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Indecent Practices
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Rating: 1/51

Sprint Wireless has proved to me that it is a dysfunctional company with indecent business practices. I made the decision to switch to Sprint because their coverage map showed that I would receive perfect voice reception and 4G LTE data coverage at my home. I ordered new service on September 20th. The new iPhone 5S was on backorder at the time, and I was aware that my service would not be activated immediately. Sprint charged me for the phone immediately, even though they were not scheduled to send it for another 6 weeks.

I called them after I saw the charge, and I was told that my phone was scheduled to be delivered the next day. It was delivered on November 12th - almost a month later. When I activated my phone I was receiving only 1 bar of reception, and at times was roaming because I wasn't receiving a Sprint signal. I called customer service numerous times, and the agent couldn't give me an explanation. I was told that my phone was most likely dysfunctional, and I should bring it to a store to be repaired.

I schedule time to visit a store location and they told me the problem was their service not my phone. They assured me that the service should get better any day, but I could cancel the plan and return the phone without penalty. I transferred my phone number to another provider. I called Sprint again about returning my phone and they could not give me any information because the website was down - apparently phone agents don't know how to return the phones. I went to a store location to return the phone and officially cancel service. I was charged a $35 restocking fee.

I argued that I should not have to pay a restocking fee since I would never have purchased the phone if their coverage map had not been lies. They asked me to call an agent, who told me I should be patient since they are trying to update all of the Sprint towers. The store agent asked for my credit card to refund me the price of the phone - minus the activation charge. Today I called up Sprint to ask when I should expect to receive my refund for my phone. They told me 30 to 60 days! I was reasonably upset!

I am not being refunded the $36 activation fee (which I would never have had to pay if I had known I would have no reliable service). I had to pay another $35 to cancel the service and return the phone (which is insulting since I would never have purchased a phone from them if I knew there was no reliable coverage), and now they are keeping my money for at least another month. I stayed on the phone for 20 minutes.

The agent finally told me that they can file a request for a refund when my monthly cycle would have ended. (I say "would have" because I no longer have an account with them). I have to wait another 15 days to FILE FOR A REQUEST! It is not enough that I returned the phone and a refund was charged to my credit card. Now I need to wait for an extended period of time to kindly ask to please get my money back.

Sprint will successfully keep my money for at least 2 full months for a phone that I only used for 12 days. AND I had to pay $71 for the privilege of having them for 12 days. I asked repeatedly to speak to a manager, and she would put me on hold for several minutes and come back with some lame explanation. Finally, I literally broke down crying on the phone, because I can't upgrade my phone on another plan because this company is holding onto my money for as long as they possibly can. She offered to give me a call back on November 13th to request my refund - every agent has scheduled a call back with my to check on my service and never actually called.

Do Not Contract With Sprint. Horrible Service.
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Rating: 1/51

MAPLE HEIGHTS, OHIO -- In February I switched over to Sprint since I was out of my contract with Verizon. I had Verizon for over 10 years and never had a problem. My niece asked me to share her Sprint plan so that her bill would decrease. I signed up with Sprint in February and I have had problems with my service ever since. My calls drop constantly and I have terrible reception inside my house. I have to stand on my patio to talk on my cell phone.

About 6 wks ago I spoke to a representative of Sprint concerning the poor service that I have. The person checked my service and noted that it was evident that I experience dropped calls regularly. I was told that I would be sent an adaptive piece that would help to correct the poor reception in my house. I was told that there was a backorder for this piece of equipment. As of yet I have not received the equipment and I still cannot talk on the phone while inside my house. I was given a credit of $40.00 for two months.

On July 25th and 26th I had no service at all. I couldn't make calls and I couldn't receive calls. All of my attempts to sent texts failed. On July 26th, I went into the store on Chagrin and explained that I had no service. The representative told me that the towers were being worked on. He updated data on my phone and told me that eventually Sprint's service would get better because of the work that they are doing to improve their towers.

The next day I continued to have dropped calls and of course no reception in my house. Finally, I had had enough. I called Sprint on July 30th and asked for my contract to be cancelled due to the service or lack of service that I have received. I was on the phone for at least an hour repeating my complaint to at least 5 different people. Several reps. talked about the maintenance being done on their towers. One representative put me on hold while he supposedly checked with his supervisor about canceling my service but I was somehow disconnected after holding for approx. 5 minutes.

