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Sprint Customer Service and the Samsung Instinct Stinks
By -

GREENSBORO, NORTH CAROLINA -- I have been a customer of sprint since July 2008 and I have had so many problems with the Samsung Instinct and the bad customer service with Sprint. Sprint customer service say they cannot do anything because the phone is made by Samsung and it is not a Sprint phone. I have a problem with that because they may not have made the phone, but that are selling it. Sprint says they want their customers to be satisfied, but I am not and they don't seem to care. I pay my bill and then I can't use the phone because the phone has froze up. To make matters worse, I was just in the store on Tuesday and then the phone froze up again on Sunday. My daughter was late for her own birthday party because we were sitting up in the Sprint Store on Holden Rd trying to get this phone repaired again. I could not get in touch with any of the people who were coming to the party because I couldn't dial out to let them know we were going to be late because of this stupid phone and Sprints more than an hour waiting period because they have so many people in the store with complaints and repairs. On top of that the customer service was so tacky and very unprofessional. People are waiting and the workers are talking on their own cell phone instead of calling the next customer so that things can move in a more timely fashion.

Then their whispering back and forth from one co-worker to the next about you like you don't have a right to be upset for being back in the store again for the same problem and it is interfering with your plans for the day as well as taking up your time and using your gas for having to be there again. What comes next is what really shocks me. In order for me to have a phone for that day, I had to buy another phone that I don't even like or should not have had to come out of my pocket for one cause after all, I have been in the store to have this stupid Instinct repaired at least 8-10 times since July and have had to have 2 new ones to replace the other one.

This MEANS I had to sign another 2 year contract, (WOW) who would want to be with them that long after all this? I had talk to one employee about how I had already been there the early part of the week and being there today was going to make my daughter late for her birthday party. With no concern at all, he said ma'am take a seat and you'll be called. Never mind, I'm sorry to hear that and we'll get to you soon as possible. Sometimes that's all it takes cause when your mad about the service then you have to deal with the rude employees too, that makes it a bad day! When I asked the guy who finally called my name for some assistance on talking to the manager, he pointed to the guy that I had just talked to and said he is the manager. Not only rude employees, now it's rude managers too. I had to buy a new phone, sign a new contract. It seems to me that Sprint just keeps on winning (getting the consumers dollars) while we get nothing. Who's going to reimburse me for the whole morning that I could not use my phone? Whose going to reimburse me for my time and gas? What are they going to do about the customer service?

When can I get an Instinct that actually works? Why did I have to sign another contract and pay more money for a phone when I already have paid for a phone that do not work due to their bad service? Who's going to reimburse me for that? Why can't I talk to someone other than a store manager who has an attitude? It's obviously not just me, because I was out one day and someone saw me using the Instinct and told me about how much trouble he had with it so he switched service because of the bad customer service and Sprint not willing to do anything about the phone. Once again Sprint still wins because now this person has to pay a cancellation fee on top of the bill.

This is probably going to be the outcome for me also in switching to another provider, but it's just not fair that Sprint can continue to sell us these bad phones and get away with it. Every one who has had or is having this problem needs to get together and take a stand. Maybe this will be the eye opener they will need to improve the service and the phones.

Horrible Customer Service Given From Sprint
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Rating: 1/51

TUCSON, ARIZONA -- My letter to the CEO of Sprint and to Patricia ** In the office of the CEO of Sprint: My time with Sprint was an experience... I will not soon forget after 3+ years of service with Sprint. Since June when my phone was stolen and needed replacement I have gone through what Sprint considers customer service experiences, that can not be fathomed. In total now since June I have spent 18hrs total on hold or talking with Sprint representatives. I have been through four total phones and was on my way to needing a fifth, and had to travel approximately 30 miles to receive service to even use my phone.

With that being said I hoped that the office of the CEO and its representatives would have listened to my concerns and at least attempted to solve my issue with something other than $250 worth of Bill credits, but instead I was asked to travel to two different stores across town from each other (approx 10 miles in traffic, approximately 30 extra minutes) to be told that my phone would take an hour and a half to take apart and be fix with parts from a 14 day return that someone else had to bring back for whatever reason.

