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Hidden Cameras Reveal Sex Toys Sold To Children
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Spencer Gifts - Adult Toys Sold To Children At MallsUndercover Video Shows Kids Getting Access To Adult Toys

January 31, 2008

CLEVELAND -- A NewsChannel5 hidden camera investigation shows young children getting access to adult toys inside Spencer's gift shops at local malls.

Parents complained to NewsChannel5 Chief Investigator Duane Pohlman that they'd seen items in Spencer's stores that were inappropriate for children.

Kelly Hearn, a mother from Medina County, said "I don't care what you've seen on TV. You have seen nothing until you walk into Spencer's because there's stuff I've never seen."

Explicit items may also be available for children to buy. NewsChannel5's undercover investigation shows a young boy buying a lollipop in the shape of a male body part.

NewsChannel5 has had repeated conversations with Spencer's representatives asking for a statement or response. Spencer's did send a representative to watch the undercover footage, but there is no official comment.

Friday on NewsChannel5 at 6 p.m., Chief Investigator Duane Pohlman talks to city leaders about what they plan to do now that they know what's being sold in their local malls.
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DebtorBasher on 01/31/2008:
Whatever happened to a kid's childhood? There was also a a report on the news about a 10 year old girl who gave birth. The Mother's boyfriend is being questioned. For as much as I love Children, sometimes I feel it's a blessing that I don't' have any, and I won't have to watch them grow up in suce a sick and perverted world.
Aerocave on 02/01/2008:
I think Spencer Gifts stores are outdated. I hardly even see them anymore. My question was where was the parents? Maybe they should investigate that.
DebtorBasher on 02/01/2008:
It was the parents that reported it when they walked in (to do some Christmas shopping). It just aired this week because they were investigating. They aired it also, to warn parents who may drop their kids off at the mall, not knowing what is available there. The location they reported has a sign way down at the bottom of the front window warning of adult materials inside. It's just about down on the floor. The owner (unknowingly on camera) told the reporter they have the sign there, but they don't stop kids from coming in. It's bad enough that they allow kids in there, but they are actually SELLING these items to kids.
Principissa on 02/01/2008:
Wow that's disgusting. We don't have a Spencer gifts at the mall we go to. But I do know that any store that sells items like that lollipop can't be in a shopping mall. I mean I'm not going to get all in a bunch and shame the store, but they really need to rethink their policies. If they are selling things like that, than maybe they need to make it a store for people 18 and older.
DB I read a similar story to that on CNN and I wanted to cry. At 10 years old you should be playing with dolls and having crushes on boy bands not raising a baby.
Cyane on 02/01/2008:
My girlfriends and I loved Spencer's when we were in junior high. The sex items were fascinating in a "eww those have cooties" sort of way. We didn't understand the purpose of them, we didn't understand the mentality of them. We just saw a penis or a pair of breasts, and we were reduced to giggles. If people didn't seem set on explaining the purpose of these items to young children, this wouldn't be such a problem. That ten year old boy probably didn't see a sex toy, he saw a lollipop.

Furthermore, if a child isn't mature enough to handle a store like Spencer's, then the child shouldn't be allowed to roam a mall without a parent/guardian. There are definitely worse things that can happen at a mall for an unaccompanied child than a waltz through an inappropriate store.
jenjenn on 02/01/2008:
I agree with Cyane as my friends and I loved that store when we were younger. The store is even MORE provocative then I remember as a kid. We have one in our local mall, but I never go in there...definitely not with children!
StraightShooter on 02/01/2008:
I agree with aerocave. Sex toys in a store are probably small potatoes compared to the other things that kids left at a mall are in to.
thensider on 02/01/2008:
my local mall doesn't allow children under 16 to be there alone on Friday evenings and all day on the weekends. I supposed they woul dassume that kisd would be at school during the week. Anyhow, I've been there a couple of times, they have great gag gifts, but don't go there much, some of the stuff is weird...
Ponie on 02/03/2008:
There's one thing I like at Spencer's. Their array of greeting cards. Not the really raunchy ones, but the ones that come pretty close to the edge. I sometimes pick them up for sending to my goofy circle of friends/relatives. Seems to me I remember seeing a sign near them that says you must be 18 to read them. But I don't think anyone from Spencer's is around to see the ages of the readers.

Cyane, I certainly agree with you that a kid who isn't mature enough to handle a store like that shouldn't be allowed to roam about the mall accompanied. Better be careful there--you're treading on 'parenting skills' and may be branded as 'insensitive' as I was about the poster who objected to the Arby's commercial because of a teen pregnancy in the family.

thensider, we have a couple of malls in the Metro area that enforce such a policy also. Of course when it was first proposed, there was the usual uproar about 'it's a public place, etc.' Now it's pleasant to go shopping at these malls evenings and weekends.
Ponie on 02/03/2008:
That's roam about the mall UNaccompanied. Sheesh. Defeats what I was trying to say. Oh well--it's been a very hectic week. (What excuse can I use next time?) :)
GothicSmurf on 02/04/2008:
I've taken my son into Spencer's, but I know where that "area" is and he is not allowed to go into that section. Usually I let him roam smaller stores with me there, but not that one. (Meaning one isle over)
kman on 02/29/2008:
I innocently went into Spencer's and was shocked at the number of mid-teens looking at what I would consider adult toys and really pornographic material. How does this store get away with it? Come on, decent people and responsible parents. Complain to mall management and local law enforcement. This is wrong!
jessbabez19 on 03/25/2008:
When I lived in Ohio, I wen't into Spencer's all the time. My friends and I usually laughed at their "adult products". I can't tell you how many parents I saw back in that section with their children, playing with the items and such.
hbgallegos on 05/05/2008:
Spencer's has always been a place NOT for kids.

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ministry on 03/16/2009:
I work for Spencer Gifts, and for your information, selling "adult" merch to someone under the age of 18 is NOT illegal. selling pornographic images is however which is why we do not carry it. now this in no way means, we will sell a vibe to a 12 year old! get your head straight.. someone is 16-17, if they show a good level of maturity about the product.. sure enjoy. it is entirely a judgment call, someone comes in and is very inappropriate with the product they are asked to leave. I have been with the company for 4 years and we have meetings regarding all our products and legalities involving carrying them. we know the laws and if you don't like what we sell. DON'T COME IN OUR STORES! problem solved! we have warnings all over our stores, we cannot refuse under 18 to enter our stores that is discrimination and IS very illegal. we at Spencer Gift pride ourselves on bringing a lighter side to life and if you cannot understand that the you need more help then anyone can provide.
if you don't like your child in our stores don't let them go in.


Vancity Canada
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