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Cheap Fares?
Posted by MtnBear on 04/14/2011
I used Spirit Air's $9.00 fairs to fly to Panama City, Panama. It looked cheaper to purchase two separate flights (ATL to Lauderdale & Lauderdale to Panama) round trip than one round trip ticket to my destination. After all the extra charges were added it was only slightly less expensive. When I got to the airport in Panama to return home I was told I needed to pay an additional $75.00 luggage fee even though I had asked when I purchased the ticket if there was a fee for my carry on and was told no. I went to board my flight in Ft. Lauderdale and was told I had to pay another fee for my bags for this leg of the trip. This made the cheap fair more expensive that a round trip fair on another airline.

To hit a customer with hidden fees once you have them stranded in a location far from home is way to guarantee no repeat business.
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Posted by trmn8r on 2011-04-14:
The crux of this complaint is why it is that you were charged luggage fees, when you understood that there wouldn't be any.

Here is the Spirit policy:

You may have been charged a fee because the bag was larger than the maximum to fit under the seat. But the fee looks like it should have been $20, $25 #30 or $45. I don't see how they came up with $75. Did you have more than one bag?
Posted by Grace Colon on 2011-06-09:
For my Spirit Airlines is a complete sham, have poor organization at airports do not have the number of employees to address problems when assigning flights are canceled, employees are very rude, low mannerd, the aircraft are well dirty, stink and are well low mannerd atendants fly, in order that the airline is not worth a penny, let alone customer service. In the United States should be a quality control agency for this particular airline because they're scammers, fraud and problematic. You get what you dearly, which lacks these receivables is the use of bath chair. Care not to use that airline is crap is worthless. Idiot I fell down once but never return to travel with them even gave me the ticket. Are a mess, garbage, irresponsible, undesirable, uneducated. Be careful, not ripped off as they did with me ..... always check in the consumer report before making any business. Our money is worth more .... everything. The people of India will be to prohibit entry to the United States for them to see that bad they feel when they treat you like dirt when they are the ones who can not treat people, they're low mannerd, uneducated. Poor them. For my failure as Spirit Airlines is a crap airline.
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Horrible service!!!
Posted by Seakris on 02/24/2008
FT LAUDERDALE, FLORIDA -- I know this is long, but PLEASE read all of it... It could really save you!!!

Alright... So... I just got back from my week long, much needed, vacation in Montego Bay, Jamaica. (I had a great time down there.) When I booked the trip, CheapTickets.com showed that Spirit Airlines was the cheapest carrier. I had never heard of them, but figured they wouldn't be much different than any other carrier. Boy was I wrong!!!

Everything started out a week before my flight. After doing some research online, I learned that Spirit charges for checked luggage (as United now does as well). At the time, It was $5 per piece in advance, $10 on the day of your flight. (This went up to $10 and $20 on 20Feb08.) So, I showed up to the airport on Monday (six days before my flight) to pay for my luggage, so I wouldn't have anything to worry about the day of my flight. The guy initially tells me to just do it the day of the flight, but since I had driven down there and paid for parking, I wanted to just get it done with. As I show the desk agent my ID, we says, "Oh! You're active duty military? We don't charge you guys." So, I'm like, "Okay... Well, can I get your name, so I have you as a contact of who told me this?" He gives me his name and I'm on my way.

Morning of check-in... I show up with military ID in hand... Guess what? They tell me that only applies to people in uniform. Little piece of information that was obviously left out. (On another note, I'm always a big fan of the fact that we in the Coast Guard are told not to fly in uniform because of security concerns, but Army does it all the time... So pretty much, all these discounts are available to Army only. Nice.) They end up not charging me for my luggage and I'm on my way.

The rest of the flight is fine, other than the fact that they charge for EVERYTHING on the plane! A can of soda will cost you $2! Not even a cup of water is free!

Return flight... The terminal in Montego Bay is split in two. Our gate is in the half that is under renovation, so there is no air conditioning. Now, Montego Bay is not exactly cold during any time of the year, so it was roasting in there. The flight we were getting on was 30 minutes late getting into Jamaica due to bad weather in Detroit. The plane finally gets there and we all board. 30 minutes late at this point. As the pilots are doing their checks and everything, the APU (External power for the plane during idle) conks out. Now we have no air circulation on the plane. After 45 minutes of sitting there boiling in the heat, they decide to open a couple doors, this helps minimally. Apparently the ground crew is looking for the correct cord for the unit to connect to the plane with. At about the hour point, the crew actually passes out water. (Just tiny cups, and they actually don't charge us... Surprise!) After and hour and a half, they FINALLY push back from the gate. At this point, I know unless my flight to Washington, DC (DCA) that connects in Ft. Lauderdale (FLL) is delayed, I'm missing my flight.

We get into Ft. Lauderdale... Halfway home! Only problem is, I am the first person through customs, first one with my bags, and first one to literally sprint down the concourse to the flight. G-o-n-e. Why does this suck? Well, there are only two flights from FLL to DCA in a day and that was the last one. No one stood a chance of getting on the flight, it was gone. (Despite the fact that the baggage guy told me that if I ran, I'd make it. After training like I have been, there was no way anyone could have been faster.) So, no dice on the flight and I make my way up to the counter to rebook.

