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Unexpected Charge
Posted by on
Rating: 2/51
SAN JOSE, CALIFORNIA -- RE: (408)[snip], Account #: [snip]

Dear Customer Service Representative,

I want to inform you of my dissatisfaction with your service. I have been a customer since [date].

Briefly, the problem is: for my Sprint bill on September 18th, 2012, which covers the billing period of August 15th – September 14th, I was charged $75 for 3600 KB Sprint 3G Data @ $.03/KB. I called to dispute the charges because I did not knowingly use any data.

When I called to dispute the data charges, I received an email from a Data Retrieval Representative telling me that Sprint could not legally retrieve data on my usage without the account holder [snip] signing a notarized form authorizing the data retrieval. I replied to the email complaining that, while I understood the legal reason for the requirement, the demand that I spend my own time and money in order to get a notary so that I could even argue against the $75 chargers were unjustified. Representative Mary G also suggested that I put a data block on the phone just in case I was still incurring data. I immediately asked her to do so.

After exchanging several emails and being forwarded to several representatives over the phone, I was told by Fred (866.562.4583*2807) from Sprint Data Retrieval that his manager would in this specific case credit my account $15 for the notary fees, but only given the fact that my complaint against the $75 charge was valid.

On October 10, after I had submitted the notarized form and the complaint was investigated, I was told that the reason for the data usage was that the Twitter program on my phone was unknowingly constantly updating without my knowledge. I was also told that the Twitter App continued to cost me an additional $45 between September 14 and the date of the data block, September 24. Sprint said that would credit me the $45 because I put on the data block and the $45 was not my fault and had already been billed. I then called customer service to inform them of this investigation and ask to have the $75 credited to my account because those charges were effectively the same as the $45 except for the fact that they had already been billed to me. I was denied my request and repeatedly told that the $75 were not the same as for $45 even though when I explained myself step by step, they agreed with every step. I was also denied the $15 credit because when Sprint decided the issue was resolved because the notary (which was paid out of my pocket) would only be paid if the $75 was deemed a faulty charge.

In summary, I am told that the only reason that the $75 was not credited is because it has already been charged, but the $75 bill was the only reason that I became aware of the problem with my data and phone settings. Sprint recognized this as a problem and credited me $45, but they should credit me the entire sum that was billed due to the issue.

In order to resolve this matter, I would like to be credited the $75 I was billed for on September 18th and I would also like to be credited the $15 for the time and money spent on a notary.
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User Replies:
Vinnie11 on 10/14/2012:
I think you ask a bit much! Apps like Twitter and Facebook continuously update. That is how you receive notifications when you have activity there. You apparently did not know this but it I cannot see how this would be Sprint's fault. There was data used and there is a cost associated with that. It is kind of them to issue a credit to you in any amount. If I were you, I would take it and run.

You may consider asking them to charge you the cost of the data pack for the months associated. I think it is $20/month which would cost you $40 (instead of $75).

I think it is unreasonable to expect them to wipe off the entire incident at no cost.
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Sprint Is a Horrible Company
Posted by on
Rating: 1/51
SANDY SPRING, MARYLAND -- My phone screen black out when. place my phone down on my dresser. went to pick it up latter and noticed the screen would not turn on. did not know what was wrong with my phone because the screen was not cracked so. took my phone to. sprint repair store because. thought well. am paying for insurance so they should be able to fix it so when. got to the sprint repair store the guy looks at my phone and says well your LED was cracked and they would fix it then he said but. don't know when we can fix it because we have no items to fix your phone (which. don't get how. repair store has not repair items that's just one of the many reasons you should not waist your time or money at sprint) but any ways he told me. would have to wait about. days till the get. shipment in to fix me phone so. tried another sprint store and they told me its broken and my insurance won't cover it and. have to pay 150 to get. new phone so now. have to sprint company stores telling me to different stories ...So then. said OK ill wait for the first sprint store. went to ..To get the shipment in of items to fix my phone so. wait. days without. phone the is working call them back and they say well. don't know who told you that because we will never know when we will get. shipment in and that the shipment of items are sent at random dates and they can't even ask or find out when it will be shipped to them so that's another lie that. sprint owned company told me so now I'm out. phone and there telling me to. have to pay 200 dollars now if. want to get. new phone so. said. thought it was 150 and he said well I'm looking it up and it say 200 so now. have. sprint owned company's telling me to different storied basically lying to me and giving me the run are because sprint does not know how to run. efficient businesses and has employees that do not know what there doing ,,,,,so. called and complaint and told them that. don't think. should have to pay for. phone line I'm not using and that until. can afford to get. new phone the should compensate me back for . phone line I'm not using so sprint tells me the can't do anything so. was stuck paying for. phone like that. was not even using like nothing no internet not phone calls nothing so then after fighting with them for. week the say well will give you. 25 dollars credit and back so when. get the bill they did not even put the credit in so. call fighting with sprint again and they tell me that the phone has warranty by Samsung and the can fix it so. call Samsung the tell me to send in my phone so. did then. call to check on the status of my phone and they tell me that the can not fix it and that it will be 200 to fix it so all in all sprint are. bunch of liars and they don't care about you and they don't care to hell you they just [want to] get you to shut up and they don't care about you or what's happening to you and to top it of just because sprint advertises there cheap don't mean anything the service sucks my phone calls drop all the time even when. have full bars my calls drop the internet is soooo slow you pay for 4g speed but sprints service sucks so badly that 90% of the time you will only have 3g and [your] internet will be slow. am telling you sprint is the worst company ever stay away from sprint and do not spend [your] money there. am telling you do not spent [your] money there I'm not writing this review for fun I'm doing it [because]. am. customer that has but treated like all sprint wants is my money and to hell with what. appends to [your] phone or [your] service do not spend [your] money of time in sprint if. had the money. would just end my contract but. don't have 4oo dollars to do so so. am stuck with them for not if. were you. would either get AT&T they are the best. mean. never ever had problems with AT&T they are the top choice in my books only reason I'm not with them was [because]. was on my parents line when. was with AT&T and when. got of the line to start my own line. needed credit. was only 19 so. had no credit so my only option was to get on my boyfriends line [because] he had. line with sprint .....Never will. ever get on with sprint ever again worst company in the world stay away I'm telling to AT&T is the way to go
my names samyia waters and I'm just trying to save people from wasting there money on such. bad service and company
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Customer Service Is Better at McDonalds
Posted by on
Rating: 1/51
LADY LAKE, FLORIDA -- My experience with Sprints customer service started when I noticed my IPhone 4S was "extended" for 5 days. Now I realize when the phone is roaming this is going to happen; however it's not supposed to happen for a week conseculatively. So I was surprised when I called *3 which is supposed to call Sprint directly and I received a message stating that I had called Verizon wireless.

