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Sprint Rebate Fraud
By -

AUSTIN, TEXAS -- I filed a complaint against Sprint on Sunday, 08 March 2009 with Planetfeedback. As of Thursday, 26 March 2009, this matter has not been resolved to my satisfaction. In fact, this matter was not resolved at all. I was contacted by Sprint on Monday, 09 March 2009. I verified my account information (for security purposes) and supplied the proof of purchase (via email attachment). I was informed that a ticket would be opened and a billing specialist would contact me.

A billing specialist contacted me on Tuesday, 10 March 2009. Once again, I verified my account information (for security purposes) and supplied the proof of purchase (via email attachment) for the billing specialist. Instead of acting quickly to resolve this matter that is almost one year old, Sprint began stalling and wasting my time.

Over the next two days I was sent a standard form letter via email, several times, requesting my account information, proof of purchase, and stating their business hours. I had previously verified my account information (for security purposes) and supplied the proof of purchase (via email attachment) on Monday, 09 March 2009 and again on Tuesday, 10 March 2009. On Thursday, 12 March 2009 I was informed that I would need to contact the Sprint rebate department and supply the same account verification and proof of purchase information I had just previously given to two Sprint employees.

Also, I would have to wait 30-45 days for the rebate. 30-45 days. I have already been waiting almost one year for this rebate. I purchased this phone on Monday, 05 May 2008. I should have received the rebate by Monday, 11 August 2008. Fourteen weeks later! However, I did not receive the rebate. I submitted the proof of purchase via postal service several times, then via fax after I contacted Sprint and was informed that they never received the rebate request.

Now, almost one year later, instead of Sprint acting without delay to resolve this matter as quickly as possible and ensure that a customer is retained, I am informed I need to resubmit the rebate request again (information that has now been submitted via mailing, faxing, and email attachment) and wait. No, I will not wait.

This matter should have been righted by Sprint by Tuesday, 10 March 2009 once I verified my account information and attached the proof of purchase in my email response to Sprint on Monday, 09 March 2009. Sprint should have sent the $50.00 rebate check overnight and given me at least two months of free service to correct this gross inconvenience.

I informed Sprint on Thursday, 12 March 2009 that I would not continue to resubmit information that has been submitted and verified. I informed Sprint that I will not wait another 30 - 45 days for the rebate. I have already waited almost one year! If I do not receive the rebate in 7 business day from today the following will occur: 1. A fraud complaint will be filed with the Attorney General's Office. 2. A fraud complaint will be filed with the Federal Trade Commission. 3. A fraud complaint will be filed with the Better Business Bureau. 4. Another complaint will be filed with Planetfeedback.

Again, instead of Sprint acting quickly they stalled and continued to delay in bringing this matter to a close. I was informed the matter could be expedited and I would only have to wait 15-20 days for the rebate. I replied with No and stated again that Sprint has 7 business days to deliver the rebate check.

In an effort to ensure that I am not satisfied and keep the money that I am owed, Sprint offered an account credit. I replied with No and stated again that Sprint has 7 business days to deliver the rebate check. On Tuesday, 17 March 2009 Sprint stated that would not be able to fulfill the 7 business day request. I quickly informed Sprint that if I did not receive the rebate check on Monday, 23 March 2009 the following would occur:

  1. A fraud complaint will be filed with the Attorney General's Office. 2. A fraud complaint will be filed with the Federal Trade Commission. 3. A fraud complaint will be filed with the Better Business Bureau. 4. Another complaint will be filed with Planetfeedback. 5. A fraud complaint will be filed with 6. A fraud complaint will be filed with 7. A fraud complaint will be filed with 8. A fraud complaint will be filed with 9. A fraud complaint will be filed with 10. A fraud complaint will be filed with The Consumer Advocacy Group

Sprint's response only made the matter much worse. They informed me the rebate check would not be delivered in 7 business days and I would have to resubmit the rebate request again and wait. I have since halted all communication with Sprint because that this company is committing fraud and has absolutely no intention of delivering my rightful rebate. I will continue to pursue this matter until I receive my rebate and at the very least two months free service for this gross inconvenience.

