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Late Flight Again!
Posted by on
Rating: 1/51
PHOENIX, ARIZONA -- Once a month my wife will fly Southwest from Phoenix to Albuquerque and three days later she will fly back. For the last five trips there have been delays on the return trip anywhere from one hour to five, always the same excuse, mechanical problems.

Today she had a flight scheduled for 2:30 New Mexico time, at 8:00 AM she checks her flight status and it says two hour delay. When she calls to find out why they say "mechanical problems".

While we appreciate the advanced notice we can't understand why they would continue to have poorly maintained planes that constantly brake down and with this much advanced notice the could not replace the plane with another.

We will never fly Southwest again, They make it very clear there planes are not safe.
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User Replies:
nazrider on 06/27/2013:
actually I was thinking the reverse. At least they are keeping an eye on the planes and making sure they are in good air worthy condition so its safe to fly. I'd rather be delayed to fix a problem than in the air when there is an issue. nothing like landing with fire trucks to make you think 'why did they not check this plane!'
Old Timer on 06/27/2013:
I agree that delays are a pain, most are real, some are fabricated by the airline to cover something up. I would still rather be late than take off in a plane with known "mechanical problems". Fix the "mechanical problems" ASAP and get me on my way.

There is always the second choice of flying on an airline that ignores "mechanical problems" (Aeroflot comes to mind) and will fly a plane till it just breaks down. Hopefully the problems are found while on the ground.
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Damaged Luggage
Posted by on
Rating: 1/51
AKRON, OHIO -- We flew Southwest from Akron, OH to Denver to Phoenix on Saturday, April 7th and checked in 2 pieces of luggage. When we picked up our luggage in Phoenix our large American Tourister piece was all marked up and a corner was ripped when we opened it. On the top of that, the inside of the top was blown out on the side. This could only be caused by mishandling of the luggage.

When we were getting on the plane in Denver a group of our passengers commented how rough the baggage was being handled as it was being loaded on our flight to Phoenix. Almost every piece was being thrown upside down to land on the soft top and that is probably why mine was blown out on the inside.

Our return flight was from Las Vegas to Denver to Akron on Monday April 15th. When we picked up our luggage our large piece had a 2" rip on the back of it with some other added scuff marks. To put it bluntly, Southwest boasts free baggage service, but don't expect it to be handled as you would hope. You may be replacing it after your trip. Other than the luggage fiasco, the flights and crew were great!
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Obsfucation on 04/16/2013:
Did you bring this to the attention of the folks at baggage claim? If you did, you may get something back from them.
Ben There on 04/16/2013:
Most airlines will not cover small rips and tears or broken wheels or handles as that falls under "normal wear and tear".

Luggage gets slung around quickly on the ground as it goes from check in to screening to cart to plane. Then gets hundreds of pounds of other bags stacked on top of it in the belly of the aircraft, only to be shaken at 600 miles an hour in often -50 degree cold.

I have found that the cheapest bags - like you get at Wal Mart or Ross - only make it a year with me. The next step up - like American Tourister and Samsonite last a little longer - but they are not as good as they used to be. I have invested several hundred in really nice bags with teflon sides - these have lasted me so much longer but even they start looking a little sad.
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Rude ticket agent at Albany airport
Posted by on
Rating: 4/51
NEW YORK -- Normally, ticket agents are very friendly working for Southwest. However, today an extremely rude agent was working this morning in Albany. My Daughter was flying back to Ft. Lauderdale on an 8:45 am flight with a baby and a small child. Normally the agent issues me (Grandma) a pass so that I can help my Daughter through security with the two small children. This particular agent named Ashlee would not only issue me a pass but told me it was the policy of the airport not to do that. I spoke with the information booth personal who told me that was not the case. I went back to tell Ashlee she misunderstood the airport policy, and she told me in quite a few sentences that she was right. Please have her learn some manners!!!
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User Replies:
BigAl on 01/15/2013:
Just because you do not agree with the ticket agent does not make the agent rude. If the ticket agent has the responsibility to issue a pass the agent would be the person most knowledgeable of the rules.
trmn8r on 01/15/2013:
It sounds like Ashlee needs to be brought up to speed.

