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Sprint Nextel
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Sprint Wifi No Contract Ripoff
By -

Looking over the other complaints about Sprint and their contracts, I no longer feel alone. Here's what went down with me, and I stress that I am both a timely bill payer and I'm not some crank who's too stupid to read a contract.

I recently purchased a Sony Vaio laptop. It came with a built-in Sprint WiFi service that I could "TRY OUT" for 30 days if I wanted to. First time Sprint user, but I'd heard good things and wanted to try it. I did exactly that, using the laptop to sign up. It was very simple and easy to do. In fact, I even got a Verizon WiFi USB dongle to compare the two services on a business trip. I really liked the Sprint service (which becomes very ironic given how I was treated).

Then I had an issue with Sony that required that I return my laptop under warranty and the replacement (which comes in 2 weeks) could no longer have Sprint WiFi built in (I'm beginning to understand why). Plus, I didn't want a USB dongle if I'm paying for a built-in Wifi.

So, the tryout period ended exactly 5 days ago. I was sent NO CONTRACT. I was sent NO BILLS. I was sent NO EMAILS. I was NOT CALLED whatsoever by anyone, until 2 days ago on Saturday, when I received a collection notice for past due fees of 2 months!! This morning, in my office, a waiting message on my phone was dunning me again from the "collections" department. I was stunned. Never in all my years of service with AT&T and Verizon was I ever smacked around for being late with a bill so fast and so hard. And remember, I'm 5 days late after a so-called tryout period.

So long story short, I searched high and low for a way to contact Sprint customer service (interesting when you don't have a Sprint phone), called them up and explained the situation NICELY. After all, these guys in customer service get all kinds of idiots calling up and playing stupid. So I was extremely respectful. Well, not only was I reprimanded for not paying my bills (which I resent), but I was informed that now I also owed a $200 cancellation charge. WOW!! is all I can say!!

After some discussion, nothing moved, I was switched over to the payment department, handed over my Amex number and... $335 later (!!!!) I was finished with Sprint... forever... The last time I was manhandled like this to enrich a corporation's coffers, was in the bad old days of the tech boom years (late 1990's) when soon to be bankrupt ISP companies desperately dunned you for bills that were days old because they were about to go bust and desperately needed cash.

I can't help feeling that this is exactly what is going on with Sprint. I could be wrong of course, but this was a very bad way to keep a customer THAT ACTUALLY LIKED THEIR SERVICE. Like I said to the guy on the phone (nicely), why would I ever want to try Sprint again after this kind of treatment?? Adios Sprint!!

Sprint Rebate Fraud
By -

AUSTIN, TEXAS -- I filed a complaint against Sprint on Sunday, 08 March 2009 with Planetfeedback. As of Thursday, 26 March 2009, this matter has not been resolved to my satisfaction. In fact, this matter was not resolved at all. I was contacted by Sprint on Monday, 09 March 2009. I verified my account information (for security purposes) and supplied the proof of purchase (via email attachment). I was informed that a ticket would be opened and a billing specialist would contact me.

A billing specialist contacted me on Tuesday, 10 March 2009. Once again, I verified my account information (for security purposes) and supplied the proof of purchase (via email attachment) for the billing specialist. Instead of acting quickly to resolve this matter that is almost one year old, Sprint began stalling and wasting my time.

Over the next two days I was sent a standard form letter via email, several times, requesting my account information, proof of purchase, and stating their business hours. I had previously verified my account information (for security purposes) and supplied the proof of purchase (via email attachment) on Monday, 09 March 2009 and again on Tuesday, 10 March 2009. On Thursday, 12 March 2009 I was informed that I would need to contact the Sprint rebate department and supply the same account verification and proof of purchase information I had just previously given to two Sprint employees.

Also, I would have to wait 30-45 days for the rebate. 30-45 days. I have already been waiting almost one year for this rebate. I purchased this phone on Monday, 05 May 2008. I should have received the rebate by Monday, 11 August 2008. Fourteen weeks later! However, I did not receive the rebate. I submitted the proof of purchase via postal service several times, then via fax after I contacted Sprint and was informed that they never received the rebate request.

Now, almost one year later, instead of Sprint acting without delay to resolve this matter as quickly as possible and ensure that a customer is retained, I am informed I need to resubmit the rebate request again (information that has now been submitted via mailing, faxing, and email attachment) and wait. No, I will not wait.

