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Terrible Company!
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Rating: 1/51

DES MOINES, IOWA -- After 17+ yrs with Sprint cannot believe their customer service. Of course none in the United States ordered upgrades on phones. They have changed what I agreed to dollarwise as well as sent the phones to the wrong house. Now wanting me to wait longer as well as countless hours on phone - ENOUGH. So leaving them as well as going after them with attorney my brother. Be warned. Stay away from this company.

Customer Service Was Surprisingly Awesome
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Rating: 5/51

ROANOKE, VIRGINIA -- A guy named Titus helped me with several different things, and he was great! I'm so happy with everything he did for me that I had to get on here and post it. It's not very often that you come in contact with someone that truly loves what they do, and Titus is awesome at his job!!

Representative Lie. Was With Them 13 1/2 Years.
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Rating: 1/51

I had Sprint for 14 years. It was ok until Feb. 24, 2016 when they emailed me telling me I can get new phones and even give me a free tablet. They said I could get 2 Samsung S7 one would be 25.99 the other 12.99 and 11.00 and 11.00 for ins. Then I would get 8gb high speed 2 unlimited gb and unlimited everything. We came to a price, I was then told a representative would bring the phone to house on March the 9. I called to ask what time on the 9th is the man coming. I was told the phones were mailed out and they were mailed to my other house which no one is there. That was the first mistake many many more to come.

I got the phones on the 8th, wrong house but I got them. I called to ask where is the game headset and tablet. Mistake 2. The lady said "I will mail you the headsets and have someone look into the tablet". Was told go to store to change my phones over. Got to store, the lady looked on Sprint notes and told me the price is not what they said. I called up Sprint and the representative told me a price that was 60.00 dollars more and everything was different. I then said "Keep the phones. Can I leave them at the store". Man on phone said "No you have to mail them in".

I got home, called Sprint, was told hold on they will get someone to call me back to work this out. That was on Tuesday the 8 of March. No CALL BACK AT ALL. Waiting to send everything back to Sprint but still no labels to send back, no call backs. I called to be told someone will hear the tapes. I said "Good, I have tapes for them to hear as well". After calling and calling for the mail back label I got a call, they wanted to work it out. I am on the phone with Sprint when Sprint calls on other line, leaves a message making up lie after lie. He said he played the tapes, I know there was no way everything he said was wrong.

I got off the phone with Sprint to call the Sprint man that left the message, instead I got his boss. I played tape for him he said "Sorry I will have some get back to you". I also was told that man that said he played tape never did. I was nice and waited for label to send back phone, and Win back to call me. Win back called me, we was talking things were may be working out, had to hold on, just to get a different man who then acted like he was going to help me. At this point it was going to be get one phone get one free and we were working on plan, it looked ok. Then the call was lost.

I called back to be told a different price. I said "Forget, I just want to mail this back. Where are my labels". It is March 24 and I just got my labels to mail the phone back. They lie and lie and never said sorry for anything they did. It took from March the 7 until March 24 for Sprint to mail out labels. Thanks to Sprint I have to wait to change my phones over until this is all taken care of. They DO NOT CARE I WAS WITH THEM FOR 14 years so look out before you get Sprint. If they do this what will they do to you.

If There Is a Hell It Is Named Sprint
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Rating: 3/51 - Consumer improved rating by 2 stars

VALLEJO, CALIFORNIA -- Beginning April 2015

Grandson, 18, wanted Sprint for unlimited texting. I agreed to help grandson. Went to Sprint store, told by saleswoman I had to have my name on account to run my credit, said I could take my name off after account set up. Saleswoman very friendly, said to lease phone and lease price would be divided into monthly payments and added to bill. We, grandson and I agreed.

August 28, 2015, Friday

I hadn't taken my name off account yet. Received email from Sprint telling me they were going to send me to collections if I didn't pay $187.00. Paid by credit card. Never received a bill. Decided to take my name off account.