Out of concern I called the 800 number for Sprint where I was told to shut my phone off and they would restart the phone, fixing the problem. Unfortunately not only did that not fix the problem but made the phone completely unusable. Now at this point I was using my boyfriends cell bc mine was no longer making or receiving calls. I was then told to do a master reset where I lost everything including all of my contacts and pictures. Still the problem was not fixed. So I was advised to go to a local Sprint store. Now I had to go three days without a phone bc I work and that was the soonest I could get to a store.

The person who "fixed" the phone was outrageously rude, blamed me for breaking the phone and even suggested that if he couldn't fix it I would have to pay for another one and wait a week for it to come in, which was totally ridiculous because the phone stopped working because of what they did to it. And furthermore why should I have to wait for a new phone when you would think they would have phones in a Sprint store that sells cell phones. I was then told that the person who was fixing my phone who was in a "sprint" store and wearing a "sprint" shirt doesn't work for Sprint and couldn't help me at all. When I questioned him he felt the need to tell me it was like the people who work for "McDonalds" they work under the person who owns the franchise. So, I then said you mean to tell me if I go to McDonalds and they screw up my order I have to pay for another one even though it was their fault? I don't think so. Oh and when I tried to ask for a manager, I was first told there was none, and then that he wasn't in the store that day. I guess they didn't want me to speaking to him.

Even when I told them I was planning on switching my provider I was told that I had to pay an early termination fee just to keep my phone number. Because of course they want there money. Nevertheless my phone was eventually fixed but my experience with Sprint both on the phone and in the store was disgusting. I now understand why they are rated poorest in customer service. I always pay my bill on time and I just can't wrap my head around paying for something I didn't do. I will not recommending Sprint to anyone.
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User Replies:
John Nicholson on 08/04/2013:
I don't recommend Sprint to anyone. Period. Make sure you tell as many friends and relatives of your experience as you can. Perhaps you can save someone else from being scammed by Sprint.
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Lied To
Posted by on
Rating: 1/51
LONDON, KENTUCKY -- 2/21/13 09:30am starting to have trouble sending text messages, began to receive (error) messages (failed) network not responding, this lasted the remainder of the day, and also began couldn't retrieve voice mail or send or receive calls. I had great difficulty reaching Sprint to report it, but I did finally get through by using *2. This is when (ESCALATED HELL BEGAN) I was transferred to technical support who tested and tested for about 30 minutes, and every test made produced(ERRORS FAILED)this technician Isaac advised me to take the cell phone into the Sprint store to get it replaced, I did go there 1136 Washington Avenue St. Louis Mo., but no replacement did I get, the agent that helped me was Evan, he advised just walking in to get an replacement even though I told him Sprint Technical support sent me says it doesn't work like that, he said it was an easy fix, and he would have it ready only in a few minutes, and within (5) minutes he told me that I was good to go, I was able to retrieve my voice messages. OK good, I believing the troubles are fixed only to discover (15) minutes later all troubles have returned. This is such an atrocious series of events there is probably not enough space to give all the details, so I'll give an synopsis from here on in. This 2/21/13 originating date of trouble until this writing I'm still having the initial troubles plus some new ones with the new replacement brio kyocera picked up Friday 3/1/13. I've made (8) *2 calls, I've talked to (8) customer service Representatives, I've talked to technical support (5) times and twice to supervisor's (TWICE BOTH OF THEM LIED) 2/22/13 Kevin, and 2/24/13 Mike, both assured me that I could expect to receive a new phone within 2 to 3 days, this never happened. I talked with (8) other supervisor's (2) who were (ABSOLUTELY) obnoxious one even hung up on me, and Nicole told me that she wasn't going to transfer me to the executive complaint department, and that she chooses to disconnect, and disconnect she did. I've made (4) trips to the Sprint store at the 1136 Washington avenue address, I've talked with executive complaint Carol twice reached her through dan@Sprint.com, she didn't seem to be up for such advanced troubles, I had already sent her an email detailing every thing, and when she called me she began to ask repeated questions that she already had the answer to if only she had read the email totally. She was the one that made the agreement with the Washington ave Sprint store to come in on Friday to possibility pick up a new replacement phone, but there was no guarantee that it would be there Friday, and if not Friday it would be there Monday 3/4/13, also she would be making a report to network engineering to look at the troubles and that could take 7-10 days. But I assured Carol I wouldn't be awaiting 7-10 days for their findings, and that's when she came up with the idea to give me a replacement phone, and it is defective, like as last Saturday 2/23/13, I own a business, and Saturday is my most vital day.