Long story short here, Spirit acknowledge that the delay is their fault and they set us (me and two other women) up with a voucher for the taxi to our hotel in Miami and a voucher for the hotel. They also gave use a $9 voucher for dinner and a $7 voucher for breakfast. They tell us that the hotel has a shuttle that will bring us to the airport in the morning.

Upon arrival to the hotel, Spirit has not called and made reservations or anything for the three of us. The hotel ends us taking care of all that, but they advise us that there is no shuttle to Miami airport, let alone Ft. Lauderdale, which was a good 30-35 minutes away. My patience has worn thin at this point and I call the reservation line because no one answers the line at FLL. I tell the reservation guy about the problem with the transportation to the airport and he asks me for my flight info. I give it to him and he pulls up my itinerary. He starts talking about available flights, etc and I tell him, "I don't care about the available flights, I am fine with my flights, please do not change them." I continue to tell him that I just need him to figure out what they are going to do about stranding us at the hotel. I ask to speak to a manager, he puts me on hold then comes back on the line. He starts in with the available flights again. He is CLEARLY not listening and/or comprehending what I need from him. I ask for a manager again and he tell me, "No. Because they have the same information." I ask again and he denies me. He tells me that I just need to call the airport in the morning. I ask the agent for his name and he refuses, I ask him again and he says, 'Thank you for calling Spirit" and hangs up on me. Now that's what I call awesome customer service!

Morning comes and I wake up at 4AM, which is awesome because with everything that happened, I didn't get to bed until midnight. I start calling the airport immediately. No one answers from 4AM until 6AM when I arrive at the airport. (The counter opens at 3AM, mind you.) So, because of this, I had to pay $72.10 for the taxi to get back to the airport. When I go to check in, magically, my reservation is gone. G-O-N-E. Funny, considering that I had a reservation when I left the airport the night before and the only person who had viewed it since was the wonderful person who hung up on me the night before. I find that just a teeny bit to coincidental for my taste, but they do end up getting it back and getting that squared away.

At this point, I ask about reimbursement for the taxi. I am told that I now need to contact corporate (which I emailed prior to writing this) to seek reimbursement. Judging how stellar they have been thus far at taking care of their customers, I'll hold my breath. What makes this even better is that our taxi driver told us that he no longer takes Spirit vouchers because they stiffed him on reimbursement before. Awesome! They won't reimburse cab drivers, how the hell do I expect them to pay me?!?

All the better, is that through this whole situation, everyone at Spirit is VERY apathetic towards us. We pretty much get the, "Sucks to be you treatment". No apologies, no sincerity, no nothing. One of the ladies I ended up in this situation with even got stiffed paying $50 for an overweight bag! To get us home on Sunday, vice Monday, they flew us on a Spirit flight to Atlanta (ATL), then a Delta flight into DCA. When we got our bags in ATL, we had to re-check them with Delta. This woman had already paid and overweight fee for her bag with Spirit and now had to pay an additional one for Delta. *Note: We wouldn't have been in this situation if it weren't for Spirit, so she should NOT have been responsible for this cost.

The Delta flight went smoothly and now I'm back home. What a nightmare though! I have NEVER in my life witnessed such callousness towards customers and such a complete lack of customer service in my life. I will not fly with Spirit again if they paid me. If another flight was $100 more, I'd take it, that's how horribly we were treated.

I just wanted to let everyone know so you can avoid ruining a vacation. Imagine if this had happened on the way down to Jamaica, instead of on the way home! Spirit Airlines does some intra-East Coast flights and ALOT of flights to the Caribbean and Central and eastern-South America. Please take my advice and be warned!!!

Please pass this on! I don't want this to happen to anyone else! If you think my incident is isolated, Google "Spirit Airlines Complains" and you'll see you yourself that this is pretty much par for the course! I wish I had before this!!!
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Posted by bargod on 2008-02-25:
These airlines are cheap for a reason, because they nickel and dime you for every little thing. In the end you probably pay more money for the whole trip.
Posted by seakris on 2008-02-25:
Well obviously they are cheap, but they weren't that much cheaper than the next airline... AirJamaica wasn't too much more and I highly doubt I would have been treated like this. Southwest is cheap and doesn't do this to people. Point being... Just because it is cheap doesn't mean it is going to be the quality that Spirit is...
Posted by bargod on 2008-02-26:
Actually I believe it does. You get what you pay for. Also I have heard quite a few horror stories about them too.
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Don't take Spirit Airlines
Posted by BrooklynMan on 01/26/2008
On the 18th of December my family and I traveled to Jamaica on Spirit air. When we were checking in for our flight at LaGuardia we saw about 2 or 3 of our bags that was tagged excess baggage. I demanded to talk to a supervisor about this situation in which he stated that it was done for the safety of the passengers because of the weight issues. He also stated that we may or may not get those bags but we would get it at the end of the day. I said ok that was understandable but the agent should have the decency to tell us from the beginning. My flight was from New York which connected through Fort Lauderdale into Kingston, Jamaica. This awful journey started when one of the flight attendants told us that the connection into Kingston would be at gate H7. I had a wheel chair passenger and we requested a wheel chair which took a long time to arrive. Quite frankly we waited for the wheel chair for about 25 minutes after all the passengers left the aircraft. After my family and I departed from the aircraft we went to gate H7 just as what the flight attendant told us. To my utter surprise I saw on the screen Air Canada to Toronto. We only had like 10 minutes to catch the connecting flight into Kingston.

