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Nextel/Sprint Customer Service
Posted by Sunchaser1469 on 04/02/2006
GRAND BLANC, MICHIGAN -- 4 words. DO NOT DO IT! This is pertaining to "Sprint together with Nextel." Been customers of Nextel for some years and currently love the plans and we are on month to month for 1 phone and contract for another. Everything was fine until one day in January 2006. Here is the quick story: A representative advised me would give the 3 phones we have (2 on month to month and 1 on contract) a set discount going forward every month. Oh yeah, the rep stated "notes are documented we will take care of this, the discounts will be on the next bill"-or so they said. Pretty funny when I called Nextel back, no record of discounts! Seems like everyone has this problem. In February 2006 somehow, I got in touch with a Supervisor who pulled the recorded conversation (you can request to have it recorded)between myself and the representative and honored what the rep stated to me. Still no discount on the bill. In between all this, my husband cancelled 1 of our phone lines and guess what? They all were cancelled in March 2006! Their response to me was "I guess your husband was not specific enough on what line to cancel." How more specific can he get when he told Nextel "Please cancel (XXX) XXX-XXXX." I guess that was not specific enough. Finally turned on the 2 phones back on and another Supervisor stated "We will not charge you the $250 cancellation fee because of the one phone on contract was cancelled." Let me get this straight, Nextel cancelled all the phones in error and she is waiting the cancellation fee? Mighty nice of her don't you think since NEXTEL cancelled all our phones? WOW. The lady that I originally spoke to in January 2006 who told me about this discount that will show up on my next bill, called my house and was very "in your face" to me an advised me "she does not lie, she needs her job" and "if you don't like Nextel, go to another company." Excellent customer service if you ask me! I spoke to (no joke) 23 different service reps who say "I am so sorry for you inconvenience, but this is not my department." Wrote letters and e mails because of bad service and was told "we will call you back if we feel it is necessary." Moral of the story, no one can help you at Nextel. No one can make corrections to your bill and no one including Supervisors are accountable for their actions. Got a billing error? That is the customers fault. Disconnected service on accident? Customer fault. Been thinking on going to the media, since I have a full notebook of everyone I talked to at Nextel. Document who you talk to along with their name, extension, operator ID and department they are in. Funny how I was told no one can help me apply a discount since there was no notes in Nextels computer. Am I going to go to another provider? YES I AM. As soon and my discounts are applied.
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Posted by viperpa33s on 2006-04-03:
Your absolutely right, anytime you call customer service and lodge a complaint always get the CSR's name and the time you called. Most customer service centers these days are being run by third party companies overseas and the CSR's don't care. They don't care if you stick with the company or go someplace else.
Posted by VA on 2007-10-30:
I hate sprint! I really wonder how they stay in business with such horrible service. I was transferred 8 times to connect for internet service. Nobody seemed to know about he sony and sprint deal. I was asked 23 times if I had an account, NO! I was trying to activate, thank god this is not for me, b/c I would never do business with them. I just hope I do not have to call back once I get this stupid thing taken care of! I HATE THIS COMPANY!!!!!!!
Posted by lepoissonj on 2008-02-04:
wow I can't believe everyone has had such bad luck with Sprint. I really have nothing but good things to say about them. The only negative that I have is that everytime I do call customer service I get someone who doesn't speak english very well so i can't understand them. Since that's been happening I just go to the store. Luckily though I've only had to go in once!!
Posted by lisalee on 2008-05-27:
Nextel is AWFUL!! I have been with them 2 years and just started having problems after I called at 8 am to get my over charged bill straight they transferred me 8 times and I finally got off the phone 2 hours later with nothing resolved I am going to the store and paying the 200 to terminate my contract. Apparently you don't need to speak English or have a high school education to work at Nextel!
Posted by delnkim on 2008-07-21:
i HATE nextel customer service. everytime i order or change something on my account it is wrong and i spend my 2 hour lunch on the phone getting transfered to 10 different people including supervisors. and it does not matter if you get their name and employee id number because when you call back and give that information you are told "oh well that person must work in another office or dept and i can not help you with what they told you". then when they tell you they are going to give you a credit on your account it never shows up. i even verify like 20 times that it is noted in my account and am told yes but mysteriously it never is in my account notes. bottom line, do not get sprint/nextel service, they SUCK!
