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Could Not Sign Up and Get Discount
By -

I tied to sign up on the USPS employee discount website. I keep getting an error "error processing please try again." so I did. The order never completed, but I later found out my bank had five charges on it from Sprint totaling $920.00. I called Sprint and was told they had no record of my order. I was pushed off and transferred countless times, then I was told the credit processing department was closed on Saturday and I would have to call back on Monday (the $920.00 was from my checking account).

I called Monday and spoke with a customer service rep that was willing to help me even though none of my information was in the system. He was able to contact the credit processing department and was able to find the charges using my credit card #, there was none of my information on file only my credit card info. The customer service rep told me to call my bank with a number given to him to have the funds released.

I called my bank and the said Sprint had to call with the number to release the funds. I called back to Sprint and could not get through to a person. Tuesday I started calling again - I spoke with the credit department. She called the bank and released the fund. It was not till Thursday that the funds actually were released. I sent an e/m off to ** at Sprint (from the Sprint advertisement).

Horrible Customer Service
By -

I have NEVER experienced HORRIBLE customer service in my life both in your stores and on the phone. I went to a Sprint store to unlock an old phone of mine. When I got to the store in FOLSOM, CA (on Blue Ravine Rd) it was 2:30 pm and the door was locked!!! There were people on the inside just chatting away either on the phone or with each other. When I knocked on the door, they just waved me off. Just like to go away. I kept knocking and still they ignored me. This cheesed me off greatly since I walked 2 miles to get there!!! I decided to call customer Service and complain.

That did me a lot of good. I called several times from my cell and home phone trying to explain what happened that I wanted to make a complaint. The first operator I talked to acted like oh well they would transfer me to the dep't that handled that, but was PURPOSELY HUNG UP ON!! I called back and got an Indian woman with such a heavy accent (probably an outsource on. Thanks for taking away American jobs). I could not understand her at all. She too transferred me to DIRECTORY.

I called a third time from my house and the gentleman told me there is internal issues about this and he would help me. He said he would put me on hold to search for the right place to transfer me and HUNG UP ON ME AGAIN. Is this what you have your CSR people do when they get a complaint? Just to keep the complaints down? Your customer service has gone to hell!!! BTW when I started with you back in 2001 I had a plan for 39.99 that had 1000 minutes on there!!! When I upgraded my phone I was FORCED against my will, to change plans!!! Now I get less than half that for the same price and HORRIBLE customer SERVICE.

If something is not done or rectified, it would only be my pleasure to blog about this on every site I can think of (one site I boast have over 2 million readers). AND YES I WISH TO MAKE THIS A FORMAL COMPLAINT. I am so tired of this and so are your other customers, no longer will I tell people how great you were, now just how badly you have gone down HILL.

Maybe I should hit the next stockholders meeting and let them know since I do own your stocks (now dumping most of them because of this!!!) I am tired of jumping through your proverbial hoops in hopes that your uncaring and incompetent staff may handle these issues. I may even try asking all my reader not to pay their bill for a month or two just so you may THE POINT!!!

Want Resolution to Your Complaints?
By -

If you have been dealing with Sprint/Nextel and not getting resolution file a complaint with the FCC. You will actually get an English speaking person that understands your bill and can make adjustments to contracts without extending them and refund money. I actually got a letter from sprint with a specific person and case number to address my problems. I have had many many problems with sprint and their customer service but nothing compares to what I have been through with them since October.

In Oct 2007 I renewed my 2 phone contract and added a 3rd line. My original contract was $89.99, the 3rd line was supposed to be an additional $9.99, when my bill came they were charging me for two $89.99 plans instead of $89.99 + $9.99. I have called every month since October to get this resolved, I actually was on hold for 2 hours and 15 minutes one of those times. Every single month a rep would tell me things were resolved and every time my new bill came I was still being charged. Each month I was disconnected, placed on hold for excessive amounts of time, I was told by one rep that my bill couldn't be changed, that I was stuck with two $89.99 plans.

I was yelled at in some foreign language by a rep that insisted my bill was in fact correct. I would say in the past 5 months I have been on hold or talking to sprint for at least 15 hours. The latest problem, after they supposedly "fixed" my plan is that I no longer have free sprint to sprint minutes so I am being charged to call my husband. A 10 minute call to him costs $1 for his line and another $1 for my line... On the same bill!

