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NVER EVER fly this dumpster fire of an airline
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Rating: 1/51

FT LAUDERDALE -- Headed down to St. Thomas in June with 2 small children. Flight down was average, flight back was a living nightmare. Arrived at Airport on Friday 12pm for a 3pm departure. 3pm rolled around and I get an email, the flight is delayed an hour. 4 rolls by, 5, 6, 7, 8. We finally board the plane, sit there for almost 4 hours until they finally cancel the flight at midnight. Apparently the Pilots' seat belt was not working properly, although it worked fine from Ft. Lauderdale to St. Thomas. So we were carted off the place at midnight, told to retrieve our luggage and wait in a line for vouchers.

2 hours go by (2am now) no one from Spirit has shown up at the counter. I decide to grab a taxi and head to a nearby hotel for the sake of my 2 small children. Guess who we see at the hotel? The flight crew drinking beers at the bar, having a great time. I was near knocking everyone one of them out but the wife subdued me. I theorize they simply wanted a night in St. Thomas at the passengers' expense.

Next day rolls around, got to the airport at 8am as we were told the flight would leave at 11am. I saw some people who had not yet been to sleep as Spirit ran out of vouchers. Flight was scheduled to leave at 12 now, delayed again, then 2pm. All in all boarded at 9pm and sat for another hour. Finally arrived in Ft. Lauderdale 36 hours later at midnight.

I am currently filing several lawsuits to recover my out of pocket expenses as Spirit has stated I didn't wait for the vouchers so I'm not eligible for a refund. I will Win my lawsuit, so my lawyer says as Spirit simply plays the numbers game and settles out of court with those willing to actually file suit. First and last time I will ever fly this dumpster fire of a tier 4 airline. Do yourself a favor and STAY AWAY.

Spirit Customer Service Is a Rip-Off
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Rating: 1/51

MIRAMAR, FLORIDA -- On Saturday, March 8 I contacted Spirit Customer Service to change a flight that was previously booked. The reason for the change was due to my Mother having a physical health issue that impaired her ability to walk. The original flight was booked a week ago to Florida and my Mother's vacation was scheduled to March 17. Due to severe pain in my Mother's leg and back, her vacation was abruptly changed since she had required a Flight for immediate return to Chicago. You're probably wondering why my Mother didn't choose to go to a Hospital in Florida or be seen by a Doctor in Florida.

My Mother is elderly and the type of person that doesn't feel comfortable dealing with strange doctors or healthcare providers. While speaking with your Spirit representative, I had my Mother on conference and provided details about my Mother's emergency situation. I expressed the need for wheelchair assistance due to my Mother's immobility. During the flight/ticket booking phase, your Spirit rep informed me the charge was $268, I was also on the Spirit website with a confirmed ticket price of $253. The Spirit rep advised me the price is the price for $268 including a baggage check fee.

I explained to the rep the fee of $253 which included the baggage check fee. The Spirit rep placed me on hold and then came back to advise there will be a “One-time courtesy” adjustment. Due to nature of my call, reason for changing flight information and after dealing with your Rep; it got me thinking. Your airlines doesn't seem to take into consideration emergency situations where one's health is a factor for changing a flight. I called your airlines for assistance but after speaking to your rep and had I known, I would have never wasted my time calling Spirit to reschedule and just done it online without the hassle.

This simply goes to show that your airlines don't have any consideration about a person's extenuating circumstances and seems more money hungry. I will never book a flight with Spirit Airlines ever again and tell all of my friends, family and business associates never to consider using your airlines for their travelling purposes either. I am extremely disgusted with the way your company handled this situation. Granted your Spirit rep started to consider my Mother's needs after we expressed the urgency for flight change and accommodations needed.

If I would have never mentioned the price from the internet your airlines we would have been overcharged for the flight. Seems to me that your airlines does this to many customers when flight changes are needed but until a person like myself references the price your airlines provide via Spirit airlines vs. Spirit rep things change. I shake my head at your company with disgust, I will be contacting the Ripoff Report and will definitely blog about this experience on social media. I hate it when a company overcharges for services, especially for people that don't know any better.

Buyers beware, I think not. It's more of buyer will be aware after I inform others. Especially after all the talk of airline issues in the news with the bigger companies, I would have thought your airlines would be on the up and up. Disgusted.