This matter should have been righted by Sprint by Tuesday, 10 March 2009 once I verified my account information and attached the proof of purchase in my email response to Sprint on Monday, 09 March 2009. Sprint should have sent the $50.00 rebate check overnight and given me at least two months of free service to correct this gross inconvenience.

I informed Sprint on Thursday, 12 March 2009 that I would not continue to resubmit information that has been submitted and verified. I informed Sprint that I will not wait another 30 - 45 days for the rebate. I have already waited almost one year! If I do not receive the rebate in 7 business day from today the following will occur: 1. A fraud complaint will be filed with the Attorney General's Office. 2. A fraud complaint will be filed with the Federal Trade Commission. 3. A fraud complaint will be filed with the Better Business Bureau. 4. Another complaint will be filed with Planetfeedback.

Again, instead of Sprint acting quickly they stalled and continued to delay in bringing this matter to a close. I was informed the matter could be expedited and I would only have to wait 15-20 days for the rebate. I replied with No and stated again that Sprint has 7 business days to deliver the rebate check.

In an effort to ensure that I am not satisfied and keep the money that I am owed, Sprint offered an account credit. I replied with No and stated again that Sprint has 7 business days to deliver the rebate check. On Tuesday, 17 March 2009 Sprint stated that would not be able to fulfill the 7 business day request. I quickly informed Sprint that if I did not receive the rebate check on Monday, 23 March 2009 the following would occur:

  1. A fraud complaint will be filed with the Attorney General's Office. 2. A fraud complaint will be filed with the Federal Trade Commission. 3. A fraud complaint will be filed with the Better Business Bureau. 4. Another complaint will be filed with Planetfeedback. 5. A fraud complaint will be filed with Ripoff.com. 6. A fraud complaint will be filed with TheSqueakyWheel.com. 7. A fraud complaint will be filed with MeasuredUp.com. 8. A fraud complaint will be filed with ConsumerAffairs.com. 9. A fraud complaint will be filed with Complaints.com. 10. A fraud complaint will be filed with The Consumer Advocacy Group

Sprint's response only made the matter much worse. They informed me the rebate check would not be delivered in 7 business days and I would have to resubmit the rebate request again and wait. I have since halted all communication with Sprint because that this company is committing fraud and has absolutely no intention of delivering my rightful rebate. I will continue to pursue this matter until I receive my rebate and at the very least two months free service for this gross inconvenience.

Sprint Nextel Is Disingenuous
By -

LAS VEGAS, NEVADA -- It is unfortunate that I must write you this but it is apparent that Sprint's retail customer service is inept and unable to provide a resolution satisfactory to my needs regarding the matter to be presented to you. Over the summer, I began to have trouble with my phone, a Treo 650. The phone would not retain a battery charge for any length of time and I found myself having to recharge it every 5-6 hours. I took the phone to a local repair location, store #1451, where they determined a problem with the battery. The technicians kindly replaced the battery, all was covered under my protection plan, I was happy and on my way.

Less than a week later the phone began to exhibit the previously described problem in addition to arbitrarily and automatically turning on, arbitrarily and automatically rebooting and freezing/locking up to a point where removal of the battery and a reboot of the phone was required to continue use. One or more of which occurred at least once a week. Recently (past 45-60 days) the problems began to occur more frequently, almost daily and I was missing a number of important calls so I took the phone in again. Here is where the customer service problem begins.

December 5, 2008 - Took the phone into the same repair center I had previously visited and described the problems to the host. At that time, I was given a CD, a user manual, a hot sync cable and told I needed to back up my data and update the software. I took the phone back home, completed the tasks and the phone seemed to work fine for approximately week then began to exhibit the same problems. No explanation was given to what the problem was.

December 22, 2008 - Took the phone into the same repair center, this time I was given another battery and a hard reset was completed. Later that night it was obvious that the phone had not been repaired as it froze somewhere between leaving the repair center and making it home. Still there was no explanation given in reference to the problem.

December 23, 2008 - Took the phone into the same repair center, this time the technicians just took it upon themselves to order me a new phone (Centro 690) without consulting with me or explaining to me what the issue with my phone was. Not to mention attempting to downgrade my phone from a Treo to a Centro, this starting a completely different and new issue.

