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Highway Robbery/Forced to Cancel
By -

I would like to mirror what some have said reference to the inflexibility of Sprint. I tried to upgrade my wife's i880 to a new touch phone with data plan. I had no problem extending my contract - I have been a customer for Sprint for years. They would not give me a discount, even with a contract extension which was required anyway?!?

The sticking point? I currently have an additional line on my government phone with Sprint. I simply wanted to switch my 2nd line phone number to my wife's phone and assume her contract (all under my one account #, thank you). I wanted to get her an iPhone, and simply cancel my second line (for which my contract was up), and move my # to her phone and continue to pay her phone and plan. Nothing fishy here - I really was making a good faith effort to maintain her contract.

Anyhow - I changed her phone number to an iPhone, then called to make the switch. HOLD ON! I am now being charged a cancellation fee of $200 (with only 10 months left on contract?!?) and they wouldn't let me cancel my 2nd line and change my number to her phone/plan contract. The 5th person I talked to (a supervisor) told me that her contract could only be honored uner her PHONE NUMBER. I pointed out that I could go online and get a new number right now, free.

I also pointed out that my contract should be under my ACCOUNT #, not the phone #. I told them repeatedly I was not trying to skirt the contract - on the contrary - I was making every attempt at a good faith effort to maintain the phone and contract.

So then she tries to talk me into extending my i880 contract for another two years to waive the terminations fee?! Are you kidding me? This is strong arm robbery tactics over the phone. So what did I do? Forget 'em! I cancelled my second line, told them to send me the cancellation via mail for the i880. NO MORE SPRINT!!! This is how they treat an 8-year customer?

Within 5 minutes I was on the phone with AT&T, I ordered a new iPhone and it's on the way. I opened up the new family plan, and for the same money I was paying SPRINT, I am getting better phones and service. Why couldn't they change my phone number (from my second line) to my i880, you ask? I was told "It's not a real phone line." WHAT?! I think I've been paying for years on this "phone line". I was also told that the contract goes with the phone NUMBER, not my ACCOUNT. WHAT? It's ten simple numbers that get handed out, transferred, and cancelled willy-nilly. What a lame excuse. What a joke. Do not use SPRINT.

I Just Want to Cancel Service With You!
By -

SAVANNAH, GEORGIA -- I called Sprint today to cancel service with them because I am moving to Korea. Well, when I called to get the fax number to fax them the information so I wouldn't be charged the extra cancellation fees, I was directed to four different people, each of which I had to reexplain my whole purpose for calling and information. When I finally got to the right person, I was told to wait so she could set it up and then she was going to get right back to me to give me the fax number. 45 minutes later a very loud noise came over the phone so I had to hang up.

When I called back, I specifically asked for "Account Services" because I was in the process of cancelling service. That person made me give him all my information just to tell me I was in the wrong department. "Really". Like I didn't tell him in the first place that I needed to talk to "Account Services". Well, then when I was directed to Account Services I had to retell that person my whole situation. They said I could either go to a local store or fax. Well, it was more convenient for me to go to a store, where they stuck me on the phone for another 25 minutes just for them to tell me I had to fax the paperwork!

That wasn't the only issue I have had with Sprint. I never had service, their phones are ridiculously expensive, and they lie about your monthly payments and the extra charges that will be added even if you have unlimited text and picture mail. I would never suggest this company to anyone.

Oh, and on top of that. Out of the 4 years we have had service with Sprint/Nextel we were under the impression that we were receiving a military discount. OH NO! Even though we told them we were in the military, you have to specifically ask for the discount or they won't give it to you or credit you the money back. And conveniently their records only go back three months. Such bs. Sorry if this is a disappointment to anyone but if it happened to me it is most certainly going to happen to you.

Sprint/Nextel Customer Service In Incapable Of Providing Accurate Info
By -

FLORIDA -- I have had several problems with Nextel/Sprint Customer Service, including being overcharged, not being provided with correct information and not being "allowed" to discuss the problem with the agent or supervisor who would answer. The supervisors in the Canada and Texas call centers are totally rude and incapable of doing anything to assist a customer with any questions or concerns.

