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Over 12 years & then a $100 + Termination Fee - HORRIBLE!!!
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Rating: 1/51

OCALA, FLORIDA -- I put up with Sprint for over 12 full years and last October & November when I was on business in North East Connecticut and Western Massachusetts I literally had NO service or little intermittent service with numerous drop calls & then a notice saying "No Service Available". I have to be back in this area for over 2 months, leaving soon, and was told about 2 months ago when I notified Sprint of another $5.00 credit they did not put on my bill - that "Of course you won't be charged an early termination fee when we cannot provide you with the service you pay for".

Well, I finally switched to Verizon based on all my research and them appearing to have the best nationwide service for all my traveling. Sure enough I have encountered nothing but HORRIBLE customer service saying, "there is NO way the early termination fee can be waived". I had RE-upped again not quite 2 years ago, August 15th. No wonder the word is that they are continuing to lose thousands of customers & that is why they are offering such low rates.

A small credit after haggling on the phone for hours is no consolation when your messages do not generate at all OR take 4 days to generate and you can't use your phone while traveling! YUCK... stay away and pass on these facts. Sprint doesn't appreciate their customers - I can say that based on my over 12-year experience!

Fraud and Lies by Reps and Supervisors
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Rating: 2/51

I called to cancel my extra line, but when I got my bill I was still being billed for it. I called and spoke to a supervisor. She told me the Rep notes said I requested the line to stay on. Why would I want a line I don't need and not utilizing? She went by what the Rep had noted (at Sprint, the customer is always wrong). Another time the Rep told me I could extend my bill and pay at a later date. Again the supervisor said she is taking what her Rep had noted. They disconnected my phone.

Today 3/11/15 I called to pay a bill of $167, quoted to me by yet another Rep. But when I called to make payment, I was told I had to pay the full $325.97 to avoid 'cut off'. I informed the supervisor of this but she insisted the Rep did not tell me so. This is FRAUD. They have so much added charges and surcharges, it's ridiculous! At this moment, I am setting up with another wireless service and done with Sprint!! I am making it my life's work to have SPRINT investigated for those bogus charges!!

Very Rude and Unprofessional
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Rating: 1/51

GRESHAM, OREGON -- I had an iPhone and my granddaughter had a Galaxy. We had been with Sprint for a couple of years. My granddaughter and I decided to trade phones, so I took both phones into the store on NE Division St in Gresham, Oregon. I wanted to switch all the contacts, etc from one phone to the other. When I went into the store, there were 3 customer "service" representatives there. None of them were helping customers.

One guy told me it would be a few minutes before he could help me. I finally said, "Excuse me!" and was rudely told, "I don't have anything to sell you!" I tried to explain that I didn't want to buy anything, but was told, "We can't help you!" I was deeply offended, and so was my 95-year-old mother, who was with me. Needless to say, we are no longer with Sprint.

We have switched all 9 lines to AT&T because of the rudeness of the personnel at this store. I should have read the bad reviews before I ever switched to Sprint in the first place. It sure has changed since the time my husband and daughter worked there!!

The Worst Company Ever
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Rating: 1/51

I am a new customer to Sprint and absolutely hate it!!! The terms and agreements in which I signed up for was changed when I received my billing. The customer service reps were horrible - Maribel **, Melody **. The billing concerns following speaking to multiple reps were never resolved. This has been the worst investment I have ever made. Sprint customer service is horrible in conjunction to poor phone service. SHAME ON YOU SPRINT.

Horrible Service
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Rating: 1/51

PHILADELPHIA, PENNSYLVANIA -- They let someone hack into our phone service. Then allowed this hacker to put a charge on the phone. Then shut phone service off.

Bad Everything
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Rating: 1/51

PENNSYLVANIA -- Bad customer service. Mislead information. Bad service. Overcharges. Overall rip off. If you decide to leave them for any reasons, you will be ripped off and your phone will be a piece of trash, unless you find next victim that will use your phone joining them. That summarizes what happened, the truth is a lot worse. So bad everything - really.

Stay Away From Sprint
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Rating: 1/51

HOLLY, MICHIGAN -- If I can save someone from going to Sprint I have done my job. I switch from Verizon to Sprint back in February of 2015 and now it is July and I am still trying to get my money to pay off Verizon. They have shoved me around to this and that person. I even spoke to a supervisor who said that she would take care of everything and that was back in March. I will tell you I am so unhappy that I could scream. It was the biggest mistake that I could make.

