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Nextel/Sprint Customer Service
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GRAND BLANC, MICHIGAN -- 4 words. DO NOT DO IT! This is pertaining to "Sprint together with Nextel." Been customers of Nextel for some years and currently love the plans and we are on month to month for 1 phone and contract for another. Everything was fine until one day in January 2006. Here is the quick story: A representative advised me would give the 3 phones we have (2 on month to month and 1 on contract) a set discount going forward every month. Oh yeah, the rep stated "notes are documented we will take care of this, the discounts will be on the next bill"-or so they said. Pretty funny when I called Nextel back, no record of discounts! Seems like everyone has this problem. In February 2006 somehow, I got in touch with a Supervisor who pulled the recorded conversation (you can request to have it recorded)between myself and the representative and honored what the rep stated to me. Still no discount on the bill. In between all this, my husband cancelled 1 of our phone lines and guess what? They all were cancelled in March 2006! Their response to me was "I guess your husband was not specific enough on what line to cancel." How more specific can he get when he told Nextel "Please cancel (XXX) XXX-XXXX." I guess that was not specific enough. Finally turned on the 2 phones back on and another Supervisor stated "We will not charge you the $250 cancellation fee because of the one phone on contract was cancelled." Let me get this straight, Nextel cancelled all the phones in error and she is waiting the cancellation fee? Mighty nice of her don't you think since NEXTEL cancelled all our phones? WOW. The lady that I originally spoke to in January 2006 who told me about this discount that will show up on my next bill, called my house and was very "in your face" to me an advised me "she does not lie, she needs her job" and "if you don't like Nextel, go to another company." Excellent customer service if you ask me! I spoke to (no joke) 23 different service reps who say "I am so sorry for you inconvenience, but this is not my department." Wrote letters and e mails because of bad service and was told "we will call you back if we feel it is necessary." Moral of the story, no one can help you at Nextel. No one can make corrections to your bill and no one including Supervisors are accountable for their actions. Got a billing error? That is the customers fault. Disconnected service on accident? Customer fault. Been thinking ongoing to the media, since I have a full notebook of everyone I talked to at Nextel. Document who you talk to along with their name, extension, operator ID and department they are in. Funny how I was told no one can help me apply a discount since there was no notes in Nextels computer. Am I going to go to another provider? YES I AM. As soon and my discounts are applied.
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viperpa33s on 04/03/2006:
Your absolutely right, anytime you call customer service and lodge a complaint always get the CSR's name and the time you called. Most customer service centers these days are being run by third party companies overseas and the CSR's don't care. They don't care if you stick with the company or go someplace else.
VA on 10/30/2007:
I hate sprint! I really wonder how they stay in business with such horrible service. I was transferred 8 times to connect for internet service. Nobody seemed to know about he Sony and sprint deal. I was asked 23 times if I had an account, NO! I was trying to activate, thank god this is not for me, b/c I would never do business with them. I just hope I do not have to call back once I get this stupid thing taken care of! I HATE THIS COMPANY!!!!!!!
lepoissonj on 02/04/2008:
wow I can't believe everyone has had such bad luck with Sprint. I really have nothing but good things to say about them. The only negative that I have is that every time I do call customer service I get someone who doesn't speak English very well so I can't understand them. Since that's been happening I just go to the store. Luckily though I've only had to go in once!!
lisalee on 05/27/2008:
Nextel is AWFUL!! I have been with them 2 years and just started having problems after I called at 8 am to get my over charged bill straight they transferred me 8 times and I finally got off the phone 2 hours later with nothing resolved I am going to the store and paying the 200 to terminate my contract. Apparently you don't need to speak English or have a high school education to work at Nextel!
delnkim on 07/21/2008:
I HATE Nextel customer service. every time I order or change something on my account it is wrong and I spend my 2 hour lunch on the phone getting transferred to 10 different people including supervisors. and it does not matter if you get their name and employee id number because when you call back and give that information you are told "oh well that person must work in another office or dept and I can not help you with what they told you". then when they tell you they are going to give you a credit on your account it never shows up. I even verify like 20 times that it is noted in my account and am told yes but mysteriously it never is in my account notes. bottom line, do not get sprint/Nextel service, they SUCK!
nextel bombs on 05/12/2010:
After having been with Nextel back when it was just Nextel. I could tell you story after story payments posted to wrong account. involuntarily placed in contracts on more than one ocation it took speaker phone and witnesses to resolve my issue and told them they wear being listened for a future court date before they fixed my bill an contract please NEVER BUY I776 I have four friends with them as well as my self nothing but speaker phone for all of us they really suck
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Refused to Port a Number and Required 1 Month Payment to Leave Sprint
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Rating: 1/51
CLEARWATER, FLORIDA -- About 5 1/2 years ago we tried to port a number; moving it from a Corp. Account to a Personal Account. Sprint refused to do this; even with letters from and phone calls from the company that was releasing the number to us. As a result had to buy a new phone and the 1st phone number was NOT never ported and Sprint billed the company for that number for ~5 more years; account was finally closed about 3 months ago. That makes 5 years and 3 months billing for a phone that could not be used.