If I were in grandma's shoes, I would call the airport and address this with someone in management. You have the airline and employee name - they should be able to attend to this.

It would be to your advantage to do this, as you may run into Ashlee again one day. SW is a pretty good outfit - they would probably respond appropriately when this is brought to their attention. Good luck.
yoke on 01/15/2013:
Ashlee may be going by what SWA is telling her to do. If the person at the information desk gave different info then I would have asked that person to please tell Ashlee or have the person at the information desk find someone else who could have gotten the pass.
mehmer on 01/15/2013:
I did contact airport personnel and he told me it was up to the airlines-----NOT the airport as Ashlee had told me.He was WILLING to issue me a pass, but my Daughter had already gone through security. Gramma
mehmer on 01/15/2013:
I did contact airport personnel and he told me it was up to the airlines-----NOT the airport as Ashlee had told me.He was WILLING to issue me a pass, but my Daughter had already gone through security. Gramma
Dryer Lint on 01/15/2013:
Info desk person can't issue you a gate pass, no more than the guy working at the Starbucks can. Its airline discretion and these weren't unaccompanied minors.
The bigger question is how did parents for years manage two children without help?
mehmer on 01/16/2013:
Must be Dryer Lint hasn't traveled with small children. Going through security, having to open up your baggage while closing up a stroller, taking off shoes, and carring an infant and having to hang onto another is not easy. People in the past did not have all the security rules. And, yes, the airlines CAN issue passes. I have gotten them in the past.
Patrick on 10/02/2013:
I have also had rudeness issues with "Ashlee" in albany. She was rude to my wife when we were travelling back earlier this summer, my wife with a broken ankle and in a wheelchair
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Great customer service
Posted by on
Rating: 5/51
I just wanted to compliment Southwest for their great customer service care. I have flown Southwest my entire life and have loved flying with them. Never encountered a delay and when I slight delay happened they quickly made up time and got us there on time. However this past weekend I had almost a 2 hour delay due to multiple reasons. Upon emailing them I got an email back the very next day with a $100 travel voucher. I am very satisfied with their quick response and the level of care they have for keeping their customers happy. I will without a doubt continue flying with Southwest and enjoy spending my money on travel with them.
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trmn8r on 09/19/2012:
I've read a lot of good things about SW. Nice compliment.
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WOW ! I defy the legacy airlines to have done this
Posted by on
Rating: 5/51
I screwed up a change in a flight, and, once again, called Southwest
Customer Service; a fellow named Scott took care of it in a friendly and
efficient manner. He called me back within a few minutes of our ending the previous conversation. He had noticed that TWO of my free roundtrip awards had expired, and told me that, if I paid $ 50 for each, they could be reactivated for a year. Can you name Customer Service, at any company, never mind an airline, that would have called you back to take care of something like this ( actually, UPS did something very similar last year )? Way to go Southwest !!
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User Replies:
trmn8r on 08/28/2012:
My understanding is that SW is one of the better airlines out there. I do see complaints about them from time to time, but they are of a kind that tells me the customer didn't find out the rules ahead of time.
Anonymous on 08/29/2012:
So they called you back to ask for more money? Yeah that's great customer service.
jonthethird on 08/29/2012:
If there was a use for the two free flights, they did save him money.
SW is a great airline. They get you where you are going with minimal drama. I fly it regularly, use it whenever I can, and have never had a problem
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Southwest Flight Att Stole My Carry On
Posted by on
Rating: 1/51
I was on my way to my daughters wedding -had all VERY imp wedding things in my carry on including jewelry-dress for the wedding-shoes-wedding purse-baby pix of my daughter not replaceable-also meds and imp documents. All in my carry on for safe traveling. That is why I didn't ck this bag.

