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Social Security Overpayment Scam
Posted by on
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GREENSBORO, NORTH CAROLINA -- For people who have never had to survive on the Benefits paid by SSA and/or attempted to make sense of what the agency says or does, I hope you never have to. Each time you talk to them you get different answers to any correspondence whether it is in person, on the phone-locally or nationally. For me it was a shock to even be advised that I had "kidney failure" during a routine physical exam. Going on dialysis was no joke.

I worked for approximately 2 yrs under some very trying circumstance. Finally, I had to apply for disability because I could no longer work full-time. I did not want my home to go into "foreclosure". It was my hope to have a transplant before all of my savings was used up. It did not happen. SSA sent a publication saying that you could "work while disabled".

In order to supplement the $900 a month payment they were sending me, I went back to work part-time in order to have a place to live, be able to pay for meds, doctor co-pays and utilities. My mortgage w/taxes and insurance is approx. $800 per month. One year of kidney failure, 6 yrs on dialysis and finally, 3 yrs for transplantation & recovery.

I am still in my home but SSA says my overpayment is $34,000. I let them know that I was working and I was using my own SS#. If you have not been there, don't judge "mad lady". As for me, I am praying for her, others like us and for SSA.
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User Replies:
leet60 on 12/20/2012:
I am assuming you were receiving SSI during this period. Rules for working while receiving SSI are fairly strict in regard to the amount you are allowed to receive from SSI and your other source of income. All earning must be reported on a regular basis and your SSI payment is generally reduced by the earnings you receive.

The Social Security Administration is difficult to deal with on a direct basis and you may want to engage an attorney to help with your situation.
trmn8r on 12/20/2012:
Who is "mad lady"? Is this your complaint, or a complaint of someone else's that you posted?

If I had a complaint with the SSA where I felt greatly wronged, I would consult an attorney or maybe a tv station.
At Your Service on 12/20/2012:
First, let me say I am sorry for your issues. Most importantly, I would hope your kidney transplant has been successful and you're getting back to health.

Unfortunately, one needs to understand that Social Security Disability is not intended as a lifestyle subsidy that you may have become accustomed to. It is offered as a means just to supply the bare essentials for living should one become rather, unemployable. The regulations for obtaining disability limits the person to, I believe, receive LESS than $1000 PER MONTH. IF MAKE THE $1000 OR MORE, you're not considered disabled and are not eligible to receive ANY of the disability benefits. It sounds like you went over and, once caught, they cut off your disability and are requiring you to pay back the payments you received while working.

This has nothing to do with a public company and, unfortunately, it sounds like it's money you just have to pay back.

I'd begin by consulting a social security attorney. One of their paralegals should be able to indicate whether you even stand a chance on returning to disability. However, it sounds like you do not.

I'd then contact the Social Security Administration in your area and consult with them on paying back your debt. They concern would be that, I believe, interest on the unpaid balance is automatically tabulated, so you want to make sure you're paying back as much as you can towards the principal.

The good news is that you are able to work and do not have to rely upon public assistance.

All my best and keep us in touch.
wjk898 on 12/22/2012:
This person obviously cannot afford an attorney. they don't work for free. Use a TV station and good luck. I think you really messed up somewhere.
Denise Kerrigan on 11/17/2013:
I've been fighting SSDI for a few years. I became disabled working for the transit authority. Herniated disc and sciatica, then I had a sinus surgery and almost died. Went back to school (medical assisting) and then diagnosed with CVID, Lupus, Raynaud's disease, etc. In other words, I'm very sick. I started working but could not get the jobs after trial periods. In the meantime, My husband underwent a liver transplant and I didn't know what the hell I was doing! SS has been charging me O.P and they still want $12000.00 back.(already paid back $12000.00 My husband died in 07 and this is the only income I have. I was forced to resign from my job because I was to sick! SS never took into consideration all my co-pays and OTC meds. The local office have been rude and never gives accurate advice. Just reading some information from SS, they should take in account for this along with traveling amongst many other things. SS also ha me working in places I never work at and they're counting Unsuccessful Work Attempts! This system is so corrupt but they're willing to give money who don't deserve it or they're not even citizens! Do they actually think that the hard working people want to be on this? I've worked since the age of 13! I lost my husband, my job and now possibly my home that I've own for 30 years! As they say where I grew up, "Only in America"!
Christina Hill on 12/24/2013:
I'm trying to open a class action lawsuit against SSA and OBama admin due to multiple overpayments. I've found overpayments ranging from $7000 to $120,000.00. I think he may be deceiving people into thinking there overpaid and using it as a tax credit for his obamacare that is a big waste of money. I definitely know what you are going through.
Christina Hill on 12/25/2013:
Christina Hill on 12/25/2013:
ch on 12/26/2013:
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