I couldn't use the cell phone at all, the phone powered itself down, and didn't come back on until I plugged it into the electrical outlet to be charged, but even then it only worked intermittently, and the new replacement cell phone Saturday caused to very great (DISTRESSES and HUMILIATING)11:30 a. m., I was serving a customer, she asked me a question, and I needed to use the cell to make a call, and the screen was completely white, several experiences with this new phone before this incident. The customer was detained unnecessarily for (2) minutes, and the next critical issue I had received a phone call from my son that was critical, but was unaware of it until after getting home, charging the phone, because it had powered itself down and off received at 12:30 PM, it was 9:00 PM when I got the voice mail. The cell phone is the only phone that I use, and I've been messed around so very poorly by Sprint. I now have an email sent advising Executive Representative Carol she and I no longer have a need to discuss my cell phone troubles, I'm expecting a callback, email, overnight express correspondence from either Mr. Hesse, or a vice president who can pay my bill for a month, and get me a new upgraded phone, I will not accept another Brio Kyocera cell phone. I've filed a formal complaint with the FCC, Missouri Attorney General, I'm expecting to file complaints with The National Association of Regulatory Utility Commissioner, and the BBB.

I'm an 11.5 + years continual service customer with Sprint, and my monthly bill equates to between 175.00+ to 188.00 monthly. I did file an Executive Complaint with Sprint too.
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Sprint Hidden Fees Vs Sprint Boost Mobile Prepaid
Posted by on
Rating: 1/51
AUSTIN, TEXAS -- If you are looking to get Sprint services I would suggest go with Boost Mobile, yes Boost mobile used to be slow internet and old phones not anymore!!! Same phones that sprint have:


*highly price plans
*unlimited internet- not true you still have to pay an additional$10 fee per every phone (premium data) even that your plan includes unlimited internet- is like you are double paying .
*Higher taxes -way higher!!!
*Not unlimited international calling plan- you have to pay p/month and then you pay for minute price varies depending where you call.
*Contracts- and now they have increased they're early termination fee to $300.
*If you don't have auto pay- recurring card you will get charge$4.95 In top of everything.
*Protection plan-well what can I say-it good and bad at same time because all android phones at least you have to pay$100 and you will also have where they can fix the phone if you have problems - they will have you to take it to the store to have it tested- and at least you are going to be without a phone for at least2-4hours minimum if not will be an overnight process. - And they will always tell you that the issue was an app- my phone was not charging the port where the charger is bad, so I took it and told. Me it was an app I didn't even had any spa on my phones just the ones sprint loads to the phones that you can't remove, I told them is the port of the phone, my roommate has same exact phone has tons of apps, I tried her battery, her. Charger and she tried same thing on her phone everything worked except mine. I keep telling them nothing still same phone, mind you has been for about 13 months my manufacture warranty ended when they had me going back and forth, so if I want to have it replace I have to pay the deductible when is not even my fault. Other times that I had to wait for the phone to be tested there were customers having issues and same response from sprint agents the problem was an app -omg really older people different people were like I had already reset my phone there's nothing on it!! One of that was an old women she said I don't even know how to download an app, I just use it to call my son got it for me!!!
* Customer service the worst " you can go to their website and see that they are getting awards. For beat customer service" don't let them foul you- they get those rating only on new customers within 30 days, by then you still don't have your bill and still have no issues with your phones, the questions you may calling for are simple like questions regarding your phone. But once you start having issues customer service is the worst, they hung up on you, they transfer you without you knowing, they put on the notes call drop is a lie because you can hear where they are trying to send you to a different department. Then you are speaking to someone for at least20-30 minutes and no answer you you wasted your time nothing was resolved and by then you are frustrated.