Sprint Nextel Is Disingenuous
By -

LAS VEGAS, NEVADA -- It is unfortunate that I must write you this but it is apparent that Sprint's retail customer service is inept and unable to provide a resolution satisfactory to my needs regarding the matter to be presented to you. Over the summer, I began to have trouble with my phone, a Treo 650. The phone would not retain a battery charge for any length of time and I found myself having to recharge it every 5-6 hours. I took the phone to a local repair location, store #1451, where they determined a problem with the battery. The technicians kindly replaced the battery, all was covered under my protection plan, I was happy and on my way.

Less than a week later the phone began to exhibit the previously described problem in addition to arbitrarily and automatically turning on, arbitrarily and automatically rebooting and freezing/locking up to a point where removal of the battery and a reboot of the phone was required to continue use. One or more of which occurred at least once a week. Recently (past 45-60 days) the problems began to occur more frequently, almost daily and I was missing a number of important calls so I took the phone in again. Here is where the customer service problem begins.

December 5, 2008 - Took the phone into the same repair center I had previously visited and described the problems to the host. At that time, I was given a CD, a user manual, a hot sync cable and told I needed to back up my data and update the software. I took the phone back home, completed the tasks and the phone seemed to work fine for approximately week then began to exhibit the same problems. No explanation was given to what the problem was.

December 22, 2008 - Took the phone into the same repair center, this time I was given another battery and a hard reset was completed. Later that night it was obvious that the phone had not been repaired as it froze somewhere between leaving the repair center and making it home. Still there was no explanation given in reference to the problem.

December 23, 2008 - Took the phone into the same repair center, this time the technicians just took it upon themselves to order me a new phone (Centro 690) without consulting with me or explaining to me what the issue with my phone was. Not to mention attempting to downgrade my phone from a Treo to a Centro, this starting a completely different and new issue.

When I complained about both issues, the host had the audacity to suggest that if I didn't like the Centro, I purchase another phone through Sprint's upgrade plan in which Sprint would be so generous as to provide me a $150.00 discount off the retail price of a phone but I would be required to sign another two-year agreement.

I am sure you can imagine my frustration at this point. As I began asking more detailed questions and continuing the discussion it was clear that all I was going to get from the host and subsequently the Assistant Store Manager, ** was regurgitated corporate spin designed to appease the masses. ** and I talked for several minutes unable to determine a resolution that was acceptable to me, she advised that she was no longer able to assist me and that she would request the store manager **, to call me to address my concerns.

I left the repair center for the 4th time with a broken phone, no clear answer to what the problem is, no resolution at hand and waiting for a call from the store manager. It has now been two weeks and I still have not heard from **. ** I have generally been very happy with Sprint as a service provider but this current situation is COMPLETELY UNACCEPTABLE and has me feeling like SPRINT IS DISINGENUOUS!

In today's struggling economy and competition tight for limited consumer dollars I would think that Sprint would aspire to provide a higher level of customer service, not diminished. In addition, I have been a Sprint customer for at least ten years, purchased a number of phones (with or without your upgrade program), increased my service plan with each purchase or upgrade and continually pay $7 a month (about $840 in the past ten years) for a device warranty/protection plan that, based on my current experience, is worthless.

Bottom-line **; I want my phone repaired and restored to its optimum working condition. In the event there is absolutely no possibility to repair my phone, then I want the option to choose a phone that works best for me, NOT the phone Sprint thinks I should have. I am confident in your ability to resolve this situation in a manner that is satisfactory to both Sprint and I. I look forward to your future correspondence.

