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If There Is a Hell It Is Named Sprint
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Rating: 3/51 - Consumer improved rating by 2 stars

VALLEJO, CALIFORNIA -- Beginning April 2015

Grandson, 18, wanted Sprint for unlimited texting. I agreed to help grandson. Went to Sprint store, told by saleswoman I had to have my name on account to run my credit, said I could take my name off after account set up. Saleswoman very friendly, said to lease phone and lease price would be divided into monthly payments and added to bill. We, grandson and I agreed.

August 28, 2015, Friday

I hadn't taken my name off account yet. Received email from Sprint telling me they were going to send me to collections if I didn't pay $187.00. Paid by credit card. Never received a bill. Decided to take my name off account.

August 30, 2015, Sunday, Begin 11:30 AM end 4:45 PM

Went with grandson to Sprint store to take my name off account as agreed upon. Was told I couldn't do it in store. Given form to do it online. Took form, drove back home, attempted to do it online, per instructions on form, believing I was removing my name from account. Got to page where told I was not authorized to proceed. Called Sprint, went through telephone tree, no option for representative, hit zero six times, got representative. Forty-five minutes, on hold several times, customer representative couldn't understand what I was doing.

Went back online, repeated process on paper given to me at store, got same message. Called Sprint store. Told he couldn't understand, would have to come back into store. Drove back to store. Saw saleswoman who leased phone and sold contract. Told her what happened. She said couldn't do it in store. Was cold and unhelpful. I said she could look in her computer and see message. She did. She said she didn't know why. I wasn't leaving until she helped.

She worked in computer, said problem was grandson had to have login name and password. I said I would do it. She turned computer toward me, asked me to put in grandson's name and new password. I did. Thought problem solved. She said when I got home I had to click on link being sent by email within four hours. Thanked everyone on my way out of store. Drove home, watched for email, never came. Waited through Monday, email never came.

September 1, 2015, Tuesday, 11:30 Am until 3:30 PM

Called Sprint Customer Service. Got telephone tree, would not give me option to speak to representative. Hit zero six times, transferred to representative. Explained I did not get email. Put on hold several times, representative needed to consult with “team”. Much back and forth and being put on hold. Representative came back, said email with form was sent, my grandson and I had to sign it, I had to send it back as attachment in reply to form email. Didn't understand why.

Finally told there were two accounts, one with my name (first account), one with grandson's name (second account). I had filled out paperwork online day before (per saleswoman's directions) and was releasing phone number to new account when I thought I was removing my name from existing account not opening another account. Explained that wasn't what I intended to do, not what I was told I could do, not what saleswoman said she was doing.

Several more times on hold, twice two different representatives called saleswoman who denied she'd told me what she'd told me: that I could remove my name from original account, never a mention about having to open another account. Asked for supervisor. Put back on hold. Same representative came back on phone. Repeated wrong story back to me about my complaint. I clarified by telling entire story again for about seventh time.

Put back on hold. Asked for supervisor two more times, representative kept talking, putting me on hold to consult with team or supervisor. No supervisor provided. Problem not solved. Representative kept explaining same thing to me that there were now two accounts, that I'd made second account. Said I'd done it, nothing else could be done. Got angry, demanded supervisor. Put on hold. Supervisor came online, said she'd spoken with store, saleswoman had mislead me, would have consequences, apologized, said leave new account with grandson name, wouldn't have my name. Old account would cease to exist. Thought problem solved.

September 2, 2015, Wednesday, 1:30 PM

Decided to look into grandson's new account, make sure it was O.K. Had login name and password. Saw bill saying “Due now-$250”, shocked. Called customer service, no option to speak to representative, hit zero six times, got representative. I explained I'd paid $187.00 Friday night couldn't owe $250. Went through entire story, again. Representative went back and forth between old account and new account, saw I had paid $187.00 August 28. Put on hold for representative to consult with team, on hold for fifteen minutes, many previous holds that long.

A different person picked up line and asked me for my phone number as if I was just then calling customer service. I got angry, said I'd been on hold for fifteen minutes. New representative hung up. Called customer service again, no option to speak to a representative, hit zero six time, got representative. Explained entire story to new representative who said he was going to speak to his supervisor but he wouldn't put me on hold, he would just take off headset and go speak to his supervisor, then spent five minutes explaining to me that he was going to help with problem, repeated problem, assured me he would help me.

Waited five minutes listening to background noise. Representative came back, told me $250.00 on new account was deposit for new account because of grandson's non-existent credit rating, only way to remove $250.00 deposit was to return, with my name, with grandson to first account. I got angry, again, said we'd come full circle back to beginning.

Representative was going to take off headset again and go consult another supervisor. I said I'm psychotherapist and client in waiting room for fifteen minutes. Told representative to please leave message on my cell phone (Verizon, thankfully). Representative agreed. Client left. I checked my voicemail. Representative repeated only way to get rid of $250.00 was to return to original account with my name and grandson.

Decided to call Verizon when I got off work and ask them to get phone number to open account with Verizon. A couple of hours later realized I would have to pay for phone and early termination fees and had already paid $187.00 even if I didn't pay $250.00. Threw in the towel. Only way to end insanity was to print out form, sign, email back, pay $250.00 on new account. Paid $250.00 with credit card. Printed form, drove to grandson, he signed, drove home, I signed.

Wrote this, took two hours, nothing compared to time I've wasted with Sprint, not to mention stress. Do not use this company. In my entire 69 years, this is the WORST company/customer service I've ever done business with. I've been to Hell and it is named SPRINT.

Resolution Update 09/08/2015:

After searching the Internet for two hours I was able to find the email address for Sprint's CEO, Marcelo Claure. I was unable to find any other Sprint executive's email. I sent the review to Mr. Claure that I posted here at night and asked him to please read it. By the next am I had an email from him. He said my issue would be resolved that day. By noon someone called me, apologetic, saying things are changing at Sprint. I believe Mr. Claure is the new CEO. She gave me her direct line and listened to my story. The day after that I received an email from her detailing what is going to be done. They're returning my $250, making sure my $187 payment is posted to my grandson's "new" account, making sure nothing goes on my credit including a hard inquiry and making sure I don't have an open account with Sprint. I was floored because of the many, many hours I spent with Sprint customer service and in the Sprint store and got nowhere. Apparently Mr. Marcelo values even the smallest customers at Sprint and he made sure everything was cleared up. I only put three stars because of what I went through to get to Mr. Marcelo. If he is the new face of Sprint I would certainly give it a try after he's had the helm for several months, enough time to overhaul Sprint's customer service. I am very happy that he didn't ignore my email.