The first week of June we had had enough of the poor call quality and dropped calls and charges to the bill for items not requested or used on the "new" number. Sprint required a full additional months full payment -- told by the Account Supervisor "once Sprint sends out a bill it will not/can not be adjusted for any reason." I was not getting anywhere with him so I said fine I'll pay the bill.

Went online to pay the bill, it would not put the payment though. They were asking that a new checking account be registered or register a debit or credit card. Could not figure out why I couldn’t pay, so called billing. The lady that took the call was helpful (1st one with Sprint) and she found when we ported the number the first part of June that Sprint closed out the checking use because we were no longer a Sprint customer. Makes no sense, will not prorate for days used, phone was deactivated the minute the number was ported, so it could not be used and yet they threaten to sent the account to collections if not pay ASAP.

Sprint was a pain changing corporate account to personal account, pain keeping 2 accounts open when 1 was to be ported to the other (according to sales person) as soon as the "proper paper work was presented". That same sales person over several months refused all paper work and phones because he did not like them. Sprint kept the corporate number active for 5+ years after refusing to port it and were told to close it (all that time for two lines where paid for; when only one was needed or wanted by all parties; except Sprint).

Sprint claims that is fine print in the "paper work" that states you must pay full months even it only one day is used. "Paper Work" was to be provided when number was ported -- see above. Sprint does not adjust bills once sent; according to Account Supervisor; bill was sent after the line was canceled -- nice touch on the way out. I would warn anyone to avoid Sprint at all cost.
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Horrible Customer Service
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Rating: 1/51
I have had 3-4 phones on my account for almost 10 years. One of the phones I use as a secondary phone stopped working when I switched to a different device. SPRINT CUSTOMER SERVICE gave me instructuctions to repair it and never worked. Unfortunately I don't have 24 hours to spend to do their jobs for them. They are supposed to make the phone work that's why I pay a ridiculous amount of money to these idiots every monthy.

Of course that number is somehow the main number to my account so I don't get any payment reminders or anything. When I tried to set up auto pay over the phone with them, they said you have to set up online. When I go online I have problems logging into my account. So when they turn off my service without any warning. I CANNOT EVEN CALL IN TO MAKE THE PAYMENT. This is unacceptable to me and it has now happened twice where I can't call in to make my payment and they rob me on late charges. The first time it happened my wife was pregnant and I had to literally leave my house at 3am to go call the doctor in an emergency. Of course there are no pay phones anymore so I had to beg the clerk at 7 11 to let me use their phone.

