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Terrible Customer Service
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Rating: 2/51

FONTANA, CALIFORNIA -- I signed up for water delivery services with Sparkletts through Costco, I figured Costco vetted them so Sparkletts must be an okay vendor. My 1st delivery was in September 2017, I received a defective cooler. Since the main functions worked I was fine with accepting the cooler because the driver said he'd bring me a new one in a couple of weeks. In November I inquired with the driver about getting a new cooler, he said he would bring it my next delivery, however that did not happen.

In December and January I called to express that I wanted a new cooler and to notify them that I'm receiving too much water. They said they would send a message to the driver. I called at the end of January to cancel but allowed them to talk me out of it with promises of a new cooler and the offer to switch me to once a month delivery.

In February I called to complain about the defective cooler. Later in February I noticed a $10 late fee on my bill, I had auto withdrawal and enough money in the bank to cover the payment each month. I called to inquire and was told the card I signed up with was invalid. I realized I received a new card back in December (my fault) I asked them why no one advised me of my delinquent payment during the previous 4 conversations. They had no answer, and wouldn't waive the late fee.

In March my new driver delivered a new cooler. In two weeks he delivered more water, I called again to ask why I was receiving water ever 2 weeks instead of once a month. They said they weren't sure but would fix it. I received another delivery after two weeks. I called in April to cancel. I was told they couldn't pick up the machine and bottles for another two weeks they provided the specific date.

On that date no one showed up. Two days later my driver called me (he had been on vacation) and asked what happened and is there anything he could do to fix the issue. I advised him I wasn't happy with the corporate office. He came and picked up the equipment. 1 week later I received a bill that included the extra time it took them to pick up the cooler and bottles. I called and explained I shouldn't be charged for their inability to get the equipment right away. I also complained that I didn't receive my full credit for the bottles returned. I was basically told oh well.

After 2 weeks I called back and demanded to speak with a supervisor. I expressed my overall displeasure. She credited me the $10 late fee and for the time I had the equipment after calling to cancel. This review doesn't do my experience justice, overall this was the worst customer service I have ever received. I would like to say my second driver and the supervisor who helped me last were great. They are the only reason I'm giving 2 stars instead of 1.

Worst Customer Service EVER
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Rating: 1/51

TUCSON, ARIZONA -- I have had the service for quite some time with no trouble but when I moved things went downhill fast. They keep dropping off water even though I have repeatedly asked them not too. I currently have 5 5 gallon water bottles in my small apartment. I am being told that I will get no refund because once the bottles are delivered they can't refund me. What about the fact that I asked them not to leave them in the first place??

I have since canceled my service and they made me wait from 8-5 yesterday and never even showed up! I called them at 5:20 and was told that they rescheduled me to today with not even so much as a call!! I am now sitting here waiting for them again after being told that there is nothing that they can do. They don't return phone calls or care about their customers at all. Please save yourself the headache!!

Over-Delivering and Pathetic Customer Service
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Rating: 1/51

PHOENIX, ARIZONA -- I had Sparkletts service when I was renting in Chandler, AZ and everything was fine for the 6 months I was there. When I moved to Scottsdale, I continued along with the same deliveries. Sparkletts has a self-service account page where you can tell them how many bottles to bring at each delivery or you can mark a delivery to be skipped. This is a ruse. The local delivery branch can choose to ignore it completely and in my case, they did exactly that. I soon had more bottles of water in my apartment than I could drink in 6 weeks, much less 2. And it's important to understand that these were bottles I DID NOT ORDER.

I kept setting the delivery to be skipped and they kept dropping off more water. When we bought our home, we decided to discontinue this service, largely because we didn't want to have an extra bedroom just for water storage. So I called to cancel the account. After an hour on hold, the girl on the other end said I would get a $6 credit for each of the 3 empty bottles, but nothing for the 5 full bottles I had. I'm not going to pay for 5 full bottles of water that I didn't ask for. She "sent out an email" requesting a credit for the full bottles, but she "can't guarantee anything" as it's company policy not to give credit for unused bottles.

The customer service representative promised to call me back and never did. At this point, I'm just glad I never have to deal with them again. Billing people for product they didn't order is no different than taking something you didn't pay for. Save yourself the hassle. Don't do business with these petty criminals.

Fed Up With Sparkletts
By -

MOORPARK, CALIFORNIA -- I have had 2 accounts with Sparkletts, one at home and one at my business. I started the service at home first. I've probably had it 3 years, maybe 4. Everything went along OK until I couldn't drink the water as fast as they were bringing it. Four bottles per month. Only 2 people in this house. I started putting it in the dog bowls! I started the service at the business about 1 1/2 years ago after getting tired of lugging the bottles from home up the stairs. The contract said it was a 3 year contract. The salesman said "oh, don't worry about that - they'll let you out." LIE 1.

I closed my office and called to cancel the water service. I was told I WOULD NOT be let out of the contract but I could transfer it to my house. I told them I already have it at my house. After a conversation with a supervisor, they let me out. At my house, I wanted to close the account but I had about 8 bottles to drink. I put my delivery on will call. I HAVE A EMAIL FROM SPARKLETTS VERIFYING THAT I WAS ON WILL CALL. Everything's OK for about 4 weeks when lo and behold, I go out one morning and there are 4 more ** bottles of water on my driveway.

I call Sparkletts immediately and I am told 'WE DON'T DO WILL CALLS ANYMORE"!!! OK, **, when where you going to tell your customers this. I told them they were to pick up the 4 bottles and the dispenser and cancel my account. They said "we'll have to talk to the route manager." I informed them I did not have to pay for something I did not order and would not pay. It's been one business day now and I'm waiting for an answer. Warning! Do not use Sparkletts for your water service. They tell you one thing - do another. Change terms without notice and try to stick you with the bill.

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