Upgrade Fiasco
By -

So it's October 14th, our wedding anniversary & my husband & I decide it would be a good day to upgrade our phones we have with Nextel that are several years old. We have been customers with Nextel for many, many years. He chooses a phone, I choose a phone & we arrange to have them delivered to the Nextel dealer shop locally so they can be programmed & ready to go as soon as possible, as my husband will be conducting business out of state the entire month of Nov..

My husband's line is particularly valuable to us as it is also our primary number used for our business customers. We are assured that the phones would be delivered within 2 days & we would also have better service & coverage than our older phones had. Much to our surprise our phones don't arrive until 4 days later & at our home, necessitating a 25 mile drive (one way) to the Nextel dealership for programming.

Another unexpected surprise is that, despite her own calls to S/N our exceptionally helpful & patient representative at the store cannot have my new phone activated on our account because it's registered with a different Nextel customer! Back it has to go, so sorry Nextel says they can't do a thing about it, a different phone has to be ordered. I choose a totally different & advertised cheaper phone & have to wait another week, causing exceptional inconvenience with business calls.

A few weeks later & the phone issue (so we thought) has been resolved & my husband goes to Nevada for business. He is expected to be there a month & is looking forward to the "new & improved" phone service that we are told will be available in the area. More disappointment when we find out that he has NO SERVICE except within a small spot on a road approx. 30 feet long.

We then have to have all of his calls forwarded to my phone so as not to inconvenience our own customers. Nextel happily charges us for the call forwarding "service." Again I contact our local Nextel Rep. & she in turn contacts everyone she can to find a resolution to not having service available to us out of state.

One of the solutions is that we need to consider changing our phones to strictly Sprint network, thereby losing our customer connections with those who contact us with the Nextel Direct Connect frequently, or perhaps we can try a "hybrid" phone that will work on BOTH the Sprint & Nextel networks & towers (funny, same company but still running as 2 separate entities, that's convenient). HOWEVER to try the hybrid phone we have to change our service plan. It should be comparable I'm told, but once we change we can't go back to our old plan because it's, well, old.

Meantime back in Nevada my husband is STILL WITHOUT phone service (except the before mentioned 30 feet of road), the hybrid phone is not a viable option either. So we are told having the service plan changes only being in effect a week it SHOULDN'T be a problem to get our old service plan back in effect as we only upgraded for a phone we cannot use.

Bringing us up to date on our Sprint/Nextel bill, November 17, I pay for ONLY the charges for the phone service, waiting for the equipment charges to be properly credited to our account for the returned & exchanged phone etc. Never mind the fact that it will be nearly an entire month my husband has had virtually no phone service.

That brings us to today, Dec. 3, where when I attempt to make a call on my phone I am redirected to a Sprint/Nextel payment resolution line - no calls will go through & are all redirected for "payment resolution." This is yet again NOT A GOOD THING FOR A BUSINESS PHONE LINE!

Our account balance for some reason now sits at $951.42. This is an increase of over $600 than is should be, even including the new equipment purchases. I finally get in contact with a phone representative, go over the charges one at a time explaining each situation as it occurred.

45 minutes later he unraveled the facts that: We are on the wrong service plan & are being charged $208.18, when in fact it should be $89.99. There has been NO CREDIT recorded for the phone (I880) I had to return due to A FACTORY ERROR. This bumps us up another $227.90. The replacement phone I chose due to a promotional price of $79.99, we were charged $248.33.

Just because I'm annoyed, the fact that we have been charged $6.43 for a LATE PAYMENT, $12.00 for OVERNIGHT SHIPPING (DIDN'T HAPPEN) & $9.40 for call forwarding we were forced to use as a result of no phone service, stand out as more indifference to the issues & charges we have been dealing with for over a month with as yet NO RESOLUTIONS. Oh & what is the $18 "handset upgrade" charge.. well it's just something S/N charges when you get a new phone - WHAT?!?!?! Not to mention they charged us $48 - I remember something about 18+18=36.