My husband has gotten to the point that he wants to hide the sprint bill because when it comes it means I will be on hold for hours trying to resolve it once again. Right now I am dealing with someone that was assigned to me, which means I can get right through and she is really trying to resolve the problem, which I appreciate, but it took an FCC complaint to get this attention.

When Oct 2009 comes I am cancelling, I will not spend one extra minute with sprint. I have been a customer for 7 1/2 years and right now I swear I would flush these phones down the toilet and not have cell phones period if I could get out of their contract without the fees.

If ANYONE at sprint customer service could have been honest with me within the first 30 days of my contract I would have cancelled then but isn't it nice that we are now beyond that time, still having the same problems but trapped in the contract? I feel like I am being held hostage because I refuse to pay their fees and I value my credit rating. I have never been treated this bad by ANY company, I can't even describe how much I HATE SPRINT!

Customers Come First Sprint !!!!!!
By -

JOPLIN, MISSOURI -- Letter Sent to Sprint Today 02/21/2008: To whom This May Concern: Or NOT. In other words to anyone that cares they are losing several customers including me. Your customer service is at its worst. I have had several experiences in which I have been disconnected. Each and every one of them has been because your system tells me one thing I pay then your company turns off my phone because the balance wasn'€™t paid.

In one instance I was on the phone with my mother (who now has passed) talking with her about my uncle who was just diagnosed with colon cancer. I owed 6 bucks. Another instance I asked to disconnect my secondary phone, the person said they would be right back to me. Geee I waited and I waited no call. I went to use my phone and she had disconnected my Primary number. I have tried to be nice but to no avail I kept getting irresponsible people, so called helping me only to find out they just exasperating the problem.

Now I get up very early yesterday morning Feb 21, 2008 only to find I have been disconnected once again. I called and was told no one was in the office until certain hours. Then I tried once again to use your so called online service, most the time I cannot. You see, I drive a big truck and cannot always be online or even stop because I haul hazmat materials. Like I said I tried to get online and all the passwords your having us use is getting complicated even for me (I have operated computers for 30 years). I can only imagine what the normal people are going through.

I finally found out that your company is guessing what my next bill is going to be based on my past use and disconnected me. Because even the customer service person couldn'€™t tell me why I was turned off. But did tell me if I paid 43.90 the service would be restored. Then I could call back when I received my bill in the mail and talk it over with them. "Excuse me." I just said, "I'€™m on the road." Hummm Only he failed to tell me that this would only restore my service for one day because you see this a.m., I went to use my SPRINT phone once again and once again. It was turned off. I am livid.

These and similar experiences have happened over and over again so many I can'€™t remember. You have overcharged me. You have charged me for two phones when I called and reported my phone stolen, and was supposed to only be paying one bill with a family option. I have been switched to another plan only to find out if I hadn't noticed the change and called then I would even be able to keep my plan I wonder how many customers you screwed out of that one.

You people have got to realize your dealing with actual people, people that take a shower, watch TV, and have hardships just like you. I have been a SPRINT customer for at least 6 years. I am ashamed to recommend your company to any of my friends anymore. I will not boast about your service, your connection, your internet, or your pricing because you see it doesn'€™t matter anymore. You have lost one good customer with many more to follow just watch your stock you will see. Cell phones are expendable and are not a necessity of life. Thanks but no thanks to Sprint.

Geee I think I'€™ll have a big bumper sticker made that says, just that, then put it on my big truck, running all over the country, telling everyone my experiences with Sprint over the CB. Lots of GOOD advertisement there. NOT.

March 10th UPDATED - Last month I called and tried to cancel my so called account but to no avail. As I was transferred to disconnect. The kind lady on the other end was but more than willing to help me work this out. As I had been such a great customer for all these years (Don't jump for joy just yet). As we were discussing this matter she finds out that when I had all the trouble and they disconnected my primary line, they failed to actually assign my phone a plan. WHATTTTTTTTTTTT?