We started to get nervous because the flight attendant told us the wrong gate. One of the workers that were assisting with the wheel chair went and found out that the gate was not H7 but F2. My family and I had to run, we had to go outside of the airport to the next terminal go through security once again before finally reaching to the right gate for our departure into Kingston.

When I thought everything was about to go smoothly this is only the calm before the storm. As the plane left the gate from Fort Lauderdale into Kingston we were in line ready for take off when the captain told us that they needed to go back to the gate because they were missing some of the luggages. When we returned to the gate the flight attendant told us the luggage was not balance in the baggage compartment and they are trying to balance it. Spirit Air is such liars what do they take the customers for an idiot. While at the gate a commotion erupted at the back of the aircraft in which a lady wanted to get off the plane. The Supervisor came onboard the airplane and eventually she stayed. Afterwards the plane left the gate once again and we were in line for take off when an argument between the flight attendant and a passenger erupted which caused the aircraft to return to the gate once again.

The US Marshalls came and escorted the passenger off the plane. I have never experienced such craziness in my life. I believe the flight attendant should also be reprimanded for her nasty behavior. She showed not etiquette. Finally the airplane departed to Kingston.
My family which comprised of five people traveled with two bags each which is a total of 10 bags. When we arrived into Kingston to claim our luggage’s we only received one out of 10 of our luggage. What a shock and utter disgrace. Some of the passengers did not receive any of their bags. The commotion at the Kingston airport is a signal that Spirit Airlines need to get out of Jamaica. There was absolutely no Spirit air representative but Jamaican locals taking our claims. They told us that they can deliver our bags to our house. To tell you the honest truth if we waited for Spirit Airlines to deliver our luggage we never get those bags until the end of my vacation. We had to return to the airport the following day which was the Wednesday in which we received 2 bags. Traveled back to the airport on Thursday in which in which we received 3 bags. On Friday we finally received the remaining of our luggage. It takes money to go back and forth to the airport for those three days.

On our return to New York on Jan 4, 2008 we had to connect in Fort Lauderdale again. While in Fort Lauderdale it took us over 1 hour and 30 minutes to claim our luggage. Each time they were sending us from one carousel to another to see if our luggage were there. Luggage from Montego Bay and Grand Cayman was coming on the same carousel. It was a mess. Eventually we received our luggage and re-check them again in order to go to New York. When we arrived at LGA I probably could count on my fingers how many passengers received their luggage. My family and I traveled with a total of 7 luggage and we only received 4. The carousel stop with no one to tell us that we were not going to get our luggage until the following day. We made a report in which our luggage was delivered at our home the following night.

What I hate about Spiritair, just because they offer cheap prices it means it gives them the authority to treat their customers like garbage. If you pay $5 for each bags to reach your destination is should be there with you. This company is a thief and a hustler they charge you for everything even for god made water. This company is not a business for the consumer but a scam to suck out customers of their money This was my worst traveled experience ever and want to be compensated in some way. I can surely tell you that I will never travel on that airline again. I am in the travel agent business and will never recommend anyone to take Spirit Airlines. I would rather pay $600 dollars on Air Jamaica or American Airlines than going through the horrendous experience. I need some type of apology and compensation for what should be a wonderful start to a vacation that became a disaster.
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Spirit BOGO Program = Consumer Fraud
Posted by Anjeni on 10/16/2007
NEW YORK -- Last December I received a promotional email from Spirit airline advertising their BOGO (Buy One Get One Free) deal that they were offering.

Although the ticket I bought was probably a bit higher in price than I could have purchased elsewhere, I went with Spirit to get the deal.

I satisfied all criteria including:
- Purchased it under my spirit membership number
- Purchased within the date span stipulated by the agreement (my credit card bill confirms this)
- Flew within the date span stipulated by the agreement.

The promotional stated that i would receive in May a voucher equal in price to the ticket I purchased minus the fees.

It is now October and I have never received any voucher. I have gone over and over my records and see no mistakes or other reasons why I should not have received it.

I have had many conversations with clueless Spirit workers who have no access or knowledge to what I am talking about and in one case could not even understand that I was not calling to book a flight due to language barrier.

The last person I spoke with tried to help, but has no access to any real information. All of the people I spoke with referred me to dead phone numbers or email addresses that no one responds to. Not one person I spoke with can provide any information or find any reason why I would not have qualified.

I do not think Spirit Air has, or ever had any intention on going through with this offer.

I am looking into referring this to the State Attorney General or any other applicable office I can locate.

