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Nextel is Horrible
By -

CLEVELAND, OHIO -- I have been a Nextel customer for almost 3 years now. When I first got my Nextel, they were not merged with sprint yet. After the merge, it seems they went straight to hell in a handbasket! I have had numerous problems with Nextel. I have had incorrect billing problems, payment problems, unfair billing procedures, rude and terrible customer service, constant coverage issues. Just recently I went out of town and was billed long distance for INCOMING calls. Is that ** crazy or what!!!

I have been out of town several times, even went to Hawaii last year (they turned my phone in ** Hawaii for $5.00 too) & wasn't billed any long distance or roaming. We purposely used my phone thinking then it's free! I thought roaming was a like a free feature with Nextel. Anyway, I once had my service interrupted because of an astronomical bill they sent and I let the service stay off for about a month and a half. I finally decided life is not complete without a phone and ‘fessed up to pay the bill. The bill was for $300. I made my payment, was told service would be restored.

6 hours later, I called wondering why my phone isn't turned back on, they tell me I need to re open my account and include a $250 deposit. Now, just hours earlier, I was told that paying the old bill would be fine and that they would restore my service with the same number. The lyin' **! I have been hung up on several times by call center reps and MANAGERS, two different managers have hung up on me while trying to resolve an issue they created. Who the hell is running this joint??!

When people try to call my phone, they constantly get "The Nextel customer you are trying to reach is being located" and then it either hangs up on the person or if lucky will go to voicemail. I can't click back over after another incoming call has come in, most of the time it just drops all parties on the line. This coverage issue is a big deal for me. I am a Realtor and people will call someone else quickly if I cannot be reached. I have the Blackberry 7520 and sometimes it will be an hour or so before emails come through due to signal issues.

I make money doing appraisals for bank owned homes and they send out solicitation emails to see if I'm available to take the case, but it's first come first serve, so if another agent beats me to accepting the case, I am out of money. With these blackouts of reception, this can cost me a few hundred dollars a DAY! I pay on average $175 per month for my bill for one line. I have $99 unlimited minutes, $35 data plan, plus long distance, taxes, fees and insurance. All this money and boo boo service. It's like the suckin' phone is in suspended animation.

Anyway, after this last stint of being charged long distance for incoming calls, I have contacted my attorney and I am researching other class actions suits and personal law suits against Nextel and will pursue one for myself. I overpay for service that I don't even get! Do not get a Nextel. Tell everyone who you know not to get a Nextel. If you tell 5 people who tell 5 people, we may can put Nextel out of business or make them step up their game and be a more savvy & reputable company!!! I just read an article saying that their recent quarter is looking terrible. No **. All these people are fed up with this treatment!

Ruined My Credit
By -

WASHINGTON -- I am 22 years old and in the military. I have been with Sprint for over 3 years and will terminate my service with them as soon as my contract is up (4-year contract, just like my enlistment). They are awful. At 8:35AM one day, I receive a voicemail message from a collection agency claiming I owe Sprint $80.98 and that this debt will be put on my credit report. I live in military dormitories, and have never bought a car. My cell phone is the only notch I have as far as credit history! How can I owe Sprint money when I just made a $79 payment two days ago?

I called Sprint and after endless automated selections (€œpress 2 for Spanish, €press 3 for this, €press 6 for that), finally reached an actual person. She couldn't find my account anywhere in the system. Not by my phone number, not by my name, and not by my SSN. (I guess due to the Sprint/Nextel merger people'€™s information is getting lost in dual systems? Who knows, but that sounds awful to customers on the other end of the line offering up your sensitive personal information, and finding that you are NOWHERE in their system!) I get transferred to the requisitions department.

Once they finally find me in their books, they see that I added a second line for $9.99 a few months ago. The person explains that when I did that, I acquired a new account number, which I already knew that, so I was okay so far. I explain that the day I added my second line, I made an $80.98 payment to my bill at the same time.

The phone rep said he €œ"guessed"€ what must have happened was the sales representative must have put that payment onto the new account (which is why every time I pay on my current bill, I am almost $90 over credited on the account spending limit). The old account still showed up as past due, and was not terminated! Because of this blatant discrepancy in customer service, I am pissed and ready to cancel my Sprint service altogether. The phone rep offers to credit my current, active account with $50, so long as I pay the collection agency and settle the debt. I say okay, and he tells me I should see the credited monies on my next Sprint phone bill.

