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Poor shipping practices
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GSI COMMERCE - PENNSYLVANIA -- See update at bottom. is operated by GSI Commerce. Sport Chalet does not honor their shipping policy. I placed an order on on December 10, 2006 which was a Sunday. All items ordered were in stock and would ship in one to two days. On Saturday, December 16, I received an email from Sport Chalet telling me that my order had shipped. They shipped my order Parcel Select with the USPS. This option was not one of the available choices when I placed my order. I chose ‘economy ground' which was supposed to take six to ten days.

Tracking on the Sport Chalet website did not show my order to be shipped for several days. When it was updated, it showed that my order had been picked up December 18 not December 16. Why did I receive an email on December 16 telling my order had shipped when it has not even been picked up yet by the shipper? Sport Chalet website tracking now estimates my order will be delivered December 29. I have emailed Sport Chalet, but only get automated responses.

My problem is: I placed an order December 10. The order was supposed to ship in one or two days per Sport Chalet. I was notified on December 16 that the order had shipped. Sport Chalet package tracking shows my order not even picked up by shipper until December 18. My order apparently shipped eight days after it was placed – not two. I chose economy ground shipping, (this is stated in the order confirmation email I received from Sport Chalet on December 11), which should take no more than ten days maximum with delivery on December 22 at the latest.

Order was shipped USPS parcel select, (this is stated in the shipping confirmation email I received from Sport Chalet on December 16), and NOT economy ground as I selected and estimated delivery Dec 29. No USPS mail delivery in my community (every resident has a PO box) so by changing the shipping from economy ground to parcel select I will never get the order. It was shipped to my home address - not my PO box.

From the time I placed the order to the expected delivery date should not be more than twelve days. Two days to ship and ten days transit time. It took eight days to ship and, based on information from Sport Chalet website, transit time is expected to take eleven days. Assuming information received from Sport Chalet is remotely accurate; the package was picked up on December 18 and will be delivered December 29. Based on information available on their website BEFORE I placed my order I should have received my order TODAY December 22.

Because of information obtained from Sport Chalet, I expected an order, placed December 10, to be delivered by December 22. Due to Sport Chalet's inability to honor their shipping commitments my order is not expected to be delivered until December 29. Unfortunately, since Sport Chalet changed the shipping method it is likely I will not receive the order at all as there is no USPS mail delivery in my community.

Sport Chalet changed the shipping from economy ground to USPS parcel select without my consent and without notifying me until after-the-fact. Everyone in my community have PO boxes so any deliveries must be sent to the PO Box if sent USPS. I'll never get this order.

Sport Chalet should not state on their product pages that they will ship in one or two days when it actually won't ship for six to eight days. Sport Chalet should not change the shipping method without contacting the customer and should not be using a shipping method other than the options available to the customer.

Jan 5, 2007 Update: Finally figured out that is operated by GSI Commerce. They are headquartered in Pennsylvania. Their fulfillment warehouses are in Kentucky and this is where items ordered online from Sport Chalet and large number of other well known companies get shipped from. Their customer service centers are located in Florida and Wisconsin. I have been filing my complaints with consumer agencies against the GSI Commerce corporate headquarters in Pennsylvania.

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