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Posted by bargod on 2007-10-16:
Sounds like your on the right track. good luck.
Posted by Anonymous on 2007-10-16:
Interesting theorem.
Posted by Anonymous on 2007-10-16:
Main office direct phone number: 954-447-7965
Posted by Anjeni on 2007-10-16:
Number listed above is another dead end
Posted by Anjeni on 2007-10-16:
Anyone know if you file a complaint with the STate Attorny office in the state where you purchased (New York) or the state where the company is located (Florida) Thanks
Posted by pmatawan on 2007-10-16:
I have the same problem with Spirit. I mailed them 2 letters and did not get a response. I filed a complaint with the Florida Attorny General's office.
Posted by Carlton42 on 2007-11-25:
I responded to an offer to get a free round trip ticket if I apply and get a spiritair credit card by juniper, barclays bank. I as you did all I was required to do and have since called and written and whatever with the same results you got. Spirit and Juniper and Barclays all continue to give the go around hoping you will give up tring to get what you are entitled to per their offer. Wish someone out there would start a class action against all of them. I have stopped using the credit card and now look to book travel with other carriers. Good Luck.
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Never Fly Spirit Again
Posted by Larryc2454 on 12/08/2012
MIRAMAR, FLORIDA -- I paid for a one way flight from Ft Lauderdale to Boston for my son on Nov 26 2012 for a flight leaving at 7:am on Dec 7 2012.

We arrived at the airport at about 5:30 am, 1 1/2 hours before departure. He tried to get his boarding pass at the kiosk and it told him that he had to see an agent. He waited in line and tried another kiosk with the same result. Then he got in line behind about 20 other people and waited.

Many people ahead of him were angry and it took him until about 6:10 am to reach the agent who told him that the flight had "closed out at 5:30 am and that he could either pay $112 extra and fly home at 8:00 pm that night or pay about $50 more and fly at 7:00 the next day.

They must have sold his seat to someone else for more money just as they charged him more money for his flight.

We will never fly Spirit, again. I won't bore you with the details of my attempts to contact Spirit by phone. Just understand that it is not possible.
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Posted by Alain on 2012-12-08:
Spirit is a 'bargain', no frills airline. You only want to use them if you are willing to take the risk that, should anything go wrong (and it seems that frequently something does go wrong), you probably aren't going to get any help from them. Your best solution, as you mentioned, is not to use them. Thanks for the review!
Posted by Anonymous on 2012-12-08:
Can't you print your boarding pass from home? And for future reference, you are supposed to arrive 2 hours before departure.
Posted by BobSF on 2012-12-08:
How frustrating. But if the first kiosk said to see an agent why did he wait in line for another kiosk? Did I miss something?
Posted by trmn8r on 2012-12-09:
It sounds like you arrived in a timely manner, according to the COC (you need a boarding pass at least 30min prior to departure), but the flight was oversold. That stinks.
Posted by At Your Service on 2012-12-09:
Was the seat reserved and guaranteed or was this some form of standby seating?
Posted by Dave on 2013-02-05:
I had been flying them and was a $9 member...Now my miles are gone without any explaination...I WILL NEVER FLY THEM AGAIN>>>CHEATS.

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Spirit Airline Lack of Respect for Its Customers!
Posted by Jzpark on 06/26/2012
MIRAMAR, FLORIDA -- June 26, 2012

Mr. Ben Baldanza
Chief Executive Officer
Spirit Airline
2800 Executive Way

Mr. Ben Baldanza:

I am writing to voice my concerns about the horrific customer service I received following a cancelled Spirit Airlines flight between Chicago O’hare and LAX on Saturday, June 23. I would sincerely appreciate you taking couple minutes to read my concerns, which I believe are shared by many of your customers.

While I was unhappy about the cancelled flight, I realize this happens from time to time. What I would like to specifically bring to your attention is the lack of empathy and customer service mindset amongst the “manager” level employees I dealt with at Spirit. Given, agents/customer service representatives have limited decision making authority, I requested to speak with “managers” after each interaction I had with Spirit representatives, and each time I spoke with a manager, I was utterly disappointed; and thus my suggestion that providing better customer service training at Spirit is warranted. I would like to provide you with a brief context of my recent experience with Spirit.

Upon arrival to Chicago O’Hare on Saturday evening, June 23, 2012 to catch a flight to Los Angeles, I was informed by the check-in kiosk that the “flight has been cancelled – see agent”. There were approximately 80 customers waiting in line and only five customer service agents working at the Spirit counter. During the approximately 55 minutes I stood in line to reach the customer service agent working the front desk, there were no announcements made about the cancellation, which added to the anxiety of those passengers whose flights have been cancelled but had no idea as to the reason nor whether they would be able to get on another flight.

There were many irate customers bypassing the line all together and going directly to the front desk agents, which added to the waiting time for customers such as myself who waited in line to speak to an agent. Furthermore, there were no notices via email nor text message of the flight cancellation, despite the fact I am a Spirit member and my contact info, including my email and cell phone number, is stored in its database.

After 55 minutes of waiting in line, I was able to speak to a front-desk agent (Ben) who informed me that the flight was cancelled due to weather and that all Spirit flights from O’hare to LAX were booked for a week. The options offered to me were to look for a Spirit flight to LAX after a week or to get a refund on my purchase. Given that I had taken the week off and planned these vacation trip months in advance to visit my parents who leaves in Asia and had flown to LA for the week to visit my sisters and me, rescheduling to another Spirit flight the following week was not an option. Thus I had to reluctantly ask for a full refund with the hopes of finding a flight on another airline. The agent sympathized with my situation and offered to refund the full amount and provide me with a $100 voucher for a future travel on Spirit (as a side note, I was not successful in finding reasonable priced flights on another airline within the next couple days, as the lowest priced round-trip ticket was around $800+. Thus I was not able to make the trip out to LA to visit my parents and sisters).