I call the collection agency, and pay over the phone, hoping that they won't destroy my virtually-nonexistent-credit history since it was SPRINT'S MISTAKE and not mine. A Sprint phone rep calls me back at 2:15 PM asking if I am satisfied with the way the matter was settled. I tell her that I am still highly upset because this isn't the first time something like this has happened to me:

Last year, I approached a Sprint Store on the base I was stationed at, and asked about a flier advertising a 15% military discount. I was given the discount and a few weeks later, rewarded with my entire Sprint service being shut off supposedly due to a $300 past due balance on my spending limit. I call the Sprint customer service (from a PAY phone no less!) and inquire about what is going on. It seems that when the service representative gave me the military discount, I was (yet again) switched to another account number, and the old one was viewed as delinquent resulting in any services associated with my SSN to be turned off completely.

All in all Sprint is terrible as a service provider. The current collection issue was officially resolved at 2:30 PM (6 hours and 5 minutes after receiving the initial call about my credit being on the brink of ruin). I felt the world should know about this disgusting service, and steer clear of it. I am going to terminate my service with them as soon as the contract is up!

Refused to Port a Number and Required 1 Month Payment to Leave Sprint
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Rating: 1/51

CLEARWATER, FLORIDA -- About 5 1/2 years ago we tried to port a number; moving it from a Corp. Account to a Personal Account. Sprint refused to do this; even with letters from and phone calls from the company that was releasing the number to us. As a result had to buy a new phone and the 1st phone number was NOT never ported and Sprint billed the company for that number for ~5 more years; account was finally closed about 3 months ago. That makes 5 years and 3 months billing for a phone that could not be used.

The first week of June we had had enough of the poor call quality and dropped calls and charges to the bill for items not requested or used on the "new" number. Sprint required a full additional months full payment -- told by the Account Supervisor "once Sprint sends out a bill it will not/can not be adjusted for any reason." I was not getting anywhere with him so I said, "Fine I'll pay the bill."

Went online to pay the bill, it would not put the payment though. They were asking that a new checking account be registered or register a debit or credit card. Could not figure out why I couldn't pay, so called billing. The lady that took the call was helpful (1st one with Sprint) and she found when we ported the number the first part of June that Sprint closed out the checking use because we were no longer a Sprint customer. Makes no sense, will not prorate for days used, phone was deactivated the minute the number was ported, so it could not be used and yet they threaten to sent the account to collections if not pay ASAP.

Sprint was a pain changing corporate account to personal account, pain keeping 2 accounts open when 1 was to be ported to the other (according to sales person) as soon as the "proper paper work was presented." That same sales person over several months refused all paper work and phones because he did not like them. Sprint kept the corporate number active for 5+ years after refusing to port it and were told to close it (all that time for two lines where paid for; when only one was needed or wanted by all parties; except Sprint).

Sprint claims that is fine print in the "paper work" that states you must pay full months even it only one day is used. "Paper Work" was to be provided when number was ported -- see above. Sprint does not adjust bills once sent; according to Account Supervisor; bill was sent after the line was canceled -- nice touch on the way out. I would warn anyone to avoid Sprint at all cost.

Horrible Customer Service
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Rating: 1/51

I have had 3-4 phones on my account for almost 10 years. One of the phones I use as a secondary phone stopped working when I switched to a different device. SPRINT CUSTOMER SERVICE gave me instructions to repair it and never worked. Unfortunately I don't have 24 hours to spend to do their jobs for them. They are supposed to make the phone work that's why I pay a ridiculous amount of money to these idiots every month. Of course that number is somehow the main number to my account so I don't get any payment reminders or anything.

When I tried to set up auto pay over the phone with them, they said "You have to set up online." When I go online I have problems logging into my account. So when they turn off my service without any warning. I CANNOT EVEN CALL IN TO MAKE THE PAYMENT. This is unacceptable to me and it has now happened twice where I can't call in to make my payment and they rob me on late charges. The first time it happened my wife was pregnant and I had to literally leave my house at 3am to go call the doctor in an emergency. Of course there are no pay phones anymore so I had to beg the clerk at 7-11 to let me use their phone.

This happened again today. I CANNOT EVEN CALL IN TO MAKE THE PAYMENT. I was scheduled to have a conference call for a $200k project that I have now missed the call and the client is now furious and we will probably lose the project. THANKS SPRINT! YOU JUST COST ME $200K!