I have attempted to give as much time was needed to accommodate the issue to be resolved and even given suggestions as to what could be done to retain my business. My suggestion was to just simply remove the nightmare of the note 4 from my life, whether it be something comparable or and upgrade version I did not care but something that worked well. I was told that my suggestions were just not possible.

This is not an acceptable way to treat a customer of 3+ years of loyal service at 350+ dollars a month. I understand that I am not a corps. or an Inc and that I am just Jon **. customer, but as such, I plan to advised everyone I know of the level of service that was provided to me even at the top level of your company via social media and word of mouth. I am sure I'll find that there are thousands of people just like me. Patricia has my information as to what was needed for the account going forward. Sincerely, a highly disappointed customer and former user of Sprint services.

Nothing but Problems
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Rating: 1/51

BOISE, IDAHO -- I bought my grandparents a tablet through Sprint so they could use it to check email and Facebook and take pictures. The contract was a two year contract, like normal. Anyways, from day one they can't get service/reception unless they are on WiFi. We call Sprint, they say to do these different things, which we do, to no avail. We took the tablet to a Sprint store, still nothing.

Four trips later, we still can't get their tablet to work without WiFi. They called the Sprint customer service center again to complain about what they have been through and the gal said they will discount their monthly price for all of the inconveniences they have been through. Well, two days later they get a notice on their tablet that says that they have used all of their data, even though the tablet has not even been turned on.

So again, we make yet another call to the Sprint customer service center and we were told that the gal had changed their plan so now they have less data, but they had paid full price for the current month. They were told they would receive a credit for the month as it would be prorated. However, that was not what the girl told them. She said she was giving them a discounted rate for all of the trouble they had had with their service. Sprint refused to help out in any way or do anything to fix the current situation.

So we asked that they put a note in their system that the contract was so to be canceled as soon as the contract was up.... only to be told that they couldn't do that either and that they would just have to call back and cancel it at a later date. This was the most frustrating experience I have ever had with any company. They were completely unhelpful, unapologetic and they did nothing what so ever to even try to remedy the situation.

Sprint Inflates Data Usage
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NEW ORLEANAS, LOUISIANA -- I recently obtained internet service with Sprint through their MiFi Hotspot device. It required a two year commitment. The service and speed were great, however, within four days, I had used up the monthly allotment of 3GBs. Previously, I had used a Boost Mobile Hotspot via my cell phone and rarely used up the 2.5GBs allotted each month. And that included all the work I do online as well as texts and photo uploads.

I have contacted Sprint and asked them to show me exactly how my data is supposedly disappearing. All they can say is that I must be spending too much time on Facebook or watching movies. I do neither! And I still do as much work as possible through my phone. There is no way I have actually used the amount of data that they say and they are unwilling to supply any kind of proof as to where is being used. With other companies, when you reach your data cap, they slow down service until the next monthly cycle begins. I have learned from Sprint that they do not slow down the speed but they charge a doubled fee for each additional MB worth of data until the month is over.

As you can see, padding a consumer's data usage is quite profitable for them and I believe this is the trap I have fallen into. My only option, according to Sprint's customer service, is to pay for the MiFi device ($200.00) and cancel the contract. I say they have already violated the contract by not being able to show me where this data is supposedly being used. Should there be no disclosure at all for the consumer? I think there should.

On Boost Mobile I got 2.5GB/month and it usually lasted the whole month. With Sprint I get 3GB and it's gone in four days, being used much less than the mobile phone. Something is very wrong here. I would appreciate any help you can give me in getting to the bottom of this and find out how Sprint can charge for large amounts of data but cannot show where or how that data was used.

Worst Service Provider
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COSTA MESA, CALIFORNIA -- Sprint is by far the worst phone carrier I have ever had! First off, when I went to switch to Sprint the gentleman told me I would be getting a tablet for free. LIAR! You actually have to pay for your tablet every month. I asked what my monthly bill would be before I signed up and he said I can't give you an exact amount. Come to find out my bill was over $300 and I still had to pay for fees from my other carrier which had me paying almost $700 in one month. Of course I couldn't pay that amount. I made payment arrangements with Sprint but still had my texting turned off and constant calls and emails from them asking me to pay my remaining balance.