This happened again today. I CANNOT EVEN CALL IN TO MAKE THE PAYMENT. I was scheduled to have a conference call for a $200k project that I have now missed the call and the client is now furious and we will probably lose the project. THANKS SPRINT! YOU JUST COST ME $200K! There is obviously a reason that VERIZON and AT&T are the preferred provider for these services. I have been a long time SPRINT customer, but you have now lost all credibility. I don't know whether to switch services or file a lawsuit for this HUGE LOSS that I have now incurred. I am sure $200k is nothing for SPRINT, but for me and my small business it was a life line.

If anyone is looking for a good service provider, look the other direction!!!!!
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User Replies:
a on 07/11/2013:
Get straight talk or Virgin Mobile....as a back-up
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Ring Around the Unlock Cell Phone Rosy
Posted by on
Rating: 1/51
INDIANAPOLIS, INDIANA -- A few years ago I purchased through Sprint-Nextel a phone that I could use when traveling internationally. I used it two times before we moved to Indiana, where my home location dictated I had to get another provider, which ended up being Verizon as it was the only one that worked dependably at my home location. I recently retired and we intend to begin traveling a few times a year out of the country again. I called Sprint and was told "that phone (V555) was sold as an "unlocked phone", and would work on any GSM Network. I ordered an International SIM card and voila! It asked me for a "subsidy code" (an unlock code). I called back, talked to endless people at Sprint, eventually got a guy in the International who eventually found an "expired" unlock code, but told me I had two choices: 1) open a Sprint account and reactivate (with charges, of course) or 2) take my phone to a Sprint Retail Store, give them the "MSN number" he created for me, and they would "unlock the phone". I called my local Sprint Store, they told me they were "not comfortable doing that", so I went to Indianapolis, where I was quickly told "we don't do this at this store", by the manager. They suggested I drive across town to the Sprint Service and Repair Store". After a 20 minute drive, I waited for 15 minutes for some techy guy to tell me the same thing. I told my story to Mr. Techy, and then the store manager, who promptly agreed with Mr. Techy that "they have no way to do this." I spent countless hours on the phone with various Sprint people, drove about 50 miles (and back) to their Stores, only tofind out the $150 phone I purchased from Sprint would not - or could not be unlocked. In no case, was there ANY offer of sympathy, let alone, an offer to seek an answer to my dilemma by calling the International Department who set this fiasco in motion. Never, Never, Never again with Sprint.
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User Replies:
Vinnie11 on 10/14/2012:
These carriers will NEVER unlock their phones no matter how much of a run around they give you. Even with international phones, they still want you to be a Sprint customer and benefit from your usage every month but with this phone, it can ONLY be used outside the US so I don't get their hesitance. You CAN unlock it by Googling Sprint V555 unlock but you use those services at your own risk. Sometimes it works, sometimes it does not but it isn't expensive and the phone is useless to you as is.
onlooker on 10/15/2012:
There are often kiosks at Malls where someone can unlock a phone for you....again not everyone will do, and it is done at your own risk.
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Poor Customer Service
Posted by on
Rating: 1/51
I just spent 2 hours on the phone with Sprint personnel and my problems were not resolved. In June I placed 2 of my lines on seasonal hold based on information from the Sprint employee that placed my account in Seasonal hold stating I would save money but would pay $8.99 per line. I normally pay $160 per month for my account and the last 3 charges have been $160, $120, and $240. Based on this information I will be paying an extra $40 to place my lines on hold even though the person I contacted in June said it would save me money.

Tonight I was transferred 5 different times (2 times incorrectly) and finally spoke to Theresa from Colorado Lone Tree extension 3214 and told her my situation. She was the one that told me it actually wouldn't benefit me to place my lines on seasonal standby and so that's why I'm paying more than I normally would. I asked her to at least show some semblance of empathy and understanding of my situation (being told incorrect information and being transferred incorrectly which ultimately led me to have been on the phone for 2 hours today) and credit my account something.