Boost Mobile:

*no contract agreements
*no hidden fees
* you don't have to pay $10 fee for. Premium data you still get unlimited internet.
*The android plans $55 p/month with unlimited everything and you can get your bill lower without changing plans just by you paying on time every 6 months.
*Taxes- super. Low $5
* unlimited international calling plan either$5 or $10.
*Insurance-protection plan, so in case you brake your phone ir. Loose it don't worry you can get it replace same as sprint.
*Phones are actually way cheaper if you check on their website there's. Several to choose even like evo's, galaxi phones.

So there you go, Sprint has nowhere to pit reviews and if you go Boost mobile website does, that says a lot!!!

*On that note I used to love Sprint but I've been having issues and that I notice my hidden fees, since I renew my contract so 30days passed there was nothing that I could do unless I paid the termination fees can't wait for November to get here so I can at least pay about $100 from my sprint contract, my sprint bill is never what it was supposed to be, with all the fees my bill is never less than $260 p/month and yes I do have a second line but second line has no fees but the $10 premium data and protection plus $8 and I have the everything data plan is supposed to be $129.99 But I have an employee discount so that plan was supposed to be 97.99 So there you go. That's my horrible experience I actually pay more on my sprint cell phone bill than what I paid for my house electric bill and cable w/internet together, that for me is outrageous.
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User Replies:
Free Willy on 10/02/2012:
First of all I'm not here to defend Sprint. In fact I am leaving Sprint because the horrible coverage and poor sound quality of voice. I have a Samsung Epic 4G Touch and it is a great phone.

It is still unlimited data, your argument is faulty.
Higher Taxes? WTF you talking about? Sprint doesn't set the tax, the local, state and federal government establish taxes on cellphones.

You will pay a bit more using AT and T or Verizon, but you will get much better coverage and faster data speeds.

With all that being said, your argument for using Boost Mobile is a good one. They do have a couple good phones, but not the most current. The don't have the S3 nor the iPhone 5.
Luci on 08/09/2013:
They do have the S3 so you need to change that :)
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Worst Service in My Life (I'm 63)
Posted by on
Rating: 1/51
KILLEEN, TEXAS -- Rather than resolve complaints, Sprint left me feeling like a ping pong ball. I switched to Sprint because their unlimited data plan offer beats competitors charging extra for every gig above two.
But despite their pre-contract claims that I would have both 3G and 4G service at my home location, 95 percent of the time I have either no data service or it is so slow pages take 2-5 minutes to load or just timeout. Video either doesn't play or constantly, endlessly buffers.

I have called and complained dozens of times weekly for five months to no avail. I get a different answer regarding the source of the problem for each call. And the problem had to be repeated for each call and to each rep, manager or escalation supervisor or tech rep.
Although Sprint occasionally acknowledges a temporary network service problem, they insist it will be resolved within a couple days. No explanation ever has been offered for why my data service doesn't work if I'm at home. For a while they insisted my home must be constructed of a material that blocks their signal.

But it is no better when I stand in the yard with no physical obstruction. I even downloaded their speed tester as suggested by the tech department. When I could get a sufficient signal to run the tests, up/download speeds often were below 100kps, not the 2-4 mps reasonable to expect from a 3 or 4G smart phone service provider. When I shared the test results with Sprint reps the typical response was that they weren't qualified to say if those were functional yet alone satisfactory speeds.

Since nobody would admit to a network problem, I was told I would have to have my Samsung Galaxy II S tested at the local store.
After they had tested my phone six times over a 3-month timerange and it passed all tests all six times, local store reps began advising me to cancel my service since I was paying $103/month for 450 minutes talk plus unlimited data.

Sprint corporate wanted the names of the local store reps.  I didn't trust then not to fire their more honest employees. They also repeatedly refuse to cancel my contract without paying an early termination fee.

Despite my phone testing perfectly six times (a big waste of my time plus having to reload all my apps and lose vital information each time....they didn't tell me the first time that my family photos including my last visit with my mother before she died in February would be deleted) Sprint insists there is "no problem" and I should just keep paying my bill. They finally did give a small discount on my bill this month but insist I must contest my bill each month regardless how poor the data service is at my home where I am 80 percent of the time. When in town at the Sprint store the phone works great.

In the future, I would gladly eat hockey pucks rather than try to get Sprint to make sense or provide me with the service I am paying for.

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Is Sprint-Nextel a Corrupt Organization Without Any Customer Service?
Posted by on
Rating: 1/51
OVERLAND PARK, KANSAS -- There is a sameness here that should be obvious to anyone who reads this pile of complaints. Sprint-Nextel seems to care about just one thing: you paying them money. There is no customer service. People at Sprint-Nextel routinely promise anything and do nothing or blame the customer for some failure. This seems to be a dishonest organization; dare I say it, a corrupt organization that has zero regard for anything but their compensation.

Last winter they changed something that stopped my MiFi 2200 Internet connections. I went from high speed to no speed. I called, I complained to customer disservice, and I even wrote to senior executives, including president Dan Hesse. Nothing was done. I was paying monthly for zero. They promised to fix things again and again and did zilch!