August 30, 2015, Sunday, Begin 11:30 AM end 4:45 PM

Went with grandson to Sprint store to take my name off account as agreed upon. Was told I couldn't do it in store. Given form to do it online. Took form, drove back home, attempted to do it online, per instructions on form, believing I was removing my name from account. Got to page where told I was not authorized to proceed. Called Sprint, went through telephone tree, no option for representative, hit zero six times, got representative. Forty-five minutes, on hold several times, customer representative couldn't understand what I was doing.

Went back online, repeated process on paper given to me at store, got same message. Called Sprint store. Told he couldn't understand, would have to come back into store. Drove back to store. Saw saleswoman who leased phone and sold contract. Told her what happened. She said couldn't do it in store. Was cold and unhelpful. I said she could look in her computer and see message. She did. She said she didn't know why. I wasn't leaving until she helped.

She worked in computer, said problem was grandson had to have login name and password. I said I would do it. She turned computer toward me, asked me to put in grandson's name and new password. I did. Thought problem solved. She said when I got home I had to click on link being sent by email within four hours. Thanked everyone on my way out of store. Drove home, watched for email, never came. Waited through Monday, email never came.

September 1, 2015, Tuesday, 11:30 Am until 3:30 PM

Called Sprint Customer Service. Got telephone tree, would not give me option to speak to representative. Hit zero six times, transferred to representative. Explained I did not get email. Put on hold several times, representative needed to consult with “team”. Much back and forth and being put on hold. Representative came back, said email with form was sent, my grandson and I had to sign it, I had to send it back as attachment in reply to form email. Didn't understand why.

Finally told there were two accounts, one with my name (first account), one with grandson's name (second account). I had filled out paperwork online day before (per saleswoman's directions) and was releasing phone number to new account when I thought I was removing my name from existing account not opening another account. Explained that wasn't what I intended to do, not what I was told I could do, not what saleswoman said she was doing.

Several more times on hold, twice two different representatives called saleswoman who denied she'd told me what she'd told me: that I could remove my name from original account, never a mention about having to open another account. Asked for supervisor. Put back on hold. Same representative came back on phone. Repeated wrong story back to me about my complaint. I clarified by telling entire story again for about seventh time.

Put back on hold. Asked for supervisor two more times, representative kept talking, putting me on hold to consult with team or supervisor. No supervisor provided. Problem not solved. Representative kept explaining same thing to me that there were now two accounts, that I'd made second account. Said I'd done it, nothing else could be done. Got angry, demanded supervisor. Put on hold. Supervisor came online, said she'd spoken with store, saleswoman had mislead me, would have consequences, apologized, said leave new account with grandson name, wouldn't have my name. Old account would cease to exist. Thought problem solved.

September 2, 2015, Wednesday, 1:30 PM

Decided to look into grandson's new account, make sure it was O.K. Had login name and password. Saw bill saying “Due now-$250”, shocked. Called customer service, no option to speak to representative, hit zero six times, got representative. I explained I'd paid $187.00 Friday night couldn't owe $250. Went through entire story, again. Representative went back and forth between old account and new account, saw I had paid $187.00 August 28. Put on hold for representative to consult with team, on hold for fifteen minutes, many previous holds that long.

A different person picked up line and asked me for my phone number as if I was just then calling customer service. I got angry, said I'd been on hold for fifteen minutes. New representative hung up. Called customer service again, no option to speak to a representative, hit zero six time, got representative. Explained entire story to new representative who said he was going to speak to his supervisor but he wouldn't put me on hold, he would just take off headset and go speak to his supervisor, then spent five minutes explaining to me that he was going to help with problem, repeated problem, assured me he would help me.

Waited five minutes listening to background noise. Representative came back, told me $250.00 on new account was deposit for new account because of grandson's non-existent credit rating, only way to remove $250.00 deposit was to return, with my name, with grandson to first account. I got angry, again, said we'd come full circle back to beginning.