Worst Customer Service, They're Crooks & Won't Tell You What All Your Charges Are for on Bill
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Rating: 1/51

For all potential customers of Sprint; please don't waste your time or hard earned money with Sprint. Please learn from mine and other's experiences with this rip-off organization. Don't fall for their lies, and spend your money with another, more reputable cell phone carrier. When we ordered our 4 iPhone 6's in September, I was told that the activation fees would be waived for two of the four phones as an incentive to make the sale. Now, two months later the 4th fee is on my bill. I called and was given the runaround by two different CS reps.

I was told there was no manager there to talk to. The representative said he was in charge of the entire Philippines facility, even though he answers phones. I got nowhere with them, I had him look in the notes from my past calls and was told there was no mention of this and they cannot waive this fee. When I called back, I was told I got the same place and got the same response from another representative. However, this lady did say there were managers there, but that no one could speak to me at that time, but could call me back. This still has not happened as of yet.

They lie to us and you can't do anything about it. I asked if someone could pull up my phone calls as they should be recorded as their automated system tells us so that I could prove what I was told. I was again told that this fee cannot be waived, and then I was told there's no need to do that since there's nothing to verify. So, now I'm paying all 4 upgrade fees, $36 each.

My presumption is that I'm not the only one they're lying to, multiply that by the hundreds of thousands of customers they lie to the same way. We as customers have no recourse but to pay them and continue to let them get away with their deceptive practices on a daily basis. On top of that, the representative was rude and curt with me. He didn't care about my concerns or complaints, he made me feel like no matter what I was calling about; Sprint had predetermined that it really did not care about any of my concerns.

Another issue I called about was a $9.99 third party fee that I was charged last month and this month for something that wasn't ordered. He told me it was for “3,000 play credits”. I asked who the charge was from so I could call and dispute it; he told me it was for a game. I asked what game, he said there were a million games out there and he couldn't know, but that it was on the phone. I again stated that no game was downloaded or authorized for purchase on the phone and again asked who the charge was for.

This is when he really got rude and curt with me. I asked him who Sprint gave the money to and he continually refused to tell me, he just kept repeating that I need to see what game was downloaded. I asked how Sprint could charge me for something that they can't tell me where the money was going to and he didn't even attempt to make sense, he simply continued to repeat word for word the statement that I have to check the phone to see what the money was for.

This type of unjustified billing should be illegal, and may be, but I truly believe it is just another way that Sprint is ripping off their customers! How can Sprint charge and take its customer's money and not be able to explain what the charge is for? I believe they merely hope their customers don't take the necessary time to audit their bills because they know most customers don't want to spend an hour or more on hold waiting to get a runaround from their foreign customer service department. Or have to try to deal with a customer service representative that not only doesn't have a firm grasp of the English language, but may only be barely understandable.

Sprint Rep - Deceptive Practices and Entrapment
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Rating: 1/51

LAKE CHARLES, LOUISIANA -- I've been with Sprint since 2006 and really have never had any major issues with them. Sure their internet isn't the fastest, but I loved the fact the data was unlimited. Because I use a lot of it for streaming videos while not at home. My contract ended sometime in November and I went to the Sprint store to get an upgrade and sign a new contract.

When I arrived, I was immediately greeted by the representative there and asked how may she be of service. I told her my contract was up and I was looking to get the iPhone 5s. She led me to her computer and asked for all my info then told me I qualified for a new thing they had called Sprint one up. I asked her about it and she told me basically you only pay $50 for the phone now and the rest will be added to your bill for so long until you paid it off and that you didn't have the standard 2 year contract and could upgrade again the next year for a newer phone if you want.

My original bill before I went to the store was always around $84 sometimes a little higher. So, I asked her around how much will I be billed now since it would have to go up because the price of the phone will have to be added the bill now. She started typing things in her computer and then showed me a price on the screen . I don't remember the exact price but I do remember it was somewhere around $93. A little high for a phone bill but she made it seem like you aren't paying 150 or 200 dollars up front it would just be added in installments.

I will admit that I really didn't read anything on the screen. I just seen the price on the screen and took her word for it that everything else was as she said. So, I signed pretty much wherever she told me. I paid the $50 plus the taxes for the phone then went on my way. I loved everything about my phone, plus my service was faster because this phone had the 4g lte.

I eventually received a text for Sprint saying it was almost time for my bill payment to be due. So I eventually called Sprint to pay it over the phone. I spoke to the representative over the phone and paid it. My first bill was higher than usual because I had to pay all the fees which I knew about from the representative at the store. After paying everything I asked the phone representative around how much will my bill be now since all the fees are gone. Just to make sure there wasn't any others fees. She told me around 110.

