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Unprofessional, rude, unethical, lairs, not knowledgeable
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LOMA LINDA, CALIFORNIA -- I went to Spreen Honda in Lomda Linda a few times test driving cars I potentially want to buy and talked and some verbal deals. I asked them about cash for clunker and the requriement and I reviewed the requirement from the Government program. I return later on in the week 10AM with the clunker to trade in. I arrived found the person I talked to last and I waited for 30 minutes for. I then quickly start the paper work and sign the big stack of papers. The salesman I spoke to changes the deal and RAISES the promised price, he also charged me an extra $600 for cash for clunker program (illegal/unethical) he said its for paper work, after 3 hours all the paper work was done and I am paying for the car in FULL in cash. My sales man left me sitting there for 20 minutes and returned "Your inline for the finance department" I patiently wait for another hour. I asked the sales man what's taking so long, he said "its the finance department" like that really explains why?. I'm pissed off and frustrated as I have already sat there for 4 HOURS. Then the 5th hour rolls around. The sales man comes to me oh your clunker is SAVAGED we can't do the deal.

In the Cash for Clunker program no where does it say savaged car is not qualified. The sales man had my title to my clunker with big words on it SAVAGED and he didn't see it???????? and he tells me after 5 HOURS !!!!!!!!!!!!! I got so mad I left.

  1. They broke the promised deal
  2. They charge and illegal $600 extra just because it is a clunker and in the gov program it says DEALERSHIP CANNOT RAISE PRICE for cash for clunker program
  3. Their rude and provided nothing during the 5 hour wait.
  4. No apology
  5. All sales man are in Baggy loose T-SHIRTS and jeans and tennis shoes !!!
  6. They did not know the rules to Cash for Clunker
  7. Did not answer my calls
  8. TOOK MY INSURANCE PAPER and didn't give it back
  9. WASTED 5 HOURS and having me sit in this damn cubical

I left and went to Metro Honda in Montclair, it was night and day, people were nice and caring, professionally and well dressed, more selection. Staff at Metro Honda was shocked how Spreen Honda treated me.

Never going back to Spreen Honda, just read complaints online on Spreen Honda its always about dishonest, RUDE, unethical practices.!!!

Bad Customer Service.
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REDLANDS, CALIFORNIA -- On March 17, 2008 I went to buy a new 2008 Accord Coupe. These people had given me a quote and told me that if I can get a lower quote they will match it.
I went there with lower one and they made me fill all the necessary details for an hour.

Then after few findings the manager came to me and told that its the only car available in SC and they have it.

So they won't give it to me for that price or the price they had quoted initially. Rather they will give it for MSRP($3000 more) and I can leave if I want to.
In my view these people are bunch of liars and don't care about the customer. You should think millions times before going to them.

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