So she was going to credit my account with the 84.00. They told me I was behind and also credit my account with 207.00 for back charges they should not have charged me for in the first place. YEA THINK IT'S DONE, YET... HELL NO. I received my bill in the mail today and lo and behold, they have not credited me with the 207.00 but charged me once again for 207.00 I should have been credited. I'm about ready to lose it big time. I have no idea whom to call. I need some serious help here. PLEAASSEEEEE HELP ME. I'M DROWNING IN SPRINT F U 'S. Not your customer for long,

Wrongful Billing
By -

32266, FLORIDA -- It is with much disappointment that I write to you concerning my final bill from Sprint. Having been a customer of Sprint for more than 10 years, I have been quite discouraged by the lack of customer service provided by your Customer Care line and retail stores over the last 2 years.

After spending 6 months with mediocre and intermittent coverage on our phones, I was informed that the problem was not with Sprint, but rather with my phone. In March of 2007, before making the decision to purchase a new phone, I consulted with an agent at a Sprint Phone Repair Center located @ 9510 Atlantic Blvd., Jacksonville, FL 32225. I explained to her that my husband and I were undecided as to whether or not we would extend our contract with Sprint, but that because of working in the healthcare profession, having a cell phone was essential. She helped me to select a phone and we proceeded to check out.

Prior to completing the transaction, I once again conveyed to her that I DID NOT wish to renew my contrast at that time. She again stated that it was not necessary to renew the contract because I was paying full price for the phone.

Let's fast forward to July 07, when I again began having difficulty with the coverage on my phone. I walked into the same Sprint Phone Repair Center, only to stand in line for 45 minutes. Once I was able to talk with an agent, she assured me the problem was my phone.

When I explained to her that I had purchased the phone only 4 months prior, she said then it'€™s probably nothing, €œjust a bug in the system and that It would be fine in a few hours. She did not offer to have my phone looked at or serviced. At that time I asked her to verify the expiration date on our contract. She informed me our contract was scheduled to expire on August 8, 2007. I asked her if 30 days notice was required, and she said no.

On August 14th, I called Sprint to cancel our service contract. Nothing was mentioned about an early termination fee. So imagine my surprise when 2 weeks later I receive a bill for $233.89! I immediately called Sprint, only to be passed around and transferred twice over the next 45 minutes. In the end I was informed that I needed to contact the store in order for the problem to be corrected.

Over the next month, I made 3 attempts to schedule an appointment with the manager. Every phone call was met with an excuse as to why such a request could not be accommodated. Finally on October 23, 2007, at 10:00am I was connected to Ryan, the current manager of this location. Ryan stated that he did not have access to look at my account or purchase history and would be unable to help me. I recognize the fact that he was not the manager at the time of this purchase; however, I was once again referred to the customer care line.

I then called 1-800-639-6111. Sadly, Brandi was the first person to transfer me (only after telling ME not to be so rude) without telling me where she was transferring me to. Next was Sydney, who transferred me to Evelyn, whom had no idea why I was calling. So for the fourth time this morning, I explained my situation. Evelyn stated that because at the time of purchase, the agent did not make a note on our account regarding my wishes, she was unable to assist me. In the end, I spent 90 minutes on the phone, and was once again directed to call the store.

Much to my dismay, I again called Ryan only to be informed that it wasn€'t his fault, but that he could not help me. Over the course of the last few weeks, it has become increasingly clear, that customer service is not a priority for your company. I am appalled at the lack of leadership and courtesy not to mention the uncooperativeness shown during my unfortunate experience. No one was willing to help rectify the situation, only willing to pass me along to someone else. It is astonishing that a customer, whom you should value, is forced to endure such frustration without resolution.

Furthermore, it is simply poor business tactics to literally trick someone into extending a contract when I was completely forthcoming about my desire to not renew at that time. Consumers should be able to rely on employees and trust that they are sharing accurate information while completing transaction with competence. I was lied to, misled and treated with complete disregard.

I have been forced to pay the balance on this account, in order to prevent jeopardizing our credit. I acknowledge that $33.89 is a reasonable remaining adjustment; however, I still maintain that it is not and should never have been our responsibility to pay an early termination fee.

My husband and I have chosen to leave Sprint, for good. Any considerations we had made for returning to Sprint has since been put aside. I have alternately decided that when asked about my experience as a Sprint customer, I will take the opportunity to share my deplorable and burdensome experience.