I thought that maybe I would receive a call back, but of course I didn't. I called back and had to talk to 4 more people, 2 of which insisted that my service was good according to Sprint's data records. The last representative that I talked to was like a tough guy. He told me that I wasn't getting out of my contract because I had not met my 2yr. commitment. He told me that I could pay 300 dollars to terminate my contract early. I told him that I shouldn't have to pay a penalty for bad service.

He too began telling me about the towers being worked on for better service in the future. I asked to speak to his supervisor. He told me that his supervisor would call me back within 48 hours. So far I haven't received a call from that person yet. I am so sorry that I signed up with Sprint. I will never do it again and I would strongly advise others not to.

11 Months & Still No Solution to Our Problems.
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Rating: 1/51

AURORA, ILLINOIS -- About 11 months ago, our contract with AT&T expired. My son, daughter in law, husband & myself, decide to join together in a family type plan. Son & daughter in law have been very happy with Sprint, so after much research, many calls to Sprint, & even a couple visits to a local Sprint store, they had us believe the service in our area, (different than son & daughter in law's area) was not only very good, but improving very soon! Husband & I joined the Sprint family. About 2 or 3 weeks into the contract, I made my first call to Sprint, complaining that people said they were calling us, but it would only ring & ring. Yet we had no log of these calls.

I also complained that we often have to drive outside our neighborhood to make calls. I was told they are working in the area & the problem is temporary. But they couldn't give me a time frame, so I expressed concerns that the problem may not be fixed before my time is up to decide if Sprint is going to work for us or not. I was "assured" my call is documented & this would not be an issue. I explained the importance of my being able to be reached if needed, by my parents who are in poor health & need me often. Also like everybody else, I want to be able to contact & be contact by my kids, other family, friends, work & so on.

Let's just say, in order to keep this review from becoming a book, that about 11 months later, many, many calls to Sprint, many, many visits to a Sprint store location, MANY broken words & downright LIES form SEVERAL different Sprint employees, my husband are still stuck with paying for this terrible service. No reception most of the time. Dropped calls or calls so choppy we can't understand the caller. People calling us & having the phone ring & ring until they get a massage telling them either our numbers are no longer in service or that the number or code they entered is not a valid number.

Text messages we have to go outdoors & walk around the yard until we find a spot where the text will send for a while, then we have to move & find another spot & so many more complaints! I, at one point, was offered $25.00 off my bill for the next 4 months. Really?? I said no, of course. They also offer to upgrade our phones. You serious??? Upgrade & stay with Sprint?

I'm tired of making report after report & having them do the same thing each time, with the end still being, no resolution to our problem. I said I want what I'm paying for & if they can't give me the service I'm paying for, then let me out of the contract with no early termination fees. I did after all call with my first complaint within the first 2 - 3 weeks. It seems nobody in the entire Sprint chain has the authority to do this for us.

I also want to be reimbursed for a huge portion of the monies paid to Sprint over the last 11 months. As for my parents & my kids, I have been needed many times by my parents, for urgent medical emergencies, & was not able to be reached, same for my kids & others. I do NOT advise Sprint to any of you reading reviews, in order to make an informed decision about cell phone service providers.

No Customer Loyalty
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Rating: 1/51

ATLANTA, GEORGIA -- I have been a Sprint customer for well over 8 years. I eventually added an additional line to my account and am an on time payer. In the years that I have been with them they used to reward you for being a loyal customer. We used to get yearly upgrades, ability to bill items to your account, and much better deals on phones. I am up for renewal on one line and a month away on the other.

Looking to get the Galaxy S4, was shocked at the upgrade cost but it is what it is. Talked to them to see what options I may have in discounting the rate. Was given a few ideas and went on my way. Well as I researched the prices on phones elsewhere, I found that they are offering a much lower rate for someone who ports in a new line. Basically a new customer.

Shocked that I would be treated any less important than a new customer, I called the customer service line. At which point I was told to go to a store and they would be able to give me the discounted rate they are offering new customers. OK Great! By the way I am trying to surprise my husband at this point for Father's Day. So I go ahead and order a nice case knowing that Sprint has always taken care of their customers and would never mislead me. Right? Umm, no!