I asked her multiple times and she kept stating she couldn't give me a $70 credit, which I did not ask to receive. I will be cancelling my 1 line and then cancel my 2 other lines as soon as the time is up. I will also place this on every Sprint forum I possibly can. I will also bring my case to smalls claim court. I know Theresa could have been empathetic and understanding, but she was completely cold. She alone lost the account for Sprint. I know she could have done something, but did Nothing instead.
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User Replies:
trmn8r on 08/04/2012:
This brings up an interesting issue, which is a recurring theme. When a CSR gives out incorrect information, is the company liable for financial loss to the customer as a result?

Seems like the first thing you need to prove is what you were told, which may have been the sticking point with Theresa making any adjustments.

In the cell phone business, which has limited competition, companies don't seem to mind losing customers. Good luck.
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Sprint Does NOT Stand Behind the Products They Sell
Posted by on
Rating: 1/51
SEATTLE, WASHINGTON -- I have been with Sprint Wireless for 1 month today, after switching from Verizon. I love my phone (HTC EVO Design 4G). I should qualify that I love my phone now that it is working. I had to take it back 6 days after purchasing it because the display kept shutting off 10-15 seconds after I did anything, even though the settings were set to shut off after 5 minutes. The cell phone reception has been about the same as what we experienced with Verizon, spotty in some areas but OK in most areas.

I must say though that the customer service that I have received from Sprint has been abominably poor. I had to call to have a charge taken off my first bill that I did not authorize. As of today (2 weeks after I first called and two more calls later), the erroneous charge still shows on my bill and my account shows past due because of it. I purchased two phones (both the same model) at the same time. The second phone is now giving the same problem as the first one was before it was replaced, shutting off at very short intervals. We have taken it back to the Sprint store where we purchased it.

Three different employees in that store (Southcenter Parkway store in Tukwila, WA) have been extremely rude to us. They refuse to look at the second phone without charging us $35 each time. Even when they didn’t fix the problem, when we take it back they want another $35. I only paid $99 for the phone in the first place. Why should I have to repurchase the phone $35 at a time when the phone is only 30 days old since I purchased it. It has not been dropped or damaged – the display is defective. It is supposedly under a 1 year warranty from the manufacturer, but the Sprint Store refuses to honor this.

Today, they advised that the phone has a defective motherboard, but they still refuse to fix it unless we pay $35 (in addition to the other two visits where they charged us to reset the phone and it did not fix the problem). We have asked to speak to a supervisor or manager and one is never available and they will not give us a manager’s name to contact later. I have tried three different times to contact Sprint Customer Service by phone. All three times, I get to talk to an employee who asks my name and account info. Then they put me on hold. In all three cases, I was on hold for over 30 minutes and finally hung up.

Sprint does not stand behind the product they sell and they will not honor the manufacturer’s warranty. They make it impossible to speak to anyone at their company about the problem. I highly recommend that you avoid doing business with this company. THEY STINK BIG TIME!!!! :(
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User Replies:
Kris10 on 03/30/2012:
I'm with Sprint too. When contacting their CS department, I found it better to use the online chat system. There's only been one time when I had someone that did not understand what I was asking. the other times, I got things resolved in about ten minutes. Give that a try. :)
Sprint Awful 1st week!! on 08/18/2013:
I was with another provider, a smaller company who went out of their way with/if any problems you had w/anything. For 15 yrs I was w/this company and only switched bc sprint had the phone I wanted at the time. Iv so badly regretted switching to Sprint the first week. Have ongoing service/software/hacking and went asurian 3xs for service problems. I have even experienced being lied to by Sprint. Stay away from Sprint, they are the worse company iv ever experienced as a consumer now for 32 years. They are pathetic and don't take responsibility for their awful messed-up service. Nothing!
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Never Choose Sprint
Posted by on
Rating: 1/51
ISSAQUAH, WASHINGTON -- I have been a loyal Sprint customer for over 2 years, I always pay my bill on time and had never had or caused an issues UNTIL now. After my experience with Sprint over the last week I would never suggest this company to anyone, my HTC EVO's charger port disconnected from the mother board, I took it to a Sprint repair store after waiting for almost 45 min they informed that they could not fix it there because it is internal and I would have to but a claim in with insurance dept. and would have to pay a $100 deductible for the phone.