Worst Customer Service, They're Crooks & Won't Tell You What All Your Charges Are for on Bill
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For all potential customers of Sprint; please don't waste your time or hard earned money with Sprint. Please learn from mine and other's experiences with this rip-off organization. Don't fall for their lies, and spend your money with another, more reputable cell phone carrier. When we ordered our 4 iPhone 6's in September, I was told that the activation fees would be waived for two of the four phones as an incentive to make the sale. Now, two months later the 4th fee is on my bill. I called and was given the runaround by two different CS reps.

I was told there was no manager there to talk to. The representative said he was in charge of the entire Philippines facility, even though he answers phones. I got nowhere with them, I had him look in the notes from my past calls and was told there was no mention of this and they cannot waive this fee. When I called back, I was told I got the same place and got the same response from another representative. However, this lady did say there were managers there, but that no one could speak to me at that time, but could call me back. This still has not happened as of yet.

They lie to us and you can't do anything about it. I asked if someone could pull up my phone calls as they should be recorded as their automated system tells us so that I could prove what I was told. I was again told that this fee cannot be waived, and then I was told there's no need to do that since there's nothing to verify. So, now I'm paying all 4 upgrade fees, $36 each.

My presumption is that I'm not the only one they're lying to, multiply that by the hundreds of thousands of customers they lie to the same way. We as customers have no recourse but to pay them and continue to let them get away with their deceptive practices on a daily basis. On top of that, the representative was rude and curt with me. He didn't care about my concerns or complaints, he made me feel like no matter what I was calling about; Sprint had predetermined that it really did not care about any of my concerns.

Another issue I called about was a $9.99 third party fee that I was charged last month and this month for something that wasn't ordered. He told me it was for “3,000 play credits”. I asked who the charge was from so I could call and dispute it; he told me it was for a game. I asked what game, he said there were a million games out there and he couldn't know, but that it was on the phone. I again stated that no game was downloaded or authorized for purchase on the phone and again asked who the charge was for.

This is when he really got rude and curt with me. I asked him who Sprint gave the money to and he continually refused to tell me, he just kept repeating that I need to see what game was downloaded. I asked how Sprint could charge me for something that they can't tell me where the money was going to and he didn't even attempt to make sense, he simply continued to repeat word for word the statement that I have to check the phone to see what the money was for.

This type of unjustified billing should be illegal, and may be, but I truly believe it is just another way that Sprint is ripping off their customers! How can Sprint charge and take its customer's money and not be able to explain what the charge is for? I believe they merely hope their customers don't take the necessary time to audit their bills because they know most customers don't want to spend an hour or more on hold waiting to get a runaround from their foreign customer service department. Or have to try to deal with a customer service representative that not only doesn't have a firm grasp of the English language, but may only be barely understandable.

Sprint Rep - Deceptive Practices and Entrapment
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LAKE CHARLES, LOUISIANA -- I've been with Sprint since 2006 and really have never had any major issues with them. Sure their internet isn't the fastest, but I loved the fact the data was unlimited. Because I use a lot of it for streaming videos while not at home. My contract ended sometime in November and I went to the Sprint store to get an upgrade and sign a new contract.

When I arrived, I was immediately greeted by the representative there and asked how may she be of service. I told her my contract was up and I was looking to get the iPhone 5s. She led me to her computer and asked for all my info then told me I qualified for a new thing they had called Sprint one up. I asked her about it and she told me basically you only pay $50 for the phone now and the rest will be added to your bill for so long until you paid it off and that you didn't have the standard 2 year contract and could upgrade again the next year for a newer phone if you want.

My original bill before I went to the store was always around $84 sometimes a little higher. So, I asked her around how much will I be billed now since it would have to go up because the price of the phone will have to be added the bill now. She started typing things in her computer and then showed me a price on the screen . I don't remember the exact price but I do remember it was somewhere around $93. A little high for a phone bill but she made it seem like you aren't paying 150 or 200 dollars up front it would just be added in installments.

I will admit that I really didn't read anything on the screen. I just seen the price on the screen and took her word for it that everything else was as she said. So, I signed pretty much wherever she told me. I paid the $50 plus the taxes for the phone then went on my way. I loved everything about my phone, plus my service was faster because this phone had the 4g lte.

I eventually received a text for Sprint saying it was almost time for my bill payment to be due. So I eventually called Sprint to pay it over the phone. I spoke to the representative over the phone and paid it. My first bill was higher than usual because I had to pay all the fees which I knew about from the representative at the store. After paying everything I asked the phone representative around how much will my bill be now since all the fees are gone. Just to make sure there wasn't any others fees. She told me around 110.

I immediately told her that it was higher than what the representative told me when I signed up for it. She looked at all my info again and told me that her price was indeed correct. So, I asked if there was anyone I could talk to because that wasn't the price that was told to me when I signed up. She connected me with her supervisor and her supervisor pretty much said that there was nothing he could do because it was past the 14 days (which is crazy because during the 14 days I was still under the impression that what the representative at the store told me was true).

The supervisor told me that Sprint one up is an store thing and I have to go to the store where I brought it. So I did and spoke to the manager there and he said there was nothing he could do. The people over the phone have more power than him so I would have to go through them. I went home and called again. After talking to the lady she kept putting me on hold and speaking with her supervisor and ended up telling me that I would have to contact some higher up at Sprint or go talk to someone higher at the store.

I asked for a number or to be connected to a higher up and they said they couldn't give it. So, I went back to the store and was immediately referred back to the Sprint call center. I called again, a spoke to someone else and when I told him the price the lady at the store told me, he said my bill should be around 118. I told him that that's even higher than the 110 that the previous representative told me.

He connected me with his supervisor and after telling my story again. The supervisor told me that my bill should run around 125. I told him that my bill is just getting higher and higher. He then told me since I was past the 14 days the only way to get out of the one up program was to pay for my phone outright. Which was the retail price of the phone which is around 600 dollars instead of the price one would pay for signing a contract which I was led to believe when I signed up.

I asked if I could just sign up, go a 2 year contract and pay the difference I would've paid I the store and he told me it wasn't possible. I eventually asked to speak to someone higher than him. So, he had an account manager call me. In a condescending way after making references to judge Judy and Mathis, he pretty much said that I was stuck paying, because I signed up. I asked to speak to someone else because I didn't believe that was right.

Eventually, a lady called me and after telling my story again she flat out said I'm stuck and I should've read my contract. I do know the importance of reading contracts, but I guess I was too comfortable with going into Sprint and believing what the people there said. Plus, how many of us goes into these types of places and the salespeople pretty much summarize everything what the contact says and says sign here? I asked to speak with someone else and eventually the operation director or something like that called. I told him my situation and after using his computer he said my bill would be around 98 dollars.

