening the first of 1000+ text messages and calls was received by my cousin. A text message that came from an unknown number, (they have since traced it to a computer) and said "How does it feel to know that I am F**king your fiance?"€. Sherry tried to call the number back, and the voice mail was a computer voice that just gave the telephone number. Sherry called her fiance and was told that text message was crazy as he was in hotel room with co-worker, and put co-worker on the phone. I won't tell the whole story here as it would bore many, but a synopsis of events that followed are this:

Julieanne (flight attendant for SOUTHWEST AIRLINES) called my cousin 250+ times from HER cell phone and numerous times from other numbers. She send 1000+ text messages from HER cell phone to my cousin. She emailed my cousin from her email address and multiple fake emails. She mailed letters, a "Southwest airlines" €doll with her name tag/wings to my cousin at both her house and at Chad's.

She sent pictures of herself, topless. She called my Aunt and Uncle at home and told them their future son in law was a rapist who raped her in the bathroom of the airplane (remember, she had access to his phone and apparently wrote down every number in it). She showed up at my cousin's work on several occasions. She followed my cousin and nearly ran her off the road. She filed a false police report against Chad, claiming he was stalking her, and threatened him via email and text that she would throw him in jail for rape if he did not meet with her, because "she was blonde, beautiful and the cops would believe her"€.

She called all his business associates and told them he was on heroin. She sent death threats (cut out letters from magazines) to my cousin and she killed cat and put it on my cousin's car. Even when they changed their phone numbers, this crazy witch got the new numbers from the police reports and CONTINUES TO CALL THEM. She even MOVED from CHICAGO to DALLAS so "she could be near"€ Chad.

Southwest airlines does not care in the slightest that my cousin has been stalked by their psycho employee. They do not care that she obtained his phone on their airplane and illegally accessed information from it. They do not care that my cousin LOST HER BABY because this crazy witch was stalking her. They do not care that she is using Southwest Airlines promotional dolls to harass people.

SO ladies, if your significant other is flying Southwest, be warned and be prepared. You will spend a lot of time talking to the police and documenting the harassment if this crazy flight attendant takes a liking to your man. Gentlemen, be warned as well. All it took was a well-mannered smile and a brush off, and the above was the result.

This is ALL TRUE and there is documentation, police reports, phone records, etc to back this up. I am just trying to warn everyone so this does not happen to you. If anyone would like the whole story, or to share an experience like this, please email me at **. My cousin is going after the crazy girl in court civil suit and any backup information would help.

Issue With Luggage (Arrived Soaking Wet)
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Rating: 1/51

SELECT AN AIRPORT, MASSACHUSETTS -- After arriving at our destination over 2 hours late we received our baggage at baggage claim and the bags were drenched in water. Unfortunately we were on our way to a meeting in the mountains and had our sleeping bags in our luggage. Sleeping bags were drenched. Airline gave me the runaround and informed me that I had to write a letter and send it snail-mail to them and then wait for them to respond. Seriously!?!?

Not the "Outstanding" Customer Service They Advertise!!
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Rating: 1/51

DALLAS, TEXAS -- My flight from Midway Chicago to Phoenix on Monday, September 23. 6 p.m. flight - worst customer service I have ever had. After having to pay $140 to "upgrade" my ticket--and then to have to put up with rude SW employees to board?? Really?? I was too upset to even get their names to report them. My bad. Totally done with SW and their stupid "good luck with getting a seat" seating.

Theft from Checked Luggage
By -

Almost three weeks ago now, I flew Southwest Airlines via Midway (MDW) airport to Phoenix (PHX) Sky Harbor Int'l Airport. When I arrived at my destination, my Macbook, GPS & bag of jewelry were no longer in my checked luggage. I pulled directly off the belt. The Phoenix police looked at security tapes leaving only one location left, Chicago. The police in Chicago did nothing but mail me a letter confirming I called them about 7 days AFTER I returned home from vacation.

It could only have been either a Southwest employee after my dad and I dropped our bags off at the curbside check-in or a TSA employee scanning our bags, as my dad received a notification in his bag, but I did not (what thief would promote his job title?). Now to clearly think like a thief, the Southwest employee would have to rush to get our bags on the plane, because we were definitely running to catch the flight. They have no idea what is packed in the bag, and just turn it over to TSA before it enters the belt onto the plane.

The TSA agent, on the other hand, screened the bag, knowing fully well what was inside, with no need to ruffle the bottom portion of my luggage (which was left neatly packed exactly as I had left it and strapped in). So, there is a TSA thief still working at Midway Airport.

Almost three weeks later I finally was able to contact someone at Midway working in TSA who stated, "I received your complaint pertaining to your missing items from your checked luggage. While we have had numerous incidents here at Chicago Midway similar to yours, we have found that no TSA employee at Chicago Midway has been involved with any missing items from passengers luggage. However, we have no problem with investigating this issue for you. In order to do so, I am in need of some additional information." I sent this information all in already, but sure I can forward ANOTHER copy.

With all the talk of the drug rings, money hoards, and IPODS down pants, I assume fully well this guy is going to be no help, not look at the tapes and rather continue to support his lying, thieving employee. Communication with airlines and airline affiliated government programs, such as TSA, is horrible. After three weeks, do you really think you are going to recover my things?

Something should have been done immediately, not just paperwork, but actual physical search of the videos and employees the second that call was made for future customer satisfaction and future flying safety. If this guy is checking bags, what does that say about the safety of our country? Nothing. He's too preoccupied with his own money scheme. All Chicago, Midway fliers need to be aware that their bags are not safe.