After four days, I still hadn’t received a refund nor the $100 voucher. Thus I called Spirit customer service to inquire about the status of my refund and voucher. The customer service representative (Leo) informed me that neither the refund nor the voucher was recorded in the system. And after looking into my itinerary, he informed me that he could provide me with only a refund and not the voucher. I asked Leo to connect with a manager. After 20 minutes on hold, I was able to speak with the manager, Ashley.

After explaining to Ashley my situation, she informed me that the refund had already been issued (which was just processed minutes earlier after I complained for the second time that it had not been) and that I would not be eligible for the voucher given it was not Spirit’s fault that the flight was cancelled. Rather, she insistently blamed the situation on the weather and given that it was not Spirit’s fault, she would not be offering me the voucher (which had earlier been offered to me).

I was disappointed by her response and handling of the situation. In no way was the $100 voucher going to make up for my missed opportunity to visit my parents and sisters. Nevertheless, it was a small token of sympathy which I thought Spirit had offered to alleviate my anxiety. While Ashley’s response and handling of the situation was unsettling, I removed the emotions and try to explain to her rationally and logically from a business perspective why taking away the previously offered voucher was a bad business decision (just having graduated from business school a week earlier, I felt compelled to present the business case).

First, it was something that had been offered to me. And taking away something that had previously been offered is offensive and dishonest.

Second, a $100 voucher is a tiny investment, and likely a good ROI. I informed Ashley that the $100 doesn’t replace my missed opportunity to visit my folks in LA. Nevertheless, it’s a small token that shows Spirit still values my business.

Lastly, as a relatively new public airline, it may have positioned itself as a “no frills” airline, competing on price. However, if it neglects customer service, it will not be able survive just by competing on price in the long run. The industry as a whole has gone the way of becoming a provider of a commodity, and airliners will not be able to compete on price alone. Spirit’s prices will have to move up and / or other airlines will be able to further lower their prices given improved scale given industry consolidation.

After presenting my case, Ashley was still firm on not granting me the voucher, as she replied “No, I will not be granting you a voucher. Again it was not “our” fault”. It felt as though Ashley was adding insult to injury and it was clear that she didn’t care about losing me as a customer.

Ashley could have done a much better job addressing this situation and alleviating my concerns had she for one instant thought about me as a person, not an adversary. Not once during our conversation did I feel she was listening to my thoughts/concerns. She provided no suggestions nor other options. It was clear she had set her mind that the voucher will not be issued given that it was not “their” fault. Had she been a little more open to thinking about the customer and how to retain me as a customer, I think a mutually beneficial outcome would have been likely, and I could have concluded my call feeling better about Spirit.

Unfortunately, because of her lack of ability to sympathize with customers, she has turned away a customer and Spirit will be generating significantly less revenue from me in the future. I would never fly Spirit for business. And on personal travels, I would only consider Spirit for last minute travel and only if the price difference is greater than $125 relative to another airline on a one-way flight.

Prior to this experience, I felt Spirit performed satisfactorily. However, this incident brings to light that Spirit needs to better hire and train “managers” to deal with customers more effectively. While it’s important to focus on the operations and process to make sure things operate smoothly and seamlessly, it’s just as important to provide managers with better training on addressing contingency and customer service issues.

Specifically, I believe the following approaches could have been taken in this specific situation to reduce the anxiety amongst those passengers whose flights were cancelled and would have likely resulted in a better experience:

1) Send email, text message, or voice mail to passengers if their flights are cancelled.

2) Have a floor manager at the airport communicate to the customers at the airport so that they are aware of what’s going on

3) Create a separate line for customers whose flights have been cancelled (alleviates bottleneck for other travelers) and have a dedicated agent address these customers

4) When multiple flights are cancelled, have the manager in charge make staffing decisions to increase staffing on the floor (while obvious, this did not seem to be the case on Saturday)

5) Follow through on execution/promise. When informed that refunds and vouchers will be given, process them immediately. Delaying the process decreases customer satisfaction, and ups the amount of inbound customer service calls. The slight decrease in working capital as a result of paying out refunds to customers later compared to when it’s promised creates additional complaints and increases the need for these customers to speak with customer service agents. Furthermore, additional complaints decrease the likelihood of these passengers choosing Spirit for future air travel.

I appreciate you taking the time to listen to my concerns and hope you will take actions to address them.

Thank you.

Joo Y Park
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Posted by Alain on 2012-06-27:
Spirit is a bargain airline and you aren't likely to get stellar customer service from them. At least you've offered some solutions for them to consider, which is laudable, and they did finally, albeit reluctantly, give you a refund.
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$9 fare club Ripoff
Posted by Elmatad0r on 09/03/2010
MIRAMAR -- I purchased 1 ticket a year ago to fly with Spirt Airlines from Fort Lauderdale to San Jose Costa Rica. At the time I was curious about their $9 rates and decided to give them a try. The fare club did nothing about the rate I paid and anyway it was the only time I flew with this airline. Keep in mind that this was a ONE TIME occurrence. To my surprise a year later they served themselves with another $39.95 and automatically renewed this phony membership without my authorization.

I called them and all I got was explanations about why they won't give my money back. So I have filed a complaint with the Florida State Attorney and I'm already looking to file a Class Action Law suite since it seems like this a very common situation.

