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Terrible quality, service and performance
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This company charged me over $300 during the last 6 months for services that very rarely work. I selected automatic recharge option when I ordered the phone card. They have been charging my credit card even though I have not been getting the service. They can hear my voice on the other side but I cannot hear them. Even though I cannot benefit from the call I still have to pay. When I called the customer service they told me that I have made calls and did not offer reimbursement. I got on the internet site and stopped the recharge. I still have balance on the phone which is fastly dwindling away while I still cannot hear anything other than rare occasions.

I will never use this service again and do not recommend it either. If you asked me last year I would say definitely go for it, but during the last six months they are turning into a scam.
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Anonymous on 07/19/2009:
The phone card services buy the 'excess' capacity from the major telecommunications companies. What this means is that those calls are handled at the lowest priority available when the call is placed. It's like recording music at a very low bit rate. You get the recording but it sounds awful.
Pissed off Customer on 06/01/2013:
I couldn't agree with you more. I spoke with a manager in the customer service department about my issues with the horrible connections I experienced. He was condescending and rude and if he said "ill make it simple" to me one more time think I would have screamed. They're website says 100% guaranteed on all cards...yet when I attempted to get my money back he told me that all sales are final....so what exactly constitutes 100% guarantee? is it they guarantee 100% bad customer service, and 100% bad phone connection? well if that's the case they have definitely succeeded.
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A Total Waste of Your Money
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I used to use this service a lot until I noticed that I had pretty much tried all their phone cards to the Philippines and none of them worked the way they should. Problems ranged from difficulty connecting and when I am able to connect neither the party I was calling as well as myself (caller) could hear each other. When I finally did get a hold of someone in customer service they claimed they have not received any complaints, I just said maybe because its almost impossible to get anyone via phone or email. Take my advise, don't buy fromthis company.
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