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Avoid Spa Cover Direct when buying a spa cover.
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Rating: 1/51
HOLLYWOOD, FLORIDA -- I recently ordered a Spa Cover on-line from Spa Cover Direct, a purported manufacturer of quality replacement spa covers. This firm stresses the need to adequately measure your spa to ensure that the new cover fits your spa. They go so far as to providing a video demonstrating how to measure for your new spa cover. I ordered my spa cover from Spa Cover Direct on October 20, 2012 providing exact spa measurements of my spa, per their instructions. Upon delivery, I examined the new spa cover closely only to determine it measures exactly 96" in diameter. The issue I have, my spa is also exactly 96" in diameter and the cover doesn't fit. upon reviewing Spa Cover Direct's website video, How to Measure a Round Spa Cover, I followed it's directions explicitly. As indicated, I measured the spa opening to be exactly 96" and typed 96" in the field marked Measurement A. In addition, I indicated in the Customer's Note: "My spa is an in-ground gunite, peeble-tech design with cantilever decking with a circular opening exactly 96". Now, I am not a rocket scientist by trade, nor am I an expert in designing and manufacturing spa covers as purported by your firm. However, I am familiar with the basic laws of physics and will tell you a 96" cover will not adequately cover a 96" spa. I immediately contacted Spa Cover Direct only to be told it's my problem, go sell it on E-Bay and we will sell you another cover. So, much for business integrity and customer satisfaction. Stay away from SPA Cover Direct
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So Pleasantly Surprised!
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A heavy snow storm this past winter broke our hot tub cover and we needed a replacement. After first checking My3Cents for any negative reports (there were none), we ordered a replacement cover from on 9/13. As of today we hadn't received an email confirmation so I emailed the company asking for confirmation. I received a personal response from "Bob" (on a Sunday!!!) that told us our cover was currently in production, forwarded a copy of their original email confirmation, and told us he would follow our order.

How's that for customer service? By the way, we thought the cost plus shipping was reasonable and it should be a much better cover than our original one.
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User Replies:
Anonymous on 09/19/2010:
Glad to hear there are companies that still have great customer service, dw. Thanks for taking the time to compliment them and bring it to people's attention.
Helpful on 09/19/2010:
Absolutely great to hear. I wish we'd see more compliments and less complaints on this site.
Alain on 09/20/2010:
I love to see compliments like this! Thank you, Disaster Worker!
Disaster Worker on 09/23/2010:
It just keeps getting better. I received another personal response from "Bob" in Sales today. He gave exact details on the shipment. We ordered on 9/13 and expected delivery in about 4 weeks since each cover is manufacturered exactly for your spa. It only took 10 days from order-production-shipping. I'll keep everyone posted on how we liked the quality of the cover. If I can figure out how to load a picture when the cover arrives, I will do so.

By the way, our research found that a lot of your local spa re-sellers actually use this company for their covers. Rec Warehouse in Ft. Worth would have charged us double for a lesser quality.

Great job SpaCoversDirect!!!
Disaster Worker on 09/28/2010:
Moved From Other Review: Two weeks ago I posted a review about Spa Cover Direct and wanted to post a follow-up.

We needed a new hot tub cover and did our research before purchasing. We found that Spa Cover Direct had no negative posts on this website nor could we find anything negative about their service. We ordered our cover on 9/13 and it was delivered 9/27. Each cover is custom-made for your spa. The quality is double of our previous cover and it fit perfectly!

Additionally, Bob in their Web Sales department kept us informed through the process.

GREAT GOING Spa Cover Direct!!! We highly recommend this company and give kudos for fantastic customer service and fine quality of the merchandise!
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