My advice DO NOT PURCHASE THIS MEMBERSHIP, DO NOT FLY THIS DISHONEST AIRLINE. And If you share my situation please contact me for I'm already forming a class action.
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Posted by FlShopper on 2010-09-03:
I joined the $9 club a couple of years ago and then decided to not renew the membership. I was able to go on to their site and cancel it.

If I remember correctly, the enrollment process did explain the auto renewal and what to do if I chose to cancel before then. I'm not a fan of Spirit Airlines, but the cancellation process was actually pretty easy.
Posted by Anonymous on 2010-09-03:
Yeah seems normal. You are automatically rebilled every year unless you call and cancel. That fare club is great. I was going to book a flight through them, and would have saved signing up for the club and using it just that one time.
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An Employee's Nightmare Of Spirit Air
Posted by Spider44 on 04/22/2008
MIRAMAR, FLORIDA -- I am an employee of Spirit Air, I would like to inform you that the company does not care one bit about the passenger or their employees, the big wigs think "So what! they will come back for the low fares" who cares what we do or how we do it. Working for Spirit is the funniest, They will not provide toner for the printers, but they will provide paper to print! They took away the trash bags and the trash cans to dump your garbage in, so the question is where do we put the garbage? They stopped buying supplies so you have to buy your own, next we will have to bring our own toilet paper. They have each dept. fighting with another so no one works together. such professionalism. The closed down one of the reservation centers in which they only were told to answer half the calls anyways, so if your on hold for an hour, you were never picked up anyways, they didn't want to pay for your call so you were dropped immediately but you would of never knew that waiting on hold for an hour. they want you to go to the website to book but the website never works right, Oh, and try not to check in a bag, no regard, it might end up under the wheels of the jet.

If you have a consumer complaint, forget it, you will not get through to anyone, the website has a link on where to email if you have a problem but it is so hidden behind about 10 pages and clicks you will give up first.

Working for such unprofessional, low class, degrading supervisors who have absolutely no knowledge of what they are to be managing or even like humans is even more of a farce, I guess they will give anyone a job.

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Posted by MarshPeep on 2008-04-22:
People will come back for the low fares, because today's customer doesn't care about customer service. If you read a lot of the responses on this site, many of the comments support the decline of customer service in favor of lower prices. It's unfortunate that both cannot be demanded.

I don't fly often, but personally, I like Spirit's pay-for-the-extra type of billing. I don't need a drink each time I fly, and if I have extra baggage, I should have to pay for it. However, I see your point of taking that to extremes - I certainly don't want to have to carry around my own toilet paper.
Posted by Bloss on 2009-09-28:
My brother-in-law works for SPIRIT. He's a flight attendant and takes his job VERY seriously. I know, for a fact, that he and others who work with him, do their best to insure that the client is safe and comfortable.
I don't know who is providing the poor/no customer service but I'll guarantee it's not these great employeees. Perhaps the 'higher echelon' needs revamping?
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Lost Baggage and No Response From Customer Service
Posted by Disappointed in Michigan on 08/03/2007
CORPORATE HEADQUARTERS, FLORIDA -- Warning!! Fly Spirit at your own risk!

This is a portion of the letter I sent certified mail to Spirit Airlines on July 12, 2007 and have have yet to get a response on... FYI-- I have continued to try to get this issue resolved and have yet to get a response. You decide if it is worth the risk.....

"On Sunday, June 24, I was scheduled to fly from Detroit to Orlando on flight 801. I arrived at the Detroit Metro airport and was checking my baggage at the Spirit Airlines counter, if my memory serves me correctly, at least 1 hour before departure. Both my suitcases had tags with my name, address and phone number. I was informed at the counter ( I believe her name was Roz) that the flight was overbooked, that I will probably be able to get a seat, but at that time, they will manually write out a baggage claim check for my 2 bags rather than electronically issue one to ensure that my bags get on the same flight as I do. I was then informed that there would be a $10 charge for my second bag. This woman (whom I believe to be Roz) then handwrote out a claim check and told me to hurry to my gate immediately to check in with hopes that I will get a seat assignment. Both of my suitcases were tagged with luggage tags with my name, address and cell phone number.

At the time, I assumed that the $10 charge was issued on the master account my company utilizes for all travel expenses since she did not ask me for a credit card.

At the gate, after a short wait, I was issued a seat assignment and was very pleased to be boarding the plane and to be arriving in Orlando on time.
Once I arrived in Orlando, I then proceeded to the baggage claim area where I discovered that both my bags were missing. I then went to the Orlando Spirit Airlines baggage claim office and filed a report (see enclosed) and was very disappointed to find out that there was no way to track my claim check number electronically to locate the whereabouts of my suitcases and when they would be arriving, and the fact that I only had one manual claim check might cause problems in the future at locating one of my two bags. Of course, at this time, I had no idea which bag was tagged and which bag was not so I had no way of knowing which bag had the higher probability of arriving at my hotel at the Walt Disney Resort Dolphin Hotel. As I explained to the representative, I was given only one baggage claim tag and did not realize that the number was not to identify the ticket number or passenger, namely me, but that there should have been 1 per suitcase.