Posted by nextel bombs on 2010-05-12:
After having been with Nextel back when it was just Nextel. I could tell you story after story payments posted to wrong account. involuntarily placed in contracts on more than one ocation it took speaker phone and witnesses to resolve my issue and told them they where being listened for a future court date before they fixed my bill an contract please NEVER BUY I776 i have four friends with them as well as my self nothing but speaker phone for all of us they really suck
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Sprint sucks
Posted by Meli223 on 05/01/2006
ORME, UTAH -- I just had to let this out, please forgive me. However, do not ever use Sprint as your wireless carrier. They will double bill you every time, and if you don't like it and complain, they shut your service off. They are absolutely the worst wireless that I have ever had and that's saying something. I've had bad before, but nothing like this. Pay your bill? Too bad they will shut off your service and make you pay more to have your phone back. Don't like it and complain, they will shut your phone service off until you ask for it nicely, and apologize for hurting their little feelings. Poor babies, are just too sensitive and try to talk to them, forget it. They will just talk you around in circles until your head hurts and you just give up. Well no more. Not from me. Let this be a warning to all that read this. DO NOT USE SPRINT FOR ANYTHING.
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Posted by Ponie on 2006-05-02:
I don't believe 99% of this letter. My Sis has had Sprint since day one and she swears BY it not AT it. But of course, she pays her bills on time, has never had service shut off to incur a reconnect charge, etc. Have you been doing the same thing?
Posted by crusade on 2006-05-04:
Hm,I have been lied to.cheated,hung up on,lied to again,double billed,The first 6 months of my service i was charged $400 a month for services included in my plan.Had my service turned off without notice for charges that where not billed to me,while being completely shut out of customer service wich left me no way to resolve the charges.Actually had to travel to a sprint store and was forced to pay $100 just to be able to contest the charges.Filed an fcc complaint.This is just a small part of what i have had to deal with.I have always paid my bills on time,it was never an issue of me slacking or being a deadbeat.Trust me what these people are saying is true.I don't have the time to explain in detail how badly this company treats its customers.
Posted by beanbagbritches on 2006-05-11:
Try Verizon prepay. No contracts & pay as you go. It's much easier & I can talk with my grandchildren every day.
Posted by Danie on 2006-05-19:
at least im not alone.good to know im not crazy sprint is a robber.
Posted by Danie on 2006-05-19:
will not rest until there is justice for the way sprint treat customer perhaps a petition.
Posted by Danie on 2006-05-23:
I have to make this complaint about sprint, first of all the make you pay a $5.99 for equipment replacement after having there service for ex-amount of years and never had a replacement, Sprint had the audacity to charge me a $50 duductible to recieve my replacement although I never recieved a replacement within the last years of my service can you say the nerves of them fools
Posted by Danie on 2006-05-24:
I've been trying to seeks some help from someone from this site. please get in touch with me asap.
Posted by Danie on 2006-05-24:
Right now i'm on hold with sprint after 20 minutes.i'm fed up.
Posted by alduns on 2007-06-03:
I should have listened to the warnings... but I didn't. I thought I read all the small details but it would become a full time job to keep up with all the small details and that is exactly what they are banking on. I wanted the latest greatest phone, the one with stylish features, mp3 player, quality camera, etc. The truth is, Motorola still makes a great phone, but the software in them is limited by the company selling them. I guess I was spoiled by t-mobile and assumed that sprint employed good programmer as well. Boy was I wrong! Everything in the software is focused towards selling air time. Power Vision might be a wonderful dream if it were available in all areas, but it's not. The mp3 player doesn't support bluetooth, so when the little bitty speaker phone speaker begins to fail, the player becomes useless!!! If you use text messaging, expect to press 6-7 buttons just to get to the message screen. After all I read about the "service" people get, I am afraid to even bother complaining to them directly. It may be well worth it to just pay the $200 and cut my losses. What a waste of time...
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Sprint/Nextel is bad news.
Posted by Butmom on 04/07/2006
LINCOLN, RHODE ISLAND -- Sprint is Together with Nextel blared the advertisements. So? What had this to do with me? I was a Sprint customer, have been for over a decade, and had no issues. I didn't think about it. One day, realizing that Nextel had GPS (global positioning service) and that I am directionally handicapped, I walked into a Sprint store and bought a Nextel phone and the GPS services. From then on, I have been caught in a Kafakaesque hell.