I go into a Sprint store and ask for the manager as I was told to do. Of course in true Sprint form I must talk to someone else who is so sure they can help me first. He then gets the manager who is one of the rudest people I have talked to. He told me he could not discount the phone anymore and to call the customer service line back. OK so now I have wasted gas and time!

Very upset I call Sprint back, after going through another round of let me talk to the manager, I get to a trainer. Who tells me that I am an ideal customer to Sprint and he wants to see what he can do to help me. He offers me the discount on one phone only. Sorry, not enough. I ask what else they can do and he escalates my complaint stating that I will get a call in the next few days (after Father's Day at this point). So I wait.

Well a few days go by and I call back in, only to have to go through another round of let me see if I can help you before I get a manager. At this point my blood is boiling and once I get a call back I am told that they can't do anything else. REALLY?! So all a long term customer is worth to Sprint is $100. Wow! So I say fine and just take my defeat, tired of fighting. Go to the store the next day figuring I will just have to pay full price for the second phone.

When I get there I find out that I have to go to a corporate store to bill a phone to my account. So I call the corporate store before driving all the way over. Now to my surprise they have taken away the ability to bill phones to your account. Well, needless to say I lost it. Called their customer service again and refused to do the song and dance of can I help you. Because I know that the person answering the phone CAN NOT help me.

They send my complaint to the escalation department who cannot help me either and will not forward me to anyone else. SO my response is... Time to go to Verizon. Why? Because if I have to pay for the phone up front I might as well get better service. My rate is not going up and I get the discount I want. You would think that when you already know this and tell them you are gone they may try to get you to someone else that could help. Oh No, she tries to find the phone cheaper. Ummm no thanks!!!

Hope that someone who matters sees this and maybe in the future your customers will be loyal again like I have been! Because it is very difficult to keep customer loyalty with such competitive markets these days.

Charged for Fees When Sprint's Fault
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Rating: 1/51

YUMA, ARIZONA -- On May 4, 2013 we went into our local Sprint store to see if they could offer us a package deal lower than what we currently were spending with another carrier and if there would be coverage out where we live (40 miles east). The sales representative assured us that there was coverage and they were able to offer us a better package at a better rate. We decided to go with Sprint, unfortunately there turned out not to be any service (or very sporadic service) in our area. My husband has a job where he is on call quite a bit and it was imperative that we have phone service.

Anyway, we contacted the Sprint store and told them what was going on with the service and they apologized for being incorrect about having service where we live. On May 10th, we returned our phones, all accessories and were told we would only be responsible for the week of service that we had the phones. On signing up with Sprint, I asked that all bills be sent to our PO Box. On June 15, 2013, I was looking at my emails from home and saw an email from Sprint that we had a bill of $263.22 and it was overdue, they were threatening to turn over to a collection agency if not paid within the next 7 days (the due date was June 13, 2013).

Prior to this email, I had never received any notice, via email or through the mail. I immediately contacted Sprint and after explaining to several people my situation, I was turned over to an accounts person (**). I of course asked what the $263.22 was for, since we only had service for one week. She explained that it was for service from May 5 through sometime in June and that also there were charges for activation fees.

I explained to her we had service for one week and understand paying for the week's service, but I did not feel that we should be held accountable for the activation fees, since we could not remain with them as a carrier due to their false information regarding service where we live. ** said she would make adjustments to our bill and call me back within the hour with amount due. I waited a few hours, called again and talked to a different person (they could not transfer me to **, since they said they have 5 different account stores, they did not know how to reach **). So I explained my situation to another person.

This person went into our account and did not see that ** had left any notes or even tried to adjust our account. The lady told me to call back toward the end of the day to see if adjustments had been made. I said OK, and called back around 4pm. I had to explain my situation again, only to get turned over to an "assistant manager" who said that nothing had been done to the adjustments. He then put me on hold, came back and told me we would be charged for the week and also for the activation fees.

I argued that we should not be charged the fees ($35.00 x 2) because it was their fault we could not keep their services. He said there was nothing he could do about the activation charges. I was not happy, he then turned me over to the "manager" who basically said the same thing. Anyway, the manager finally gave us the final bill that was due (which included the activation fees).

