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Do Not Order From Spicy Lingerie
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CALIFORNIA -- I ordered a Halloween costume on 10/21/2008 paid extra for the 2-3 day delivery. I ordered my boyfiends costume the same day from another company. My boyfriends arrived on the 24th. Mine still did not even have any tracking info. So I sent e-mails and tried to chate with a live person about my concerns. I got nothing back from the company. 10/27... still nothing. Wrote more e-mails, tried to fax a letter-fax failed. Could not fine a telephone number to call. Live chat didn't help either. 10/28... still nothing! More e-mails. I threatened to call the BBB. Late that night 10/28/08 I received an e-mail stating the costume was not in stock.

Thanks because Halloween is three days away! Thank god there are other companies out there that do ship the costume the next day so I will still be able to celebrate Halloween.
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User Replies:
Anonymous on 10/29/2008:
what was your costume?

Trashy lingerie is pretty decent..trashy.com my wife likes their products.
Anonymous on 10/29/2008:
C2O mentioned that he's the CEO of spicylingerie.com, that's probably why the costume hasn't shown up yet.
Anonymous on 10/29/2008:
weren't you banned?
Anonymous on 10/29/2008:
Aren't you still grounded?
Anonymous on 10/29/2008:
not since I was 11-teen
Anonymous on 10/29/2008:
You are still grounded
Anonymous on 10/29/2008:
That's right JC. Would you like to drop by for a fitting? LOL!
Anonymous on 10/29/2008:
I'd love to C2O, but I've been banned... sorry
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Do not buy from this company - Scam artists!!!
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On 7-22-06 I placed an order online using my credit card to order some lingerie. I requested priority mail 2-3 day delivery. I never heard another word from them. Until I emailed them on 7-28 and advised them I would like to know when the order had shipped. I gave them until 7-31 to respond otherwise I would contact the Ca. Attorney General of Ca., the BBB and the FTC for fraudulent trade practices. Well, wonder of wonders.....I received a response on 7-31 telling me that it takes them 2-3 business days to verify credit, verify address and to get the merchandise ready to ship. Then it takes another 2-3 business days to receive the shipment via Priority mail. Based upon that info., it should have been here on 7-28. I wasn't. It didn't arrive on Monday 7-31 either. And the lady who responded to my email said "your order has been processed and should be delivered shortly". That's about the most sketchy delivery date I've ever heard. Well, I died laughing when I read that. So I went to the Order Status page on their site. There's been no change since 7-22. I died laughing again and then emailed them and told them to cancel the order, and that I hoped it didn't take them 2-3 business days to cancel it, LOL
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User Replies:
Hugh_Jorgen on 08/01/2006:
Were you having some type of underwear emergency? They should have been clearer about a ship date, but in your very first email to them you are threatening to call the FTC, the BBB and the Attorney General? And people wonder why companies aren't falling all over themselves to help you.
beanbagbritches on 08/01/2006:
I'm with Hugh, what was the rush? If you were ordering for your honeymoon, you should have planned ahead a little more.
Skye on 08/01/2006:
I don't know why people continue to make aimless threats, and threaten to contact the BBB. The BBB is not your friend.Check my profile and click on the rip off report.com link. You will be amazed at what really goes on at the BBB.
Anonymous on 08/01/2006:
Good Post Skye
Anonymous on 08/01/2006:
Hugh, it's a terrible thing to have a lingerie emergency. Ugh, to have to drag out something I just wore 3 months ago...LOL.
I still have lingerie I (or my DH have bought) that I just haven't had the opportunity to use yet!
It's just plain better to stock up when you can, that's my advice...
Anonymous on 08/02/2006:
Dealer, read a bit closer
Anonymous on 08/02/2006:
My thoughts exactly, Pirate.
SHELLBY on 08/22/2006:
I think the point here is SHE PAID FOR 2-3 day shipping, which can be up to 10 dollars more than ground mail. Does it matter if it was underwear? Mail order companys make hugh profit margins on shipping. Why is it unreasonable to expect to have her unmentionables;) in 2-3 days when she paid extra for it?
If she wants to contact the National guard to resolve it than that's her biz..;)
SHELLBY on 08/27/2006:
Next time just buy sum granny panties at Walmart;) much less stressful and cheaper!
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Do not buy here!!
Posted by on
RHODE ISLAND -- I recently bought some outfits at this site,and though they are cute they do not run true to size and I fit in the size I ordered. I contacted them about a return and they refused even though I only received the order today.I can't reorder because I purchased a large and they don't carry a bigger size!!

