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Spirit Delivery
200 South Street
New Providence, NJ 07974
877-438-774 (ph)
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Nasty Company To Deal With

PENNSYLVANIA -- I purchased an appliance from Home Depot 2 weeks ago and was told that it had to be special ordered. I advised them that I needed a delivery on Saturday. A delivery was scheduled from 9-12 pm on Saturday. I had other engagements scheduled for that morning so I contacted the delivery service (Spirit Delivery from NJ) and asked for a weekday evening delivery. I was told that a delivery request would be put in for after 3 pm on Wed. I received a phone call the day before stating that they would deliver 7 am in the morning which was not possible because no one would be home.

I got angry because I had already made arrangements for evening--spoke to a manager that seemed to care less and stated that I would have to reschedule. I told them that I would be going back to Home Depot to get my money back. I called HD and spoke with a manager that did not care either. After cooling off, I called back to reschedule. The person on the phone did not mute the call and stated "It's so and so **, the one that was acting like a B." Upon hearing this I asked repeated what he said and the employee hung up the phone on me.

BAD SERVICE, BAD ATTITUDES AND NOT FLEXIBLE TO WORK WITH CLIENTS. Due to this situation I will no longer spend my money in Home Depot.

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Rating: 1/51

BURLINGTON, VERMONT -- Ordered appliances from Home Depot. Three separate occasions late on delivery time for first two. Never delivered this last time, now have to wait a week! To get it delivered! Again! Awful to deal with!

I Don't Know These People Stay in business...
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Rating: 1/51

BENSALEM, PENNSYLVANIA -- This is probably one of the least courteous, incompetent, tasteless people I've ever had to do business with. On two separate appointments, the installers have failed to show up for unknown reasons. The only response Spirit has for me is to reschedule. This is for a business, and FAR from unacceptable. I certainly hope Home Depot gets the hint that they should hire another company for delivery and installation. I am livid, and based on the other complaints listed here, I am sure others are too.

Pathetic Company
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Rating: 1/51

ATLANTA, GEORGIA -- The worst delivery company I've ever dealt with. No choice in delivery times for the customer (even though they told me they could confirm a time to reinstall a faulty product) yet they can be late? Really? They've never heard of customer service and GE doesn't care either. Avoid the combination of GE and Spirit at all cost.

Ask As You Buy
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NEW JERSEY -- I read a review from a woman from NJ. She had complained about a company not being able to get her product to her in the time frame she wanted. She needs to consider one or two things before she comments.

  1. For a company to be profitable it needs to do deliveries as they are most cost effective. A company such as Spirit cannot do 3 or 4 hundred delivers a day and have every customer tell them when and what time they want it. If that was the case it would cost in the neighborhood of $450.00 per delivery. If that was the case no one would be able to afford it.

  2. If the women would have listened when she purchased at Home Depot they do explain that it is a 4 hour window and they will be called the night before to give them that time frame. It is also written on the paperwork. In today'€™s day and age everyone is so important that they are the only customer! They want it or they will well you know the story. No one can every look inside themselves and understand that the world revolves around them.

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BRYN MAWR, PENNSYLVANIA -- Spirit Delivery Service is without a doubt one of the worst customer service experiences I have ever had. The company refused to guarantee a time frame of delivery and when informed that my employment required that I must specify a time, I was advised by the company to "take the day off to wait for the refrigerator." This was impossible to do and I was told that it was the policy and nothing could be done about it.

Moreover, on the day of the delivery, they arrived 70 minutes before the time expected and would not return during the time frame confirmed. To date, this issue remains unresolved and it has been several weeks and numerous unproductive phone communications to attempt to resolve this issue. Home Deport has been a good place to do business but this delivery service is exceptionally rude and unresponsive to the needs of working customers and to those living within the constraints of condo association rules and regulations.

This experience has been completely unacceptable and in the future, I will not buy appliances from any company that uses this company for their delivery services.

Really bad customer service
By -

GEORGIA -- I recently purchased an oven from Home Depot and was told that the delivery of our item would be delivered by another company. I received the item in great time and was very satisfied at the efficiency and level of courtesy with the original delivery guys. My oven, however did not fit and would eventually have to be returned to Home Depot. So, I contacted Home Depot and they set up the pickup with the same company, Spirit Delivery, to come back out to pick up the item to be returned to Home Depot. I received a phone call on a Friday stating they would be at my home on Saturday between 9:15 and 1:15.

So, Saturday morning at 10:00 am, I receive a call from the delivery guy stating that they are 1/2 hour away. Then, he calls back to ask "where do we stay?" I tell him and he says, "Oh, I just needed to program that into my GPS." No problem, I'm thinking that everything is still on schedule. So, we hang up and then I receive a 3rd phone call within the same 10 minute period from the driver. "I was looking over my paperwork and it seems that my manager gave me some wrong information or the orders were mixed up," he explains. He goes on to state that they will not get to our area until the hours between 3 pm and 7 pm. Wow!!!

The whole day is wasted on waiting for an oven to get picked up that we can't and never have used. So, I immediately call the delivery distribution center that's open on weekends. I'm told by two individuals that they don't have any information regarding my pickup. Great!!! So, no one knows what happened or who dropped the ball. I'm beginning to get angry because now the tone is growing hostile and unprofessional toward me as if I have committed a crime against this company. The last person whom I spoke with was so blatantly disrespectful and unprofessional that she placed the blame entirely on me.

As a result, I will never do business with this company any more and hopefully you will not have to tolerate this kind of offensively rude customer service from a business that supposedly prides itself in their "white glove service." As a consumer, I was totally unimpressed with their ability to simply listen which made their mark on me on the opposite end of stellar.

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