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Was Completely Defrauded
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Rating: 1/51

STAFFORD, MARYLAND -- These guys most likely doctored my Carfax report. My 2007 350 ES Lexus was purchased from them in April of 2010. I got what I thought was a good price, but it turned out to be a wreck. I should have taken it to a mechanic to look at. It had been totaled up in New York in 2008. I just got a recent Carfax report when I was at CarMax checking the car's value.

Today's Carfax report showed this major accident. The Carfax report that Stafford Auto Sales gave me omitted this major accident. My car still has structural damage. My trade in value has been decreased/lowered by 40%. This was fraud. If the statute of limitations has not expired I may prosecute them. Stay away from these crooks!

Stafford Auto Sales Treated Me Pretty Well, All in All
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3902 JEFFERSON DAVIS HWY, STAFFORD, VIRGINIA -- This occurred in February, 2009. For those of you who want a quick answer that I can live with, for my experience, I say A+ on the car, C on the business, decent enough folks. At the end of the day, were I looking for another used car, I'd consider them.

I'd spent 3-months looking for the right vehicle and believed I found it at Stafford Auto Sales. As the car was not located within my home state, I had to fly half way across the country to purchase it. Since I intended to drive the car home I wanted to get right down to business: inspect, test drive, pay and leave.

When I got there, I was a little annoyed that the vehicle was not ready immediately. It was in the mechanic's shop. They were replacing the battery. It goes without saying that the very least they could do was have the car ready for me to inspect and test drive when I arrived. I'd flown a long way at my own expense and they knew I was coming and where I was coming from. I was a bit miffed and was left quietly pondering, "What are these guys thinking? This thing should be ready to go." Be this as it may, the sales person was nice enough, as was the owner. As well as I could ascertain in a short amount of time, they seemed nice enough, legitimate.

They rightly and sensibly gave me a loaner car so I could occupy myself while they replaced the battery. Several hours later and after some more price discounts for hanging me up, I bought the car and began the 1400 mile drive home. Half way into the trip, a long 700 miles on the road and on a Sunday the car sprung a pretty good leak and I had not the faintest clue as to what the problem was. To boot, there were no dealerships open.

For very good reasons which I'll not bore you with here, I turned the car around and spent a day and a half driving back to the dealership filling the coolant every 35-minutes to protect the car, a major hassle. Upon arriving at the dealership I naturally expected to see a look of consternation on their faces. Naturally you or I would expect them to solve the problem, no matter what the problem was.

In short, without so much as blinking an eye, they did! The only thing I'd point out is they knew I was driving the car 1400 miles home upon purchase. One would think when I showed up on their lot again after 1 & 1/2 days upon leaving the lot that there'd be a look of surprise and concern on their faces; or, given the frustrated and angry look on my fact that they might jump up to learn what the problem was and why I was back and how they might quickly help. This didn't happen.

Despite the fact that the sales person was there and saw me nearly immediately, my reappearance held no discernible trace of concern on a soul's face whatsoever, save the mechanic, who upon seeing me and hearing of the problem, did indeed show notable concern for my situation. Kudos to him. This lack of concern from the rest of them really caught me off guard quite a bit but I suppose it shouldn't have. After a very quick inspection of the water leak, it turned out that the water pump had blow out. All said and done they did the right thing saying, without me having to ask, that they'd repair the car at no expense to me.

Since it was going to take several days to get the pump, I could no longer drive the car home and had to arrange shipping the car. This cost me another $1K not including the flight home; but I lived with this extra cost because I knew I got the very best price possible for this car of anywhere in the US at that time including the new costs.

Despite the trials and tribulations, I really cannot seriously complain about the company and definitely not about the car since this has been its one and only repair. Since then, it's behaved perfectly. Incidentally, no problems at all with any paperwork whatsoever. Since ultimately it's mostly the car I'm measuring here, I'd have to say A+ on the car, C on the business. I'd suggest they brush up on the customer support and show a little concern when matters similar to this surface. Considering this is a used car lot, a C perhaps isn't so bad. At the end of the day, were I looking for another used car, I'd consider them. Again, they turned out to be decent enough folks.

