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Under Phone Contract- Dropped Calls
Posted by Dansw58 on 06/27/2013
INDIANAPOLIS, INDIANA -- I'm having a problem with Sprint . Either the call is dropped or broken. I cannot even receive my voice mails. I had to drive 8 miles today to make a call because anywhere closer to my house and the call was dropped. I live in Indianapolis in zone 46240. This problem has been going on for more than a month. When I have called Sprint to complain they say that they are working on the towers and that we will get good service in the future. They cannot say exactly when. My question is whether I am bound to the contract with Sprint since they have given me less than minimal service in the last month? I believe they will fix their problem sometime in the future or go out of business. I am just not willing to wait for that time. I also believe I should be entitled to a refund for the last month.
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Sprint's Horrible Treatment of Loyal Customers
Posted by Kajuklan on 06/27/2013
SALINAS, CALIFORNIA -- I noticed the extra 100.00 off used phones approx. 45-60 days ago. I informed a friend whom I recommended to Sprint. She wanted that phone as an upgrade. So, when she called, first they told her it was a glitch, then they couldn't find it. When I contacted Sprint, they too told me that they couldn't find it, that I was not seeing what I saw. When I wouldn't go away, they said " oh, that's for new customers only"... After all the lies, time, head ache, effort. One of which Sprint did not respond to me for almost a month...not until I contacted them again and informed them that I would be writing to the corporate office. Now some guy says they will wave the activation fee...REALLY? Any first line representative can do that.

For all the lies, games, untruths, waste of my time...this is all Sprint is willing to do?
Most of all being a customer for well over 8 years...this is how I am treated...?

I will give corporate one shot to correct this matter before I jump ship due to their misleading advertisement, poor customer service, and quite frankly their poor cell coverage.
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Posted by Susan on 2013-06-27:
All cell phone companies operate the same - they don't care how long you have been a loyal customer - they offer special deals to get new customers and that is exactly what another carrier will do get your business.
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Want to Cancel but Was Refused
Posted by Francesgarrett07 on 06/13/2013
SACRAMENTO, CALIFORNIA -- I requested cell service from Sprint on 6/10/13 and after receiving the confirmation tried to cancel immediately by chat 6/12 and phone 6/13. I did not want a pre-own phone with a 2 year contract. for that commitment I should get a new phone. When asked to cancel on 6/13 was told I could not cancel because I had asked to open the account and transfer my cell number and the number was in limbo. After asking if I activated the phone today if I could cancel was again told no. I am trying to avoid paying an early cancellation fee of $350.00. I have 14 days but when I asked if this limbo would be resolved in that time he could not tell me. When asked why I could not just cancel since I no longer wanted their service was told no because the phone number was in limbo. Sprint is making it very difficult for me simply to cancel my service and I do not understand why! I became frustrated and asked for the address were I could write the president or someone at Sprint to tell them of my frustration and the experience I had with Sprint and was told NO that he would not give me an address or person to write to. I should not that I had been a Sprint customer prior to this for 10 years and was going to give them another chance but quickly remembered why I had left an after this experience will not be a customer of Sprint again nor recommend them. Thanks for this opportunity to post this comment.
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Posted by John Nicholson on 2013-06-13:
Write a letter explaining that you cancelled within their time-frame for cancellation and provide details on how, when, etc. Send certified to Sprint corporate(look it up online.) Then send a complaint to the FCC. Look up their web address and they have an online complaint form. Under no circumstances pay a cancellation fee, etc. You might also contact your previous provider and explain you want your number and service back, etc. You are dealing with Sprint---not the most honest of companies.
Posted by brad1546 on 2013-08-18:
At any time you had a right to speak to a Supervisor-and get this resolved right then, the day after when you called. Thats is one of many dishonest and the worse excuses iv ever heard from Sprint.
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Sprint constantly tells you they're working on it.
Posted by Rfrank0716 on 05/29/2013
ILLINOIS -- I'm so tired of dropped calls from Sprint along with no data coverage. However, every time you call customer service they will always tell you they already have a couple of tickets on this and will be fixed within a couple of weeks. Friends and myself have been listening to this bs for the last seven months in the Chicagoland and Northwest Indiana area. Can't wait for my contract to end with this sorry company.
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Sprint Is by Far the Worse Company in History to Deal With
Posted by Rmorrow on 05/29/2013
After paying the regular monthly amount of $37.00 for 18 months, I received a bill for $284.00. When I called, no one could tell me why, just that I owed it. I was transferred from one person to the other and having to repeat my story in full each time. During one phone call I was promised that a supervisor would call me within 48 hours. Two weeks later, I was still waiting. However, I did pay my regular monthly bill.

I called back and after going through the entire process once again, I was told there was nothing they could do except give me 25% off. I agreed to take that and cancelled my subscription with them. When I received the next bill, the 25% discount was not reflected so I called once again. The customer service representative that the person who offered the discount to me wrote that I had declined the offer. Really???

Then the supervisor came to the phone and said there was nothing she could do. She didn't care that there might be a misunderstanding or that the person lied, I'm out of luck. In the meantime, they sent me to collection, even though there were no late payments!!!
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Posted by trmn8r on 2013-05-29:
I don't understand why you agreed to a 25% discount off a bill you didn't believe you owed 100% of. Maybe I missed it.