But there is light at the end of the tunnel, after 45 minutes my phone representative tells me, not unexpectedly, that he needs to consult a higher up manager for authorization to fix our account.. while I'm on hold my call gets TRANSFERRED.. I DO NOT want to start this process all over again but I'm told my call was transferred to an incoming calls only center & they have NO WAY to return me to the previous service representative!!! Would I please hold because they need to again transfer me, this time to someone who works with Nextel accounts.

Another person & starting from scratch all she can do is make notes (yet she sees the previous notes made by the "mystery" original service representative they couldn't transfer me back to). I've been on the phone over an hour now & she is trying to be helpful but can only send my "dispute on the charges" to a "resolution" person.

In the meantime I ask can we at least get this resolved so that our phone service won't forward us to the "payment resolution" line should we need to, oh say, conduct business of our own??? YES.. this at least can be done. Glory be, we have phone service tonight (we'll take THAT day by day.. I have no faith in the S/N powers that be for some reason) but our charges? Why thank you for your payment last month for the service, but our account continues to sit at $951.42 until it is "reviewed."

New Insurance On Phones
By -

LUBBOCK, TEXAS -- I have had trouble for many years with Sprint. The first phone I got with them was a silver flip/camera phone I believe called the A620. It never had service, could make calls, or hold a call when I finally connected one. When I took it into the store, they told me their "diagnostic test" said nothing was wrong with the phone. They also told me they got no complaints ever about it.

After growing tired of the poor service I buckled and bought a new phone, when I asked if they ever had complaints about my previous phone and the customer service person laughed at me and told me they had never had more complaints on any other phone. So I was being lied to to stay with the phone I had, they wouldn't even let me exchange it for a less expensive one.

Now that I have explained why I have had some distaste for Sprint in the past, let me tell you the latest reason why my disdain has been reborn. Lately I have been less and less angry with Sprint, a couple charges to my account I disagreed with but they seemed for the most part to be getting better(except for the minimum hour long wait every time I have been to a Sprint store, but I digress).

I own a Treo 755 and accidentally cracked the screen. I am also insured on the phone through Sprint to have it repaired and or replaced for such incidents. Upon arriving at the Sprint store this morning I was told they don't do repairs/replacements in the store anymore and suggested I contacted the insurance company. I did. After 5 minutes of pressing 1 and 2 on a machine I was finally put on hold for 10 minutes waiting for a service rep.. About that time the call simply disconnected.

So I got online and went to the insurance company's website where I found out that just to have a screen replaced, or whatever reason you may need something repaired/replaced on your phone, you must now pay a $50 deductible. I was under the impression that was what my $5/month was paying for.

So instead of just dropping my phone off at a Sprint store where they are fully capable of replacing my screen in 20 minutes, I have to try to work the phone for 4-5 days until a replacement (refurbished) one arrives at which time I will then have to pay more to have the broken phone shipped back to the insurance company, not before having to go up to the Sprint store anyway to have the numbers transferred over to the new phone... Is this a ridiculously poor system or what?

I apologize this review has been so long but I hope that the people at Sprint realize that they DO have competitors and issues like this insurance nonsense seriously make me consider going and getting an iPhone, which are awesome anyway. Go back to business school Sprint people and re-take the class that focuses on customer service.

Horrible Reception, Mysterious Charges, and Phantom Phones, Oh My!
By -

CHARLESTON, SOUTH CAROLINA -- I have been with Sprint since 2002. They were the best, and I would sing their praises. Most of family and friends even switched to Sprint back then. Now since they merged with Nextel, it's just been money down the drain. It would probably take a small novella to write down all the problems I've had with this company, so here are the main ones.

My first phone that was Sprint/Nextel was horrible. The microphones and speakers went out in about three months, and I had to pay $50 each time for refurbished phones that would have the same problem afterwards. They also downgraded me because I had a limited edition phone at the time that they claimed they no longer had, even though when I visited next week to pick up my phone, I saw someone activating a new one at the store.

