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Customer Service Is Better at McDonalds
Posted by Heathersmith0622 on 08/03/2013
LADY LAKE, FLORIDA -- My experience with Sprints customer service started when I noticed my IPhone 4S was "extended" for 5 days. Now I realize when the phone is roaming this is going to happen; however it's not supposed to happen for a week conseculatively. So I was surprised when I called *3 which is supposed to call Sprint directly and I received a message stating that I had called Verizon wireless.

Out of concern I called the 800 number for Sprint where I was told to shut my phone off and they would restart the phone, fixing the problem. Unfortunately not only did that not fix the problem but made the phone completely unusable. Now at this point I was using my boyfriends cell bc mine was no longer making or receiving calls. I was then told to do a master reset where I lost everything including all of my contacts and pictures. Still the problem was not fixed. So I was advised to go to a local Sprint store. Now I had to go three days without a phone bc I work and that was the soonest I could get to a store.

The person who "fixed" the phone was outrageously rude, blamed me for breaking the phone and even suggested that if he couldn't fix it I would have to pay for another one and wait a week for it to come in, which was totally ridiculous because the phone stopped working because of what they did to it. And furthermore why should I have to wait for a new phone when you would think they would have phones in a Sprint store that sells cell phones. I was then told that the person who was fixing my phone who was in a "sprint" store and wearing a "sprint" shirt doesn't work for Sprint and couldn't help me at all. When I questioned him he felt the need to tell me it was like the people who work for "McDonalds" they work under the person who owns the franchise. So, I then said you mean to tell me if I go to McDonalds and they screw up my order I have to pay for another one even though it was their fault? I don't think so. Oh and when I tried to ask for a manager, I was first told there was none, and then that he wasn't in the store that day. I guess they didn't want me to speaking to him.

Even when I told them I was planning on switching my provider I was told that I had to pay an early termination fee just to keep my phone number. Because of course they want there money. Nevertheless my phone was eventually fixed but my experience with Sprint both on the phone and in the store was disgusting. I now understand why they are rated poorest in customer service. I always pay my bill on time and I just can't wrap my head around paying for something I didn't do. I will not recommending Sprint to anyone.
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Posted by John Nicholson on 2013-08-04:
I don't recommend Sprint to anyone. Period. Make sure you tell as many friends and relatives of your experience as you can. Perhaps you can save someone else from being scammed by Sprint.
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Network Outages and Empty Promises
Posted by Garrynutter4515 on 07/28/2013
LITTLETON, COLORADO -- Up until two months ago, Sprint service was pretty decent, now I can't make a phone call from my home without dropping calls every few minutes. I called Sprint service and was told that it was my phone. When I told them that it worked everywhere else in Denver without a hitch. Then they admitted that it might be a network problem, but that they could do nothing more than enter a problem ticket. Then when I complained that my service was poor and I wanted some bill consideration, they stated that they are not obligated to provide service on a consistent basis. I escalated the service request and got the same run around, with promises that they would call me back, but never calling back. Finally, I got a supposedly high up executive after e-mailing the vice president of customer service. She said that this type of service was not acceptable and offered me a $5 discount for four months - I was underwhelmed. She also promised to call me back after "checking into it". To date - no call back.

The bottom line, if you want customer service when you cell service has a problem, don't call Sprint; they obviously couldn't care less if you have service or not - they have you on a contract and will charge you huge fees to end your contract, even if they aren't delivering on their promise to provide you service. Final bottom line - Sprint wireless = poor service!
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Dropped Calls, Long Loading on Internet
Posted by Nicole. Rios31 on 07/26/2013
Very irritating how I can never get on the internet. I wait so long I end up having to restart my phone. .. no service and dropped calls like crazy. I had broken down with my car and had no service to call a tow truck. Forget about Facebook and YouTube never finishes loading. Seriously want to throw this phone and stomp on it. Needless to say I'm done with Sprint. Sorry
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Worst Customer And Tech Support Ever!!
Posted by Mgnycla on 07/17/2013
Currently travelling overseas and I cannot receive nor send text.

I've called customer service several times since a week ago and NOTHING has been done to resolve the matter - problem still persists - have been calling every day to check on status and again NOTHING - just going through vicious circles with customer service and continuously being lied to as they keep telling me that they are working on it, but here we are, a week later, and NO RESOLUTION.