It wouldn't fit on the overhead so I told the flight ATT what was in it(stupid me) she listened and said she would not ck it! She reassured me she would keep it with her in the galley way. As I exited the plane up front I asked for my bag she said she had to ck it!!
I almost yelled but contained myself. Asked her for the tag she said she didn't tag it and reassured me it would be at the luggage with the rest of the bags. Well you guessed it this happened March 29th 2012 and I'm still without my bag. I since rebought the wedding dress for myself -shoes etc. I'm still sick over it all.
I've gotten very little satisfaction from the way this is being handeled they are very slow and non informative about searching for the bag. I believe the flight attendant has taken the bag and is enjoying my articles!!

SO UPSET!! Southwest will never see me again and I will be sure everyone knows how they have handled my situation and made my daughter's wedding a very stressful situation.

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User Replies:
Ben There on 07/09/2012:
There is also a chance that it was gate checked without a claim tag by mistake, and it went to the land of lost bags with no identification on them.

Or, being the last bag checked on the aircraft, it was the first bag out on the carousel and some random person stole it before you got there. It is not uncommon for bags to get lifted if they make it downstairs before the passengers do.

It does sounds weird that the flight attendant offered to keep the bag in the galley. All bags must be secured no matter where they are, and I don't think Southwest planes have big closets like many other airlines since they don't have first class.

I do hope your bag eventually shows up. My friend got a bag back after 7 months!
Susan on 07/09/2012:
Something isn't adding up right here. First of all, how did you get on the plane with a bag that wouldn't fit in the overhead compartment? And I've never heard of a flight attendant keeping a bag in the galley for someone during a flight. If it was checked you don't have any proof that the flight attendant stole it and it is unfair to make this accusation.
trmn8r on 07/09/2012:
I like to think as a last resort that someone intentionally took something. The bag wouldn't fit in the overhead, so the FA had to do something with it.

I agree that the weird part of the story is that the FA said she would hold it in the galley, but that changed for some reason.

It is quite possible that the bag innocently was sent to the luggage hold and lost in one of the ways suggested in the first reply. It would be hard to track down such a bag without a tag, I would imagine.

I'm glad you didn't name the FA - I'm not sure assuming she stole the bag is appropriate.
Comfortably_Numb on 07/10/2012:
the fa was the last person to handle the op's carry on. I hold her responsible to.
CowboyFan on 07/10/2012:
This is a good review because it shows the absolute necessity of the passenger making sure that their carry on will fit under the seat or in the overhead, if what is in there is so essential and valuable.
Starlord on 07/11/2012:
Every time I have flown, I have seen boxes at each loading gate. The box is the maximum size for carry-on bags. If the bag won't fit in the box, it must be checked. If it does fit in the box, it will fit in the overhead or under the seat.
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Extortion and Worst Customer Service
Posted by on
Rating: 1/51
SAN DIEGO, CALIFORNIA -- We initially bought tickets for the same SWA flight on 4/14/2012, at the same time for a child (8-year old), his father and his grandmother. All 3 tickets were not bought at the same time: the child and grandmother tickets were bought first and then the Dad's.
Later on, the grandmother had to change her plans and called SWA to change her departure time. The SWA representative told her that he needed to change the confirmation number for the child flight, which he did, and assured us that the child and father were on the same flight.
The night before the actual flight, we started the check-in procedure for the child and father, only to find out that they were booked on separate flights.
We called SWA to get the situation rectified. The SWA representation, Shannon (a supervisor in San Antonio TX who would not provide her last name, supposedly according to company policy), flatly refused to correct their mistake and told us that it would be fine for the child to fly from San Diego to Oakland at 8:45 at night by himself!!! She said that it was our mistake not to verify that both father and child were on the same flight, which is wrong because we immediately verified verbally with the SWA representative over the phone when the modifications were made.
In the end, Shannon told us that we would have to pay an extra $48 if we wanted the child to fly with his father and not by himself, which we consider to be extortion. Since we feel that letting an 8-year old fly by himself to be irresponsible, we had no choice but to pay Southwest Airlines the $48.
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User Replies:
Anonymous on 04/14/2012:
I believe most companies don't allow CSR's to give out their full names. It's a policy that protects the employee from any type of harassment and/or retaliation from an irate customer.