No waiver of $240 change fee due to incurable cancer diagnosis
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Rating: 1/51

Terrible airline, though all staff from the counter agents and support staff to flight attendants have always treated me courteously and professionally. I feel for them who must bear the brunt of customers' ire for the stupid policies of their superiors. My wife was diagnosed with incurable cancer. Since August we have had to fly 1,100 miles to Houston's MD Anderson from CA every other week so she may participate in a clinical trial of an experimental chemotherapy that has proven effective in extending the life of cancer patients afflicted by the gene bearing the BRAF mutation, a very aggressive cancer found in 8% of colon cancer patients and my wife's cancer.

When the doc told us last week that the tumors had grown by 22% and spread to other organs, he recommended Cindy move from the control group of the study to the group that gets the new not yet FDA-approved chemo. This meant her chemo date would be every other Thursday instead of Tuesday, so we had to change our flight reservation that I purchased in September. Spirit customer service refused to waive its $220-$240 reservation change fee that effectively doubled the cost of our original reservation.

It seems that someone in that organization believes that once he/she makes an exception for a modification motivated by one's desire to live longer, then the floodgates would open to waiver of the fee for any "illness" or inconvenience requiring a doctor's note. Even the noted king of nonrefundable hotel reservations gave us a $490 refund for a trip we planned before Cindy was diagnosed, and a MLB team refunded what we paid for tickets to see baseball games during this planned trip.

I believe the Spirit business model is a sound one. Why should everyone have to pay for the traveling inefficiencies of others? This philosophy minimizes airline costs and reduces prices. The problem is Spirit's robotic approach to what is still a human endeavor. If you are the mother of a soldier seriously injured in a war zone and you have to modify or cancel a pre-existing reservation to see your son or daughter, you pay the $220 (online) and $240 (by phone), same as what someone pays if they got drunk the night before the flight and don't feel like flying.

Worst Experience Ever
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Rating: 1/51

LAS VEGAS, NEBRASKA -- I was supposed to travel on Spirit airline on May 2nd, 2015 from Las Vegas (McCarrran) to Dallas (DFW). We were checked in and asked to wait while the onboarding process was initiated. The flight was at 8:30 PM (Vegas time) and was supposed to reach at 01:00 AM Dallas time.

At 08:25 PM (Vegas time) just 5 minutes before the flight should have taken off we were told that the flight had been cancelled and that we should re-visit the ticketing counter to make new arrangements for our visit to Dallas. There was no communication of why the flight had been cancelled and the people at the information counters and other counters were extremely rude.

Anyways, we headed (ran) towards the ticketing counter again only to find that there was no line that catered specifically to the flight that had been cancelled. Again there was a lack of communication and passengers didn't knew which lines they should stand into. Only after 2 heated altercations with the lovely people of Spirit were 3 counters dedicated towards the cancelled flight. (Although this may seem reasonable at this time, the arrangements would very soon start looking like a joke as 2 more flights were cancelled that very day in a matter of 3 hours).

Now, since we ran towards the ticketing counters, we were 7th or 8th in line for these 3 counters and were hoping to be re-assigned alternative arrangements to travel to Dallas in next 15-20 minutes. The first re-arrangement took more than an hour, all this time there was no communication from Spirit and we were just expected to stand in a queue. Apparently, the systems were working slower than a glacier and this made the expected time of 15-20 minutes to increase to 3-4 hours.

After 2 hours, there was an announcement for cancellation of 2 more flights. Not being blessed with the common gift of common sense, the people at Spirit didn't inform the security of a possible situation which lead to multiple altercation among passengers which many times looked like could reach physical contact. There was no effective crowd management skills shown by the airline staff which lead to tussles among passengers.

By God's grace, after 4 hours of standing in the line, we were given tickets to Dallas via San Francisco (a 12 hour ordeal with a 5 hour layover). We had no option but to take it even though that meant that we would end up losing over $1000 re-scheduling of my international flight for the group as any other options weren't available until 2-3 days after. Overall, the experience of flying (please read as 'dealing' as we didn't even make it to the plane) with Spirit was nothing short of horrendous and deeply disturbing. I would never ever recommend it to anyone. It might be a few dollars cheaper but that cheapness comes at a much higher price.