Don't Do Stafford Auto Sales
By -

STAFFORD, VIRGINIA -- If you think you can be consumer savvy and do the right things when looking up an auto dealer and everything will be okay.. think again!! I was the smart savvy consumer and did everything right! I looked up the business for complaints, did my research about the background and then focuses on their cars that they sale... everything turned up clean.. so I thought!!!

We first paid for in cash for a 2044 Nissan Quest with 30 day tags then a week later the battery went dead and the van needed a mileage check up and that cost us another $500 plus what we paid for the van! When I tried to get a reimbursement for the fees, I was given the "cold" shoulder. I did not want to make a fuss after all we had saved up for the van.

So after or nearly the 30 days, we did not get any title, tags in the mail and once again I called. This time they wanted something from me. Apparently the trade in, my old car 1994 Acura was stating that it wasn't paid off and needed a title (at the time I did not have it and had every intentions of giving it to them before they refused to send the title of the van).

I agreed to get a copy of the title and a letter from the bank stating it was paid off but he had to send the title. He sent me another 30 day tags until I gave him the paperwork. Previously, I did contact the Virginia's consumer affair to see if they could negotiate the $500 but the dealership said it was MY FAULT!!! After I did not hear from him and my 2nd 30 DAY tags was about to lapse, I decided to contact the VA police but they just told me to contact an agent at the VA DMV.

The agent called Mr. ** (the manager) and asked me to call him. Mr. ** of course was angry and unprofessional, he also agreed to send the title once I send the information HE WANTED FEDEX!!! It is now over a week and Mr. ** has refused to give us crap! After saving on the minivan, our resources are low so getting a legal representative is out of the question! DO NOT BUY FROM STAFFORD AUTO SALES IN STAFFORD VIRGINIA!!! They will scam you and will not release the title. The VA police suspect that they did not pay taxes on the money and that is why they are withholding the title!!!

Poor Quality Cars, Liars and Scammers
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Rating: 1/51

DUMFRIES, VIRGINIA -- Please, please, do not get caught up or get involved with this dealership and con artists! Their vehicles may look great on the outside cosmetically, however mechanically their cars are not up to par. I initially bought a high end car, 2006, Chevrolet Corvette, a few weeks later, I bought a 2001 Honda Civic as a commuter car. A week after buying the Corvette, the car started shimmering.

I took it in for a check up at NTB for a wheel alignment, to my amazement, the manager took me to the back. He advised me there was no way this car was properly inspected for safety. Both front tires in the interior walls were on their wires, just a matter of when. The front brake rotors were warped and pads down to the metal. Also discovered was the front shock, passenger side was leaking fluid. So, things not visible to the consumer, however visible to a safety inspector.

They also go by Select Auto sales, lots in Fredericksburg, Dumfries and Manassas. All of the above mentioned names, except Mr ** are related as cousins. So, I mentioned and brought to the attention my car and new found issues. Initially, they tell you, well you bought as is, no warranty. Which is not true, there is a 30 day warranty they say no questions asked, hmmm.

They asked me to eat quotes which I did, totaling brakes $770.00 shocks $ 1,100.00 tires, 980.00 and damper $800.00 total $3,650.00 right out the gate and within weeks. So they come back and offer me $300.00 check, are you serious? I went to the cheapest places to help offset costs versus dealership too. So, here I am stuck with a high end car with serious safety issues that should have been taken care of prior to selling. Here is the kicker, I find out that they take their cars to a local inspection station and they look the other way to get their cars passed, sort of under the table. I'm going to report them next!

With my Honda, a few days later my engine light goes on, can't get emissions because of it, however according to ** the car was taken in for inspection, hmmm. I Got my hard tags a few days before expiration, therefore since I was not able to do emissions I could not register. So my tags expired. My car sat on the driveway until fixed. The corvette I had to shell out a lot of money to get it up to safety standards and able to use.

Do not spend your money and not get quality cars, you are just making them richer by turning a profit on their junk cars they flip, turn in as a trade or auto auctions. Take my advise and see what me and others are going through. Now I'm going to have to sue and take legal civil action.