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Posted by Nikki238951 on 07/15/2013
GAINESVILLE, FLORIDA -- I started with Sprint Oct 7 2010 and canceled my service Oct 2012....when I spoke to a manager she advised me that I have prorated fees I was shocked because I wasn't never made aware of this after minutes on the phone she stated she will cancel my account and no fees or bills will be charges to my surprise a payment was sent to collections on July 2013....? I called and they stated I have to pay I don't believe this is fair because when you first start with Sprint they state it will be for 2 years. What most people assume is that what will happen is they will connect with Sprint January 4 2010 and their service will automatically end January 4 2012 but not that's not true they will continue to bill you. How in the hell am I being charged for a bill for October that I must pay in November when I canceled my service in October? Shouldn't my last bill be in October? I asked the manager today July 15 2013) if she have the recorded calls on file to show exactly what this person told me about me not having to pay any more money....she stated not all calls are recorded...that doesn't make sense, if someone takes you to court due to false recorded information how can you prove that...you can't....I

f the lady would've given me correct information on October 2012 that I will be charged still my funds wouldve never went to collections...they need to be held responsible for their actions...and their services is very useless do not make the mistake and connect with SPRINT.....
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Posted by Soaring Consumer on 2013-07-16:
Send a letter disputing the debt to the collection agency via certified mail. The collection agency has 30 days to investigate and respond.
Posted by John Nicholson on 2013-07-16:
Yours is but another in a long line of complaints about Sprint. They seem to take fraudulent charges with no apparent reason or explanation to new heights. Best for people wanting cell phone service to avoid them.
Posted by stephanie on 2013-07-29:
I appreciate my Verizon service.
Posted by londra on 2013-08-05:
Dont sound right...they charge/bill you in advance for service. That first bill is huge..so how in the hell can you have residual fee after two year contract???? Well there are lawyers out there collecting complaints to see if a class action suit is warranted.
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Sprint Service Sucks Stay Away
Posted by Handyhaver on 07/15/2013
PHILA, PENNSYLVANIA -- I upgrade my phone to a new s4 5 weeks ago.. After numerous phone calls, wasted hours of my life on hold, and being sent to 2 service centers, one an hour from where I live, I was told I had to go through Samsung that it was not a Sprint issue... The service reps I spoke with all told me different things and promised to get my problem resolved, but they all turned out to be minimum wage idiots and could not help me at all..

I just re-signed with Sprint as part of my upgrade and regret my decision..

Stay away from this provider... They make it so it takes a good 20 min on hold to speak to a human about your problem and they are useless!!!!

I plan to pass my message on to every blog, website, Facebook, public location, that I can.. I have never been treated so poorly from a company..
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Refused to Port a Number and Required 1 Month Payment to Leave Sprint
Posted by P_mikell on 07/12/2013
CLEARWATER, FLORIDA -- About 5 1/2 years ago we tried to port a number; moving it from a Corp. Account to a Personal Account. Sprint refused to do this; even with letters from and phone calls from the company that was releasing the number to us. As a result had to buy a new phone and the 1st phone number was NOT never ported and Sprint billed the company for that number for ~5 more years; account was finally closed about 3 months ago. That makes 5 years and 3 months billing for a phone that could not be used.

The first week of June we had had enough of the poor call quality and dropped calls and charges to the bill for items not requested or used on the "new" number. Sprint required a full additional months full payment -- told by the Account Supervisor "once Sprint sends out a bill it will not/can not be adjusted for any reason." I was not getting anywhere with him so I said fine I'll pay the bill.

Went online to pay the bill, it would not put the payment though. They were asking that a new checking account be registered or register a debit or credit card. Could not figure out why I couldn’t pay, so called billing. The lady that took the call was helpful (1st one with Sprint) and she found when we ported the number the first part of June that Sprint closed out the checking use because we were no longer a Sprint customer. Makes no sense, will not prorate for days used, phone was deactivated the minute the number was ported, so it could not be used and yet they threaten to sent the account to collections if not pay ASAP.

Sprint was a pain changing corporate account to personal account, pain keeping 2 accounts open when 1 was to be ported to the other (according to sales person) as soon as the "proper paper work was presented". That same sales person over several months refused all paper work and phones because he did not like them. Sprint kept the corporate number active for 5+ years after refusing to port it and were told to close it (all that time for two lines where paid for; when only one was needed or wanted by all parties; except Sprint).