When I stopped paying them, they sent me the usual demand junk. I did what they had done to me...ignored them. But, then, they upped the ante by putting two questionable collection agencies on my tail who demanded over $300: North Shore Agency and Bureau of Recovery.

Go ahead, Google "complaints Sprint" then the same for North Shore Agency and Bureau of Recovery. You will find the sameness...questionable practices. No one of authority is paying attention and these people are taking advantage of the inattention.

I've heard that for every ONE written complaint you see, there are hundreds or thousands who will not write anything. So, what does that tell you? It suggests to me that they routinely lie and cheat hundreds of people daily.

I am not going to pay them. In court, I will introduce my letters detailing what didn't take place. I will also introduce the multiple complaints on various Internet sites to show a pattern of unresponsiveness and lying.

This January, a year after they failed to restore my Internet service, I got a hot-spot through AT&T (previously Cingular) who has provided me with excellent cell phone service since 1992.

I am filing complaints against Sprint with the local district attorney, the state Attorney General, the U.S. Attorney General, the Kansas Attorney General, the Federal Trade Commission, the Federal Communications Commission, the Wall Street Journal, USA Today, the New York Times, the Better Business Bureau in Kansas City (which I read has nearly 100,000 complaints against Sprint but refuses to reduce their rating to less than C because they [BBB] cannot bite the hand that feeds them), The Washington Post, the Kansas City Star, 20/20, 60 Minutes, Time, the Postal Inspectors, on and on and on.

Use your imagination; surely you can think of someone who might give them the scrutiny they so richly deserve...or you can support my complaints with regulators and the press that Sprint seems to be an outlaw organization. Sprint dishonesty and abuse needs to be stopped.

If you are not joining me in my crusade against these people, then the old saying goes for you: If you are not part of the solution, then you are part of the problem!

When regulators see how unresponsive and abusive Sprint is, someone of them, perhaps all of them, will descend on Sprint and punish them big time. If this is the only place YOU complain, it is like one extra drop of water over Niagara Falls.

Don't just sit there...do something! Sprint will regret it if enough people make loud noises.
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User Replies:
ChuhBaca on 02/10/2012:
The behavior you describe applies to pretty much every telecom provider out there! Your problem is with Sprint, but I guarantee there are similar complaints against AT&T.
MRM on 02/10/2012:
I have the Virgin Mobile of MiFi 2200 and I love it! Its contract-free, pre-paid, and low monthly rate! Get your Virgin Mobile MiFi today!
trmn8r on 02/10/2012:
The crux of your argument appears to be speed of connection, but you didn't specify numbers (other than 0).

If you go to court, I would think that you will need measurements to back up your claim and what speed the company guaranteed, unless your speed was actually "zero".
ChuhBaca on 02/10/2012:
Also, if you do decide to take it to court, please post a follow up. It's encouraging to consumers when someone wins this way against a large company that treats customers like annoyances.
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Promised it but not going to honor, even if it is noted!
Posted by on
ATLANTA, GEORGIA -- I am emailing you on an ongoing problem with customer service honoring their promise. Back in July (13th-20th) I received a call from customer service telling me that I was a premier customer and I could add a line to my account, during the time I was considering changing my plan to a family plan. The customer service went on about a port in promotion and I would receive a credit of monetary value on my account if I ported in my wife line. The next day I was contacted again by a Sprint rep, so I started the process to add my wife to my account under a family plan. I inquired about an upgrade on my phone 404.xxx. xxxx and the import promotion. I was told I could upgrade my phone and also I qualified for the import promotion. Days later I called back to confirm what was said after we added her line, and that’s when things started changing about what was told to me. I spent hours on the phone talking to countless customer service reps and escalating managers. Finally it was settled that I would receive the port in promotion and an upgrade after September. (Please read all the notes)

On October 18, 2011 I went into an authorize agent store and inquired about a phone and the representative in store stated that I wasn’t eligible for an upgrade, and I responded to him “look at my notes”. The manager said this was an agent store and I would have to call customer service. I called customer service and the I was advised I was not authorized and there were no notes, I immediately ask to speak to a supervisor due to my past experience and the supervisor saw it was noted I could upgrade in Sept of 2011, but about my port in promotion it wasn’t clear so he transferred me to the appropriate department. (Please read the notes)

