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Violation of Privacy
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BROOKLYN, NEW YORK -- On Wednesday February 29th 2012 at aprox 5:30 pm I turned in a Apple iPhone for a buy back to the Sprint store located at 5243 Kings Plz Ste A8U Brooklyn, New York. I was helped by a sales associate named **. The iPhone I was turning in had been disconnected since December of 2011. There were contacts and pictures still stored in the phone. ** explained to me that once she transferred my contacts the phone would be reset and wiped clean of anything in its memory.

On March 1st I received a call from a friend claiming to have received pictures and photos of text messages from the phone I had turned in the previous day. The pictureswere sent at 8:46 pm. More than 3 hours after I left the store. I was greatly upset and had to leave my job in fear that all my photos were being leaked out of my previous phone. A phone that I was told by ** was wiped clean of all my information.

The pictures were sent to a young lady named **. Whom I am not friends with or have had any contact with ever. I was told by her boyfriend ** that she had come into possession of my photos. I was told that the chain of possession of my phone passed through ** and one of two technicians named **. When I asked ** she also mentioned a technician named **.

I am honestly scared that my pictures were leaked to more than one person and I want some form of action taken. What happened to me was a violation of privacy. How can I trust Sprint as my service provider when my private pictures and messages are being distributed to the public by an employeeof your company?

Horrible Company
By -

I have Nextel with a Motorola i335 phone. When I first got the phone I noticed that it took a long time to send and "download" text messages on my phone. After a long while I took the phone to a store and they reset it and it did make the process quicker but by the end of the week it was just as slow as ever. I also regularly have people tell me they get random texts from me only to find out they are just getting texts that I had sent hours beforehand.

Ironically when I went into the Sprint/Nextel store to ask why this was happening I expected them to blame the phone (it was a cheap phone) but instead they admitted it was likely due to a lapse in the tower system. I also have REALLY bad coverage in most areas and consistently drop calls or can't make out what people are saying.

I had the "automatic bill pay" feature via the Sprint/Nextel website. This past month I had a major expense and basically drained my checking account. I get paid 2 days after my account balance is due so I went to take the feature off so I wouldn't have an overdraft but found it takes up to 2 billing cycles to remove the auto pay feature! Here's a shock, 2 billing cycles to take the feature off, SECONDS to activate the feature.

I called Customer Support to see if I could get them to take it off right away and one guy told me they likely could and transferred me but whoever he sent me to said it can't be done. I'm coming up on 2 years, have never been late on a bill, never gone over my allocated minutes, and not only did they not help me but really the tone of voice the customer support people had was they didn't care at all and came across like I was bothering them.

I had considered switching from Nextel to Sprint (even though they are the same company they use different towers at least in Southern California) as my friend has Sprint and she hasn't had nearly the problems I've had but due to such poor customer service I will be bailing as soon as my contract is up in 3 months.

What Sprint Doesn't Tell You
By -

LONETREE, COLORADO -- I recently had called into Sprint to tell the finance team to send me my return down payment via check to my house. After contacting them and was assured it would be, I later found out instead they applied it to my account. So I called into Sprint to see why it was. They didn't listen to my wish and at that point it became a circus show, which it has been for the past year dealing with sprint on a personal level. After speaking for over two hours to the manager, this is what I was sent telling me what they were going to do. However it turned out to be the opposite, they are not keeping their word to me.

"Sprint Nextel has processed the following transaction(s) today: Plan change - your plan has been updated to ASL and deposit for second line would be taken off on the 13th month per sup Jason and kms; also after 18 months CX will be able to add more lines.

Gave CX a 27% discount instead of the 25% and called finance dept, spoke with Kat ** ** and put in a request to have the credit sitting on CX account of 167.82 sent to CX in the form of a check within 7-15 business days. Everything was verified and submitted for CX. Also informed CX wants that is taken off the account and sent to him will call back to check on him and give him a 100 dollar credit due to all the troubles he has had with sprint." Now after all this, I am told I am not getting what I was told. What a joke.