Nextel is Horrible
By -

CLEVELAND, OHIO -- I have been a Nextel customer for almost 3 years now. When I first got my Nextel, they were not merged with sprint yet. After the merge, it seems they went straight to hell in a handbasket! I have had numerous problems with Nextel. I have had incorrect billing problems, payment problems, unfair billing procedures, rude and terrible customer service, constant coverage issues. Just recently I went out of town and was billed long distance for INCOMING calls. is that sh*t crazy or what!! I have been out of town several times, even went to Hawaii last year (they turned my phone in muthaf'ing Hawaii for $5.00 too) & wasn't billed any long distance or roaming. We purposely used my phone thinking the it's free! I thought roaming was a like a free feature with Nextel.

Anyway, I once had my service interrupted because of an astronomical bill they sent and I let the service stay off for about a month and a half. I finally decided life is not complete without a phone and fessed up to pay the bill. the bill was for $300. I made my payment, was told service would be restored. 6 hours later, I called wondering why my phone isn't turned back on, they tell me I need to re open my account and include a $250 deposit. Now, just hours earlier, I was told that paying the old bill would be fine and that they would restore my service with the same number. them lyin batches! I have been hung up on several times by call center reps and MANAGERS, two different managers have hung up on me while trying to resolve an issue they created. Who the hell is running this joint??!! When people try to call my phone, they constantly get "the Nextel customer you are trying to reach is being located" and then it either hangs up on the person or if lucky will go to voicemail. I can't click back over after another incoming call has come in, most of the time it just drops all parties on the line. This coverage issue is a big deal for me, I am a Realtor and people will call someone else quickly if I cannot be reached. I have the Blackberry 7520 and sometimes it will be an hour or so before emails come through due to signal issues. I make money doing appraisals for bank owned homes and they send out solicitation emails to see if I'm available to take the case, but its first come first serve, so if another agent beats me to accepting the case, I am out of money. With these blackouts of reception, this can cost me a few hundred dollars a DAY! I pay on average $175 per month for my bill for one line. I have $99 unlimited minutes, $35 data plan, plus long distance, taxes, fees and insurance.

All this money and boo boo service. its like the suckin phone is in suspended animation, Anyway, after this last stint of being charged long distance for incoming calls, I have contacted my attorney and I am researching other class actions suits and personal law suits against Nextel and will pursue one for myself. I overpay for service that I don't even get!! DO NOT GET A NEXTEL, TELL EVERYONE WHO YOU KNOW NOT TO GET A NEXTEL. IF YOU TELL 5 PEOPLE WHO TELL 5 PEOPLE, WE MAY CAN PUT NEXTEL OUT OF BUSINESS OR MAKE THEM STEP UP THEIR GAME AND BE A MORE SAVVY & REPUTABLE COMPANY!!

I just read an article saying that their recent quarter is looking terrible, no shnit, all these people are fed up with this treatment!

Ruined my credit
By -

WASHINGTON -- I am 22 years old and in the military. I have been with Sprint for over 3 years and will terminate my service with them as soon as my contract is up (4 year contract, just like my enlistment). They are awful.

At 8:35AM one day, I receive a voicemail message from a collection agency claiming I owe Sprint $80.98 and that this debt will be put on my credit report. I live in military dormitories, and have never bought a car. My cell phone is the only notch I have as far as credit history!

How can I owe Sprint money when I just made a $79 payment two days ago?

I called Sprint and after endless automated selections ("press 2 for Spanish" "press 3 for this" "press 6 for that" ), finally reached an actual person. She couldn't find my account anywhere in the system. Not by my phone number, not by my name, and not by my SSN. (I guess due to the Sprint/Nextel merger people's information is getting lost in dual systems? Who knows, but that sounds awful to customers on the other end of the line offering up your sensitive personal information, and finding that you are NOWHERE in their system!) I get transferred to the requisitions department.

Once they finally find me in their books, they see that I added a second line for $9.99 a few months ago. The person explains that when I did that, I acquired a new account number, which I already knew that, so I was okay so far.

I explain that the day I added my second line, I made an $80.98 payment to my bill at the same time

The phone rep said he "guessed" what must have happened was the sales representative must have put that payment onto the new account (which is why every time I pay on my current bill, I am almost $90 over credited on the account spending limit).

The old account still showed up as past-due, and was not terminated!