I would have no problem paying this deductible if it where something that I had caused to damage the phone HOWEVER this was not the case. So I called Sprint after spending over a hour on the phone with them a manager told me that he was going to but in a claim as an advance exchange and waive the $100 deductible. I was happy with this BUT I called back in 2 days later to make sure he had done this however he did not nor did he note my account. SO after I spent another 1 1/2 hours on the phone I was told a supervisor would contact me within 24 hours .. that never happened so I called back again 2 days later after another hour on the phone the issue was still not resolved which then my phone died and so I had to call back again the next day spent another 45 min on the phone where they told me because the manager never put the notes in the account that they could not waive the $100 fee, which I told them at that point that I had spent over 4 hours on the phone with Sprint over the last few days and that I would be cheaper for me to just cancel my account, which they said they had no problem doing.

So all in all I will be cancelling my account because that if it’s that they have no value for their customers especially the ones that always pay their accounts on time and not to mention pay for one of the highest plans they have. BUT unfortunately for them my company also has all 120 of our company phones with them and after all this they will most likely be losing that account as well. SO if you are thinking about getting Sprint I would highly suggest looking at your other options, find a company that actually values their customers
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User Replies:
Alain on 03/07/2012:
A smart move to cancel your account. They obviously couldn't care less about you as a customer. You might want to put in a complaint to http://www.fcc.gov/complaints and http://www.ftc.gov/bcp/index.shtml , as well.
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Violation of Privacy
Posted by on
Rating: 1/51
BROOKLYN, NEW YORK -- On Wednesday February 29th 2012 at aprox 5:30pm I turned in a apple iPhone for a buy back to the Sprint store located at 5243 kings please suite A8U Brooklyn, New York. I was helped by a sales associate named Miosoti. The iPhone I was turning in had been disconnected since December of 2011. There were contacts n pictures still stored in the phone. Miosoti explained to me that once she transferred my contacts the phone would be reset and wiped clean of anything in its memory. On March 1st I received a call from a friend claiming to have received pictures and photos of text messages from the phone I had turned in the previous day. The pictures  were sent at 8:46pm. More than 3 hours after I left the store. I was greatly upset and had to leave my job in fear that all my photos were being leaked out of my previous phone. A phone that I was told by Miosoti was wiped clean of all my information. The pictures were sent to a young lady named Julisa. Whom I am not friends with or have had any contact with ever. I was told by her boyfriend Jesus that she had come into possession of my photos. I was told that the chain of possession of my phone passed through Miosoti and one of two technicians named Nancy or Cynthia. When I asked Miosoti she also mentioned a technician named "Alex" . I am honestly scared that my pictures were leaked to more than one person and I want some form of action taken. What happened to me was a violation of privacy. How can I trust Sprint as my service provider when my private pictures and messages are being distributed to the public by an employee  of your company?
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User Replies:
macdave on 03/02/2012:
If this was a sprint corporate store store, I would definitely call corporate, evan if it wasn't a corp store, I would probably call and let them know that procedures are being followed at this store.

I know it doesn't help you now, but the IPhone is extremely easy to wipe yourself. Under general settings just hit reset and erase all content and settings. I did this when giving it to apple to replace the back glass even though it was only out of my possession for about 20 minutes. Next time after they transfer the contacts, do the reset yourself.
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Sprint charged me $500 for 1 month of 4G card service u250
Posted by on


I have been a Sprint wireless customer for 4 years and never had a problem until a few weeks ago.