After having to change my phone number with the same phone, they renewed my two-year contract when they said they would not, and took away my coming up 2-year rebate on a new phone. Even with my receipt from Best Buy showing that I bought the phone 2 years before, I had to fight for another year and a half just to get a $75 rebate, which I would have gotten at that time anyway.

I bought another phone which had the same problems. Next phone, same thing! In fact, after I bought my Katana II, I was told by an associate that they were such awful phones, they immediately made the Katana Deluxe. With this phone, not only did the speaker eventually go bad, but I would never receive calls and miss out on important voice mails and text messages. However, Sprint said they would check the "coverage" several times, but always told me it was alright. So I was either lying, should get a whole new phone at wholesale price, or should add an extra line to get a free phone, and just not use the original.

Sprint does not stand by their products, and should be able to upgrade you if it is a reoccurring problem. Not only that, they shouldn't try to renew your contract behind your back for every little thing. I had them renew my contract for 2 years when I called the inquire about canceling my contract. That was about the only thing they had ever fixed for me. However, that's not even the worst of it.

Throughout my contracts, I would notice from time to time that they said I ran over my minutes when I did not. Twice they had charged me for Sprint Mobile to Mobile minutes, even though I already paid the $5 fee to have them. More often than not though, a Sprint representative would tell me that BOTH my phones were sharing minutes, and that the second line had gone over in the minutes.

Now I had NEVER gotten a second line, as I had always declined when they offered it to me as a "solution" to my non-working phones. My bill given to me would never show a second line, and so they would always take off half the charges at least, and apologize for the mix up.

The Sprint Store closest to me was also never helpful. They are always extremely rude and their "tech guy" is always "out to lunch" or "it's not his day to work". So several times I would have to drive 30-45 minutes out of my way just to be told they'd have to charge me for a refurbished phone or they couldn't help me.

I am no longer a Sprint customer. I just canceled my plan. I knew since I was almost up in my contract, at least a little more than halfway, that my early termination fee would be $150. Of course they would not waive it for me being unable to use my phone in my own home, but then they told me it would be $200! I tried to stay on, but eventually got so fed up I just told them to cancel it because I couldn't take it any more each month.

Now I have gotten my bill and it shows two termination fees, one for $150, one for $50. Once again, I was told it was because I had two phone lines! When I asked why this problem kept occurring, the girl I was on the phone with immediately backtracked, and said she made a mistake, and that it was a computer error that split up the costs of $200, and she had no explanation besides "she wasn't looking at my account, so she only assumed because of the bill there were two phone lines."

So I asked for the extra $50 to be taken off since they were mistaken again, as well as the government taxes. She also said she could not take off the government taxes they applied (the 911 and county taxes) despite that this was a ETF, and not a phone bill. She eventually took $15 off because "she could only do it for one line" and once again I asked why she kept referring to me having two lines. She quickly backtracked again.

I hung up after she credited my account and got another agent. She, as well as a male supervisor, also mentioned two lines, then quickly backtracked. That happened about ten minutes ago and I am still wondering about the second phone line that would come up, especially since I have been fighting identity theft for several years now. It is a scary thing to think about, but I will never suggest Sprint/Nextel to anyone ever again.

Could Not Sign Up and Get Discount
By -

I tied to sign up on the USPS employee discount website. I keep getting an error "error processing please try again." so I did. The order never completed, but I later found out my bank had five charges on it from Sprint totaling $920.00. I called Sprint and was told they had no record of my order. I was pushed off and transferred countless times, then I was told the credit processing department was closed on Saturday and I would have to call back on Monday (the $920.00 was from my checking account).

I called Monday and spoke with a customer service rep that was willing to help me even though none of my information was in the system. He was able to contact the credit processing department and was able to find the charges using my credit card #, there was none of my information on file only my credit card info. The customer service rep told me to call my bank with a number given to him to have the funds released.