From here on out it was strictly management and I thought the matter would be resolved at this level. I mean I was promised something for my business and I was simply calling in for them to honor it, but I was dead wrong. A customer service rep/manager Hector went back and forth with me even to the point of talking over me, telling me the policy and that it was my fault that I was misinformed. I was so shocked to receive this type of treatment from this level of staffing. I have had management experience in the cellular industry (AT&T, Cingular) and I have never treated a customer with a lack of respect and empathy. I stated to Mr. Hector that I only want what was promised to me nothing more nothing less and it was the representative fault if there was any blame.(never the customer) At this point Hector transferred me to a Mr. Juan (if that was their real names) Juan repeated everything that Hector said and that they are investigating the port in promotion. I was so out done at this point not only I wasn’t getting my promised upgrade but now instead of applying a credit to my account for the port in credit they now had to investigate it.
I went on to explain to Mr. Juan that I have had Sprint over three years and have never had a problem disconnect or anything and I was preparing myself to cancel both lines and go where my business would be better appreciated and without a moment’s hesitation he was going to begin the process. He didn’t offer me insurance, a replacement phone, or even asked why I needed an upgrade; you know trying to help me. Only thing I have received was no based on our policy like robots with no human side. I am so displeased with Sprint and how I was treated. I felt like trash worthless and didn’t care to be discarded. I only wanted my phone which would have been a $99.00 HTC for a two year contract. Sprint service is Great but doesn’t make up for your poor customer service. I pray you have recorded lines so you can listen to the conversations in July and today.
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Upgrade Fiasco
Posted by on
So it’s October 14th, our wedding anniversary & my husband & I decide it would be a good day to upgrade our phones we have with Nextel that are several years old. We have been customers with Nextel for many, many years. He chooses a phone, I choose a phone & we arrange to have them delivered to the Nextel dealer shop locally so they can be programmed & ready to go as soon as possible, as my husband will be conducting business out of state the entire month of Nov.. My husbands line is particularly valuable to us as it is also our primary number used for our business customers. We are assured that the phones would be delivered within 2 days & we would also have better service & coverage than our older phones had.

Much to our surprise our phones don’t arrive until 4 days later & at our home, necessitating a 25 mile drive (one way) to the Nextel dealership for programming.

Another unexpected surprise is that, despite her own calls to S/N our exceptionally helpful & patient representative at the store cannot have my new phone activated on our account because it’s registered with a different Nextel customer! Back it has to go, so sorry Nextel says they can’t do a thing about it, a different phone has to be ordered. I choose a totally different & advertised cheaper phone & have to wait another week, causing exceptional inconvenience with business calls.

A few weeks later & the phone issue (so we thought) has been resolved & my husband goes to Nevada for business. He is expected to be there a month & is looking forward to the “new & improved” phone service that we are told will be available in the area.
More disappointment when we find out that he has NO SERVICE except within a small spot on a road aprox. 30 feet long.

We then have to have all of his calls forwarded to my phone so as not to inconvenience our own customers. Nextel happily charges us for the call forwarding “service”.

Again I contact our local Nextel Rep. & she in turn contacts everyone she can to find a resolution to not having service available to us out of state.
One of the solutions is that we need to consider changing our phones to strictly Sprint network, thereby losing our customer connections with those who contact us with the Nextel Direct Connect frequently, or perhaps we can try a “hybrid” phone that will work on BOTH the sprint & Nextel networks & towers (funny, same company but still running as 2 separate entities, that’s convenient) HOWEVER to try the hybrid phone we have to change our service plan. It should be comparable I’m told, but once we change we can’t go back to our old plan because it’s, well, old.

Meantime back in Nevada my husband is STILL WITHOUT phone service (except the before mentioned 30 feet of road), the hybrid phone is not a viable option either. So we are told having the service plan changes only being in effect a week it SHOULDN’T be a problem to get our old service plan back in effect as we only upgraded for a phone we cannot use.

Bringing us up to date on our Sprint/Nextel bill, November 17, I pay for ONLY the charges for the phone service, waiting for the equipment charges to be properly credited to our account for the returned & exchanged phone etc. Nevermind the fact that it will be nearly an entire month my husband has had virtually no phone service.

That brings us to today, Dec. 3, where when I attempt to make a call on my phone I am redirected to a Sprint/Nextel payment resolution line…no calls will go through & are all redirected for “payment resolution” This is yet again NOT A GOOD THING FOR A BUSINESS PHONE LINE!

Our account balance for some reason now sits at $951.42. This is an increase of over $600 than is should be, even including the new equipment purchases. I finally get in contact with a phone representative, go over the charges one at a time explaining each situation as it occurred. 45 minutes later he unraveled the facts that:

We are on the wrong service plan & are being charged $208.18, when in fact it should be $89.99.

There has been NO CREDIT recorded for the phone (I880) I had to return due to A FACTORY ERROR. This bumps us up another $227.90

The replacement phone I chose due to a promotional price of $79.99, we were charged $248.33.

Just because I’m annoyed, the fact that we have been charged $6.43 for a LATE PAYMENT, $12.00 for OVERNIGHT SHIPPING (DIDN’T HAPPEN) & $9.40 for call forwarding we were forced to use as a result of no phone service, stand out as more indifference to the issues & charges we have been dealing with for over a month with as yet NO RESOLUTIONS.

Oh & what is the $18 “handset upgrade” charge..well it’s just something S/N charges when you get a new phone -WHAT?!?!?!?!
Not to mention they charged us $48…I remember something about 18+18=36.