Representative was going to take off headset again and go consult another supervisor. I said I'm psychotherapist and client in waiting room for fifteen minutes. Told representative to please leave message on my cell phone (Verizon, thankfully). Representative agreed. Client left. I checked my voicemail. Representative repeated only way to get rid of $250.00 was to return to original account with my name and grandson.

Decided to call Verizon when I got off work and ask them to get phone number to open account with Verizon. A couple of hours later realized I would have to pay for phone and early termination fees and had already paid $187.00 even if I didn't pay $250.00. Threw in the towel. Only way to end insanity was to print out form, sign, email back, pay $250.00 on new account. Paid $250.00 with credit card. Printed form, drove to grandson, he signed, drove home, I signed.

Wrote this, took two hours, nothing compared to time I've wasted with Sprint, not to mention stress. Do not use this company. In my entire 69 years, this is the WORST company/customer service I've ever done business with. I've been to Hell and it is named SPRINT.

Resolution Update 09/08/2015:

After searching the Internet for two hours I was able to find the email address for Sprint's CEO, Marcelo Claure. I was unable to find any other Sprint executive's email. I sent the review to Mr. Claure that I posted here at night and asked him to please read it. By the next am I had an email from him. He said my issue would be resolved that day. By noon someone called me, apologetic, saying things are changing at Sprint. I believe Mr. Claure is the new CEO. She gave me her direct line and listened to my story. The day after that I received an email from her detailing what is going to be done. They're returning my $250, making sure my $187 payment is posted to my grandson's "new" account, making sure nothing goes on my credit including a hard inquiry and making sure I don't have an open account with Sprint. I was floored because of the many, many hours I spent with Sprint customer service and in the Sprint store and got nowhere. Apparently Mr. Marcelo values even the smallest customers at Sprint and he made sure everything was cleared up. I only put three stars because of what I went through to get to Mr. Marcelo. If he is the new face of Sprint I would certainly give it a try after he's had the helm for several months, enough time to overhaul Sprint's customer service. I am very happy that he didn't ignore my email.

Worst Customer Service, They're Crooks & Won't Tell You What All Your Charges Are for on Bill
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Rating: 1/51

For all potential customers of Sprint; please don't waste your time or hard earned money with Sprint. Please learn from mine and other's experiences with this rip-off organization. Don't fall for their lies, and spend your money with another, more reputable cell phone carrier. When we ordered our 4 iPhone 6's in September, I was told that the activation fees would be waived for two of the four phones as an incentive to make the sale. Now, two months later the 4th fee is on my bill. I called and was given the runaround by two different CS reps.

I was told there was no manager there to talk to. The representative said he was in charge of the entire Philippines facility, even though he answers phones. I got nowhere with them, I had him look in the notes from my past calls and was told there was no mention of this and they cannot waive this fee. When I called back, I was told I got the same place and got the same response from another representative. However, this lady did say there were managers there, but that no one could speak to me at that time, but could call me back. This still has not happened as of yet.

They lie to us and you can't do anything about it. I asked if someone could pull up my phone calls as they should be recorded as their automated system tells us so that I could prove what I was told. I was again told that this fee cannot be waived, and then I was told there's no need to do that since there's nothing to verify. So, now I'm paying all 4 upgrade fees, $36 each.

My presumption is that I'm not the only one they're lying to, multiply that by the hundreds of thousands of customers they lie to the same way. We as customers have no recourse but to pay them and continue to let them get away with their deceptive practices on a daily basis. On top of that, the representative was rude and curt with me. He didn't care about my concerns or complaints, he made me feel like no matter what I was calling about; Sprint had predetermined that it really did not care about any of my concerns.

Another issue I called about was a $9.99 third party fee that I was charged last month and this month for something that wasn't ordered. He told me it was for “3,000 play credits”. I asked who the charge was from so I could call and dispute it; he told me it was for a game. I asked what game, he said there were a million games out there and he couldn't know, but that it was on the phone. I again stated that no game was downloaded or authorized for purchase on the phone and again asked who the charge was for.