For the first month all was well. I paid the bill as it came in (a little higher than I had expected but...) I got a call from a company rep: Was I pleased with the service, etc. Fine, I said. No, I didn't want to pay for services I would never use--like email etc. I thought little of it. I should have. The next time I go to use the GPS service, no answer. I call Sprint/Nextel. After being switched from person to person, I finally found out that the nice rep had cancelled the GPS service! And of course I needed it right then.

The service was restored but I was now receiving bills for exorbitant amounts. I checked my register and saw that I had paid, on time and in full, and the checks were cashed. What was going on? I called and thus began the most arduous, convoluted journey through corporate nonsense that I have ever taken.

First, I found out that Sprint and Nextel never merged accounts. Thus, the money I had sent to Sprint never appeared in Nextel's books. Sprint had credited it to an account that I cancelled 6 years ago! Then I was told that Sprint had never merged its accounts with Nextel. While the ads said they were "together," the accounting was totally separate. Okay...

Since then, I have been told that a check from Sprint cannot be endorsed to Nextel (WRONG); I have been billed for payments made; my phone has been (illegally) terminated several times (and to be fair, restored at Sprint/Nextel's expense). I can't deal with it anymore. I use that phone for business. Who will make good monies lost? Who is going to restore my credit rating?

I have written a letter detailing all the problems to the CEO; to date I have not received an answer. In the meantime, I signed on with another cellular company. It may not have GPS but I should be getting straight forward bills without having to worry about which corporate entity I have to deal. with.

I am pursuing the Sprint/Nextel problem with the FCC, my senators and congressman, the local TV investigative reporters, and my attorney. No one should have to endure bad service.
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Nextel/Sprint & Signal Insurance Company
Posted by Merl0123 on 01/26/2006
DETROIT, MICHIGAN -- Signal was notorious for sending out insurance replacement defective 'alleged' refurbished cell phones from January 2002 through July of 2005 for myself. Now I find out, (by mistake) that since the merger, the deductible for an unreliable company has gone up from $35.00/claim to $100.00 per claim. This is outrageous. That wasn't in my contract and actually, they've changed the terms of my contract. I'm going elsewhere (and NOT to Verizon), when my contract is up.