I decided to put two of three phones on "standby" for a few months, I called a total of 5 times to get a quote on the cost for putting the phone on standby and then they turned around and billed me higher costs. The CS dept would not correct their problem or pull their "recorded" calls to confirm what the reps told us. There is no respect or business professionalism from this customer. They refuse to assist a customer with anything that proves that they made a mistake or provided a customer with incorrect info; they won't fix their problems or adjust their billing.

I have also been billed over 60 minutes of overages that were not overages, they were weekend used minutes and Nextel-to-Nextel calls. They argues with me until I had to break down each minute, day and time frame for each call made. They are completely rude and must not be properly trained at all.

The supervisor even told me that she put me on hold to "calm down", like a time out because I was upset and refused to be disrespected and treated like I don't know what my bills should be. It is unprofessional to advise one thing and do something else. This company should have never merged with Sprint. Nextel was never this horrible, and I can't believe that a company can get away with overcharging customer, even on the insurance.

There is two types of insurance plans that older plans had, and those cost over $8.00/month yet now there is a $7.00/month insurance. However they won't offer that to a customer unless you upgrade your phone and get suckered into another 2-yr contract. They are completely overcharging customers and scamming customer out of money they should not have to pay...

Nextel Won't Let Me Cancel My Contract
By -

MACON, GEORGIA -- I had a two year contract with Nextel, which was completed June of 2008. I received a call from Nextel asking me to extend my contract. I said no. They wanted to know why. I told them they didn't have good signals where I lived, and it was a waste of money to have stayed with them for as long as I did. I told them I would be switching to another service. When I tried to cancel, they refused to end the contract. They said I had to pay the outstanding amount, which was the last month of service, but they continued billing me after the phone was shut off at the end of my service contract.

I refuse to pay the bill until they adjust the bill and reject everything they billed me for after my phone service was cut off. They are refusing to do so, and said they will continue billing me for services, even though I don't have services with them any more, until the bill is paid. I told them to adjust the bill and get rid of the fees they charged me after my contract was up, and I will gladly pay the bill. We are in a stand off. They won't end my contract (but continue billing me) when I don't even have phone services any more.

They are holding my contract "hostage" as if to say, they will not allow me to end my services with them even though my two year contract is up. I don't know what to do. Update: 09 OCT 08. Just received another bill. All this, when I don't even have service with them!

Free Sprint Nextel Phone Upgrade SCAM!
By -

JACKSONVILLE, FLORIDA -- My April Sprint bill included a note: "Come to your nearest Sprint store and get a free phone as our thank you for being a loyal Florida customer." So I did. Went to the Sprint store, told them I wanted to take advantage of the free phone promo, SIGNED A NEW TWO YEAR CONTRACT, and on my next Sprint bill was a $192 equipment charge! I called Sprint, got nowhere with the rep, asked for a supervisor. (He wouldn't give me his last name, but he did give his rep # to me -- **.) He was arrogant, placating, and sarcastic. He told me I'd have to go back to the Sprint store to settle this "with them."

"What do you mean, 'with them?' Your bill instructed me to go to your store." He then tried to tell me that the phone would have been free if I had transacted the purchase online, or on the telephone. AGH!! The bill instructed me to "Go to the store!" Round and round we went, getting nowhere. Now I have the exciting prospect of going back to the store to try to settle this - where there is always a line that takes at least half an hour to get through. And now, thanks to their little scam, I'm stuck with them for 2 years. It's criminal.

An update... it just keeps getting better! The Sprint store is CLOSED! Out of business. I called back, to file a dispute for the charges - got the same obnoxious, condescending supervisor. He said he'd file a dispute. A week later, I had a text message informing me that my service was about to be cut off, over the "past due" charges. (I paid the bill on time, but didn't include the charges for the "FREE" phone in my payment.) I called, the rep said, "I have no record of a dispute or of a request that we file one." Unbelievable.

Double Billing
By -

On June 3rd I contacted Sprint to make a payment on my cell phone account. I was told during the process that their computers had froze and I would have to call back. I called back a few hours later and made the payment, and it was deducted from my checking account. Two days later I noticed that there was a large amount being held aside in my account. I contacted my bank and they told me it was for Sprint, the exact same amount that had already been deducted.

