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Quick Cert Certification Modules
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I normally do not take the time to write a complaint, however, this company needs to free advertising for their actions. I purchased Certification Training for MCDST and MCSA MCSE upgrade certifications. I have completed the training for the MCDST and have taken my certification test and yes I have passed them. I am sure you are wondering why I would ever write a complaint then. Here is the scoop. I am a MCSA MCSE in Windows Server 2000 and have worked in the field for 8 years. During my discussion with the sales rep, I explained my past experience and asked for time to review the material; which they said “this a complete training, you will not have to worry”. After receiving access to the material I challenged the Quick Cert "Simulation test" for the MCDST and without looking at the material, and scored 88%. Not bad for not studying. I reviewed a couple of modules which did not provide information contained in the questions on the simulation test (yes the test was written by Quick Cert as well). This caused my concern regarding the quality of the training. I reviewed some of the documents from Microsoft regarding the questions and was able to score 100% on the simulation. Now this would lead me to believe that I could pass the actual Certification Exam with no problems by the training contained in the kit, right? I found no training on reading TASK MANAGER on the Performance Tab which I had 5 questions on.

Well I had to use my past experience and prior certification training in order to pass the test. So as a good person should, I contacted the company and explained that there were incorrect/delinquent information in the training and that I wanted a RMA for the product as the product is useless to me. Well I was told that I would have to fail the test twice in order to receive a refund. Sounds good right, what if the information contained in the training did not provide accurate information? Shouldn’t this be entitled to a refund? Well the rep from Quick Cert refused to answer any of my concerns and just kept saying “you passed the test” “no refund available” “I can not do anything for you”. Now to top it all off, after I was respectful to let her talk, she refused to remain quiet to let me talk.

After about 2 more minutes attempting to express my concerns she just hung up on me. Now how is that for GOOD CUSTOMER SERVICE? If you want to steal money from someone just lie all day long to sell the product and expect the person to take the test twice (which the retail price of a test is $125.00) and if a person expands their knowledge outside of the training modules and is able to pass the test why would anyone in their right mind pay for the product?

And after you pay for the product and bring accurate complaint about a product and they just hang up on them (as the customer will not fly down to their office to discuss the situation in person).
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Anonymous on 10/02/2007:
Who's on first ?
Timboss on 10/03/2007:
A few years ago I spent $2000 for my MCP training that I was told would prepare me for the certification exam - what a joke. It was a total waste. The instructors stood in front of the class and read out of the books, supposedly from Microsoft but with errors and many, many typos. The exam was very difficult and the course did not even cover most of the material in it. I then bought the Microsoft set of books and studied like crazy and finally passed my certification exam. I now know better. You cannot go to a few weeks of class and pass the certification exams unless you are brilliant (learn material never presented) and/or you work in the field.
willrow on 10/03/2007:
Well, I have just spoken with a manager at Quick Cert (also tied to/Known as Specialized Solutions and Keen Skills). It appears that they feel they have been able to manipulate the BBB by changing from Corporation to DBA. Also appears with my research that a Lawsuit was filed against Specialized Solutions in 2003 and was finalized in Feb 2007. How funny that per the Florida Department of the State, business change filing in Feb 2007. I assume that the 21 complaints were filed since the name change, unable to find any other information at this time. This is a company to stay away from. I would recommend CBT Nuggets or just buy a well rated book and work OJT (or setup test network at your home).
Well you all have it right about "Quickcert"/ "Specialized Solutions"/ "Keenskills,Inc." GUESS WHAT -THEY CANCELLED OUT OF The BBB OF FLORIDA-I WONDER WHY???? 36 Complaints in less than 3 YEARS YA THINK??
This Company Lies about being a Provider of Education for all of these big Companies like Lockheed Martin, blah blah blah-PURE B.S. They Claim to be a Cornerstone of the CompTia Education Committee- I CALLED COMPTIA -THEY NEVER HEARD OF QUICKCERT!!! KEEP away from these pathetic fools they materials are outdated AND WOTHLESS AS IS THEIR CUSTOMER SERVICE!!!
PepperElf on 06/11/2010:
that's because the BBB really means nothing anyway.

they have no legal authority, so the most the BBB can do against any company is kick them out of the organization or help fund a lawsuit.

pretty much the BBB is nothing more than M3C or PFB, just bigger and with a label.

hell even one of the founding companies of the BBB has dropped them.

Now that being said... if you have a specific issue with this Quick Cert company, you might have better luck writing your own review.

1) This review is what... 2.5 years old?
2) The company won't see your reply - but if you write your own review they will get a copy of it.
Skye on 06/11/2010:
The BBB is basically just an advertising company. Companies pay a yearly fee to be listed in the BBB's booklet. Then they receive a BBB sticker to put in the window of a business, which makes you think the BBB endorses it. The only thing the BBB does is take money for memberships and complaints.

I've said this before, and I'll say it again, the BBB is not your friend.
YES!!! They are Habitual liars , cheats and outright SCUMBAGS
Quickcert is worthless in every sense of the word. Their materials are outdated and not worth the time to read or study. I know of some 54 complaints filed against this Company in just the last few years. Ripoff Report shows numerous complaints, Profourms shows a multitude of dissatisfied Customers and after googling quickcert scam the list of complaints seems to be ENDLESS. The horror stories of Customer Service and failure of them to even return a phone call seem to be the "NORM" for Quickcert----DO YOURSELF A FAVOR AND AVOID THEM BY ALL MEANS!!!
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