I called my bank and the said Sprint had to call with the number to release the funds. I called back to Sprint and could not get through to a person. Tuesday I started calling again - I spoke with the credit department. She called the bank and released the fund. It was not till Thursday that the funds actually were released. I sent an e/m off to ** at Sprint (from the Sprint advertisement).

Horrible Customer Service
By -

I have NEVER experienced HORRIBLE customer service in my life both in your stores and on the phone. I went to a Sprint store to unlock an old phone of mine. When I got to the store in FOLSOM, CA (on Blue Ravine Rd) it was 2:30 pm and the door was locked!!! There were people on the inside just chatting away either on the phone or with each other. When I knocked on the door, they just waved me off. Just like to go away. I kept knocking and still they ignored me. This cheesed me off greatly since I walked 2 miles to get there!!! I decided to call customer Service and complain.

That did me a lot of good. I called several times from my cell and home phone trying to explain what happened that I wanted to make a complaint. The first operator I talked to acted like oh well they would transfer me to the dep't that handled that, but was PURPOSELY HUNG UP ON!! I called back and got an Indian woman with such a heavy accent (probably an outsource on. Thanks for taking away American jobs). I could not understand her at all. She too transferred me to DIRECTORY.

I called a third time from my house and the gentleman told me there is internal issues about this and he would help me. He said he would put me on hold to search for the right place to transfer me and HUNG UP ON ME AGAIN. Is this what you have your CSR people do when they get a complaint? Just to keep the complaints down? Your customer service has gone to hell!!! BTW when I started with you back in 2001 I had a plan for 39.99 that had 1000 minutes on there!!! When I upgraded my phone I was FORCED against my will, to change plans!!! Now I get less than half that for the same price and HORRIBLE customer SERVICE.

If something is not done or rectified, it would only be my pleasure to blog about this on every site I can think of (one site I boast have over 2 million readers). AND YES I WISH TO MAKE THIS A FORMAL COMPLAINT. I am so tired of this and so are your other customers, no longer will I tell people how great you were, now just how badly you have gone down HILL.

Maybe I should hit the next stockholders meeting and let them know since I do own your stocks (now dumping most of them because of this!!!) I am tired of jumping through your proverbial hoops in hopes that your uncaring and incompetent staff may handle these issues. I may even try asking all my reader not to pay their bill for a month or two just so you may THE POINT!!!

Refused to Port a Number and Required 1 Month Payment to Leave Sprint
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Rating: 1/51

CLEARWATER, FLORIDA -- About 5 1/2 years ago we tried to port a number; moving it from a Corp. Account to a Personal Account. Sprint refused to do this; even with letters from and phone calls from the company that was releasing the number to us. As a result had to buy a new phone and the 1st phone number was NOT never ported and Sprint billed the company for that number for ~5 more years; account was finally closed about 3 months ago. That makes 5 years and 3 months billing for a phone that could not be used.

The first week of June we had had enough of the poor call quality and dropped calls and charges to the bill for items not requested or used on the "new" number. Sprint required a full additional months full payment -- told by the Account Supervisor "once Sprint sends out a bill it will not/can not be adjusted for any reason." I was not getting anywhere with him so I said, "Fine I'll pay the bill."

Went online to pay the bill, it would not put the payment though. They were asking that a new checking account be registered or register a debit or credit card. Could not figure out why I couldn't pay, so called billing. The lady that took the call was helpful (1st one with Sprint) and she found when we ported the number the first part of June that Sprint closed out the checking use because we were no longer a Sprint customer. Makes no sense, will not prorate for days used, phone was deactivated the minute the number was ported, so it could not be used and yet they threaten to sent the account to collections if not pay ASAP.