I contacted Sprint and after being told repeatedly that there was no double payment was finally (at my insistence) passed on to the Escalation Department where the woman who answered initiated a three-way call with my bank and told them to let go of the hold. I thought it was taken care of...

The next day it had been deducted from my account after all. Called my bank and was told that they had taken the hold off but that Sprint had presented the payment again. Called Sprint where I was once again told that there was no double payment, was once again passed on to the Escalation Department where a woman told me that she would fax my bank and have it taken care of. She did, but it was not the right paperwork.

Tried to call back and was (of course) unable to get a hold of the same person, in fact this time I was somewhere out the of the country, where I was once again told that there was no double payment. I asked to be passed on to the Escalation Department where a smart-aleck young man told me that "You were told that there were not two payments. What do you want me to do." Am going to my bank today to file fraud charges against Sprint. Will also be changing carriers. Unbelievable!

Text Profit Scam
By -

I just recently received a Sprint cell bill of 1500.00 for which I have tree lines on. My son, wife and myself. I have been with Sprint for eight years on a Gov. plan. My wife and I rarely text but kids these days would rather text than talk on the phone. So one month my son went over his 500 text and we were charged extra on that bill. So my wife called Sprint and put him on unlimited text for 15.00 more a month. Then the unbelievable happened. The next month we receive a bill for $1500.00 because of the amount of texting my son had done. He had around 4500 incoming and outgoing text.

The amount has to do with a new girlfriend across town. I called Sprint to talk about this error and besides talking to at least 5 people that could hardly speak English, I was told that there was nothing they can do with the charges. I told them that we had put unlimited texting on his line and they of course don't have any record of this!! Go figure.

I asked Sprint why they would you let someone go so far over their limit of 500 if that's all they had? They said it's a self-accountable thing. Wow, we can fly a man to the moon but Sprint cannot figure out how to help their customers that have gone over their limits in talk or text time by shutting off their phone.

You know why? Because they're a scamming machine. They hope that you go over your limits so they can charge you .20 cents a text (incoming and outgoing) and God only know's how much for talk time. I asked Sprint if they could help me out with this error (on their part) by not put unlimited text on my son line and they said I could dispute it. So now I have to prove to them that we call to make the changes!

I can see where this is going. I know many people that have had outlandish phone bills because of mistakes and many phone companies have lowered the bill, but not Sprint. They said there's nothing they could do. So for all you Sprint user's, beware of the money scamming machine. They're not there to help you out. They are there to take advantage any chance they get. As for Sprint, you lost a long time customer but gained a lifetime of bad press. Thanks for nothing!

Caught In A Costco Trap
By -

ST LOUIS, MISSOURI -- My Story: I live in a fringe service area, but Sprint has the best signal. Went to Costco to purchase my phones since they have a 90-day return policy, and wanted to make sure the phone received signals OK. Purchased two "UPSTAGE" phones, and took them home to give them a spin. Fast forward to 5 weeks later, Thanksgiving day. Had lots of family over and noticed that they were using their Sprint phones in our basement. Wow, our upstages don't do that, and actually the signal with our "upstage" is mediocre at best best... Remembering the "Costco" 90 return, off we go to Costco.

Go to the return center, and am referred to the store kiosk for phones. Immediately informed that "Costco" no longer sell Sprint phones and I must deal with a Sprint store. Store manager says the same, so off I go to a Sprint store...
Sprint tell me that I must deal with Costco since they have a 30 return policy and I am on my fifth week--"but not to worry" they say... "just buy two phone from us (Katana II) and return the two Upstages to Costco, call Sprint CS, and cancel the two Upstages and their numbers... and all will be good."

So, new contract from Sprint, with excellent Signal at home. I return to Costco,they refund the full purchase price of the Upstages, but refuse to help me with the original phone contract... Very belligerent about the whole thing, informing me it's my problem since they no longer write any Sprint service. Next I call Sprint CS-they tell me that both Costco and the Sprint store should have explained that I will be charged 400.00 to cancel the Upstage numbers, that I should have just moved the Upstage numbers to new phones...