Scam Artists, Don't Buy From Them You'll Be Sorry Like Me!!!
By -

STAFFORD, VIRGINIA -- My Fiance and I bought a 2007 Lexus LS460 for $36,000+, with 28,000 miles on it. The Sales person/owner named ** assured us that this vehicle had the full Lexus Bumper to Bumper Warranty for 50,000 miles. Well the next day after we brought the car home the A/C stopped working, so we took the car to the Lexus dealership and they showed me where this vehicle was in an accident, and the A/C condenser was aftermarket.

To fix this issue, it will not be covered under warranty because car was wrecked and it would cost $1956.00 to repair. So I call ** at Stafford Auto Sales (we only had the car for only 1 week) to let him know about this problem and all I get was the run around, he never returned any of my calls, or always was in a meeting when I called. THEY'RE NOTHING BUT SCAM ARTIST - TAKE MY WORD FOR IT!!! I will be bringing a lawsuit against them for selling me a wrecked vehicle... WHY DO PEOPLE HAVE TO TRY TO BEAT PEOPLE OUT OF MONEY?

Be Careful When Buying From Stafford Auto Sales
By -

STAFFORD, VIRGINIA -- I purchased a 1999 Porsche 911 Carrera from this dealership in early June 2008. At the time of purchase I had an Audi A8L for trade in which I got $20k for and I gave them a $6500 check for the remainder of the money. Every time was paid and I got my temporary tags and paperwork and was told the title would be out to me in 2 weeks.

2 weeks passed and I called them, they told me there was a mix up with 5 titles and I'd definitely have it the next week. The next week I called and they told me one more week since there was a mixup. I called a month later and was given the whole speech that basically said they have two months to send the title to me. WRONG! I contacted a special agent in VA and have now posted a complaint. These thieves have run this scam before and I have now learned to never trust blindly again. I should have requested the title when money was paid but didn't.

By -

Please, please, please stay far away from these crooks as possible. Lied about the whole deal from the price, condition, and what they would do for us to make it right. Then to add insult to injury tried to be petty about not receiving a license from us that we had already provided to them on three occasions.

Don't trust any of them. They will do the good guy/bad guy routine but they are all rotten to the core; especially ** or as I see him (Uncle Tom)!!! They do absolutely no reconditioning on these vehicles not even the minimum/basic things such as an oil change, brake pads, change the filters, and gas. This is not much to expect when you are paying $25k plus for these vehicle; heck they don't even half clean them up for you!!!

Be Aware of Stafford Auto Sales Poor Customer Service and Numerous Car Problems
By -

STAFFORD, VIRGINIA -- I just want to take a minute to warn everyone about the numerous problems I have had with Stafford Auto Sales. I purchased a car from them several months ago and have had a never ending list of problems with the car. I have put less than 800 miles on the car and I am already having issues with the transmission and numerous warning lights. They will not stand behind what they sell and are very rude when you ask if they are willing to help with the problems at all. I know I am buying a used car but it was only 4 years old with good miles so I feel they should do a better job of standing behind the cars they sell but even so I am willing to look past these issues.

It was the title issues with them that are a real problem. First it took well over a month and 2 sets of temporary tags to get my title. When I did finally get it, it was the wrong one so I had to wait yet again for my other title to arrive. They then said there was a mix up with several titles and I would have it as soon as possible (which ended up being at least another 2 weeks).

I reported this company to the BBB as well as numerous other agencies and it seems as though I was not the first. I would stay away from this dealership at all costs no matter how good the deal may seem you are getting. This business is very poorly run and extremely unprofessional.

Great Purchase
By -

MANASSAS, VIRGINIA -- I purchased a Chevy Avalanche from Stafford. I received great customer service, they let me take the vehicle to my own mechanic (I haven't found one dealership that will let you do that). I will be buying my next vehicle from them and definitely recommend this dealership to all of my friends and family.

I Just Bought a Car!
By -

MANASSAS, VIRGINIA -- I just bought a car at Stafford Auto Sales and it was a wonderful experience! The salesperson, **, was polite and helpful and was very good about responding promptly to all my questions. The car I purchased is top notch and I got it at a fair price without all the haggling that usually goes on when purchasing a prior owned vehicle. They even filled my tank with gasoline to go home. :)

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