Sprint was a pain changing corporate account to personal account, pain keeping 2 accounts open when 1 was to be ported to the other (according to sales person) as soon as the "proper paper work was presented." That same sales person over several months refused all paper work and phones because he did not like them. Sprint kept the corporate number active for 5+ years after refusing to port it and were told to close it (all that time for two lines where paid for; when only one was needed or wanted by all parties; except Sprint).

Sprint claims that is fine print in the "paper work" that states you must pay full months even it only one day is used. "Paper Work" was to be provided when number was ported -- see above. Sprint does not adjust bills once sent; according to Account Supervisor; bill was sent after the line was canceled -- nice touch on the way out. I would warn anyone to avoid Sprint at all cost.

Horrible Customer Service
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Rating: 1/51

I have had 3-4 phones on my account for almost 10 years. One of the phones I use as a secondary phone stopped working when I switched to a different device. SPRINT CUSTOMER SERVICE gave me instructions to repair it and never worked. Unfortunately I don't have 24 hours to spend to do their jobs for them. They are supposed to make the phone work that's why I pay a ridiculous amount of money to these idiots every month. Of course that number is somehow the main number to my account so I don't get any payment reminders or anything.

When I tried to set up auto pay over the phone with them, they said "You have to set up online." When I go online I have problems logging into my account. So when they turn off my service without any warning. I CANNOT EVEN CALL IN TO MAKE THE PAYMENT. This is unacceptable to me and it has now happened twice where I can't call in to make my payment and they rob me on late charges. The first time it happened my wife was pregnant and I had to literally leave my house at 3am to go call the doctor in an emergency. Of course there are no pay phones anymore so I had to beg the clerk at 7-11 to let me use their phone.

This happened again today. I CANNOT EVEN CALL IN TO MAKE THE PAYMENT. I was scheduled to have a conference call for a $200k project that I have now missed the call and the client is now furious and we will probably lose the project. THANKS SPRINT! YOU JUST COST ME $200K!

There is obviously a reason that VERIZON and AT&T are the preferred provider for these services. I have been a long time SPRINT customer, but you have now lost all credibility. I don't know whether to switch services or file a lawsuit for this HUGE LOSS that I have now incurred. I am sure $200k is nothing for SPRINT, but for me and my small business it was a life line. If anyone is looking for a good service provider, look the other direction!!!

Ring Around the Unlock Cell Phone Rosy
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Rating: 1/51

INDIANAPOLIS, INDIANA -- A few years ago I purchased through Sprint-Nextel a phone that I could use when traveling internationally. I used it two times before we moved to Indiana, where my home location dictated I had to get another provider, which ended up being Verizon as it was the only one that worked dependably at my home location. I recently retired and we intend to begin traveling a few times a year out of the country again. I called Sprint and was told "that phone (V555) was sold as an 'unlocked phone', and would work on any GSM Network." I ordered an International SIM card and voila! It asked me for a "subsidy code" (an unlock code).

I called back, talked to endless people at Sprint, eventually got a guy in the International who eventually found an "expired" unlock code, but told me I had two choices: 1) open a Sprint account and reactivate (with charges, of course) or 2) take my phone to a Sprint Retail Store, give them the "MSN number" he created for me, and they would "unlock the phone." I called my local Sprint Store, they told me they were "not comfortable doing that", so I went to Indianapolis, where I was quickly told "we don't do this at this store", by the manager. They suggested I drive across town to the Sprint Service and Repair Store.

After a 20 minute drive, I waited for 15 minutes for some techy guy to tell me the same thing. I told my story to Mr. Techy, and then the store manager, who promptly agreed with Mr. Techy that "they have no way to do this." I spent countless hours on the phone with various Sprint people, drove about 50 miles (and back) to their Stores, only to find out the $150 phone I purchased from Sprint would not - or could not be unlocked. In no case, was there ANY offer of sympathy, let alone, an offer to seek an answer to my dilemma by calling the International Department who set this fiasco in motion. Never, Never, Never again with Sprint.

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