I told him that's different from what everyone keeps telling me. He said that he looking at everything at that it right. So I guess he got tired speaking with me and gave me the number to calm the Sprint one up department. I called and spoke to the lady there and told her my situation and she told me my bill will be around 110. I told her it keeps changing so she connected me to her supervisor. After saying my story one more time, the one up supervisor said that the 110 was correct.

Everyone else wasn't taking into consideration of the monthly installments for the phone, my work's discount and another discount you get for doing the one up. I asked her if it was possible for me to just sign a two year contract and pay whatever difference I would've in the store for the phone. She said that it was not possible. I told her that I don't think it right that I'm being expected to be held to something that I might have signed (because I still don't know what exactly the contract said) but that wasn't what was told to me when I signed up. She said that another operations director would call me in 24-48 hours so now I'm just playing the waiting games.

Customer Service at Its Worst
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Rating: 1/51

ORLANDO, FLORIDA -- I have recently tested Sprint service and have had some service challenges that I want you to be aware of. I purchased 2 iPhones and switched my services from Verizon Wireless to Sprint on 11/15/2013 at your corporate store located at 885 N. Alafaya Trl Orlando, FL. My service representative was ** who although was very pleasant was not aware of all your policies and procedures. I walked through your service coverage with her at the location on an iPad in the store locating everywhere that I would be using Sprint service. As I use it for work this was necessary in deciding to switch to Sprint.

We located all of the areas that I would be using my devices and she assured me that there was voice and data coverage. I asked her that if I tried out the service and it did not work for me, what timeframe I had to change my mind. She said that I had 14 days to return the devices, I asked her if there would be any fees in returning the items and she said no. I said that is great sign me up and I transferred with the expectation that they would work in the areas that we had discussed. She rang me up added a Galaxy tab mini (good up-selling techniques) and then she went through items on a small signature pad barely readable which required my signature.

She abbreviated the pages that I had to sign saying, "This is just you agreeing to the 2 year contract after 14 days, sign on the bottom." Not stating anything about return fees or restocking fees. As I spent the last hour in the store and being part of the Sprint team one can only assume that she would not be misleading me or misrepresenting the company to make a quick sale. Later that day, I took my partner in to pull his number from Verizon Wireless and add another to my line making 2 lines now with Sprint.

The representative ** (apple representative at the store) asked if I really wanted another apple device as it is not the best phone on the market. When I asked him why he had an iPhone he said he only had it for work and had to have it for show as he was the representative for apple. He then went on to explain the benefits of switching to another brand whether it be Samsung or even Motorola! I was in shock having been a loyal apple customer that their "representative" would disregard them so easily and without pressure.

After having the phones for only a day, I called Sprint and reported that it was not working in the area that I needed it. The customer service representative said that they would be happy to put in a request for that location and if it is a continuing problem I have the option of purchasing what she described to me as a cell phone hot spot that when attached to an internet connection would give me extended coverage. Next solution she gave was that I was still within my 14 day window to return the items to the store. I was a little turned off by a representative not supporting their company and even mentioning discontinuing service.

Over the last 12 days I have used my phone at work, home and my 3 Orlando Hotels that I manage. The phone did not work at all at one of my hotels and I called Sprint again and explained my issue. The customer service representative this time asked me if the phone worked when I walked outside. I said yes, this representative informed me that the phone is not guaranteed to work indoors. I said, "OK thank you" and "Can you put in a request to check coverage at that location?" She said absolutely and that she would have IT look into the issue.

I finally made the decision that Sprint was not going to be the best carrier for what I needed at this time. I went back to the store on 11/25 with both phones and the tablet. The service representative ** who was very rude once she found out I was making a return saying "Oh you're returning all of them." She did not ask why I was returning, nor did she offer any solution to try to keep me as a customer. She said that the restocking fee was $145. I said, “Wait a minute, I was told that there would be no fee to return the items within my 14 day period, I do not have any money to pay that at this time as I just purchased 2 new phones with another carrier.”

So, I asked to speak with a manager. She went to the back and got ** (Lead Consultant). He did not offer me any solutions to my problem and told me that I can "go ahead and call corporate" as he won't do anything no matter what they say. I asked him, “What I am supposed to do, just stand here in the store until I get it resolved?” He said, "You can only wait here for a certain amount of time then I will have to get security."

So I proceeded to then spend the next hour and 45 minutes on the phone, most of the time on hold waiting for the next "manager," to assist me. No one could offer me a solution or fix to my issue. The customer service representatives said, “There is nothing we can do about your issue, you have to pay a re-stocking fee.” At one point the phone was handed back and forth from me to ** and he kept saying no he can't change anything, the system won't let him, we don't communicate with corporate, and so on.

I do have to apologize for using some of the language and tone that I used with the representatives of Sprint over the phone. As we all know after being on hold for over 45 minutes and transferred numerous times, having to explain our story over and over, we as people get a little emotional. What I offered ** and the Sprint service reps - To leave the items with ** and he can have his manager contact me in the morning and we can resolve it at that time. ** response "If you leave them here it's abandonment and I am not liable if someone steals them or something happens to them."

So as a Sprint representative he didn't think that the items would be safe in his store? He also stated that he would have to report them stolen and get the police involved if I left them in a SPRINT STORE?! -To have someone send me a package to return the items. "We do not do that. If they are from that store they have to be returned to that store" - To have the re-stocking fee billed to me as I did not have the money at this time to pay it. "We cannot bill you for a re-stocking fee. You have to pay it or I cannot take the items back."

This brings me back to my first time as a manager when my GM gave me a book called "Moments of Truth". I have been a manager in Hotels for the last 8 years and am now a training manager developing customer service courses. This book "Moments of Truth" describes how one airline with one of the worst reputations in the industry went from nothing to one of the best airlines in the matter of years just by their customer service. Definitely a must read for any associate at a company such as Sprint. It details being empowered to do the right thing and go to whatever lengths you have to in order to resolve a guest issue.

Sprint does not have a great reputation amongst consumers, people ranting about poor service and lack of customer service. The company says that it is trying to turn around its image problem. A little advice if I may is if you are great to people they will come back to you. People don't buy what you offer or your service, they remember how you made them feel. So even after giving the under-dog of the cellular industry a chance, I came up disappointed. Now I am a customer of AT&T and I will not in the future recommend or ever be a Sprint customer.

So what I'm saying is this goes beyond a restocking fee, it deals with truth, treatment and doing what is right. All of which your "People" and "Brand" could not do. Everyone instead placed blame on to one another and acted confused. When you work for a company you are part of them a part of what legacy they will leave and as of right now I would re-train some of your employees and empower them to take ownership of your brand whether it be Sprint or Apple.