I left my contact information and went to the hotel where I immediately purchased a few items while waiting for the arrival of my bags later that day or Monday. This included a swimsuit, some sunscreen/oil and some flip flops, since I had a removable cast for a broken right foot and not even a full pair of shoes or flip flops. (see receipt)

After making several calls and leaving several messages to the Spirit Airlines 800# at both the Detroit and Orlando baggage claim offices, without one being returned that Sunday, June 24, it became apparent to me that I was going to need some more necessary items since I was in Orlando for a 5 day business meeting that was to begin the following day, Monday, June 24. I received a toiletry kit from the hotel which included a toothbrush, razors, and toothpaste. I then took a cab ride, which was $60 to the closest department store, which was Walmart, where I purchased some additional toiletries, mainly makeup, undergarments, and hair care items. I also purchased a cell phone charger since my cell phone was the means by which my customers, family and work associates were to reach me.

Being the optimist I am, I was still hopeful that my bags would show up late that night or earl y in the morning.

Of course, when I woke up that Monday morning, June 25, with a week long annual business meeting being attended by upper management of my company and still no business clothing , casual clothing, curling irons, make-up, pajamas (which I would need since I did have a roommate arriving), etc., it became apparent to me that I needed to get some more shopping done, particularly because no one had called me back yet from either office and your “customer service” 800# said to “please call back because all the lines were busy”, which incidentally was the same message I received the rest of the week, Monday-Friday, whenever I found the time to make a call on breaks.

I then took another cab to a local mall where I spent approximately 3 hours shopping for replacement items and toiletries....in the amount of approximately $600+. I still have no idea when or if my luggage is going to be returned and I obviously cannot be making daily trips to the mall purchasing clothing on a daily bases and paying for all the cab rides)

It was that afternoon, that Wendy, from your Orlando baggage office called me back, the only person who has provided me with any assistance since this whole ordeal started. She said that she could not locate my luggage service report so I gave her the information and she said that she would look into it. She then called to tell me that she had located one of my bags in Ft. Lauderdale and that I should be receiving it later that evening or the next day. I was very grateful l to her and was of course, anxious to find out which suitcase it was that would be arriving at my hotel room. Unfortunately, though, she was not sure what had happened to the second suitcase. I did receive the larger of the two suitcases with most of my professional clothing late that evening.
All my toiletries, shoes, and some casual and workout clothing were in the second, missing bag. I was able to borrow my roommates curling iron, hairspray etc, and as already mentioned, had received a few toiletry items from the hotel, which I felt could tie me over until my second bag was located.
I did leave several messages at the Spirit Airlines Detroit baggage office to see if my bag had even left Detroit but never received a call back. I also continued to call the Orlando baggage office, and as the VM states, did not receive a call back, which apparently means that my second suitcase was not located. I continued to call the Spirit Airlines customer service 800# and still received a message stating that all representatives were busy and to call back at a later time.

On Friday afternoon when I flew out, I stopped by the Spirit Airlines Orlando baggage office to double check the status and was informed that my bag was not there nor did they know where it was . I then flew to Detroit and had a very disturbing encounter with Tammy and several irate but mistreated customers who had been through similar or much worse ordeals than my own. 1. Baggage lost enroute to their cruise and on the way back, 2. One gentleman who was traveling internationally with his family and got caught up with delays and customs, but unfortunately could not get through to your Spirit Airlines “customer” service number and was told that it was basically his fault and he would have to purchase all new $1200 worth of tickets to go to Las Vegas because he did not change his flight in time. Spirit Airlines has a responsibility to its customers to be available through your 800# and I know from personal experience that it was not available for at least 5 days in a row, at any length of time. I would like to mention to you that Tammy at the Spirit Airlines Detroit baggage claim office was very helpful l to me because she gave me another home office number to call to get in touch with an actual person, but unfortunately I have been unsuccessful. The number she gave me: Spirit Airlines Corporate Office 954-447-7965 extension 2.
So far these are the attempts I have made since arriving home, although all have been unsuccessful:

1. Monday July 2- 8:30 am—954-447-7965, option 2, regarding lost or delayed luggage, said that the mailbox was full and to please try again later.
2. Monday, July 2 around 11 am- I left a message stating what they requested-- my name, spelling my last name, phone number, file reference #, and it said that I did not have one to leave the city I flew into… which I did. It also said that all messages will be returned within 24 hours.
3. Tuesday, July 3 11:35 am.- left a message again with the same information as above
4. Thursday, July 5 at 8:30 am—left a message again stating that it was the third time and that my bag has been missing since June 24 and I have yet to talk to anyone regarding it and its replacement value etc.
5. Thursday, July 5 at 11:30 pm—customer relations—the phone extension was picked up and then hung up with no one speaking on it three times. Almost sounded like a recording . I did try the sales line 3 times, extension 1, but got a recording saying that “due to unusual high call volume they were unable to process my call at this time. Please try my call again later.”
6. Friday, July 6, 8:00 am- 954-447-7965, option 2, and left another message. The message said once again, that if calling during business hours, leave a detailed message with the same info, and explained that I have to file a claim,

I also tried calling the Spirit Airlines sales line again, 800-772-7117, the message said that “due to unusual high call volume, we are unable to process your call at this time”….. please try again later.

I left a message at the Orlando for Wendy, 407-825-2801, stating that I have been trying for almost 2 weeks now to file a claim and to reach someone, I would like the name or her manager or someone to contact directly so I can try to get this resolved.