Sprint Customer Service Was Phenomenal!
By -

This happened to me a little over a year ago, but I was reading Sprint complaints and felt really compelled to talk about my great experience. I was looking to get off my parent's Unicel plan entirely because the coverage was awful and I wanted to establish some credit. I purchased a green LG rumor online and a 2-year contract. I had read that there was a line deposit if there was insufficient credit, but I was not prepared when the Sprint agent I was chatting with online quoted me $250!

I was totally wigging out because I was not sure if I could keep up my payments until I went home to work for break if I paid that $250. The agent was super understanding and spent nearly 20 minutes explaining every little detail and how-to of managing my account, and stated she'd put a $100 credit on my account to assist me with the first two payments.

Here I was nearly having an aneurysm because it sounded way too good to be true. Sure enough, when I got my first bill, it didn't reflect the $100 credit. I had written down the name of the agent I spoke with and I gave customer service a call. They were profusely apologetic and the credit reflected in my online statement immediately.

This company helped a naive college student establish their own account and assisted me with my first two months of payment. Thanks to their help, I've never missed a payment and I'll have been with them for a year in October. After 13 months of on-time payments, they will send me the $250 back in a check.

The coverage is great, and I go to college on the side of a mountain! I recently inquired if I could put a short hold on my account without breaking the contract, as I am studying in Europe in the spring. Once again, the agent I spoke with took time to explain how to stop and resume service once I'm back in the states. How awesome! Sprint has a customer for life. They've really done me well.

It Just Keeps Getting Worse...
By -

WASHINGTON -- I used to have Sprint Cellular, but my customer experience was painfully bad. After trying for months to rid my life of their incredibly bad service, I finally switched over to Nextel. Two weeks later, Sprint bought Nextel, and now I'm in the same boat. I had the same phone for years, and it finally started to wear down. Reluctantly, I accepted Sprint's offer to 'upgrade' my phone, and now I have a Motorola i670.

This is the biggest piece of junk I have ever owned. When people call me, 75% of the time, they cannot 'connect to the subscriber'. When I get a text message, instead of being able to click OK and read the message, my phone says 'downloading'. My phone then goes to sleep, and when I wake it up, maybe half of the time it has successfully downloaded the message. I reply, and then wait for another minute, sometimes two minutes, and then it says 'sent!'. But, it QUOTES the original message, making my texts pages and pages long! My battery lasts for about 3 hours, but it beeps a 'low battery' warning for about two of those hours.

The categories on my menus don't make sense, and when I am talking on the phone, it sounds like I am calling on a soup can from Nepal. This is absolutely the worst phone I have ever seen, heard of, or owned. If my service was good, I could forgive the crappy phone, but NO, my service is the worst out of anybody I know. Now I'm stuck in one of those 2-year contracts, and I am no better off than if I didn't have a phone.

You can bet money that as soon as my contract expires, I am cancelling my service with Sprint/Nextel, and moving to a company that gives a darn about their customers. Hours waiting on hold with customer care has not helped me one iota in dealing with this. I'll actually be surprised if this review ever gets to anyone.

Highway Robbery/Forced to Cancel
By -

I would like to mirror what some have said reference to the inflexibility of Sprint. I tried to upgrade my wife's i880 to a new touch phone with data plan. I had no problem extending my contract - I have been a customer for Sprint for years. They would not give me a discount, even with a contract extension which was required anyway?!?

The sticking point? I currently have an additional line on my government phone with Sprint. I simply wanted to switch my 2nd line phone number to my wife's phone and assume her contract (all under my one account #, thank you). I wanted to get her an iPhone, and simply cancel my second line (for which my contract was up), and move my # to her phone and continue to pay her phone and plan. Nothing fishy here - I really was making a good faith effort to maintain her contract.