Back to the Sprint store, they tell me "yes, we should have told you that, but then you would have had to pay full price for your Katana phones since it would be an upgrade, not a new purchase..." I now have good service, but am faced with either a 400.00 cancel fee, or purchase new phones a suggested retail price, still going to be 400.00-and Costco nor Sprint CS seem inclined to help us with this dilemma...

Trying to buy new hybrid phones
By -

SAINT CLOUD, FLORIDA -- On 9/24/07 I received new hybrid phones to replace the phone I was sold at twice the cost by "Nextel licensed Representative" with the agreement that they would send me a return label (which they did) and credit me the cost of the phone. I proceeded to call Nextel and get my new phones activated, but was told I could not because I was trying to port numbers, which of course not true since I have had the same numbers with Nextel since before they merged with Sprint.

So I proceeded to try to get them to correct the problem to no avail. After 9 days of repeatedly trying to talk to someone with intelligence and getting transferred to a total of 21 people, I finally gave up and cancelled my service with Nextel, I'm thought the problem was resolved. I received a confirmation number with a promise of no termination fees or charges for the next month since my phone was turned off. I was so happy, but then of course On 10/31/07 I received a bill for $492.67. Ironic that it was Halloween because this is like a recurring nightmare.

I proceeded to try to talk to someone about this screw up, but after 1 1/2 hours I could only get them to credit me for the termination fee (which was ridiculous to charge since they could not turn on the service to my new phones) and the "reconnect from suspension fee" they charged me when they suspended my service in error instead of cancelling it (It was big of them to credit me back for there errors). But of course they will not credit me the monthly service charge even though I had no service for the month since I terminated service with them because they could not provide service.

I feel like this is an episode of the Twighlight Zone. So now I sit and wait for the next FINAL bill that will be for over 200.00 for service I never got. How is it that the FCC can do nothing to make this corporation treat the consumer fairly. So much for the help from the government, when it comes to companies charging fraudulently.

Sprint's Contracts and Contract Extensions
By -

BIRMINGHAM, ALABAMA -- I've been a Nextel and now Sprint customer for seven or so years. I'd like to change plans as there are other cheaper plans available. To do so Sprint requires a two-year contract extension. This seems ludicrous and disrespectful. I'm not asking for a new phone just a plan change so there is minimal expense to the company to make the change. Being asked to agree to a new contract after being a customer for as long as I have been tells me Sprint does not value me and in fact is contemptuous of me. It tells me that I'm just a number in a "marketing channel" from which Sprint makes escape very difficult as they want extortion money before I can escape.

Now mind you I realize all carriers have developed similar channels from which all are difficult to escape. But this points to the larger problem of avoiding competition through collusion. Because all companies use similar rules discouraging escape they then can develop imaginitive "services" to run up customer costs. Many of these services are not disclosed at sign-up and do not show up on customer billing statements until well after any opt-out period (usually 15-30 days) and are nearly impossible to have dropped.

Some services which I call "do-nothing" services charge fees for not including you in their databases. These "do-nothing" services and their accompanying fees can be either one-time or recurrent. Unlisted numbers are the most popular recurrent "do-nothing" service. I'm really tired of putting up with Sprint's bs. I'm sure there are many here who feel the same and would like to do something about it changing Sprint's and other phone cos behavior toward them.

Well you can. It calls for making a phone call to your favorite carrier after finding a rate plan that is better than your current plan. When they inform you that a new contract is required become indignant but not rude. Use words like "contempt", "disrespectful", and phrases like "not valued customer". Be tactful but excoriate them. Talk to a supervisor as quickly as possible. Remember most calls are recorded. The more scorn you can heap on the company for its disrespectful behavior the better. All communications work their way up the food chain. Eventually marketing department managers will hear the vibes.

You can also get in touch with agencies like the Better Business Bureau and the Federal Trade Commission and the Federal Communications Commission writing letter of complaint. Contact your Senators and Representatives particularly those on phone company over-sight committees. It's time the predatory phone companies heard from us. Hopefully you'll take this message to heart.

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