When I signed up with Sprint they had the promotion that they would pay your cancellation fees from your other carrier (the only reason I switched to them) and after waiting 12 weeks I called because I hadn't received it yet and was told it was denied because I had an overdue balance. By the way, no communication from them about denying the payment. I had just paid the remainder of the bill and had I not called I am assuming they wouldn't have sent me the check. Oh and still waiting on the check since I was told it would take another 4-5 weeks to receive it.

When I was calling about the promotional payment I had to call back 6 times because I was put on perpetual hold. Horrible customer service!!! I also called about my monthly bill because it seemed higher than it should be and the lady I spoke with lied to me and told me she brought it down to $140-145 month. Called today and that conversation isn't in their notes... funny huh! The guy I spoke with said it would now be $155-160. Interesting how you get different answers all the time.

With the amount of time I've spent on the phone with Sprint, having my promotional card being denied and being lied to numerous times I would NEVER EVER EVER have a contract with Sprint. I even asked with all the issues I've had with them if I can return everything and get out of the contract and was told no. Shady practices by a company!

Switching Plans With Sprint
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Rating: 1/51

CEDAR RAPIDS -- Had this happen to me. I was told by a store representative that it would be cheaper to switch from my 1500 data share plan with 2 lines on it when I was paying 160ish a month. I was told by adding a line and financing a phone it would be cheaper than what I was currently paying. After getting my 1st month's bill at over 330 I was furious. I called in and spoke with some lady and she said she would credit my bill to knock the 1st months bill to 200.23 and it would be applied Oct 1st.

Well then she said she would call me back that night, after not receiving a call from her I called back into customer service and spoke with a guy named Jim, before anything I got the call interaction number from him so I could document everything. He stated my 1st bill was going to be 200.23 and going forward it would be 252/month then a work discount of 24/month would drop my monthly bill down to 228 give or take a dollar or 2 for taxes. Interaction number is ** btw. So after he told me each credit and charge per month my bill is still at 332.82.

I've just stayed on the phone for the past 3 hours trying to talk to someone in customer service about this issue and have either been placed on ridiculous holds or hung up on. Every time I try to get to a supervisor I have to explain my story and have the ladies note the account that I'm calling in for the same reason every time!!! I was also just on the line with a supervisor that was crediting what he could to the account then the call either dropped or he hung up.

This is exactly how I want to spend my time. Trying to convince a company that lied to me that I shouldn't have to pay for their screw up. Now of course their supervisor isn't there anymore and I have to schedule a call back, then silence and put on hold again.

Family Plan Purchased June 10, 2014
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JOHNSTOWN, PENNSYLVANIA -- My family was on a shared with AT&T for many years but it was becoming too expensive so after a lot of research we chose the SPRINT Framily plan because of the promotion they were running at the time. If you traded in your phone you were supposed to receive a $75 gift card toward the price of each new phone. We could receive a free tablet which we declined and FREE unlimited data for 1 yr. We also declined that but were convinced by this man to try it. The offer also promised to pay cancellation fees on the former plan. The man sold the plans and all phones to my daughter's name instead of individually so she is being billed for all of us.

Even though we're not happy it can't be fixed. That is the least of it. We have gone through 3 billing cycles so far and this is what we really got - 3 new Samsung S5 phones (we turned in our old phones and did NOT receive the $75 gift cards and they have no record of it and claim that they don't know what promo was running at that time). The first bill was over $400 because you have to pay for the full month even though you signed up in the middle of the month and for the following month. The second and third bill were $287. All bills include $20.00 on each line for the FREE unlimited data and the cancellation fee on AT&T was never refunded.

The plan that was supposed to cost between $52 and $57 each per month depending on the number of lines on our plan is actually costing over $95 each per month. We've been back to the store several times to get this fixed and they are always very polite and promise to try to make it right, but say there is little they can do. To cancel the plan there would be the cancellation fees on each line as well as paying the remaining balance on the phones. We've only made 3 payments so we'd owe approximately $550 for each phone. We are fed up. The BBB may be our next step.

Horrible Experience
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Rating: 1/51

BRISTOL, CONNECTICUT -- Went into the Bristol CT store and basically waited for an hour then was told to come back in an hour while they looked at my phone. Came back in an hour and a half and again waited while two male associates giggled and flirted with two girls. Finally they said there was nothing they could do and I was not eligible for an upgrade. I wasn't too happy about that and asked to speak to a manager. Of course one wasn't available and they pretty much showed me the door.