Because of this blatant discrepancy in customer service, I am pissed and ready to cancel my sprint service all together. The phone rep offers to credit my current, active account with $50, so long as I pay the collection agency and settle the debt. I say okay, and he tells me I should see the credited monies on my next Sprint phone bill.

I call the collection agency, and pay over the phone, hoping that they won't destroy my virtually-nonexistent-credit history since it was SPRINT'S MISTAKE and not mine

A Sprint phone rep calls me back at 2:15 PM asking if I am satisfied with the way the matter was settled. I tell her that I am still highly upset because this isn't the first time something like this has happened to me:

-Last year, I approached a Sprint Store on the base I was stationed at, and asked about a flier advertising a 15% military discount.
- I was given the discount and a few weeks later, rewarded with my entire Sprint service being shut off supposedly due to a $300 past due balance on my spending limit.
-I call the sprint customer service (from a PAY phone no less!) and inquire about what is going on.
-It seems that when the service representative gave me the military discount, I was (yet again) switched to another account number, and the old one was viewed as delinquent resulting in any services associated with my SSN to be turned off completely.

All in all Sprint is terrible as a service provider. The current collection issue was officially resolved at 2:30 PM. (6 hours and 5 minutes after receiving the initial call about my credit being on the brink of ruin.)

I felt the world should know about this disgusting service, and steer clear of it. I am going to terminate my service with them as soon as the contract is up!

Customer Service Rep Rude As Hell
By -

NEWTON, IOWA -- I called into this so called customer service and gave the privacy proto call info as needed. Right off the bat the CSR(customer service rep) was rude to me and it went from me trying to give her information that I had on my bill to her being rude to me. The CSR asked me if I was wanting everything for free? I replied that no I do not and that I wanted to know just why I'm being charged for having the net on my phone when I never ever used it or requested that service, then I was told by this CSR that I was a lier and that I owed that charge. Second thing; then I was wanting to know why someone took off my text msg plan I have always had on my plan from day one. Why is it that now I'm being charged almost $35.00 for these text messages and not at my plan rate of $5.00? I was talked to by this CSR with Sprint With Nextel that I'm again a lier and that "LOOK LADY IT WAS NOTED ON HERE AND YOU DID REQUEST THIS TEXT MSG TO BE REMOVED SO PAY IT ALRIGHT" When I said no it is not alright I will not pay for it and I want a supervisor right now. After this CSR argued with me for 45 minutes I was put on hold to be transferred to her supervisor, after that hold this CSR came back on phone and came at me full force once again.

Okay now I have been on ths phone for over ONE HOUR AND 30 MINUTES at that time. AFter getting tired of hearing her not being able to be respectful and helpful I hung oup on her.That call lasted well over hr and 30 minutes. I made a call back and spoken with new CSR , this man gave me his supervisor to only have her then tell me two numbers to call and that she is unable to give me the first CSR name for it is coded. I called the two number's for Sprint with Nextel. Guess what? They are not who I need to talk with and no live person on the other end as well.All it does is takes me back to customer service as very first time. Now it has been over 3 hours and 27 minutes with this issue. Made another attempt to call into customer service once again from my Sprint cell using 411..

I was not gave any number to use that time and I just hung up and came on line to do some searching. I want everyone out here to be aware of how POOR OF CSR IS WITH THIS RIP OFF COMPANY NAMED SPRINT WITH NEXTEL. Please help the rest of us stand up to this company and voice our thoughts and pull our business out with this so called company.

Do not call these two phone numbers if you are looking to make a complaint on any CSR with this company..703-433-4000 and "corporate Security of Sprint with Nextel 1-800-877-73330
Good luck!!!!!