Anyhow - I changed her phone number to an iPhone, then called to make the switch. HOLD ON! I am now being charged a cancellation fee of $200 (with only 10 months left on contract?!?) and they wouldn't let me cancel my 2nd line and change my number to her phone/plan contract. The 5th person I talked to (a supervisor) told me that her contract could only be honored uner her PHONE NUMBER. I pointed out that I could go online and get a new number right now, free.

I also pointed out that my contract should be under my ACCOUNT #, not the phone #. I told them repeatedly I was not trying to skirt the contract - on the contrary - I was making every attempt at a good faith effort to maintain the phone and contract.

So then she tries to talk me into extending my i880 contract for another two years to waive the terminations fee?! Are you kidding me? This is strong arm robbery tactics over the phone. So what did I do? Forget 'em! I cancelled my second line, told them to send me the cancellation via mail for the i880. NO MORE SPRINT!!! This is how they treat an 8-year customer?

Within 5 minutes I was on the phone with AT&T, I ordered a new iPhone and it's on the way. I opened up the new family plan, and for the same money I was paying SPRINT, I am getting better phones and service. Why couldn't they change my phone number (from my second line) to my i880, you ask? I was told "It's not a real phone line." WHAT?! I think I've been paying for years on this "phone line". I was also told that the contract goes with the phone NUMBER, not my ACCOUNT. WHAT? It's ten simple numbers that get handed out, transferred, and cancelled willy-nilly. What a lame excuse. What a joke. Do not use SPRINT.

I Just Want to Cancel Service With You!
By -

SAVANNAH, GEORGIA -- I called Sprint today to cancel service with them because I am moving to Korea. Well, when I called to get the fax number to fax them the information so I wouldn't be charged the extra cancellation fees, I was directed to four different people, each of which I had to reexplain my whole purpose for calling and information. When I finally got to the right person, I was told to wait so she could set it up and then she was going to get right back to me to give me the fax number. 45 minutes later a very loud noise came over the phone so I had to hang up.

When I called back, I specifically asked for "Account Services" because I was in the process of cancelling service. That person made me give him all my information just to tell me I was in the wrong department. "Really". Like I didn't tell him in the first place that I needed to talk to "Account Services". Well, then when I was directed to Account Services I had to retell that person my whole situation. They said I could either go to a local store or fax. Well, it was more convenient for me to go to a store, where they stuck me on the phone for another 25 minutes just for them to tell me I had to fax the paperwork!

That wasn't the only issue I have had with Sprint. I never had service, their phones are ridiculously expensive, and they lie about your monthly payments and the extra charges that will be added even if you have unlimited text and picture mail. I would never suggest this company to anyone.

Oh, and on top of that. Out of the 4 years we have had service with Sprint/Nextel we were under the impression that we were receiving a military discount. OH NO! Even though we told them we were in the military, you have to specifically ask for the discount or they won't give it to you or credit you the money back. And conveniently their records only go back three months. Such bs. Sorry if this is a disappointment to anyone but if it happened to me it is most certainly going to happen to you.

Sprint/Nextel Customer Service In Incapable Of Providing Accurate Info
By -

FLORIDA -- I have had several problems with Nextel/Sprint Customer Service, including being overcharged, not being provided with correct information and not being "allowed" to discuss the problem with the agent or supervisor who would answer. The supervisors in the Canada and Texas call centers are totally rude and incapable of doing anything to assist a customer with any questions or concerns.

I decided to put two of three phones on "standby" for a few months, I called a total of 5 times to get a quote on the cost for putting the phone on standby and then they turned around and billed me higher costs. The CS dept would not correct their problem or pull their "recorded" calls to confirm what the reps told us. There is no respect or business professionalism from this customer. They refuse to assist a customer with anything that proves that they made a mistake or provided a customer with incorrect info; they won't fix their problems or adjust their billing.

I have also been billed over 60 minutes of overages that were not overages, they were weekend used minutes and Nextel-to-Nextel calls. They argues with me until I had to break down each minute, day and time frame for each call made. They are completely rude and must not be properly trained at all.