This is when he really got rude and curt with me. I asked him who Sprint gave the money to and he continually refused to tell me, he just kept repeating that I need to see what game was downloaded. I asked how Sprint could charge me for something that they can't tell me where the money was going to and he didn't even attempt to make sense, he simply continued to repeat word for word the statement that I have to check the phone to see what the money was for.

This type of unjustified billing should be illegal, and may be, but I truly believe it is just another way that Sprint is ripping off their customers! How can Sprint charge and take its customer's money and not be able to explain what the charge is for? I believe they merely hope their customers don't take the necessary time to audit their bills because they know most customers don't want to spend an hour or more on hold waiting to get a runaround from their foreign customer service department. Or have to try to deal with a customer service representative that not only doesn't have a firm grasp of the English language, but may only be barely understandable.

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Rating: 1/51

FLORIDA -- We purchased (2) IPhone 5S phones and (1) IPhone 4S outright. We own the phones totally. We were the first in the Speedway store to get the new promotion that Sprint offered, $100.00 per month for the family 20GB data share plan. Sprint was supposed to pay for our cancellation fees with AT&T as well. When we received our cancellation bill from AT&T we brought it right over to the Speedway store and they made a copy and sent it in. They stated that it would be around 30 days before we would receive our visa/Mastercard with the money that we already paid to cancel with AT&T.

It was close to a month. I called them and they said that they received the wrong paper bill from us. I could not even understand how someone at the store could have made such an error! I re-sent in the proper paperwork and also went to the store to have them do this again. So 10/17/14 we sent the first one in and on 11/17/14 the second one was sent in. Now when I try to check it with the confirmation number it states that it cannot find an offer matching the number I provided. Wow! Upon purchase of the phones and the plan we were talked into getting two tablets FREE of charge.

We told the employees that we did not need them. They stated that "they are free so you might as well." We discussed at length how "FREE" they would be. They both informed us that we would not be charged a penny for anything that has to do with the tablets. Ha no surprise. When I spoke to the woman at Sprint she told me that we were in fact being charged for the tablets and we still owe $219.99 on each of them. Wow! We are also being charged access fees for all phones and term access charges. With this we are being charged each month for the phones again. We already bought them outright.

I have spent tireless hours since August on this issue. My patience is wearing a bit thin since I can not get anyone to help me or I get, let me call you back today, we are working on it now and never receive a call back. I have never in my life had so many problems with a carrier and have been lied to constantly. We are not a rich people and cannot keep giving Sprint money and not expect the money that is owed to us and not in the form of credit. We gave money out of our pocket and expect the same courtesy of getting the money back to put back in our account. I can go on all day on what we have been going through for all these months.

We have since tried to cancel our phones and tablets that we never wanted. The phones were not on contract. It took a good month to actually get all canceled. We figured, why should we keep paying all the charges that we should not be paying. They will NOT fix anything for us and correct the bill. We are now trying to get our money back, which totals around $1200-$1400. I have called so many times and I have ALL the conversations and details of everything I need in a file waiting for someone to help us.

I called on May 8th and spoke to Robert in the Arizona call center. Without me even asking he found that Sprint owes us about $1200. He didn't search anymore. Just wanted to get it to the correct people so they can cut me a check. The "Right People" declined this and said they don't see anything where we paid extra. Ha, I have everything that states otherwise and the detailed notes from May com and Robert. I continue to call this call center and try to speak to Robert but I get a different story each time. I have his Employee ID# but no one can help. Amazing!! I will not give up on this. I do not like people who make millions of dollars a day to steal from the little people. It is absolutely disgusting!

Customer Service
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Rating: 1/51

GEORGETOWN, TEXAS -- Verizon has lost its edge, and Sprint never had it, the thing that had me a loyal customer for over 10 years. Your customer service... has now mirrored Sprint. Which if you know anything about the service and headache that people have to deal with it would make you very disappointed that Verizon has sunk to their level. Price, service, and ease of use is no longer a feature that your company can claim. After calling 8 different times and getting 8 different answers, being put on hold for over two hour with 3 different calls and no one bothering to resolve my problem, it didn't give me confidence that your company cared whether or not they had customers anymore.