3 months ago I was told by the Sprint corporate store in Nashville that 4G was all
over Nashville and I could upgrade my 3G connection card to 4G since
it was the same price.

They stressed that 4G was all over Nashville so 3G was obsolete and no
longer needed. I then disconnected my existing 3G card which I had
for 2 years and started a new line with the 4G card.

About a month later when I got my bill, I noticed I was charged a $500
overage charge for my 250U 4G card for 1 month of service.

When I called Sprint at least 10 times
times, spending at least 6 hours on the phone, and being transferred at least 2 times on every call, and having to re-explain this whole story every time I called and every time I was transferred, I was told the $500 overage charge was valid by every person I spoke to.

Five times I went into 3 different Sprint corporate stores and was
told that 4G is all over Nashville and especially Nashville downtown
which is where I used the 4G card. Nowhere do they say that there is
no 4G in downtown Nashville or anything about $500 overage charges
since there is no 4G so it switches you to 3G.

I have recorded these conversations with these Sprint store reps and you can listen to them yourself as proof.

I am outraged that Sprint is ripping me off. This is multi billion dollar company. They are lying to consumers. Who knows how many people they are ripping off? I just want to get out of my Sprint contract and get refunded the $500 overage for one month they charged me. I only had this card for 2 months now. If I would have known this I would never have signed up. Sprint tried to deceive me and stick me with a big fat bill. $500 for 1 month of service of their 4G wireless card is unbelievable, I am just flabber gasted by this company's billing practices.

I called Sprint at least 10 times trying to get this resolved, and the answer is always the charge is valid.

Can you believe this?

If I just help one helpless guy not get ripped off $500 for one month of service by this company this will be worth it.

If this is how they treat their long time customers I am not surprised they are losing subscribers and are in danger of going out of business.

This whole campaign of customer service improvement is just window dressing. It's just business at usual, ripping off the customer is job number one at Sprint obviously.

If you don't want to get billed $500 for 1 month of 4G wireless card 250u service, do not get Sprint. That is my advice to you.

I have proof. Listen to the conversations I had with 5 different Sprint retail store salesman in Nashville in 3 different Sprint corporate stores when I walked in.

If you want to do business with Sprint, you better get it on tape. They tell you one thing to your face, and then when you get the bill it's a totally different story.

Watch out when you deal with Sprint.

1 ripped off Sprint customer in Nashville TN
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User Replies:
Anonymous on 11/13/2010:
So if you are using their 4G card on their 3G network it is no longer at a flat rate? I thought all those air cards were a flat monthly rate.
Anonymous on 11/13/2010:
As far as I remember, 4G was unlimited but 3G had a limit (maybe 2 gig). Over that was a per kilobyte charge. My device told me how much I had used.
Anonymous on 11/13/2010:
Have you used both incrediblell? And if so,could you tell any notable difference in speed between 3 and 4G?
MaggieMcT on 11/13/2010:
I have one of the 3G/4G cards. 4G is faster, but the network seems a little iffier than the 3G network (in my city, can't speak for anywhere else). On my plan, 4G is unlimited, 3G is limited, but my connection tells me which I'm on. I thought that was automatic with the software, but the OP doesn't seem to have known he was on 3G.
Anonymous on 11/13/2010:
Jamie - it is OK - I didn't see any smoke or anything like they make you believe. Also, like Maggie, it was iffy. It would switch back and forth 3g/4g all the time depending on what part of the house I was in. If I used strictly 3g, it was awesome.