When I complained about both issues, the host had the audacity to suggest that if I didn't like the Centro, I purchase another phone through Sprint's upgrade plan in which Sprint would be so generous as to provide me a $150.00 discount off the retail price of a phone but I would be required to sign another two-year agreement.

I am sure you can imagine my frustration at this point. As I began asking more detailed questions and continuing the discussion it was clear that all I was going to get from the host and subsequently the Assistant Store Manager, ** was regurgitated corporate spin designed to appease the masses. ** and I talked for several minutes unable to determine a resolution that was acceptable to me, she advised that she was no longer able to assist me and that she would request the store manager **, to call me to address my concerns.

I left the repair center for the 4th time with a broken phone, no clear answer to what the problem is, no resolution at hand and waiting for a call from the store manager. It has now been two weeks and I still have not heard from **. ** I have generally been very happy with Sprint as a service provider but this current situation is COMPLETELY UNACCEPTABLE and has me feeling like SPRINT IS DISINGENUOUS!

In today's struggling economy and competition tight for limited consumer dollars I would think that Sprint would aspire to provide a higher level of customer service, not diminished. In addition, I have been a Sprint customer for at least ten years, purchased a number of phones (with or without your upgrade program), increased my service plan with each purchase or upgrade and continually pay $7 a month (about $840 in the past ten years) for a device warranty/protection plan that, based on my current experience, is worthless.

Bottom-line **; I want my phone repaired and restored to its optimum working condition. In the event there is absolutely no possibility to repair my phone, then I want the option to choose a phone that works best for me, NOT the phone Sprint thinks I should have. I am confident in your ability to resolve this situation in a manner that is satisfactory to both Sprint and I. I look forward to your future correspondence.

Poor Service and Poor Phones
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Rating: 1/51

MICHIGAN -- Over the last year with Sprint my daughter has had 8 different phones from HTC Evo to Samsung 3. She lives and goes to school at MSU and her phones dropped calls, had ghost conversations, texts that would not go through, texts to people she did not send, garbled reception or no service on MSU campus. They have put us off all year saying they were improving the towers and the latest is December 26th for the improvements to happen.

After multiple hours on the phone with Customer Service in California, a long way from Michigan, they say call back again if the issues are not resolved by December 26th. I have spoken to an engineer, supervisors and various representatives and each one says "Your service is not bad enough for us to do anything." The safety of my daughter and a kidney transplant hang in this "not bad enough service" balance. We pay for the premium service and get an "I'm sorry." for service and advised that unless we sign another contract and pay for upgraded phones they can do nothing and don't guarantee that that will fix our problems. What happened to service to the customer.

Useless Device; Horrible Reception; Data Is Non-Existent; Stuck w/ the Devil
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Rating: 1/51

RALEIGH, NORTH CAROLINA -- Sprint is absolutely the worst company I've ever had to deal with. Their service was decent my first 6 months, after that the reception is horrible, drops calls. I don't receive calls (but multiple people say it rings), my voicemails and text messages disappear and my "unlimited data" is like getting all you can eat rice but having to eat it one at a time. Sprint is an absolute joke, I thought T-Mobile was bad, I would trade for my Blackberry and service with T-Mobile back any day.

I've spoken with a representative from Sprint just about every week for one problem or another, all they tell me is that Sprint is "upgrading the towers" but it's been out for 6 months! -- "Sorry your service is useless for (blank) amount of time, but it will be worth it in (an unknown amount of time) and the service will be what you actually paid for, but we'll credit your account $15 dollars this month since you're a valuable Spring customer."

Valuable to WHO? Valuable to Sprint's bottom-line, they charge for a service that they can't provide. What an awesome business model. If anyone out there is filing a Class Action Lawsuit, I'm in. Something needs to be done to this scam company to give their customers a way out being scammed monthly for services they are unable to provide. I hate Sprint.

Network Outages and Empty Promises
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Rating: 1/51

LITTLETON, COLORADO -- Until two months ago, Sprint service was pretty decent, now I can't make a phone call from my home without dropping calls every few minutes. I called Sprint service and was told that it was my phone. When I told them that it worked everywhere else in Denver without a hitch, then they admitted that it might be a network problem, but that they could do nothing more than enter a problem ticket. Then when I complained that my service was poor and I wanted some bill consideration, they stated that they are not obligated to provide service on a consistent basis.