Better call AT&T because they are friendly, courteous, fast and listened to what I needed. I didn't have to turn in my phones one, then wait until one is shipped, go to the store have the service started for the one phone, then repeat the process 2 other times. Wait, am I dealing with Sprint? I thought I was talking to Verizon. They also asked me several times, “What do you really want?” which surprised me because I was not expecting customer service at customer service to care what I wanted.

I mean I was grateful that they truly put my needs ahead of what was best for the company. Remember I was a loyal customer for years, only left three weeks ago. So if history was any indication how I was able to pay for and even do what I said I would, that in itself should have had you excited and jumping through hoops to "win me back", that is a joke.

If that wasn't good enough, they beat $1200 dollar down payment by $1000 dollars, imagine that? Only $200 dollars down, iPhone 6 plus 64GB and only transferred one time taking a total of 22 minutes. Versus Verizon 1300 dollars down, 5 1/2 hours, being transferred 6 times in one call, no one bothering to take my number down in case I got dropped for whatever reason. Then having to have to still go to the store to finish the transaction.

With Sprint, I paid through the nose $1900 to get service started, customers wait in the store a minimum of two to six hours with no one acknowledging that you are even there. When they finally get to you, you are sent back to customer service on the phone, which means 2 mores hours and 6 to 10 transfers and no one being able to help because the store has to fix the issue. Back to the store this time for 4 hours, which poor guy is on the phone with support the whole time. When we leave at 8:45 at night, we still have to call back to customer support for another 1 1/2 because the phone doesn't work.

This process was from 11:00am to 10:15pm. All this so I could save money. Didn't get the phones we wanted, service was awful, and never once felt like I mattered as a person. My time, money, and loyalty meant nothing to them just like it does to you. Sorry to say, but Verizon now in a class with Sprint, T-mobile, McDonald's, Walmart, and Obama-care. Never mind the people, their wants, needs, money, time or stress, because the company is all that matters.

It's sad to think that you're company regards people this way, but then someone has to lead while others watch. Better look at AT&T from now on, they are blowing the doors off of you and anyone else who might want to be treated with respect and kindness. Not to mention friendly, fast, reliable service without the cost and headache of dealing with 10 people who could care less about me as a customer. Sad day Verizon, sad day. Your once loyal and devoted friend.

Deceptive Business Practices
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Rating: 1/51

NEW YORK -- I have been with Sprint since May 2014- within the first months, issues started to occur. I have to admit, I have not had issues with calls, web browsing but with rates and extra add ons of billing and broken promises. I was owed a switch over incentive in the form of a Amex gift card of $50.00. They said after mailing in the "invoice" and "rebate form", it would take about 90 days to get the incentive. The incentive was a promotion for coming over to them.

I know it is not a lot, but being with T-Mobile for 12 years and them wanting to charge me full rate of $600.00 for a Galaxy S5 and offered me $5.00 for my S2- what an insult! T-Mobile said they could not do anything about giving me a discount for being a 12 year customer, so I left for Sprint. Calling Sprint to inquire about my incentive, I was told by two departments that my incentive was declined. The first department said they only show I mailed in the "rebate" form so it was voided. The department that approves the incentives stated the same. I explained I have a color copy of both forms including the originals of what I mailed to you.

I asked to speak to a supervisor and after 3 minutes, the second person all of a sudden states that he now sees the documents on the screen- where a moment ago, he stated it only showed one of the documents. Sprint has some ASL (Automatic Spending Limit) that some customers get to avoid going over their monthly charges to avoid penalties. This program makes no sense. With T-Mobile if you go over, you simple pay the dollar amount/cost of what the overage is on your upcoming bill. This ASL program is BS and you still have pay the overage so why not do away with this BS!

Additionally, I was told the reason I was ushered into this program was because of my credit. I beg to differ since my credit is 750. They state that if I enroll in "auto-pay" the ASL charges would be dropped. However, two months later the ASL charges are still there and increments are being applied when they should not. If auto-pay is applied and shows on their "computer systems", why is the program applicable?