There is obviously a reason that VERIZON and AT&T are the preferred provider for these services. I have been a long time SPRINT customer, but you have now lost all credibility. I don't know whether to switch services or file a lawsuit for this HUGE LOSS that I have now incurred. I am sure $200k is nothing for SPRINT, but for me and my small business it was a life line. If anyone is looking for a good service provider, look the other direction!!!

Ring Around the Unlock Cell Phone Rosy
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Rating: 1/51

INDIANAPOLIS, INDIANA -- A few years ago I purchased through Sprint-Nextel a phone that I could use when traveling internationally. I used it two times before we moved to Indiana, where my home location dictated I had to get another provider, which ended up being Verizon as it was the only one that worked dependably at my home location. I recently retired and we intend to begin traveling a few times a year out of the country again. I called Sprint and was told "that phone (V555) was sold as an 'unlocked phone', and would work on any GSM Network." I ordered an International SIM card and voila! It asked me for a "subsidy code" (an unlock code).

I called back, talked to endless people at Sprint, eventually got a guy in the International who eventually found an "expired" unlock code, but told me I had two choices: 1) open a Sprint account and reactivate (with charges, of course) or 2) take my phone to a Sprint Retail Store, give them the "MSN number" he created for me, and they would "unlock the phone." I called my local Sprint Store, they told me they were "not comfortable doing that", so I went to Indianapolis, where I was quickly told "we don't do this at this store", by the manager. They suggested I drive across town to the Sprint Service and Repair Store.

After a 20 minute drive, I waited for 15 minutes for some techy guy to tell me the same thing. I told my story to Mr. Techy, and then the store manager, who promptly agreed with Mr. Techy that "they have no way to do this." I spent countless hours on the phone with various Sprint people, drove about 50 miles (and back) to their Stores, only to find out the $150 phone I purchased from Sprint would not - or could not be unlocked. In no case, was there ANY offer of sympathy, let alone, an offer to seek an answer to my dilemma by calling the International Department who set this fiasco in motion. Never, Never, Never again with Sprint.

Poor Customer Service
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Rating: 1/51

I just spent 2 hours on the phone with Sprint personnel and my problems were not resolved. In June I placed 2 of my lines on seasonal hold based on information from the Sprint employee that placed my account in Seasonal hold stating I would save money but would pay $8.99 per line. I normally pay $160 per month for my account and the last 3 charges have been $160, $120, and $240. Based on this information I will be paying an extra $40 to place my lines on hold even though the person I contacted in June said it would save me money.

Tonight I was transferred 5 different times (2 times incorrectly) and finally spoke to ** from Colorado Lone Tree extension ** and told her my situation. She was the one that told me it actually wouldn't benefit me to place my lines on seasonal standby and so that's why I'm paying more than I normally would. I asked her to at least show some semblance of empathy and understanding of my situation (being told incorrect information and being transferred incorrectly which ultimately led me to have been on the phone for 2 hours today) and credit my account something.

I asked her multiple times and she kept stating she couldn't give me a $70 credit, which I did not ask to receive. I will be cancelling my 1 line and then cancel my 2 other lines as soon as the time is up. I will also place this on every Sprint forum I possibly can. I will also bring my case to smalls claim court. I know ** could have been empathetic and understanding, but she was completely cold. She alone lost the account for Sprint. I know she could have done something, but did Nothing instead.

Never Choose Sprint
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Rating: 1/51

ISSAQUAH, WASHINGTON -- I have been a loyal Sprint customer for over 2 years, I always pay my bill on time and had never had or caused an issues UNTIL now. After my experience with Sprint over the last week I would never suggest this company to anyone. My HTC EVO's charger port disconnected from the motherboard. I took it to a Sprint repair store. After waiting for almost 45 min they informed that they could not fix it there because it is internal and I would have to buy a claim in with insurance dept. and would have to pay a $100 deductible for the phone.

I would have no problem paying this deductible if it were something that I had caused to damage the phone HOWEVER this was not the case. So I called Sprint - after spending over a hour on the phone with them a manager told me that he was going to buy in a claim as an advance exchange and waive the $100 deductible. I was happy with this BUT I called back in 2 days later to make sure he had done this however he did not nor did he note my account.

SO after I spent another 1 1/2 hours on the phone I was told a supervisor would contact me within 24 hours... that never happened so I called back again 2 days later. After another hour on the phone the issue was still not resolved which then my phone died and so I had to call back again the next day. Spent another 45 min on the phone where they told me because the manager never put the notes in the account that they could not waive the $100 fee, which I told them at that point that I had spent over 4 hours on the phone with Sprint over the last few days and that it would be cheaper for me to just cancel my account, which they said they had no problem doing.

