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Sports Authority Online Stinks & Customer Service is even worse
By -

I was online buying Christmas gifts when I purchased a Reebok Dallas Cowboys #24 Marion Barber Jersey (navy) at on 12/3/07. It was listed as in-stock, leaves warehouse in 5-7 days. I did not receive the item so I started to worry and found it was back ordered so I called customer service and the did some research to find they had 40 sold to customers and had 200 scheduled to arrive 12/10/07.

After a week past the 10th I called back and they had no information regarding the item just that it was back ordered and still listed on the website. I finally got an email 12/19/07 that stated the order is back ordered and if it does not ship out within 30 days from the email date the order will be automatically cancelled. This was bad news, I called customer service again and spoke with a supervisor to clarify the email. The order is cancelled automatically if the order does not ship out within 30 days due to the credit card authorization expires. I asked if they could change the form of payment or if I could placed another order to guarantee my place in the order queue.

The supervisor stated they could not modify, change the order priority or place in the queue, and they could not stop the order from automatically being cancelled. This is frustrating especially because it is a Christmas gift that if Sports Authority had stepped up notification of troubles earlier I would have had time to order it somewhere else. I looked to do this and found everywhere else is now out of this item/size. If I ever do business with Sports Authority again would someone PLEASE do me a favor and SLAP me? This is a business model that only a company that wishes to fail should follow as it goes against any true customer relations.

I am so, so ticked off at Sports Authority and I can't find any corporate information to air my frustrations towards. I did find that they were acquired by KMart a few years back so that might explain the customer service issues. And no I don't shop at KMart for some of the same reasons poor customer ethics. Bottom line if you don't care if you get the items you ordered than go ahead order from Sports Authority. If you want to ensure the order you place will eventually arrive than "DO NOT" Order from Sports Authority since they will most likely cancel the order on you.

PS - I used a discount coupon on the order and notified the Customer Service rep that the website still allows you to order the back ordered item. The website indicated it's in-stock availability for 3 weeks allowing additional orders to build up before the supervisor finally had that size removed from the website. If I find out that Sports Authority is keeping this item on back order to have it cancelled due to the coupon and the final cost, I will pursue legal action. That is just not ethical but after speaking with the customer service supervisor I can fully expect they would do such a nasty trick.

Update 12/31/07. Called today 12/31/07 and Sports Authority claims these are still back ordered. I found many, many others selling this same jersey so I ordered from another vendor who has stock. I had to cancel the Sports Authority order. I also filed with the & since it appears as if Sports Authority is not shipping orders that used a discount coupon.

I say this because the website was not allowing new orders for the size after I spoke with the supervisor and now it is allowing them again with an in-stock status. Of coarse they are now at regular price. Sports Authority is very sleazy in my opinion and I would not recommend doing business with them if you can avoid it. Best of Luck if you do!!!

Update 1/15/08. I received a reply from the BBB with a letter they received from Sports Authority. They state products removed from the web when they are out of stock and they do not have any means to alter any order placed and cannot hold an order in the queue due to credit card authorization is limited to 30 days. They do automatically cancel and the customer is out of luck and should place a new order at the back of the line if the wish to remain on the back order list. THIS IS BS...

They did offer to ship me a jersey at no charge but if it does not ship within 30 days it will automatically cancel. HAHAHA This is funny a complaint for the same exact reason and their customer satisfaction solution is to stick the customer in the same exact problem they complained about... Now that's funny!!!

FYI. The order they placed for the free jersey states it is on back order and the link to the same product is and has always been listed as IN-Stock & ships in 5-7 days from the factory. Get your ** together Sports Authority so the information age will leave you feeling a little empty. That are many companies to do business with that actually have real stock and are able to ship products when ordered. This was a Christmas present for 2007. Here it is 2008. Maybe I'll receive it before 2008. I did find a replacement that shipped it and I received it in 5 days. Way to go eBay sellers!!!

Won't Make Good on Damaged Products
By -

SPRINGFIELD, NEW JERSEY -- Purchased golf club (driver) during July 2009 clearance sale at Springfield, NJ location. Upon very first use, the club fractured. Returned the club to the store and was told that Sports Authority would make no refund or store credit, that this was a matter between me and the manufacturer. The Sports Authority has seen the last of me. Unlike General McArthur, I shall NOT return!

Had Enough Of This Store
By -

NEW JERSEY -- I have recently had a number of bad experiences with the Sports Authority, located in East Hanover, New Jersey. Three times I have arrived at the store to have CO2 tanks filled and each time the tanks were broken or empty. Further, the last two times I have called the store to confirm that the tanks are functioning and were assured they were, only to arrive and be told the CO2 tanks were empty or broken. I will not ever be using this store again.

Lost shipment
By -

LAWRENCEVILLE, NEW JERSEY -- I ordered a heavy bag stand from online. When I didn't receive the item, I tracked the shipment. I showed that the stand was delivered to someone in KY. I called their customer service and was told that it was a "lost delivery", and that I had to re-order it because it was sent back to the warehouse. I asked why I was never notified, or why my credit card wasn't debited, the woman said she didn't know! I opted not to re-order, and received an e-mail stating that my card would be credited.

Thank Goodness I printed out the order when I placed it, or I would never had been able to resolve the problem. The rep couldn't find the order until I gave her an order number.

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