Credit back took 4 calls to Sprint and I was promised 4 times the adjustments would be made between 4 to 72 hours. 72 hours why and surely never 4 hours since I had to call back 4 times! They are LIARS! Recently, "government & taxes" increase doubled within two months. WHY! I was told that they don't control the increases or when it increases or decreases. How are these rates variable? When I was with T-Mobile those taxes remained the same each month, they did not go up one month or decrease the next. For example, my T-Mobile bill each month was $80.00 with taxes. With Sprint it was doubled this month (2014) and was half last months.

When ask to explain, the representative said he could email me explanation of why that was. He was thrown sense he had no language script to repeat to me like some insane robot. Trying to receive a discount from them as their language states to email "one" of the following- I got the runaround and was eventually told that the company had to verify that I worked for them and that I had a work email to receive the discount.

T-Mobile all you had to do was provide a recent pay stub-which was "one" of the choices Sprint states on their discount page. Apparently, Sprint is not concerned about honoring their end of the deals that they make. They are Thieves! I do not understand how FTC and BBB allows this company to function, stay in business and rip customers off like this. I believe if all of us just file complaints outside forums with the FTC and BBB perhaps something would be done. Waiting for customer service takes 45 minutes. When presses about this, one representative stated it was not true and it took only 15 min.

For me coming from T-Mobile is TOO LONG. Additionally, when you ask to speak to a supervisor, they put you on hold, come back and state every time that the supervisor is assisting another customer and then the representative makes a different offer to reduce the issue. This seems like BS at its best. The two months that I have been with Sprint my request to speak with a supervisor has been "0". When you push the issues to get handled during the initial call, they get flustered and ask to take your number which should be on screen when they are referencing your case and they want/promise to call you back.

THEY NEVER CALL YOU BACK as PROMISED! Upon introducing themselves they will introduce themselves as John and upon completing your call, you will get a text message survey asking how your experience was with Renaldo. WTF! Why are they hiding behind fake names, being dismissive, lying and cheating customers and getting away with this? Why can they not provide the language of the contract details before you sign up... BECAUSE THEY KNOW YOU WILL SKIP SOMEWHERE ELSE! Again, Liars, Thieves!

SPRINT fails to do the right thing. Horrible Support, Customer Service Nightmare, won't honor or deliver on their end without multiple calls, variable rates of taxes each month without acceptable explanation, never keeping their promise to call back. If you have to break your contract, BREAK IT. Pay the ETA or take your sweat time paying it and write complaint letters to the FTC-BBB on their business practices as well as forums such as these. Sprint should not be in business when allowed to behave in this manner.

Lies, Lies and More Lies Followed by Horrible Treatment.
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Rating: 1/51

RENTON, WASHINGTON -- I am extremely disappointed with Sprint. A little over a month ago we upgraded two phones on our plan. I paid in the store for the phone and was told specifically by the teller that the only thing that would be different on my next bill is the installment charges for the phones. And obviously the payment for the plan as well. I was told there would be no activation charges. So when my first bill comes there is $80 worth of activation charges on my account that I was told would not be there.

So I call in and am told they are very sorry for the mix up and will work on getting it taken care of and call me back. No call back so I call in again, they have no record of my first call and I get told the same story again. A week goes by and I call back once again, the third time. I then spend two and a half hours on hold while they "track down a supervisor" only to waste my time and get hung up on 3 times. I repeat TWO AND A HALF HOURS ON HOLD AND 3 TIMES HUNG UP ON for an issue I had already been told would be taken care of twice and shouldn't have been a problem in the first place.

So after wasting all that time on the phone I get told that I will get a call back from a supervisor in 24-48 hours. Mind you, I was very civilized throughout the whole process, up until this point obviously, which I felt was definitely valid. Lo and behold, it has now been another week, the issue was not resolved and still not call back, even from a supervisor.