The next day I went into the Newington store and they said "You can get a new phone on a 'easy pay' plan'." (Another Sprint scam to get you to spend yet even more money like their recent "free" tablet promotion where you pay "only" $20 a month for 2 yr. contract. With insurance and taxes you end up spending $1,200 for a free tablet!) I said "That's not happening" and was ready to leave when..."Oh wait, you do have an early upgrade available right now! Just pay for the phone but hurry this offer could 'disappear'." What??? Well, it was late and of course they don't take debit cards only credit cards so I said "I'll be back tomorrow."

Next morning a different associate said "Oh you're only eligible for easy pay plan." I said "Oh no that's not what they told us yesterday." Then he said "OK you can upgrade, just pay off the rest of the contract for $150." WHAT??? By then I was furious. Why would I have to buy out the rest of the contract when I was eligible for an early upgrade??? Then he said "OK, OK, you don't have to." What a crock of crap!!

Sprint is worse than Comcast! The worse offense of all is that they took off my 25% discount (which is why I signed up with Sprint) without even telling me!!! And months ago... Now I have to "prove" where I work to get the discount again!! Sprint is awful, most of the associates are rude and clueless.

S - service sucks
P - pay through the nose
R - rude
I - ignorant
N - never 4G even though they say so

Paid up so I NEVER have to deal with them again
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Rating: 1/51

My Sprint service itself was completely worthless. My home was not even inside Sprint's coverage, and everywhere in the city I live (which according to them is their best 4g coverage) was nearly as bad. I finally got rid of them and was told to send back my equipment to have my ETF waived, along with proof of residence to show that I really was out of range. It took several months for them to recognize the equipment return, during which time I received countless emails from them stating that I owed anywhere from $500+-$700 to them and they were sending me to a collection agency!

Eventually the credit showed and now I only owed $260 (WTF? my monthly bill was $100). After hours on the phone, they determined that there was zero balance and I owed nothing. "It will show on the next bill period before collections comes around." Thank goodness, problem solved. HA! Less than a week later I get an email stating I STILL owe the $260 and that it is due June 2nd. I call and once again they confirm that it just hasn't processed and not to worry, it will be off by then.

It's week before June 2nd: the calls from a collection agency start rolling in. Having never experienced this before, there are a few words which can accurately describe it, one being: traumatizing. Sprint again. Over an hour again. To ever so rudely determine that I did, in fact, owe my normal monthly bill. Much attitude about the reasoning of the attempted charges being because I cancelled back in February. YES! I DID! I have been having to deal with your awful company and getting the runaround for THAT LONG.

Sadly, I paid the $100, because I never want to deal with them again. Ever. Ohhhh and did I mention it is nearly impossible to get ahold of someone at Sprint?? Do they purposely put non-working phone numbers up for customer service so that you can't get ahold of them? If there was a 0-star option, I would choose it.

Terrible Customer Service, Do Not Get or Keep Sprint Wireless Service
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Rating: 1/51

For over one month, my cell phone number 3387 has not been able to successfully place voice calls to 3389. To our knowledge, no one else is having trouble placing voice calls to 3389. The 3387 number is in Michigan and 3389 is in Virginia. It does not matter which region of Michigan I am in I still cannot successfully place a call to 3389, however, I can FaceTime and text message without any issue. The 3389 number can call 3387 without any issue.

I have had several experiences with Sprint Business since January 5th when we sought help with this issue from Sprint directly. Prior to seeking Sprint's assistance we did hard and soft resets on our iPhones and deleted each other as contacts and re-added them. January 8th, Sprint opened a ticket to fix the issue, they did not work on or progress on the issue until 1/15. I had to call them for updates. I got my business account manager involved and he did not offer advice and he said he would try to move the issue along.

3387 has called 3389 daily without success. I have spoken to Sprint on the phone 35 times since this issue began. I have clear and concise documentation of each issue and have left messages with business support 6 times with the designated person to assist with this issue. He is not returning my calls.

Today (2/13) I have called account services and requested termination without fees because of the service issues. The representative offered me $25 for the inconvenience. I declined stating I wanted termination because of the terrible service and that the issue hasn't been fixed in well over a month. I seriously discourage anyone from selecting Sprint as a carrier. They do not value their customers and are not able to provide proper support and return service for them.

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