So all in all I will be cancelling my account because that if it's that they have no value for their customers especially the ones that always pay their accounts on time and not to mention pay for one of the highest plans they have. BUT unfortunately for them my company also has all 120 of our company phones with them and after all this they will most likely be losing that account as well. SO if you are thinking about getting Sprint I would highly suggest looking at your other options, find a company that actually values their customers.

Violation of Privacy
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Rating: 1/51

BROOKLYN, NEW YORK -- On Wednesday February 29th 2012 at aprox 5:30 pm I turned in a Apple iPhone for a buy back to the Sprint store located at 5243 Kings Plz Ste A8U Brooklyn, New York. I was helped by a sales associate named **. The iPhone I was turning in had been disconnected since December of 2011. There were contacts and pictures still stored in the phone. ** explained to me that once she transferred my contacts the phone would be reset and wiped clean of anything in its memory.

On March 1st I received a call from a friend claiming to have received pictures and photos of text messages from the phone I had turned in the previous day. The pictureswere sent at 8:46 pm. More than 3 hours after I left the store. I was greatly upset and had to leave my job in fear that all my photos were being leaked out of my previous phone. A phone that I was told by ** was wiped clean of all my information.

The pictures were sent to a young lady named **. Whom I am not friends with or have had any contact with ever. I was told by her boyfriend ** that she had come into possession of my photos. I was told that the chain of possession of my phone passed through ** and one of two technicians named **. When I asked ** she also mentioned a technician named **.

I am honestly scared that my pictures were leaked to more than one person and I want some form of action taken. What happened to me was a violation of privacy. How can I trust Sprint as my service provider when my private pictures and messages are being distributed to the public by an employeeof your company?

Horrible Company
By -

I have Nextel with a Motorola i335 phone. When I first got the phone I noticed that it took a long time to send and "download" text messages on my phone. After a long while I took the phone to a store and they reset it and it did make the process quicker but by the end of the week it was just as slow as ever. I also regularly have people tell me they get random texts from me only to find out they are just getting texts that I had sent hours beforehand.

Ironically when I went into the Sprint/Nextel store to ask why this was happening I expected them to blame the phone (it was a cheap phone) but instead they admitted it was likely due to a lapse in the tower system. I also have REALLY bad coverage in most areas and consistently drop calls or can't make out what people are saying.

I had the "automatic bill pay" feature via the Sprint/Nextel website. This past month I had a major expense and basically drained my checking account. I get paid 2 days after my account balance is due so I went to take the feature off so I wouldn't have an overdraft but found it takes up to 2 billing cycles to remove the auto pay feature! Here's a shock, 2 billing cycles to take the feature off, SECONDS to activate the feature.

I called Customer Support to see if I could get them to take it off right away and one guy told me they likely could and transferred me but whoever he sent me to said it can't be done. I'm coming up on 2 years, have never been late on a bill, never gone over my allocated minutes, and not only did they not help me but really the tone of voice the customer support people had was they didn't care at all and came across like I was bothering them.

I had considered switching from Nextel to Sprint (even though they are the same company they use different towers at least in Southern California) as my friend has Sprint and she hasn't had nearly the problems I've had but due to such poor customer service I will be bailing as soon as my contract is up in 3 months.

What Sprint Doesn't Tell You
By -

LONETREE, COLORADO -- I recently had called into Sprint to tell the finance team to send me my return down payment via check to my house. After contacting them and was assured it would be, I later found out instead they applied it to my account. So I called into Sprint to see why it was. They didn't listen to my wish and at that point it became a circus show, which it has been for the past year dealing with sprint on a personal level. After speaking for over two hours to the manager, this is what I was sent telling me what they were going to do. However it turned out to be the opposite, they are not keeping their word to me.

"Sprint Nextel has processed the following transaction(s) today: Plan change - your plan has been updated to ASL and deposit for second line would be taken off on the 13th month per sup Jason and kms; also after 18 months CX will be able to add more lines.

Gave CX a 27% discount instead of the 25% and called finance dept, spoke with Kat ** ** and put in a request to have the credit sitting on CX account of 167.82 sent to CX in the form of a check within 7-15 business days. Everything was verified and submitted for CX. Also informed CX wants that is taken off the account and sent to him will call back to check on him and give him a 100 dollar credit due to all the troubles he has had with sprint." Now after all this, I am told I am not getting what I was told. What a joke.

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