BTW, I checked the plan. The limit on 3g data is 5 gig per month. I never even came close to going over.
matt in wa on 01/22/2011:
Sprint did a similar thing to my phone. Bought a phone and was told mobile tv and net was include, so I signed up. A week later my phone was disconnected, not enough credit on my account. Tried to call and all the "free" features caused me to have a negative balance and shut phone off, before 1st bill, not even given a chance to pay, got it back on then a week later off for a week. Got first bill of 140+ for a phone that was off half the time, and refused to pay. Now I owe 800 dollars for the full 2 year plan. They haven't seen a dime. Sprint engages in shady business practices and I will have no part in it.
JC on 12/01/2012:
sprint wireless is ripping me off to for over $500.00 and for pretty much the same reason another person is being taken to the cleaners. their sprint wirless program is a fraud. how can I stop this?
Michelle on 04/26/2013:
I also have been ripped off by Sprint. I paid over $500 per month for internet for over 20 months. Backed into a corner being I live in the country and no other service was available and I have a small business. Is there anything I can do?
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Terrible Security measures with Sprint and Shady Business
Posted by on
LAS VEGAS, NEVADA -- I was with Sprint-Nextel for about 6 years and decided to move away from the Nextel to much more robust phone features (iPhone specifically). I co-signed a friend at the time in 2006 (my fault on the part of co-signing someone I thought I trusted). When I made the transition to switch to a new carrier for 1 phone, I paid all my termination fees and left the other phone to my friend where he would promise to pay the bills. He did pay for a portion of every months bill but it eventually the portions that were not paid acumalated over the months. Since some of the payments were getting, I was ready to eat the rest of the cost after the termination fees since the amount he was paying was over 80% and the months left would have left the cost of the remaining balance cheaper.
I sure did think wrong. When the time came to cancel when the contract was up, I called Sprint and explained the situation that I was co-signing for someone who was only making a portion of the payment and wanted to cancel. Again, I say that I was willing to eat the cost which was much less than the $200 early termination fee. The phone was canceled for the first time. Little did I know, that he was somehow able to reactivate the phone under my account.
I called Sprint again and spoke with a manager and told him that my account should have not got reactivated without my authority since it is under my name. The manager explained to me that he can activate it with my information. Mind that the first time I canceled, I gave them a new billing address where I would pay the final bill. He was able to not only activate the phone, but change the billing address to his own. So I cancelled the phone for a second time while changing the billing address with 2 SECURITY QUESTIONS and a PIN# (and there is no way of my so-called friend knowing these questions). I expected a final bill within the month to take the pay the final cost. After a month of not receiving it, I called Sprint again to ask for the final bill. They told me that the phone was activated yet again. The security questions that I had on it became invalid because he was able to change that yet again. For the 3rd time, I canceled again. How was he able to change it???
The 3rd time still was a failure. So for the 4th time I had to call to cancel yet again and finally spoke to someone who figured out something fishy was going on but said there is nothing they can do. I realized that I remember he knew someone very well that worked at Sprint but could not recall the name. The person was able to give him my security questions and pin# and call it in like no problem. So he was able to get it activated again with all the information. After finally getting this account closed (I hope), the final bill was still never sent to me but straight to a debt collector. The final bill included 2 termination fees from the reactivation. $200 + $200 + all the activation fees and service fees. So now I am stuck with a huge payment putting a deep hole in my pocket in this down economy.
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User Replies:
goduke on 11/17/2009:
Why have you not had the "friend" arrested for fraud?
Anonymous on 11/17/2009:
This complaint seems to be more about your "friend" than Sprint.
BEJ on 11/17/2009:
I would be going after your friend for fraud rather than complaining about Sprint. From what you said he is the one who keeps reactivating the phone.
JayeBP on 11/18/2009:
The process of getting this so called friend prosecuted is under way. But my complaint about Sprint would be their security measures and is partly their fault as well. After numerous cancellations and reactivations, within a week a part would make it seem fishy. Especially within the system, don't they keep a log of what their customers call in for? I've worked as a customer service rep for many companies (and much smaller ones than sprint) and each company had a system management with all the client info and it was mandatory to log in what their calls were about. And each call that I've made, I explained to them the situation and to stop changing the a security questions. Having 2 security questions changed is still on their part. And these security questions that I have provided them in no way he could know it. But they allowed him to change it at least 3 times.
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