I paid the bill and said I was going to write this letter to the Attorney General, to see if something could be done. I feel that these mobile carriers take advantage of consumers. So by the time this was all said and done, we were charged activation fees with Sprint and then activation fees for the carrier we ended up with. I think this is a misjustice and would like something to be done. Thank you for your attention to this matter.

Sprint Is Full of CRAP!!!
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Rating: 1/51

HONOLULU, HAWAII -- I have been with Sprint for 3 years. I started with the HTC EVO, then upgraded to the Samsung GALAXY S3. From all that I have read, Sprint announces it was the first network to have 4G, what a load of **!! They say that their network goes beyond AT&T and VERIZON, another pile of CRAP!! I have so many drop calls, I cannot even count it anymore. At my place of work, the phone's signal is so weak even the Verizon guy would not hear me.

I streamline movies on the Samsung Galaxy S3 and Sprint stupid network Stalls. I just called today Sprint and got a woman on the phone. I think she is a moron not to understand the word STALL and said to me "You mean your phone is stalking?" How educated was that. I compare my S3 with my co-worker's S3 where her network is T-mobile and damn her phone is 3x's faster than mine specially on streamlining movies. Sprint is so full of ** with their 4G commercials.

If I get a better offer with Verizon or even T-Mobile, I am so done with Sprint. To me Sprint gets the latest gadgets, at the same time makes those Gadgets look so ** bad. My S3 internet connection is so ** slow even the 1990's dial up network would process faster. I asked Sprint associates here on Oahu what and when would the 4G take effect here, they told me summer time this year 2013. It's frickn' June going on July soon and no 4G. What a load of crap. 1st 4G network, yeah right!

1st ** network. Sprint should Sprint down the cliff or even in to the black hole! I bet the Verizon guy would be able to make a phone call from the black hole and for Sprint, you would be ** out of luck. When I got my phone, I was asked about insurance prior to the activation fee. I told the guy I am not interested because I know that is just a gimmick to scheme money. And when I found out about it I called SPRINT again and told them off, asking them why am I being charged for something I did not agree upon.

To the Sprint Associates, please do not play people to be fools specially the ones who do their research before even thinking of getting a phone with your Stupid, Fake, b. s. network. Your 4G is just a logo intended to fool people to buying your stupid service.

Worst Service Provider
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Rating: 1/51

COSTA MESA, CALIFORNIA -- Sprint is by far the worst phone carrier I have ever had! First off, when I went to switch to Sprint the gentleman told me I would be getting a tablet for free. LIAR! You actually have to pay for your tablet every month. I asked what my monthly bill would be before I signed up and he said I can't give you an exact amount. Come to find out my bill was over $300 and I still had to pay for fees from my other carrier which had me paying almost $700 in one month. Of course I couldn't pay that amount. I made payment arrangements with Sprint but still had my texting turned off and constant calls and emails from them asking me to pay my remaining balance.

When I signed up with Sprint they had the promotion that they would pay your cancellation fees from your other carrier (the only reason I switched to them) and after waiting 12 weeks I called because I hadn't received it yet and was told it was denied because I had an overdue balance. By the way, no communication from them about denying the payment. I had just paid the remainder of the bill and had I not called I am assuming they wouldn't have sent me the check. Oh and still waiting on the check since I was told it would take another 4-5 weeks to receive it.

When I was calling about the promotional payment I had to call back 6 times because I was put on perpetual hold. Horrible customer service!!! I also called about my monthly bill because it seemed higher than it should be and the lady I spoke with lied to me and told me she brought it down to $140-145 month. Called today and that conversation isn't in their notes... funny huh! The guy I spoke with said it would now be $155-160. Interesting how you get different answers all the time.

With the amount of time I've spent on the phone with Sprint, having my promotional card being denied and being lied to numerous times I would NEVER EVER EVER have a contract with Sprint. I even asked with all the issues I've had with them if I can return everything and get out of the contract and was told no. Shady practices by a company!

Switching Plans With Sprint
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Rating: 1/51

CEDAR RAPIDS -- Had this happen to me. I was told by a store representative that it would be cheaper to switch from my 1500 data share plan with 2 lines on it when I was paying 160-ish a month. I was told by adding a line and financing a phone it would be cheaper than what I was currently paying. After getting my 1st month's bill at over 330 I was furious. I called in and spoke with some lady and she said she would credit my bill to knock the 1st months bill to 200.23 and it would be applied Oct 1st.