Don't Fly Spirit Airlines
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Rating: 1/51

FLORIDA -- I have flown Spirit several times over the past 3 years and have had not problems. I always knew that the customer service was lacking but as long as I didn't have an issue I was willing to deal with the lack of professionalism, knowledge and training from your staff. However on this trip everything that could go wrong did and your staff and company was completely inadequate. Our flight was cancelled due to a stewardess timing out. While a larger airline would be more equipped to deal with a situation like this, I knew that Spirit was not.

There was zero organization, horrible attitudes from your staff from the start (I was 3rd in line to re-book and the passengers were calm) and under-trained employees that were openly questioning their supervisors and rolling their eyes. Everyone had a different answer or responded with "I don't know" or yelled at passengers who were actually trying to help organize the process. The shuttle to the hotel was not clearly explained which caused chaos. Finally the 4:50 am return shuttle was not properly scheduled causing shuttle drivers to demand that some passengers get off the shuttle so others that had "the Vouchers" could board.

Spirit booked 2 passenger vans which hold 8 people for 30 people needing to make a 7 am flight. Eventually we all had to find our own transportation just to make the rescheduled flight. This was the worst traveling experience of my life and YOU WILL NOT SEE BUSINESS FROM ME AGAIN! I can deal with cancelled flights but your employees attitude, lack of apathy for the displaced passengers, dismissiveness and lack of training make this experience something that will cause me to tell everyone I know not to use your company!

Incompetent, Rude and Liars to Boot
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Rating: 1/51

NORTH KINGSTOWN, RHODE ISLAND -- Waiting for delivery in the four hour window given and was told to expect a call 30 minutes before they would arrive. I remained within 5 minutes of home, never received a call until their office contacted me, said they were at my home and couldn't wait. I was explicit that I was within 5 minutes of home, had come in from out of state for the delivery and would need to cancel the order if not delivered that day.

Intercepted them at my street; honked, waved, yelled - driver looked me in the eye and kept going. I followed the truck to the next delivery site a mile and a half away. Driver wouldn't roll down his window to speak to me and finally said, "Go home and call the office." Multiple phone calls and as many lies. Told a manager had instructed them to return to my home. In the end, the truth was the drivers remained unreachable for the remainder of the day; not answering calls, texts and emails. The manager was unreachable as well. No delivery. Order canceled by me, still waiting for Home Depot to process my refund.

Great Experience
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Rating: 5/51

FORT LAUDERDALE, FLORIDA -- After reading the negative reviews, I was unsure about flying with Spirit but decided to chance it. I was incredibly surprised. I had read the airline policies on baggage fees, etc., and paid those while booking my ticket, so no surprises there. I also upgraded to a larger front seat which was very roomy and reclined. I took snacks and drinks on the plane with me, so no extra charges there.

The only surprise was how great the ticket agent was. I had booked a one way ticket to Peru, because I'm visiting friends and wasn't sure when I was coming home. When I checked in, the agent informed me that Peru doesn't allow one-way tickets for foreign passport holders. After getting out of line, I checked this information online, and found out she was correct. I got back in line and the agent booked me a return flight without charging me the extra fee, saying she understood the mix up. She also helped me get travel insurance in case I want to change the date for my return flight.

My flight was delayed by one hour, as were flights with several other airlines. However, even with the extra fees and upgraded seat, I still saved $600 over the next cheapest airline, so needless to say, I am a very happy customer and will be using Spirit again.

You Should Not Use Spirit Airline
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Rating: 1/51

MIRAMAR, FLORIDA -- You should read reviews about this airline before you purchase. I will NEVER, EVER FLY Spirit Airlines. I've not heard about Spirit Airline and I purchased a package through Travelocity. I made a BIG mistake, I should have read the reviews first. This has to be the worse airline EVER. I bought our vacation package a month ahead. I log-on to the Spirit website and find out they charge for everything, (i.e. talking to them on the phone, using the bathroom, bags, seats). I prepaid 2 round trip ($30 each) check in bags and 3 round trip seats ($25 each), FREE if you let Spirit choose the seating for you.

Departure: we arrive 2+ hours prior to boarding with our boarding pass (already printed). Arrive at the gate, waited, we were delayed for 30–45 minutes because we had to wait for the airplane to arrive; unload people and their luggage and for them to clean the plane. We boarded the plane and it was dirty.

