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Speedway Scammed Me Out Of $60 Total!
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I was in Ohio for a short vacation for my elderly parents. April 4, 2009 we were leaving to head back to our home state. At 5:15am I stopped at the Speedway in Pickerington, OH on I-70 and Brice Rd. I took a T-Mobile rebate card into the station to put $40 of gas in my car (they do not work at the pumps). I swiped the card and I told the cashier the amount I wanted and she said the card didn't work. I went back to my car to get cash and took her $40 cash. I went back out to pump it but the pump wouldn't reset. I walked back in to complain and was told by another person sitting behind the counter to go back out, put it all back and it would reset. I did and it didn't. I got very frustrated and decided to go back in and get my cash and take my business down the road. I walked in and the cashier handed me $20 and a receipt.

I told her I hadn't yet pumped a drop of gas. She said I did and I had $20 change coming back. I asked her to come out and look at my gauge and the other woman told me they didn't care about my gauge that they would go by their machine. I was sooooo angry that I grabbed the $20 and receipt and left and went down to the next exit and put $40 of gas in my gas tank. Now my car won't EVEN hold $60 of gas. I figured I'd been scammed and thought to forget it eventually until I took out my card just recenlty and decided to check to see if I still had the full amount available and it showed that I'd purchased $40 of gas at that Speedway! I contacted the Store Manager and he was very defensive stating that he wasn't there and didn't know and that I was wrong and he asked the gal whose name was on the receipt if she remembered it and she said no and so here I sit out $60 by being scammed by what was two and now seems to be three employees of Speedway Store #09271.

I am still filing a dispute with the card company, but have no hope of resolving this. These are the types of people we are living with now days. ALWAYS GET A RECEIPT FOR THE CASH YOU ARE HANDING A CASHIER BEFORE PUMPING GAS. I learned the hard way.
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Anonymous on 05/06/2009:
I would have called the police. The reason they won't look at the gas gauge is because there are people who will disable the gauge to keep the pointer on empty. Nice way to scam a gas station is to say nothing pumped, get the money back and drive off.
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Limit on Gas - Are you KIDDING ME
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I've experience my first let down from Speedway Gas Station. I'll admit I'm not a speedy rewards customer - I'm a pay the full price customer. I was preparing for my Christmas travels and thought it was a good idea to fill up the night before my trip. I pull into Speedway just as I have done for years.. Wouldn't that at least make me a LOYAL CUSTOMER? I use my debit card to purchase my gas almost every single time. So, on this winter cold day. I begin to pump the gasoline into my driving machine. All of the sudden I hear (thump) I look over and the pump as stopped on $20.00, hmmm wonder what the deal is. I notice on the screen that I have reached my limit. Okay a little WTF might have passed my lips.. I was furious. This has NEVER happened to me. There was plenty of money in my account!!!! So, I put the nozzle back on the hitch thing (wish now I would've just left it laying there)... but again I was loyal and true - I couldn't do that..

So, I drive off to the nearest BP gas station and wouldn't you know it I was able to fill up my car and pump more than $20.00 into it. So, Speedway I'm shouting it out to the world. You've been very bad, and I have now decided to become a loyal customer of your competition.

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GenuineNerd on 12/28/2009:
I use my debit card at Speedway all the time, and never ran into a limit. However, I fill up a cavalier, and buy no more than 9-10 gallons (about $22-$26 worth, depending on the price). Maybe there's something wrong with the pump or the station's computers. (I am a Speedy Rewards customer, though.)
Fufu487 on 12/28/2009:
Usually gas stations don't cap what customers can purchase. And $20 would seem like a very low limit considering how much it takes to fill some trucks and SUV's. Did you call or go in to ask about it? Did they confirm there was a limit?
bunnyhead on 12/29/2009:
I used to pump gas and the limits that people have on credit cards and debit cards are determined by the credit card company or the bank. Some customers would be able to pump $60 while others with a different card would be able to pump $75. Your bank might have an issue with Speedway and that is why the limit is so low at that station.
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