So now I am left with a $$$bill and am still missing many items that need to be replaced, my suitcase to name just one. I have original receipts (please see attached) of many of the items in the second mysteriously disappearing suitcase and would like to know who I need to contact and what steps I need to take to #1. Get reimbursed in a timely manner and #2. Be compensated for the items that have not been returned.

Since arriving back in Michigan, I have started to replace the items that were in that second suitcase, such as curling irons, tweezers, make up brushes, a hairbrush, eyelash curler, razor, etc. I went to my local drugstore and spent about $143 (please see attached) on these items because I had 3 curling irons packed for this trip. I only replaced the two I use the most often. I also went out and replaced some more of my make-up and skin care items which totaled $84.27. I understand that Spirit Airlines will not replace my sunglasses or my perfume.

I have been on your webpage and it states that Spirit will cover up to $3000 for items in lost checked baggage. Given my situation, I would like to talk to someone on how to document this information and get more specifics on what is covered. Here is what in that suitcase: (deleted for the purpose of this review)...."

I sent this certified mail, have confirmation of it's receipt, have left several other phone and email messages and have yet to hear back. I don't expect to be reimbursed for the full amount, but believe that they should at least call me back and let me know what, if anything, and how to go about reclaiming some of my losses. The fact that no one has returned my call is very disappointing and speaks volumes regarding why they are in such dire financial straights.

Incidentally, the certified letter was received at the Miramar Florida office, Luggage Resolution Department, so I know it made it to the right place, on July 16th and was received by a Johnny NG??-- Cant really make out the name, but am confident that they have received my letter and the copy of the receipts, the service report that I made when I arrived in Orlando and the letter documenting my mistreatment.

I have had baggage come up missing before with other airlines, this I expect, however, I have never been treated (or ignored) like this.... I would seriously reconsider flying with Spirit and if you need to due to financial reasons, carry on your baggage because if it gets lost or comes up missing, you will more than make up for your ticket savings in purchasing replacement items.

I have not in anyway been angry or rude when leaving messages, and am generally a very easy going and reasonable person to deal with. I just feel it is a disgrace and want to warn others, particularly after researching other customer complaints and after overhearing how the other travelers in the Detroit baggage claim office had been treated.

Good luck and safe travels!!
Loyal NWA customer---

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Posted by Jambra on 2007-08-04:
I travel a lot, and I have some advice for you; When the ticket agent prints out your luggage tag with the destination, ask to see it. I do, and at least ten times I've discovered that the information was wrong. The embarrassed agent will reprint the tag with the correct destination, and if you're lucky, you might get an upgrade (or another perk).
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Consumer Fraud
Posted by Jschaefs on 11/05/2012
ATLANTIC CITY, NEW JERSEY -- Hurrican Sandy hit on 10/28/12. From that date on we tried to contact Spirit airlines by cell phone and internet to cancell tickets for 11/2/12. Since we had no power for several days this was not easy. When our power was restored the internet connection to the ticketing office would "bump" you out or fail to recognize the request. No one answered the phone even when I held for 1 hour 35 minutes on the cell phone. With help from a travel agent contact was finally made on November 1. Spirit refused to acknowledge that you could not contact them either on line or by phone and refused to cancel the tickets. Instead they offered a partial refund. Later that same day they renegged on the refund and said we had to rebook the flight by December 1 or lose the entire cost of the tickets. It's almost impossible to reschedule an entire vacation within that time limit. We couldn't do it and Spirit refused to refund. If the rules are rigged in the favor of the airlines so you cannot cancel or reschedule within the required time frames forcing you to forfiet the cost of the ticket, then I consider that cheating or in legal terms, consumer fraud. The local paper printed an article on several airlines that were allowing people to reschedule or cancel trips due to the storm and Spirit was one of them. that's false advertising. You offer to refund or reschedule but when a customer opts to do that you make the terms and conditions so restrictive it a empty offer and they know it. That's False advertising.

We will never book another ticket with this airline. They pile of frequent flier miles, that have so many restricition as to render them useless, will go unused. I hope adding this complaint to the the thousands of other complaints I found will eventually put these folks out of business and allow for a reputable airline to take their place.
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Posted by Buddy01 on 2012-11-06:
I read that Spirit was back to full operation on the 2nd so you wouldn't qualify for waiver of the change fee. Most airlines have rules where rebooking must be done within a year of original purchase, not flight date.
Posted by Spirit blows on 2012-11-12:
Same thing happened with us!! Can you imagine? I sent an email again trying to get some answers...still have not had any follow up! In our case, we waited, also without power, on the phone in our car with the car phone charger for 1.45 HOURS... Asked to speak with a supervisor, who was just the same rude customer service person, who we then asked to get transferred to someone huger, for which we waited another 45 minutes and we got the "manager", who said we could do nothing and offered us to cancel the flights at $125/person!
Buddy01, do you have any idea what Atlantic City looked like on 11/2? They were still EVACUATING people, never mind wanting people to enter into the city! Do you also know that there is a little thing that is called force majeur where the airlines will be able to offset their losses? Too bad they won't pass it back to those that they charged the $125 change fee to.
As my husband said to the "manager"...it would probably be a lot cheaper to offer the waiver than to endure a class action suit.
Posted by Spirit blows on 2012-11-18:
Update: After a number of emails through to the headquarters, we have been credited back the full amount paid
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