Sprint claims that is fine print in the "paper work" that states you must pay full months even it only one day is used. "Paper Work" was to be provided when number was ported -- see above. Sprint does not adjust bills once sent; according to Account Supervisor; bill was sent after the line was canceled -- nice touch on the way out. I would warn anyone to avoid Sprint at all cost.
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6 Weeks of Dropped Calls on 2 Cellular Phones
Posted by Sharonbo1 on 07/12/2013
STOCKBRIDGE, MICHIGAN -- Beginning Thursday March 21,2013, both of our cell phones in the same household started dropping calls. This happened consistently on almost all of our calls until we discontinued service on May 5, 2013 because it was causing both my husband and I a lot of stress; we switched to Verizon. In a ten minute call the call would drop every minute or less, until we gave up on the call. We contacted Sprint approximately 10 times in that period and did everything that they suggested doing to no avail. Then they said the cell towers were going through renovation and that they would be ready in 3 days. We were told this on 3 different occasions. They said that service would get better in the future. A friend told us that Sprint said that the towers would not be ready until August. I'm happy that service is supposed to get better in the future, but what about now? Finally on May 4 we switched to Verizon. I paid my final bill today of $98.67 after it was put into collections, but I am paying the bill under protest. The service from Sprint is really terrible and in my opinion, the customer service reps are not very honest in their responses.

We are in a rural area and the service with Verizon is better, but not perfect. At least Verizon suggested getting a used Network Extender that works well in the house and gives us a few more bars and has improved service greatly. We don't get dropped calls, only a few missed words occasionally, which is a great improvement.
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Posted by No entitlement attitudes please on 2013-07-18:
It took my 4 days after switching to Sprint from Verizon to realize they stucked more than a Hoover vacuum. By the way. . Your "extender" is only a VOIP adapter. ..google it so you know what it means
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Horrible Customer Service
Posted by Maswank on 07/11/2013
I have had 3-4 phones on my account for almost 10 years. One of the phones I use as a secondary phone stopped working when I switched to a different device. SPRINT CUSTOMER SERVICE gave me instructuctions to repair it and never worked. Unfortunately I don't have 24 hours to spend to do their jobs for them. They are supposed to make the phone work that's why I pay a ridiculous amount of money to these idiots every monthy.

Of course that number is somehow the main number to my account so I don't get any payment reminders or anything. When I tried to setup auto pay over the phone with them, they said you have to set up online. When I go online I have problems logging into my account. So when they turn off my service without any warning. I CANT EVEN CALL IN TO MAKE THE PAYMENT. This is unacceptable to me and it has now happened twice where I can't call in to make my payment and they rob me on late charges. The first time it happened my wife was pregnant and I had to literally leave my house at 3am to go call the doctor in an emergency. Of course there are no pay phones anymore so I had to beg the clerk at 7 11 to let me use their phone.

This happened again today. I CANT EVEN CALL IN TO MAKE THE PAYMENT. I was scheduled to have a conference call for a $200k project that I have now missed the call and the client is now furious and we will probably lose the project. THANKS SPRINT! YOU JUST COST ME $200K! There is obviously a reason that VERIZON and AT&T are the preferred provider for these services. I have been a long time SPRINT customer, but you have now lost all credibility. I don't know whether to switch services or file a lawsuit for this HUGE LOSS that I have now incurred. I am sure $200k is nothing for SPRINT, but for me and my small business it was a life line.

If anyone is looking for a good service provider, look the other direction!!!!!
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Posted by a on 2013-07-11:
Get straight talk or virgin mobile....as a back up
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This Company Is a Scam!
Posted by Volcomejsss on 06/28/2013
SAN DIEGO -- Sprint is a scam. Stay away from this company. Sprint never got my bill straight. They over-charged me for additional services that I initially was paying as part of my plan. Hence, calling customer service was not useful. Three billing cycles passed by and the same issue. The reimbursement never occurred for the overcharges. I must note that the associates at the Mission Valley store (in San Diego, CA), are bewildered of their plans. This is what caused this misunderstanding, the lack of knowledge from Sprint associates. As a result, I canceled this BS service and switched to BoosT Mobile, I get better service, and 4gLTE. Something I never got with Sprint. Like I said, stay away from this company and save your money!
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Posted by Soaring Consumer on 2013-06-28:
FYI Boost Mobile is a subsidiary of Sprint.
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