Sprint/Nextel - A Sinking Ship
By -

SAN DIEGO, CALIFORNIA -- I have been a Sprint/Nextel customer for 2 years. When the i880 came out I had to have the phone. It was a bit sleeker, had a MP3 player, a bigger screen. It seemed ideal for me. The only way I could get this phone at a better price other than buying it outright for $499 was to open up a second line at which point I would get an instant discount for $150. I knew that my first phone and it's contract was due to expire in Sept. In my mind I knew that I could handle a double phone bill for that short a period, even though I had no use for a second phone line. When I made my order for my second line and new i880, I inquired about my current price plan on line one. I wanted to know if I was on the best plan. I had them review my phone usage and they advised me that I was not on the best plan. Sprint/Nextel said there was a plan available that gave me more minutes but for less than what I was currently paying. I said that it seemed smarter than to switch to that plan, and they agreed. They would give me the same plan for the second line and phone as well. Here lies the problem. Because I changed the phone plan on their advice and because I thought they were providing me with excellent customer service, My first phone line's contract was extended for 2 more years. I was never informed of this. They said they sent out 2 letters to me informing me of this. Because I have been traveling since the first of the year (celebrating my successful fight against lymphoma cancer and treating myself to a years vacation around the world)I never received any letter informing me of this. I pay all my bills on line and use email as my primary(only) means of correspondence to everyone. When I found out that my original contract had been extended, I call twice and spoke to supervisors. I was told there was nothing they could do. I asked why I wasn't informed at the time of the plan change that it would extend my contract. No real answer was given. Sprint/Nextel kept referring to the two letters that were sent out informing of that. We kept arguing in circles about me not being home to receive mail. On top of that, they threaten that if I cancelled my contract, there would be a $200 early termination charge. My thinking is that if they really valued me as a customer they would have honored my request to let my original contract expire when it was due to. I informed them that I had just read an AP news article that 5000 jobs had just been cut with Sprint/Nextel due to lost revenues and loss of customers. Sprint/Nextel is a sinking ship. There are other companies that offer more for less...a lot more for less. I have decided to cancel both my contracts (phone lines)with Sprint and pay the $400 early termination fee. Not only that, I have explained to my family (Sprint/Nextel users) and they are going to cancel their service with them as well. Sprint/Nextel will have to make a lot of changes if they want to stay in business, frankly, I think it's too late for them to start bailing water. They are destined to sink. The fact remains, there are better companies and more can be gotten for less. This market is too competitive.

13 days 787 text messages???
By -

NORTHVILLE, MICHIGAN -- I pay $5.00 a month for 300 text messages on my daughter's phone. Mine is completely close for that service.

* Her phone got broke on 04/09/07 and activated new one on 04/29/07. Until cutting time she was able to make calls and use text messaging for only 13 days.

* Got my bill. They promised to give 300 text for $5.00 but they lowered to 270 and added 487 over usage equal 757 but charged me for 787 total.

* I asked detailed statement. They said I have to get a court order for that. Than I e-mailed the customer service, they said they don't keep a record for text messaging for customers privacy.

* They didn't answer my other questions. I am not eve sure about if they read my mail.


* $5.00 for 300 or 270?
* 270+487=787 or 757?
* I have to bring a court order for to get detailed text message statement but they don't keep record about text messaging?

This is STINK!

That is the mail I received from Sprint and please pay attention to their very last word. This is too funny!
I replied them but didn't hear anything yet.


Thank you for submitting your request via Sprint
online. I am S*** N and have received your
request for the removal of the 300 SMS Text Messages
option. I would make this process a breeze for

I have removed the 300 SMS Text Messages option
from your account. This change will be effective
on May 19, 2007. You can verify this change in
the "Plan Details" section of your online account
anytime after 4 hours of receiving this mail.

Your phone can still send and receive text
messages (depending on the handset type) at a minimal
charge of $0.15 per message.

In case you want to enable this option again, you
may either reply to this email or submit a
request online and we will promptly enable it for you.

We are diligently working to create a world class
experience for you - each time.

Thank you for contacting us. Have a great day.

S*** N.

Sprint together with Nextel
"Where our customers come first!"


I didn't ask ONLY to remove 300 SMS text Message option and create 0.15 cents per message drama. I requested completely turn it off like on my phone 248 *** ****

If I have to make it clear, 248 *** **** WILL NOT be able to send and/or receive text messages. That's what I asked for on the phone from S*** and M**** when they told me about 0.15 per message like you. I mentioned in my mail as well.

I don't know who should I talk with or how can I explain more to make it clear. Do not tell me that you can not completely turn it off , because as my request text message service had been completely turned off on my phone few months ago. Now I am asking exactly the same thing for my daughter's phone.

If you really want to diligently working to create a world class experience for us - each time please pay attention to the customer request.

Thank you for your reply and have a great day to you as well.

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