I immediately told her that it was higher than what the representative told me when I signed up for it. She looked at all my info again and told me that her price was indeed correct. So, I asked if there was anyone I could talk to because that wasn't the price that was told to me when I signed up. She connected me with her supervisor and her supervisor pretty much said that there was nothing he could do because it was past the 14 days (which is crazy because during the 14 days I was still under the impression that what the representative at the store told me was true).

The supervisor told me that Sprint one up is an store thing and I have to go to the store where I brought it. So I did and spoke to the manager there and he said there was nothing he could do. The people over the phone have more power than him so I would have to go through them. I went home and called again. After talking to the lady she kept putting me on hold and speaking with her supervisor and ended up telling me that I would have to contact some higher up at Sprint or go talk to someone higher at the store.

I asked for a number or to be connected to a higher up and they said they couldn't give it. So, I went back to the store and was immediately referred back to the Sprint call center. I called again, a spoke to someone else and when I told him the price the lady at the store told me, he said my bill should be around 118. I told him that that's even higher than the 110 that the previous representative told me.

He connected me with his supervisor and after telling my story again. The supervisor told me that my bill should run around 125. I told him that my bill is just getting higher and higher. He then told me since I was past the 14 days the only way to get out of the one up program was to pay for my phone outright. Which was the retail price of the phone which is around 600 dollars instead of the price one would pay for signing a contract which I was led to believe when I signed up.

I asked if I could just sign up, go a 2 year contract and pay the difference I would've paid I the store and he told me it wasn't possible. I eventually asked to speak to someone higher than him. So, he had an account manager call me. In a condescending way after making references to judge Judy and Mathis, he pretty much said that I was stuck paying, because I signed up. I asked to speak to someone else because I didn't believe that was right.

Eventually, a lady called me and after telling my story again she flat out said I'm stuck and I should've read my contract. I do know the importance of reading contracts, but I guess I was too comfortable with going into Sprint and believing what the people there said. Plus, how many of us goes into these types of places and the salespeople pretty much summarize everything what the contact says and says sign here? I asked to speak with someone else and eventually the operation director or something like that called. I told him my situation and after using his computer he said my bill would be around 98 dollars.

I told him that's different from what everyone keeps telling me. He said that he looking at everything at that it right. So I guess he got tired speaking with me and gave me the number to calm the Sprint one up department. I called and spoke to the lady there and told her my situation and she told me my bill will be around 110. I told her it keeps changing so she connected me to her supervisor. After saying my story one more time, the one up supervisor said that the 110 was correct.

Everyone else wasn't taking into consideration of the monthly installments for the phone, my work's discount and another discount you get for doing the one up. I asked her if it was possible for me to just sign a two year contract and pay whatever difference I would've in the store for the phone. She said that it was not possible. I told her that I don't think it right that I'm being expected to be held to something that I might have signed (because I still don't know what exactly the contract said) but that wasn't what was told to me when I signed up. She said that another operations director would call me in 24-48 hours so now I'm just playing the waiting games.

Customer Service at Its Worst
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Rating: 1/51

ORLANDO, FLORIDA -- I have recently tested Sprint service and have had some service challenges that I want you to be aware of. I purchased 2 iPhones and switched my services from Verizon Wireless to Sprint on 11/15/2013 at your corporate store located at 885 N. Alafaya Trl Orlando, FL. My service representative was ** who although was very pleasant was not aware of all your policies and procedures. I walked through your service coverage with her at the location on an iPad in the store locating everywhere that I would be using Sprint service. As I use it for work this was necessary in deciding to switch to Sprint.

We located all of the areas that I would be using my devices and she assured me that there was voice and data coverage. I asked her that if I tried out the service and it did not work for me, what timeframe I had to change my mind. She said that I had 14 days to return the devices, I asked her if there would be any fees in returning the items and she said no. I said that is great sign me up and I transferred with the expectation that they would work in the areas that we had discussed. She rang me up added a Galaxy tab mini (good up-selling techniques) and then she went through items on a small signature pad barely readable which required my signature.

She abbreviated the pages that I had to sign saying, "This is just you agreeing to the 2 year contract after 14 days, sign on the bottom." Not stating anything about return fees or restocking fees. As I spent the last hour in the store and being part of the Sprint team one can only assume that she would not be misleading me or misrepresenting the company to make a quick sale. Later that day, I took my partner in to pull his number from Verizon Wireless and add another to my line making 2 lines now with Sprint.

The representative ** (apple representative at the store) asked if I really wanted another apple device as it is not the best phone on the market. When I asked him why he had an iPhone he said he only had it for work and had to have it for show as he was the representative for apple. He then went on to explain the benefits of switching to another brand whether it be Samsung or even Motorola! I was in shock having been a loyal apple customer that their "representative" would disregard them so easily and without pressure.