Southwest doesn't charge change fees so that $48 is a difference in air fare. If you were on another airline, you would have paid way more to change the flight.
trmn8r on 04/15/2012:
I had a bit of trouble understanding what happened, starting in the beginning with all tickets were bought at the same time and they were not bought at the same time.

Ultimately, I agree it is the customer's responsibility to confirm who is booked on what. SW is one of the better airlines out there - I'm sorry this happened. Changing flights can be really expensive at some - I agree with shorty.
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SW no longer cares for its customers
Posted by on
Rating: 1/51
HOUSTON, TEXAS -- I've flown Southwest Airlines for over twenty years and my experience in the past was positive.

Southwest no longer cares about its customers. If I can avoid it, I will not flight SW again. My recent experience on SW is one of the worst ones of my lifetime.

I flew from Dallas to Atlanta via Houston (because of the Wright Amendment.)

After doing a headcount in Houston, we expected to continue to Atlanta. Instead, all Atlanta travelers were taken off the plane. We complied because we were lead to believe we would be leaving soon on another flight.

40 of us stood in line for a long time and no one knew what was going on. Finally, we were given boarding passes on a flight that left 4 hours later.

Because I had to drive 4 more hours after arriving in Atlanta and I would not arrive until after 10 p. m, I asked to fly to a location that was closer to my destination. The attendant at the desk was very rude and told me I could go but my baggage could not. He would not help and basically ignored me as I stood asking for help.

On the way home, I got back more quickly. However, we spent 30 minutes waiting for a flight attendant to locate her apron that had been taken off the flight by mistake.

Southwest Airlines has lost its edge. If I have to put up with rude behavior, I'll fly another airline. At least, I know other airlines will notify me in advance if they decide to cancel a flight.

Shame on you Southwest Airlines.
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User Replies:
trmn8r on 03/22/2012:
"The attendant at the desk was very rude and told me I could go but my baggage could not. He would not help and basically ignored me as I stood asking for help."

Could you explain this further? It sounds like the attendant did verify you could take this other flight. How was he rude? When you say "he would not help" and "basically ignored me" when did this happen? It sounds like there was the issue of your luggage was unable to be retrieved and then ???
madconsumer on 03/22/2012:
this is a very helpful review!!

when I lived in dallas, I flew southwest often. now they are not what they used to be.
mzchioma on 07/15/2012:
They don't care about their passengers, but they do care about bad publicity and low profits. Thanks for getting the message out!
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Airline Theft
Posted by on
CHICAGO, ILLINOIS -- I flew Southwest Airlines from Midway to Phoenix two months ago and am still battling with Southwest regarding the employee who stole my laptop, GPS, jewelry and house keys from my checked "free" luggage. It's been a long, expensive battle of sending packets of papers into Southwest's customer service in Dallas who continue to tell me that because my items were of value, they are not responsible. How exactly is a company of such high standards "not responsible" for their corrupt employee? Needless to say, this employee is still working for the company. I have been in contact with everyone from the baggage claim specialists in both cities to the police, the TSA, the CEO and Board of Directors of Southwest, the BBB and the Department of Transportation Aviation Section. Southwest refuses to budge. They stated they'd send a $200 credit voucher (not worth 10% of what my stolen goods cost and won't even get me a roundtrip flight) to shut me up and keep my business, then they never even sent it! Southwest Airlines has some serious customer service issues to fix. They treat their consumers paying their salaries like cattle in the desert. Not to mention as consumers we pay a mandatory "security fee" for what? They can't even complete the simple task of trasportating passenger's luggage from one city to the next in full.
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User Replies:
Anonymous on 11/02/2011:
I do not condone theft of any sort, but I have to ask why would you pack such valuable items in your luggage? Do you know the identity of the employee that stole your items? If you do not, it is your word against theirs and unfortunately, you will come out on the short end of the stick.
jktshff1 on 11/02/2011:
Really good example of what not to do when traveling. Problem is, there is no way to prove what was in your checked baggage. Take what they offer and run. Just don't do it again.
I thought Midway was closed.
At Your Service on 11/02/2011:
So out of curiosity, can anyone explain why one cannot lock their baggage any more? Aren't they able to X-Ray the baggage to determine of what might be a problem?
madconsumer on 11/02/2011:
AYS, it has to do with the ability to do inspections.
jktshff1 on 11/02/2011:
You can lock it. It has to be an approved lock by TSA and they can open it.
madconsumer on 11/02/2011:
jkt, sad part is with a tsa lock, THEY can open them. so the tsa lock won't prevent theft by tsa agents.
jktshff1 on 11/02/2011:
that's what I said.
Old Timer on 11/02/2011:
There are signs everywhere at the airports from curb to gate telling people not to put valuables in their checked bags. If you read the fine print it says the airline is not responsible, period. Feel bad for your loss but they warned you the best they could.