We are in the People business, so let's learn how to deal with people first, not look at them as a sale or an inconvenience, but get to know them and treat them the way they deserve to be treated. Ultimately, you and I both know that something could have been done to resolve this issue just not "ONE" of the people that represented the Sprint brand cared enough to try. People who care about their company treat it like their own and can only help it become something great.

Now I have 2 Sprint iPhones, a galaxy tab mini and a contract I can't cancel unless Sprint takes back its product that it so publicly says is one of the best. If you don't believe that just stay on hold for an hour or so you will eventually memorize the message.

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Rating: 1/51

FLORIDA -- We purchased (2) IPhone 5S phones and (1) IPhone 4S outright. We own the phones totally. We were the first in the Speedway store to get the new promotion that Sprint offered, $100.00 per month for the family 20GB data share plan. Sprint was supposed to pay for our cancellation fees with AT&T as well. When we received our cancellation bill from AT&T we brought it right over to the Speedway store and they made a copy and sent it in. They stated that it would be around 30 days before we would receive our visa/Mastercard with the money that we already paid to cancel with AT&T.

It was close to a month. I called them and they said that they received the wrong paper bill from us. I could not even understand how someone at the store could have made such an error! I re-sent in the proper paperwork and also went to the store to have them do this again. So 10/17/14 we sent the first one in and on 11/17/14 the second one was sent in. Now when I try to check it with the confirmation number it states that it cannot find an offer matching the number I provided. Wow! Upon purchase of the phones and the plan we were talked into getting two tablets FREE of charge.

We told the employees that we did not need them. They stated that "they are free so you might as well." We discussed at length how "FREE" they would be. They both informed us that we would not be charged a penny for anything that has to do with the tablets. Ha no surprise. When I spoke to the woman at Sprint she told me that we were in fact being charged for the tablets and we still owe $219.99 on each of them. Wow! We are also being charged access fees for all phones and term access charges. With this we are being charged each month for the phones again. We already bought them outright.

I have spent tireless hours since August on this issue. My patience is wearing a bit thin since I can not get anyone to help me or I get, let me call you back today, we are working on it now and never receive a call back. I have never in my life had so many problems with a carrier and have been lied to constantly. We are not a rich people and cannot keep giving Sprint money and not expect the money that is owed to us and not in the form of credit. We gave money out of our pocket and expect the same courtesy of getting the money back to put back in our account. I can go on all day on what we have been going through for all these months.

We have since tried to cancel our phones and tablets that we never wanted. The phones were not on contract. It took a good month to actually get all canceled. We figured, why should we keep paying all the charges that we should not be paying. They will NOT fix anything for us and correct the bill. We are now trying to get our money back, which totals around $1200-$1400. I have called so many times and I have ALL the conversations and details of everything I need in a file waiting for someone to help us.

I called on May 8th and spoke to Robert in the Arizona call center. Without me even asking he found that Sprint owes us about $1200. He didn't search anymore. Just wanted to get it to the correct people so they can cut me a check. The "Right People" declined this and said they don't see anything where we paid extra. Ha, I have everything that states otherwise and the detailed notes from May com and Robert. I continue to call this call center and try to speak to Robert but I get a different story each time. I have his Employee ID# but no one can help. Amazing!! I will not give up on this. I do not like people who make millions of dollars a day to steal from the little people. It is absolutely disgusting!

15 Year Customer Leaves Sprint After Horrible Customer Service & Technology Issues
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Rating: 1/51

PHOENIX, ARIZONA -- Short of it; Sprint is consistently rated as worst customer service experience of all wireless companies. I can validate this with my own experience below shared in detail. Additionally, everyone that I know who has at any point engaged Sprint's customer service with an issue has been less than satisfied to thoroughly ticked off by the experience. Sprint's product offering and technical capabilities are lackluster and by no means industry leading. I STRONGLY suggest avoiding Sprint if you are not currently a customer and looking for a new cellular provider once your contract is up if you are a current customer. Until then; I wish you luck...

I was a long time Sprint cellular service customer; 15+ years. I had always paid my bills on time and was in good standing as one of their premier/platinum customers. In October of 2012, I purchased an iPhone 5 for the Sprint network. I was provided a discount for renewing my cellular account for another two years but signed no new contract. Shortly after the purchase and activation I started noticing issues [please see below list]. These issues were not 100% consistent but frequent enough [at minimum once a week more often multiple times a day] to be a concern as this was my only phone and used for all situations including business and emergencies.

After researching possible known issues and resolutions, I made my way to my local Apple store where I explained my experience. They tested the device, found nothing wrong, but replaced the phone as a one-time courtesy because I was so insistent that there was a problem and doubtful it was the Sprint network since I had 14+ years of quality service prior thereto. After having my device replaced, I saw no improvement with the issues. I reached out to Sprint technical support who walked me through the standard troubleshooting steps which did not help.

Frustrated at the amount of time I had spent on the issue and lack of progress I decided to wait a bit to see if Sprint or Apple received enough customer complaints to further investigate. Months later with no improvement I again began to work with Sprint technical support and got a hold of a contact who attempted to take ownership of my issue [thankfully] and worked with me for well over a month to try to figure out what the root cause of my problems was. Additionally, she experienced a couple of these issues herself when in communications with me validating the issues even though Sprints own service quality tracking system did not show the issues [very important note].

The technical support representative and I worked together for a couple months and I finally escalated to management. After 7+ phone calls/escalations I learned that according to Sprint's own technical support team management there were 18 known issues with the iPhone 5 on the Sprint PCS network. All of my issues were contained in the list she read me. I was very frustrated that I had spent well over 30 hours of my time trying to resolve these issues and they already knew they were Sprint/iPhone 5 wide issues.

At that point I knew the path to resolution was to get off of the iPhone 5 and onto a non-Apple device. I worked with a number of levels of Sprint customer service and their Customer Containment Team in trying to get an exception for Sprint to provide me a free HTC One to use in lieu of the iPhone. The best Sprint offered was partial assistance in the cost. After having paid over $400 for the iPhone when I purchased it, $36 for phone activation, and almost a year's worth of monthly service fees [11 months at a total of $766.37] all totaling about $1240 out of my pocket and not receiving the service for which I was paying their offer was unacceptable.

At this point I decided to move to another provider. Why would I stay with Sprint who could not make such a small exception for a good standing customer of over 15 years when the problem was theirs?! I shopped around and switched my service to another provider and purchased an HTC One to use on their network. So far I have been very happy with this new combination. Shortly after the switch I received my Sprint bill which included a $260.00 + Sprint Surcharges = $300.46 line item.