They possibly retracted the offer of 25% off when they found out you were cancelling.
Posted by John Nicholson on 2013-05-30:
I, too am confused as to why you would pay a bill you say you either do not owe or for which Sprint can provide no justification. Did you look at your bill. It should itemize the amounts due and for what. As for Sprint, from our experience it was common practice for them to tack on charges and provide inadequate customer service. Best to go elsewhere.
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Poor Service!!!!
Posted by Alvarez.deanna.r on 05/28/2013
Sprint is the worst service I have ever had. I been dealing with them for months on issues my phone is having, dropped calls, no internet connection, blocked calls and no one at Sprint will do anything about it!!
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Horrible Coverage, Dropped Calls Even Worse Customer Service
Posted by Dnotsier on 05/24/2013
CAMARILLO, CALIFORNIA -- After numerous dropped call and lost signal at my home in the middle of Camarillo,1.6 miles from there cell tower I contacted customer service and after talking with 5 different people they told me it was a phone issue. Since our 3 phones where 2 years old we upgraded to the Galaxy SIII and they worked only slightly better for about a month. Then the same crappy signals and more dropped calls. After numerous calls they said they would send my account out to the review dept. and then they never called back. They now claim that the problem had been resolved and would not issue any credit or let me out of my contract without cancellation charges for all 3 lines. I will keep calling customer service everyday until they change their mind and will write a review everyday too. I live in a town with no buildings over 5 stories and nothing over 2stories between me and the closest cell tower. I can see the tower from my roof top. Everytime the wind blows, its foggy or drizzling the signal drops.. sometimes it shows all 5bars of signal and the phones still can't call out.. sometimes it switches to roaming with only 2 bars and the calls go thru..

Highly recommend anything BUT Sprint. I'm with the guy that said we should start a class action lawsuit..if only to get them to let me out of the contracts.
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Posted by josh on 2013-05-24:
Had the same problem and lives Berri close to tower. They gave me an airaid and I have full bars now.
Posted by Andrea on 2013-07-19:
Is your airaid still working? Mine is no longer compatible with my modem? Have no phone service for 2 months.
Posted by don on 2013-07-31:
Just a few words,drops calls ,no connection,bad incoming calls.
Posted by juliana on 2013-08-11:
if you have the old 1.0 AIRAVE it's not compatible anymore, right now the new models are on back order until mid September but you would be able to get one
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SS = Sprint Sucks
Posted by Steve04104 on 04/22/2013
PORTLAND, MAINE -- If Sprint is similar to other carriers (I've been with them for better than 8 years) we should all call for federal regulation of the industry. Whatever you do, DO NOT TRUST THEIR SALESPEOPLE! The pitch is "this is the plan price", when what they mean is that this is the base price that we then increase for every dollar we can possibly think of.

I just got off from an online chat with them and came to the conclusion that I would rather close my contract. I am considering just stopping any payment. I know they have a deactivation fee, but I'm not in a position where I am willing to pay it because of what I really consider to be fraudulent representation. I'm also in a position where I don't care if they then try to send me to collection and damage my credit report. I'm not going to be looking to borrow money so why should I care!
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Posted by nikalseyn on 2013-04-22:
I know two young people who had similar bad experiences with Sprint---they lied---and cancelled. Of course, Sprint wanted a cancellation fee. Both ignored Sprint, it was turned over to a collection agency and they ignored them also. It has been three years now and it does not appear their credit score, etc. have been adversely affected much, if at all. There is a note on one credit bureau report of the Sprint action, but life goes on. When you feel you have been lied to and deceived, like Sprint appears to do with regularity, the best and most honorable thing to do is cancel out and go somewhere where your business will be appreciated. Sprint could care less. Just make sure that you have not given them access to your credit card number or bank account. If so, make sure they cannot take any monies out of your account or charge your credit card before you cancel. Straighten those out, then cancel.
Posted by rh072 on 2013-07-12:
After paying 12 months on a third phone for 92 year old mother who cannot, never did, use the phone...it is still in the box although it was mailed to me by SPRINT already activated, they refuse to cancel the remaining contract on that phone without huge cancellation fee. Nevermind I have BEEN with them for 8 years and never have paid late. I was told, "We don't care how long the customer has been with us or how they have paid. This is our policy, no exceptions." No attempt to make any concession with a long time paying customer whatsoever. I err, they did say that if I paid the $175 cancellation fee, I could drive the phone( a $20 throw away) to one of their stores where I would receive a $5 rebate. My contract is up August 1 and I am jumping for joy. I will fire them all by never spending another penny with SPRINT and I will NEVER return. My free time will be spent spreading the word that SPRINT cares not one iota for the customer. I have no agenda with any other carrier, don't have any affiliations with any, just say, leave SPRINT and go with anyone, I mean anyone, other than SPRINT.

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Worst Company Ever!!!
Posted by Augieedogie on 04/21/2013
MIAMI, FLORIDA -- When first visiting Sprint the treatment was good and professional, although after signing their contract any and all complaints go unnoticed, aside for my monthly $200 dollar donations, they now have very little interest in me whatsoever. My wife and I are currently locked in a family plan for two years, and with two worthless "smartphones"!!! Now after signing up I am told that there is no 4G service and their current 3G is extremely slow at it's best, while others around me are racing along the internet I'm stuck twiddling my fingers!!!

I Do Not Recommend Sprint to Anybody!!!
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Posted by Anniepeckoscia on 03/07/2013
I love Sprint! I have had Sprint (previously Nextel) since 1999. The CS folks are super--almost every time I have called about a complaint or problem, it was resolved quickly and courteously. I just finished a call to remove the equipment protection program. Tried to do it online and wasn't successful. Since I'm removing it at the middle of the cycle, the CS agent offered to take the charges off from the beginning of the cycle. No hassle. No asking me if I'm sure I want to remove it. Nada. That's great Customer Service. As a high maintenance consumer, I have plenty of contact with companies regarding appliances, utility services, cable services, etc. Sprint is definitely one of the best! GO SPRINT!
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