The supervisor even told me that she put me on hold to "calm down", like a time out because I was upset and refused to be disrespected and treated like I don't know what my bills should be. It is unprofessional to advise one thing and do something else. This company should have never merged with Sprint. Nextel was never this horrible, and I can't believe that a company can get away with overcharging customer, even on the insurance.

There is two types of insurance plans that older plans had, and those cost over $8.00/month yet now there is a $7.00/month insurance. However they won't offer that to a customer unless you upgrade your phone and get suckered into another 2-yr contract. They are completely overcharging customers and scamming customer out of money they should not have to pay...

Nextel Won't Let Me Cancel My Contract
By -

MACON, GEORGIA -- I had a two year contract with Nextel, which was completed June of 2008. I received a call from Nextel asking me to extend my contract. I said no. They wanted to know why. I told them they didn't have good signals where I lived, and it was a waste of money to have stayed with them for as long as I did. I told them I would be switching to another service. When I tried to cancel, they refused to end the contract. They said I had to pay the outstanding amount, which was the last month of service, but they continued billing me after the phone was shut off at the end of my service contract.

I refuse to pay the bill until they adjust the bill and reject everything they billed me for after my phone service was cut off. They are refusing to do so, and said they will continue billing me for services, even though I don't have services with them any more, until the bill is paid. I told them to adjust the bill and get rid of the fees they charged me after my contract was up, and I will gladly pay the bill. We are in a stand off. They won't end my contract (but continue billing me) when I don't even have phone services any more.

They are holding my contract "hostage" as if to say, they will not allow me to end my services with them even though my two year contract is up. I don't know what to do. Update: 09 OCT 08. Just received another bill. All this, when I don't even have service with them!

Nextel/Sprint Customer Service
By -

GRAND BLANC, MICHIGAN -- 4 words. DO NOT DO IT! This is pertaining to "Sprint together with Nextel." Been customers of Nextel for some years and currently love the plans and we are on month to month for 1 phone and contract for another. Everything was fine until one day in January 2006.

Here is the quick story: A representative advised me would give the 3 phones we have (2 on month to month and 1 on contract) a set discount going forward every month. Oh yeah, the rep stated "Notes are documented. We will take care of this, the discounts will be on the next bill" - or so they said. Pretty funny when I called Nextel back, no record of discounts! Seems like everyone has this problem.

In February 2006 somehow, I got in touch with a Supervisor who pulled the recorded conversation (you can request to have it recorded) between myself and the representative and honored what the rep stated to me. Still no discount on the bill. In between all this, my husband cancelled 1 of our phone lines and guess what? They all were cancelled in March 2006! Their response to me was "I guess your husband was not specific enough on what line to cancel." How more specific can he get when he told Nextel "Please cancel **." I guess that was not specific enough.

Finally turned on the 2 phones back on and another Supervisor stated "We will not charge you the $250 cancellation fee because of the one phone on contract was cancelled." Let me get this straight, Nextel cancelled all the phones in error and she is waiving the cancellation fee? Mighty nice of her don't you think since NEXTEL cancelled all our phones? WOW. The lady that I originally spoke to in January 2006 who told me about this discount that will show up on my next bill, called my house and was very "in your face" to me and advised me "she does not lie, she needs her job" and "if you don't like Nextel, go to another company."

Excellent customer service if you ask me! I spoke to (no joke) 23 different service reps who say "I am so sorry for your inconvenience, but this is not my department." Wrote letters and emails because of bad service and was told "we will call you back if we feel it is necessary."

Moral of the story, no one can help you at Nextel. No one can make corrections to your bill and no one including Supervisors are accountable for their actions. Got a billing error? That is the customer's fault. Disconnected service on accident? Customer fault. Been thinking ongoing to the media, since I have a full notebook of everyone I talked to at Nextel. Document who you talk to along with their name, extension, operator ID and department they are in. Funny how I was told no one can help me apply a discount since there was no notes in Nextel's computer. Am I going to go to another provider? YES I AM. As soon and my discounts are applied.

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