In all fairness I was familiar with the fact that their 2 year contract for the $350 price break I was provided when purchasing the phone had previously included an early termination fee. Please also keep in mind the $350 price break was from the iPhone's retail price which I would be utterly shocked if Sprint actually paid that much to Apple per unit. I then called in to Sprint's customer service line to see what I could have done to waive this fee considering the lack of service reliability I experienced and reason for needing to cancel early.

To me, Sprint not providing the consistent service to which they agreed in the contract and for which I was paying monthly constituted(es) Sprint's breach of contract thereby nullifying any early termination fee clause, not to mention the fact that I never signed a new contract for the iPhone 5. Upon calling I was told that ** [the same person with whom I worked to try to get the HTC One on the Sprint network] on their Customer Containment Team was already looking into having this waived for me by a customer service representative.

Pleasantly surprised I waited a few days for him to work on the situation and reached out to him. Come to find he, in fact, was not looking into having the early termination fee [ETF] waived for me and was extremely unwilling to take my request to his management for review, refused to allow me to speak with his manager or supervisor, was rude and ultimately just hung-up the phone on me. It is no wonder Sprint's customer service is consistently rated as the worst in the industry and their customer attrition is horrible.

I immediately called another contact in the Customer Containment Team and left a message asking for a manager to contact me and that I wanted to file a complaint against ** for his poor customer service skills. I never received any callback from this person nor a manager in that team. I then again called the regular customer service line and asked to speak with a manager. After speaking with the reps and being on hold for 22 minutes, I was told a manager would call me back within 48 hours.

A day and a half later a manager did call me. I missed the call and the manager left me a voicemail stating that ** was looking into having the ETF waived and if I had any questions to contact him. This was again very frustrating since the point of my call was to register a formal complaint, not to discuss the ETF. I had made that very clear to reps with whom I spoke to escalate my call to a manager. I was at an impasse and needed some more information. I spent a couple hours researching what other people had done in similar situations. I came across a phone number for the Executive Customer Service team and gave them a call.

A representative named ** fielded my call, listen to my complaint about ** and said they would investigate it internally although I would not be told what comes of it. Additionally we discussed the ETF and she offered to waive the ETF [again $300.46] if I would return the iPhone [worth over $600 used] to Sprint. I had already sold the iPhone to help recoup the cost of the HTC One I had to purchase from my new carrier since Sprint's phones do not work on any network but their own. She ultimately spoke with her senior management and was able to offer a split of the ETF without the iPhone being returned.

I responded that something was better than nothing but I would be pursuing outside assistance from my local news provider in completely settling the matter since I think any ETF is unfair and unreasonable and their offer was not an acceptable resolution. She then retracted the offer and we ended the call. About 10 minutes later ** called back stating she wanted to give me my new balance which was $150.23. I asked why it was lower if she retracted the offer to which she replied that since I said something was better than nothing that was me accepting the offer. I reiterated that this was not something I would consider resolution to the issue and that I would continue to pursue having the full amount waived. She then stated that she understood and we again ended the call.

I think this whole scenario is outrageous and abusive. If they don't provide the service for which they are contractually bound and I am paying, then why is it I that is in breach of contract instead of them? I think they really breached first by not providing service even close to consistent with reasonable expectations and therefore I should not be subject to any ETF or other penalties noted in said contract.

List of issues I encountered while I had an iPhone 5 on the Sprint network over 11 months (one or more of these issues would occur at a minimum of once a week, often much more frequent):

  1. Incoming calls not ringing/showing on my phone and/or going straight to voicemail when in a 3G service area showing multiple bars on my service level indicator on the phone. 2. Text messages taking up to 45 minutes to reach the recipient even when the recipient was also on the Sprint network and sitting right next to me in my home. This issue was true for incoming and outgoing messages. 3. Text messages showing a failure to send error message when in fact they did successfully send. 4. Failing to automatically reconnect to saved WiFi networks.

  2. Data service failing to transmit data even when the phone'€™s status indicator showed 3G and multiple bars. 6. Calls being dropped even when phone'€™s indicator showed multiple bars. 7. Receiving a Call Failed message when attempting to call another phone even when phone'€™s indicator showed multiple bars. 8. Phone not registering new voicemails for up to 4 hours later even when phone's indicator showed multiple bars. 9. Connected calls breaking up and ultimately dropping. 10. GPS indicator failing to accurately recognize position. [important for directions]

FYI - In addition to attempting to work directly with Sprint to resolve on this issue, I have also worked with the BBB, Corporation Commission, and submitted a complaint to the FTC to no resolve. I am now working with my attorney to see if there are legal grounds to pursue.

Customer Agents Told to Lie by OMISSION if NECESSARY to Protect Sprint Brand Name and Not Tell Customers the Truth
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BREMERTON CALL CENTER, UNDER I.B.M. AND C.C.I., WASHINGTON -- I was a customer care agent for '5' months in the Bremerton call center. Over time, it was apparent that SPRINT was decommissioning cellular service in many metropolitan areas and promising customers that, once the 4G LTE service was rolled out, service would be 'wonderful' which, in fact, was truly an intentional LIE. In most cases, post upgrade to the oh so wonderful 4G LTE in most areas, customers lost their ability to communicate altogether on their SPRINT phones but were in roaming range of all of the competitor's out there. In some cases, if they needed to use their phones in emergency situations, they had no choice but to allow roaming to occur or not place a call at all.

The SPRINT corporation had a propensity for, without the customer's knowledge or approval, adding additional lines of service to their account, then terminating the illegally added line of service the customer had no clue about, after the 14 day 'guarantee' period where the ETF then went into effect for 350 dollars and was NOT WAIVERABLE. In addition to this, customers were being intentionally lied to BY POLICY DIRECTIVE IN COMPANY PROCEDURES, that in effect directed customer care agents to: "Do not discuss the estimated time of resolution of the problem but express EMPATHY" and in other cases with new fees being added illegally.

These new fees were going up as much as 2 dollars a month in many municipalities and once again, policy directive says "express EMPATHY with customer and advise them the fees are explained on the bill" when the bill had a blanket statement about SURCHARGES that did not cover these two new fees added to customer's bills as SURCHARGES. This is FRAUD, pure and simple. Failure to justify these costs is, in fact, fraudulent. These charges, by the way, are called ADMINISTRATIVE FEE and REGULATORY FEE. Aka as: Bend Over I have something for you, FEE!! :)

Lastly, customer care agents were forbidden from transferring a call for service termination to the group known as Account Services, and customers, by direction were to be told; "IF YOU WISH TO CANCEL, YOU MUST CALL BACK". And of course, once again, the next agent would have no authority to transfer the call to Account Services for account termination by the customer.

