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Sports Clips Rude People
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ELMHURST, ILLINOIS -- I was at the Sports Clips in Elmhurst, IL today, 12/30/09. I had a coupon for a free haircut which was given to me a few months ago by a stylist at this location. Today I went in with my 10-year-old son to get his hair cut and redeem the coupoon. When the stylist (a different one than we had before) asked us what we wanted, I said "take off 2 inches", and my 10-year-old son said "take off 1 inch". She said how about I take off "1 1/2 inches" which I said was fine. When she was done, it literally looked like a "bowl cut". I asked her to please take a little off the sides and feather it a little more. She immediately became defensive and said "it is feathered. If I take anymore off, it's a whole different cut". I said fine. The next thing she does is proceed to recut his entire head of hair. I NEVER said recut his hair. I said take some off the sides. You could tell she had an attitude as she ripped the comb through his hair and frantically cut away at his hair. Finally when she was through, I told her it looked fine and thank you so much. Then when she checks us out, I hand her the coupon. She studies it and is looking at the register. She literally could not figure out how to ring it through on the register. She then says to me "I have never seen this coupon before. You can't use it." I explained to her that I used a coupon exactly like it the week before on my other son and there was not a problem. Then she said, "well this coupon is expired so we aren't supposed to accept it." I honestly never saw an expiration date on it and it was NOT expired. At this point I had just about enough of her attitude, so I lost it. I told her that this was not a problem last week when I used the same coupon. All of a sudden another stylist comes up to the front desk and starts saying something to the effect of "well she just worked on your son for over 30 minutes. She gave him two complete haircuts and we are not supposed to do that." And then she says "Corporate will not allow us to even accept this coupon and they call us all the time to tell us not to take them". I could not believe what I was hearing. First, when did I ask her to completely recut my son's hair and secondly, why is it my fault that I have a coupon that suddenly they won't accept. They even went so far as to insinuate that the coupon was fraudulent. They asked me where I got it and when I told them who gave it to me, they said "well she does not work here anymore" Then I asked to speak to the manager and she says she IS the manager and she has been there for over a year! I have been going to this place for about a year and I have never seen her before. When I really started to make a scene I was told to leave the store immediately and never come back.
Resolution Update 01/01/2010:
I was contacted by the owner of this location. He apologized for the "miscommunication" between the stylist/manager at this location. The explanation the employee gave him was simply that I was trying to use an expired coupon and when she wouldn't accept it, I became angry. This was not the case. The original reason she gave me for not accepting the coupon was first it was fraudulent, second she said I didn't receive it at that location and then thirdly the employee who issued it to me no longer worked there. On all of these excuses she gave she was incorrect. In fact, the employee who gave it to me still works that and the owner of the store verified that. He also told me that after he examined the coupon, there was an expiration date written on it. I honestly never saw it. Maybe it was written on there after the fact? I don't know. But I was very satisfied that the owner of the store personally called to apologize. We both agreed that I would still never return to his location. I suggested to him that he should post a sign that if a customer plans on using a coupon, they need to present it before services are rendered. This way there is no misunderstanding. I hope he follows up with that suggestion.
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User Replies:
Anonymous on 12/30/2009:
""the customer is always right"."

Well, one thing I can say about that is they aren't. The customer isn't always right... you can't always get your way.
Sounds like your stylist didn't like being told how to do her job.
But, regardless...
I probably wouldn't go back there either, just based on the "performances" of the stylists there.
Anonymous on 12/30/2009:
The customer is NOT always right.
The customer IS right as long as they are profitable.
Slimjim on 12/30/2009:
Fact is the customer is almost always wrong.
Not in your case though. I wouldn't set foot again in there either and this review is very warranted in my opinion.
Anonymous on 12/30/2009:
I agree, Slim. A glaring example how bad a customer can be.
Attempts to get not one but two free cuts and supervises the barber.
*Brenda* on 12/30/2009:
Was the coupon expired?
Anonymous on 12/30/2009:
"the customer is always right?" Do you want to make everyone laugh?
Anonymous on 12/30/2009:
Sam Walton believed the customer was always right. Not only did he believe it but he practiced it as well by dictating rule #1, "The customer is always right". I guess we could all have a good laugh at Mr. Walton for his dismal failure known as walmart.

Suusan B. on 12/30/2009:
This appears to be the second free haircut coupon you used at the same salon within two weeks. You say you got them from a stylist that is no longer there - - did she give them to you knowing she was going to leave? You did ask for changes to you son's haircut and the stylist complied to your satisfaction. I seriously doubt that you offered to give her a tip and the fact that you were told never to return to the shop kind of shoots the phrase "the customer is always right" out the window.
mommyofsix on 12/31/2009:
I am not sure if you understood what I was trying to explain about my experience at Sport Clips. I was originally given two separate coupons for two separate haircuts for free. I used one last week on one child. I used the other this week on another child. During the most recent haircut, the stylist cut his hair. I asked her to take a little off the sides. She proceeded to recut cut his entire head of hair. I did not ask her to do this. In my opinion, this visit was only for "one" hair cut. In the stylists opinion, she recut his hair so this is a second hair cut. I don't agree. I gave her a tip because that is how she makes her money. She spent time cutting my child's hair and even though I didn't like the way she cut it, she still should get the tip because she is a working person like the rest of us. The disagreement with me and the stylist became heated when she accused me of giving her a fraudulent coupon and told me she wouldn't accept it. In this case, this customer feels she is right. I have worked in retail and as a waitress. I know how awful customers can be. I was not trying to get away with getting everything for free. I was only trying to use a coupon I was given at the same store. Again, because I know how it is to work for tips, I gave the stylist a tip anyway. Mind you, it was not a very good tip, but she did deserve something.
snowmanvt on 12/31/2009:
Why shouldn't a customer supervise their haircut (or that of a child?) This
is not a medical operation. A good haircutter asks the customer for advice.
I don't get her attitude at all.
Anonymous on 12/31/2009:
Snow, you initially tell the barber how you want their hair cut, then you sit down and read a magazine while they do it. Periodically, you glance up to see how the cut is going and if there is a problem, you then speak on it. You don't wait until they are done and I would get a 'tude too if someone was telling me how to do my job.
pam on 08/13/2012:
Mommy of six: I totally understand why you want to get free haircuts with that many kids, lol. You are not wrong in this situation. You were given the coupons, and unless it says somewhere only one coupon per family, then you are entitled to use it. You were treated very poorly. Even if the coupon was expired, I would have accepted it, simply because you would not be inclined then to tell the world how awful I was. It should not matter who gave it to you. And it doesn't matter how many times it takes to get it right, haircut wise. It only counts as one haircut. I think you had every right to be upset. Especially when they said you were fraudulent. That's just wrong.
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