Return trip: departure time was 5:40pm out of Oakland, CA to Dallas/Ft. Worth, TX. We arrived at the terminal at 2pm with boarding pass already printed, get to the counter to check-in our bags, and we were told there was a mechanical problem and they had to switch planes; departure was now 9:50 pm. I'm still okay at this point (but we've been there since 2 pm) so I was getting a little annoyed. When the plane arrived Again, we had to wait for the people and luggage to unload and cleaning. We get to our seats, it was not what I expected, it was seating area was so small (NOT what I paid for). It was really late, I was tired, so I kept my frustration to myself.

We arrive at DFW and we were told to go to baggage claim 32, as we were walking to 32, there was a Spirit employee that told us that the baggage claim was at 38. So we all waited at 38 for 30–40 minutes, then one of the passengers took a walk to baggage claim 32 and found out that all of our luggages were in claim 31 and already off the carousel. Some of the passenger's baggage was in a totally different airline baggage claim. Now, this was not just offensive but unacceptable. The airlines did not care about our belongings.

I called Spirit to ask for a refund of my seats, waited for 30 minutes. I explained to them what happen and he told me that, he does not see me paying for my seats. I told him that I have an email receipt that I paid for baggage and larger seats. I expected a total refund of $75 because they basically chose the seats for us BUT NO, the person on the phone got belligerent and told me that “you asked for a refund and you got it” a total of $33 dollars. I will not use this airline and will tell everyone that I know the same.

Spirit DOESN'T Save You Money/time! Worst Travel Experience EVER!
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Rating: 1/51

DFW, TEXAS -- ABSOLUTELY TERRIBLE! DO NOT USE SPIRIT! I created a yelp account SPECIFICALLY to let people know what Spirit Airlines is about. If I could give negative stars, I would. You may think you are saving money, but honestly it all adds up to being just as (if not MORE) expensive with all the delays, bag costs and check in costs, not to mention how rude they are and reluctant to provide any help or compensation for their disorganization. I just got back from a Spirit Airlines round trip flight from DFW to Oakland CA and back.

When I got to the airport, I had already checked in but the lady told me I had to stand in line because the information on my bag was confusing. My initial confirmation email had me down for one Carry on bag and nothing checked, but when I got my boarding pass it printed out that I had one Check in bag and nothing carry on. I went to the counter to make sure of what to do with my bag (just one and it met all TSA requirements, so it wouldn't have mattered how it travelled, but I wanted to make sure I wasn't being charged for both.) When I got to the counter, the agent was very polite and told me that I HAD paid for both bags.

I told her I only had the one bag and needed a refund on my carry on since I would be checking the only bag I had. She helpfully handed me a customer service number and told me to call at my earliest convenience to get the refund. I took the number and called as soon as I got home from my trip. When I called the customer service representative, I was met with an attitude as if I was putting her out by calling. I explained what had happened and that I was told I would receive a refund and she proceeded to tell me it was impossible to get a refund. Her exact words were, "We don't refund bags. Period."

I asked her if I could speak with her supervisor as I didn't feel it was fair to be charged for a service that I didn't use. She told me that she couldn't get a supervisor because they were all busy assisting other customers and that they would just tell me the same thing anyway. She said that there was no note on my account saying that I was overcharged for bags. I told her I could get in touch with the airport and speak with the woman who checked my bag in order to have her make a note. I told her I could even go back to the airport in case they needed to see my ID.

She told me that even if I did so, and the agent made a note, it was still not possible to get the refund because she didn't note it to the account at the time of travel. In essence, I spent about 20 minutes on the phone trying to understand why I was being charged for something I never used, and I was treated terribly. Not only that, but on both my flights the rides were very bumpy and the planes were dirty. The seats didn't recline and the plane smelled very badly of urine. Both my flights were delayed, and my bag was on the wrong turnstyle when I arrived back to DFW.

The people I sat next to were so upset about how delayed the flight was and that we didn't receive any compensation for it, and then they found one of their bags on the turn-style for the Oakland flight, and the other bag at the Chicago flight turnstyle (which is where I found mine after an hour and a half of waiting for my bag). Overall, I am VERY disappointed with Spirit.

I planned on using Spirit again as I fly frequently since my husband lives in CA, and I didn't really mind that they were unorganized and a little dirty because I thought the price would be worth it for only a three-hour flight, but when they are rude and basically STEAL money from you for a service you didn't receive BECAUSE they are unorganized, it is unacceptable. I will NEVER fly Spirit again and I would strongly discourage anyone else to.