But there is light at the end of the tunnel, after 45 minutes my phone representative tells me, not unexpectedly, that he needs to consult a higher up manager for authorization to fix our account..while I’m on hold my call gets TRANSFERRED.. I DO NOT want to start this process all over again but I’m told my call was transferred to an incoming calls only center & they have NO WAY to return me to the previous service representative!!!! Would I please hold because they need to again transfer me, this time to someone who works with Nextel accounts.

Another person & starting from scratch all she can do is make notes (yet she sees the previous notes made by the “mystery” original service representative they couldn’t transfer me back to). I’ve been on the phone over an hour now & she is trying to be helpful but can only send my “dispute on the charges” to a “resolution” person.

In the meantime I ask can we at least get this resolved so that our phone service won’t forward us to the “payment resolution” line should we need to, oh say, conduct business of our own???

YES..this at least can be done. Glory be, we have phone service tonight (we’ll take THAT day by day..I have no faith in the S/N powers that be for some reason) but our charges? Why thank you for your payment last month for the service, but our account continues to sit at $951.42 until it is “reviewed.”

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Could Not Sign Up And Get Discount
Posted by on
I tied to sign up on the USPS employee discount website . I keep getting an error "error processing please try again ." so I did . The order never completed ,but I later found out my bank had five charges on it from sprint totaling $920.00 . I called sprint and was told they had no record of my order . I was pushed off and transferred countless times, then I was told the credit processing department was closed on Saturday and I would have to call back on Monday ( the $920.00 was from my checking account ).

I called Monday and spoke with a customer service rep that was willing to help me even though none of my information was in the system . He was able to contact the credit processing department and was able to find the charges using my credit card # , there was none of my information on file only my credit card info. The customer service rep told me to call my bank with a number given to him to have the funds released.I called my bank and the said Sprint had to call with the number to release the funds . I called back to sprint and could not get through to a person. Tuesday I started calling again I spoke with the credit department she called the bank and released the fund . It was not till Thursday that the funds actually were released. I sent an e/m off to "Dan" at sprint (from the sprint advertisement) . I have the following e/m log


> > Sent: Monday, June 23, 2008 11:33:33 AM
> > To: Dan Hesse
> >
> >
> > ( I have a feeling you will never see this.) On June 21 , I
attempted to place an order online through your sprint website . At the end of
the purchase an error came up ,"error in processing please try again ."
so I tried later and same thing happened . So I gave up . I went out to
the store and when I went to purchase something my card came up declined . I
called my Bank / Debit card Co . they had shut the account off due to to many charges put through buy Sprint.
> > There were 2 for 466.09 and three for 1.00 . I called Sprint on
Saturday evening with I got no were . I was instructed to call back on Monday
. I have since called back today and have not resolved these charges put
on my check / visa card . I will get this problem corrected . But my
experience with sprint so far has not been pleasant . I can't see
switching my cell phones over to your company after having to spend so much of my time sorting out your problems that Sprint has created .
I would love to hear your comments on this problem.

Wayne Wolfe

> >
> > Dear Mr. Wolfe,
> >
> >
> > Thank you for contacting Sprint.
> > I will be happy to assist you with your billing issue.
> > However, your email did not include your Sprint phone number, or
account number. If you would please provide us with this information, I
would be more than happy to assist you. We are looking forward to speaking
with you and resolving your concerns.
> >
> >
> > Thank you again for contacting Sprint.
> > Valerie T.
> > 757.223.3465
The billing error has been corrected after 2 phone calls Saturday 5
different people 2 calls Monday 1 person. 4 calls Tuesday 4
different people . After talking with ten different people at sprint not one person
ever asked me if the could help me complete my order they just keep tring
to send me off to the next person . So I have been credited the amount that
was held in my checking account but still have no completed order . Although I
am having second thought about doing business with Sprint . I'm a USPS employee and was trying to sign up for new service 3 lines and use
the unlimited data plan with 1500 min . But I'm currectly looking at other companies due to the problem sprint had with processing my order and retifing the billing problem.
> >
> >
> > I understand computer errors can occur but the first person I
talked with should have said " I'm sorry that billing error happened let me help
you complete your order and I will get the billing error corrected for
you ." and if they couldn't correct the problem themselves they could have taken my phone # had the problem corrected then called me back when it was
fixed . I wasted about 4 hours on the phone on hold and making multiple phone calls .
To answer your question there never was a sprint # , account # or any
of my info in your system , my credit card # was the only thing that was
available for your credit department to look up . The computer had
not recorded any other information when I tried to place the order.
> >
> >
> >
> >
> > Wayne Wolfe

Dear Mr. Wolfe,

I apologize for any inconvenience you have experienced with trying
to set up service with Sprint. If you do decide to join the Sprint family, I
will be happy to assist you with getting the rate plan and phone that you
will need.

Thank you again for contacting Sprint
Valerie T.
> > 757.223.3465


Valerie ,
> >
> > I would like to talk about possible service with sprint.
> > Please call me .
> >


> >
> > Dear Mr.Wolfe,
> >
> > Thank you for contacting Sprint.
> > I appreciate you taking time out of your busy schedule to write us
and allowing me the opportunity to assist you with starting your new
service with Sprint. If you require further assist please feel free to
> > us again at Dan@sprint.com
> >
> >
> > Thank you again
> > Valerie T.
> > 757.223.3465


During this time I talked with Valerie , She tried to get me in contact with someone who could help me , but they could not give me the web site prices.

