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Fed Up With Sparkletts
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MOORPARK, CALIFORNIA -- I have had 2 accounts with Sparkletts, one at home and one at my business. I started the service at home first. I've probably had it 3 years, maybe 4. Everything went along OK until I couldn't drink the water as fast as they were bringing it. Four bottles per month. Only 2 people in this house. I started putting it in the dog bowls! I started the service at the business about 1 1/2 years ago after getting tired of lugging the bottles from home up the stairs. The contract said it was a 3 year contract. The salesman said "oh, don't worry about that - they'll let you out." LIE 1.

I closed my office and called to cancel the water service. I was told I WOULD NOT be let out of the contract but I could transfer it to my house. I told them I already have it at my house. After a conversation with a supervisor, they let me out. At my house, I wanted to close the account but I had about 8 bottles to drink. I put my delivery on will call. I HAVE A EMAIL FROM SPARKLETTS VERIFYING THAT I WAS ON WILL CALL. Everything's OK for about 4 weeks when lo and behold, I go out one morning and there are 4 more ** bottles of water on my driveway.

I call Sparkletts immediately and I am told 'WE DON'T DO WILL CALLS ANYMORE"!!! OK, **, when where you going to tell your customers this. I told them they were to pick up the 4 bottles and the dispenser and cancel my account. They said "we'll have to talk to the route manager." I informed them I did not have to pay for something I did not order and would not pay. It's been one business day now and I'm waiting for an answer. Warning! Do not use Sparkletts for your water service. They tell you one thing - do another. Change terms without notice and try to stick you with the bill.

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