I've cancelled my lost/stolen/damage coverage for $4.95/month today. Just tired of 'screw the consumer'.
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Posted by CrazyRedHead on 2006-01-28:
Actually, the contract that you signed/agreed to is different than the contract for the insurance. The Signal Insurance has a seperate contract and you will have to contact them for it. And it is nothing new to receive a refurbished phone through insurance. Actually it is in there contract to send out a like new, as close as possible, phone to you. I have known this for almost 6 years and all of the cellular insurance companies. There is no guarentee that you will receive a brand new phone. The only time I have seen a brand new one go out is when the phone is fairly new on the market and there isn't enough supply.
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Poor Service and Poor Phones
Posted by Shona16 on 12/18/2013
MICHIGAN -- Over the last year with Sprint my daughter has had 8 different phones from HTC Evo to Samsung 3. She lives and goes to school at MSU and here phones dropped calls, had ghost conversations, texts that would not go through, texts to people she did not send, garbled reception or no service on MSU campus. They have put us off all year saying they were improving the towers and the latest is December 26th for the improvements to happen, After multiple hours on the phone with Customer Service in California, A long way from Michigan, they say call back again if the issues are not resolved by December 26th. I have spoken to an engineer, supervisors and various representatives and each one says your service is not bad enough for us to do anything. The safety of my daughter and a kidney transplant hang in this "not bad enough service" balance. We pay for the premium service and get an I'm sorry. for service and advised that unless we sign another contract and pay for upgraded phones they can do nothing and don't guarantee that that will fix our problems. What happened to service to the customer.
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Worst Company I Have Ever Dealt With.
Posted by Samanthajatho on 10/12/2013
ALSIP, ILLINOIS -- The entire company of Sprint is a piece of [snip]. Their customer service is a joke and they have no consideration for the customer. I have never had such an issue with a company. They are ranked the second worst customer service in the world and I can only shudder to think what the worst company is actually like. If you can avoid them please do so. I hope they go out of business one day for their ridiculous practices.
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Sprint Is a Horrible Company
Posted by Samyiawaters12 on 10/07/2013
SANDY SPRING, MARYLAND -- My phone screen black out when. place my phone down on my dresser. went to pick it up latter and noticed the screen would not turn on. did not know what was wrong with my phone because the screen was not cracked so. took my phone to. sprint repair store because. thought well. am paying for insurance so they should be able to fix it so when. got to the sprint repair store the guy looks at my phone and says well your LED was cracked and they would fix it then he said but. don't know when we can fix it because we have no items to fix your phone (which. don't get how. repair store has not repair items thats just one of the many reasons you should not waist your time or money at sprint) but any ways he told me. would have to wait about. days till the get. shipment in to fix me phone so. tried another sprint store and they told me its broken and my insurance won't cover it and. have to pay 150 to get. new phone so now. have to sprint company stores telling me to different stories ...So then. said ok ill wait for the first sprint store. went to ..To get the shipment in of items to fix my phone so. wait. days with out. phone the is working call them back and they say well. don't know who told you that because we will never know when we will get. shipment in and that the shipment of items are sent at random dates and they can't even ask or find out when it will be shipped to them so that's another lie that. sprint owned company told me so now I'm out. phone and there telling me to. have to pay 200 dollars now if. want to get. new phone so. said. thought it was 150 and he said well I'm looking it up and it say 200 so now. have. sprint owned company's telling me to different storied basically lying to me and giving me the run are because sprint does not know how to run. efficient businesses and has employees that do not know what there doing ,,,,,so. called and complaint and told them that. don't think. should have to pay for. phone line I'm not using and that until. can afford to get. new phone the should compensate me back for . phone line I'm not using so sprint tells me the can't do anything so. was stuck paying for. phone like that. was not even using like nothing no internet not phone calls nothing so then after fighting with them for. week the say well will give you. 25 dollars credit and back so when. get the bill they did not even put the credit in so. call fighting with sprint again and they tell me that the phone has warranty by Samsung and the can fix it so. call Samsung the tell me to send in my phone so. did then. call to check on the status of my phone and they tell me that the can not fix it and that it will be 200 to fix it so all in all sprint are. bunch of liars and they don't care about you and they don't care to hell you they just [want to] get you to shut up and they don't care about you or whats happening to you and to top it of just because sprint advertises there cheep don't mean anything the service sucks my phone calls drop all the time even when. have full bars my calls drop the internet is soooo slow you pay for 4g speed but sprints service sucks so badly that 90% of the time you will only have 3g and [your] internet will be slow. am telling you sprint is the worst company ever stay away from sprint and do not spend [your] money there. am telling you do not spent [your] money there I'm not writing this review for fun I'm doing it [because]. am. customer that has but treated like all sprint wants is my money and to hell with what. appends to [your] phone or [your] service do not spend [your] money of time in sprint if. had the money. would just end my contract but. don't have 4oo dollars to do so so. am stuck with them for not if. were you. would either get at&t they are the best. mean. never ever had problems with at&t they are the top choice in my books only reason I'm not with them was [because]. was on my parents line when. was with at&t and when. got of the line to start my own line. needed credit. was only 19 so. had no credit so my only option was to get on my boyfriends line [because] he had. line with sprint .....Never will. ever get on with sprint ever again worst company in the world stay away I'm telling to at&t is the way to go
my names samyia waters and I'm just trying to save people from wasting there money on such. bad service and company
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Worst Service Ever
Posted by Samyiaxoxo on 10/07/2013
Sprint is the worst service ever! I want to let everyone know to never get their service. They suck and they the don't care what happens to your phone service or phone. The will not help you.
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Useless Device; Horrible Reception; Data Is Non-Existant; Stuck W the Devil
Posted by Carverdr on 08/29/2013
RALEIGH, NORTH CAROLINA -- Sprint is absolutely the worst company I've ever had to deal with. Their service was decent my first 6 months, after that the reception is horrible, drops calls. I don't receive calls (but multiple people say it rings), my voicemails and text messages disappear and my "unlimited data" is like getting all you can eat rice but having to eat it one at a time.