I am so furious and disappointed in Sprint. I have NEVER been treated so poorly by a company, even Comcast who has the worst customer service in the nation. I just cannot believe after all the times I have called and BEING ON HOLD FOR 2.5 HOURS and being hung up on three times, not a single person at Sprint has bothered to try and resolve an issue with an upset customer. $80 might not seem like a lot of money to some but it is a lot of money and at this point it's just the principle of a company taking care of their consumer.

I have been ignored and treated poorly and it is not ok. Not a single person at Sprint has tried to resolve the problem, not a single person tried to take care of it themselves when I called, they just wanted to push it off to someone else and leave it to fall through the cracks. I am still in shock at the service I have received from them and they still expect me to pay the extra $80 they specifically told me I would not be charged. Thanks Sprint and congrats on getting yourself on the same level if not worse than Comcast. If I cancel, do not expect me to pay the termination fees, I will pursue other options. No way am I paying to get away from such crap service.

Horrible Customer Service
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Rating: 1/51

SANTA FE, TEXAS -- Since I can't seem to resolve my issue by calling and speaking to your customer service reps. and speaking with "managers" maybe expressing my concerns here will help. If to not raise awareness about your customer service but possibly how your "managers" don't disclose all information about your plans to customers when they are considering changing from one plan to another.

I have been a customer with Sprint since 2009, I have had at times 5 phone lines with Sprint and paid in excess of $300.00 a month. Since I pay my bill, I think I should have some sort of at least halfway decent service. I have had issues from dropped calls to not even receiving calls at times. I weighted my options of switching to a different provider. However, I feel that all cell carriers are about in the same boat when it comes to service be it cell service or customer service. But here lately I have come to the conclusion Sprint does not regard either as important.

I called in to your customer service on July 5, 2014 in hopes to reduce my monthly bill. I had 2 lines where my contract was up and I wanted to disconnect them. After speaking with a customer service representative, I was transferred to a "manager" to go over my changes to my account. Needless to say she was trying all attempts possible for me to not cancel any of my lines. I did end up canceling one line and to save money I was told I could go to a family plan to save me almost another $100.00 a month.

I asked what the difference in the current plan that I was on and the family plan. I was told that the only difference was I would have 1GB of data versus my unlimited data. I was also informed that with all my lines on my current on the plan we did not even use 1GB total. I asked when the plan would take effect? I was informed by one of your "managers" that since the 5th was the end of my billing cycle it would take effect on the 6th. After hearing that was the only change, I figured it would be fine to switch my plan to the family plan.

Well I received my new bill this past Friday and to say "I was not happy" is an understatement!! I opened my bill to find out that even after disconnecting a line and changing to the family plan my bill had only dropped $20.00. I called your customer service representative line again and was informed by a "manager" that it could take up to 2 months for my bill to reflect the changes.

What I don't understand is my bill shows the "family plan" my data is now reduced to 1GB but you can't change my charges?? I find that a little odd. Did my phone call to your customer service center help with my issue? Not at all. I was told they could not change my charges, the system has to make the changes. I was still upset but thought hopefully the changes would be made sooner rather than later. Well today was the last straw.

I went into Bestbuy to upgrade the phone associated with my number only to be informed by the clerk at Bestbuy that since my plan was switched to the family plan I now had to purchase my phone outright or pay on it monthly ($18.00 a month extra). So again needless to say "I was not happy at all"!! I thanked the clerk at Bestbuy and left without a new phone. I immediately called your customer service department again to speak with a "manager" only to be put on hold for 30 mins. Then to finally speak to manager who did not resolve my issues because my call was dropped. Did I receive a call back? NO.

This all happened at 4pm today and as of now I still have not heard anything. I have to say Sprint does not value their customers! Sprint does not inform their customers of every aspect of their plan. Sprint should train their "managers" and customer service reps. as to the differences in plans and what is covered and not covered! I feel as though I was lied to. I may be only one person but I will make sure that I relay this message to as many people as possible.

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