With the billion$ the TSA spends you wonder why they can't put a few video cameras in the areas where the thieves are stealing the stuff?
db1105 on 11/03/2011:
It just shows what a joke our government is when billions of tax dollars are spend on our security but the can't secure or protect our property.
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Slow baggage delivery at Midway Airport
Posted by on
Just a warning to all who check bags into Midway airport on Southwest Airlines. Be prepared to wait a LONG time to get your bags. Last evening flew in from Seattle from vacation. Took 45 minutes for the bags from our plane to BEGIN to arrive at the baggae carousel!! This follows my last trip back from Oakland where the bags took 30 minutes!! This is the WORST baggage performance of any airline I have ever flown, and I fly a lot. Worst of all, when I made contact with Southwest they gave a form letter telling me they were working on improvements, yada, yada, yada. No changes I can see. Just FYI, United Airlines performance at the much larger OHare airport is much, much better. They almost always deliver the bags in 15 minutes or less.

Southwest baggage delivery at Midway is terrbile, and getting worse!

A frequent flier.....
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User Replies:
Old Timer on 08/14/2011:
As a frequent flier you would know that United uses O'Hare as a primary hub then? O'Hare has far superior baggage handling equipment than the older equipment available to Southwest at Midway. Not making excuses for Southwest but their turnaround time on a plane puts United to shame at most locations.

As a frequent flier you also realized a savings by using Southwest at Midway -vs- United at O'Hare. Spend more and get your bags quicker with United. Save some $$ and use Southwest which it looks like you did as a savvy frequent flier. You can't beat Southwest for those shorter flights, I think they are great at what they do.
trmn8r on 08/14/2011:
Those times seem longer than normal, but I haven't flown in several years.

I note that Southwest has the best satisfaction ratings of the Low Cost airlines, and United is at the bottom of the ratings of the Traditional airlines:
Ben There on 08/14/2011:
I agree with the OP. Baggage delivery has been very slow every time I have flown Southwest into Midway. I also have waited almost an hour for my bags on two different occasions.
Anonymous on 08/14/2011:
BT, slumming it on WN?!
If you are indeed a frequent flier Southwest is not the airline for you. United offers you Economy plus, upgrades to first class and Star Alliance network -fly to over 1000 airports in 50+ countries.
Considering MDW's size, no excuse for slow bags.
Ryan84 on 08/14/2011:
I would rather wait 45 minutes for my bags and keep the $25 in my pocket then spend it and get my bags 20 minutes earlier. It usually takes about 20 minutes from the time the plane arrives at the gate until the first bags come through anyway.
Jim on 08/12/2013:
I picked my son up at Midway Saturday night flying Southwest. Plane landed 22 minutes early but he waited over 30 minutes for a gate and a whopping 1 hour and 20 minutes for his bags. Southwest and Midway are a joke.
Unhappy on 03/09/2014:
Arrived at Midway 50 minutes ago and not a sign of a single bag yet.
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