Sprint is an absolute joke, I thought T-Mobile was bad, I would trade for my Blackberry and service with T-Mobile back any day.

I've spoken with a representative from Sprint just about every week for one problem or another, all they tell me is that Sprint is "upgrading the towers" but it's been out for 6 months!

--"Sorry your service is useless for (blank) amount of time, but it will be worth it in (an unknown amount of time) and the service will be what you actually paid for, but we'll credit your account $15 dollars this month since you're a valuable Spring customer."--

Valuable to WHO? Valuable to Sprint's bottom-line, they charge for a service that they can't provide. What an awesome business model. If anyone out there is filling a Class Action Lawsuit, I'm in. Something needs to be done to this scam company to give their customers a way out being scammed monthly for services they are unable to provide.

I hate Sprint.
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Posted by Old Timer on 2013-08-29:
Your class action will make some bottom feeding attorneys a load of cash. You and the others listed in the suit will get a $10 coupon to spend only at Sprint. It won't even apply to the service bill. You will have to spend a couple hundred dollars to use the $10 coupon. Cost to Sprint? Nothing, they will actually make money from the coupons.

Keep taking the $15 adjustments and try to make their lives miserable with listening to your complaints. Its only fair after how they treat you.
Posted by wowiswowspelledbackwards on 2013-08-29:
I know this doesn't help but the reason why sprint service has gone to shoot lately is because they are (finally ) upgrading all of their towers to 4G/LTE. WHEN a tower is worked on the whole tower is taken down and the load of cell phone reception that tower was supporting is transferred to the next closest tower....... which then overloads that tower. Unfortunately until the upgrades are completed it is going to keep running horribly. Which is why Sprint should of done this 5 years ago and not waited until the last minute when 3G was becoming obsolete!
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Customer Service Is Better at McDonalds
Posted by Heathersmith0622 on 08/03/2013
LADY LAKE, FLORIDA -- My experience with Sprints customer service started when I noticed my IPhone 4S was "extended" for 5 days. Now I realize when the phone is roaming this is going to happen; however it's not supposed to happen for a week conseculatively. So I was surprised when I called *3 which is supposed to call Sprint directly and I received a message stating that I had called Verizon wireless.

Out of concern I called the 800 number for Sprint where I was told to shut my phone off and they would restart the phone, fixing the problem. Unfortunately not only did that not fix the problem but made the phone completely unusable. Now at this point I was using my boyfriends cell bc mine was no longer making or receiving calls. I was then told to do a master reset where I lost everything including all of my contacts and pictures. Still the problem was not fixed. So I was advised to go to a local Sprint store. Now I had to go three days without a phone bc I work and that was the soonest I could get to a store.

The person who "fixed" the phone was outrageously rude, blamed me for breaking the phone and even suggested that if he couldn't fix it I would have to pay for another one and wait a week for it to come in, which was totally ridiculous because the phone stopped working because of what they did to it. And furthermore why should I have to wait for a new phone when you would think they would have phones in a Sprint store that sells cell phones. I was then told that the person who was fixing my phone who was in a "sprint" store and wearing a "sprint" shirt doesn't work for Sprint and couldn't help me at all. When I questioned him he felt the need to tell me it was like the people who work for "McDonalds" they work under the person who owns the franchise. So, I then said you mean to tell me if I go to McDonalds and they screw up my order I have to pay for another one even though it was their fault? I don't think so. Oh and when I tried to ask for a manager, I was first told there was none, and then that he wasn't in the store that day. I guess they didn't want me to speaking to him.

Even when I told them I was planning on switching my provider I was told that I had to pay an early termination fee just to keep my phone number. Because of course they want there money. Nevertheless my phone was eventually fixed but my experience with Sprint both on the phone and in the store was disgusting. I now understand why they are rated poorest in customer service. I always pay my bill on time and I just can't wrap my head around paying for something I didn't do. I will not recommending Sprint to anyone.
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Posted by John Nicholson on 2013-08-04:
I don't recommend Sprint to anyone. Period. Make sure you tell as many friends and relatives of your experience as you can. Perhaps you can save someone else from being scammed by Sprint.
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