After having the phones for only a day, I called Sprint and reported that it was not working in the area that I needed it. The customer service representative said that they would be happy to put in a request for that location and if it is a continuing problem I have the option of purchasing what she described to me as a cell phone hot spot that when attached to an internet connection would give me extended coverage. Next solution she gave was that I was still within my 14 day window to return the items to the store. I was a little turned off by a representative not supporting their company and even mentioning discontinuing service.

Over the last 12 days I have used my phone at work, home and my 3 Orlando Hotels that I manage. The phone did not work at all at one of my hotels and I called Sprint again and explained my issue. The customer service representative this time asked me if the phone worked when I walked outside. I said yes, this representative informed me that the phone is not guaranteed to work indoors. I said, "OK thank you" and "Can you put in a request to check coverage at that location?" She said absolutely and that she would have IT look into the issue.

I finally made the decision that Sprint was not going to be the best carrier for what I needed at this time. I went back to the store on 11/25 with both phones and the tablet. The service representative ** who was very rude once she found out I was making a return saying "Oh you're returning all of them." She did not ask why I was returning, nor did she offer any solution to try to keep me as a customer. She said that the restocking fee was $145. I said, “Wait a minute, I was told that there would be no fee to return the items within my 14 day period, I do not have any money to pay that at this time as I just purchased 2 new phones with another carrier.”

So, I asked to speak with a manager. She went to the back and got ** (Lead Consultant). He did not offer me any solutions to my problem and told me that I can "go ahead and call corporate" as he won't do anything no matter what they say. I asked him, “What I am supposed to do, just stand here in the store until I get it resolved?” He said, "You can only wait here for a certain amount of time then I will have to get security."

So I proceeded to then spend the next hour and 45 minutes on the phone, most of the time on hold waiting for the next "manager," to assist me. No one could offer me a solution or fix to my issue. The customer service representatives said, “There is nothing we can do about your issue, you have to pay a re-stocking fee.” At one point the phone was handed back and forth from me to ** and he kept saying no he can't change anything, the system won't let him, we don't communicate with corporate, and so on.

I do have to apologize for using some of the language and tone that I used with the representatives of Sprint over the phone. As we all know after being on hold for over 45 minutes and transferred numerous times, having to explain our story over and over, we as people get a little emotional. What I offered ** and the Sprint service reps - To leave the items with ** and he can have his manager contact me in the morning and we can resolve it at that time. ** response "If you leave them here it's abandonment and I am not liable if someone steals them or something happens to them."

So as a Sprint representative he didn't think that the items would be safe in his store? He also stated that he would have to report them stolen and get the police involved if I left them in a SPRINT STORE?! -To have someone send me a package to return the items. "We do not do that. If they are from that store they have to be returned to that store" - To have the re-stocking fee billed to me as I did not have the money at this time to pay it. "We cannot bill you for a re-stocking fee. You have to pay it or I cannot take the items back."

This brings me back to my first time as a manager when my GM gave me a book called "Moments of Truth". I have been a manager in Hotels for the last 8 years and am now a training manager developing customer service courses. This book "Moments of Truth" describes how one airline with one of the worst reputations in the industry went from nothing to one of the best airlines in the matter of years just by their customer service. Definitely a must read for any associate at a company such as Sprint. It details being empowered to do the right thing and go to whatever lengths you have to in order to resolve a guest issue.

Sprint does not have a great reputation amongst consumers, people ranting about poor service and lack of customer service. The company says that it is trying to turn around its image problem. A little advice if I may is if you are great to people they will come back to you. People don't buy what you offer or your service, they remember how you made them feel. So even after giving the under-dog of the cellular industry a chance, I came up disappointed. Now I am a customer of AT&T and I will not in the future recommend or ever be a Sprint customer.

So what I'm saying is this goes beyond a restocking fee, it deals with truth, treatment and doing what is right. All of which your "People" and "Brand" could not do. Everyone instead placed blame on to one another and acted confused. When you work for a company you are part of them a part of what legacy they will leave and as of right now I would re-train some of your employees and empower them to take ownership of your brand whether it be Sprint or Apple.

We are in the People business, so let's learn how to deal with people first, not look at them as a sale or an inconvenience, but get to know them and treat them the way they deserve to be treated. Ultimately, you and I both know that something could have been done to resolve this issue just not "ONE" of the people that represented the Sprint brand cared enough to try. People who care about their company treat it like their own and can only help it become something great.

Now I have 2 Sprint iPhones, a galaxy tab mini and a contract I can't cancel unless Sprint takes back its product that it so publicly says is one of the best. If you don't believe that just stay on hold for an hour or so you will eventually memorize the message.

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