This site is a ripoff!! Don't buy from them!!
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User Replies:
Anonymous on 12/12/2007:
I find that every manufacturer's sizes run differently. That's why I don't buy clothes, shoes, or lingerie online.

Suusan B. on 12/12/2007:
The time to verify return/exchange policies is before you place your order.
Principissa on 12/12/2007:
I can see why they won't take back lingerie. Would you want to wear underwear that someone else bought online and returned? Especially lingerie. Blech.
GothicSmurf on 12/12/2007:
No kidding. Put it up on eBay or give it as a gift for a newly wed.

I too find that sizes sometimes run big or small depending on who made them.
Anonymous on 12/12/2007:
Have you considered dropping a few pounds? Could be the motivation you've been searching for.
Anonymous on 12/12/2007:
This company has lots of complaints all over the Internet. You can find them right here on M3C's, the ROR and other places. Your probably lucky you even got your delivery from reading compalints about them. Your not alone with poor service from Spicylingerie.com. Gothic has a good idea. (VH info this time of year)
DebtorBasher on 12/12/2007:
Return policy and General Question on Ordering Lingerie and Shoes:

Our Easy Return policy :
Returns must be made within 30 days of receipt of the order.
There is no return number requested or email confirmation requested.

Simply Send Your item back for a Refund.
Item must have original tag attached and UNOPENED or they will not be accepted for return.

Item(s) must be unused, unwashed, and in the same condition as received.

All Costumes and Holiday Item are NOT returnable. Costumes can be exchanged for a different size only. See exchange instructions below.

All PANTIES, THONGS, CHAIN MAIL, WIG, TEDDIES, HOSIERY,are NOT RETURNABLE, Due to sanitary/health concerns and Federal Laws.

All Returns on High Heels and Boots are subject to a 15% restocking fee.

Our Return address is :
Spicy Lingerie Inc
355 S. Lemon Ave. suite #D
Walnut, CA 91789.

We will credit your card usually within 7-10 Business Days upon receipt of product. To keep the lowest price and the free shipping and gift benift, There will be a $3.00 handling fee apply on all lingerie and clothing return. Please note if you do not receive your credit or refund correctly. please email us at help@spicylingerie.com , we will be happy to assist you.

All Express/Priority/International shipping charges are non-refundable. If your order gets returned to us as "refused" or "undeliverable", there will be a $10.00 restocking fee applied to your order. There are NO EXCEPTIONS.

Unless the return is due to a manufacturing defect, or an error on the part of us or one of our suppliers, items returned MUST be in NEW, UNUSED Condition with non-damaged packaging. We will NOT accept returns of items with obvious signs of use. We will not refund the cost of return shipping or handling, unless the return is due to a manufacturing defect, or an error on the part of us or one of our suppliers. If you return items in used condition, you will be responsible for the cost to have them shipped back to you.

If you attempt to return a costume, which is non-returnable, the costume will be shipped back to you, and you will be charged the cost of shipping for sending it back.

For Lingerie Exchange:
Simply Send the item back for a refund to purchase something else, Or simply place a new order and return the unwanted item back to us for refund.

DebtorBasher on 12/12/2007:
I am guessing you opened the package to try this on. The return policy states the item must have original tag attached and UNOPENED or they will not be accepted for return...otherwise For Lingerie Exchange
you can send the item back for a refund to purchase something else, Or simply place a new order and return the unwanted item back to us for refund.

It really isn't worth buying clothes through the mail, because you can't always try them on then return them. With so much of our clothes being made in other countries now, the sizes never size up to American size standards.
ejack053824 on 12/12/2007:
Who would want a dirty anal floss to wear again? Ewwwww!! It would be like me wearing a pair of my farted up britches and returning them for a refund. LOL!
jktshff1 on 12/13/2007:
ejack...long as ya don't stain them no one would know!!
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