Well then she said she would call me back that night, after not receiving a call from her I called back into customer service and spoke with a guy named Jim, before anything I got the call interaction number from him so I could document everything. He stated my 1st bill was going to be 200.23 and going forward it would be 252/month then a work discount of 24/month would drop my monthly bill down to 228 give or take a dollar or 2 for taxes. Interaction number is ** btw. So after he told me each credit and charge per month my bill is still at 332.82.

I've just stayed on the phone for the past 3 hours trying to talk to someone in customer service about this issue and have either been placed on ridiculous holds or hung up on. Every time I try to get to a supervisor I have to explain my story and have the ladies note the account that I'm calling in for the same reason every time!!! I was also just on the line with a supervisor that was crediting what he could to the account then the call either dropped or he hung up.

This is exactly how I want to spend my time. Trying to convince a company that lied to me that I shouldn't have to pay for their screw up. Now of course their supervisor isn't there anymore and I have to schedule a call back, then silence and put on hold again.

Family Plan Purchased June 10, 2014
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Rating: 1/51

JOHNSTOWN, PENNSYLVANIA -- My family was on a shared with AT&T for many years but it was becoming too expensive so after a lot of research we chose the SPRINT Framily plan because of the promotion they were running at the time. If you traded in your phone you were supposed to receive a $75 gift card toward the price of each new phone. We could receive a free tablet which we declined and FREE unlimited data for 1 yr. We also declined that but were convinced by this man to try it. The offer also promised to pay cancellation fees on the former plan. The man sold the plans and all phones to my daughter's name instead of individually so she is being billed for all of us.

Even though we're not happy it can't be fixed. That is the least of it. We have gone through 3 billing cycles so far and this is what we really got - 3 new Samsung S5 phones (we turned in our old phones and did NOT receive the $75 gift cards and they have no record of it and claim that they don't know what promo was running at that time). The first bill was over $400 because you have to pay for the full month even though you signed up in the middle of the month and for the following month. The second and third bill were $287. All bills include $20.00 on each line for the FREE unlimited data and the cancellation fee on AT&T was never refunded.

The plan that was supposed to cost between $52 and $57 each per month depending on the number of lines on our plan is actually costing over $95 each per month. We've been back to the store several times to get this fixed and they are always very polite and promise to try to make it right, but say there is little they can do. To cancel the plan there would be the cancellation fees on each line as well as paying the remaining balance on the phones. We've only made 3 payments so we'd owe approximately $550 for each phone. We are fed up. The BBB may be our next step.

Horrible Experience
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Rating: 1/51

BRISTOL, CONNECTICUT -- Went into the Bristol CT store and basically waited for an hour then was told to come back in an hour while they looked at my phone. Came back in an hour and a half and again waited while two male associates giggled and flirted with two girls. Finally they said there was nothing they could do and I was not eligible for an upgrade. I wasn't too happy about that and asked to speak to a manager. Of course one wasn't available and they pretty much showed me the door.

The next day I went into the Newington store and they said "You can get a new phone on a 'easy pay' plan'." (Another Sprint scam to get you to spend yet even more money like their recent "free" tablet promotion where you pay "only" $20 a month for 2 yr. contract. With insurance and taxes you end up spending $1,200 for a free tablet!) I said "That's not happening" and was ready to leave when..."Oh wait, you do have an early upgrade available right now! Just pay for the phone but hurry this offer could 'disappear'." What??? Well, it was late and of course they don't take debit cards only credit cards so I said "I'll be back tomorrow."

Next morning a different associate said "Oh you're only eligible for easy pay plan." I said "Oh no that's not what they told us yesterday." Then he said "OK you can upgrade, just pay off the rest of the contract for $150." WHAT??? By then I was furious. Why would I have to buy out the rest of the contract when I was eligible for an early upgrade??? Then he said "OK, OK, you don't have to." What a crock of crap!!

Sprint is worse than Comcast! The worse offense of all is that they took off my 25% discount (which is why I signed up with Sprint) without even telling me!!! And months ago... Now I have to "prove" where I work to get the discount again!! Sprint is awful, most of the associates are rude and clueless.

S - service sucks
P - pay through the nose
R - rude
I - ignorant
N - never 4G even though they say so

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