I escalated the service request and got the same runaround, with promises that they would call me back, but never calling back. Finally, I got a supposedly high up executive after e-mailing the vice president of customer service. She said that this type of service was not acceptable and offered me a $5 discount for four months - I was underwhelmed. She also promised to call me back after "checking into it". To date - no callback.

The bottom line, if you want customer service when your cell service has a problem, don't call Sprint; they obviously couldn't care less if you have service or not - they have you on a contract and will charge you huge fees to end your contract, even if they aren't delivering on their promise to provide you service. Final bottom line - Sprint wireless = poor service!

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Rating: 1/51

GAINESVILLE, FLORIDA -- I started with Sprint, Oct 7, 2010, and canceled my service Oct 2012... When I spoke to a manager she advised me that I have prorated fees. I was shocked because I wasn't never made aware of this. After minutes on the phone she stated she will cancel my account and no fees or bills will be charged. To my surprise a payment was sent to collections on July 2013. I called and they stated I have to pay. I don't believe this is fair because when you first start with Sprint they state it will be for 2 years.

What most people assume is that what will happen is they will connect with Sprint, January 4, 2010, and their service will automatically end January 4, 2012. But no that's not true, they will continue to bill you. How in the hell am I being charged for a bill for October that I must pay in November when I canceled my service in October? Shouldn't my last bill be in October? I asked the manager today (July 15, 2013) if she have the recorded calls on file to show exactly what this person told me about me not having to pay any more money. She stated not all calls are recorded.

That doesn't make sense if someone takes you to court due to false recorded information how can you prove that? You can't. If the lady would've given me correct information on October 2012 that I will be charged still my funds would've never went to collections. They need to be held responsible for their actions and their services is very useless. Do not make the mistake and connect with SPRINT...

Sprint Service Sucks Stay Away
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Rating: 1/51

PHILA, PENNSYLVANIA -- I upgrade my phone to a new s4 5 weeks ago. After numerous phone calls, wasted hours of my life on hold, and being sent to 2 service centers, one an hour from where I live, I was told I had to go through Samsung that it was not a Sprint issue. The service reps I spoke with all told me different things and promised to get my problem resolved, but they all turned out to be minimum wage idiots and could not help me at all. I just re-signed with Sprint as part of my upgrade and regret my decision.

Stay away from this provider. They make it so it takes a good 20 min on hold to speak to a human about your problem and they are useless!!!! I plan to pass my message on to every blog, website, Facebook, public location, that I can. I have never been treated so poorly from a company.

6 Weeks of Dropped Calls on 2 Cellular Phones
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Rating: 1/51

STOCKBRIDGE, MICHIGAN -- Beginning Thursday March 21, 2013, both of our cell phones in the same household started dropping calls. This happened consistently on almost all of our calls until we discontinued service on May 5, 2013 because it was causing both my husband and I a lot of stress. We switched to Verizon. In a ten minute call the call would drop every minute or less, until we gave up on the call.

We contacted Sprint approximately 10 times in that period and did everything that they suggested doing to no avail. Then they said the cell towers were going through renovation and that they would be ready in 3 days. We were told this on 3 different occasions. They said that service would get better in the future. A friend told us that Sprint said that the towers would not be ready until August. I'm happy that service is supposed to get better in the future, but what about now?

Finally on May 4 we switched to Verizon. I paid my final bill today of $98.67 after it was put into collections, but I am paying the bill under protest. The service from Sprint is really terrible and in my opinion, the customer service reps are not very honest in their responses. We are in a rural area and the service with Verizon is better, but not perfect. At least Verizon suggested getting a used Network Extender that works well in the house and gives us a few more bars and has improved service greatly. We don't get dropped calls, only a few missed words occasionally, which is a great improvement.

This Company Is a Scam!
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Rating: 1/51

SAN DIEGO -- Sprint is a scam. Stay away from this company. Sprint never got my bill straight. They over-charged me for additional services that I initially was paying as part of my plan. Hence, calling customer service was not useful. Three billing cycles passed by and the same issue. The reimbursement never occurred for the overcharges.

I must note that the associates at the Mission Valley store (in San Diego, CA), are bewildered of their plans. This is what caused this misunderstanding, the lack of knowledge from Sprint associates. As a result, I canceled this BS service and switched to BoosT Mobile, I get better service, and 4g LTE. Something I never got with Sprint. Like I said, stay away from this company and save your money!

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