Never again--worst travel experience of my life, and I travel a LOT!
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Rating: 1/51

CHICAGO, ILLINOIS -- On August 4th, I was returning from Chicago (ORD) to Minneapolis (MSP) on a 7:25 pm that was delayed due to inclement weather. The delay was to be expected, and is not the subject of my complaint. I checked in for my flight around 5:30 or 6:00 pm and went to the gate to wait. Due to the weather delays, there appeared to be about 3 flights worth of people waiting to fly out of the gate (Ft. Lauderdale, Minneapolis, and another destination). Because of this, all seats in the gate area were full, and many people were standing around.

I checked in at the desk to find out what time the Minneapolis flight was leaving since the sign behind the desk was showing three cities, with the same flight times for all three -- they obviously hadn't been updated. The woman at the desk told me the Minneapolis flight was leaving at 9:15. I sat one gate over for about a half an hour (At the time I was 7 months pregnant) and checked back again, to make sure this hadn't changed, and was told 9:15 again. I checked back two more times after that, the last time being about 8:20, and each time was told "9:15". At 8:45 I checked back and was told that the Minneapolis flight just left.

I did not ever hear my name called, or any messaging, and since I'd been told multiple times leading up to this point that the flight was 9:15 (with NO indication that this was going to change), I was shocked that the plane had left just 20 minutes after the last time I checked in at the gate.

I went to the ticket counter and there met several other people who were on the same flight or other flights for Spirit leaving from that gate, who experienced the same thing: Incorrect information given by your gate representatives multiple times, no effort to make sure passengers in the crowded area were alerted that their flight was boarding or leaving, and the signs at the counter not reflecting accurate destination cities and flight times. The fiasco with the incompetent workers at the gate that caused me to miss my flight was bad enough, but what followed at the ticket counter was absolutely beyond anything negative I've ever experienced in customer service.

The amount of time it took for the ticket reps to get myself and the others at waiting in front of someone who could actually do anything was unacceptable. Once we finally were able to speak with someone, a supervisor named **, who refused to provide her last name or even show us the badge around her neck, ** was belligerent, rude, unprofessional, and downright insulting to the customers waiting. ** clearly has no idea how to work in an industry like this. The other workers behind the counter were clearly scared of ** and all stood back, unwilling to help anyone with questions because ** obviously had to approve any message they gave.

** insisted that everyone at the counter was there because of inclement weather, even though everyone explained multiple times, the weather was not to blame for the missed flights. To the contrary, we were all at the gate and checking in regularly about the times, and were all given bad information. By this time it was late in the evening, ** offered only a refund for the part of the trip that was unused and an option to fly out at 7 pm the next night. (Keep in mind that at this point, the ticket counters for other airlines are closing, that is how long this process has taken).

Her offer was totally unacceptable; there was no offer of lodging, though the entire reason that I and the others were stuck there was because of the workers at the gate. At one point, I asked if I could have her last name, and she refused, so I asked if she could flip over her name badge around her neck so that we could see her name and she actually said "Come over this desk and get it yourself". I am a business professional, I travel at least twice each month and tried Spirit Airlines because the rates were good. Well I guess you get what you pay for because the experience was a complete nightmare.

I ended up purchasing my own ticket on Delta for early the next morning (I did get a refund of $77 dollars from **), and spent the night sitting in a chair at the 24/7 Starbucks in the baggage claim area because the long, drawn out process of trying to negotiate with ** resulted in it being too late for me to get through security to wait the night out in the airport until my early flight. This was uncomfortable, and arguably, unsafe for me, a woman into her third trimester of pregnancy. If my long email doesn't convey the total anger and bewilderment the entire experience caused, I'd welcome a chance to speak to **'s supervisor and give you more detail.

It takes a lot to incite me to take time out of my schedule to complain about a situation or a person, but I felt it was necessary to send this along; I hope someone sees it and would very much appreciate an acknowledgement that someone has read it. I work for a very large corporation, and am tempted to share my story on our cloud with my colleagues. We all have large travel budgets and the option to fly any airline. Believe me, how we are treated absolutely will dictate where we fly.

I also want to add that at the ticket counter, one of the others who missed his flight mentioned that we might as well not even bother trying to contact your customer service department via phone, because we would never get through, so I attempted to fill out the form online and received an error message. Clearly your organization is doing everything it can to avoid dealing with customers both in person, and after the fact, but I hope the story of my experience gets through to somebody.

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