Southwest flight change extortion
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Rating: 1/51

NAPA, CALIFORNIA -- Let me start off by saying I generally have had positive experiences with Southwest in the past. That being said they have failed miserably on my most recent encounter with the airline. My wife and 10-week old son were set to return from a family trip to Iowa this week when my wife came down with the flu. When we tried to move her flight the first time I was charged an additional $142 and I was told it was due to changing the return city from SFO to Sacramento. I understood that and was told IF I needed to change my flight again due to her illness that as long as the itinerary stayed the same I would not encounter additional change fees.

Unfortunately my wife is still down with the flu and I had to extend the return flight this morning once again to give her time to rest. I was told to do so, even though I was using the same itinerary, that I would be charged an ADDITIONAL $150. My original cost was $210 for the return flight. My current cost to get my family home is now $502. All of this and the customer service agent tried to tell me SW does not have "change fees". That is blatant false advertising. They can say they do not have a change fee and claim that "her original fare was no longer available" but this is a change fee no matter how you slice it.

Again, I was fine with the $142 as I changed the itinerary but the last $150 this AM is utter extortion. I feel taken advantage of and I just hope that you don't get sick if you fly Southwest. The irony is my wife most likely got sick on their plane. Great little profit center they have created. Southwest - I am 31 and travel for business at miminum twice per month. You have lost my business along with the business of anyone I can convince not to fly with you and it's a shame because your flight attendants are some of the best in the business. It's too bad your customer service and business practices do not match their professionalism.

SouthWest Boot Sober Passenger
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Rating: 1/51

HOUSTON, TEXAS -- Flight 657 (New Orleans to Houston) was delayed; there was about 15-20 minutes between departing 657 and boarding flight 3506 (the connecting flight to Philadelphia). The arriving/departing gates were in closeness. I decided to use the bathroom and then, with my colleague, went to Buffalo Wild Wings for a beer, to go. The bar attendant put it into a clear plastic cup and we walked across to the boarding gate. I sat with my daughter and we both fiddled with our cell phones as they charged. I approached the counter to inquire if flight 3506 had been delayed and to verify that we were at the correct gate.

Many passengers' gates were changed (last minute), and the personnel looked frustrated in dealing with the overcrowding and standby situations. I struggled to limp to the counter because of leg pain. When I approached the counter, the Southwest Customer Service representative stated that our flight would be boarding in 10 minutes, however I would not be allowed to fly. I actually thought she was joking. She stated that I was drunk. I asked her if she was kidding. I offered to recite the Gettysburg address or to say the alphabet backwards.

She asked me if I was on any medication. I disclosed that the only medication I take was for ADHD. She remarked that that medication should not be mixed with alcohol... She handed me a piece of paper with writing on it and instructed that I take it to the Hilton and that they would give me a room. She also questioned if I wanted her to call the cops. I responded that was exactly what I wanted her to do. When the police arrived he spoke with me and informed me that the airline reserves that right to refuse passengers. He also told me that he knew I wasn't drunk but could not give me a breathalyzer, as they are only used in traffic situations.

I was advised by an observer that the situation was not fair and suggested that I go to the hospital for a toxicology report for proof of random mistreatment. The hospital personnel and hotel staff were equally in shock when learning of the situation. They were so embracing. They helped alleviate the distress of the situation.

** says that she called Southwest, but was again told that the airline reserves the right to refuse passengers for boarding. She also received an automated e-mail response from Southwest saying that they are looking into the incident. She says that she feels "so disempowered; as a patron, customer, and a citizen. I just couldn't believe this mistreatment could be legal." She says she will never fly Southwest again.

The LUVLESS Airline
By -

DENVER, COLORADO -- Today at DIA at Southwest Airlines has been the worst experience my partner and I have ever had. After a 2+ hour delay in Minn-St. Paul due to a mechanical problem the plane finally left for Denver and the rude SWA staff that awaited us. Upon arriving at the airport our delayed flight pulled in moments prior to our connecting flight was to leave. Of course our departing flight was delayed prior to the mechanical problem, which was discovered on the runway, due to late passengers. SWA DIA does not seem to believe in a short delay to get passengers on the flight and instead gave our seats away and closed the door as we arrived at the gate.

Adding insult to injury ** who was a Customer Service Supervisor that came from the far regions of hell on this fine 2nd day of the year arrived at the desk to talk to us with attitude. Waving her hands and disrespecting us as customers she took the approach that instead of defusing the situation as a good customer service agent she would threaten to have us removed from the airport and not fly and only further inflamed the situation. After a few words were exchanged, none of which were threatening in any way, Mrs ** picked up the phone and called the police. We left to find the police ourselves.

Finding them we spoke with them and then to ** who was the supervisor for Mrs. **. Of course this exemplary employee for Southwest went on to accuse of threatening her with bodily harm. Evoking the great power these little people have over every one of us that flies. Ultimately we were escorted out of the airport by the police. Lied to by Southwest Airlines a few more times and booked on a flight home the next day leaving us stuck at DIA without getting to important business and with a very bad taste in our mouths for an airline that speaks of LUV and the best customer service in the business.

Actually, based on this interaction they have gate agent supervisors that are willing to lie to empower themselves beyond the power they should hold. I write this to say beware of SWA and the DIA staff. You may not get to where you are going and be accused of being a terrorist because SHE can. By the way I have the highest status with SWA. Imagine how this child of the devil would be with the average Joe.

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