The worst case scenario here is that this CALL CENTER in BREMERTON was an "ACCESSORY TO CONSPIRACY TO DEFRAUD" and when I reported the company to both the federal govt. in Washington, D.C., as well as the State Attorney General in Washington State and informed my managers I had taken that action, I was then without warning, 'suspended' (terminated) on October 3rd of this year for the 'whistle-blowing' under the excuse of "You are being suspended for threatening us with legal action. Per our counsel's advise, you are suspended until the investigation is completed."

This is November 5 and not even a letter from them and nothing handed to me in writing for the suspension. In addition, I reported them to the State Occupation and Safety people for a severe INDOOR AIR QUALITY PROBLEM that was adversely impacting the health of the call center agents who worked there, including myself. Dept. of Safety and Health promised a full investigation into the matter but it will be white washed, strictly because the Bremerton call center, run by C.C.I. now out of Atlanta, is the ‘last chance' of employment in an area that has no jobs.

In any case, my personal ‘call center' experience is that SPRINT is intentionally and criminally defrauding customers by not providing adequate cellular service and refusing to allow them to QUIT THEIR CONTRACTS DUE TO NON PERFORMANCE ON THEIR END OF THE CONTRACT! Sprint also directs call center employees to deceive and lie by omission, and not tell the truth to customers who in some cases have had more than '6' consecutive months of either BAD or ZERO CELL SERVICE!

In some cases, customers who had to stand by a window or not move in their homes, while on their SPRINT phones, suddenly were finding after the 4G LTE upgrade, they had to stand outside in the rain to use their SPRINT cellular phones, or drive down the road to a spot they could get a signal. How's that for upgraded service? If a customer tries to cancel due to Sprint's inability to provide service, they are hit with a huge ETF fee for no good reason, when the problem is solely Sprint's and not the customer's fault.

Let's now talk other FRAUD being perpetrated by SPRINT and a co-conspirator, ASURION, who provides all of the cell carriers with a rather shoddy and expensive service of phone replacement in the event of loss or damage. Significantly large numbers of Sprint customers, based on my experience, were getting replacement phones from Asurion. In some cases, which had the screens falling off them right out of the box.

In one case, the phone had pornography on the memory of the device and the prior user's information on it, including his name, and Sprint once again gave call center personnel direct instructions to DISSUADE CUSTOMERS FROM CANCELLING THIS FRAUDULENT INSURANCE POLICY that was a very, very, very huge RIP OFF. Let's put it this way, after 8 or 11 dollars a month, then comes the 150 to 200 deductible and then you get a refurbished phone with broken screens, bad batteries, and porno on them. What a bargain! That customer, as you can imagine, was one we handled during training class.

Furthermore, Sprint customers have no idea that at any given moment in time, they are talking to a trainee in what is called the ‘learning lab' where they are in carels (small booths) with training personnel not directly sitting there monitoring their calls unless the trainee requests help. This results in the obvious: Major screw ups by new trainee's who haven't yet learned how bad the software can let them fowl up the customer's accounts they are dealing with.

The short of it, you are paying for trained call center help and getting trainee's in a learning environment in many cases. This is a cheap way to handle call volume at a call center that on any given day the attrition rate is anywhere between 6 and 12 percent of the work force fails to show up for work. FACT.

Needless to say, the tired and oh so worn out song you get when you call Sprint and your cell phone isn't working is “We are upgrading our network!!” Ha ha ha!!! If ‘upgrade' means ‘unplugging' sectors of towers for weeks at a time without forewarning the customer of total loss of service then I guess that is an UPGRADE, but in many cases, it's an OUTRAGE!!!

Sprint 4G is not going to be the promised solution for the decommissioning of cellular towers across the nation, either. THAT TOO IS FRAUDULENT! Sprint's own estimates on when they expect the alleged (ahem!!!) upgrades to 4G LTE to complete, is the end of 2014. Can you pay for full service and get almost nothing, month after month, and still get socked with the ETF if you bail? You betcha you can, if you are a sucker for punishment and trust them!

Another fun thing Sprint has a propensity to do, is the stacking as many as '3' activation fees on bills and then forcing the customer to call in repetitive times over months to have those fraudulent charges billed back or credited, was also fraud. This too was being done on purpose. THIS IS FRAUD!!

Now, the State A.G. won't likely prosecute, and it's unclear what the wholly illegitimate Federal Government will do, but this is fraud!! THIS IS FRAUD!! THIS IS A CRIME!! This is pathetic and quite illegal but nobody will prosecute them. But it gets better (worse actually). Note: In one case, an elderly woman 89 years of age who had been improperly billed, called in and said; "Sprint can't do this to me!! I can't even afford to buy my medicine or food because of this bill you sent me."

In addition, one of the other Sprint scams was premium content crap. They were in cahoots with marketing companies who would send text messages to customers. The customers unwittingly would click on at least two stages of consent and then end up with 9.99 on their bill, or other lesser charges, for crap they did not ask for, solicit, or need. Sprint policy now is to not reimburse customers who wrongly got these charges foisted on them by Sprint and no doubt the companies who were feeding kickbacks to Sprint not to reverse the illegitimate charges for wrongfully marketed premium content garbage.

All in all, over those '5' months I thought I had seen it all, but I had not, until the day that my departmental manager told me to my face "You must protect the Sprint brand" after I informed him that I would not lie to the customers under any circumstances. Apparently to him, and the rest of the vermin in the chain of command at C.C.I. and SPRINT, they had no qualms asking customer care agents to lie for Sprint. They have no idea how sad and repugnant that is to some of us.

As a call center agent with a conscience, I was expected to handle all calls in 500 seconds or be punished by threats of firing or other retaliatory acts on the part of the supervisors there. This is wrong, because all calls cannot be handled in 500 seconds. Some take longer, by necessity. As a call agent, if you transfer a call, you get threatened with termination if you don't get permission first. That's not service, that's **.

In five months working there, I literally had direct contact with thousands of customers who had been egregiously screwed by fraud at Sprint and who had legitimate complaints for both the F.C.C. to pursue and the F.T.C. in Washington but with this bogus misadministration, nothing is likely to happen to anyone's complaints. They all get rolled over to Sprint to call the customers and politely tell them that their bad service is not Sprint responsibility because the contract does not stipulate that the service must be sufficient or usable. It's tragic in the year 2013 that there is not one agency in this country who will SUE SPRINT AND TAKE THEM TO TASK FOR MASSIVE CONSUMER FRAUD. A customer agent who knows what they were doing, and it is FRAUD!