> Valerie ,
> I'm not able to get the same service as advertised online in which I
couldn't prossess online. I need some intervention from someone who can
help. I was transferred from the person you transferred me to was put on
hold for 15 min then asked to call another # . I called the other number and
was told they would get back to me if they could process my order at the
internet prices. I don't feel it should be this difficult
to sign up for service . Can you please help me? After all the time I
have invested in this process I would hope sprint would be willing to
accommodate me with the correct prices . I feel I should be given
something for all my aggravation .
> Help!
> Wayne


Dear Mr. Wolfe,

I apologize for any inconvenience you may have experienced.

Thank you again for allowing me the opportunity to assist you with
up new service with Sprint. I will check the system tomorrow to see if
account was completed and I will contact you, as promised, to keep you

Thank you again for contacting Sprint
Valerie T.



I have given up all hope of using sprint , Yesterday I received two
calls from sprint the first asking me to fax some information to then
that I
had already given them , the person that called didn't know why I was
the information and was asking me again for the phone number of the
or the account number . Since my order hadn't been processed yet I
have either so she told me to use the order number. I faxed the info
which was an ordeal on my part since I don't have a fax machine . About
an hour after faxing I got another call from someone asking for my account
number , when I told her I didn't have one , she wanted to transfer me
someone that could get it for me . I told her not to transfer me and if
needed to get a number she should put me on hold and call that person
herself . I explained some of what had been happing and she realized that
person who took my order put it in wrong, they put it in as a
not an gov employee . I paused for a moment thinking I should just stop
insanity now ! But she corrected the problem and we were off and running
said the order was placed ! Ya-Hoo! ,

All day I felt relived of the stress that has been over me for the last
or so . I check my checking account balance and the amount that was
upon was charged to my bank . Great !

Life was good !

Then this morning at 8:00 am ( I work third shift so I was sleeping ) I
received a phone call from sprint asking to verify some information to
complete my order . She said they needed my ssn # again and date of
birth .
I have given this information already 4 times . Not to mention how many
times I had given out my ssn # to try to resolve the first problem . I
promptly told her to cancel my order . she responded with why ? I didn't
feel like telling the whole story , so I didn't . She then offered 25
dollars off my bill . I said no . My order is now canceled and short of
sprint giving me phones for free and completing my order in one phone
call (
which I believe is impossible for sprint) . A response from you Valerie
would be great.

However I would love a copy of this e/m to make it to someone of
at sprint (not to say your not important you have been the reason I have
stayed with it this far.)

Wayne Wolfe



Dear Mr. Wolfe,

Thank you for contacting Sprint. I understand your frustration and
appreciate you allowing me the opportunity to resolve this situation
trying to obtain service with Sprint. I will check into this matter and
will contact you again tomorrow. If you have any questions or concerns,
please feel free to contact me at 757.223.3465.

Thank you again for contacting Sprint
Valerie T.


Dear Mr Wolfe,
Thank you for speaking with me today, I apologize I was not able to
accommodate you on getting your account set up. In the future if you
decide to come to Sprint please feel free to call me at 757-223-3997 so
that I can set up your account properly.

I appreciate your patience in this matter.

Tiffany H


Tiffany offered me $ 25.00 off my first bill and said she could get my account up and working. I chose not to sell my soul for 25 dollars.


I have since tried to set up the account again and much of the same run around I have been in touch with the executive board and with corporate sales Lisa was helping me last week , I went to a sprint store per her request and was not able to resolve the issue of the price for the phones . Lisa was unable to change the prices even at her end . She agrees that the web site prices are valid and that is what I should be charged so she contacted someone else who was supposed to be able to correct the problem . but they called me back telling me they were unable to address the problem since they could not change prices in the computer , So I called Lisa back and left a message , still no phones no service . I wish Dan Hesse would call me maybe he could do something? I'm thinking it would be easier if sprint just gave me the phones.
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User Replies:
tnchuck100 on 07/17/2008:
You did the right thing canceling the service. If they jerk you around that much trying to set up an account can you imagine the grief they would be capable of putting on you when a problem arose?

Unfortunately, it seems that is the norm for customer service in most big companies today.
Anonymous on 07/17/2008:
I've learned that email is the only way to deal with Sprint customer service. That is the only way you will have proof of the promises they make in regards to your bill. tnchuck100 is right about this being the norm but Sprint is #1 on that big company list. They are in the middle of a 6,000 person layoff and it still seems they haven't figured out what their main reason is for losing customers. A perfect example right here!
the2ndflood on 07/17/2008:
P.S. If you want any true help, skip Customer Care and go right to Sprint Executive Relations 1-866-727-0665. They do have an email address boardinquiries AT sprint.com. Replace the AT with @. I don't want them getting spammed by Spam-Spiders.
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