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Terrible quality, service and performance
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This company charged me over $300 during the last 6 months for services that very rarely work. I selected automatic recharge option when I ordered the phone card. They have been charging my credit card even though I have not been getting the service. They can hear my voice on the other side but I cannot hear them. Even though I cannot benefit from the call I still have to pay. When I called the customer service they told me that I have made calls and did not offer reimbursement. I got on the internet site and stopped the recharge. I still have balance on the phone which is fastly dwindling away while I still cannot hear anything other than rare occasions.

I will never use this service again and do not recommend it either. If you asked me last year I would say definitely go for it, but during the last six months they are turning into a scam.
A Total Waste of Your Money
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I used to use this service a lot until I noticed that I had pretty much tried all their phone cards to the Philippines and none of them worked the way they should. Problems ranged from difficulty connecting and when I am able to connect neither the party I was calling as well as myself (caller) could hear each other. When I finally did get a hold of someone in customer service they claimed they have not received any complaints, I just said maybe because its almost impossible to get anyone via phone or email. Take my advise, don't buy fromthis company.
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