I think the worse part of having to sit in a chair and be the buffer zone between Sprint incompetent criminals in Overland Park, KS, and the irate and justifiably very bent out of shape customers, was that, as in any customer service scenario, you would have to be a heartless thug not to connect and feel a great deal of INTENSE SORROW as I did for that elderly lady in San Antonio who couldn't now afford her medicine or food and was piteously weeping on the phone to me. That hurt, and it was difficult going to sleep that night knowing that others just like her were being screwed out of their fixed incomes and stipends they live off of.

That was the hardest part. Knowing I worked for scum who had the ethos of any garden variety hyena, as they plundered customers to enrich themselves. But that is America today. It's all about grabbing all the cash as fast as you can, and then thumbing your noses at those you ripped off. There is no watchdog in this government, so people, your only fair shake is to either class action sue these slime, or cancel your accounts and get the hell away from them as fast as you can. And don't ever, ever look back.

Someday they will be gone, but it won't be because any governmental agency took them to task for the fraud. And the Indoor Air Quality situation will be allowed to worsen and cause the agents in the building to get sicker and sicker from the mold in the air there... but that's due to inaction on the part of the State of Washington. Run fast, and run far from these sleaze. I have no idea if AT&T or VERIZON are this bad, but clearly, Sprint clearly is defrauding everyone, everyday, 24/7, and charging top dollar for substandard cellular services which in some cases are either nonexistent or just flat bad.

Talking to someone on Sprint is like talking to someone in a small metal submarine inside a flushing toilet. It's just not fair for any so afflicted customer to pay the outrageous ETF's and put up with intentional fraud when they do contact Sprint through the C.C.I. call centers. It's just not right.

On a closing note about SPRINT, it's not bad enough that the call center in Bremerton is manned up by mostly good hearted agents who try to do their best. Or that their trainers who tried to do the right thing, were good people, and in the same boat the rest of us were: working for the employer of last resort in the area. But let's put it this way, for a corporation like SPRINT to use a punk company like C.C.I. as a 'buffer' between them and the courts, that smacks as rank cowardice.

Furthermore, when you penalize each and every call agent if a customer calls back in within 72 hours, using a term called 'NCP' or next call prevention, when much of the reasons the calls are coming in are not controlled by the agents in any way... then this is pretty pathetic and sad. Paying them 10.50 cents an hour to breathe in cootie infested air, be threatened with firing every time they go to a group meeting, and have incompetent management inform them that their "JOB IS TO PROTECT THE SPRINT BRAND AND LIE FOR SPRINT" is a bit much.

I know that if any of the call center personnel ever read this, tell them to pass to ** and ** and the entire training gang that 'they' are in fact the sole reason it was worth staying there for the 5 months I endured till they terminated me for blowing the whistle on the fraud and the bad air situation there. And to the other call agents: "most of you who I worked with, if you tolerate the incessant LIES of management, you deserve the ** and the b.s. you get every single day you are there." Human dignity can only be stripped so far before you have to ask yourself if it's worth it to cover up for rank criminals who are doing harm to their customers every day they pull the collective wool over the customers eyes.

November 13, 2013 update: C.C.I informed me that they were pleased to notify me of my upcoming eligibility to get medical bennies! I wrote the delusional whistle-head a polite; "Uh, I don't think so. I got suspended for reporting you to the federal and state governments for conspiracy to defraud." That no doubt went over like a turd in a fishbowl once she forwarded it to their legal group grope. Interestingly, the Feds informed me that the matter is now in the hands of the F.C.C. Now that is reassuring (NOT!!) They might as well have told me that the Pope was going to assign a 'Holy See to investigate SPRINT' now.

As you can imagine, in AmerdeKuh things are no longer too very real any longer. Corporations can get away with it, and there is no oversight of any kind. IF any of you read down this far through this whole thing, be advised that IF you report these slime, you're almost wasting your time doing it. Best to just bite the ETF bullet and have a drink, because any effort you expend reporting these ** to any agency is time and money down a rabbit hole. And I do think that Dan Hesse knows that. And so does co-conspirator C.C.I.'s female CEO. They know.

Customer Service
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GEORGETOWN, TEXAS -- Verizon has lost its edge, and Sprint never had it, the thing that had me a loyal customer for over 10 years. Your customer service... has now mirrored Sprint. Which if you know anything about the service and headache that people have to deal with it would make you very disappointed that Verizon has sunk to their level. Price, service, and ease of use is no longer a feature that your company can claim. After calling 8 different times and getting 8 different answers, being put on hold for over two hour with 3 different calls and no one bothering to resolve my problem, it didn't give me confidence that your company cared whether or not they had customers anymore.

Better call AT&T because they are friendly, courteous, fast and listened to what I needed. I didn't have to turn in my phones one, then wait until one is shipped, go to the store have the service started for the one phone, then repeat the process 2 other times. Wait, am I dealing with Sprint? I thought I was talking to Verizon. They also asked me several times, “What do you really want?” which surprised me because I was not expecting customer service at customer service to care what I wanted.

I mean I was grateful that they truly put my needs ahead of what was best for the company. Remember I was a loyal customer for years, only left three weeks ago. So if history was any indication how I was able to pay for and even do what I said I would, that in itself should have had you excited and jumping through hoops to "win me back", that is a joke.

If that wasn't good enough, they beat $1200 dollar down payment by $1000 dollars, imagine that? Only $200 dollars down, iPhone 6 plus 64GB and only transferred one time taking a total of 22 minutes. Versus Verizon 1300 dollars down, 5 1/2 hours, being transferred 6 times in one call, no one bothering to take my number down in case I got dropped for whatever reason. Then having to have to still go to the store to finish the transaction.

With Sprint, I paid through the nose $1900 to get service started, customers wait in the store a minimum of two to six hours with no one acknowledging that you are even there. When they finally get to you, you are sent back to customer service on the phone, which means 2 mores hours and 6 to 10 transfers and no one being able to help because the store has to fix the issue. Back to the store this time for 4 hours, which poor guy is on the phone with support the whole time. When we leave at 8:45 at night, we still have to call back to customer support for another 1 1/2 because the phone doesn't work.

This process was from 11:00am to 10:15pm. All this so I could save money. Didn't get the phones we wanted, service was awful, and never once felt like I mattered as a person. My time, money, and loyalty meant nothing to them just like it does to you. Sorry to say, but Verizon now in a class with Sprint, T-mobile, McDonald's, Walmart, and Obama-care. Never mind the people, their wants, needs, money, time or stress, because the company is all that matters.

It's sad to think that you're company regards people this way, but then someone has to lead while others watch. Better look at AT&T from now on, they are blowing the doors off of you and anyone else who might want to be treated with respect and kindness. Not to mention friendly, fast, reliable service without the cost and headache of dealing with 10 people who could care less about me as a customer. Sad day Verizon, sad day. Your once loyal and devoted friend.

Deceptive Business Practices
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NEW YORK -- I have been with Sprint since May 2014- within the first months, issues started to occur. I have to admit, I have not had issues with calls, web browsing but with rates and extra add ons of billing and broken promises. I was owed a switch over incentive in the form of a Amex gift card of $50.00. They said after mailing in the "invoice" and "rebate form", it would take about 90 days to get the incentive. The incentive was a promotion for coming over to them.

I know it is not a lot, but being with T-Mobile for 12 years and them wanting to charge me full rate of $600.00 for a Galaxy S5 and offered me $5.00 for my S2- what an insult! T-Mobile said they could not do anything about giving me a discount for being a 12 year customer, so I left for Sprint. Calling Sprint to inquire about my incentive, I was told by two departments that my incentive was declined. The first department said they only show I mailed in the "rebate" form so it was voided. The department that approves the incentives stated the same. I explained I have a color copy of both forms including the originals of what I mailed to you.

I asked to speak to a supervisor and after 3 minutes, the second person all of a sudden states that he now sees the documents on the screen- where a moment ago, he stated it only showed one of the documents. Sprint has some ASL (Automatic Spending Limit) that some customers get to avoid going over their monthly charges to avoid penalties. This program makes no sense. With T-Mobile if you go over, you simple pay the dollar amount/cost of what the overage is on your upcoming bill. This ASL program is BS and you still have pay the overage so why not do away with this BS!

Additionally, I was told the reason I was ushered into this program was because of my credit. I beg to differ since my credit is 750. They state that if I enroll in "auto-pay" the ASL charges would be dropped. However, two months later the ASL charges are still there and increments are being applied when they should not. If auto-pay is applied and shows on their "computer systems", why is the program applicable?

Credit back took 4 calls to Sprint and I was promised 4 times the adjustments would be made between 4 to 72 hours. 72 hours why and surely never 4 hours since I had to call back 4 times! They are LIARS! Recently, "government & taxes" increase doubled within two months. WHY! I was told that they don't control the increases or when it increases or decreases. How are these rates variable? When I was with T-Mobile those taxes remained the same each month, they did not go up one month or decrease the next. For example, my T-Mobile bill each month was $80.00 with taxes. With Sprint it was doubled this month (2014) and was half last months.

When ask to explain, the representative said he could email me explanation of why that was. He was thrown sense he had no language script to repeat to me like some insane robot. Trying to receive a discount from them as their language states to email "one" of the following- I got the runaround and was eventually told that the company had to verify that I worked for them and that I had a work email to receive the discount.

T-Mobile all you had to do was provide a recent pay stub-which was "one" of the choices Sprint states on their discount page. Apparently, Sprint is not concerned about honoring their end of the deals that they make. They are Thieves! I do not understand how FTC and BBB allows this company to function, stay in business and rip customers off like this. I believe if all of us just file complaints outside forums with the FTC and BBB perhaps something would be done. Waiting for customer service takes 45 minutes. When presses about this, one representative stated it was not true and it took only 15 min.

For me coming from T-Mobile is TOO LONG. Additionally, when you ask to speak to a supervisor, they put you on hold, come back and state every time that the supervisor is assisting another customer and then the representative makes a different offer to reduce the issue. This seems like BS at its best. The two months that I have been with Sprint my request to speak with a supervisor has been "0". When you push the issues to get handled during the initial call, they get flustered and ask to take your number which should be on screen when they are referencing your case and they want/promise to call you back.

THEY NEVER CALL YOU BACK as PROMISED! Upon introducing themselves they will introduce themselves as John and upon completing your call, you will get a text message survey asking how your experience was with Renaldo. WTF! Why are they hiding behind fake names, being dismissive, lying and cheating customers and getting away with this? Why can they not provide the language of the contract details before you sign up... BECAUSE THEY KNOW YOU WILL SKIP SOMEWHERE ELSE! Again, Liars, Thieves!

SPRINT fails to do the right thing. Horrible Support, Customer Service Nightmare, won't honor or deliver on their end without multiple calls, variable rates of taxes each month without acceptable explanation, never keeping their promise to call back. If you have to break your contract, BREAK IT. Pay the ETA or take your sweat time paying it and write complaint letters to the FTC-BBB on their business practices as well as forums such as these. Sprint should not be in business when allowed to behave in this manner.

Lies, Lies and More Lies Followed by Horrible Treatment.
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RENTON, WASHINGTON -- I am extremely disappointed with Sprint. A little over a month ago we upgraded two phones on our plan. I paid in the store for the phone and was told specifically by the teller that the only thing that would be different on my next bill is the installment charges for the phones. And obviously the payment for the plan as well. I was told there would be no activation charges. So when my first bill comes there is $80 worth of activation charges on my account that I was told would not be there.

So I call in and am told they are very sorry for the mix up and will work on getting it taken care of and call me back. No call back so I call in again, they have no record of my first call and I get told the same story again. A week goes by and I call back once again, the third time. I then spend two and a half hours on hold while they "track down a supervisor" only to waste my time and get hung up on 3 times. I repeat TWO AND A HALF HOURS ON HOLD AND 3 TIMES HUNG UP ON for an issue I had already been told would be taken care of twice and shouldn't have been a problem in the first place.

So after wasting all that time on the phone I get told that I will get a call back from a supervisor in 24-48 hours. Mind you, I was very civilized throughout the whole process, up until this point obviously, which I felt was definitely valid. Lo and behold, it has now been another week, the issue was not resolved and still not call back, even from a supervisor.

I am so furious and disappointed in Sprint. I have NEVER been treated so poorly by a company, even Comcast who has the worst customer service in the nation. I just cannot believe after all the times I have called and BEING ON HOLD FOR 2.5 HOURS and being hung up on three times, not a single person at Sprint has bothered to try and resolve an issue with an upset customer. $80 might not seem like a lot of money to some but it is a lot of money and at this point it's just the principle of a company taking care of their consumer.

I have been ignored and treated poorly and it is not ok. Not a single person at Sprint has tried to resolve the problem, not a single person tried to take care of it themselves when I called, they just wanted to push it off to someone else and leave it to fall through the cracks. I am still in shock at the service I have received from them and they still expect me to pay the extra $80 they specifically told me I would not be charged. Thanks Sprint and congrats on getting yourself on the same level if not worse than Comcast. If I cancel, do not expect me to pay the termination fees, I will pursue other options. No way am I paying to get away from such crap service.

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